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26 Feb 2024 | 5:12 pm

1. Media Smears U.S. Airman's Cry: 'Free Palestine!'

  • Aaron Bushnell appears calm before carrying out his 'extreme protest'

  • First time serving military has immolated self like this

  • His last words and immolation have the power to shatter complacency

  • The death of a Vietnamese monk was spread across the world's front pages

  • The BBC gave full publicity to 160 Tibetan monks who did same over 20 years

  • The media's response is very different; aligns with propaganda objective

  • His act has a long history of colonial protest abroad and upon American shores

  • Alice Herz, Norman Morrison and Roger LaPorte among many

  • Dismissing it as suicide is to silence his voice, along with 2.3 million others

  • Do not be quick to judge, less we tar a person's most profound decision

  • Globalists are seeking 'one think' where the slightest protest is not possible

  • Everything about Gaza is proving to be a test case for Western society

(2,500 words or about 12 minutes in remembrance).

On June 11, 1963 Thích Quảng Đức, a Vietnamese monk burned to death at a crossroads in Saigon.

Feb 26, 2024

The media is censoring Aaron Bushnell's death by immolation — unlike the 160 Tibetan monks and nuns that the BBC has reported in the past decade.

He barely made the headlines; most newspapers do not even show his face; and in less than 24 hours he has lost column inches to Alexei Navalny.

Some reports omit that he was serving military; others suggest he was mentally ill Trolls dismiss his act as senseless.

It raises a question: what is a sense-full act? No-one promotes suicide but he was military and he was prepared to give his life for a cause: he simply re-evaluated which cause was worth dying for.

Bushnell clearly refused to comply. Does that make him insane — and what exactly is the accusation leveled against him?

This is a profound question that demands answer in the face of silence from the Zionist-controlled discourse in politics and media.

Media ignores him; social media sock puppets ridicule his death; politicians are desperate to avert his legacy.

Extreme protest

Aaron Bushnell is Gen Z, he is military. His refusal to comply, even in uniform, sends a powerful message that will not be lost on the youth.


Bushnell knew that. He is thought to have a wife and child — hard to confirm since the media is silent. He expressed his love to his family before his final act.

The trolls reaching for every inanity cannot smother this. We are seeing massive censorship as expected.

Long history

In March of 1965 a German-Jewish woman, Alice Herz protested against the use of Agent Orange to burn civilians in Vietnam.

She was the sister-in-law of a prominent Suffragette, Margarete Herz.

Alice had been born in Hamburg in 1882 and had lived through WWI already in her thirties, becoming an activist for the democratisation of Germany.

When things went the other way, she left Germany in 1933 for Switzerland and in 1942 arrived in the United States, settling in Detroit.

She continued her activism and in 1965 wrote an open letter to president Lyndon B. Johnson saying he was using military power "to wipe out whole countries of his choosing."

By then she was aged 82.

On March 16, she set fire to herself on a Detroit street, dying 10 days later. She had told friends beforehand that she had used every method, demonstrating, marching, protesting and writing numerous letters and articles to no avail. In 2003 a square in Berlin was named, Alice Herz Platz.

On Nov 2, 1965 Norman Morrison, a Quaker, walked to the Pentagon, below the office of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.

He took with him his one year-old daughter Emily, whom he handed over to a person nearby.

Morrison's wife Anne later recalled, "Whether he thought of it that way or not, I think having Emily with him was a final and great comfort to Norman... She was a powerful symbol of the children we were killing with our bombs and Napalm, who didn't have parents to hold them in their arms."

Vietnamese poet Tố Hữu, known as the revolutionary voice of Vietnam, would compose, "Emily, My Child" in which Morrison would explain his act to his daughter. The family would later visit Vietnam to meet the poet. [1]

A week after Morrison, a member of the Catholic Workers, Roger Laporte, who once had trained to be a monk, would set fire to himself in front of the United Nations building in New York. He died the next day.

A Jew, a Protestant and a Catholic had given their lives in order to reject the murders committed in their name.

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Aaron Bushnell's family agreed to share the video of his immolation. Though it is painful to watch, it is not as painful as it was for Aaron, who soon succumbed to his injuries.

Bushnell is calm and discusses his act for several minutes as he walks to the Israeli embassy.

"I will no longer be complicit in genocide. I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest. But compared with what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers, it is not extreme at all."

"This is what our ruling class has decided will be normal."

This is exactly the point I and others have been making: that the events in Gaza are intended to normalise the violence meted upon women and children.

Bushnell, wearing his Air Force fatigues, placed his phone so that it would film him, expressed his love for his family and, after struggling with the lighter for a moment, was engulfed in flames.

The NYT reports: "Standing in front of the embassy gates, he set his phone down to film dousing himself in a clear liquid from a metal bottle. He then lit himself on fire while yelling "Free Palestine!" until he fell to the ground."

See the use of the word "yelling" — the Daily Mail said he "shrieked." Why not cried out, since that would accurately describe his pain if you listen to his last words?

There is no empathy in the words of these reporters. They would clinically and coldly delete the story if ordered.

He was able to shout "free Palestine" five times before his screams became indistinct and he collapsed.


Despite standing at the main gate of the Israeli embassy, no-one came out immediately with a fire extinguisher. There was a long delay — the first act of an Israeli embassy security officer was to point a gun at Bushnell as he flailed in the flames. A passing police patrol tried to put out the flames.

One mind

Bushnell's death is a push back against the trend in society towards bridled complacence.

For decades we have seen education replaced by schooling in ideology, not how but what to think.

We have seen for four years how the truth can have little impact once a person has committed themselves, or been locked in, to "their truth" which may be nothing more than attitudes adopted wholesale from the media.

The problem we face is not to describe reality more accurately, for minds have already been made up.

The testing ground was Britain with its class system, where people are raised to fear that their position in society is determined by what others think of them. The Tavistock Institute found fertile ground and many unwilling test subjects (the British government last year banned the Tavistock's transgender experiments).

The press dangles the straw man that you may be deemed a "conspiracy theorist" who believes everything: that the Coof shot is poison, and therefore must be a Flat Earther, who thinks the Moon landings were faked, but that Elvis is there.

An example just from today: An infuriated Navalny supporter told Australian media today that anti-vaxxers & Putin supporters are 'dangerous'.

Who's mad?

"All governments suffer a recurring problem: power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible." - Frank Herbert.

The pathological seek to twist society to their benefit.

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Israel is an example, in which the political window is now right, far-right and militarist. A commentator said that while mature individuals in their 50s and 60s were more holistic in their outlook, perspectives became more narrow and extreme as you go younger. The youth are the most militaristic cohort in society. [2]

The Israeli commentator Gideon Levy said in his column in Haaretz, that there is no realistic alternative or opposition to prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "Israel is a state with one voice, one view and one opinion, that repeats: 'Together we will prevail'." [3]

The reader might say this has its parallels in American society where declining economic opportunities have produced fiscally conservative shift in Millennials and Gen Z - but it is a different case.

Israeli youth are simply a more insulated example of ideology-as-education. First the population has been propagandised and terrorised, from the Birthright "tour" of concentration camps, in which fear drives patriotism to neurosis; then as a laboratory for Pfizer, as prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasted.

Israel is being manipulated in order to normalise the treatment of people in Gaza. Naturally, Israelis can't see that for they have been traumatised. But I just don't understand how people with the benefit of distance cannot see it.

Once united in this way Israel became the wedge or pivot with which to try to shift international morality, to normalise ethnic cleansing and land grabs on a much bigger scale than Paradise, California, or Lahaina in Maui, Hawaii.

American children are on the same production line, unless their parents lift them off. Super Bowl in the middle of Feb explicitly targeted young voters, using Taylor Swift as the arrow to reach an impressionable audience: students who are told they are the worlds best-ever educated, the digital natives, while being the most indebted and indoctrinated in history.

The objective seems to be "one think" - not compliance, which involves assent, but reflexive responses.

