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Fascist smears: what they tell us

by Paul Cudenec

I have written extensively in recent years about the way in which accusations of "fascism" are used to smear radical opponents of a system that is, itself, a mutation of fascism.

The issue is addressed in Fascism Rebranded, in various contributions to The Acorn (see herehere and here) and in my political novels No Such Place as Asha (2019) and Enemies of the Modern World (2021).

One of the key figures in this ideological smear campaign, particularly in North America, has been Alexander Reid Ross (pictured).

As reported in Acorn 64, he is now working for a militaristic US "think tank" alongside many former "deep state" figures, including a former CIA chief.

Furthermore, the "think tank" in question is funded by Charles Koch, the 11th richest man in the world, renowned alongside his late brother for his opposition to the green movement.

As Rhyd Wildermuth asks in this excellent article: "Does it seem maybe a little weird that the man who helped create an atmosphere where far-left environmentalists are smeared as fascists is now working for an organization funded by one of the richest anti-environmentalists ever known?"

The only thing that surprises me about all this is that Reid Ross's allegiances have been so openly confirmed.

It has long been obvious that the ideological war being waged against our political position was coming from the entity which we directly oppose – a big business mafia which hides its essential criminality behind an elaborate facade of "authority", "law" and "democracy" and uses taxpayer-funded organizations like the CIA to defend its interests and power.

The trouble is, says Wildermuth, that the unmasking of Reid Ross does not seem to have fundamentally changed anything: "Though I imagine most people will now view anything Alexander Reid Ross writes about fascism with suspicion, the framework he created won't go away so easily".

I think it is important for those who seriously wish to bring down this death-cult industrial system to look closely what Reid Ross and others like him have been trying to do.

By a kind of reverse engineering, we can then identify the political ideas which are most feared by the system and which we might then conclude are the best weapons with which to attack it.


As Wildermuth explains, the Reid Ross narrative accepts historical fascist propaganda at face value by assuming that its aesthetics of "anti-modernism and anti-capitalism" reflected its real position. The system regards modernism and capitalism as good things and thus anti-modernism and anti-capitalism as bad things. It therefore tries to discredit any opposition to modernism and capitalism (ie: opposition to its own domination) by declaring it "fascist" or on a slipperly slope towards fascism. Our response, as opponents of this modern capitalist system, should not be to run away from our core critique from fear of being branded "fascist" by paid agents of the system posing as holier-than-thou radical inquisitors. Instead we should explode the system's narrative by pointing out that historical fascism was thoroughly modernist and capitalist, despite its PR spin, and by communicating the real anti-capitalist and anti-modernist thinking which inspires us (see, for instance, the organic radicals project).


The term "eco-fascism" has also been misused by Reid Ross for his own insidious purposes. Wildermuth writes that this label has come to mean not just "fascists who are environmentalists" but also "anyone who rejects the idea that industrial civilization is the best way for humans to live". He adds that Ross's work has made many anti-industrial writers afraid to publish any longer. We see clearly here that the system, while busily promoting the fake-green climate capitalist movement and land-grabbing "conservationism" as part of its Great Reset, is afraid of real environmentalism, the kind which actually wants to abolish industrial degradation and pollution rather than just upgrade to a "bright green" and smart version. This realisation should remind us that industrialism is very much part and parcel of this system. We might also ask why it is that the system feels the need to smear anti-industrialists as "eco-fascists" rather than as "eco-extremists" or "Luddites"? Could it be that it knows such labels don't really worry people? Does it know that the idea of abandoning industrial modernity and returning to a simple and healthy way of living will always appeal to large numbers of us? Is that why it has to attack the idea with the sledgehammer of a "fascist" accusation which is the one thing guaranteed to scare most people away? The system's dislike of anti-industrialism should amount to a positive recommendation for those who dislike the system. We should, of course, remind people that historical fascism was very much built on industrialism. And we can hurt this current fascistic system most by defying its smears and ideological taboos and pushing more and more firmly an anti-industrial message.


Reid Ross depicts any talk of "organic community" as necessarily tending towards fascism because fascists used the term, while deliberately ignoring the profound differences between their hierarchical, top-down statist understanding of the notion and the grassroots, decentralized co-operative version promoted by real radicals. We gather from this that the idea of organic community is seen as a threat by the system, as its control is based on a society of fragmented individuals cut off from all community and wholly dependent on top-down authority. It therefore tries to wipe all talk of organic community off the political map by labelling it "fascist" – a dirty trick which seems to work every time in certain gullible left-wing and anarchist circles. If the system does not want radicals to talk about organic communities, then that is exactly what we should do! If it wasn't an idea capable of inciting rejection of the current status quo in favour of a radically different way of living, then the system would not need to employ professional propagandists to steer people away from it. The system always tries to pretend that no alternative way of living exists, that no future is possible other than the one it has lined up for us. Stating the obvious truth that this is not so, and proposing another vision of how we might live (such as in decentralized organic communities) is a powerful and necessary basis for meaningful resistance.


Wildermuth points out that the reach of the "fascist" smearing has been stretched further and further by Reid Ross in recent years "encompassing now not only those who hold 'extreme' views about the environment or modernity, but also those who question US foreign policy on Syria, Israeli state oppression of Palestinians, the death of Jeffrey Epstein, or even the narrative of Russian influence on leftist beliefs". I would add that it has also been used against those of us who challenge the system's Covid narrative – all across the world opponents of lockdowns, masks and vaccine passports have been branded "extreme right wing" in a very deliberate and obviously co-ordinated manner. What this tells us, of course, is that these positions are also seen as threats by the system and that the "fascist" smear has worked so wonderfully well so far that it has decided to wheel it out again and again in the face of every new heresy threatening its ideological control. But this magic smearing wand cannot work for ever. The more widely and inappropriately it is used, the more clearly it reveals itself for what it is. We can help that process along by ridiculising the smear, by openly laughing at it and by continuing to express whatever views and analysis seem correct and just to us, without once looking over our shoulders to see if Reid Ross and the fake-left Thought Police are about to pounce.

We might also use the many ideological warnings issued by Reid Ross and his kind in the opposite way to how they intended. Like the content warnings on social media, their red lights can often indicate to us a useful source of inspiration in our struggle to destroy the assumptions and illusions which they are trying to defend.

We can seize the momentum of their propaganda overreach and use it to inform and strengthen our opposition, while taking advantage of their identification of certain key ideas as particularly threatening in order to strengthen the impact of our resistance.

In this way we might rebuild a genuine, non-manipulated, radicalism capable of fighting back with courage and authenticity against the lies and deceptions of the system.

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The Acorn – 68

Number 68

In this issue:

  1. Our epic battle for a brighter future
  2. "Green" imperialism on the march
  3. The people's revolt is yellow
  4. "We know who's waging war on us!"
  5. Ananda Coomaraswamy: an organic radical inspiration
  6. Acorninfo

1. Our epic battle for a brighter future

BrighterFuture by Jordan henderson
Brighter Future by Jordan Henderson – jordanhendersonfineart.com

The global technocratic coup d'état known as the Great Reset has been planned for at least a decade, probably longer.

The mafia in power are therefore not going to abandon it lightly, especially since they are very aware that they only have a narrow window of opportunity to push it through on the back of the Covid pantomime.

Even though millions remain spellbound by the brainwashing, the growing levels of opposition represent a vital opening in the nightmare walls of techno-dictatorship which are closing in on humanity.

We have already reported on this site how resistance to vaccine passports took off in a big way in France this summer.

Italy has also been on fire with a similar wave of revolt against the draconian so-called "green pass".

But these big movements are currently being eclipsed, in terms of intensity at least, by the uprising of building workers in Melbourne, Australia, against imposed vaccination for their trade.

The response by the Victorian authorities has been off the scale, with robocops firing at unarmed workers with rubber bullets.

They have also introduced a no-fly rule to stop media from filming from helicopters what is happening.

Since our last Acorn came out, there have been protests all over the place.

People have been opposing the Great Reset on the streets of London and Leeds

in Berlin, Brussels, Bern and Belgrade

in Vienna and Ljubljana

in Amsterdam and Eindhoven

in Istanbul and Tel Aviv

In New York (see also this video), Montreal and Toronto

ac68 Toronto

in Cape Town and Edenville in South Africa…

and it is not just in Melbourne that Australians have been rising up, with big protests in the likes of Perth and Brisbane.

Two things are happening at once, all across the world.

Firstly, the Covid narrative is rapidly collapsing, as people realise that the "pandemic" was cover for something else entirely and that the "vaccines" are, at the very least, ineffective.

Latest figures from Israel, for instance, show that 90% of those in hospital for Covid are double-jabbed and a similar story is now emerging in the USA.

annecyThe fact that the "vaccine" does not even make people less contagious demolishes the whole premise for vaccine passports, which are meant to usher in the new order of digital dictatorship.

Secondly, people are, of course, reacting to this information! They are finally waking up and demanding their freedom back.

In response, the system is turning the screws even harder, abandoning all pretence at "democracy" as it desperately tries to enforce its Great Reset.

This repression, in turn, wakes up still more people to what is at stake and the crack of hope grows wider.

These are crucial times in which we must all stay strong and focused. The very future of our species depends on us being able to see off this grim menace to everything it means to be human.

* The lastest freedom march in London is happening on Saturday September 25. Gather 1pm at Hyde Park Corner.

ac68 september 25

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2. "Green" imperialism on the march

WWF-funded guards

While much of the world has been battling desperately against the nascent techno-totalitarian global police state, another aspect of the insidious Great Reset is being pushed through largely under the public radar.

This is a massive land grab on an unprecedented scale, notably in Africa, using the mask of "conservation" and "protecting nature" to throw people off their land, wreck their nature-friendly ways of existence and suck them into the planetery industrial death-machine.

Great work is being done to expose this attempted robbery by the likes of Stephen Corry, Fiore Longo, Survival International and the No New Deal for Nature campaign.

The message is now even getting out there through mainstream journals like Scientific American, which notes in its October 2021 editorial the danger of "a new model of colonialism" that "forces those least responsible for climate change, biodiversity loss and other environmental crises to pay the highest price for averting them".

Projects like 30×30 "could be used by elites in democratically challenged nation-states as a pretext for seizing land from marginalized groups", it adds.

Blanc colonialisme vertAnd in France a book on the subject has been successfully raising awareness on the issue.

In L'invention du colonialisme vert ('The Invention of Green Colonialism'), Guillaume Blanc warns that in their bid to "protect" 30% or even 50% of the planet, the globalist powers are essentially aiming to rid vast swathes of the non-Western world of all indigenous life.

He says that the "naturalization" of parts of Africa effectively amounts to "dehumanization" and involves "putting areas inside parks, banning agriculture, excluding people, getting rid of their fields and grazing grounds in order to create a supposedly natural world without humans". (1)

This is achieved by forced resettling of populations and the social disintegration that goes along with it, together with the use of fines, prison sentences, beatings, even rapes and murders. Missionary-like brainwashing propaganda, via the inevitable "participatory workshops", has also been used to persuade people to leave their land.

Blanc explains that the narrative is always the same. The international conservation "experts" claim to be working for harmonious global governance. Their principles are supposedly moral – they are said to be fighting poverty, hunger and disease – and their standards are presented as ethical, in that the development they they are promoting is allegedly sustainable, community-based and participative.

Ethiopia farmerHe says that globalisation is being imposed on Africa under the deeply contradictory watchword of "giving nature to the people; preventing the people from living in it". (2)

There are echoes of the historical enclosures in England and elsewhere in the way that living on the land, in traditional ways, has been criminalised in order to bring about disempowerment and helpless dependence on an industrial system.

But here, Europeans' strongly-felt loss of our natural surroundings is being used as an emotional tool to justify the land grab. A false image has been built up, explains Blanc, according to which Africa is a virgin natural paradise threatened by the presence of its own indigenous human inhabitants.

