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21 Sep 2023 | 2:48 pm

1. Crisis Update: ‘Climate Emergency’ Would Be Step Closer To Dictatorship

  • This is not about politics - one day the boot will be on the other foot

  • NBC says Biden under pressure to declare climate emergency

  • Unlocking special powers without need for Congress

  • UK 'Online Safety' law recreates Orwell's Ministry of Truth

  • Parliament imediately demands social media demonetise Russell Brand

  • Neither convicted nor charged - he is guilty of pre-crime and Thoughtcrime

  • UK lawmakers insist racism, misogyny and anti-Semitism requires censorship

  • Despite research suggesting Britain is much more liberal than 40 years ago

  • Ironically censorship is pretty low-ranking compared with what's happening

  • Carl Schmitt, legal theorist of Third Reich, drafted the State of Exception

  • Reichstag Fire ended habeas corpus, expression, press, association and assembly

  • Recent problem, reaction, solution suggests policians toying with a Fourth Reich

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Britain's wartime Ministry of Information, model for Orwell's Ministry of Truth

Sep 21, 2023

NBC News claims that president Joe Biden is being urged to declare Climate Change a national emergency. This would allow him to "unlock special powers for a president in a crisis without needing approval from Congress."

This would be similar, it says, to the emergency powers grabbed after September 11th, 2001, and in response to the claimed Covid pandemic.

A state of emergency in response to a hurricane is one thing. For purposes of power and control it is quite another.

That is why the German philosopher and jurist Carl Schmitt called it a State of Exception (German: Ausnahmezustand).

He developed his theory in the 1920s, though it reaches back before the dictatorships of classical Rome. In today's environment, we have to look not only at the why — 9/11, Covid and now Climate Change — but the what.

To visualise what is happening, we have to grasp how different measures connect. And then we need to extrapolate.

Floyd and the Wall

For example the death of George Floyd and the riots that followed, organised in part by Black Lives Matters, led to a political campaign to "Defund the Police." Big cities now are losing staff and cannot attract new recruits in numbers to replace them.

This in turn led to a decision not to prosecute retail theft worth less than $1,000 in some Democratic-run districts to reduce the pressure on police and the courts.

At the same time politicised district attorneys (DA) have been financed by George Soros with the effect of making the legal systems "soft on crime" while prosecuting political opponents. The United States has 70 prosecutors whose campaigns were funded by Soros, after 12 left office last year. 1

The consequence is that city streets become unsafe and residents begin to leave. Many corporations have recently shut down stores in the most crime-ridden areas.

Extrapolating this, the gap left by a denuded police service opens several opportunities: for a privatised police force; for the imposition of military; or for non-local police from another district, region or country.

In all cases this would mean that local-born police, who have ties to the community, are replaced by outsiders who are far more likely to follow repressive orders. This is a long-standing technique used by authoritarian regimes.

The outcome would be the exact reverse of what Black Lives Matter supporters desire.


Under the new hate speech laws one might be penalised for that reference to Soros. The Guardian promotes claims that the term "globalist" is an "age-old antisemitic conspiracism."

See Opposing Ideologies Serve The Same Masters (Moneycircus, Aug 4, 2022)

Even more frequently the same newspaper carries opinion pieces suggesting that "Climate Change deniers" should be denied a voice in public — clearly failing to understand the full meaning of the word, Opinion, printed at the top of each article. Such political prejudice may now have in Britain the force of law.

Guardian guile

The paper failed to report on the passage of the Online Safety Bill, which sailed through the upper chamber of Britain's parliament this week.

The push for Online Safety legislation is moving to the U.S. where the The "Kids Online Safety Act" (KOSA) was introduced in Feb 2022, and reintroduced in May 2023. Canada, Australia and New Zealand, already have such legislation, as does the European Union.

This means that in Western countries, in the event that a State of Exception is declared, the laws are already in place to penalise any criticism.

Readers will recall that Elon Musk and his CEO at Twitter/X Linda Yaccarino have instituted "freedom of speech; not freedom of reach" which means you can talk or post all day, but no-one will hear you.

Fiat Constitution

"Sovereign is he who decides on the exception" wrote the legal theorist of the Third Reich, Carl Schmitt (Souverän ist, wer über den Ausnahmezustand entscheidet).

His views on the exception evolved, however, from emergency measures intended to preserve a constitutional order — to which the nation would eventually return — to the permanent transformation of the State by a charismatic leader.

In other words, from a temporary dictatorship in the style of classical Rome, to a messianic deliverance from the constraints on a leader's action of a constitutional republic portrayed as flawed and outdated.

It is the latter that the powers, that should not be, are considering in the United States.

Charismatics of the political variety are claiming they have the gift of knowing what the future holds, and what is best for the people in the present (from the Greek word charisma). They also speak in tongues.

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The governor of New Mexico last week issued a "public health emergency order" that purports to suspend the right to bear arms guaranteed in the Second Amendment.

Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham issued the order to one particular county, but her words and actions were a clear challenge to the U.S. Constitution.

It was an attempt, albeit within one state, to pursue Schmitt's injunction in his work, "Political Theology" (1922, but only translated into English in 1985, and only published widely in English in 2006) for a sovereign to overturn mechanical procedures and technical constraints.

The effort to overturn constitutions is gaining urgency. King Charles last week launched his 2030 clock, and on the same day the heads of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the World Health Organisation said that Agenda 2030 was advancing too slowly.

Digital nirvana

Another example, outside of the West, is Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has banned his political opposition, amounting to 11 political parties, 2 on the pretext that they have ties to Russia and has shut down much of the media. 3

Ukraine and South Africa were the first countries outside of China to launch digital ID and social credit.

See Beware The Trifecta Of Tyranny (Moneycircus, Nov 24, 2022)

Max Blumenthal of The Grayzone says Zelenskiy and his handlers plan to turn Ukraine into an "ethno-nationalist, Spartan, hyper-militarized bastion, armed to the teeth by NATO, existing for years in a state of permanent war against Russia, and we, the taxpayer, nothing we can do about it." Zelenskiy in April 2023 said:

"We cannot talk about being a Switzerland of the future but we will definitely become a big Israel, with its own face. We will not be surprised to have representatives of the armed forces and the national guard in all institutions, supermarkets and cinemas. There will be people with weapons. I am sure that our security will be the number one issue in the next 10 years."

Such a State clearly would brook no opposition or dissent.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has blocked any attempt at peace talks, except for those which follow the complete capitulation of Russia.

Democrat Richard Blumenthal (no relation) and Republican Lindsey Graham are promoting a draft resolution in the US Senate that any use of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia, or their agents or the destruction of a nuclear facility, sending radiation onto the territory of NATO, should be considered an attack on NATO.

This policy of supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia would be etched into law, making it difficult for future presidents to reverse, isolating the policy from public scrutiny or protest.

As Max Blumenthal says, in order to defend democracy in Ukraine, it must first be curtailed in the United States. 4

In case you wonder who Zelenskiy answers to, BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase are helping the Ukrainian government set up a reconstruction bank to steer public seed capital into rebuilding projects — and it's not for charity.


Brand Orwell

While the West focuses on the did-he, didn't-he of Russell Brand, here is what his downfall is disguising: A shift to 1984-style permanent war. George Orwell will have his day.

In a taste of things to come, the UK Parliament sent a letter to social media, including Rumble, demanding they "demonentise" all of Brand's videos. Whatever you think of him he is an individual who has not been found guilty, and not even charged.

The Guardian writes: "What is Rumble, the video-sharing platform 'immune to cancel culture'? The $2bn platform where Russell Brand has 1.4 million followers is popular among conservative commentators and conspiracy theorists."

The UK Online Safety Bill imposes strict requirements on large social platforms to remove illegal content. It will be enforced by UK telecom regulatory agency OFCOM.
About 300 pages long, the new rules took more than five years to develop. It forces companies to proactively screen for objectionable material and to judge whether it is illegal.

It is part of a wave of rules in Europe aimed at ending an era of self-regulation in which tech companies set their own policies about what content could stay up or be taken down. The Digital Services Act, a European Union law, recently began taking effect and requires companies to more aggressively police their platforms for illicit material.

OFCOM, dominated by BBC alumni, will be the new information police. Britain's Ministry of Information, the basis for Orwell's Ministry of Truth, once had a similar role.

See BBC Flirts With 'Deeper Authority' - The corporation takes an ominous turn (Moneycircus, Aug 18, 2021)

The bill will require age verification for pornography sites, which opens the door to digital ID in order to access the Internet. It also requires "safety filters," presumably switched on by default, to protect people from seeing "harmful content, such as eating disorders, self-harm, racism, misogyny or antisemitism," in the words of the NYT. 5

The Guardian failed to even mention the passage of the UK Online Safety legislation through both houses of Parliament. With no irony, The G wrote the next day:

"Britain is much more liberal-minded than it was 40 years ago, study finds. From views on gay sex to women's role in the home, British social attitudes survey reveals a 'near revolution'. Examples of the ascendancy of liberal views include attitudes towards same-sex relationships – 50% of respondents said they were 'always wrong' in 1983, compared with 9% in 2022 – and a woman's right to choose an abortion, supported by 76% now, against 37% when the question was first asked 40 years ago."

This hardly seems consistent with British lawmakers' insistence that the threat of racism, misogyny and anti-Semitism is so great that we need more censorship.6

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State of Peril

A State of Exception justifies the jailing of political opponents and the suppression of their supporters. Freedom of speech is in greater peril than most people think.

In the words of Adam Liptak, writing in The New York Times more than a decade ago, the Patriot Act "gave rise to civil liberties tremors, not earthquakes." Its impact was greatest abroad — people were held in decades-long detention in Guantánamo Bay without charge, suffering brutal interrogation techniques. 7

At home what changed mostly was how law enforcement saw its mission. Attorney General John Ashcroft said preventing terrorist acts had become more important than punishing crimes after the event.

Philip K. Dick yet again showed his prescience with the 1956 novel "Minority Report." Ashcroft's definition of pre-crime extended to "spitting on the sidewalk."

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18 Sep 2023 | 2:07 pm

2. Crisis Update: Maui's Fire Hydrants Ran Dry; The Politics Of Water

  • Rain-drenched peoples - from Maui to the Emerald Isle - told water no longer free

  • The ultimate renewable is likely to be rationed as a tool of control

  • Ageing infrastructure used as an excuse to push people off their land

  • From orchards, farms and fisheries, water is the latest resource to be centralised

  • In Maui, a battle over water rights preceded the fire; permits were to be decided

  • Hydrants suddenly dried up as the flames approached

  • Experts spot a pattern of collusion between official and vested interests

  • Instead of justifying their response, they deflect with fear and emotional language

  • For water, H20 like CO2, has become a lever of control

"The lower people, the grains of sand of Maui, is what we are. We're not the ones living up in Launiupoko — and not one of those houses burned."

The series:
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From The World Trade Center To Maui (Sep 12, 2023)
Hawaii's Deep State Billionaires (Sep 3, 2023)
Maui's Children - Smart Cities And Sex Trafficking (Aug 25, 2023)
Indigenous People Under Attack – From Hawaii to Australia (Aug 18, 2023)
Maui Land Grab Explains The Great Reset (Aug 17, 2023)
Hawaii Islanders Hit With New Normal (Aug 16, 2023)

China and Israel, The New Silk Road (Apr 14, 2022)
Great Game Over: Did The Investors just give Afghanistan to China? (Aug 17, 2021)
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Europe Reels From Germany's Impending Decline (Sep 29, 2022)
Europe, Gas And The Endgame (Sep 30, 2022)
Nuclear Threat Follows Bombing Of Pipeline (Oct 26, 2022)

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Courtesy: Lauren Palakiko

Sep 18, 2023

There was a moment last year as CNN's technical director Charlie Chester admitted to an undercover journalist that "once the public is open to it we are going to start focusing more on climate, like global warming. That's going to be our focus." [1]

Sure enough, from Hawaii to Puerto Rico, from California to New York and Alabama, a man-made water crisis hoved into view.

Water is the ultimate renewable, existing as solid, liquid or gas, and evaporating and condensing into rain or snow, far below the altitude at which water molecules might escape the atmosphere.

Yet when Maui islanders went to put out the fires that threatened the town of Lahaina, they found hydrants were dry.

Before the plantations and mansions, much of the islands comprised wetlands, on which the islanders practiced pond-farming of taro, called locally, kalo, and on the shores where fresh water mixed with seawater, grew crops like limu, a kind of seaweed.

In Lahaina was a large pond, and in the middle lay the one-acre Moku'ula Island, that became a royal residence and burial ground from the 16th century.

But diversion of water by plantation owners drained it. Moku'ula's pond was filled with earth and turned into a baseball field and later a tennis court.

As fire spread, the deputy director of water management, M. Kaleo Manuel delayed sending water to the affected district, claiming farmers must be consulted — a fact confirmed by an executive of West Maui Land Company which runs various agricultural and residential units, speaking to Hawaii Civic Beat.

A Hawaiian studies major, Kaleo promotes an holistic "One Water" approach in which water is revered, not used. Water requires "true conversations about equity," he says in a video posted 10 months ago.

"Native Hawaiians treated water as one of the earthly manifestations of a god," Manuel said in the video. "We have become used to looking at water as something that we use and not something that we revere... We can reconnect to that traditional value set."

This is a classic globalist technique known as hijack and centralise. Hijack the language, culture, traditions and concerns of local people, and use it to restrict, centralise, appropriate and control resources, more of which below.

Science is a human attempt to model what we observe around us. It is a working theory, it is not absolute truth. Even the formula H2O is a flawed attempt to describe what makes water.

Carbon dioxide is even more egregiously misrepresented. Apple's advert for its new iPhone 15 has people scratching their heads:

"Our aim is to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere," goes the script in Apple's "Mother Nature" video starring Octavia Spencer.

Not only is this pure hypocrisy as Tim Cook's Apple refuses to participate in France's "Green rating" for phones and the company pursues planned obsolescence including non user-replaceable batteries.

Carbon is the element of life and without CO2 we can cannot have oxygen.

On the streets, grassroots Gretas keep you distracted.

While the state corporate media tries to quash any mention of the Soros family — George and now Alexander — its Open Society Foundation has been funneling more than $5.5 million to the nonprofit Accelerate Action Inc between 2020 and 2022, to pay a "nonprofit" Gen Z for Change to stir up gender and climate activism with 500 or more for-profit activists, organizers, and creators, according to tax filings. [2]

If you wonder where those troupes who glue their hands to the asphalt come from, here is an answer.