Science is being changed in schools to Earth Sciences (managed outcomes); and textbooks now promote "empathy" — the goal is to get the "correct" response on a range of approved views: abortion, end of family or worship. [4]

Enterprising educators even have facial expression monitors which can infiltrate children's notebook cameras to add another level of "scoring" as the pupil reads the text.

Where is the empathy for Aaron Bushnell in the sewage that poured today from journalists?

Psychol-ia-trists have taken over schools. Counsellors are as prominent as teachers. The "mental health" of children takes priority over education. School results are replaced with screening.

Compliance will be enforced with digital passports, linked to online rights and injectables.

See Ursula's Digital Wallet Is A Sow's Ear (Dec 28, 2023)

We are compliant in this. Remember the image of New Year's Eve, as Paris welcomed 2024... not a person using their eyes.

1. The fact that almost every single person is recording on their phone, there is no apparent collective joy, as if almost nobody is truly living in or cherishing the moment.

2. Then in the center of the crowd are a small group of people trying to bring attention to the slaughter in Palestine, waving the flag.

Is this not evidence that the mass has been disconnected from real life, while "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers" in centre of the crowd cry out: "What can't you see?"

This was Aaron Bushnell's cry. His last words: "Free Palestine." And if the NYT says he "yelled" or the Daily Mail says he "shrieked" it does nothing to diminish the power of his words, and the tossed Kleenex of theirs.

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[1] Emily, Child, by Tố Hữu.

Emily, come with me

Later you'll grow up you'll know the streets, no longer feel lost
- Where are we going, dad?
- To the banks of the Potomac
- To see what, dad?
Nothing my child, there's just the Pentagon.
Oh my child, your round eyes
Oh my child, your locks so golden
Don't ask your father so many questions, dear!
I'll carry you out, this evening you go home with your mother...

Oh, those souls
That remain or are lost
Blaze, blaze the Truth!
You fucker, your crimes accumulate
All humanity detests
The yellow demon upon this earth.

You cannot borrow the crimson waters
Of God, and Buddha's yellow.
Where are you hiding, asshole? In the burial yard
Of a five corner building
Each corner a continent
You still squeeze your head
Inside hot flames
Like the ostrich buries its head in the scorching sands

Look over here!
Look at me right now!
Oh it's not only me with my little daughter in my arms
I am Today
And my daughter, oh Emily, you are forever!
I stand awake,
With the great heart
Of a hundred million

To flame, light up the horizon
A light
Of Justice.

Hey all you fuckers, pack of devils
In whose name?
You bring B52s
Napalm, poison gas
From the White House
From Guam

To Vietnam
To liquidate peace and national freedom
To incinerate hospitals and schools
Murder people who only know love
Murder kids who only know going to school
Murder green fields, four seasons of leaves and blossoms
And even murder rivers of poetry, music and art!

In whose name?
You bury the bloom of our youth in coffins

Oh, those strong, handsome sons
Who can transform nature to into electricity, steel
For people's happiness today!

In whose name?
You bring me to dense jungles
Spiked pits, muddy fields of resistance
Villages that become fortress that disperse to reappear
Nights and days where the heavens and earth shake and jolt
Oh Vietnam, a strange land

To the children who become heroes
To the wild bees who train to be warriors
And the trees and flowers become weapons!

Go ahead and die, die
All you jerks, a pack of demons
And I ask that you listen, my America!
To the voices of pain, of eternal hatred
Of a child. Of a person of this century

Emily, oh child!

It's beginning to get dark...
I can carry you no further
When I ignite, light up as a flame
Tonight, your mother will come find you
You'll hug her and kiss
Her for me
And tell your mother this for me:
I left happy, mother don't be sad!

Remains or is lost?
It's come, the moment when my heart's brightest
I set fire to myself
So the flames dazzle

[2] Daily Beast, 2022 - Israel's Rising Far-Right Can Thank the Youth Vote

[3] Gideon Levy, Haaretz, Feb 25, 2024: Israel Has No Real Alternative To Netanyahu

[4] Springer, 2023 - Optimizing Empathetic Response by Generating and Integrating Emotion Feedback and Topic Discussion

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21 Feb 2024 | 6:33 pm

2. Crisis Update: Assange In Final Battle Against Extradition

  • Gov lawyers claim he encouraged theft and hacking, deny case is political

  • If request for appeal denied, he will likely be dispatched to U.S.

  • Assage faces British lawyers with MI6 unintelligence connections

  • Wikileaks' timing served Washington's Arab Spring

  • Strangely silent on Israel, as Netanyahu himself declared

  • Assange's own origins raise more than butterfly's ripple

  • Censorship unleashed as military fears loss of control

  • Populace challenging globalist structures and national role

  • Response is control of 'democratic institutions' in place of democracy

  • NATO's assault on free exchange of information is subversion of democracy

  • Foundation for Freedom campaigner Mike Benz exposes censorship state

  • Yet NBC's Zadrozny opens hall of mirrors, attacking Benz in a limited hangout

(3,400 words or about a quarter hour of your company.)

Feb 21, 2024

The prosecution of Julian Assange is, as Glenn Greenwald wrote in 2019, a "blueprint for making journalists into felons."

Wednesday's hearing ended with dame Victoria Sharp and justice Jeremy Johnson — an MI6-vetted judge who has worked for the intelligence service — saying they would give their decision at a later date.

Greenwald wrote from the experience of being threatened with a similar prosecution, having been wiretapped talking to a source about the technicalities of preserving documents.

It's not complicated: Assange is being prosecuted for the standard operating procedure of an investigative journalist.

Some suspect Assange's origins, and there seems to be grounds. His work did prove useful to the regime. Wikileaks' revelations helped spark the Arab Spring, the broom with which president Barack Obama's Washington administration swept the region in 2010-12, clearing away governments that did not suit its interests.

These included Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, who was promoting an African gold dinar, and Mohamed Morsi of Egypt, aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and likely to be difficult for Israel to influence.

The state corporate media made much of claims that this was the first digital revolution, made possible by a generation of "digital natives" brought up to communicate primarily through Facebook and Twitter.

Mike Benz of the Foundation for Freedom Online, and a former adviser to the U.S. State Department, also highlights the Arab Spring as the high water mark for internet freedom.

What Benz and Julian Assange steer clear of is anything critical of Israel from two directions: the country's dominant role in cyber snooping and the Zionist control of the media (very obvious in the coverage of Gaza) and the fact that Wikileaks never released information that embarrassed Israel.

"Diplomatic secrets published by the WikiLeaks group has not damaged Israel and in fact strengthened its position, Prime Minister Netanyahu said Monday. [1]

The information relating to U.S. killing of civilians, in particular the murder of Reuters journalists in Baghdad, Iraq, in a Jul 2007 airstrike, served to inflame the region at a moment when the Washington favoured instability, in order to move chess pieces and put new pawns into place.

Seen in this light the press did the governments' bidding: they released information when Washington wanted, and then they pilloried Assange, portrayed it as the act of a dangerous lone wolf.

On the pages of The Guardian Assange would go from hero to zero: unstable and untrustworthy, even as a rapist (an allegation the women involved would retract).

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It later ran an unsubstantiated story that a Trump aide had visited Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy. Ecuador had offered Assange asylum at its London embassy during the time the British and Swedish police were seeking to extradite him to Sweden.

However Paul Manafort, the Trump aide who was eventually jailed on tax evasion charges, did not visit Assange, and The Guardian's Luke Harding made no attempt to provide evidence. [2]

It only proved how the state corporate media had become disinformation agents of the political police aka intelligence services.

These intel services did not "burn" Assange since they had scarcely made an effort to hide his origins.

He admitted to links with The Family, aka The Great White Brotherhood, led by Anne Hamilton-Byrne, who collected blonde children — and if not blonde, she bleached their hair — manipulating their personalities and will.

Appropriately enough The Guardian reported Julian's link but in the form of a denial.