The love of nature, and the desire to protect it, is thus twisted and weaponized into a new excuse to pillage and colonise Africa.

Blanc village

The hypocrisy of the fake-green conservationists is astounding. Peasant farmers in Africa are accused of "destroying nature", while they in fact produce their own food, eat very little meat or fish, very rarely buy new clothes, move around on foot and don't own computers or smart phones.

Blanc comments: "If we want to save the planet, we should all be living like them". (3) Instead, such people are being ruthlessly driven from the land.

"These environmental policies were invented by Europeans during the colonial period," Blanc explains. "And since independence, they have been put into practice by African states. Their leaders are sovereign, but they answer systematically to the commands of international conservation institutions.

"Behind every social injustice endured by those living close to nature in Africa, we always find UNESCO [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization], the WWF [World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund], the IUCN [International Union for Conservation of Nature] or Fauna and Flora International". (4)

Fauna and Flora International, incidentally, was originally set up in 1903 by a group of British aristocrats and American politicians as 'The Society for the Preservation of the Wild Fauna of the Empire'.

They had no need to drop the last word in that title.

Fauna and Flora

1. Guillaume Blanc, L'invention du colonialisme vert: pour en finir avec le mythe de l'Eden africain (Paris: Flammarion, 2020), p. 16.
2. p. 210.
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3. The people's revolt is yellow

The Gilets Jaunes, or Yellow Vests, movement, marked a signficant moment in European political history when it burst onto the scene in France in November 2018. More than a year before the Covid crisis announced the formal end of the mainstream left as a force protecting ordinary people from arbitrary power, they pre-empted this shift by sourcing their revolt not from the fake constructs of "left" or "right", but from below.

It is not by chance that the Gilets Jaunes, their spirit and their ideas, are now emerging as the driving force behind popular French resistance to the Great Reset global coup.

Here we present a translation of part of an insightful recent analysis by Freddy Gomez. In the next item, we illustrate his point with a current leaflet from the grassroots Gilets Jaunes movement.


In bringing back the core role of social issues, direct action and horizontality, the Gilets Jaunes blurred as many postmodern roadmaps as they undid false theoretical deconstructionist pretensions.

But they did more than that – they created human communities, which is no mean feat. Creating a human community is becoming an active subject again, convincing ourselves that we have to find a collective way out of this world, seeking the means to do so, reconnecting with the history of previous revolts, inventing new forms of resistance and secession, cultivating the plurality of our approaches, weaving our own webs of solidarity.

Human communities were there to be seen in the huts on the roundabouts of misery, around the braziers, in the roadblocks, in the care that you pay to the person fighting alongside you, in the stubbornness, in the reinvention of a bravery which we had collectively lost.

voices1By its way of being and acting, the Gilets Jaunes movement expressed something new and authentic, namely a breach with all the careful labelling which, for decades now – in the name of "struggling against all forms of domination" – has been blocking our hopes of togetherness and generally splitting us into lots of competing identities with little interest in common sense.

The "yellow vest", the most banal object you can imagine, became a way of getting back to the essentials of shared revolt by gambling not only on the end of identity politics but also on plurality, numbers, a coming-together.

It was about creating a social movement, in the real sense of the term, a space where all identities could join forces, but also cast off their claims to exclusivity so that, without necessarily disowning themselves, they could extract themselves from the war of "everyone against each other" and move back towards the cause of the commons.

We can see why the deconstructionists on all sides saw it as a threat. As it happens, they were right.

" data-medium-file="https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/voices8.jpg?w=300" data-large-file="https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/voices8.jpg?w=700" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3095" src="https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/voices8.jpg" alt="voices8" srcset="https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/voices8.jpg 4607w, https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/voices8.jpg?w=150&h=69 150w, https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/voices8.jpg?w=300&h=138 300w, https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/voices8.jpg?w=768&h=353 768w, https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/voices8.jpg?w=1024&h=471 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 4607px) 100vw, 4607px">
The "nothings" are on the streets

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4. "We know who's waging war on us!"


In November 2018 the Gilets Jaunes revolted for another society, a society of social justice, equality, liberty and fraternity, a society which would allow us to rediscover a livable planet. Nearly three years later, the injustice worsened by Macron's policies is still there. And so we are too!

Macron, like his predecessors, and like most of the candidates for the 2022 presidential election, is the candidate for a system of organised theft by the ultra-rich.

All his measures since 2017 have been in the interests of big corporate groups and financiers and have contributed to the destruction of everything which makes up a society: incomes, housing, social security, public services, schools, hospitals, democracy.

More than that, the government has used Covid to fatten the rich and sink social security, allowing it to now shamelessly justify the enormous cuts in unemployment benefits being introdued in October 2021 and the planned relaunch of its wrecking of our pensions!

mon390The great majority of the people, particularly the working class and the young, are not stupid, as we saw from the massive abstention rates (two out of three voters) at the last elections. With less than 3% of registered voters, this largely discredited government is trying to impose its policies by force and repression.

Macron, so as to be able to nevertheless win the election and carry on with his destructive work, is trying to turn us against each other. Today it's vaccination, yesterday it was the unemployed, religion…

Divide and rule is as old as class war!

History, past and present, tells us that all this leads to phoney democracy, the loss of fundamental rights, a police state, persecution of anyone who resists, violence, prison and deaths.

We, the Gilets Jaunes, say no to a brutal economic system which profits a minority and sacrifices the greater number. We don't want financial powers and lobbies to run our world and we can't accept our elected representatives being complicit in this!

We know who's waging war on us!

We are fighting and we will fight each and every assault on our common wealth, our assets, our resources and our freedom, from wherever they come.

Les Gilets Jaunes Prés d'Arènes, Montpellier

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5. Ananada Coomaraswamy: an organic radical inspiration

The latest in our series of profiles from the orgrad website.

Ananda Coomaraswamy

"It is fundamentally the incubus of world trade that makes of industrial 'civilisation' a curse to humanity"

Ananda Coomaraswamy (1877-1947) was a metaphysical philosopher and intellectual giant of the organic radical tradition.

Influenced by William Morris and friends with René Guénon, he developed an anarchist critique of industrial capitalism and the Western civilization from which it had emerged. He has been credited with having invented, as early as 1913, the term "post-industrial". (1)

Alan Antliff describes Coomaraswamy as having bridged the philosophical gap between an Eastern religious ethos of enlightenment (Hinduism-Buddhism) and a Western ideal of harmonious social organization (anarchism).

He writes: "The anarchism of Coomaraswamy represents a compelling instance of cross-cultural intermingling in which a European critique of industrial capitalism founded on the arts-and-crafts was turned to anti-colonial ends in a campaign against Eurocentric cultural imperialism and its material corollary, industrial capitalism". (2)


Born in Sri Lanka, Coomaraswamy was an anti-imperialist. While in India, he was part of the literary circle around the great Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore and participated in the Swadeshi movement for Indian independence.

This position was not based on nationalism, but on opposition to the British empire and the way Western commercial civilization destroyed the authenticity and autonomy of communities and cultures.

Coomaraswamy explicitly described himself as being involved in a battle "against industrialism and world trade". (3)

He added: "Few will deny that at the present day Western civilisation is faced with the imminent possibility of total functional failure nor that at the same time this civilisation has long acted and still continues to act as a powerful agent of disorder and oppression throughout the rest of the world". (4)


He very clearly placed himself on the side of an opposing tradition: "On the one hand the inspired tradition rejects ambition, competition and quantitative standards; on the other, our modern 'civilization' is based on the notions of social advancement, free enterprise (devil take the hindmost) and production in quantity.

"The one considers man's needs, which are 'but little here below'; the other considers his wants, to which no limits can be set and of which the number is artificially multiplied by advertisement.

"The manufacturer for profits must, indeed, create an ever-expanding world market for his surplus produced by those for whom Dr [Albert] Schweitzer calls 'over-occupied men'.

British india"It is fundamentally the incubus of world trade that makes of industrial 'civilisation' a 'curse to humanity', and from the industrial concept of progress 'in line with the manufacturing enterprise of civilisation' that modern wars have arisen and will arise; it is on the same impoverished soil that empires have grown and by the same greed that innumerable civilisations have been destroyed". (5)

Coomaraswamy was a Perennnialist, consciously following what he described as "the universal metaphysical tradition that has been the essential foundation of every past culture". (6)

He stressed that spirituality, art and culture all flow from humankind's belonging (and our awareness of belonging) to the organic unity of nature.

Western industrial society had become blind to this fundamental reality of human identity, said Coomaraswamy, and he joined John RuskinMorris and the Pre-Raphaelites in judging that this was very apparent in its art.

Jacques Thomas says that for Coomaraswamy the modern world had gone astray in the way it regarded art "as the 'realisation' of matter rather than, as it should be, the materialisation of an 'idea'". (7)

Coomaraswamy said that "decadent" contemporary Western art was "art which is no longer felt or energized". (8)

He contrasted it with the Ch'an or Zen art of China and Japan, which recognised its own organic origin by taking for its theme either landscape or plant or animal life: "Ch'an-Zen art, seeking realization of the divine being in man, proceeds by way of opening his eyes to a like spiritual essence in the world of Nature external to himself; the scripture of Zen is 'written with the characters of heaven, of man, of beasts, of demons, of hundreds of blades of grass and of thousands of trees' (Do-gen), 'every flower exhibits the image of Buddha' (Du-go)". (9)

medieval artistCoomaraswamy wrote that in the Middle Ages, an artist had not been regarded so much as an individual, but as a channel through which the unanimous ideas of an organic international community could be expressed.

Again echoing Morris, he described how in industrial society the act of artistic creation had been divided between two separate concepts. An "artist" was treated as a kind of individual genius working on their own, while a craftsman was superfluous to requirements in the modern age and could safely be replaced by unskilled labour or machinery.

He argued that this was effectively a "spiritual caste system", explaining: "Those who have lost most by this are the artists, professionally speaking, on the one hand, and laymen generally on the other. The artist (meaning such as would still be so called) loses by his isolation and corresponding pride, and by the emasculation of his art, no longer conceived as intellectual, but only as emotional in motivation and significance; the workman (to whom the name of artist is now denied) loses in that he is not called, but forced to labor unintelligently, goods being valued above men". (10)

Coomaraswamy's intellectual interests were both deep and broad. In addition to his studies in ancient Eastern art, culture and religion, his enthusiasm for Morris's work inspired him to follow in his footsteps and learn Icelandic. He was also an admirer of William Blake's idiosyncratic brand of Romantic nature-worship and spirituality.

His closest affinity, however, was with Guénon. Coomaraswamy judged that "no living writer in modern Europe is more significant than René Guénon". (11) He translated Guénon's work and dedicated to him a chapter of his 1947 book The Bugbear of Literacy.

Coomaraswamy shared Guénon's belief in a timeless and universal human metaphysics, the Philosophia Perennis.

Flammarion engraving

For instance, he commented on the striking similarities between the thinking of the medieval Christian mystic Meister Eckhart and traditional Indian metaphysics: "Eckhart presents an astonishingly close parallel to Indian modes of thought; some whole passages and many single sentences read like a direct translation from Sanskrit". (12)

He also agreed with Guénon that each seeker of the truth had to take the path of a particular spiritual discipline in order to progress.

He wrote: "There are many paths that lead to the summit of one and the same mountain; their differences will be the more apparent the lower down we are, but they vanish at the peak; each will naturally take the one that starts from the point at which he finds himself; he who goes round about the mountain looking for another is not climbing". (13)

Coomaraswamy, like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, saw mythology and folklore as presenting us with glimpses of the universal archetypes within the human mind. He wrote: "The 'catchwords' of Folklore are, in fact, the signs and symbols of the Philosophia Perennis". (14)

As well as arising from his Hindu background, Coomaraswamy's metaphysics was inspired by Neoplatonism and its founder Plotinus.