'Water, water every where,
Nor any drop to drink'

A decade ago a member of the Irish parliament, or Teachta Dála, told rain-soaked peoples of the Emerald Isle that water was no longer a right, and even that which fell from the sky and ran down their necks could no longer be considered gratis.

Water is a powerful tool. When the Jackson, Alabama, suburbs flooded in Aug 2022, the plentiful atmospheric water became an enemy. It caused poor quality water treatment plants to fail. In other cities they blame storms, blizzards and hurricanes.

Earlier this summer in Prichard, also in Alabama, the water board began the process of eminent domain, saying it might have to evict residents from their homes while it fixed old and leaking water infrastructure. [3]

Residents pointed out the water board had failed to invest in the system, and now sought to penalise customers.

Unfortunately, it is far from a rare case. "These five cities could be one natural disaster away from a catastrophic water crisis," declared — you guessed it — CNN, this month. [4]

The cause is of course under investment in infrastructure that is more than a century old. But instead of addressing the problem, bureaucrats are blaming Climate Change.

The cities are Buffalo, New York; Prichard, Alabama; St Louis, Missouri; Central Coast, California; and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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The agency charged with preparing for such "natural disasters" is FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency that has locked down the town of Lahaina after the fire.

It has set up SMART city disaster resilience zones. Fifty zones, one in each state, get priority access to Federal funds.

As in Maui these can be isolated by design in order to pacify the population and quell unrest: cell phones and Internet access cut off; access controlled by permit; water and electricity rationed by meters and surveillance using Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (SMART).


It seems likely that this privatisation of water is in effect a land grab.

Maurice Strong was a long-time Rockefeller employee who orchestrated a string of climate conferences that led to the Biodiversity Convention and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

He also conspired to seize water rights, and was made head of Petro Canada by prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

Strong launched the first UN meeting on the environment, held in Stockholm in 1972, the first World Wilderness Congress held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1977, and the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

This Rockefeller functionary — another is Stanley Johnson, father for former British prime minister Boris — also tried to acquire Colorado's biggest underground reservoir in the 1970s.

Strong colluded with former director of the Environmental Protection Agency, William Ruckelshaus, who was also chairman of resources company BFI, and who made the laws by which his company became rich.

At the 4th World Wilderness Congress, Strong introduced Edmund de Rothschild as the synthesis of environment (thesis) and growth and development (antithesis).

Ruckelshouse was declared Mr Environment with the Rockefellers, the energy capitalists and bankers, playing the role of Mr Growth and Development — and represented at the congress by David Rockefeller.

If it sounds crazy it's them not me: see the testimony of George W. Hunt who met the senior "players" at the 4th World Wilderness Congress. [5]

Power converges in dry throats and sweaty hands. Perhaps that is why they are obsessed with control of water.


Environmental challenge

The horrors of pollution and over-extraction are real, but Climate Change is a topic more diverse.

Are the bodies, from the UN to the Vatican, seriously planning Agenda 21 without checking whether the mineral resources exist on planet Earth to meet their sustainable development goals or SDGs?

There must be an appreciation that the Green energy plans as stated are unworkable — which begs the question: are they joking or is the Green agenda a cover for something else?

Perhaps we are unfair to demand reporting that corresponds to reality. The Club of Rome, named after the Rockefeller retreat on Lake Como, admitted as much in The First Global Revolution, Club of Rome (1993):

"In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill… All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself."

One possiblitity is that these central planners mean something else by words like sustainable. If there is to be less energy, food and water, one way to make it sustainable is to have fewer people. In other words, code for depopulation.

Dry as a bone

Water crises — due to natural disasters or under investment — are not the only threat.

The World Health Organisation is trying to acquire the power to intervene directly in countries, whenever it declares a pandemic.

If it succeeds in amending the International Health Regulations (IHR) also known as the pandemic treaty, and in persuading governments to ratify it, there is in principle no limit to its acquisition of powers.

There is no need to speculate. A pandemic could be an additional reason to evacuate areas, quarantine populations, condemn properties and seize land by eminent domain.

As the analyst Catherine Austin Fitts argues, it sets the stage for a land grab. Not only would developers acquire neighbourhoods cheaply, governments could announce a massive Build Back Better grant that subsidises the developers.

Austin Fitts, a former assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (est 1965) drew her conclusions when she first saw HUD spending more to develop properties in run down areas than similar properties could be leased.

She learned the patterns around real estate fraud. "When you see something that looks totally incoherent... when you map out the money it's not incoherent at all."

During the Black Lives Matters riots, she plotted the location of burning and looting against areas scheduled for redevelopment: the riots in districts that got burned down conveniently lowered their value.

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Money Circus
16 Sep 2023 | 10:47 am

3. What Exit Did Maui's Children Take?

  • The numbers of missing goes down, while the death toll has not risen

  • Yet the media carries few stories of happy reunions with relatives

  • Confirmed dead are 97 (down from 115) of whom only two are children

  • Fewer than half of Lahainaluna HS' 1,050 pupils reported to school this week

  • No update on roughly 2,000 pupils who failed to re-enrol with school

  • They were at home, while their parents were at work - how did they escape?

  • When the wildfires turned into an urban inferno the exits were blocked

  • Police chief Pelletier has called documented proof of road closures 'false'

  • He is also the coroner, meaning he influences the reports of casualties

  • Fire fighters, water authorities and police are being blamed

  • They were "only following orders" - so who gave them?

  • There is clearly much to cover up - criminal negligence at the very least

  • Pelletier was the incident commander at the 2017 Las Vegas massacre

  • Since arriving in Maui, many of his reports have resigned; his secretary died

  • Officials rely on emotion and fear, rather than explain what they did or did not do

"Conspiracy theories flourish in the absence of explanation, political analyst Neil Milner told the local ABC affilate."
But that is not an excuse for journalists to stand down.

See also:
"From The World Trade Center To Maui" (Moneycircus, Sep 12, 2023)
"Hawaii's Deep State Billionaires" (Sep 3, 2023)
"Maui's Children - Smart Cities And Sex Trafficking" (Aug 25, 2023)
"Indigenous People Under Attack – From Hawaii to Australia" (Aug 18, 2023)
"Maui Land Grab Explains The Great Reset" (Aug 17, 2023)
"Hawaii Islanders Hit With New Normal " (Aug 16, 2023)

(2,700 words or about 14 minutes of your company.)

Shantal Catanach's photo at 4:38 p.m. of Maui police blocking access to Keawe street, which leads to the highway north (image via KITV 4)

Sep 16, 2023

Evidence of atrocity continues to emerge. The death toll of children remains contested. Officials have shortened the list of the missing; while admitting it contains only those reported to police.

School authorities have provided no update on their earlier statement that roughly 2,000 pupils out of 3,000 had failed to re-enrol. An estimated 500 Lahainaluna High School students reported Thursday to their temporary home at Kulanihako'i High for the first time since they were told to stay at home during the Aug 8 fire. That's less than half the 1,050 who attended the school before the fire. [1]

Police named two more victims of the Lahaina fire of Aug 8. They were aged 60 and 78, and so far only two children are among the 97 confirmed fatalities (the total is down from previous estimates of 115). [2]

Maui's mayor Richard Bissen has bristled at questions about missing children. [3]

The last major update of lists by Maui police department was a month after the fire, on Sep 8. We shall come to the details, and anomalies, in a moment.

Since that date, the number of missing has stayed at 66. In addition, the identity of 80 people "possible unaccounted for" has not been verified.


In a moment we'll read governor Josh Green's latest explanation of the numbers. He is quoted at length so that the reader can weigh his remarks.

To summarise, the apparent anomalies include:

  • Only people reported as missing go on the missing persons list.

  • In that case the numbers should initially rise up with time, not fall.

  • Especially as the number of remains identified has stayed constant at about 65.

  • Police will not investigate deaths from Oct 8, except where a report has been filed.

Governor Josh Green repeated several times, on Sep 8, that Maui police only add people to the missing persons' list when a member of the public files a report.

"At the two month mark, the only investigations they'll be able to even consider are for people who have filed police reports with them, with extra information. But of course we are not rushing a soul, because this is such a heartbreaking situation."

Green clearly suggested there is a deadline of two months, after which missing persons will not be added to the list. For comparison, the remains of two people killed in the explosion of the World Trade Center were identified this past September — fully 22 years after the atrocity.

Police chief John Pelletier confirmed only people who have had a missing person report filed for them with the Maui Police Department are on the verified missing list.

Why the authorities are not working from the 2020 census, or other official lists of residents such as business, tax or records of births, marriages and deaths, or even utility bills, remains unclear.

Read Moneycircus in the Substack app Available for iOS and Android Governor transcript

In his statement of Sep 8, governor Green said:

"The FBI has reported that 66 of our people are potentially still unaccounted for, based on calls and emails they have received, and in many cases they only have names of these individuals on a list, and no other information. This is the number that was initially over 3,000 and then dropped to 385 last week and now, I repeat, is at 66.

"The Maui police department continues to make daily progress and missing persons reports and encourages families to share information about any missing loved ones…

Since August 16, the American Red Cross, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, and FEMA have relocated over 7,500 displaced survivors from shelters to a total of 29 hotels and hundreds of Airbnbs. 15,931 individuals have filed for FEMA relief."

Police chief is coroner

As of the 2020 census, Lahaina had a population of more than 12,000. More than 2,200 buildings were destroyed, almost all residential, across about two-thirds of the area of the town.

In another press conference the same day, governor Green added:

"From all across Maui, all across the world, saying they're worried that a person is missing, they put that person's name on their list; they try and get more information, best they can, but usually just get a first name or a first and last name, they don't get whether it is a man or a woman, where they live, they may not get any other information. So they have to go one by one and find out if that person is a duplicate on another list, if they actually are found, if they're in the hospital or if, God forbid, they're deceased…

"I am trying to give extra information so that people understand more thoroughly why there are additional numbers. The current number that the Maui police department is actively investigating, where they have a full report, name, first name, last name, maybe the address of that person, so that can be lined up as the search goes, because our search and rescue team is able to determine in one block, there was a person, that number is 41.

"At the two month mark, the only investigations they'll be able to even consider are for people who have filed police reports with them, with extra information. But of course we are not rushing a soul, because this is such a heartbreaking situation." [4]

One of the first statements of Maui police chief John Pelletier was that bodies had been turned to ash, and that in many cases there would be no remains. In Maui the police chief is also the coroner, meaning Pelletier controls the release of information.

The coroner is also helped by a medical examiner, known as the Maui County physician's coroner, Dr. Jeremy Stuelpnagel. He was quoted by Associated Press: "When the fire broke out, people ran together, they huddled together. They're holding each other in those moments. Some of them were even holding pets." Because of this, some remains arrived commingled."

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Residence permits

From Sep 25 residents will be able to visit, if they apply for a permit, the remains of their property. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will then remove fire damaged material with the owners' approval.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it has cleared 464 properties of hazardous household materials. These include paints, solvents, oils, batteries and pesticides. [5]

Residents will be accompanied by accompanied by representatives of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD) which includes many "charities" that, it must be admitted, are on board with the Climate Change and globalist agenda. [6]

These organisations call this part of their work, disaster philanthropy — the flip side of disaster capitalism; in the same way that these charities keep developing nations dependent on aid; in the same way they whitewash the West's resource wars by picking up the pieces.

Mystery deepens

Images continue to emerge of the strange Lahaina fires. The fact that the flames were localised and torched only the old town has been widely discussed.

The Landsat 8 satellite image on Aug 8 shows how the flames followed the districts boundaries.

Evidence that it was largely an urban, not a bush fire. Source: Landsat 8

Intrepid reporters piece together evidence from residential districts that did not burn, like behind Lahainaluna High School. There, among the untouched houses, are cars whose wind shields melted.

One investigator said the melted glass indicated temperatures that exceeded 3,000 degrees F or 1,600 C. Only the steel chassis remained. Apart from the fuel in the cars, there is no accelerant responsible for the melting of steel, glass and aluminium.

Many corporate properties were left untouched, like the Lahaina Shores Beach Resort, owned by Hyatt, or the Pritzker family.

The Biden administration recently appointed Penny Pritzker as the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine's Economic Recovery.

Officials cannot explain the monstrous decision to declare the morning's fires "contained," leaving them unguarded, while simultaneously claiming that winds were strong enough to send children home from school — in the event gusts did not exceed 55 mph — and then to decide against sounding the sirens.

Nor was the wind as strong as officials have claimed: Hurricane Dora that was 500-800 miles away.

Even if the fires began as isolated brush fires they tranformed by mid-afternoon into what Maui residents called an urban or industrial fire. Officials have not said at what time police determined that to be so.

However, once it was known to be an urban fire, why did police close exit roads on the pretext that bush fires were the greater threat? Who decided that as the town burned, it was too risky for people to leave?


At 3:30 p.m. Maui County announced on Facebook that it closed the bypass due to a flare up from the brush fire that had been thought contained in the morning. Police chief John Pelletier has called documented reports of road closures false.

"I can tell you that we did everything we can to make sure that we preserve life and protect each other. We have already found that some of the false reports on the direction of travel were not correct. We were getting people out of the area. We were forcing people not to go, at a certain point, down Front Street because it had already gotten too late. So the efforts were to get people away from the fire and away from the danger." [7]

The O'Keefe Media Group has filed suit against governor Green after James O'Keefe and his team were threatened by police while filming. Other police admitted there was no legal basis for the ban.

"James O'Keefe and Attorney Mike Yoder have filed a lawsuit against Hawaii Governor to invalidate the criminalization of protected First Amendment activity."[8]

Probable cause

An independent Maui company has offered evidence suggesting that multiple failures in the power grid likely triggered fires — in other words not simply wind blowing down power lines, and certainly not climate change.

The data was collected through a network of smart sensors known as Ting, required by insurers to spot electrical hazards at homes, also detect grid-wide issues in real time.

On August 7th at 10:47 p.m., an explosion occurred near Maui Bird Conservation Center in upcountry Maui. Soon after, flames appeared along the tree line. In West Maui, data indicated significant grid stress.

A group of fire experts from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) arrived in Maui at the end of August to determine the cause of the fire.

Deathly coincidence

Overseeing the control of information is Maui police chief John Pelletier, who has held the job since Dec 2021. He was the incident commander at the 2017 Las Vegas massacre, and he brought his deputy from Nevada, too.