"Assange admitted that a man who was his mother's boyfriend in the late 1970s had been a member of the cult. The man had been "a sinister presence" who sought to have "a certain psychological power" over his family, Assange said, and they eventually went on the run from him. But he said he never met Hamilton-Byrne or had any direct contact with the group as a whole."[3]

It was one of those cults that the CIA in particular cultivates, if you'll excuse the pun, to produce people it can manipulate. Look up The Finders, another New Age movement that collected children. It was run by a former U.S. Air Force sergeant Marion Pettie. [4]


An intel connection would explain why Washington is so desperate to silence Assange, holding him in solitary confinement. His supposed offences were an embarrassment but they do not seemingly justify the punishment, unless he has something further to expose.

If Assange was complicit the U.S. would have an interest in hiding that. It would not be the first time that milit intel portrayed an asset as a lone wolf, then destroyed him.

History of leaks

Wikileaks published 250,000 classified US diplomatic cables, and over a million government documents, 750,000 of them released by then US Army private Bradley Manning, who was court martialed and imprisoned from 2010-17, a sentence commuted by president Obama.

Many related to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the holding of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba.

It was the largest leak of military documents since the Pentagon Papers were exposed by Daniel Ellsberg in 1971.

Yet even the Pentagon Papers have been reassessed in some quarters. The revelation in The New York Times that the military knew it could not win the Vietnam war provided the pretext to bring it to a close.

Something similar happened in Afghanistan. In Dec 2019 The Washington Post reported: "U.S. officials constantly said they were making progress. They were not, and they knew it, an exclusive Post investigation found." [5]

The Trump administration began reducing forces in Feb 2020, and president Joe Biden's administration brought the curtain down on two decades of war with a chaotic withdrawal in Aug 2021.

It happened again in Ukraine, in Apr 2023, when a low-level employee on a US military base obtained highly sensitive US government information, well above his pay grade. It cast doubt on the much heralded Ukraine-NATO spring offensive against the Russian front line. [6]

In each case the leaks did not reveal anything that a keen observer did not already know. But they did provide the shunt in the rear to make the bureaucracy jump tracks.

Propaganda is not aimed at the general population. Its purpose is to instruct officialdom in the latest change of narrative.

The information also provided concrete evidence to policy analysts and historians, placing events beyond the contention of even well-informed speculation.

Bad wolf

Thus we can see how the media and political class continues to manipulate the Wikileaks story.

On the one hand the media tells us that Wikileaks was an isolated episode; the work of a troubled individual. At the same time the U.S. military and intelligence complex portrays it as an unprecedented attack on the international community and the institution of government.

This is not to say, listen to no-one. Please subscribe.

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Yet if the leaks were mostly lacking in substance, they were a blow to U.S. propaganda, the "soft power" by which NATO seeks to wage hybrid war — as much on its own population as on foreign enemies.

Most damaging in the public eye were the cold-blooded execution of Reuters journalists by a helicopter crew, and details of torture, rape and murder by soldiers in Iraq, and "Gitmo files" or memos from Guantánamo prison.

However many images associated in the public mind with Wikileaks came from elsewhere. The notorious photographs of torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq were released by CBS News in 2004. The 20 men in orange jumpsuits on their knees in Guantánamo was the authorised image of a U.S. Navy photographer in 2002. [7]

This underlines that narrative that Assange is being scapegoated for embarrassing Washington or the U.S. military. More likely he is being silenced.

Case study

On an ethical level, Wikileaks revealed the collusion of U.S. government officials and multinational corporations to destabilise and undermine countries; for example Nigeria, a country with huge oil and gas reserves and a history of colonial domination.

Former vice president Dick Cheney's oil services company Halliburton paid up to $180 million in bribes to Nigerian officials. The African government dropped charges in return for a settlement. [8]

Leaked cables revealed that the private intelligence agency of Shell had infiltrated every level of government in the capital Abuja and offered to share its inner workings with U.S. officials.

Wikileaks revealed that Pfizer was trying to find evidence against Nigeria's attorney general to pressure him to drop a case, which led to Pfizer paying over $75 million in compensation for testing a meningitis drug on Nigerian children without parental consent.

Most cables presented a slice-of-life view of diplomatic activity and since Wikileaks sifted them in advance, we don't know what proportion they represent.

The U.S. claim that Wikileaks damaged national security is misleading. Wikileaks redacted all sensitive information and contacted U.S. authorities to be sure. On one occasion Assange even called Hillary Clinton, though he was not connected.

Blame it on Assange

If Assange is not being prosecuted for embarrassing Washington or the U.S. military, what is the motive?

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16 Feb 2024 | 6:09 pm

3. Eurasia note #86: Russian Activist Alexei Navalny Dies, Cui Bono?

  • Alexei Navalny's death is a stain for Russia, however he died.
    A reputable political system keeps critics alive, not in the Arctic Circle.
    But foreign intel agencies like MI6, CIA know that too.
    He died just after Tucker opened a window on Russia with his Putin interview.

  • He was serving 19 years in a prison 40 miles north of the Arctic Circle on Kara sea.

  • Yamal-Nenets autonomous district prison service announced his death on Friday. "The inmate A.A.Navalny felt bad after a walk and almost immediately lost consciousness at the correctional colony No. 3 on Feb. 16."

  • Mainstream journalists keep their jobs by saying the same as everyone else.

  • Many will protect their reputation behind the herd. I put mine on the line with a challenging view based on visiting in Russia over 15+ years since the crisis of 1998.

  • Western intel has equal incentive to "offset" the damage done by Carlson's visit.

(2,300 words or about 11 minutes of your company.)

Feb 16, 2024

Facts take a back seat when people want a hero. That's how it goes. We're programmed to need a boogeyman, too.

So I'll be unpopular to question the infallibility of Alexei Navalny. You can't be the soul of the party if you question the host.

I won't besmirch his name, even though he made the infamous insect video - comparing the people of the Caucasus to cockroaches. [1]

He changed his game and switched from ethno-nationalist to anti-corruption campaigner.

He led an organisation that dealt some serious embarrassment to the Putin administration, filming the palatial residences of the Orthodox Patriarch as well as a baroque palace reportedly built by admirers for president Vladimir Putin. [2]

His campaign had some effect. It did prompt cosmetic attempts to clean up corruption and it eventually landed Navalny in hot water.

But Alexei Navalny was never the champion that the Western press portrayed when they made him their darling of the opposition. He barely scraped 2 per cent of the vote in national elections.

Western media — handmaiden of the intelligence services — dutifully chose him because there were few others fit for purpose.

The "girl band" Pussy Riot who splayed their legs and uncovered their bits in museums and, more offensively, churches, were never going to attract support.


The outpouring of sympathy for Navalny is understandable but also predictable. The latter because there are many prominent voices in the West, with a grudge against Putin.

Bill Browder, and investor with an early entrée to Russia due to his father having led the Communist Party USA, is one of them.

"Let's make no mistake, Putin assassinated Navalny. He did so because Navalny was brave enough to stand up to Putin. He did so because Navalny offered the Russian people and alternative to kleptocracy and repression. This is a tragic day for Navalny's family but also for Russia."

I have described the failings of Russia's economic system on many occasions.

The problems include the slow pace of legal reform, adapting Russian law to European. Another is the "oil curse" or Dutch disease — the dominance of the oil and gas sector which crowds out investment and talent because any aspiring professional can get richer more easily with a desk job at Gazprom.

Then there is the heavy hand of police and the security state. This takes a bit longer to explain.

Stasis and corruption

Russia is still reinventing itself after more than 70 years of Bolshevism, which was a combination of its own problems (land mass, logistics, industrialisation on such a scale, a northern latitude and a short growing season) plus imported problems, dispatched by Western bankers (the Bolsheviks).

What is the option for people making a living under onerous regulations, denied visas to the West except via political "charities" of Soros or USAID… was Navalny their hope? Read on.