Yew_tree_church stow on the woldCoomaraswamy emphasised the importance of form and its inseparability from beauty and truth. All natural objects were beautiful, he said, because of their essential form, whereas the beauty of artificial objects depended on the input of the people who made them.

A post-Western, post-industrial future therefore had to be based on the essential beauty and form that comes to us from nature.

"To reform what has been deformed means that we must take account of an original 'form'", (15) he wrote. This original form, such as an organic, anarchic, just, non-industrial, natural community, was a kind of possibility-in-waiting, which always had the potential of becoming real.

"The work to be done is primarily one of purgation, to drive out the money changers, all who desire power and office, and all representatives of special interests; and secondly, when the city has been thus 'cleaned up', one of considered imitation of the natural forms of justice, beauty, wisdom and other civic virtues; amongst which we have considered justice, or as the word dikaoisyne is commonly translated in Christian contexts, righteousness". (16)

It was important not to waste time and effort doubting whether the battle could ever successful, he said: "Our concern is with the task and not with its reward; our business is to be sure that in any conflict we are on the side of Justice". (17)

He added: "The impossible never happens; what happens is always the realisation of a possibility". (18)

Video link: What defines genuine art & beauty – Dr. A.K. Coomaraswamy (10 mins)

Ananda Coomaraswamy2

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6. Acorninfo

The global gang of financial parasites behind the Great Reset aim to cash in on the misery they are creating in every way possible, as this podcast by Taschi in Australia exposes. Amidst talk of a "shadow mental health pandemic" due to the effects of lockdown on kids and teenagers, an impact investment firm called Orygen aims to cash in what it calls "mental capital". And who are Orygen's partners in their lucrative bid to "improve global youth mental health"? Yep, that's right. Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum.

Taschi talks

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The roll-out of digital tyranny is well underway in Nigeria, where the state is to add six million students to a biometric database for school meals. All for their own good, of course…


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"Will we allow ourselves to be manipulated into allowing transhumanism & eugenics to be openly pursued and normalized, including through initiatives like those of Wellcome Leap that seek to use babies & toddlers as test subjects to advance their nightmarish vision for humanity?" This is the important question posed by investigative journalist Whitney Webb in an article warning of 'A 'Leap' toward Humanity's Destruction'. Also check out Whitney's conversation with Cory Morningstar.

Wellcome Leap

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"This plan has been premeditated from the beginning. I think the system has to be dismantled and the key players have to be brought to justice". An excellent wide-ranging interview from June this year with WHO whistleblower Dr Astrid Stuckelberger.

Stuckelberger (4)

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"The vaccine passport is the touchstone of the new authoritarian system that is being built around us under the pretext of a virus". Useful insights from "the Cursed Prophetess of Troy" on the Cassandra's Box website.

Cassandras box

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Anyone wondering why it is that journalist Julian Assange has not only been vilified but now silenced inside a maximum-security prison might take note that in January 2018 he predicted that "the future of humanity is between humans that control machines and machines that control humans". He warned: "Undetectable mass social influence powered by artificial intelligence is an existential threat to humanity". Full report at 21st Century Wire.

Julian Assange 2

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"Via the collapsing narrative, the credibility of those who have led us into this situation is being buried by the day and because of that a unique window of opportunity has opened for all of us for a vast and comprehensive campaign of enlightenment". This recent talk on uncovering the Corona narrative, by Ernst Wolff, is well worth a watch.

Ernst Wolff

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The real pandemic is everyone doing as they are told, opines Michael Driver on the TCW website. He adds: "I believe the effect of collective cognitive dissonance is the mass abdication of responsibility to authority".

sheep tcw

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How can an entire population fall into mass psychosis, creating a kind of collective mental illness? The question has been on many a mind since March 2020 and some clues as to what has been happening to people's brains are provided by this 20-minute video from After Skool and the Academy of Ideas.

mass psychosis video

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Dark Nights is an "anarchic, anti-info project of incendiary critique and direct action" which declares itself "against the State, capitalism and the techno-industrial system" and proposes "a destructive alternative to the spectacle and disinformation that is the mainstream media".

dark nights

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Anti-tyranny stickers are available to download from our freedom-loving comrades at The Stirrer. As they say: "Have fun but don't get caught!"

sticker from stirrer

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'Do we need Greta?' is an excellent article from Arindam Singh explaining how "the spectacle of eco-celebrities like Greta" is being used for nefarious ends. "The activism sought by the Non-Profit Industrial Complex not only seeks the disenfranchisement of the potentially rebellious youth, but it is also the very apparatus constructed to save the capitalist system".

arindam singh article

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"An urgent and drastic reduction of the industrial-scale, centralized energy production and consumption must be a priority". So declares a bulletin from the World Rainforest Movement, which warns of the "extraction, violence and oppression related to the so-called energy 'transition'" which is nothing more than "green camouflage for more destructive capitalism".

industrial energy

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Hundreds of lovers of nature and freedom took part in the mass trespass in Sussex, UK, highlighted in Acorn 67. Said one participant: "My heart swelled & sang to be with 300 like-minded freewalkers. I was with my people. The river of walkers flowing gently up the paths then gushing forth all over the coombe. Exhilarating!"

mass trespass

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"The habits and customs are a form of us going back to our roots; the way our ancestors showed us to live. A way of life that is peaceful, connected with nature, connected with the view that was always taught to us by by our grandparents". A fascinating video report from Mexico by Derrick Broze.

Broze Mexico

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Acorn quote:

"The noblest and most unfathomable part of the whole of creation – time – is trapped in the snare of impure commercial interests. These conditions sully and debase not only creation but even more so the people who form part of it" ​- Franz Kafka

clocking on

(For many more like this, see the Winter Oak quotes for the day blog)

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translate | 23 Sep 2021 | 6:48 pm

The French resistance will prevail

by Paul Cudenec

It has been eight years now since I left England to come and live in France.

A lot has happened back in the UK since then (not least the whole Brexit pantomime), but the period has been a dramatic one here as well, as I will set out.

Moreover, with hindsight, what often felt at the time like a disorientating jumble of events now appears to me as one clearly-visible phenomenon, namely a vast wave of growing popular resistance to the dominant system which those in power have been trying to crush by all possible means.

Now, in 2021, this struggle is coming to what could well be its final stage, a make-or-break moment which will decide not just the future of France but also play a decisive role in determining which direction humankind as a whole will take in the decades to come.

One of the reasons why I quit my native country was the stifling totalitarianism that had been growing up for some years, whether in the form of surveillance cameras, politicised policing, state infiltration of dissident movements or a general sense of unquestioning sheep-like obedience to authority in all its forms.

I came to France inspired by its proud history of revolution and revolt, by its critical thinking, by its strong anarchist tradition and by the new wave of anti-industrial revolt exemplified by the ZAD of Notre-Dame des Landes.

It didn't take long for the political temperature to rise. In October 2014 young environmental protester Rémi Fraisse (pictured) was killed by police at Sivens while opposing the building of a dam designed purely to help agri-business and pushed through by local representatives of the ruling Socialist Party.

Rémi's death forced into the French public consciousness an awareness that there was serious resistance being mounted against the industrialist system.

Protests like that at Sivens reminded me of anti-roads protests in the UK in the 1990s, where traditional local opposition successfully merged with a more radical approach.

wrote: "It is significant that it is the so-called Left that is in power, both locally and nationally. Because what is happening has very little to do with outdated notions of Right versus Left, in which all are agreed on the need for 'economic growth', for 'progress' and for 'jobs'.

"This is the war which is already being fought all over the world, but can only become clearer and more intense as time goes on. It's humanity against the machine, nature against profit, the life-force against the industrial death-sentence".

My understanding of what was happening in France was clarified by the work of the Invisible Committee, who, I noted in November 2014, argued that it was wrong to lament the demise of the anti-globalisation movement that seemed such an unstoppable force at Genoa, Seattle, or the City of London in the years leading up to 9/11, because it had simply morphed into something different.

Members of the Committee later kindly agreed to give a talk at the Cowley Club back in Brighton, where I was staying with a friend at the start of 2015.

Their depiction of an insurrectionary situation in France was backed up by events on the ground.

By February 2015 the political hysteria following January's Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks had already created a police-state atmosphere – the authorities had been grateful to use the opportunity to clamp down on all forms of opposition to the system.

That month saw two big protests staged in different parts of the country, with the call-out declaring: "Against the concreting of our countryside and the militarisation of our towns, let's occupy the streets!"

Reviewing a book on the Sivens struggle, in May 2015, I again judged that it was part of a rejection of the industrial system itself which went beyond the usual left-right divide.

It amounted, I said, to a conflict of civilizations. "On the one hand there is the neoliberal system, enshrined in the local and national political elite, which is always happy to sacrifice the land for the benefit of growth, development, profit. On the other hand there is another way of thinking, a peasant way of thinking, a much older way of thinking which is paradoxically now often represented by the youngest generation".

This was a struggle which the rebel forces appeared to be winning. In August 2015 the French state finally failed in its desperate attempts to prosecute the Invisible Committee "Tarnac" defendants for so-called "terrorism", after seven years of trying.

Meanwhile, many of us were relishing the prospect of the massive protests being planned for the COP21 Summit in Paris, for which radicals were due to converge from all across Europe and beyond.

But that all changed, thanks to the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015. Another convenient excuse to outlaw dissent had dropped into the lap of the French state, as The Acorn reported:

"Originally, the big protests planned for November 29 and December 12 were apparently outlawed because the crowds were 'at risk' of terrorist attack, but it quickly became clear that the state of emergency was aimed as much as opponents of the industrial-capitalist system as at armed Islamists.

"Several days before the start of COP21, several house arrests and police raids were aimed at activists close to the ZAD (anti-industrial protest camp) and environmental movement across the whole of France.

"Six people were put under house arrest in Rennes, along with a Paris member of the legal team for the CoalitionClimate21, which consists of 130 groups, NGOs and unions. Police also tried to impose this measure on several people in Rouen, Lyon and elsewhere.

"Meanwhile, all across France any event with the slightest hint of a political nature has been banned by the authorities without the need for any justification – in the southern city of Nîmes, for instance, a bookfair planned for November 21 and 22 was cancelled, while down the road in Alès a march against plans for a golf course and luxury housing development was likewise forbidden.

"Make no mistake – a very deliberate psychological attack is being made on the population of France by the imposition of the state of emergency and all the fear-mongering jingoistic hysteria accompanying it".

In December 2015 I warned that the corrupt and ruthless mafia that controls our society wouldn't relinquish its power quietly in the face of growing opposition and would eventually be forced to "drop all pretence at democracy".

If the authorities thought that the fear of terrorism would dampen the French fighting spirit for long, they were mistaken.

That following spring, of 2016, saw a new grassroots movement emerge on the streets to oppose the Loi Travail, neoliberal changes to the world of work championed by the "Socialist" minister Myriam El Khomri.

Young French people, some very young, were at the forefront of this rebellion, giving renewed hope of ongoing struggle against exploitation and tyranny.

explained in March 2016: "A revitalised resistance against the capitalist system is hitting the streets of France, with a new generation of young people leading the way.

"The spark for the revolt is the planned El Khomri law – 'reforms' like those being wheeled out by capitalist politicians everywhere, which aim to reduce workers' rights and deliver corporations a more 'flexible' and low-cost workforce from which to profit.

"When gutless trade unions failed to react strongly to the proposals, people power took over and quickly organised an autonomous wave of struggle which the unions have now been forced to join.

"Behind the protests and strikes, which have particularly featured sixth-formers and students facing a lifetime of slavery to industrial capitalism, lies a deeper anger with the system.

"The fascistic 'state of emergency' brought in by the 'Socialist' government on the back of November's terror attacks in Paris is one of the elements that has been cited.

"And the use of these sweeping police powers to try and crush resistance to the new labour laws has only fuelled the outrage and the determination not to give in".