Read more

Money Circus
12 Sep 2023 | 5:06 pm

4. Insight: From The World Trade Center To Maui

  • Why do these tragedies always come with a side order of real estate?

  • Owners control the resources; all that's left is to kick the people off the land

  • They profit as they 'burn it down,' extracting every last penny from the citizen

  • Powers need an 'argument from authority' which The Science struggles to provide

  • So the agenda always requires another element: a happening

  • These 'cascading disasters' conjure the spectre of terror and the impulse of fear

  • The environment and energy are genuine issues, but purposely inverted

  • In order to turn them into a means of control

  • Rumours of war complete the jigsaw: witness the unfinished business of WW2

  • Conspiracy theories flourish in the absence of explanation, the media say

  • 'Who are you going to believe: the government and media or your own lying eyes?'

  • 9/11, the Covid response, and the 'wildfires' are part of the same

If you are interested in the who as well as the how, see: "Spies, Dupes and Charities — Norman Dodd and the tax-exempt foundations" (Moneycircus, Aug 7, 2021)

(About 3,300 words or 15 minutes of your company.)

Waiola Church and nearby Hongwanji Mission in Lahaina

Sep 12, 2023

The parallels of Maui and the World Trade Center on 9/11 emerge with every passing week.

Government had advance knowledge of the threat but did not issue warnings to the public.

When the events unfolded, people who were trying to leave Lahaina were directed back into town; people leaving the WTC were told to go back upstairs and to return to their desks by officials of New York's Port Authority. 1

"I'm going to die, aren't I?" said 32 year-old Melissa Doi from the 83rd floor of the south tower, to a 911 or fire dispatcher.

"Ma'am, you're not going to die. Say your prayers."

Conflicting information, or its complete absence, is a feature of both events. Many survived because they ignored official advice. Many who complied, perished.

Each time, officials were away from their desks, taking part in an exercise that paralleled the events as they enfolded.

"As the wildfire in Lahaina spread, the Pacific's top disaster management leaders were together with many of Hawaii's emergency officials at a meeting on Oahu educating them about how to respond in crisis situations, FEMA confirms to Hawaii News Now."

FEMA's emergency coordinator Robert Fenton was already on the island before the fires, president Joe Biden confirmed, adding that he remained "laser focused" on Maui.

On 9/11 the body tasked with securing America's air space, North American Aerospace Defense Command, was involved with the Defense Department and other agencies in multiple exercises including Global Guardian.

Air traffic controllers are recorded asking as planes flew off course, "is this real or is this the exercise?"

The district of Lahaina was drained of water, and electricity systems that were poorly maintained, set fire to grass. Whoever allowed the events to happen, government was inadequate before, during and after... The CIA was blamed for withholding information from the FBI before 9/11; the FBI was subsequently blamed for covering up the atrocity.

In both cases the crime scene was strictly controlled by Feds, the evidence swept out of public view — even though, in the case of 9/11, it was evidence of a crime scene.

The state corporate media was controlled and directed away, in both cases locked down; in Lahaina behind a wall, cell phones restricted, visitors and drones banned.

In the WTC, as in Lahaina, authorities had worked in advance on plans to rebuild the sites, desiring to update the old buildings with minimal damage to the surrounding real estate.


Landscape smoulders

The fires still burn in Maui. Although extinguished in Lahaina, Kula and Olind are not fully contained.

The fire scorched 2,170 acres, 2,207 structures. It killed at least 115 people, of whom about 60 have been identified. Most of those are in the 70s or older. Only two children have been confirmed dead, aged 7 and 14. 2

Just under 400 people remain unaccounted for the FBI said on Friday. Schools are still missing 1,200 pupils who have not re-enroled.

People involved regularly compare the scene in Lahaina to the site of the World Trade Center after September 11, 2001.

Stephen Bjune of FEMA's Urban Search and Rescue said the aftermath of the fires had "a lot of similarities."

"A lot of the folks here who responded to 9/11 said there's a lot of similarities here… the ash and the destruction," he said on Aug 20. "Most of the recovered bodies that have been found thus far are partial remains... I've been to some of the biggest hurricanes and tornadoes on the books, but I've never seen this level of total destruction before."

Dr. Robert Mann, a forensic anthropologist with the University of Hawaii, recently travelled to Maui to identify bodies. Sometimes, they have entire bodies. Sometimes only skeletal and dental remains. "There wasn't a lot of difference in this incident versus 9/11, at the Pentagon, versus other mass fatalities that I've worked is very similar."

"There are people that did the 9/11 search that are on this team," said Maui Police Chief John Pelletier. "This is something that nobody should ever have to do."

Dan Moynihan, a firefighter at ground zero in New York on Sept. 11, 2001, warned those working on the site of the fire to wear masks against toxic debris.

See, don't see

Maui changed how we view 9/11. If nothing else, it challenged the limitations we place on what we allow ourselves to consider— in particular, the brazen and callous reaction of officials and billionaires causes us to look beyond their passive aggression: a journalist was put in a headlock for pressing the mayor of Maui on the number of dead children.

It demands we use a new language rather than clinging to known phenomenon, in order to describe accurately that which we see. In short, you get the world you perceive.

Ask yourself why the state corporate media always draws a comparison with previous events, and culprits are either a few rotten apples and nothing to worry about or literal Hitler. They control the image in your mind. The order of events matters; accurate comparisons matter: it creates the syntax.

Conspiracy theories flourish in the absence of explanation, political analyst Neil Milner told the local ABC affiliate. This is the reason, he postulated, why Maui residents are suspicious of FEMA and reluctant to approach it for help. 3

Residents have a different view: they say FEMA is absent, and that only local volunteers are supplying food. FEMA and the Coast Guard have been blocking aid, especially where food is home-cooked rather than manufactured, processed and officially regulated.

NBC acknowledged that residents were reluctant to move to official relief camps on the other side of the island and are staying as close as possible to their home town. With little sign of government supplying food and shelter in the immediate aftermath "trust in government falters." 4

Financially, residents and local businesses have been hit hard, losing $11 million a day since the fires occurred, the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism reports.

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Fakt Cheka

The top results in a news search for the 9/11 anniversary are fact checks:

"No, media on 9/11 did not call buildings' collapse an 'inside job'," blares USA Today, from its HQ close to the CIA in Virginia.

"BBC News report on 9/11 was a mistake, not revelation of planned plot," says the same Langley Bugle — occupying two of the first four results on Bing.

You cannot sensibly bet on a horse without knowing its condition and its recent past performance. What fans of horse racing call form, is what in politics we call context.

You have to be over 40 to have been an adult on the day of the World Trade Center attacks, and closer to 50 to remember the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995.

Before the era of school shootings, and bombings of public buildings, there was the slew of aircraft hijackings that in the 1970s became almost commonplace. But to remember that you must be in your 70s.

How to put it delicately? If one were to go back in search of an outbreak of criminality that was certifiably organic and authentic, it would have to be the time of John Dillinger, and Bonny and Clyde.

Those bank robbers had a decade-long run because law enforcement was slow to catch up with technology. Fast cars and machine guns gave them a head start. Yet the bootleggers of the same era were in league with the power brokers, as the distribution arm of families like the Bronfmans and Meyer Lansky's mob, and enjoyed the protection of police and politicians.

See "Chronicle of Dissent: Organized Crime — Luxury beliefs, tyranny's origins and fronting for the kosher nostra" (Moneycircus, Sep 22, 2021)

It can be difficult at certain times in history to separate those in authority from criminals. They have often been one and the same.

Or as Paul Craig Roberts writes: "They immediately blamed 9/11 on 'Muslim terrorists' and began their invasions that halted only when Russia blocked the neoconservatives' overthrow of Syria."

The day science died

To this day government and state corporate media insist that the observable evidence of force and mass was overturned when two, 3 mm-skinned aluminium planes demolished two skyscrapers that they hit (WTC 1 & 2), and one they didn't (WTC 7).

Officials and their media mouthpieces insist that passenger planes flew at 500 mph into buildings at near ground level, something the manufacturers say those planes cannot withstand structurally, in a feat of targeting and maneouvre which military pilots deemed unachievable even by the best.

September 11, 2001 was the day that science died. 5

Some say that science died a second death two decades later, in March 2020, when the military industrial complex which made the Covid shot, declared that chloroquine had no role in saving lives, and that thousands of years of medical practice should be overturned as patients were sent home, until they could no longer breathe, before being put on a hospital ventilator with a 90 per cent death rate, while the healthy were quarantined. 6

So 9/11, the Covid response, and the Maui fire are part of the same: an argument from authority, which The Science struggles to justify. The technocracy always need another element: a happening.

Nine Eleven was impressive, whatever else you say about it. What is so curious is that after the shock and awe of 9/11, which preceded the campaign of shock and awe in Iraq — aimed in part at the audience back home in the West — they still need Covid, CO2 and Net Zero.

To turn Climate Change into a present danger, the same authorities manipulate or misrepresent events. Since the day of the Maui fire officials have used emotional language and fear, rather than explaining what they did, or didn't do, in response.

Carbon, the building block of life, is presented as an existential threat. Bill Gates is busy burying 70 million acres of trees, the primary natural consumers of CO2, the trees that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.

The globalist project is by turns communist and fascist, red, blue, black or green, and fronted by a kaleidoscope of apologists. They are not dissuaded by the arrest of hundreds of arsonists for starting the recent "wildfires" from California to British Columbia, from Tenerife to Greece, perhaps culminating in Maui — so long as they tell themselves they are "saving the Earth" by its immolation. Just don't call it "mother."

Michael Shellenberger calls this religious aspect millenarian, in the sense of apocalyptic religious movements. Millenarianism is the anticipation of a cataclysm preceding the arrival of a messiah or Utopia.

See "Keep Your Zombies To Yourself — Cultural programming hijacks a rare dreamstate but loses the video game" (Moneycircus, Apr 17, 2023)

This religion takes the negation of the feminine to a new level... Politicians nowadays lack the courage to acknowledge the womanhood of she who gave them birth.

The population is challenged: "Who are you going to believe: the government and the media, or your own lying eyes?"

The 2012 Smith Mundt Act allowed the U.S. government to propagandize domestic citizens but what it did above all is signal to the media that it is okay to lie.

Only the depopulation is real. Follow the Moneycircus depopulation series.

Running in parallel is the land grab. The bankers and owner-investors already control the resources, so all that is left is to kick the people off the land. Isn't it curious that 9/11 was a real estate deal, Ukraine is a real estate deal, so is Maui and the wildfires elsewhere that curiously focus on islands and waterfront real estate?

Lahaina's destruction feeds a new industry of unsustainable goals, crowding people into 15-minute cities little different in size and objective to quarantine camps, while enriching the perpetrators.


Money for nothing

Whether it is the Covid vaccine or Smart Cities, the globalists intend to profit as the world burns. They extract the last penny from the taxpayer, the last per cent from the tenant. They cannot resist making you pay for our own prison walls.

They get money; you get — to virtue signal.

No totalitarian system has ever existed without Robespierre's attempt to create a civic religion in order to bring to bear the moral, policing and surveillance force of equity and virtue.

The system must be backed by the force of moral accusation, or virtue. It is the tendency of condescending compassion to punish rather than promote behaviour.

The coming social credit system cannot reward a citizen for actions he would have taken anyway. That would have no propulsive effect.

He must be forced to do something that causes him discomfort: unwanted acts or, at the very least, require him to comply in ways that are ill-defined or changeable so that he must expend effort in order to meet the standard.

If a middle of the road, family-minded individual is trying to raise their children to be stable and secure in their identity, the social credit system must disrupt that. It must gaslight the citizen into an antithetical world in which one is judged against values that are not one's own.

The justification is that it is helping the individual to become more diverse, equitable and virtuous.

See "The Great Reset Is Complete — A future retrospective" (Moneycircus, Nov 23, 2021)

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum wags his finger like a stern uncle: "In this new world... everything is going to be transparent, and you have to get used to it, you have to behave accordingly... if you have nothing to hide you should not be afraid."

Virtue without consciousness

A scientific dictatorship claims to be superior because it rises above bourgeouis morality, religion or heredity. This is the new Soviet man — George Soros speaks of creating "homo Sorosensis" — a ideologically-pure citizen in which Soviet communism has been replaced by communitarianism.

Welded to a steely, unflinching frame of rationality he would have no need of conscience. Yuval Harari says intelligence is even decoupling from consciousness.

The media explicitly orders that you must not think for yourself. They try to enforce that by hijacking the language, twisting meanings, changing references.

The clearest example is the Greek word holocaust and its historical reference the Holocaust. We were told "never again" and then chastised for citing the event to stop it happening again. Same with another historical reference, the Nuremberg trials.

We are urged to place history on a pedestal, while ignoring the sound of marching boots. That is why a new paradigm requires new language, and not to be trapped in historical non-sequiturs.

And if this is a cult, unlike the Aztecs with their human sacrifice, this extinction is at least partly voluntary.

It is too easy to reach for the lexicon of cults — of sex, death, starvation, transhuman, interplanetary, depopulationist — there are elements of all these. Few would admit or define it when challenged. I doubt they think too deeply. Aldous Huxley wrote:

"The surest way to work up a crusade in favour of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behaviour 'righteous indignation'—this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats."

Thorstein Veblen puts it a different way:

"The patriotic spirit is a spirit of emulation, evidently, at the same time that it is emulation shot through with a sense of solidarity. It belongs under the general caption of sportsmanship, rather than of workmanship. Now, any enterprise in sportsmanship is bent on an invidious success, which must involve as its major purpose the defeat and humiliation of some competitor…

Patriotism is of a contentious complexion, and finds its full expression in no other outlet than warlike enterprise: its highest and final appeal is for the death, damage, discomfort and destruction of the party of the second part."

Expert in combining diverse corporate cultures, for example mergers, Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes talks to Sarah Westall about the psychology of groups, and the dynamics of the awake and unawake populations.

Getting into the closed mind is difficult, Dr Jan says, until you realise some people are not necessarily reasoning at all. These make knee jerk reactions, subjective, self evident: "I'm going with the herd and if anyone says anything different they are wrong."

This gave rise to cancel culture: they could not tolerate anything that contradicted their belief. It is also tribal, because they need one piece of evidence that differentiates someone, and they use that to exclude them. 7

There is a direct parallel in history, and surprisingly Wikipedia allows the following:

"Philosopher André Gorz characterized forms of totalitarianism based on an ecological orientation of politics. These individuals and groups synthesise radical far-right politics with environmentalism, and will typically argue that overpopulation is the primary threat to the environment and that the only solution is a complete halt to immigration or, at their most extreme, genocide against minority groups and ethnicities. Many far-right political parties have added green politics to their platforms.