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15 Feb 2024 | 4:37 pm

4. Crisis Update: Symbolism And Civilization's Collapse

  • World was on the verge of a meeting of minds as the Cold War ended

  • People saw there were no enemies, Reds or any colour, but criminal politicians

  • Worse, leaders had lied and concocted a conflict to suppress their own citizens

  • Today they have failed to create a global one-ism; so they fall back on war

  • Globalists are replacing the ties of ethnicity and culture with a vacuum

  • Loss of 'traditional solidarities' opens society to a crisis of morality

  • Edgar Morin, French philosopher says it is too late to avoid catastrophe

  • Veteran of WWII Resistance writes that the time has come to do it again

  • Resist every lie asserted as truth, and build autonomous networks

  • Yet many still party as Rome burns and conflict stalks the nations

  • Writhing and gurning with the vices of the eyeless

  • Bombarded with adverts for war; deaf to the cries and the rumours

  • If the all the countries are 'in this together,' who is coordinating it?

  • Footnotes are for paying subscribers

  • Footnotes do not 'prove' a point but show that it has some validity

See also Illusion And Pharmakeia - Or how bankers and robber barons plan to skin you alive (Jan 14, 2022)

(3,200 words or a quarter hour of your company).

The Course of Empire Destruction, by Thomas Cole, 1836

Feb 15, 2024

In 410, Rome fell for the first time in 800 years. The Annals of Rome are said to record that officials were warned that the Goths were closing in: 50 miles away, 10 miles away... 5 miles away and the Romans continued to party and lay horse racing bets in the Hippodrome.

Suborned officials, or some other unknown party, quietly opened the gates of Rome to admit the Visigoths.

"There was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president, 'The plane is 50 miles out. The plane is 30 miles out.' And when it got down to, 'The plane is 10 miles out,' the young man also said to the vice president, 'Do the orders still stand?' And the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said, 'Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?'" [1]

Sitting in the Pentagon on Sep 11, 2001, did defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld revive the symbolism of the sack of Rome, even if unwittingly?

Once again suborned officials at the very least kept secret their advance knowledge of the 911 attacks. [2]

This week the populace partied at the Super Bowl as other wars threatened to escalate out of hand; partied like it was 1999, or 409, having have been indulged for so long that most could not believe they might be about to lose everything.

How did we get here?

Edgar Morin, aged 102, a French sociologist and philosopher, last month wrote in Le Monde that the qualities of our civilization have deteriorated with the spread of selfishness, and "the disappearance of traditional solidarities."

Nature abhors a vacuum and into it has stepped technology, in particular computational mathematics and genetics.

Democracy is dying, he says, because "computerized control of populations and individuals, tend to form societies of submission that could be called neo-totalitarian."

Science has hitched a ride from the astonishing increase in computing power and memory (even if it no longer doubles as fast as Moore's law) and computer modelling now drives science and corresponding government policy. To model space, genes or viruses can be incredibly profitable even if we never get to the Moon or cure the common cold.

Technology makes possible the cybernetic control of humanity, but at root "the polycrisis we are experiencing across the planet is an anthropological crisis: it is the crisis of humanity failing to become Humanity." [3]

Morin subscribes to the idea of polycrisis — ecological, economic, political, social, civilizational — though this is a manufactured concept: a phrase Klaus Schwab emits with flecks of spittle as he gesticulates wildly, or the cascading crises of which president Joe Biden spoke at his inauguration.

It deflects attention from the perpetrators; though Morin's analysis still stands.

The qualities of our civilization have deteriorated, and traditional solidarities have disappeared. The reason is not purely organic or grass roots, although it is true that monetary systems have had a lifespan throughout history, empires rise and fall, and humans have expropriated and slaughtered each other for all of recorded time.

Cybernetics and the financialisation of personal data is driving technology which, like any, can be used for good or bad; it has no logic except, perhaps efficiency.

Profit drives ecological plunder, hidden behind the cover story of Climate Change. The plutocrats' solution is a carbon scam — or further plunder.

If globalism is creating a cultural and moral vacuum, this diminution of civilization is not accidental.

Unlike the leaders of Rome, today's oligarchs have consulted the Oracle, fear that they know their fate, and are trying to eliminate the rest of us, or take us down with them.


Great sucking sound

Globalism is whittling away the ties of ethnicity and culture, but has replaced them with a vacuum. In this void a process of entropy increases randomness and disorder.

This the opposite of what social engineers had hoped: that homogenisation would produce consistent behaviour across institutions, placing education in particular, into a tight lock with the state. They are still trying.

Globalists (who pursue globalism as "one world government" in contrast to the organic process of globalisation) have a schizophrenic relationship with nation states. They need national authorities to corral the people — to vaccinate them, for example, or lock them down (a prison term).

Yet the power of the owner/investors has long eclipsed states. The "college of corporations... one vast and ecumenical holding company" (Ned Beatty as Arthur Jensen, Network, 1976) has "trillions at its disposal far beyond global GDP, and with the greatest respect, beyond even the governments of the world's leaders" (King Charles, 2021). [4]

Academics may argue over the homogenizing of global culture, or half-way houses like heterogenization, and the extent to which there are uniform themes (literally, in the case of denim jeans). Politicians may think by jetting from the World Economic Forum to the next Climate Change conference that they have founded a globalist culture but they are neither cultured nor elite.

Wind of Change

Actually there was a moment, 35 years ago, when a global meeting of the minds of the populace did seem imminent.

It began in solidarity with the protestors in Tiananmen Square in April 1989, and horror at their brutal suppression in June; and the fall five months later of the Berlin Wall.

This change was visceral — not something happening on the television screen, mediated by BBC News, with vague verbiage about "a sense of" something impending while editors waited for the authorized text from the Foreign Office.

This was the Cold War vapourising; the enemy we had been told to fear had vanished.

We watched, live in February 1990, as Nelson Mandela walked out of the gates of his prison.

Russians embraced the Wind of Change, a song written by a German band, Scorpions, after a concert in Moscow convinced them the Cold War was coming to an end. (Songwriter and front man Klaus Meine has since rebutted claims that the CIA wrote the lyrics.)

Scorpions at Peace Rock Festival on August 13, 1989, at Lenin Stadium, Moscow, attended by 250,000 - [Click for 'Blackout']

The enemy, it turned out, was not the people, Reds, Blacks or any colour: it was the leaders who had failed us.

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You may subscribe to the Anatoliy Golitsyn theory that the communists faked their demise but the point stands: citizens on both sides of the iron curtain saw that the enemy was different to what they'd been told.

I was working at the BBC for Robin Lustig when we would contact by telephone a dissident priest in a barn somewhere in Romania to report first hand the planning of revolution, and suddenly there was an uprising in Timișoara and within weeks, the leader Nikolae Ceaușescu had been executed.

This presented a problem for the leaders of the West because it showed that even the most repressive dictators, with their secret police, the Securitate or Stasi, could be overthrown. Western citizens might also demand their republics back.

This was a huge problem. If the people got to keep their republic they would discover the rulers had looted the treasury. The Western political model, the social market, the welfare state, cradle to grave, was in crisis, unsustainable and soon to be insolvent.

Perhaps insolvent through negligence; maybe imploded deliberately as Golitsyn said of the USSR.

The journalist and author John Lanchester suggests the Western post-war economic miracle of lifetime employment, pensions and social security had been a temporary strategy to counterpose two camps in the Cold War. See, Whoops!: Why Everyone Owes Everyone And No One Can Pay (2010).

With no longer a "workers' paradise" with which to compete, 1991 heralded the end of the social compact between Western governments and citizens.


Corporate pensions were already being phased out in the 1980s in favour of inadequate personal schemes. The golden age by that stage had lasted only 40 years.

The social market wouldn't end immediately — the leaders feared their blood on the streets. Society would be militarized under cover of the War on Terror: the PATRIOT Act of 2001 would require every citizen prove their innocence, the people would be surveilled, government budgets would be devoted to the security state.