By the end of April, there was a real sense of revolution in the air, with 'Nuit Debout' public assemblies flourishing every night across France and, at the same time, opposition to the Loi Travail spiralling into outright resistance to the system, with a general strike being called.

And the response of the French state to this uprising? Violent repression, with thuggish riot cops unleashing unprecedented violence on the mainly youthful rebels.

But this only further radicalised the youngest generation and they responded with admirable physical and mental defiance.

On May 10 2016, François Hollande's regime outraged the public still further by pushing the hated Loi Travail through the National Assembly without even a vote, using the controversial article 49.3.

And as levels of revolt grew stronger, the French state crossed a significant line in repression by using "state of emergency" legislation, supposedly introduced to combat terrorist attacks, to ban individuals from protesting.

"Letters were received by activists on Saturday May 14 banning them from taking part in any protests against the Loi Travail on Tuesday May 17″.

Unsurprisingly, the Parti Socialiste was defeated in the presidential elections of the following year, but Hollande's replacement, centrist poster-boy Emmanuel Macron, had been groomed across the Atlantic by the German Marshall Fund of the United States to push to a new level the assault on French society by profiteering international financial parasites.

After a year and a half of Macron's contemptful agenda, many people had had enough. With the political parties and trade unions unwilling to make a stand, the rebellion was forced to find a completely new way of expressing itself.

On November 17 2018, thousands upon thousands of ordinary French people, across the country and often in rural areas, donned the fluorescent yellow jackets that legally have to be carried in motor vehicles, and occupied roundabouts, blocking traffic and causing general havoc.

If the initial spark was the rise in the price of diesel fuel, it quickly became clear that something much deeper was at stake here. This was a rebellion of the real people, fed up to the teeth of being despised, patronised and exploited by the tiny self-satisfied clique of politicians, civil servants, financiers and media moguls in Paris.

wrote on December 9 2018: "The Gilets Jaunes or Yellow Vest movement has staged four successive Saturdays of startling and energetic mass mobilisations across France against the neoliberal Macron regime, turning a protest against the cost of living into an attempted insurrection".

At this point I started travelling to Gilets Jaunes protests and actions in the region where I live and, in the face of inaccurate or non-existent reports in the UK mainstream media, filed reports and analysis for publications including Red PepperThe Canary and the Morning Star (twice), as well as for my own blog and the Winter Oak site (see herehereherehere and here), where there is also a devoted page linking to various articles and translations on the movement.

As I remarked on April 19, 2019: "By talking to protesters, seeing what goes on, reading their leaflets and newsletters, I think have been able to gain a good understanding of the uprising, even though I have been geographically constrained to a relatively small area in the south".

The response to the Gilets Jaunes uprising by the Macron regime was very much in line with the direction the French state had been taking for some years.

I commented on August 20, 2019: "Anyone who has been following the Gilets Jaunes' struggle since November 2018 will appreciate to what extent France is slipping into 21st century neoliberal-style fascism.

"From the sheer physical violence of the state's attacks on protesters, through its draconian use of bans on protests and 'pre-emptive' arrests, to the cover-up and denial of what is happening by politicians and their tame media, the situation is truly alarming".

A year after the Gilets Jaunes first emerged, they were still fighting on, despite all the repression, and in December 2019 their struggle converged to powerful effect with opposition to yet more neoliberal "reforms", this time to the pension system, imposing longer working lives and more privatisation.

A series of general strikes managed to paralyse the country on several occasions, as this report in The Acorn explains.

By January 21, 2020, it was clear that the gulf between the French public and the Macronist state was so vast that it had torn giant holes in the credibility of the whole system.

wrote: "If our Western capitalist 'democracies' were what they claim to be, Emmanuel Macron would no longer be president of the French republic.

"After 14 months of non-stop protests against his regime and its hardcore neoliberal agenda, it is quite clear that he has no social licence to carry on.

"A huge movement of strikes and protests against the regime's 'work-until-you-drop' pension 'reforms' has swept across French society.

"Across the country Gilets Jaunes and strikers have been disrupting Macronist (LREM) meetings, often drowning them out with renditions of On est là ('For the honour of the workers and for a better world, we are here!')".

I took part in one of these disruptions and felt, for the first time in my life, that the ruling class really was powerless in the face of popular opposition.

Presumably that same ruling class was feeling likewise, as it rolled out every weapon at its disposal against the rebels, including, of course, massive and frightening levels of police brutality against protesters.

I commented that, under the pressure of this growing mood of revolt, "neoliberalism is coming out of the closet and revealing itself to be a 21st century form of fascism".

It is, for me, very telling that in his 2020 book, Covid-19: The Great Reset, WEF boss Klaus Schwab specifically cites the Gilets Jaunes in France as examples of the unwelcome "social unrest" sweeping the world and that he warns of the "sombre scenario" that "the same could happen again"…

It would be wrong to say that there was initially no resistance to the totalitarianism of the Covid Coup in France.

But the harshness of the clamp-down and complicity of much of the left, even the "radical" left, certainly delayed the response and I was watching from afar and with envy the massive demonstrations in London, wondering what had happened to the French love of liberté.

In February this year there was a wave of protest against the Macronist regime's fascistic Global Security legislation, a cause which mobilised part of the traditional left as well as Covid dissidents.

The brutal way in which protests were attacked by riot cops caused widespread outrage and fuelled new concerns over the direction in which the country was being taken.

Later in the spring, French dissidents injected a welcome dose of musical rebellion into the international mix, with widespread flashmob performances of the song Danser Encore by HK et Les Saltimbanks, a defiant new anthem of freedom and joie de vivre.

But large-scale protest did not really take off until July, when Macron announced the introduction of the "pass sanitaire", a "vaccine" passport which would require people to present a QR code (showing jab, negative test or immunity) in order to drink a coffee outside a café, eat at a restaurant, go to the cinema, use a public library, take a long-distance train, go to hospital for non-emergency reasons…

Suddenly, the true nature of the "Covid response" being foisted on them seemed to simultaneously strike millions of people in France.

Emergency demonstrations on the July 14 bank holiday were quickly followed by massive protests across France, even in the most unlikely of small towns, which have continued every weekend throughout the summer, traditionally a time when all protesting grinds to a halt here.

As it happens, I have been moving around the country during this period, so after taking part in the local protests in Montpellier, I was able to join demonstrators in Aubenas, Annecy, Sallanches, Limoges, Dinan, St Malo, and then Alès on August 28 (see photo gallery below).

Everywhere I have been impressed by the sheer ordinariness of the people taking to the streets in defence of freedom. There is no particular "look" or age group and a high proportion of women. Vaccinated people have been demonstrating alongside the unvaccinated, out of principle.

Inevitably there has been concern voiced from the left about nationalist/right-wing groups involved in the protests, but there seems to be a growing consensus that the answer, as with the beginning of the Gilets Jaunes movement, is to take part in the protests and shout louder than them.

The need for temporary unity in the face of unprecedented danger must surely prevail, as it did for the resistance during the Second World War. The time for broader political discussion will come later.

There is another aspect to all this, namely the depressing levels of compliance with the new Covid order. When I see all the submissive masked citizens in the streets and the "pass sanitaire obligatoire" notices outside the cafés, I wonder if my faith in the French people is misplaced.

While people like me tend to romanticise the wartime resistance to Nazi occupation, and the puppet Pétain regime in the south, the sad truth is that a large part of the French population collaborated with fascism.

Rebels here that I have spoken to are very aware of this and fear that this is the element in their society which will prove dominant.

They could be right, of course, and I would repeat my warnings that France, Britain, Europe and the world risk sliding into a nightmare new era of techno-tyranny if the ruling powers succeed in pulling off their Great Reset.

But when I see the faces, hear the defiant chants and joyful songs, feel the energy of vital resistance on the protests against the pass sanitaire, when I remember the tradition of revolt of which this is part, I am filled with hope.

For decades now, technocrats and plutocrats have been trying to crush the French love of freedom and equality that stands in the way of their life-destroying global machine and, despite all their money and power, they have not yet succeeded.

As I write this, on this last weekend of August 2021, numbers of demonstrators were on the rise again across France. We are approaching la rentrée, the end of the summer holiday period which traditionally acts as the starting flag for a new season of social struggle in France.

Firefighters, health workers and librarians are starting to take action and go on strike. Corporate media dismissal of the rebel movement is looking increasingly absurd. All sorts of people, who have remained on the sidelines until now, are stepping forward to oppose what is so obviously a serious and unprecedented assault on basic rights and freedoms.

Tumultuous days lie ahead, that is for sure. I have a hunch that the French resistance will prevail – and, with it, humanity.


Wednesday July 14. Montpellier (Hérault)

Saturday July 17. Montpellier (Hérault)

Saturday July 24. Aubenas (Ardèche)

Saturday July 31, Annecy (Haute-Savoie)

Saturday August 7, Sallanches (Haute-Savoie)

Saturday August 14, Limoges (Haute-Vienne)

Saturday August 21, Dinan (Ille-et-Vilaine)

Sunday August 22, St Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine)

Saturday August 28, Alès (Gard)

translate | 29 Aug 2021 | 2:59 pm

Historic day of resistance in France

Something quite remarkable is happening in France, as we pointed out a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, opposition to the vaccine passports being imposed for everyday life has swollen to a phenomenal extent.

On Saturday July 31 massive numbers took to the streets in some 200 towns and cities across the country. There were also big protests in Italy and Switzerland.

The mainstream media are desperately trying to minimise the numbers, write off the protesters as minority "conspiracy theorists" and pretend nothing important is happening.

But their lies are just making the situation even worse for the system, as the ordinary men and women who have taken to the streets outraged at the draconian vaccine passports wake up to the fact that they have been duped in an even bigger way…

The visible presence of nurses and firefighters on the protests also gives this new movement a powerful edge.

Saturday of course saw a gigantic protest in Paris (which also included some comic relief), but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

There were protests everywhere – for instance in Pau, Nice, Nîmes, Thonons-les-Bains, Reims, Chambéry, Réunion, Valence, Mulhouse, Quimper, Marseilles, Limoges, Vannes, Toulon, St Etienne, Nancy, Rouen, Bordeaux, Brest, Rennes, Lille, Perpignan, La Rochelle, Nantes, Strasbourg, Caen, Montpellier, Lyons

Here are some photos from Annecy in the French Alps, where thousands joined a protest headed by nurses and which was greeted by applause from their colleagues as it completely blocked the main road and passed in front of the town's hospital.

"Macron, we don't want your vaccine passport! Liberté! Macron in jail! Hands off our children!" shouted the crowds, which were diverse and full of energy.

Will Macron be forced to back down in the face of this popular uprising? Or is he bound to push through the dictatorial global Great Reset at any cost?

Crucial days lie ahead, not just for France but for the whole of humankind.


"No to conditional freedom"
"No to the authoritarian paSSport"
"Imagine a 'vaccine' so reliable that you have to be threatened into taking it and a sickness so 'lethal' that you have to be tested to know if you've got it. No to mandatory vaccination!'
Freedom! No to the vacine passport. Macron, Castex and Véran OUT. Resign!
"My grandfather, who was in the French Resistance, must be turning in his grave!"
"I refuse fear. I am a free citizen. No to the passport"
"Dictatorship is 'en marche' [from the name of Macron's party, La République En Marche]. Wake up!"
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity replaced by Submission, Inequality and Enmity.

"I say yes to life"

translate | 1 Aug 2021 | 12:54 pm

France rises up against the new fascism

"The people have woken up – at last!" declared local Gilet Jaune rebel Michelle as she watched the vast crowds assembling on the main square of Montpellier in southern France.

She has been involved with the Yellow Vest movement since the very start of the popular revolt against the Macron regime in November 2018.

Two years ago, in April 2019, another Gilet Jaune told me on the same spot, the Place de la Comédie, that France was witnessing "a turning point in history".