In 2005, environmental historian Michael E. Zimmerman defined "ecofascism" as "a totalitarian government that requires individuals to sacrifice their interests to the well-being of the 'land,' understood as the splendid web of life, or the organic whole of nature, including peoples and their states." Zimmerman argued that while no ecofascist government has existed so far, "important aspects of it can be found in German National Socialism, one of whose central slogans was 'Blood and Soil.' Other political agendas instead of environmental protection and prevention of climate change are nationalist approaches to climate such as national economic environmentalism, securitization of climate change, and ecobordering."

Here, finally, we see the virtue that justifies death and destruction: the events of 9/11 that were used to introduce the Patriot Act and trample Constitutional rights; the Covid response and the resulting, unprecedented rise in excess deaths; the conformity of wearing masks like a slave; the "wildfires" in Maui and elsewhere that are a parallel with Britain's Clearances and Enclosures of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Today there is support, especially among the billionaire class, for a genocidal extremism which shares its roots with 1930s Germany — and that is why they are so nervous about people using the language that describes what happened less than a century ago.

The post-war importation of Nazi scientists in Operation Paperclip has been reduced to a footnote in history by later events, including the re-combination of IG Farben and the capture of government by bankers and owner-investors who promoted that earlier project, and which they nurtured, cultivated and revived in Ukraine.

It has taken looming world war for the pieces to fall into place: we are seeing the unfinished business of WW2, what Jim Marrs and Mae Brussell called the Fourth Reich.

Nine Eleven was their Reichstag fire. The Covid response is their Aktion T4 eugenics programme gone nuclear. Maui is their camp for those that survive.

We must make the connection, broadcast it loud and wide, and refuse to comply.

"Covid Points To 9/11 Perpetrators" (Moneycircus, Sep 11, 2021)
"The Objectives Of 9/11 And The Covid Response" (Moneycircus, Sep 11, 2022)

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The Guardian, Sep 2001 — Anger of survivors told to stay inside blazing towers


Maui Now, Sep 11, 2023 — Wildfire recovery: resources and updates


KITV-4, Sep 7, 2023 — Conspiracy theories have deterred some Maui residents from reaching out for help


NBC, Aug 16, 2023 — Survivors of Maui fires set up their own aid network as trust in government falters


David Chandler, AE911Truth, YouTube — WTC7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall


Dr Amy Zellers, Sports Medicine Specialist, Mar 2022 — The Day That Science Died


Sarah Westall, Sep 8, 2023 — Is the American Public Ready for the Change Coming? With Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes

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Money Circus
4 Sep 2023 | 2:43 pm

5. Crisis Update: Hawaii’s Deep State Billionaires

  • Tech moguls are crowding the islands of Hawaii

  • Many of them got their start with the deep state, and front its projects

  • The lair of Oracle, Palantir, Facebook, Amazon, and entertainer Oprah

  • 3-Letter agencies have historically been linked with land grabs

  • CIA helped Disney secretly buy Florida, but its roots go back centuries

  • Intel was founded to suppress the people after Henry VIII seized the monasteries

  • Maui's fires still defy explanation, while Lahaina remains locked down

  • The clue is in the coordinated failure of officials, unleashing a new opportunity

  • For corporate interests diverting water and forcing people off their land

See "Maui's Children - Smart Cities And Sex Trafficking" (Moneycircus, Aug 25, 2023)

"Maxwell Case: Surveilled And Silenced — Twitter censors trial coverage as FBI connections broached (Moneycircus, Dec 10, 2021)

(3,900 words or about 19 minutes of your company.)

Credit: Joe Darrow

Sep 4, 2023


The Maui fires have dropped off the mainstream headlines. The media barely carried any in-depth eyewitness accounts, such as usually accompany such events.

The story tends in at least five directions: the victims; the response of the State; who benefits; the billionaire residents of the islands; and the vested interests they serve.

1) The victims
The most pressing issue is how many children have been lost. FBI and FEMA make it hard to contest official accounts, since most of Lahaina is now behind an eight-foot fence to stop reporters or relatives entering. Cell service and Internet is restricted, drones are jammed.

2) The response
We have to look behind the first responders and the bureaucrats, many of whom would logically be defensive about their role in the disaster.

Criticism does not help establish what happened, and most of that criticism has been aimed at fire fighters, water authorities and police, rather than the billionaires, corporations and powers whose interests they serve.

The policeman who blocked Front Street in Lahaina, and stopped people from fleeing the flames, told witnesses that he was only following orders.

For the sake of the children, we are obliged to investigate those who gave the orders; those behind not only the public servants who coordinated the failure, but also behind the billionaires.

3) Qui bono
Fingers are already pointing at the billionaire land owners. Local residents claim that the wealthy residents of Maui arranged protection for their homes before the fire broke out, but that cannot be confirmed so we won't go there.

Oprah Winfrey, billionaire media executive, is one of the biggest landowners in Hawaii. Her initial response did not help. In the immediate aftermath of the fire she brazenly failed to extend comfort to her neighbours, saying: "I will make a major donation after all of the smoke and ashes have settled here and we figure out what the rebuilding is gonna look like."

Since Hawaii's governor Josh Green had just announced he was considering restrictions on rebuilding, and perhaps government taking the land for a memorial park, Oprah's comments were grist to the rumour mill.

What is known is that for more than a century, plantation owners seized land and diverted water, and when the plantations closed, the mansions which replaced them used the same diverted water, and continued to acquire land.

Billionaires today accumulate acres that often surround pockets owned by Native Hawaiians, who are then forced to sell their land.

4) Behind the billionaires
The most prominent billionaires in Hawaii are the Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs, and many of these got their start with the deep state. In many cases, they are fronts for the Pentagon, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the intelligence agencies, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the CIA, and the latter's talent spotter, the investment fund In-Q-Tel.

The intelligence agencies use the state corporate media to disguise their activities with son et lumière — a show of lights and music that keeps most of the population distracted.

Think the Burning Man festival, whose 70,000 attendees in Nevada find themselves flooded out — but with the state corporate media spinning scare stories about ebola.

This is the Mighty Wurlitzer created by CIA operational chief Frank Wisner, who reportedly spoke of his directorate's complex of front organizations as a "mighty Wurlitzer" — a theater organ "capable of playing any propaganda tune he desired." [1]

5) In the shadows
Intelligence agencies began as private networks to serve financial interests, and in modern times are closely aligned with the City of London and Wall Street; their lawyers and bankers. More than 70 per cent of the intelligence budget goes to contractors, according to the security researcher R.J. Hillhouse. Just five corporations dominate the privatised U.S. intelligence industry. [2]

Light on dark history

The first modern spy network was established in response to a land grab, the Dissolution of the Monasteries in England. The break with the Vatican, under the pretext of Henry VIII's divorce, required the suppression of an entire population, which had been raised as Catholic. Henry's daughter, Elizabeth I, effectively turned England into a police state, run by her spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham.

The expropriation of earlier owners has been a feature of every social and economic revolution, and King Charles III's Great Reset is no different.

The profits from the Dissolution of the Monasteries fueled the creation of finance capital…

For more: "Two Elizabeths And The Eclipse Of Europe - Death of the queen represents physical change in world order" (Moneycircus, Sep 12, 2022)

Which in turn financed the corporatist colonial adventures that gave rise to the British Empire. Many of the same families are involved in colonial adventures today.

For more: "Pirates, Privateers And Merchant Adventurers" (Moneycircus, Aug 15, 2023)

In recent times the CIA helped Roy Disney secretly buy land in Central Florida at below-market prices. The pretext was to establish the Disney World Theme Park, which has since been involved in sex trafficking of children. Coincidence, perhaps.

The expropriation of land is a key feature of the Great Reset: Sri Lankan and Dutch farmers (other countries are on the list); so-called "wildfires" in Canada, Tenerife and Greece and other locations slated for "Smart" development; as well as that notorious statement from the World Economic Forum, "YOU will own nothing, and be happy."

For this revolution is about redistributing resources while chaining the masses to biological identity and central bank digital currencies that are at base nothing more than vouchers or a ration book.


Act 1, Scene 1: Water Music

Before the plantations and the mansions, much of the islands comprised wetlands, on which the islanders practiced pond-farming of taro, called locally, kalo, and on the shores where fresh water mixed with seawater, grew crops like limu, a kind of seaweed.

In Lahaina was a large pond, and in the middle lay the one-acre Moku'ula Island, that became a royal residence and burial ground from the 16th century.

But the diversion of water by plantation owners drained it. Moku'ula's pond was filled with earth and turned into a baseball field and, currently, a tennis court.

As the scale of the human loss emerged last month, activists came forward to tell the story of the water rights of Native Hawaiian, which they were in the process of reclaiming.

The deadline for submitting water rights was Aug 7; the review of permits was set to begin the next day. Fire broke out on Aug 8. And on Aug 9 Hawaii governor Josh Green issued an emergency proclamation suspending the water code, and the requirement for commercial users to leave at least some water in the streams for community use.

Coincidence, perhaps. The people had just won a court case against a major land owner who was diverting water to hotels, golf courses and the multi-million dollar mansions, namely Alexander & Baldwin, whose chief shareholder is BlackRock.

Scene 2: Billionaires and the State

Water gouging is not the only thing that billionaires are up to. They are also forcing people off their land.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2017 sued hundreds of Hawaiians to compel them to sell their interest in small plots of land within a Kauai island estate he had bought in 2014. As owners, the occupants had the rights to cross Zuckerberg's property.

Kapua'ala Sproat, a law professor at University of Hawaii, denounced him as "the face of neocolonialism." The plots were eventually sold at auction. Held in their families for generations, they totaled over eight acres.

Zuckerberg's land holding on Kauai now exceeds 1,500 acres. He has since added a reservoir and a public beach to which he limits access with a six-foot wall. [3]

Larry Ellison, whose software company Oracle is the third-biggest in the world, did something similar on the island of Lanai, next to Maui, beating Bill Gates to buy a 98 per cent, in 2012. Gates had rented the island for his wedding.

He proceeded to develop business on the island, buying buildings and cancelling leases, which priced working class residents out of a job, according to research by Bloomberg. [4]

Oprah's comments about making a donation "after all of the smoke and ashes have settled here and we figure out what the rebuilding is gonna look like" sounded like the cold and calculating patter of a real-estate dealer.

As recently as Mar 2023, she bought another 520 acres of Maui, to add to the 1,000 she already owns. Most of the new land comes from the Ulupalakua Ranch and is zoned as farmland. Oprah belatedly set up The People's Fund of Maui, last week, for public assistance, primed with a $10 million donation by herself and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson, whose mother is Samoan.

The founder of eBay, Pierre Omidyar, lives in Honolulu; the CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff on the island of Hawaii; where Howard Schultz, head of Starbucks which was founded with the money of Bill Gates' late father, also lives.

You might at first expect this concentration of predatory practice from people who have made billions. Yet the story goes deeper because most of these "self-made" billionaires are nothing of the kind. They are fronts for the military-industrial complex and finance capital. Which leaves a residual question: whom do they serve, ultimately?

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Scene 3: Masked ball

The callous behaviour of so many billionaires towards those who are suffering, betrays their sense of entitlement: they did not struggle to become billionaires.

Once we acknowledge this, it becomes more than a grab for land and water rights. Billionaires are the manager class, just as corporations are the cash flow. Together they manipulate perceptions and public behaviour. The biggest shareholders in most of these corporations are asset managers like BlackRock, who handle the money of the wealthiest. The ultimate owners of Vanguard, State Street and BlackRock are masked in a maze of trusts.

The latter's CEO Larry Fink in 2017 said he was demanding that corporations "force behaviours."

"If you don't force behaviours, whether it's gender or race… you're gonna be impacted," he told a conference hosted by The New York Times. [5]

It may appear that corporations are displacing nation states, just as United Nations Agenda 21 replaces the state with management and control at regional level.

That is so, but it is not corporations taking over. As we see, corporations are willing to "go Woke, go broke." Executives are following orders. That tells you that stocks and shares are paper money and that the fundamental power and wealth lies elsewhere.

Real wealth, the fundamental asset which the rich and powerful hold, is resources: oil and gas, minerals, land — including islands. Corporations are merely the tools by which they monetise and acquire those resources.

The oracle

Billionaires like Gates, Bezos, Ellison and Zuckerberg are thus managers, moving money for more powerful interests. Their role is to do the grunt work, to deflect reponsibility and to shield their owners.

Before it was Larry Ellison's software company, Oracle was the name of a CIA project to create a relational database for surveillance purposes. Ellison worked as a contractor on Project Oracle before accepting a CIA contract to to take the work private.

Ellison is a firm believer in big government and big surveillance. He wrote in the New York Times in 2002:

"The single greatest step we Americans could take to make life tougher for terrorists would be to ensure that all the information in myriad government databases was copied into a single, comprehensive national security database." [6]

Ellison has just purchased a digital health records company for $28 billion dollars. He happens to be one of the biggest donors to the Tony Blair Institute. The TBI is a key promoter of the digital health passport, which is a project of the bankers.

Fronting is not discussed much in the "global north" but it is a well-known phenomenon in South Africa, where it describes a black person or entity who is given a stake and a position, but does not get the powers associated with it. The Pretoria government considers this a deliberate obstacle to the transfer of productive assets of the South African economy to black people. [7]

The portal

Microsoft, it is well known, was a project of IBM, and that Bill Gates' mother sat on a charity board with IBM's chief executive.

It was Gary Kildall who wrote the first software for a microprocessor, a disk operating system, CP/M, which allowed files to be read and written with an eight inch floppy disk. Drafted into the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, he was already known to the deep state.

IBM and its lawyers tried to get Kildall's DRI to make a version for them. He refused. It used Bill Gates to approach another software engineer who had written a clone of CP/M, Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Products. That became MS-DOS.

In 1994, at the age of 52, Kildall died in unclear circumstances in a bar in Monterey.

In 2007 the paternity of MS-DOS was settled in court. Paterson lost a claim against the British journalist and editor Harold Evans over Kildall's creation of the PC OS. [8]

The crystal ball

The pre-crime apparatus of the national security state includes not just Facebook but Palantir, which does pre-crime or predictive surveillance.

In 2011 Paypal and Palantir co-founder Peter Thiel bought the biggest single-family home in Maui for $27 million.