The Western oligarchs — the money at the top where the power resides — saw that the monetary and social system dating back through Bretton Woods to the founding of the privately-owned Federal Reserve central bank in 1913, was tottering.

There is no reason to accept the argument that polycrisis is inevitable; there are stronger arguments that it is being orchestrated and choreographed.

Of the cascading crises - ecological, economic, political, social, civilizational - we can make several observations:

  • Ecological plunder and its solution, the climate crisis, is profit driven;

  • Economic systems had been tried and failed: national socialism and communism;

  • Computerised control of populations enable a new economic model of austerity for the masses;

  • Political systems, like legislatures, are being subverted by corporate owners;

  • Representative government is undermined to accelerate social engineering;

  • Civilizational collapse is the replacement of moral order by arbitrary rules.

One world or multipolar?

An argument we hear often is that Russia and China are part of the globalist scheme for a one world government.

The supposed proof, that they use the same technologies — central bank digital currencies, biometric identity and social credit — is to misread technology.

In reality, governments take advantage of technological innovation because the same technology is available to all; it has no inherent logic or loyalty.

Silicon valley billionaires advance the same misconception — but in their case they would, wouldn't they, since they profit from doing so — that technology reshapes the globe into a one-world system of government.

Former CIA officer and analyst Clare Lopez advances the Golitsyn view that the USSR faked its demise and that Russia is at the heart of a communist plan to control the world. [5]

The problem with this view is that if Russia did not exist, the West would still be in the same hot mess.

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It is the West that has failed to live up to what it promised Western citizens: the social compact, the welfare state, cradle to grave, and such like. Even privately earned pensions are now in crisis. In the U.S. Social Security and Medicare are on course to go bankrupt within a decade.

The reality the Western audience must acknowledge is the log in its own eye.

Russia is still reinventing itself after more than 70 years of Bolshevism, which was a combination of its own problems (land mass, logistics, industrialisation on such a scale, a northern latitude and a short growing season) plus imported problems dispatched by Western bankers (the Bolsheviks).

President Vladimir Putin is no savant, and, yes, Tucker Carlson missed the opportunity to ask certain perceptive questions, like spelling out what Russian sovereignty means.

See Eurasia note #85: The Vladimir Putin-Tucker Carlson Interview - Probing, insightful but key questions missed (Feb 9, 2024)

War on the people

As the USSR collapsed in the late 1980s-early 1990s, Western populations learned they'd been sold a lie about the Red menace. No Western intelligence agency or leading Kremlinologist forecast the USSR's collapse. The CIA vastly overestimated the Soviet Union's economic advancement, power and stability.

The populace discovered their governments had misled them in other, even more brutal ways.

There was the dawning of realisation, in Europe at least, that the terrorist bombings that plagued the continent, from Red Army Faction of Baader–Meinhof, the Red Brigades, to the IRA, might not be all they seemed.

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Money Circus
9 Feb 2024 | 9:55 am

5. Eurasia note #85: The Vladimir Putin-Tucker Carlson Interview

  • Russia can't be defeated in Ukraine, says Putin on 2nd anniversary of war

  • 'We have no interest in Poland, Latvia or anywhere else. Why would we do that?'

  • War with Poland would happen 'only in one case: if Poland attacks Russia'

  • U.S. policy 'is not about the leader. It is not about the personality of a person'

  • 'If you really want to stop fighting, you need to stop supplying weapons'

  • Back channel talks with U.S. continue, in particular on missile systems

  • First individual interview with representative of Western media since 2019

  • Media flips, says Carlson asked 'softball' questions - as it does of Zelenskiy

  • Can it break the ice and avert escalation? You decide

(2,700 words or about 13 minutes of your company.)

Feb 9, 2024

Tucker Carlson's interview with president Vladimir Putin is a bombshell. Not because it tells much new to Russia observers, or to coddled Western telly watchers who won't see it. [1]

It is a large nail in the coffin of Western media's pretence to deliver intelligent, meaningful analysis.

The state corporate media is jealous of its (fading) control of what the public hears. As Mika Brzezinski said in 2020: "It's our job to control exactly what people think."

For comparison, here is Megyn Kelly's 2018 interview for NBC, headlined "Confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin."

Billed as a no-holds barred interview, she spewed fiction after fiction:

  • Russiagate, which many people knew at the time to be a hoax given the fingerprints of the FBI, CIA and Britain's MI6. [2]

  • Allegations that Syria's president gassed his own people, discredited by the exposure of the BBC's own fakery and an OPCW cover up. [3]

  • Hacking the Democratic National Committee server [4]

  • Creating bots to spread misinformation on Twitter and Facebook [5]

Regardless of the fictions, to which some people like Rachel Maddow still cling, such posturing and aggression is intended to push neo-liberal talking points aimed at the domestic audience: American propaganda for Americans.

Megyn Kelly was obnoxious: "c'mon, c'mon." More telling were the frequent cuts to people like Richard Haas, president of the Council on Foreign Relations: you were guided to listen to him not the interviwee, Putin.

Carlson's interview by contrast is a fact-seeking interview and not the point-scoring slap-down typical of so many television journalists. It was still adversarial but intelligently so.

Tucker could have been a bit better prepared. Certainly he should have studied the political leadership in Ukraine in the period 2008-2014. It's that kind of independent research that should set him apart from a Christine Amanpour, let alone a Kelly.

Ukraine's pro-Russian president Victor Yanukovych had agreed to an early election in 2014 which he was destined to lose, said Putin, so why the need for a coup, the attacks on civilians of Donbas, and why threaten the centuries old Russian warm water port in Crimea?

If better briefed, Carlson could have asked how Ukrainian politics got to the point where it could be so easily captured. One answer is the paradox that Russian gas historically transited, and still does, through Ukraine and that those fees helped fatten the wallets of compliant politicians. The scale of corruption would make a Moscow mayor blush.

The CIA went ahead with the coup costing the U.S. $5 billion initially, and later much more: a drawn out bloody conflict. This included burning down a trades union headquarters in Odesa with nearly 50 pro-Russian protestors inside. It continued through eight years of bombing of the Russian population in Donbas, and the assassination of ethnic Russian leaders, killing more than 14,000 people.

Legacy media ignores this, beginning with the invasion of Feb 2022, just as they think Gaza came into being on Oct 7, 2023. History and context do not interest lazy commentators.

Complaints about Carlson's interview include that he did not talk enough about Ukraine. In fact, it dominated most of the interview's two hours and six minutes.

What legacy commentators mean is that Carson did not spend at least half the time chanting a Ukrainian version of "Do you condemn Hamas."


A Russian president is not going to condemn his own military operation in Ukraine, nor reveal military planning. Instead he explained the rationale:

  • social and economic ties that bind Russia and Ukraine

  • economic logic against integrating Ukraine in the European Union

  • Russia's overtures to the West after the USSR's dissolution

  • West's promise that NATO would not expand to the east

  • Putin's own good relations with George W Bush

  • Western intel's promotion of extremism in Chechnya

  • West's aggressive response to losing economic dominance

  • CIA's actions to provoke Ukraine and Russia

  • Germany and Poland's role in provoking Ukraine

  • CIA's bombing of the Nord Stream gas pipeline

Carlson could have asked Putin to expand on his comment that the foreign policy establishment, not presidents, determine relations with Russia, and who this establishment represents.

The international bankers targeted Russia's resources in the 1990s, just as they launch resource wars around the globe. The Western banks advised Boris Yeltsin's government on the privatisation of state enterprises, and Western-linked oligarchs used criminal means to seize them, while taking control of the media and moving into politics.

Putin's ultimatum to the oligarchs was "stay out of politics and keep your money." One of the oligarchs who defied him, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was imprisoned and his oil company Yukos was broken up. Others like Boris Berezovsky chose exile.

The Yukos case was exactly the moment when Russia's relations soured and it is not difficult to conclude that Western bankers were those who felt most sour about Putin.

It would have been great to hear from this former Russian intelligence officer who he thinks runs Western intelligence agencies and to whom do they answer.