Despite the vast levels of militarised repression used against the Yellow Vests, not to speak of the relentless propaganda in the mass media, the movement never abandoned the struggle.

Only the "emergency" of the Covid crisis pushed it, more or less, off the streets.

The spirit of revolt has not been very much in evidence in France since March 2020, with the population divided and fearful, as elsewhere.

But now, with the announcement that vaccine passports will be required for cafés, restaurants, leisure centres, shopping malls and trains, something seems to have snapped.

The arguments about viruses and masks and lockdowns now seem less relevant in the face of this chilling assault on the most fundamental of human rights.

Even the jab itself is not really the issue any more, with those who have already had it joining in the protests against the totalitarian laws due to come into place on August 1.

I was impressed by the turn-out for the emergency protest in Montpellier on Wednesday July 14, but Saturday's numbers were on a completely different scale.

Even the authorities at the Préfecture admitted that there were 5,000 on the streets on a hot Mediterranean afternoon.

The crowd represented a very wide cross-section of the local population. The Gilets Jaunes had already started this process of breaking down the old "left" and "right" political divisions in favour of a broad popular struggle against the power elite.

But the process has now clearly gone a step further, with a new mood of defiant unity that must be striking fear into the hearts of Macron and his cronies, not to speak of Klaus Schwab and the global string-pullers.

The sense of possibility has been increased by the news that the French Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti is under criminal investigation for allleged "conflicts of interest".

"We don't want the pass sanitaire!" chanted the thousands in Montpellier. "Macron resign!" "Résistance!" "Liberté!"

It was the same picture everywhere, with massive numbers not just in Paris, but all across France, as this compilation sets out.

The people took to the streets in Aix-en-Provence, Quimper, Annecy, Lyons, Perpignan, Nice, Metz, Lille, Dijon, Caen, Toulouse, Reims, Saint-Brieuc, Pau, Strasbourg, Rouen, La Rochelle, Brest, Mulhouse, Bayonne, Narbonne, Saint-Étienne, Albi, Nîmes and La Réunion.

They protested in Toulon, Marseilles, Bordeaux, Nantes and Rennes. Tear gas was used on protesters at Besançon and demonstrators blocked a main road at Chambéry.

The politics of division seem to be failing as the French people come together to defend the principles of liberté, égalité and fraternité on which their republic is supposed to be founded.

I bumped into a couple of anarchist friends on the protest and also took a leaflet from a group called Arme Révolutionnaire Marxiste.

This condemns the "Apartheid sanitaire" being imposed by the state: "Treated like fearful cattle, ever more controlled, divided and stripped of our freedoms, we are condemned by power to still further exploitation.

"But this time the government's medicine is not going down, there are more and more of us all the time who understand the reality of this medical mascarade, just as we understand better and better the scam of elections".

Insisted Gilet Jaune Michelle: "This vaccine passport just can't happen. We can't give up".


Disobdience! We are not QR codes.
"Our children are not guinea pigs" "My body does not belong to medicine"
Yes to unconditional freedom
For enlightened choice
66 million men and women can still say no. Resist! You are not alone!
Down with the techno-medical dictatorship!
"Together, 'vaccinated' or not. No to intimidation, constraint, discrimination. Yes to free choice, equality, fraternity"

Vaccinated or not, united and in solidarity for our freedoms!
You are powerful, Act like it.
A lie repeated a thousand times becomes a truth

translate | 18 Jul 2021 | 9:53 pm

Liberté! Résistance! A photo-report from France

Emergency demonstrations were held in towns and cities across France on Wednesday July 14, 2021, as the state went full-fascist in imposing bio-security dictatorship.

In a televised address on Monday evening President Emmanuel Macron announced that "vaccination" was to be compulsory for all health workers and that, furthermore, "vaccine passports" were to be required for everyday access to public spaces ranging from cafés and restaurants to trains and buses.

While some French people were panicked into signing up for the jab so that they could continue with their usual lives and summer holidays, others reacted angrily and quickly organised protests on the public holiday marking the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution of 1789.

In the Mediterranean city of Montpellier, large numbers gathered in the central Place de la Comédie and marched through the city streets.

There was a visible Gilets Jaunes contingent, but many described themselves as first-time protesters. Health workers, including a doctor, addressed the crowd. One carried a placard (above) declaring: "Sack me, lock me up, I will remain free in my choices".

"Liberté!" declared the chants. "Résistance!" "Non au pass sanitaire!" "We aren't scared!" the rebels shouted defiantly and they certainly now knew they were not alone.

Applauded from shop doorways and balconies, they urged onlookers to join them as they made their way to the Préfecture, the city's government building, and encircled it, setting off fireworks.

By the time the march descended on the main railway station, it was bigger than ever.

Dozens of protesters rushed into the station concourse and there were scuffles with police inside before the demo moved off again into the narrow mediaeval streets.

More protests across the country are planned for Saturday. While the response to the Covid coup in France had up until now been relatively muted, the authorities could well have now pushed things too far.

"A state lie against citizens' freedom. Everyone on the streets!"
"For your security you are deprived of your liberties"

translate | 15 Jul 2021 | 10:06 am

Fascism Rebranded: Exposing the Great Reset

by Paul Cudenec

I didn't see the Covid moment coming, of course. Who could have imagined, even at the start of 2020, that we were heading into a Brave New World of lockdowns and curfews, of travel bans, vaccine passports and police-state restrictions on every aspect of our lives?

But for many years I had understood that our society risked heading in a totalitarian direction and that, far from being the opposite of contemporary "liberalism", as we are always told, fascism was in fact a mode into which this hypocritical system could switch at any given time, when it felt the need.

This is why, when I decided to create a pdf collection of my recent online essays (here), I chose to begin with Organic radicalism: bringing down the fascist machine, published on the Winter Oak website three years ago today, on July 10, 2018.

Here we see how the dominant complex paints a false picture of historical fascism not just to smear its own current opponents, but also to hide its own close relationship with that very same monstrosity.

The same theme features in Liberalism: the two-faced tyranny of wealth, which appeared on the Organic Radicals website on the cusp of the Covid crisis (March 11, 2020) and in which I conclude: "Liberalism has for many centuries been a convenient disguise for the rule of money, the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a small but very dominant elite".

In the meantime, I had mused on the false idea of quantity as overall increase (Multiplication is division, June 5, 2019), inveighed against the life-denying contemporary mindset (Smash vitaphobia! December 28, 2019) and reminded readers that, however grim the society which we find ourselves enduring, Another world exists within us (January 13, 2020).

By March 29, 2020, my direct response to the Covid clampdown was under way, with a short piece in Winter Oak's Acorn bulletin entitled We don't want your fascist future!

Reclaiming the revolutionary wisdom of the past (April 22, 2020) is a contribution to the Organic Radicals site which takes as its starting point a study of the Situationist thinker Guy Debord.

I argue that a critique of current society which does not challenge the whole reality of that society – a technocratic industrial capitalist reality – will always be built on sand.

If we are ever to successfully resist and bring down this ecocidal system, we will need to be inspired by thinking which has its roots outside that system, which existed before that system took hold of our lives and our minds.

"We look to the past to see what we have lost – what has been stolen from us by the modern capitalist world".

Resist the Fourth Industrial Repression!, published on April 25, 2020, is a defiant refusal of everything which the ruling clique has been trying to impose upon us under the feeble excuse of "fighting the virus".

I warn: "The 4IR is a death cult which dreams of wiping out everything that is natural, everything that is wild, everything that is free".

In Anarchists against freedom! (April 26, 2020) I hit back at certain so-called "anarchists" who had gone so far in cowing to the official Covid line that they were claiming that a love of freedom was in some way "right-wing".

The rebels will return (April 29, 2020) provides a larger context to this tragic ideological collapse and reconfirms my commitment to anarchist ideals, regardless of the state of the anarchist movement at any given time.

In Money, lies and power (May 21, 2020), I raise the possibility that the ruling class now envisages going beyond the accumulation of money as the means to its domination and is instead planning a world in which it simply has total physical control over the rest of us, who will be nothing but slaves.

"They have obviously calculated that they can get away with this, that their wealth, power and lies are now so all-conquering, and the majority of humankind so supine, gutless and malleable, that they will simply be able to trample all over us, for ever. It is up to us to prove them wrong".

Fascism, newnormalism and the left (July 26, 2020) was inspired by a book on Italian fascism which I came across in an extremely random way and which clarified my thinking in a number of ways.

In particular, it helped me see how the dehumanising New Normal of the Great Reset is very much a continuation of the original fascist project under Benito Mussolini, in which 20th century industrial plutocracy sought to accelerate its production by reshaping living beings into regimented and obedient units of human capital.

The Great Battle for the Future (August 18, 2020) appeared first on the Organic Radicals site and explores Silvia Federici's analysis of the Middles Ages, when ordinary people had escaped the outright slavery of the Roman Empire and were rebelling against authority to reclaim a better future – one based on social justice, freedom and local autonomy.

This massive uprising was crushed by the emergence of capitalism and then industrialism. As Federici explains, capitalism was the "counter-revolution" that destroyed the possibilities that had emerged from the anti-feudal struggle.

I point out the striking parallels between this historical moment and the counter-revolutions represented by fascism, in the 20th century, and the Great Reset, in the 21st.

Klaus Schwab and His Great Fascist Reset, published on October 5, 2020, is by a long way the most-read article I have ever penned, despite its length. It has since been reposted on many websites and translated into various languages.

Here I take a close look at the agenda being led by the World Economic Forum, via three books by its boss, Schwab. I explain: "He and his accomplices are using the Covid-19 crisis to bypass democratic accountability, to override opposition, to accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the rest of humankind against our will in what he terms a 'Great Reset'."

Dismantling tyranny (December 14, 2020) looks at the long-term issues which underlie the Great Reset and insists that these have to be resolved if we are ever to make a clean break with the current system.

"If we were able to pull back from the brink of this global totalitarian coup, there would be no point in returning to the pre-Covid status quo, as all the conditions would remain in place for the global ruling elite to try the same thing again, a few years down the road, using a different trick".

Impact capitalism is a phenomenon which forms a central part of the New Normal agenda, and which is little understood. Researcher Alison McDowell has been producing some crucial information and analysis on this issue and in Impactor Alert! (March 16, 2021) I try to convey the essence of what she has been showing us.

Ten things we have learned during the Covid coup is an Acorn piece, published on May 5, 2021. It sums up, in a few words, much of what I have been writing about in recent years.

Finally, there is Fascism: three brief insights (June 10, 2021), which seems to me to nicely complete this particular loop in an ongoing spiral of reflection.

Download Fascism Rebranded: Exposing the Great Reset for free here.

translate | 10 Jul 2021 | 3:56 pm

The Acorn – 67

Number 67

In this issue:

  1. Breaking through the wall of power
  2. Transhumanism is our enemy
  3. The Death Machine
  4. Landscapes of Freedom
  5. Alexis Escudero: an organic radical inspiration
  6. Acorninfo

1. Breaking through the wall of power


What exactly will it take to halt the techno-totalitarian coup being imposed on us all under the excuse of fighting Covid?

This question is no doubt being posed all over the world at the moment, but particularly in the UK, which has seen a massive opposition movement rise up from nowhere since March 2020.

June 26, 2021, saw the latest in a series of enormous protests in London, with hundreds of thousands of ordinary people taking to the streets to clearly state their opposition to the New Normal tyranny.

As Joanna Sharp noted in this report on the Off-Guardian site, these demonstrators are a million miles away from the usual stereotypes.

"It is hard to generalise about age, but the majority seemed over thirty, though many with their children; both young and early teens. In terms of class and ethnicity, they are the most diverse human gatherings I have ever seen, and probably the most representative of the UK population.