The CIA was an early investor in Palantir through its In-Q-Tel venture fund, and the intelligence, military and law enforcement sector provied contracts. "Military-grade surveillance technology has now migrated from Fallujah to the suburban neighbourhoods of LA," wrote The Guardian.

Thiel himself is more independent vocally than his surveillance-sector bretheren. Though Palantir is arguably the more dangerous due to its predictive pretensions, Thiel has suggested that Google is infiltrated by Chinese intelligence.

The memory

Google developed out of a project of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's MEMEX programme in the 1940s, as did the Internet. Don't be confused by the revival of the Memex name for a new dark web search engine, also DARPA's. [9]

Google co-founder Larry Page is one tech billionaire who is avoiding Hawaii. He instead uses his portfolio of islands, from the Caribbean to the South Pacific.

He is hiding on one of them as he tries to avoid a summons in the Jeffrey Epstein case. Court documents state that he is sought in the case against JPMorgan Chase Bank, in an effort to trace those who "facilitated or participated in, directly or indirectly, the trafficking enterprise of Jeffrey Epstein." [10]

Page owns at least one island in Fiji, as well as Eustatia Island, next to Richard Branson's Necker Island, which was used by the NXIVM cult for "seminars."

Founders Sara Bronfman, the Seagram heiress, and Nancy Salzman, as well as actress Allison Mack, who was arrested for sex trafficking, visited Branson on the island. It is possible that the cult tried and failed to establish connections with Branson.

Travel between these islands is organised by Blue City Holdings, which runs a fleet for Page and his co-founder Sergey Brin, as well as former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, according to Insider.

During the pandemic, Fiji's "Blue Lane" admited the wealthy by yacht or private jet, while other travelers were banned, Insider wrote.

The emporium

Amazon has perhaps the deepest roots of all in the Deep State. Jeff Bezos — real name Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen-Gise — adopted his stepfather's name, though he spent much of his childhood with, and is said to have adored, his grandfather.

Lawrence Preston Gise (1915-1995), known as Preston after whom Jeff is named, was appointed by Congress to be western regional director of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). Operating out of headquarters in Albuquerque, he supervised the region's 26,000 employees at the national research laboratories, which also included Sandia, along with Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore.

Like president Barack Obama, Jeff had a teenage mother, and lost contact with his biological father. In both cases, their mother was the connection to the deep state. Both had a maternal grandfather linked to state security. In Barry's case CIA (mother and grandfather) — in Jeff's case, grandfather, to DARPA and its laboratories.

We are told he loves books, and kept Amazon afloat by the canny trick of charging his customers before he paid suppliers, according to Harvard Business School, which does not seem to have noticed this technique anywhere in commerce before.

HBS has worn out keyboards explaining how this unique insight allowed Amazon to survive the carnage that slayed most of the first-wave Internet retailers.

However, we saw in the Covid response, when government diktat shut down main street and confined people to their homes, that Amazon was positioned like a Soviet-style State Department Store. It was an e-commerce version of the universalniy magazin. It is already unchallengeable. If the rulers wish, it will become the only way to shop. [11]

Jeff's service to the State goes deeper. He has just bought land next to Haleakala mountain, where the Pentagon's Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing (AMOS) site and observatory is located.

This is nominally the 15th Space Surveillance Squadron. It is part of the Air Force Research Laboratory which developed "the USAF's first-ever operational directed energy weapons," (DEW) according to its director Dr. Kelly Hammett.


The life log

Before Facebook, the Pentagon had Project LifeLog. The aim was to create a permanent, searchable, electronic diary of entire lives. The aim was surveillance and machine learning, to train artificial intelligence.

The press raised a stink about LifeLog. New York Times columnist William Safire remarked that, as with Total Information Awareness, the deep state was "getting the 'data-mining' power to snoop on every public and private act of every American." [12]

And with sufficient outrage having been stoked, the Pentagon shut down LifeLog on the very same day that Facebook launched, on Feb 4, 2004.

Zuckerberg's Meta (Facebook) has control over the distribution of news. He is currently blocking Canadians from seeing news, including updates on the fires in the Northwest Territories, the most populous of the three territories of northern Canada.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau and Zuckerberg have contrived a row over whether journalists and news outlets get paid for their work. Facebook and Google have long been accused of skimming the advertising revenues that previously went to newspapers and television channels.

The Online News Act (Bill C-18) says Meta should pay for content; Meta refuses; Canadians are left in the dark.

Claiming to be concerned for safety, the government demanded that Meta lift a "reckless" ban on information, which was not Trudeau's concern during the Covid response nor the Trucker Convoy.

The opera

That leaves us with Oprah Winfrey. Like Jeff Bezos, we are led to believe that she became a multi-billionaire from a start selling books. Perhaps there is a symbolism somewhere, or perhaps they are part of the means of control: Libraries now time-limit digital e-books — even though copies can be made at almost zero cost.

Oprah grew her $3.5 billion fortune from a talk show, and as a writer and journalist. She has been the wealthiest African-American since 1995. Before she became the patronising caricature of a philanthropist, Oprah was once a brave and incisive interviewer.

In 1989 Oprah did a series on ritual sacrifice. She interviewed the family of University of Texas student Mark J Kilroy who had been kidnapped in Tamaulipas, Mexico by a cult led by Adolfo Constanzo. The student was killed over a 12-hour period and his body was then strung together for the eventual display of his bones. [13]

In the same show she interviewed a young woman who told of multi-generational sex ritual in a "normal" Chicago family, which juggled the doing of good and evil, in equal measure, in pursuit of "power." The interview caused a scandal and would have ended the career of a lesser person — yet even though she is said to have interviewed the woman a second time, Oprah's star ascended. [14]

The documentation of Oprah's associations is so extensive it must be left to the end of the article.

Notice that each of these billionaires fills a discrete role in managing a new social order?

Had they risen to wealth and prominence independently, what is the chance that they would provide, by turn:

  • the database (Oracle)

  • the seer or clairvoyant (Palantir)

  • data entry and exit (from life — thanks, Bill) (Gates and Microsoft)

  • one repository for knowledge (Google)

  • another repository listing every person by want or need (Facebook)

  • the universal provider (Amazon)

  • and the entertainer in the grand comedy of life, or opera (Oprah)

Once you see the pillars or stelae this new society — technotronic, as Zbigniew Brzezinski called it — you cannot unsee them.

And why, with the exception of Google's Page who has reasons to elope, do they all have a base in Hawaii, on or next to Maui?

Oprah's later associations have kept her and the Fakt Cheka busy. Society gets smaller as you climb, and it may be harder to avoid associations. Wealth is acquired by transaction, and there may be favours asked and debts to be paid. [15]

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Money Circus
31 Aug 2023 | 2:16 pm

6. Crisis Update: Africa’s Rebellion, Hawaii’s Destruction And Smart Cities

  • Gabon follows Niger in rebelling against finance capital; Senegal next

  • Macron says BRICS is 'fragmenting' the world – claims France would join

  • Fails to realise his bosses are targeting the West for destruction

  • The middle class may own nothing, but globalists will still own resources

  • Kissinger and Brzezinski laid out the plot for their student Klaus Schwab

  • A multi-generational project needs a timeless story line

  • Globalists crafted their narrative more than 100 years ago

  • H. G. Wells wrote of a Heat-Ray, incinerating humans with a noiseless flash

  • … and the alien invasion, yet to come

  • Depopulationist Dennis Meadows said a big population needs smart dictatorship

  • Enter Smart Cities: dictatorship, smart or stupid

  • A surveillance society requires Africa's resources — a third of the world's

Excerpt: "Build back better always implied destruction. As the people of Maui are seeing, you cannot build back before you first demolish. And "better" is in the eye of the beholder. The eye of a money grubber is always going to see land, the environment, a people and their culture very differently than a local or a tourist."

(3,400 words or about 16 minutes of your company.)

See also: "Plague, War, Famine... Africa Next — As war in Ukraine runs its course, the chaos makers may be shifting their focus" (Moneycircus, May 31, 2022).

Moanda, Gabon, where the Rothschilds' manganese mine is located. Courtesy Jbdodane (2013) Flickr

Aug 31, 2023

Another African nation says "non" to its colonial masters. On the other hand, the indigenous peoples of Hawaii face expropriation, while those of the West wait on their fate.

Africa, Hawaii, France and the BRICS are connected, as is the destiny of Europe and the Americas, but not in the way the globalists would have you think.

Gabon and Niger, formerly part of the French empire, have both seen presidents overthrown in a little over a month.

In Senegal's capital Dakar there have been protests at the pro-Western regime. Protests flare up in all its main cities, French flags are burned and chants of "France out; down with Macron."

We delayed this commentary on Africa, because it can be difficult to relate to a single country, far away. When you get a trend that shifts the balance of power, it can no longer be ignored.

In the case of Niger, France and the U.S. have been posturing aggressively, trying to assemble a force of pliant African neighbours to invade and reset the economic relationship — for this is all about capital and resources.

In addition, the French president Emmanuel Macron has accused the BRICS alliance, led by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, of threatening Western interests. He even suggested France had a right to join.

Mineral riches

Gabon's ruling family had led the country, rich in minerals and oil, for more than half a century. President Ali Bongo Ondimba was ousted following last week's election.

These are rich countries — or should be. Gabon is also a leading exporter of manganese. Niger, whose government was overthrown in July, supplies 20 per cent of Europe's uranium.

Neither country's new leadership has threatened to disrupt exports but they could throw open the gates to competition, and French finance capital dominates both.

The second-largest continent, by area and population, shares a common predicament. French-speaking Africa is forced to use the CFA franc — once the franc of the French Colonies in Africa, now rebranded the Financial Community of Africa. Its value is pegged to the euro, putting monetary policy in the hands of the European Central Bank, or the aristocratic former imperial masters residing symbolically in the European Commission, in the most egregious imperial power, Belgium, which within living memories filled human zoos with Africans. [1]

Human zoo, Brussels World Fair, 1958

If the single European currency caused labour in Portugal or Greece to become uncompetitive, imagine what it does to Africa!

African debt is denominated in foreign currency so, unlike the U.S. or European Union, it cannot simply print its way out of its obligation. It must earn every dollar or euro to repay its debt, and in order to achieve that it must export what the West wants, not what Africa's people need.

And if they become too independent, in the use of mineral resources; if they stop growing crops for export, while importing grain; Africa's leaders risk being deposed or assassinated. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund exist to enforce that exploitation. The United Nations partnered with the World Economic Forum in June 2019 to "accelerate" the sustainable development goals.

Diamonds and gold

The continent of Africa has the richest concentration of natural resources in the world — some 30 per cent.

Briefly, some numbers: 90 per cent of chromium and platinum; 50 per cent of diamonds and 40 per cent of gold; it ranks first or second for bauxite, cobalt, phosphate, platinum metals, vermiculite and zirconium; in the energy group it has 20 per cent of uranium, up to 10 per cent of oil.

Of these minerals Niger and Namibia each account for more than 40 per cent of Africa's uranium; the continent produces 60 per cent of manganese, South Africa being the largest, and Gabon the number two producer.

The obvious question is why aren't standards of living higher. Corruption is one problem, another is that the exchange of wealth is rigged to benefit the colonial powers.


Another question is who, precisely, controls these resources and the corporations that profit from them. In many cases national government have a minority share. The mining industry is not controlled by multinational corporations in the same way as food and fast-moving consumer goods, with multiple shareholders. Mining tends to be run by consortia, and families, as we shall see.

French connection

Niger supplies most of the uranium for the French nuclear industry, which in turn generates most of France's electricity.

Despite buying yellowcake uranium dirt cheap, France has some of the world's most expensive electricity prices.

This explains not only the plight of Africans but the destiny of Western populations in the Great Reset. This is the aristocratic banker imperial model in its most brutal terms.

The French state is financed by squeezing the people at both ends: paying the African worker the minimum and charging the French cityoen the maximum. It generates so much electricity that during peak times it exports it to the rest of Europe.

La différence finances the French military in order to pacify the Africans, and the gendarmerie to keep the cityoen in line.

The comedian Jimmy Dore gives a delightful elegant yet clear take. [2]

"France should have by far the cheapest electricity prices. Instead it sits in the middle of the pack (23 cents per kilowatt-hour). The takeaway is that someone is making a mint on France's nuclear power generation, and it isn't the people…

You tell me that France is ruled by greedy capitalist pr**ks just like America. That's weird."

The deal underpins the finances of the French government, giving it a AA2 bond rating (high, with a stable outlook) which means it can borrow more cheaply from… the same finance capitalists who mine the uranium and manganese. It is a squeeze or a racket — we'll come to that in a moment.

The French state, it turns out, is a mechanism for the globalist finance capitalists, who entrap their African colonies (in all but name) in a relationship of servitude, thus benefiting the miners of resources, and using those profits to pay interest to the bankers who own the same mines.

In the eyes of the globalist cabal, Africa's role is to use the U.S. dollar or the French franc-now-euro, send its children out to dig cobalt with their hands, give up energy that could develop their countries, and scrape by on windmills and solar panels.

Climate Change turns out to be just another way to impoverish Africans. The "average electricity use of a sub-Saharan African resident is lower than that of a household fridge in the US." The real humanitarian crisis is energy, not the climate. [3]

We in the West let ourselves be conned into accumulating material wealth on credit which is a ploy by the same bankers to trap us in debt. Living beyond our means, it is easy for the government or the bankers to control us.

Slava bankeri

In Ukraine the finance capitalists of BlackRock and Vanguard are busy buying up some of the world's richest farmland under the pretext of financing the war and reconstruction.

See: "Eurasia note #77 -Ukraine: The War Everyone Saw Coming; The dispossession of human and mineral in the service of Mammon" (Moneycircus, May 5, 2023)

In Hawaii the indigenous peoples have just been subjected to a holocaust — sacrifice by fire — a genocide upon an already depleted people… for their volcanic earth is also among the world's most fertile, their island remote and untouchable except by the globalist-controlled military-pharmaceutical-digital-financial complex.

See "Crisis Update: Maui Land Grab Explains The Great Reset — Fourth in a series on depopulation" (Moneycircus, Aug 17, 2023)

A vulnerable people have been dispossessed by a syndicate that has no moral right only force inspired by the dictum, "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

No normal human could have done what was done to the people of Lahaina.

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Coup de grâce

There are two interpretations, at least, of the change of government in African countries.