Carlson could have asked Putin how long he plans to stay in power: a presidential election takes place in mid-March that would see him secure a fifth term in office. He is bound to face a caterwaul of criticism from the flying monkeys who pass for Western politicians — it was an obvious question.

The insightful follow up would be to ask if the Putin's permanent presence is not a sign of strength but of the vulnerability of the Russian political system.

The cheeky kicker would be to raise the Western establishment's insistence that they want Putin gone — and their assumption that whoever replaced him would be a push over.

Putin casually referred to his discussions with president Bill Clinton, showing that he has outlasted five U.S. leaders. That would have been the time to slip in the question.

In fairness to Carlson, Western media has a lot of catching up to do. It has kept its audience in the dark about Russia for three decades; it covered the Soviet Union more often during the Cold War.

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Money Circus
8 Feb 2024 | 3:15 pm

6. 3 Crises: Casting Rocks At Regimes Built On Lies

  • Attacks in Gaza are not a distraction from Covid but a challenge to all...

  • a one-two punch against humanity, of medical tyranny and war

  • The threat of a bullet to a child who throws a rock at a tank

  • Defiance is the only answer to those who seek to control and subjugate humanity

  • States are at war with central banks, as in the days of president Andrew Jackson

  • As their propaganda and censorship totters, they turn as always to war

  • Europe's first 'digitized state' Ukraine to freeze assets of those who dodge draft

  • War, climate, pandemic - the joint path to centralised subjugation of the people

  • Central bank digital 'currency' is not currency - it is a control grid

(2,900 words of 14 minutes of your company.)

Feb 8, 2024

Citizens across the Western world are being threatened with the draft and told to prepare for war.

It is proof, if you need, that Climate Change, food and energy restrictions are a pretext for the same centralised control as delivered by militarization and conflict.

The attacks in Gaza are not a distraction from the Covid response. They are one-two punch, threatening the people with perpetual wars unless they submit to a global dictatorship.

Gaza is a glimpse of the future; a demonstration pour encourager les autres. The normalisation of brutality, so that you don't see it coming.

New readers may be surprised at what seems an outlandish conclusion; just as we are confounded by the many strands of the globalist project.

These are simply a set of solutions to a set of crises — some organic, some orchestrated — with a single objective: control, down to the level of DNA. It doesn't get more granular or intrusive than that.

Covid was the first attempt to introduce digital identification under the guise of a vaccine passport. War and the militarisation of society is another way to achieve the same.

Prince Charles told the COP26 summit in Nov 2021 that a "war-like footing" was needed to tackle the climate crisis, a "vast military-style campaign."

However it is not about the climate, which has always been a pretext for rationing resources in order to achieve control. Such control means subjugating (to bring under domination or control, especially by conquest).

Crisis > identification > rationing > subjugation


Digital prison

Ukraine's government under president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has presented itself as the world's first fully digitized state.

Ukraine's government continues its drive towards a digital "reset" with plans for a central bank digital currency, the E-hryvnia, and plans to step up e-commerce and trade in digital services. Not surprisingly this includes digital identity or ID2020 on the pretext that people need to identify themselves given "the loss of critical documentation or displacement across borders."

Kyiv already has the Diia system, launched in 2020, that combines most forms of ID and provides access to government services. In Mar 2022 the government said it would consider linking it to a universal basic income. In Aug of that year it added the ability to register real estate that's been damaged in the war.

See Eurasia note #67 - China's Xi In Surprise Visit To Saudi Arabia (Dec 7, 2022)

This week, on Feb 7, Reuters reported the parliament had approved "asset freezes for those who are trying to dodge the draft" in the first reading of a bill on mobilization.

Central bank digital currency (CBDC) incoming... turning off your money unless you enlist. CBDC is not about digital convenience, it is about ending cash; it is not a currency, it is a control grid (Catherine Austin Fitts). [1]

In social and economic terms it is a centralised digital ledger. If all property is on one ledger, no-one pays anyone and thus there are effectively no assets. Since there are no assets or ownership it is consistent with the World Economic Forum's slogan, "you'll own nothing and you'll be happy." However, someone will control the ledger.

See Digital Currency A Fig Leaf For Central Planning (May 27, 2023)

Unfortunately the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and the G20 group of leading industrialised nations last year adopted digital IDs and CBDCs. The globalists have managed so far to sell their centralised control grid in multiple countries.

The reason is panic. Any financial system depends on the rule of law. The West's "rules-based international order" is increasingly lawless or law fare. The oiler-bankers seek to impose their order out of chaos.

Awesome Wells

George Orwell wrote the most compelling polemic on permanent war. The most frightening, in rationale and the authors' connection to globalists were H.G. Wells and Aldous Huxley.

Look through their lens if you cannot yet see the dialectic of order out of chaos; in particular Wells' The Shape of Things to Come (1933) or the film version, Things to Come.

"If we don't end war," he said, "war will end us."

Wells had invented the phrase "War to end war" in 1914. He was still promoting it in the 1930s because it was the palliative to bring in one world government, which as a Fabian was his role. After the outbreak of the second war he published, in Jan 1940, The New World Order.

The script dated back to his A Story of the Days to Come written in 1897 and his manuscript on society and economics, The Work, Wealth and Happiness of Mankind (1931).

"There may be an air raid... the danger will not be great. As soon as the danger is over we will sound the all clear. The streets will be dangerous, do not assemble in crowds, keep indoors, go home...

Go home, go home, get out of the streets, go home."

How was this not cultural programming for WW2, prefiguring the Blitz? The Blitz was unknowable... but Wells knew.

Poison gas was knowable... and Wells exaggerated the threat.

"The enemy is near the breaking point and defeated on land and sea and have nevertheless retained a few aeroplanes which are difficult to locate and destroy. These they are using to spread a wandering sickness, a new fever of mind and body. Avoid sites where bombs have fallen. Do not drink stagnant water."

He predicted not just the Cold War but bio warfare, extending beyond 1945 to 1955 to 1960.

At every step the people would be promised, like Soviet citizens, that with one more push they would achieve Nirvana — and yet in the same breath, more suffering!

In 1966, he wrote, that there would be a newspaper headline: "The end is in sight. Victory is coming."

At the same time: "The image is Every Town. All is bombed to a shell."

Social breakdown follows. A strange and terrible pestilence and the "wandering sickness spreads unchecked throughout the world."

"Is there nothing that will make her comfortable?," he writes of a woman lying in a hospital bed. "There is nothing that will make anyone comfortable any more." The dying emerge, like zombies, from the hospitals to be shot dead.

Only by 1970 did man "realise that the epidemic was over and social vitality was returning."

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The dam breaks

As stated above, these are simply a set of solutions to a set of crises, some organic, some orchestrated.

Three articles in the past month have broken through the gatekeeper system of peer review to expose the exaggeration of the Climate Change narrative. [2]

Volvo has abandoned electric vehicles, Ford cancelled some models; Hertz dropped them from its rental fleet. Renewable energy has been exposed as a subsidy boondoggle.

Energy capacity is in crisis. Nuclear, oil and gas has been shut down before renewable alternatives have been shown to be feasible, let alone on stream as a replacement.

Food production is curtailed in the name of reducing nitrogen or C02. The mind wonders: is there a connection between the popularity of chemistry that leads to narcotic abuse, while the chemistry of life is inexplicably denied as if two plus two cannot possibly make four?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has not responded with its own peer-reviewed study because it cannot. The Green Meanies call people "deniers" and such.

This week they blamed the comedy character Mr Bean for poor EV sales — Rowan Atkinson trained as an electrical engineer and has voiced his doubts about them.

We are not in the presence of logic, let alone science.

And so to war

More than 100,000 Palestinians have been killed, injured, or are missing, according to the United Nations.

The Gaza genocide is the most documented in history, yet the most denied. A genocide is acknowledged inversely to its documentation.