June 26b"The powerful know that anti-lockdown resistance is equivalent to the French Yellow Vests. They are not protesting for abstract political reasons, they are fighting – peacefully for now – for their lives, their livelihoods, for their children and grandchildren – and they are not going away".

Said one participant: "It was magnificent – the best yet". Another described the march as "empowering". She added: "It was my 72nd birthday and my first ever protest. I went with my daughters to walk for freedom which my parents and grandparents had won for me. This was my turn for my family. Amazing and I will fight on".

A third protester commented: "It was huge, my second march. I was there because I want my daughter to have the freedom I've had. To travel, to take risks, to study, smile, sing, dance and not be treated like toxic waste, masked, tracked and tagged".

A fourth added: "I was there, the atmosphere was fantastic. People were so friendly, lots of brilliant and funny placards. The noise was just deafening, I loved it. It was amazing to be with 'my' people".

And another said: "What better way to educate your kids about freedom than to have them experience this amazing march for it. It will be forever etched in their consciousness".

Yet, despite all this, the Freedom March was ignored, minimised or maligned by the mainstream media, whose subservience to the official agenda has reached surreal depths.

They seem to think that if they don't report an event, it has never happened. Or it has happened only in the way that they describe.

But this isn't true! The hundreds of thousands were really there and have really woken up to the Great Reset lies, as have many many more who were not physically on the march.

June 26c

There is a growing gap between actual reality and reality as presented by the authorities. Despite the supposed "end" of restrictions announced for July 19, the sinister Great Reset agenda is very much intact.

Because its coup depends on people believing its version of reality, the system cannot afford to allow the slightest glimmer of doubt to shed light on its dark lies.

As our friends from the Essex Stirrer remark: "Too much has been invested in the project of the fourth industrial revolution / the great reset for the array of actors involved to start backing down.

"We can expect a lot more in the way of vilification and pressure from the authorities (and the useful idiots who unwittingly do their bidding) in a bid to get us to shut up".

Blogger CJ Hopkins writes: "This is the crucial period for the totalitarian movement. It needs to negate the old 'reality' in order to implement the new one, and it cannot do that with reason and facts, so it has to do it with fear and brute force.

"It needs to terrorize the majority of society into a state of mindless mass hysteria that can be turned against those resisting the new 'reality'".

So how can freedom protesters break through these walls of reality-denial and make their physical existence really felt?

One idea is to target demonstrations at times and places where they simply cannot be ignored and, as luck would have it, a great opportunity to do just that has presented itself on Sunday July 11.

On that day, London hosts two big sporting finals, which will be attracting the attention of the international media – the tennis at Wimbledon and the Euros football at Wembley.

Two meet-up points have been announced, in the south and north of the capital for July 11: 11.30am on Wimbledon Common and 5pm at King Edward VII Park in Wembley.


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2. Transhumanism is our enemy


"Transhumanism is the single most important thing to resist if we are to stop the deconstruction of our species", writes Jennifer Bilek on The 11th Hour blog (June 24 2021).

She warns that people are being groomed, specifically by a certain brand of gender politics, to tolerate "greater changes to humanity", a "more complex melding with technology than we have seen thus far", which will lead to us being "changed forever" if we do not wake up fast.

We agree. The warped transhumanist dogma, which wants to merge us with machines to create cyborgs, lies at the centre of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Great Reset being promoted by the World Economic Forum.

As we have previously reported, its boss Klaus Schwab is rubbing his hands together with glee at developments in neurotechnologies and biotechnologies which "are forcing us to question what it means to be human".

wearable maskJust last week, the WEF was using the virus agenda to plug "wearable" 4IR technology in the form of "a novel face mask that can diagnose the wearer with Covid-19 within about 90 minutes".

The threat of transhumanism has become so real because of the failure of the myopic left even to identify, let alone challenge, the danger, and its gullible swallowing of politically-correct industrialist spin.

So-called rebels who imagine there is something "radical" or "liberating" about the nature-hating, life-destroying transhumanist cult of artifice might like to note that it is being embraced by the UK's Ministry of Defence.

"Human augmentation is our first insight of what lies beyond today's information Age – the coming of the Biotech age", declares the document on the government's website.

And it adds, ominously: "It could be argued that treatments involving novel vaccination processes and gene and cell therapies are examples of human augmentation already in the pipeline".

Tessa Lena writes in her article 'The Great Self-Betrayal and the Great Reset' that the transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution is now in fact "an official goal of western governments".

She adds: "We are asked to dance along the carrot and the whip of their biosecurity-state-impact-investment-gene-therapy-total-surviellance reform but they don't tell us how it all ends for us. Nor do they care about minds or bodies".

As this very good article on the Wrench in the Gears website warns: "We are currently on the precipice between freedom and serfdom and it is the responsibility of anyone with a conscience to expose the dystopia into which we are sleepwalking".

matrix pods2

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3. The Death Machine

death machine-b

by Paul Cudenec

The Death Machine is an enormous and ever-expanding apparatus which today covers vast swathes of the surface of the Earth.

Its task is to suck in everything that it finds – mineral, vegetable, animal and human – and reduce it all into a lifeless grey toxic sludge.

Rumour has it that it also produces tiny quantities of a rich, powerful golden fluid, a honey-heroin, which none of us here have ever seen, let alone tasted.

It is said that this is piped directly into the veins of the Death Machine's owners, soul-sour vampires who creep in cold caverns deep below the sunlit surface of our world.

The aim of the Death Machine is to destroy and pollute more and more forests, hills, valleys, plains, rivers, lakes and seas, to murder more and more birds, fish, animals and human beings.

Its aim is to grow ever bigger and bigger, to boast even more rows of steel teeth and concrete claws, to belch out even greater clouds of suffocating poisonous smoke and waves of deadly radiation, to find ingenious new ways of torturing Mother Earth.

This relentless, hateful and frenzied assault on all that is living is what the Death Machine likes to call Progress.

Periodically, the Death Machine starts to stall. The incoming flow of fresh biomass is not fast enough to maintain its murderous momentum. The sustainability of its system, its goals for self-development, are at risk.

It needs a "crisis" to kick-start it back into full-throttle destruction and, lo-and-behold, something is conjured up. Emergency measures are called for and so the Death Machine is reset and cranked up to a deafening 11.

War. Terror. Panic. Fear. Piles of bodies. Wailing misery. Lost love and shattered lives. The great dark cogs of History are turning and the Death Machine is doing just fine.

Sometimes the Death Machine paints itself in the colours of a national flag, or in revolutionary red. Today it might prefer to appear in bright green or in the rainbow colours of global inclusivity.

Make no mistake, each and every one of us will be included and impacted in the jaws of its all-consuming greed.

Good citizens make sure they only ever see whatever Hollywood stage scenery the Death Machine is currently hiding behind. They know that a commitment to 'democracy' means remaining wilfully blind to the reality behind the comforting facades.

The only problem they are prepared to recognise is one concerning overheating.

They do not accept that this problem was caused and reported by the Death Machine itself, whose very existence they deny, and they enthusiastically adopt all the "solutions" it proposes.

But its #MachinePositive New Normal Deal for Cute Furry Animals and Eternal Environmental Bliss turns out to involve further extensions to its own toxic structures, designed to make it nastier than ever.

Build back the Death Machine! Bigger and better!

Good citizens not only refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Death Machine, but become very angry with anyone who insists that it is real and dangerous.

"These extremists are delusional deniers of the marvels of modernity!", they splutter into the breath-stifling masks the Death Machine has made them wear. "They want to spoil it for everyone, by denying us our little conveniences and shattering our cherished illusion that all is basically well in the world".

The others, the clear-sighted rebels, understand the role of the Death Machine and know that there is no way that it can ever be made nicer or fairer, no way that it can ever be made to perform any other task than the one it was designed to carry out.

They see that what they are up against is a machine and that there is no point in trying to debate with a machine or in appealing to its conscience.

They know, with heavy hearts, that if it is allowed to carry on, it will end up killing everything and everyone.

And so they have concluded that, for the sake of life itself, the Death Machine must first be exposed for what it is and then destroyed.

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4. Landscapes of Freedom

landscapes of freedom1

Campaigners in southern England are staging a mass trespass to support the right to roam across the beautiful South Downs.

The new alliance of free walkers are calling for people to join them in Sussex on Saturday July 24.

Say Landscapes of Freedom: "The fate of our Brighton Downs sharply symbolises the fate of much of our modern private countryside.

"Within the lifetimes of our oldest people living today, the South Downs used to be a 'Landscape of Freedom', with great open scented, flowery pastures, rolling, close-cropped 'sheep walks' – largely unfenced – over which people could freely wander, whilst skylarks made music in the heavens above our heads.

landscapes of freedom2"To be sure, the mad economics of imperial food policy and the craziness of two world wars had seen these biodiverse 'chalk grasslands' greatly neglected in a century of agricultural depression, then turned into army training ranges, and cleared and destroyed by dig-for-victory and post-war ploughing.

"Even now there are nearly two hundred shattered fragments of these pastures surviving locally… mostly on slopes too steep to plough… mostly in poor condition… mostly unknown to us all.

"We lost our freedom to wander. We lost most of this hugely-rich ecosystem… this 'rainforest in miniature'. We were driven from the places we'd played in as children. NOW we want our Landscape of Freedom back!"

The walk and picnic will last all day and the meet-up is at 10.30am at a place to be announced nearer the time.

To stay updated go to https://landscapesoffreedom.com and look out for the social media hashtags #LandscapesOfFreedom and #Right2Roam

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5. Alexis Escudero: an organic radical inspiration

The latest in our series of profiles from the orgrad website.


"For the cyber-liberal left there is no equality without recourse to biotechnology"

Alexis Escudero is a contemporary anti-industrial writer whose 2014 book on artificial reproduction was significant perhaps less for its contents than for the reaction it provoked.

The controversy in France around his work neatly exposed the way that the liberal left has largely swallowed the lie that social progress is dependent on technological progress.

This fake left lashes out against anyone who dares to challenge "progressive" technologies, using the same strength of language and moral outrage that it would deploy against the far right.

Thus a supposedly left-wing current – which has deeply compromised itself by embracing elements of industrial capitalism – attacks enemies of the capitalist system from what appears to be a more radical position but which, of course, is really nothing of the sort.

From an organic radical perspective, a particular concern is the way that these transhumanist-influenced pseudo-leftists dismiss any talk of nature and the human species as obsolete or even dangerous.


Escudero's book, La reproduction artificielle de l'humain, was an anti-capitalist attack on the bio-technological engineering industry.

It described how this branch of big business is building a Brave New World in which the rich can buy designer babies and ensure that their children are superior in every way to those of the exploited majority.

Escudero revealed, for instance, that the Fertility Institute in Los Angeles produces 800 test tube babies a year, of which 700 have parents with no fertility problems – these wealthy Americans like to be able to pick the embryo with the "best" genetic characteristics, and also to choose the sex of their child. (1)

This is a profitable business with all the usual trappings – the first Fertility Show in London in 2009 attracted 80 exhibiting companies, ranging from specialist clinics to sperm banks, and drew in 3,000 visitors. (2)

A report issued in 2015 estimated that the US fertility market was worth between $3 and $4 billion a year, (3) while in the UK it has been estimated as being worth £600 million. (4)

escudero artIn his book, Escudero described how the aim of the new eugenics would inevitably develop from merely screening out hereditary defects towards making people more attractive, bigger, more athletic, more intelligent.

They would, in short be "better than humans – who are imperfect by nature". Leaving behind the out-dated human model, these new products of industrial capitalism would be superhumans, "posthumans". (5)

Escudero criticised the way that the left had failed to respond to the growth of this sinister eugenics business, which has its origins in Nazi Germany.