Globalists cannot implement their Smart Cities without control of Africa's mineral resources. Any challenge to that control would be a serious blow to the WEF and the UN and World Bank which keeps the "colonies" in check.

On the other hand, whilst any loss of Africa's resources would hurt France and the West, it would not hurt the owners.

Gabon is the world's second largest producer of manganese used for steel making. The Rothschilds control about 65 per cent of it, through Comilog, the world's 2nd-largest producer of the mineral.

The Rothschild mining company Eramet, a rapidly-growing, French-based mining and metallurgical group, has been under the control of the Rothschild family since the 19th century. It was founded in 1880 as Le Nickel, originally for the exploitation of nickel mines in New Caledonia, a French "special collectivity" in the southwest Pacific Ocean.

To those allergic to the individual naming of bankers, lay the name aside: just call it finance capital, regardless of name, origin or ethnicity.

In Gabon, Comilog has two major bases: transporting manganese from the Moanda mine and sintering plant to Owendo sea port. From there it is shipped to processing plants in France, Norway, and the US.

The Transgabonais railway transports the manganese ore across country, 670 kilometers (420 miles), beginning in Franceville. Its primary freight is manganese (65 percent) and logs (20 percent), but it also carries passengers.

Comilog has steel plants in Europe, North America and China making high performance steels and alloys. [4]

Disclosure: The author's own family built a railway to serve Reynolds Brothers Sugar Estates of Esperanza in Natal, but it was only narrow gauge.

In terms of uranium, one of the major producers is Rio Tinto, a mining company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, of which the Rothschilds had control from the 1880s onwards. While they may not operate in Niger, they would be concerned about competition.

Bear in mind that the Macleans article of 1956, "The Rothschilds' Fabulous Stake In Canada," much of it held through Rio Tinto, has been 404'd or taken down, though it is still available on the Internet Archive.

The Telegraph newspaper's documentary on Canada, by Steven Edgington, is misleading since the reporter calls it a "former British colony." Justin Trudeau on his inauguration swore to obey the British monarch and the Privy Council. [5]

Trudeau is snake, but he is a snake who serves the British monarch and his bankers. The Rothschilds control a huge swathe of Canada.

His boss King Charles announced the Great Reset on June 3, 2020. The "Woke nightmare" is a distraction while the middle class is destroyed; their wealth and land is seized, in a modern version of the Enclosures.


Keep it in the family

Mineral extraction has a high quotient of family ownership, partly due to the speculative nature of mineral exploration but also because ownership of resources can be kept in the family, while it offers an outsize opportunity to influence society. Heinz Kissinger said:

"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world."

Kissinger, who was the author of National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (NSSM200), also known as the "Kissinger Report," a directive of December 10, 1974, drew attention to the "need" for population reduction in "less developed countries."

The work of Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt has shown that the U.S. National Security Council is in charge of Covid policy, rather than Health and Human Services as we were told.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former national security adviser under president Jimmy Carter, said:

"These new and old major powers face still another new reality… While the lethality of their power is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historical low."

"In earlier times it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people."

Klaus Schwab, co-founder of the World Economic Forum, was educated by Henry Kissinger. That tells you a lot about how he views the world in neo-feudal terms, limited to the European aristocratic imperialists, the sweatshops in Asia and the resources mined in Africa and the "dark" continents.

Kissinger and Brzezinski were financed by the Rockefellers to provide the intellectual gloss for the finance capitalists' objectives. There were arguably deeper thinkers than Yuval Harari, whom Schwab has, in turn, given the role of sooth sayer.

Building BRICS

President Macron, a former Rothschild banker, warned the expansion of BRICS could lead to a "fragmentation of the world" and the weakening of Europe. "The expansion of BRICS shows the intention to build a world order alternative to the current one, which is seen as too Western," he told a gathering of ambassadors on Monday.

Tone deaf, he boasted of France's colonial presence: "We are an Amazonian power through French Guiana. I would like Brazil and the powers in the region to accept our membership."

Macron does not realise that the fragmentation will hurt France and the West. It won't hurt the owners. Rothschild will still own two-thirds of Gabon's manganese along with its "fabulous stake in Canada" and who know what else. Macron is being played by his masters.

Enough Rothschild

At this stage the reader might exclaim, "already, enough of the Rothschilds." But regard the connections.

One of the recent comments on Off-Guardian was about the "Nostradamesque" prescience of George Orwell. People forget that Aldous Huxley taught Orwell, then Eric Blair, at Eton, and that Aldous' brother, Julian Huxley, was a founder of the United Nations and UNESCO in particular.

Was Orwell given an insight into the UN plan? "The Orwell Archive at University College London contains undated notes about ideas that evolved into Nineteen Eighty-Four. The notebooks have been deemed 'unlikely to have been completed later than January 1944,' and 'there is a strong suspicion that some of the material in them dates back to the early part of the war'." [6]

Heat-Ray pictured in "War of the Worlds," 1906 edition

Besides it was not Orwell but H. G. Wells' vision that foresaw the technology of control:

  • Martians in The War of the Worlds (1898) unleash what Wells called a Heat-Ray, a super weapon capable of incinerating helpless humans with a noiseless flash of light.

  • In Men Like Gods (1923) people communicate exclusively through wireless systems that employ a combination of voicemail and email.

  • In When the Sleeper Wakes (1899), the protagonist awakens after 200 years in a dystopian London in which people have audio books, air travel television yet are oppressed and denied justice.

  • The Island of Dr. Moreau (1896) introduces a chimera of man and beast.

  • A Modern Utopia (1905) foresees a one world government. [7]

One weapon that Wells' predicted that has not yet been unleashed. Wells' bombs exploded for days, weeks or months depending upon their size, "as the elements in them furiously radiated energy during their degeneration and in the process created mini-volcanoes of death and destruction."

Wells did not predict, rather he followed deductive reasoning or "inductive history": assessing data, and then challenging the orthodox narrative; reformulating the internally-valid explanation, to come to different conclusions. Of course they would never call this "revising" the account because that would sound like revisionist historians, whom establishment derides as conspiracy theorists. Revisionism, however, it is.

This method is not taught in schools. Wells was close to the social engineers who comprised the Fabians and the Alfred, Lord Milner's circle, who were financed by...... ... the Rothschilds, as hinted in Carroll Quigley's The Anglo American Establishment (written in 1949 and published posthumously in 1981).

Wells' "The Rights of Man" (1940), and his draft declarations on the topic were used to help write the formal UN document.

See "Vaccines Withdrawn, Penalties Too... But The Project?" (Moneycircus, Apr 8, 2023)

The inductive method is practical, it might be called Praxis, for it comprises three steps: observation, interpretation and application.

Social engineers might study, for example, how the Enclosures imprisoned society while simultaneously subverting the definition of private property. It ended the practice of the people holding land in common by fencing it off. The fence might seem at first to keep the people out... making what was once the Commons, private. But by depriving people from access to farming and hunting, it actually fenced the people in. It imprisoned them.

By depriving the people of their livelihoods, it made them dependent on the landowner for employment. Since the land was held in common, the people were not technically expropriated, since they had not owned the land individually. However it deprived them of the most fundamental description of property: the ability to feed body and soul, the foremost private property is the integrity of one's body.

The social engineers of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Rex have observed history and they have decided to repeat it. The Great Reset and Build Back Better is nothing less than a modern repeat of the Enclosures.

Today we are herded towards Smart Cities — but what does Smart mean? Professor Dennis Meadows, one of the authors of The Limits To Growth (1972), and a leading depopulationist, said the world's population should be one or two billion. It could support eight or nine billion only in some sort of "smart dictatorship, but dictatorships are stupid. They are never smart."

Enter Smart Cities: dictatorship, smart or stupid.

Smart Island

Most of Lahaina is now behind an eight-foot fence to stop reporters or relatives entering. Internet and cell service is blocked, drones are jammed.

Bureaucrats cannot hide evidence of the attack in residential districts that did not fully burn and are not fenced off, like behind Lahainaluna High School. There, among the untouched houses: cars that literally melted.

An insurance investigator said the temperatures had to have exceeded 3000 degrees F or 1600 C: the melting point of glass, which indeed melted on some cars. Apart from the fuel in the petrol tank, there is no accelerant that could melt aluminium, let alone steel and glass. All that remains is the thick steel frame and the sheet metal.

Hawaiian Electricity Company, owned by BlackRock and Vanguard, claims it cut the power six hours before the fire, disputing claims that downed power lines caused the fire. If the power lines did not start the fire, what did?

Build back better always implied destruction. As the people of Maui are seeing, you cannot build back before you first demolish. And "better" is in the eye of the beholder.

The eye of a money grubber is always going to see land, the environment, a people and their culture very differently than a local or a tourist.

That is why a beautiful small town, a gem beside the emerald-blue waters of Hawaii, burned to the ground, after children were sent home from school, a world-leading siren network failed to sound, the emergency officials were attending a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) emergency conference on another island, the water system was turned off, the fire department failed to arrive, fire ships from Pearl Harbor U.S. naval base failed to sail, and police blocked exit roads and even diverted drivers off the highway into Lahaina's fire storm.

President Joe Biden confirmed this week that FEMA'S "chief federal response coordinator" Bob Fenton was on the ground in Maui before the fires stated.

FEMA is not locating missing persons in Maui but holding employee training on white supremacy, diversity, equity, and inclusion. It has already come under fire for housing public servants in five-star hotels at up to $,1000 a night. [8]

The World Economic Forum declared its intention to make Hawaii the first state to run entirely on clean energy, and to make Maui a Smart Island.

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[1] Wikipedia — CFA franc

[2] Jimmy Dore, Aug 10, 2023 — Let Them Eat YellowCake

[3] Princess Mthombeni, IOL ZA, Jul 12, 2023 -- Africa is prosecuted for a crime it did not commit

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[8] Washington Free Beacon, Aug 25, 2023 — FEMA Holds Employee Trainings on 'White Supremacy' As More Than 1,000 Hawaiians Remain Missing

Money Circus
28 Aug 2023 | 2:52 pm

7. Eurasia note #82: BRICS Dials It Up To 11

  • New members bring Middle East and Africa into focus

  • Growing influence within oil cartels

  • BRICS seeks to dethrone Western Trojan horse, the IMF and World Bank

  • Gold bugs disappointed by lack of new currency

  • West disparages BRICS as 'failed states'

  • Political import is long term and nuanced

(About 2,200 words or 11 minutes of your time.)

Tbilisi, Aug 28, 2023

The BRICS grouping of emerging economies has invited six new nations to join the founders Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

The 15th BRICs summit (Aug 22-24) in Johannesburg wrapped up last week with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa extending a hand to Argentina, Ethiopia, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which may become full members of BRICS from the start of next year.

Western state corporate media is quick to disparage the BRICS:

The term was coined by Goldman Sachs economist Jim O'Neil in 2001 to drum up investment business in the fast growing emerging markets.

Yet those countries' governments were quick to appropriate the term, and turn it into a platform for exploring mutual economic and security interests.

It was a cute reversal of the globalist strategy of hijacking the language of grass roots protest, turning renewable energy into an attack on the power grid, or sustainable development into a mechanism to centralise bureaucratic control.

BRICS history

Russia made the early running, having launched its Eurasian Customs Union with Kazakhstan and Belarus in 2000 which has grown into the Eurasian Economic Union. Although Russia's attempt to build a Eurasian Customs Union has progressed slowly, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan have joined.

Nowadays China dominates BRICS, partly due to the scale of its Belt and Road Initiative. China is literally "building out" its influence, offering countries to become regional hubs and building logistics infrastructure in return for their participation in security and anti-terror initiatives.

See "Eurasia Note #10 - Belt And Brace: War jaw is a distraction from reshaping politics and trade" (Moneycircus, Dec 19, 2021)

Progress on economic integration has been incremental. Brazil has been cautious about opening BRICS to new members, and too ambitious an expansion could be dangerous to its long-term survival. But trade between BRICS countries surged 56 percent between 2017 and 2022, to $422 billion.

If BRICS were all talk and no action, the West would hardly react:

  • it outnumbers that other talking shop, the G7, or Group of 7 leading industrialised nations.

  • it could coordinate policy within the G20 through Saudi Arabia and Argentina.

  • it includes two key OPEC oil exporters, along with Russia.

  • invitees include four Middle East countries — Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Iran.

  • Egypt controls the Suez Canal and has recently-discovered gas fields.

  • Iran is an oil and gas giant

The Atlantic Council said Iran's membership would strengthened the anti-US axis in the BRICS—probably making it more challenging for the U.S. and the West with which to deal. The U.S. must take a posture of deterrence, preparing for a two-front war and nuclear attacks in East Asia. NATO has expanded in to Japan, making a trilateral agreement with the U.S. and South Korea could dramatically increase regional tensions.

The talking point for many observers is the challenge to the US dollar as the world's reserve currency.

The BRICS agreed to amplify the use of their local currencies to in trade and investment.

Cutting dependence on the dollar is one half of the strategy; the other is reducing the influence of Western institutions and the leverage of the U.S..

They created the New Development Bank in 2015, headed by former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, to help finance infrastructure projects without the strings attached by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

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American enemies

This move towards financial neutrality, if not independence, worries Washington so much that, when the BRICS summit opened, the Biden administration announced it would funnel more money into the IMF — the U.S. offering $50 billion in lending for middle income and poor countries.

The IMF has followed the same shtick for decades: lend more money in return for austerity and the sale of public assets (to globalist institutions close to the IMF) and pin the debt on the public. It is a form of wealth distribution to the richest – or colonialism.

While it appears to sit at the top of the United Nations pile, the IMF is below the Bank for International Settlements in the pecking order. In 2018 BIS general manager Agustín Carstens told the IMF it if didn't have enough money to handle multiple emerging market crises, "others will have to do it."

The IMF presumes to control the world's monetary system but it acts as an "enforcer" for the BIS, founded in 1930 by the Bank of England when it was still in private hands, along with the Reichsbank and private U.S. interests. The World Bank, a development bank, is the UN tool to shape domestic policy within countries.

See "From Argentina To A Street Near You -- A crisis born of elite conceit is about to be exported around the world" (Moneycircus, Aug16, 2022)

Last year Malaysian prime minister Anwar Ibrahim revived a proposal for an Asian Monetary Fund, to secure the region's independence from the U.S. currency. He first proposed it after the financial crisis of the 1990s described in Dr Richard Werner's Princes Of The Yen (2003). The PM said China was ready to discuss the matter.