The Holocaust looms tall because of, not despite, the lack of documentation to support the claims made in its name. As a friend comments, the Holocaust doesn't need documentation. It has Hollywood.

Just as John Pilger died, I suspect, when confronted with the horrors of the attack in Gaza about which he had written for much of his life, so the revisionist historian of WW2, David Irving seems to be in his decline, at the age of 85, as the Holocaust inverts. [3]

Irving's conclusions seem mild in the context of today: that no documentation exists proving that Hitler gave an order to exterminate Jews, that the tally is exaggerated, while the toll in Dresden and the Rheinwiesenlager was cruelly suppressed.

He was answered with law fare (legal action for political purposes) and censorship. As he struggles with illness he has been hit with a £2.4 million legal bill after losing his libel case against activist Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books over her book Denying the Holocaust last year.

Following Jan 29's Appeal Court ruling, Irving has 21 days to pay the first £150,000 of legal costs. He continues another case against Guardian Newspapers and writer Gitta Sereny, the biographer of Hitler's architect Albert Speer.

Despite today's culture of the three wise monkeys, it is not necessary to agree with Irving's conclusions to defend his right to speak. As the champion of Austrian economics Murray Rothbard wrote of revisionist historians: "Such truth is almost desperately needed in today's world."

"Revisionism as applied to World War II and its origins (as also for previous wars) has the general function of bringing historical truth to an American and a world public that had been drugged by wartime lies and propaganda...

"Revisionism brings to the artificial frenzy of daily events and day-to-day propaganda, the cool but in the last analysis glorious light of historical truth."

War on truth

The answer, uncomfortable as it may be, is staring us in the face.

The War on Terror was always about preparing the domestic population for the end of the Western economic system. Nine Eleven advanced the surveillance state, criminalised the population, turning every person in to security suspect, and militarised the police.

Covid introduced the Fusion Doctrine of "one government" and one health in which information is centralised and all government departments act as one, creating an unsurmountable bureaucratic imbalance of power between individual and state.

It heralded the death of what remained of democracy.
See The Sudden Lifting Of Covid Rules (Jan 20, 2022)

The enemy is humanity

Regular subscribers may be familiar with this section but it bears repeating until one can find a more resilient account for present events, given the personnel and events that are beyond contention.

"There is no 'means known more effective than war, assuming you wish to alter the life of an entire people' according to the Carnegie Foundation in 1908 (after which it implemented a strategy to persuade the U.S. president to involve the U.S. in a war.)"

See Spies, Dupes and Charities; Rivals for Power, Part 4. Norman Dodd and the tax-exempt foundations (Moneycircus, Aug 2021)

However in 1972 a second means emerged, which became what is known to us today as Climate Change.

David Rockefeller's Club of Rome (named after his Lake Como Bellagio estate) sponsored the publication of The First Global Revolution (Council of the Club of Rome, 1991) — a sequel to The Limits To Growth (1972) — in which they admitted that they needed a cover story that would remove opposition to their objectives.

"In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill… All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself."

See Gurus Or Goons: Assessing The Theatre Of Davos (Moneycircus, Jan 2023)

The watchtower

"There must be some kind of way out of here
Said the joker to the thief
There's too much confusion
I can't get no relief
Businessmen, they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth
None will level on the line
Nobody offered his word."

Are things what they seem? We are heirs to the 1960s and 70s, and every lie of that era weighs heavily upon our time.

Gaza is clear as day a land grab launched in Oct 2023. Lahaina, Hawaii, experienced the same in Aug 2023; Maui County is refusing to let residents who lost their homes in the fire to clear their own property — let alone rebuild. Acapulco was struck by a freak storm in Oct 2023. In the past week fires in Chile show tell tale signs of arson.

Canada rounded up arsonists responsible for the autumn's fires. Little surprise that some were promoters of Climate Change and simultaneously "conspiracy theories" that the government was starting fires deliberately. [4]

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Money Circus
2 Feb 2024 | 12:42 pm

7. WW3 Or State Terror - You Decide

  • Are we heading for WW3 or are governments already at war with the population?

  • It depends how you define war; the answer is key to survival

  • Billionaires convinced of their moral virtue echo Jacobins and Bolsheviks

  • Clausewitz says policy or 'reason' must identify with the interests of the people

  • Yet righteous policy makers committed to 'justice' have no need of the masses

  • Once divorced from the people, reason takes flight - where we find us today

  • Even war with partisans did not extend to civilians in Clausewitz moderate view

  • So policy makers created 'hybrid war' defining all civilians as suspect…

  • from the ruins of Gaza to the Western jabbing fields

  • No ideological handbook or 'theory' can overturn reason

  • If governments can't be at war with the people, democide must be state terror

  • Policy is unhinged and can be contained only by mass action

See also:

Any 'Emergency' Would Be Step Closer To Dictatorship (Sep 21, 2023)
Rant In Age Of Narrative - Military exposed in butt clench of public discourse (Jan 31, 2023)
Rule By Mind War And Disinformation (Nov 22, 2022)
The Great Reset As Subversion (Jan 2, 2022)
When The Satirists Take Charge - War is hell, bankers fund both sides and politics is theatre (Mar 6, 2022)
Bankers Prance To War And Slavery: 'If there must be trouble, let it be in my day' (Dec 4, 2021)
Bankers Prance To War, Part 2: Enter high-steppin' Alexander Hamilton, globalist hero (Dec 8, 2021)
Spies, Dupes and Charities - Rivals for Power, Part 4. Norman Dodd and the tax-exempt foundations (Aug 7, 2021)

(2,700 words or about 12 minutes of your time.)

Democide: Cambodia's killing fields

Feb 2, 2024

You want it darker?

Excess death is carrying off 50 to 60 year-olds at an accelerating pace in Americas, the Crown colonies and Western Europe. Among the next generation, aged one-14, it is running at 22 per cent according to British data, which is the most open and available.

That's not enough death for our leaders, it seems.

Phwoar, it's war. Mighty mouse Grant Shapps, internet buccaneer and UK defence secretary, says the country is moving from a "post war to a pre-war world." Gonna fight to the last Ukrainian and throw Brits and Americans into the grinder.

Victoria Nuland is handing out cookies again in Ukraine, at least metaphorically.

Mighty mouse is not alone. Head of the British Army and a Dutch military chief in NATO say to prepare for a major conflict on European soil that could happen at any time. Sweden's civil defence minister says join Dad's Army and do it now.

International law is... meh... old school. The Genocide Convention, the Nuremberg Code are honoured in the breach. Sydney lawyer Peter Fam says they've been broken blatantly, multiple times, through medical experimentation without consent. In Australia even domestic laws were shunted aside — the Human Rights Act and the Privacy Act — as politicians traded in personal data, sometimes for their own profit.

Now we're getting war without consent. They're talking about mandating the draft.

This is the tripod of medical tyranny, rationing because Climate Change, and finally war, which is the poisonous cup proffered to a people worn down by the media's incantation of "cascading crises."


In each crisis you can trace origins to the oil and banking interests or, to use their names as placeholders for the syndicate, R, R & R: Rockefeller, Rothschild and Rex.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is all you need to know about the links between big tech, social media and war. He is talking up the "war of the future" to promote his White Stork kamikaze drone company.

A stork is a symbol of peace that brings mama a baby, but Schmidt wants the young one to survive just long enough to die fighting for bankers.

Planned misery is what they're up to: making life hell for migrants (admitting them with nothing to give but winter streets), hell for Ukrainians (blocking peace deals, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says Ukraine must have war to frighten China and profit America), and threatening hell for the next generation of Western youth.

It is the first conflict in which the head of NATO openly talks about war as profit. [1]

U.S. politicians are brazen about fighting to the last Ukrainian, while Germany throws its weight behind Israel, deflecting its own role in the holocaust by projecting its crimes upon Palestinians.

The World Court after its genocide hearing ruled that food and relief must be let into Gaza. The West did the opposite and withdrew funding from the United Nations agency that provides relief to Palestinians (UNRWA).