He complained in his book: "Debate on the subject: nothing. Zilch. Nada. As if being on the left and supporting artificial reproduction of humans necessarily went hand in hand". (6)

The problem was that Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP) in France was being vociferously opposed by religious right-wingers, who particularly objected to the idea of babies being produced for gay and lesbian couples.

sperm bankEscudero made it plain that this was not his motivation at all. He was countering the liberal-left slogan "MAP for everyone!" with the anti-industrial slogan "MAP for no-one!". It was the business he opposed, not the sexual orientation of its customers.

He also stressed that he had nothing at all against the DIY insemination technique often used by lesbians and that this did not in any case come under the MAP label.

Left-wingers who championed the MAP industry because they felt it was socially "progressive" were falling into a terrible trap, he warned.

He drew attention to a slogan used by French gay rights group inter-LGBT which had declared: "There is no equality without MAP!". Commented Escudero: "For the cyber-liberal left there is no equality without recourse to biotechnology". (7)

Escudero warned that this fascination for technology was drawing left-wingers far away from the positions they claimed to defend and into de facto support for the industrial capitalist system.

Transhumanism6He wrote: "This cyber-liberal left is misusing the fight for individual freedom as a vindication of market freedom. It is confusing political equality with the biological uniformisation of individuals.

"Its dream is of liberal eugenics, of abolishing the body and using artificial wombs. Its fantasy is of a posthumanity via the technological re-creation of the human species. Behind the mask of transgression and rebellion lies an enthusiastic identification with technocapitalism". (8)

This criticism of an influential and vociferous section of the left prompted a hostile response. On October 28, 2014, there was a picket of a talk that Escudero gave at le Monte-en-l'air bookshop in Paris, in which placards accused him of lesbophobia, homophobia and transphobia. (9)

Then on Saturday November 22 a group of opponents mobilised against a workshop he was due to give at the Lyons anarchist bookfair. A leaflet claimed that Escudero was joining José Bové and Pierre Rahbi in an "environmentalist drift towards essentialism, in the name of the 'defence of the living'".

It declared: "No to LGBTphobia! Yes to the extension of the right to MAP! No to essentialism and naturalism!" (10)

PMA manif

An eye-witness account published afterwards by Annie Gouilleux describes how the "fascistic" pro-technology contingent blocked the entrance to the room hosting Escudero's workshop, insulting people who were trying to get in. In the end, the organisers felt they had no choice but to cancel the meeting.

Gouilleux commented: "It's obvious that from the moment people consider that 'human' and 'nature' are either taboo words or that they don't exist, then the discussion will descend into absurdity. Or fisticuffs". (11)

As Escudero identified in his book, the problem is that these fake leftists are essentially ideological outriders of the industrial capitalist system and, as such, they necessarily share its obsession with artificiality, regarding anything natural or organic as their enemy.

He remarked: "While pretending to support freedom and emancipation, post-feminists and transhumanists nurse a boundless hatred of nature; hatred of the innate, of that which is given to the human being at birth; of everything that isn't produced, manufactured, standardised, regulated, rationalised; hatred of everything that doesn't quite fit, that doesn't work, that falls ill, of everything that isn't efficient and productive 24/7; hatred of everything which gets away and can't be controlled". (12)

Video link: La reproduction artificielle de l'humain (6 mins)

Audio link: Reproduction artificielle et marchandisation du vivant. Avec Alexis Escudero sur France Culture (53 mins)


1. Alexis Escudero, La reproduction artificielle de l'humain (Grenoble: Le monde à l'envers, 2014), p. 62.
2. Escudero, pp. 69-70.
3. 'Fertility Market Overview, May 2015', https://www.harriswilliams.com.
4. Maxine Frith, 'You're big business now, baby', The Daily Telegraph, October 19, 2014.
5. Escudero, p. 118.
6. Escudero, p. 10.
7. Escudero, p. 174.
8. Escudero, p. 12.
9. https://paris-luttes.info/retour-sur-le-passage-d-alexis-1978
10. https://www.mondialisme.org/spip.php?article2208
11. Ibid.
12. Escudero, p. 186.


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6. Acorninfo

If there was a global straw poll as to whom we would most trust to benevolently protect the natural world and those who live close to it, Klaus Schwab would probably come in last. So alarm bells should be ringing everywhere at the news that his WEF is championing a corporate coup of the commons, the monetisation of all nature on a global scale, which it says would reap "$10 trillion of global GDP growth". Opposition to the so-called New Deal for Nature, lately branded as #NaturePositive, needs to kick off in a massive way if this nightmare is to be halted! Lots of crucial info on the No Deal for Nature site. Get angry and get active!

WEF nature report

* * *

Anyone who has been paying attention over the last year-and-a-bit won't be surprised to learn that the businesses selling "vaccines" also own the global mass media! This fascinating video, plus this article by Dr Joseph Mercola, focuses in on the heart of the financial darkness. Mercola summarises: "Big Pharma and mainstream media are largely owned by two asset management firms: BlackRock and Vanguard… Many of the oldest, richest families in the world can be linked to Vanguard funds".

Vanguard article

* * *

"We want to unglue our eyes from the soothing screens of the Spectacle. We leave the guardians of order, uniformed and not, to their sad mission of trying to suffocate anything exciting, for they repulse us. We have no sympathy for the loyal followers of the dominant reality for they are pitiful excrescences of the forces of order". A powerful message from M.E.K.A.N., the Ministerio Estraneo di Kultura Agro-Nichilista.

MEKAN logo

* * *

Allowing children to catch Covid may be better than exposing them to the risk of vaccines, a member of the UK's Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has advised. Professor Robert Dingwall said children may be "better protected by natural immunity generated through infection than by asking them to take the 'possible' risk of a vaccine".

Prof Robert Dingwall

* * *

"The pseudopandemic was a psychological operation (psy-op) designed to terrorise the public. The objective was to accustom the people to draconian system of government oppression by familiarising them with the mechanisms of a biosecurity state". This excellent article on the In This Together site rightly points out that their plan can only succeed if we believe their lies and comply with their orders. Writer Darren Allen, of the Expressive Egg site, also concludes that we have been enduring a pseudopandemic. He explains: "A real pandemic results in (as the WHO used to say, before their definition changed) 'an enormous numbers of deaths and illness', and, as we've seen, the number wasn't enormous. It was (even taken the inflated official numbers as read) around 0.03% of the world's population".


* * *

"At the base of this modus operandi there is always a lie, that serves to hide the true intentions of the elite and makes us accept as inevitable those changes that, in conditions of relative normality, would have resulted in revolts that were difficult to stifle". Perceptive analysis from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in 'More Reflections on the Great Reset', a speech delivered at the 2021 Venice Philosophy Festival.

" data-medium-file="https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/vigano.jpg?w=300" data-large-file="https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/vigano.jpg?w=700" class="alignnone wp-image-7078" src="https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/vigano.jpg" alt="ARCHBISHOP VIGANO" srcset="https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/vigano.jpg?w=298&h=209 298w, https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/vigano.jpg?w=596&h=418 596w, https://winteroakpress.files.wordpress.com/2021/07/vigano.jpg?w=150&h=105 150w" sizes="(max-width: 298px) 100vw, 298px">

* * *

"The Internet of Bodies not only promises to track and trace what people feel, see, hear, touch, and taste, but the data gathered can be used to modify their behavior in both good and horrendous ways — depending on who's doing the manipulating and for what purpose". In this article, Tim Hinchliffe explains how to track and trace every person, purchase, and protein on the planet and manipulate human behaviour.

Global Abstract

* * *

Architects for Social Housing, one of most articulate and informative voices challenging the Covid coup, has come under attack from the authorities via the Architects Registration Board. Says Simon Elmer: "It was immediately apparent to us that this was a crudely disguised attempt to silence the publication of my writings about the UK biosecurity state".

ASH image

* * *

"A radically evil agenda is under way whose goal is harm not health" writes Edward Curtin in this admirably thorough piece on the Covid phenomenon on the Off-Guardian site. He writes: "I have consulted information and arguments across all media, corporate and alternative, academic, medical, books, etc. I have consulted with researchers around the world. I have read the websites of the CDC, the World Health Organization, and government and non-government health organizations. In other words, I have left no stone unturned…"

Edward Curtin piece

* * *

An impressive interactive downloadable pdf has just been produced by UK freedom-lovers who declare that "how we act now will build the future for our children". The 80-page document issues an urgent invitation "to question all that is happening before the chance is lost".

covid pdf

* * *

'Smart Cities, the Transhumanist Game and Lifelong Learning' is the title of an in-depth presentation from US researcher Alison McDowell given in Tucson, Arizona, on June 11 and 12, 2021.

alison McDowell talk

* * *

'Meet the World Economic Forum' is a very useful podcast from James Corbett of The Corbett Report. It presents "a wild ride through the murky origins of the WEF's past into the nightmarish future it is seeking to bring about… and how we can use this information to better understand and derail its agenda". Corbett was also recently interviewed by the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss – well worth watching!

James Corbett

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"The massive resources of the Gates Foundation have had an outsized influence on African scientists and policymakers, with the result that food systems on our continent are becoming ever more market-oriented and corporate-controlled". So write Million Belay and Bridget Mugambe on the Scientific American site.

Bill Gates africa

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"The way I see it is that ultimately what is coming are markets in human capital, markets in controlling people as characters in this online video game". So warns a top-rate Twitter thread from the 'Wen Moon Tho' account.

Wen Moon Tho

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The largest archive of anarchist films anywhere, assembled by the late legendary Stuart Christie, is now live and free for all to access. Said Kolektiva.media: "When we heard that Christie died, we were afraid that the collection would be lost forever, so we contacted the folks in charge of his archive and they agreed to make a back up on our PeerTube channel". The collection can be viewed here.

Stuart Christie

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Twenty years ago saw the peak of the anti-globalisation movement that rose up to challenge corporate rule and, in Genoa, the peak of the system's repression before 9/11 intervened to "reset" the picture. While protester Carlo Giuliani was killed on the spot by police, others are still being persecuted by the Italian state and a call has now gone out for testimonies about the protests from the hundreds of thousands who took part. Info here.

Genoa assassini

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"Anyone who raises questions about the prevailing propaganda narratives is a 'conspiracy theorist'… When someone calls you a conspiracy theorist they have already lost the argument". In an important interview, New York University professor of media studies Mark Crispin Miller concludes: "I used to think it was tasteless to compare our system, and our lives, and our society in any way with the Nazis. I no longer think that". No surprise that YouTube are restricting access to the interview under the feeble pretext that it is unsuitable for young people. As one Twitter user commented: "Interesting they've chosen the 'age restricted content' label. I read the descriptions & this interview doesn't violate any of them. Not even close. No swearing, violence, sex or incitement. The 'offense' is simply dissenting opinion that's getting too close to the truth".

Mark Crispin Miller

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"Be visibly and joyously defiant". Here is a lovely short video showing how we can chalk up success in getting our message across in the real world…

chalk defiance

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Acorn quote:

"There will be a qualitative transformation, a new living, life-giving revelation, a new heaven and a new earth, a young and mighty world in which all our present dissonances will be resolved into a harmonious whole… Let us put our trust in the eternal spirit which destroys and annihilates only because it is the unsearchable and eternally creative source of all life. The urge to destroy is also a creative urge".

Mikhail Bakunin


(For many more like this, see the Winter Oak quotes for the day blog)

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translate | 6 Jul 2021 | 1:45 pm

Culture’s silent exiles

by Rahul Goswami

Five weeks after Italy imposed a lockdown on its citizens, the United Nations on 15 April 2020, which is 'World Art Day', explained that "with billions of people either in lockdown or on the front lines battling the covid19 pandemic", the day picked to celebrate world art (the birth anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci) "is a timely reminder that art has the power to unite and connect in times of crisis".

The agencies of the United Nations system have for over seven decades busied themselves, when not pondering or influencing the fates of humanity, with inventing days, years and even decades for all sorts of projects and concepts: environment, education, the girl child, oceans, AIDS, indigenous peoples, Africa, science and so on. Since these demand sometimes lengthy preparations for worldwide events for a particular day, or even better, for a specially designated year, they are popular with UN agencies for their ability to swell budgets.