Masahiro Matsumura, professor at Momoyama Gakuin University, told TASS that U.S. financial hegemony "is clearly at a crossroad" and that Europe and Japan "are silently observing."

Countering colonialism

Africa is in the headlines, with France and the U.S. hinting at reversing the change of government in Niger, one of the top-three suppliers of uranium to the French nuclear industry. [1]

Only 14 percent of African exports go to other African states – evidence that the West's extraction of resources from the continent has not changed despite nominal independence. [2]

BRICS proposes to boost trade within Africa by using domestic currencies rather than the U.S. dollar.

If there is an Achilles' heel it is tensions between China and its regional neighbours: it is curious that Indonesia is not among the new intake. It is among more than 40 countries that had expressed interest in joining BRICS, before the summit. There is still time. Already the members account for more than 40 per cent of the world population and a quarter of the global economy.

The question on the lips of geopolitical analysts is does this represent a true push for multipolarity, or is BRICS just a feint by the globalists that will lead to a universal world order. That depends on what you mean by a one world system, if it exists at all.

Much of the alt media is schizophrenic on this issue: it scoffs at the idea of a hidden cabal running the world, yet it insists that Putin and Xi are secretly in league with the U.S. and the Biden adminsitration (which some call Obama's third term).


Criminal cabal

The narrative that Russia and China are just the globalists' eastern lodge breaks down on the point of money. Rousseff said the New Development Bank represents the Global South's rejection of the onerous terms of austerity that accompany any loan from the IMF.

Most alt media is stuck in this paradox because it fails to grasp the nature of the change taking place.

On one topic we can agree with Klaus Schwab, CEO of the World Economic Forum and partner of the United Nations to accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2030: this is a crisis of force majeure. No, it is not a glorious opportunity for a Great Reset but it is a desperate situation, brought about in no small part by the very globalists who now present themselves as saviours.

The 2022 balance sheet shows the U.S. government has $5 trillion in assets of which 40 per cent is student debt. On the other hand, when you include unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare, U.S. debt stands at upwards of $130 trillion. [3]


The West outsourced industry and jobs to Asia, resulting in them no longer being able to fund pensions, health and welfare, and resorting to the inflationary printing of money to cover the gap. The BRICS would not be where they are without the West committing hara-kiri, industrially, fiscally and monetarily.

Who are the architects of implosion? Why is the privately-owned Federal Reserve central bank aiding and abetting the collapse of the U.S. regional banks, which account for 70 per cent of lending to small business?

Who decided it was a good idea to turn money from a neutral method of transaction into a weapon, banning Russia from the SWIFT network through which banks settle transfers, and stealing $600 billion of Russia's foreign exchange — a clear sign to the rest of the world that you cannot trust the U.S. and the European Union with your money?

Andy Schectman of precious metals brokers Miles Franklin says the U.S. has inadvertently set the stage for the rise of gold-backed currencies to challenge the U.S. dollar.

For decades the U.S. has suppressed gold prices to make Treasuries more attractive, and thus keep interest rates lower. It is predicated, he says, on an illusion: who wants gold when you can have the U.S. dollar. The West did not expect that Saudi Arabia, China and Russia would accumulate gold on the scale that has taken place – and it is going to underpin the new system. [4]

Gold backed?

The question for investors around the world is whether the BRICS will issue a new currency, or whether that of Russia will be gold backed.

Central banks have been buying gold over the past decade and a half, as if they know something we don't. Sadly for investors it may not be a new Krugerrand. It seems that it may be an interbank currency, or token, that underpins the national currencies, or central bank digital currencies.

The West's response is also central bank digital currency. Kristallina Giorgieva, director of the IMF, said two things: the ability of people to move money at the click of a mouse needs to be regulated; and that CBDCs need to be backed by something (gold?).

A measured comment from the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum: Herbert Poenisch, Senior Fellow, Zhejiang University, and former Senior Economist, Bank for International Settlements, wrote in June that about the problem of moving from bilateral to multilateral clearing of a common currency.

Poenisch says the European Payments Union (EPU) functioned because the U.S. Treasury, ie the Federal Reserve, acted as backstop to any liquidity shortages. [5]

He did not add, but I will, that Europe's major economy, Germany, was U.S.-occupied territory. The euro was made to happen, regardless of its economic consequences.

The construction of the euro took almost 50 years, and its problems include the lack of a common treasury, failure to account for variations in the cost of labour and availability of resources, and thus a universal interest rate having a very different impact at the local level – resulting in poorer countries taking on debt, and consequent inflation.

China's burden

China dominates trade within the BRICS, which do less trade among each other. Thus China would bear the burden of keeping the clearing system afloat. It would need an EPU to supply funds to countries that run trade deficits, who import more than they export, like India and South Africa.

"All this would boost the internationalisation of the remnimbi and increase the pressure on China to liberalise its financial account. Both have major ramifications for the country's domestic monetary policy. China is already coming to terms with the fallout from using its currency swap agreements to prop up countries in payments difficulties. So far, China is a long way from the benign neglect which the US adopted to help the Europeans establish their own multilateral clearing system and currency," writes Poenisch.

In conclusion: There is an inescapable monetary crisis. The globalists already have their solution. They are simply misrepresenting the underlying cause or pretext.

The UN's talk of climate crisis, the WEF and its transformation wheels and Yuval Harari's sermons about useless people, and The Cloud replacing God... That is distraction.

For all the blather at conferences of the "elite," the Great Reset comes down to a monetary crisis: the owner-investors who control the central banks have no need for 90 per cent of the population; medical, welfare and pension systems are insolvent — and if running those systems are the main activity of government, then government is no longer viable nor necessary; better to issue money directly, and hand off the remaining functions of government to the corporate sector. The military is largely privatised already.

This is the Great Shutdown. Read the next Moneycircus.

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[1] Le Monde, Aug 4, 2023 -- How dependent is France on Niger's uranium?

[2 Douglas Okwatch, Jan 2023 -- Africa's free trade on track, more efforts needed

[3] Executive Summary To The 2022 Financial Report Of The U.S. Government

[4] Andy Schectman on Sarah Westall, Jul 21, 2023 – Global Monetary Reset and Widespread Banking Collapse

[5] Herbert Poenisch, Jun 2023 — BRICS common currency would be no threat to the dollar.

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26 Aug 2023 | 7:29 pm

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9. Crisis Update: Maui’s Children - Smart Cities And Sex Trafficking

  • 2,025 pupils are unaccounted for in the Lahaina school system

  • List of victims names no children; FBI "scrubs" and vets identities

  • Surely at least teens would have run in the streets or made it to the sea?

  • The grim undertow is sex trafficking, affecting one quarter of youth

  • Children were at home due to school closure, and many alone

  • What happened to them remains for now a mystery

  • The transhuman 'Great Reset' has no place for childhood as we knew it

  • Native Hawaiian population only revived in recent decades

  • UN's concern for indigenous peoples is a sham: globalists want resources

  • FEMA and officials behaving as an entitled elite – failing to help

  • They answer to oligarchs, not we the people

  • The would-be ubermenchen have overshot the mark

  • UN diplomatic immunity is often used to run brothels and trafficking

  • Pentagon-sponsored technology protects kids but also identifies them

  • Smart technology is a double-edged sword in the hands of bad actors

Depopulation series:
"Follow The Consensus To Your Demise — First of a series on depopulation" (Moneycircus, Aug 9, 2023)

"Pirates, Privateers And Merchant Adventurers — Second of a series on depopulation"(Moneycircus, Aug 15, 2023 )

"Hawaii Islanders Hit With New Normal — Third in a series on depopulation" (Moneycircus, Aug 16, 2023)

"Maui Land Grab Explains The Great Reset — Fourth in a series on depopulation" (Moneycircus, Aug 17, 2023)

"Indigenous People Under Attack By Globalists, From Hawaii to Australia, Fifth in a series on depopulation" (Moneycircus, Aug 17, 2023)

"Maui's Children, Smart Cities And Sex Trafficking — Sixth in a series on depopulation" (Moneycircus, Aug 25, 2023)

Sixth in a series on depopulation

(2,700 words or about 13 minutes of your company - and another 1,200 words for subscribers.)

Aug 25, 2023

Is Maui being turned into more than a Smart Island — one with a touch of the Epstein about it?

Questions mount about the children of Lahaina, among more than 1,000 people still missing.

Maui County mayor Richard Bissen said some of those unaccounted for are listed with first names only. Others have no identifying details, such as gender or age. The list includes no identified minors.

Maui police chief John Pelletier added cryptically that the county plans to update the list of those still missing in the coming days — once it's more thoroughly "scrubbed" and vetted by multiple agencies collecting data. [1]

The FBI must have its reasons for "scrubbing" data on victims but I cannot think of a benign one.

"How hard is it for the government to issue a missing persons list?," asks Maui resident and financial analyst Ed Dowd.

Governor Josh Green told a CBS News talk show last weekend that most of the missing persons are expected to be children. Almost all the children of Lahainaluna High School and, across the town one-in-four children, are missing.

The population of Lahaina is just over 9,000 and, according to the 2020 census, 25 per cent are under 18. The proportion is even higher according to Hawaii State Department of Education. On Aug 24 it reported that 2,025 students are unaccounted for in the Lahaina school system following the fire on August 8. Before the fire, there were 3,001 students in four schools. [2]

Top bureaucrats and politicians refuse to put a number on missing children. Mayor Bissen accused a reporter of being "rude" for demanding an answer, and police led the man away.

Police chief Pelletier earlier accused journalists of walking on the ashes of the dead, urging them not to investigate Lahaina, which has been locked down. Even drones are jammed.

Some people have asked why more parents are not demanding information about their children. The unspoken implication being that many parents died with them.

The official narrative is that children were at home, alone, and perished in the fire. That would be true for some, and remains have been found. But if we are talking about 500-2,000 children, many would have been seen running through the streets. A number would have made it to the hills or the sea.


Police chief Pelletier may not want journalists investigating Lahaina because they may tread on the ashes of children — or discover the lack of ashes.

Intermediate and elementary schools were due to reopen after the summer break the day after the fire. The largest, Lahainaluna High School, was closed on the morning of Aug 8. Its web site states "Lahainaluna High School will be closed today due to a power outage caused by high winds." (Even though power was actually left on.)

Teachers will convene on Monday Aug 28 at the Ritz-Carlton Maui to discuss next steps.

💥School cancelled
💥Water turned off
💥Overhead cables remained powered
💥Police used fallen cables as reason to block escape routes
💥Sirens not sounded
💥Emergency officials off the island
💥Since the fire, officials have blocked food, medicine and water supplies
💥FEMA and Coastguard intercepting charities like Hungry Heroes of Hawaii
💥Cell service limited, drones jammed, media banned
💥Governor says the State will buy property. Plans for Smart City already drafted🚩

Ethnic cleansing

Whatever happened to the children, the loss of so many native Hawaiians may have an demographic impact.

After declining for 200 years, the Native Hawaiian population began to recover only in recent decades.

As we wrote in "Indigenous People Under Attack By Globalists – From Hawaii to Australia" (Moneycircus Aug 18, 2023), first nations are under attack despite the claims of the United Nations to protect them.

Hard to imagine, but the cynical ploy appears to be to put indigenous rights at the heart of government policy, giving first nations the right to reclaim land, and then to put that land in the stewardship of assemblies which form part of the globalist Great Reset. It is nothing less than a land grab.

This sounds unlikely, until you account for the fact that the UN was founded by eugenicists. The UN has singularly failed to prevent war — which is always about land grabs. In fact, it has provided cover for those who consider themselves to be the fittest to own or run the Earth.

Future of children

This article does not conclude the children were Epsteined in any way — deliberately killed or kidnapped. The point is that the Smart City/Islands, and the associated projects grouped for convenience under the Great Reset, have no place for the children we knew from our childhood.

We were unmedicated, natural, running free more or less. We cycled hills, walked forests, beyond the reach of parents for hours. We kept an eye on each other; no digital tracking or monitors.

In the transhumanist world, as described by WEF acolyte Yuval Harari, children in this sense can no longer exist.

It is the deprecation of human life, of children above all. The Great Reset, or the Great Shutdown more accurately, is a post-human, post-industrial project. At its most extreme it includes people who think:

  • all life should be genetically re-engineered,

  • society should be governed by cybernetic control systems,

  • humans have no more rights than other species,

  • the Earth might be better without humans,

  • efficiency trumps good,

  • wisdom has no more value than data,

  • technology must be accelerated for its own sake,

  • sex and family should be replaced with baby farms,

  • free will is dead and most people are useless (Yuval Harari).

If you doubt the above, look up Julian Huxley, the founder of UNESCO, effectively the godfather of the United Nations, and brother of Aldous Huxley, author of "Brave New World" (1931).

Foremost expert on the involvement of the Rockefeller family and others in the Third Reich, Edwin Black, said eugenics in the 20th century was about a blond, blue-eyed master race. Today it is corporate. People will be rated on their value, not to the corporate world but the "stakeholders" and "guardians."

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Individual intelligence will inevitably be compared with artificial intelligence, which will be more algorithm than neura-link. Intelligence will necessarily be redefined, as it has been in schools already, into compliance: children are not taught to think but what to think.

The Covid response was used to train the people in compliance. Remember the contradictory, unfair and downright ludicrous rules about what was deemed essential: what you could buy, where you could meet, how far apart you must stand, when you should wear a mask. Corporations used the Covid response to implement behavioural modification on the public and ramped up surveillance.

Black, who has spent his life studying the complicity of corporations in totalitarianism, does not have much hope. Larry Fink of BlackRock says openly that the owner investors prefer totalitarian governments.

Technology will be weaponised on the most innocuous pretext.

By whom?

Unelected powers. We know that because nobody voted for it.

Who, most likely, are those unelected powers?

Could be corporations. But we also know that corporations are being pushed in a direction by ESGs to go woke and broke, via the Corporate Equality Index.

Those unelected powers operate through "charities" but thousands of individual donors do not speak with one voice: the unelected powers must be individuals.

The world is run by oligarchs. I'm going to use that term because power is in the sweaty grasp of a small group of very rich people.

Which takes us to the underbelly.

Sex Trafficking

Sex and power often go together. Some forms of sex are primarily about power: where there is a large difference in age, and especially when individuals are manipulated or coerced.

But could sex trafficking be directly related to the implementation of Smart cities and islands?

The islands are well known for sex trafficking, where about 80 per cent of victims are native Hawaiians. Local women say private beaches, on the estates of billionaires, are used for illegal sexual activity, and they name well-known individuals.

Studies by the Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women found the "online buyers market" is booming, with many thousands of people looking to buy sex each day.

Survivors say they were "violently victimised" by families, traffickers and customers, and that doctors, schools and police failed to help.

A survey on the island of Kauai found that a third of people had been trafficked during childhood at some point. They were 14 to 22 years old when first trafficked.


Victims are recruited using social media and online dating apps, which often reveal location. The globalists blame crypto currency:

"The illicit proceeds from this highly profitable crime are also being laundered online through crypto currencies, which makes it easier for traffickers to receive, hide and move large amounts of money with less risk of being detected," says the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. [5]

The Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice says over 80 per cent of sex trafficking prosecutions involved online advertising.

Online activity leaves a data trail and accounts for most convictions but that does not mean it accounts for most trafficking. Certainly not in Hawaii, where the majority of victims are lured by people posing as friends, or by criminal gangs, or though gig work, waitressing or working in bars.

In 2021 Hawaii reformed its sex trafficking laws, saying they would target sex buyers rather than punish prostituted persons. Yet prosecutors have failed to convict a single person of trafficking, according to a review of local records by Honolulu Civil Beat (as of Feb 2022).

This year the FBI launched "Operation Cross Country" which, though it lasted only two weeks, rescued 11 missing children in Hawaii.

This is a tiny fraction. In 2021 alone, the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received 17,200 reports of suspected child sex trafficking nationwide.

Steven Merrill, the FBI special agent in charge for Hawaii and the Pacific says the territory is unique because it has more runaways and children living on the streets, which makes it harder to find children and catch perpetrators. [6]

Hawaii also lacked, until 2020, a unified system to compile child trafficking cases across the territory:

  • Department of Human Services: 183 reports, 2018 and 2020

  • Child Welfare Services agency: 205 reports, Feb 2019 to June 2021

  • Susannah Wesley Community Center: treated 248 people, 2019 to 2020

  • National Human Trafficking Hotline: 108 reports of human trafficking

In May 2020, the attorney general created the position of human trafficking coordinator for the state.

UN sin cities

Globalist institutions like the UN and the World Economic Forum claim diplomatic status, giving them immunity from prosecution, along with other perks like not needing visas to visit any country.

In the UN system, this immunity is conferred on any contractor doing UN work.

Kathryn Bolkovac was a monitor with the UN International Police Task Force in the former Yugoslavia in 1999. She found UN contractors working for DynCorp were raping underage girls and participating in sex trafficking, and most scandalous of all, had immunity from prosecution. [7]

In nearby Kosovo, Albania, underage girls were kidnapped, tortured and provided to UN and NATO personnel as sex slaves — a third of them were under 14. The UN effectively ran multiple brothels.

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Bolkovac tried to expose the trafficking was blocked at every step by the UN bosses and was unfairly fired by DynCorp, now renamed Amentum.

She tells her story in the book, "The Whistleblower," later made into a 2010 documentary of the same name. A leaked memo showed that UN staff were urged to try to prevent screenings.

Sex abuse by UN officials is so common that it has its own Wikipedia page. In Haiti, more than 100 such staff ran a child sex ring, for more than a decade, and none was ever jailed.

This is the caste system that the UN, WEF and countless bodies funded by the likes of Bill Gates are constructing. It is why they openly call themselves "the elites" — not because they have more brain cells, but because of this little-known diplomatic immunity.

It is not a few bad apples. Former UN executive director of the United Nations Global Sustainable Index Institute Calin Georgescu says the rich and powerful are linked to the disappearance of millions of children each year. [8]

The UN says it is tackling sex trafficking and points to the Sustainable Development Goals and goal number 5, "Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls," and SDG 8: "Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all." [9]

This would be funny, if the topic were not so serious. Listen to Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau: "The SDG goals are what is necessary to build a successful planet. Full stop."

He does not even try to justify the lockdowns, mandates and attacks on constitutional rights. He just presents circular logic, a perfect example of tautology.

Surely governments would stop this behaviour, you ask.

The globalists have done an end run around democracy. They do not need any approval for what they are doing. They work through international institutions like the UN and they control the bureaucracy at the local level. The Sustainable Cities plan is being run by 100 country teams who, according to UN documents, harmonized their "individual programming cycles" back in 2004.

The land grab in Maui is happening without any involvement of the Federal Government, except that its officials stand idly by.

Read about Multi Stakeholder Groups in "Supra-National Socialism And Revolutionary Virtue" (Moneycircus Aug 3, 2023)

Watch the entire Georgescu interview, six months ago, which is about the capture of the UN system by oligarchs. [8]

The same inversion of the United Nations towards indigenous peoples, is seen in child trafficking, conducted under the eye of charities that claim to protect them. As we shall see via a detour through Belgium, and the case of Marc Dutroux.

Read more

Money Circus
24 Aug 2023 | 2:40 pm

10. Eurasia note #81: Mercenary Leader Disappears In Plane Explosion

  • Apparent death occurred on eve of Ukraine's independence day

  • Former MI6 head says 'all indications point' to Putin

  • Claims that flight attendant told parents plane taken for incomprehensible repairs

  • There is a precedent of Western black ops at Russian airports

  • The CEO of France's Total died after discussing sale of oil for gold

  • Three years to the day after Muammar Gaddafi

  • Prigozhin could have been prosecuted or shot, sparing nine other lives

  • The murder of inconvenient individuals is easily blamed on others

  • There is good reason to suspect Western involvement

  • Prigozhin's troops are in Niger, which is the target of French and U.S. scheming

  • He was just in Mali, where the U.S. accused him of securing minerals for Russia

  • Africa is the West's next target as war in Ukraine bogs down

Excerpt: "With Niger currently in dispute with France, and facing the threat of a French and U.S.-orchestrated invasion fronted by other African nations, it would hardly be in Russia's geopolitical interest to decapitate the Wagner group now."

See Mercenary Group Quits Ukraine, Occupies Russian Military HQ - Wagner's swan song, mutiny, theatre or despair? (Moneycircus, Jun 24, 2023)

See also: "Plague, War, Famine... Africa Next. As war in Ukraine runs its course, the chaos makers may be shifting their focus" (Moneycircus, May 31, 2022).

(About 1,800 words or nine minutes of your company. )

Progozhin's fortune originally derived from his Concord catering business, and he waited on president George W Bush when he visited president Vladimir Putin in Moscow in 2006.

Tbilisi, Aug 24, 2023

A plane said to be carrying Wagner group founder Yevgeniy Prigozhin went down half way between Moscow and St Petersburg.

Russian aviation agency Rosaviatsia confirmed Yevgeniy Prigozhin was among 10 people on the plane's manifest. Definitive comments from officials said eight bodies had been recovered. Prigozhin's phone has been found but his body has not yet been identified. Wagner executives were traveling in two planes. The second turned back after the crash.

One of those casualties was Dmitry Utkin, co-founder of the Wagner group, a 53 year-old former officer in Russia's GRU military intelligence service, who received awards for his service in both Chechen wars, as well as in Syria. He took part in Russian operations in eastern Ukraine, from 2014.

British intelligence service MI6 is up to its neck in Ukraine (see below), having protected the wartime nationalist leader Stepan Bandera for decades until his assassination in 1959, and deeply involved in the Zelenskiy government. Former head of MI6 Sir John Sawyers told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "All the indications point to the fact that Putin has taken him out."

Russian public figures claim that Prigozhin was killed by Ukraine or its allies as a "gift" to president Volodymyr Zelenskiy on the eve of Ukraine's independence day. Former adviser to president Vladimir Putin, now university professor Sergei Markov, accused Ukraine's intelligence service. The Russian president promised to drop charges in a deal that ended the Jun 23-24 mutiny.

What actually happened leaves any motive an open case, as a French government spokesman told a television news channel.

The plane belonged to MNT Aero LLC and departed from Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. The flight attendant who perished with the crew reportedly told her family that unusual repairs were being made on the plane before it departed. Kristina Raspopova is said to have told her family prior to the flight that the jet was "taken away for some short-term and incomprehensible repairs," according to the Telegram channel ВЧК-ОГПУ.

Putting together various pieces of information, there was apparently no missile trail suggesting that the two bangs heard by observers were a bomb and the fuel tank going off, which removed one of the wings. It is unlikely to be a mechanical failure as Embraer is perhaps the safest plane manufacturer in the world. MI6's Sawyers also said it was likely a "device on board which brought it down suddenly."

Firing missiles inside Russia would have been a measure so extreme as to be very unlikely.

A foreign intel agency would struggle to carry out such a bombing — needing access to travel plans and the plane itself. So let's consider first Russian intel or someone inside the Wagner organisation.


The Russian military is incorporating Wagner group into the Russian Army, so that it no longer operates as a mercenary army but that would hardly require the elimination of its leadership.

Under his deal with Putin, Prigozhin was supposedly exiled to Belarus. Yet on Wednesday, before the fatal flight, he met with officials of the Moscow mayor's office to discuss his catering company's food contracts to public sector institutions.

His fortune originally derived from his Concord catering business, and there is a photograph of Prigozhin acting as chef when president George W Bush visited president Vladimir Putin in Moscow in 2006.

Prigozhin's refusal to fade into the shadows may have been a provocation to his rivals, but Russian intel would have no reason to cause so many casualties — after all, Putin could simply have prosecuted Prigozhin. Russia does not have the death penalty but if someone in Russian military intel, the GRU or the FSB wanted him eliminated, he could have been shot.

Some draw parallels with the murder of Russian ex-vice premier Boris Nemtsov. There is no evidence that he was killed by Russian authorities, let alone that they would do so in the shadow of the Kremlin walls.

There are more informative examples of Russian "heroes" being assassinated. In 2011 former Colonel Yuri Budanov was shot dead outside his apartment on Komsomolsky prospect, in Moscow's Khamovniki district.

Though Chechens despised him, he continued to enjoy popular support among Russians. As a tank commander, he served in numerous battles including the Argun river gorge, where half his officers died.

He was convicted by a Russian court of the murder of a Chechen woman and served eight years in prison. Two years after his release in 2009, he was assassinated, allegedly by another Chechen of no relation to the murdered woman. There was corruption surrounding the case, a lawyer and a journalist were killed.

I mention this because it shows that there are opportunities to disguise a hit as coming from almost any direction.

If Russian military or intelligence insiders had wanted Prigozhin dead, there are many ways it could have been done, far simpler than blowing a wing off a plane over the village of Kuzhenkino in Tver region.

One wrinkle in all this is that Gen. Sergei Surovikin, a former commander of Russia's forces in Ukraine, and chief of the air force, has been dismissed.

The West protrays Surovikin as an architect of the purported mutiny, although he appealled on Jun 24 for Prigozhin to withdraw.


There is another important element: The Wagner mercenaries provide security to a number of African leaders who find themselves in conflict with the "former" colonial powers such as France, as well as the U.S. which has an expanding number of bases across Africa. The U.S. State Department accuses Wagner of furthering Russian interests, helping to secure valuable mineral resources.

See: "Plague, War, Famine... Africa Next. As war in Ukraine runs its course, the chaos makers may be shifting their focus" (Moneycircus, May 31, 2022).

With Niger currently in dispute with France, and facing the threat of a French and U.S.-orchestrated invasion fronted by other African nations, it would hardly be in Russia's geopolitical interest to decapitate the Wagner group precisely now.

Since Gen Abdourahamane Tchiani overthrew Niger's president on 26 July, protestors in the capital Niamey have been waving Russian flags and jeering outside the French embassy.

West Africa's chief mediator in the Niger crisis, former leader of Nigeria Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar, says military intervention remains the last option in the attempt to restore constitutional authority.

Officials in Niger confirmed Wagner PMC troops are also in that country, and Wagner itself said its role is to protect the new military administration, with a special presence in the capital, Niamey. Prigozhin may have been in Mali earlier this week.

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Foreign hand

So we are back to foreign intel.

I have suggested that the West may have approached Prigozhin and induced him to stage a mutiny, but that Prigozhin may have double crossed the West.

If Prigozhin was committed to a mutiny, how to explain him calling it off so soon? I quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson: "When you strike at a king, you must kill him."

Therefore Wagner's rapid capitulation to Putin made no sense.

If, however, Prigozhin had accepted, say, the $6 billion that the Pentagon said it found on its books on Jun 21, two days before Prigozhin launched the "mutiny" on Jun 23, then there would be some very angry MI6 and CIA chappies. [1]

MI6 is running Volodymyr Zelenskiy, as Scott Ritter has documented amply (see below).

As for the ability of Western intel to operate inside Russia, do not dismiss it too quickly.

Christophe de Margerie, CEO of France's Total, died on the tarmac at Moscow's Vnukovo airport after talks in the Kremlin to sell oil for gold instead of dollars.

De Margerie met then Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev to discuss trading in gold on Oct 20, 2014. Upon leaving the meeting his jet failed to get airborne and he died on the Vnukovo runway. An asset close to both Russian and American intelligence operative told Moneycircus at the time that de Margerie was certainly assassinated — and not by Russians.

It was blamed on a snow plough driving into the path of the plane as it accelerated for take off. The driver, naturally, was accused of being drunk.

Proposing to link a regional currency to gold is what had got Muammar Gaddafi killed — on the same day three years before, Oct 20, 2011.

Erratic final speculations

According to Flight Radar RA-02795 was flying level at 8,500 metres until 6:19 p.m. Moscow time on Wednesday, when suddenly lost altitude. It then climbed to 9,100 metres, descended to 8,400, then leveled off at 8,900 — all within 30 seconds — before falling. The following plane, RA-02878, turned back after the crash.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said that Ukraine had nothing to do with Prigozhin's death. "We have nothing to do with it. Everyone understands who is involved."

The UA portal reports that a suspect is Prigozhin's personal pilot Artem Stepanov, who is a founder of the MNT Aero company. It said Stepanov was present at the departure but is reported to have disappered.

At this time all speculations hang on when and if Prigozhins body is identified. I leave to you, dear reader, the other possiblilities.


See "Biden On Payroll Of Ukraine's Oligarchs - Deep state compromised; escalation of war likely their only option" (Moneycircus, Jun 13, 2023)

"The West's Hypocrisy On Ukraine - White refugees, white supremacists and whitewashed wars" (Moneycircus, Mar 18, 2022)

"When The Satirists Take Charge - War is hell, bankers fund both sides and politics is theatre" (Moneycircus, Mar 6, 2022)

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