Like many other messages from the UN and its agencies about its celebratory days and periods, the message that accompanied World Art Day 2020 was maternally saccharine. "Throughout self-isolation, art has nonetheless been flourishing. Pointing to performers tapping into their creativity to relay health guidelines and share messages of hope – as well as neighbours singing to each other on balconies, and concerts online," gushed UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

The Mona Lisa was "revisited in a variety of ways, including images of her self-isolating in the Louvre Museum, or covering her enigmatic smile with a surgical mask" which according to UNESCO "is how, despite the crisis" showed "art is demonstrating its resilience".

But culture and resilience have other dimensions, many of them very different to what is envisioned by the world's cultural authorities. By early May 2020, it had become clear to all those in the throbbing tourist hotspots of South-East Asia that the squadrons of flights bringing tourists were not going to resume soon. When they would resume, no-one could say. The popular markets of the region, to which tourists thronged and from which local families derived their regular incomes, fell silent – Chatuchak in Bangkok, Kuta in Bali, Phsar Chas in Siem Reap, Ben Thanh in Saigon, Divisoria in Manila, Glodok in Jakarta.

These are the famous ones, the ones that get written about in glossy travel magazines and are the subjects of tens of thousands of pithy 'reviews' by travellers. For each of these, there are hundreds of local markets that cater to local needs. In these humbler but no less important smaller and provincial markets, the wares on offer and mix of stalls is decidedly different, the accent being on what rural and small town households need and can afford. Curio kiosks and pop art counters, fingernail salons and smoothie bars are not part of these marketscapes.

Regardless of the difference in these two kinds of markets, the "resilience" that UNESCO mentioned is very much more a characteristic they can claim than can the Louvre, the Uffizi Gallery, the Tate Modern, the Rijksmuseum or any of Europe's most visited cultural and art centres. But while state-funded museums (whose capacious treasuries are well attended to also by private art foundations) can survive closures that are months long, local markets cannot, because their resilience must be renewed every day. This is what the wave upon wave of lockdowns all around the world have damaged, in some places likely permanently. The lockdowns are, for those familiar with the marketscapes and the creative ambiances they include, culture killers of a kind never before seen.

The lockdowns that began in February 2020 did not pause to discriminate between the commonly recognised grades of culture: high culture, contemporary (or even pop) culture and folk culture. In Europe especially, 'high culture' is surrounded by government, arts foundations, arts councils, academic institutions. Where it manifests or is nurtured, in cities, are awe-inspiring structures designed to project pomp and power. Orchestra houses, national galleries and museums are typical of such structures. A great deal of money is mobilised every year to maintain them. In France and Germany, spending by government under the head of culture approaches some 2.3% of the annual budget. In the USA, the comparative figure is under 1%, but American arts foundations tend to be better endowed.

In contrast it is the other two grades – contemporary and folk culture – which receive very little of the culture budgets that remain, and compete or struggle for the small grants and project funds that city councils and private foundations give out. Between these two, it is folk culture, in all its diversity, that is the worse off, not least because it straddles so many subjects at the same time, such as indigenous peoples' rights, environment and ecology, traditional knowledge systems, living heritage.

It is also folk culture that is the fountainhead of the world's handicrafts, hand weaves and household arts traditions and products. These include basketry, rugs and carpets, woodwork and wood carving, canecraft, the spinning and dyeing of yarn, the weaving of fabric on shuttle looms or waist-looms, incense sticks and aromatic oils, decorative metalware, lacquer, tapestries, traditional toys and games, jewellery as the most common.

The lockdowns choked not only the world's tourist flows (which spur the making of handicrafts) but also, in every metropolis, city, town and district centre, choked the normal commerce that provides the baseline sustenance that local artisans and creative collectives depend upon. What has been seen often in the last 15 or so years, with the establishing of 'creative cities' networks (notably in Europe), is the blending of the three typical grades of culture in festivals, extending the benefits of state sponsorship which flows disproportionately to the top cultural tier, to the other two as well. When museums shut their gates, galleries downed their shutters and theatres switched off their lights, the locales for such festivals disappeared from urban landscapes.

'High' culture moved online, fitfully and awkwardly. Museums essayed everything from virtual tours to guided meditation and home children's workshops. Symphonic orchestras began to run livestreamed performances. Avant garde design studios experimented with commissioning works that were supposed to represent responses to the pandemic. Literary societies hosted weekly online reading groups. Indie film-makers mixed and spliced footage from a smorgasbord of 'on location' cast members filming at home. Musicians did the same, collaborating by being patched in to sound studios.

The lockdowns and their restrictions did not remove from households and families either economy or technology, but they did remove culture

These attempts to maintain a facade of activity were at best cosmetic, a falling in line by the centres and institutions that embody 'high' culture not only with lockdown restrictions but also to have their regular visitors receive the same bland yet menacing message – stay safe, stay home – but from a source that is not government, not medical authority and not administration, a source which until January 2020 represented the very core of what is meant by 'civilisation' in ways that are fundamentally and necessarily different from what is meant by 'economy' and 'technology'. The lockdowns and their restrictions did not remove from households and families either economy or technology, but they did remove culture.

This removal finally, in late December 2020, when the "cancelling" of Christmas became one more administrative cudgel, was recognised by the UN and UNESCO. "It is not only the sector itself that has been hit hard, people have also lost access to cultural events. Since covid19 hit, many concerts, art events and festivals have been taking place online. However almost one in two people globally cannot access them due to issues such as lack of internet connectivity," said UNESCO. Its choice of words was mendacious, for what had removed culture was not a respiratory disease but lockdowns.

Its grudging admission of the elemental connexion between culture and social life was quickly given an economic cast. "The culture sector, which employs more than 30 million people globally, has been hit much harder than expected by the coronavirus pandemic and its fallout. The film industry alone could lose about 10 million jobs this year, while a third of world's art galleries could cut their staffing by half or more. What has been in effect a six-month closure of concerts and performance, could end up costing the music industry more than $10 billion in lost sponsorships, while the global publishing market could shrink by 7.5 per cent," UNESCO said.

In so saying, UNESCO sounded much more like an economics thinktank than an organisation that has worked on cultural matters for 74 years, works through seven international conventions on culture, and also through dozens of regional programmes. Perhaps it took its cue from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which with a squarely macro-economic bent had said plainly in September 2020 that culture has to do with economics: "Cultural and creative sectors are important in their own right in terms of their economic footprint and employment. They are among the hardest hit by the pandemic, with large cities often containing the greatest share of jobs at risk. The dynamics vary across sub-sectors, with venue-based activities and the related supply chains most affected."

The UN system agencies that have anything at all to do with creative community energies and the knowledge systems of communities – chief among them being the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the World Health Organization (WHO, especially where traditional medicinal systems are concerned) and UNESCO – trot out the term 'resilience' very often. They use this term usually in conjunction with the Sustainable Development Goals and with Agenda 2030. It is designed to sound caring and humanistic.

What connects the worldview of the OECD, the institutions and centres of 'high' culture, UNESCO, and the gigantic 'development' industry that the UN Sustainable Development Goals have become is that peoples' cultures and ways of life, their everyday artefacts, their folk arts and expressions, all in fact that they derive meaning and identity from, fall outside what is called 'cultural industry'. This is nothing but the full formalisation of community creativity and its translation into economic units. There is no place in a cultural industry view for the traditional knowledge systems that give a non-monetary value to a basket, that give a ritual value to a silken shawl, that give children delight in the form of puppet theatre, that fulfil a cosmological tradition when unleavened bread is baked for a feast day.

The Inuit of the Arctic, the White Mountain Apache of Arizona, the Yanomami and the Tupi People of the Amazon, the Gujjar and Bakerwal nomadic herders of the Indian Himalaya, the Bontoc of Philippines Cordillera are not cultural industrialists and have no use whatsoever for the distinction between formal and informal economy. In the same way, living heritage such as the collective fishing rite of the Sanké in Mali, the Enawene Nawe people's ritual for the maintenance of social and cosmic order in Brazil, the making of the Noken woven bag by the people of Papua in Indonesia, the making of the Ala-kiyiz and Shyrdak traditional felt carpets in Kyrgyzstan, all these are unreachable by the economic formulae that would assign them a minimum wage, turn them into 'resilience' courseware, patent their medicinal herbs.

But the lockdowns have gravely assaulted their patterns of life, and these were already tenuous. Their systems of knowledge, and the products and objects that emerge from these systems, could not and cannot be virtualised and livestreamed. The meanings and symbolism of everyday and ritual objects – which assume the avatar of handicrafts in a market – must be transmitted and the receipt of those transmissions must be tested.

The generation that receives the world's great stores of traditional knowledge does so through what is so carelessly called 'informal education', but which is a teaching channel that has stood the test of time. The lockdowns separated hand-made goods from markets, and when they did, they brought down a new wall between peoples who still fashion a hand-made world and those who have the sensitivity to sample some of it. The lockdowns masked and imprisoned a youth that was ready to receive wisdom and learning from their elders, and chained them to laptop screens, and when that happened, the elders retreated into an exile of silence.

translate | 21 Jun 2021 | 1:19 pm

Unleashing the spirit of life

by Paul Cudenec

In my last article, I wrote about a dark "something" below the surface of the visible political world which controls our lives and corrupts our thinking.

However, there is another "something" which acts in the opposite direction and which is deeply feared by that malevolent energy.

It is the life-affirming energy which, again and again, is blocked by the toxic control complex – its momentum shunted, as we saw, into the dead ends of nationalism, statism or corporate deception.

It embraces our innate desire for self-determination, our unquenchable thirst for freedom and our eternal longing for an escape from this industrial nightmare so that we might rediscover our health and wisdom in the bosom of Mother Nature.

When these vital forces, so long suppressed, surge up together in our hearts and our minds, they can stir a powerful wave of revolt against oppression.

But for this revolt to succeed, a further element needs to be set free from the labyrinth of lies in which it, too, has long been imprisoned.

This element is our sense of the sacred, our connection with the Whole, our spirit.

Dominant culture has worked hard to stifle this dimension, not just by denying its existence through its one-dimensional modern materialist mindset, but by caging it within the rigid and lifeless structures and dogmas of power-serving religion and by diverting it into unwholesome cults or shallow pseudo-spiritualities which preach passivity and pose no threat to its rule.

As on the political level, these grotesque caricatures of authentic spirituality are used to discredit the real thing, to keep us chained in the cellars of servitude and unable to drink the knowledge that would set us free to soar.

The greatest heresy of all, the gnosis that must be kept hidden from us at all costs, is that each of us is a manifestation of the living cosmos.

The sacred is not "up there" and we do not need self-appointed intermediaries to make contact with it. It is within every living being.

If we clean the accumulated layers of our culture's corruption from our hearts, we can allow the light to shine through us, as it was always meant to.

Once we shed all our personal fears and insecurities, once we know that our own individual existence is just one temporary manifestation of the Whole, once we realise that the Whole can only act in the physical realm through its parts, then we begin to understand who we really are.

Our being is part of a process. We are the means through which the universe forms and shapes itself. Our subjective consciousness is the form the Whole has to take in order to descend into the world, to be present and active within it.

We can have no fear of death, because we are the Whole and the Whole never dies. Our individual life is simply an action of the Whole and our duty, in this life-role, is to accomplish that action to the best of our ability and with head held high.

Millions upon millions of people will always have the potential to overcome the few thousands who channel the poisonous energy of the negative "something".

Millions upon millions of us who have broken free from the maze of political deception to demand the return of our stolen land and our stolen freedom would be a mighty force indeed.

And millions upon millions of us, inspired and guided in that fight by the light of truth and unencumbered by the fear of death, would be simply unstoppable.

translate | 17 Jun 2021 | 1:40 pm
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