Amputate them! Without anaesthesia! No clean drinking water! Shoot if they approach food trucks!

Sadly, there is not a single word of exaggeration.

Palestinians have been dehumanised just like Russians, over a period of decades. It started with Muslims the moment the West no longer needed the mujahideen to fight Russians in Afghanistan. Western media now conflates Palestinians with the West's own creation, ISIS. Russians were conflated with the Soviet Union, culminating in the hoax of Russiagate, and manoeuvred into conflict with the Ukraine.

"And So This Is Witless," sang Lennon, "And What Shall Be Done" — or was that Lenin?

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Enough levity in the face of depravity. Let's analyse it. If children are to be fed into the meat grinder of war, let us at least try to define it. By agreeing on war's parameters, we can at decide who is at war with whom, and if it is justified.

Mr War

Distilled to its essence, "pure war" or absoluter Krieg — as an impulse or primordial force — does not exist in the real world.

Western politicians like to say that it does: the isolated act, not caused by previous events, merely sudden and intemperate.

They would have us believe that that the spirit of pure evil suddenly occupies the body of a particular leader somewhere — usually in a state they want to destroy, like Yugoslavia, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Russia or Iran — who becomes the ogre or witch worthy of the grimmest book of cautionary tales for children.

War cannot be waged on a people. Again, politicians like to say that it can: "They hate us for our freedoms," to quote president George W. Bush.

The state corporate media wants you to know, from the attacks in Gaza, that states can indeed declare war on a people. Any head of state can become "Hitler," just as women and children can become Hamas.

But is this war? Couples go to battle, human beings kill each other, without it being war. And what is the distinction between war and terror?

A leading authority on war is Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831) a Prussian general who studied the interplay of social psychology and politics to draw up the rules of war. This was supposed to protect civilians, and gave rise to the Geneva Conventions.

He lived at a time when the modern state, then 300 years old, was approaching its pinnacle, when governments could raise large armies through internal order and taxes, and when politicians still cared about honour and reputation.

Finance capital was a rising force but the state had not yet capitulated to commercial corporations. It was, however, already challenged by other types of corporation. See Guildsmen Trap Us in the Middle Ages - Rivals for Power, Part I (Jul 6, 2021). See Also Pirates, Privateers And Merchant Adventurers (Aug 14, 2023).

Today's disputes over Clausewitz have a theological quality but his insights into human conduct endure, writes M.L.R. Smith of King's College, London. This is despite attempts to refashion war into a struggle between a morally righteous elite and the fearful thoughts of sectarians driven by identity politics (Mary Kaldor, London School of Economics). [2]

He is still quoted not because he opines on military strategy but because he knew something of the political mind, and that of policy makers.

Clausewitz contradicted himself occasionally as he wrestled with a definition, such as whether bloodshed was required. At one point he states that war need not involve shedding blood in the field or even the use of weaponry, so long as one party can disarm the other or persuade it to submit.

Our interest here is whether a state can wage war on a people. He lived before the era of bombing from the air and nuclear weapons — though some contend that biological warfare, mass infection and poisoning, already existed.

In short he recognised war as state versus state. A state may find itself challenged by partisans or irregulars, and tribes may clash in a pre-state civilisation. This does not extend, however, to civilians becoming the primary target, as in nuclear war or with the bombing of Dresden, or in Gaza.


"Where he would draw the line is where the current law of armed conflict also stops," argues Hugh Smith, of the Australian Defence Force Academy.

"Fighting cannot be recognised as war when fighters rely on tactics and choose targets that are essentially civilian rather than military; when their attacks are small-scale and not part of a wider campaign; when they lack central control; and when there is no prospect of success.

In such cases governments will likely treat them as criminals rather than enemies with whom some resolution of the conflict might be achieved, whether by force, negotiation or a combination of both." [3]

Lack of consent

Working back from the essence of pure war, the impetus is not elemental but human; not eternal but temporal, and time is related to information: "for me to know; for you to find out."

This imbalance in time and information was evident in the Covid response: big pharma, regulators, bureaucrats and the military knew of the risks of the mRNA shot; the bulk of the public did not, at least until much later.

It was a military operation according to researchers Katherine Watt, Sasha Latypova, David Martin and prof Michel Chossudovsky who have traced the planning and development of the Covid shots to the Pentagon. NSSM-200 or the Kissinger report remains the foundational document of U.S. population control. Though originally directed at developing countries it is another tool of foreign policy that came home. [4]

Clausewitz said war emerged from a "remarkable trinity" of passion, reason and chance — or hatred, calculation and hazard — of which reason is key.

He is famous for his statement that policy, which stems from passion and reason, does not stop with the outbreak of war but continues throughout — war being the continuation of politics (or rather, policy) by other means.

This means that war can't be separated from the policy that gave rise to it, "but must be shaped in accordance with the primary political purposes for which it is undertaken" (M.L.R. Smith).

That policy (the reasoning) must be rooted in public consent or at least its interest. What does that tell us about the Covid response?

Temper of the people

The key phrase in Hugh Smith's quote is that when bands of citizens engage in conflict "governments will likely treat them as criminals." This is not a concession, as if to be a criminal makes you less than a military target.

With the passage of the U.S. PATRIOT Act in 2001, attorney general John Ashcroft said preventing terrorist acts had become more important than punishing crimes after the event. This made all citizens suspects in an endless War on Terror. The Covid laws would make all citizens suspects in an endless war on an elusive bug.

See: Any 'Emergency' Would Be Step Closer To Dictatorship (Sep 21, 2023)

Read more

Money Circus
1 Feb 2024 | 2:35 pm

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Money Circus
31 Jan 2024 | 8:35 pm

9. Censorship On The Rise From EU To Brazil

  • AI is replacing journalists, leaving the state without stenographers

  • State's answer is censorship under the guise of online safety...

  • hiding crimes from vaccine and cull, to war, under hate speech laws

  • Censors deem people criminal by imputing intent

  • Questioning Covid response = conspiracy theory = hate speech = anti-Semitism

  • EU attacks entire countries: accuses Hungary of blackmail for defying Eurocrats

  • What they really, really want is war; and they'll brook no resistance

  • Censorship aims to disguise imperial and colonial zombies — They Live!

  • Western states cannot survive without poor countries to pillage

  • Youth are arising, challenging 'elites' as oppressors of the oppressed

  • Latest NWO testing ground is Brazil as it broadens censorship

  • Given the slave history of globalists it is clearly a socio-economic favourite

See also: Journalists! What is to be Done? (Jun 29, 2021)
BBC Flirts With 'Deeper Authority' (Aug 18, 2021)
(2,900 words or about 12 minutes of your company.)

Jan 31, 2024

CNN Philippines is closing down; Sports Illustrated has shut; Washington Post is laying off dozens, the LA Times is immolating staff. Media companies laid off 20,000 jobs in 2023, says Forbes. [1]

Is the future distinction not between legacy media and alt media, but imaginative, creative, original thought vs AI generated clickbait?

All the journalists' work has been scraped into machine learning models. Much newsroom journalism is a robotic production job nowadays. Many good journalists have left state corporate media.

How will governments sell their narrative without the semblance of a diverse media? The answer, it seems, is censorship.

The open internet is coming to an end to be replaced by the Zero Trust Strategy (ZTS) — which calls for all internet users to be authenticated at all times. This follows from the post 911 laws that viewed all citizens as guilty unless they could prove otherwise to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The pretext for ZTS will be a war, perhaps arising out of the attack in Gaza, or cascading crises.


Takeover machines

The scope and power of AI already may exceed what we are told. McKinsey estimated that 30 per cent of hours worked in the US could be automated by 2030.

White collar, middle class jobs are in jeopardy. Chat GPT is flavour of the month, and according to Business Insider jobs at risk include tech industry, accounting and legal. In some areas it has already made inroads: teaching, finance, trading, healthcare, graphic design, customer service and journalism.

Goldman Sachs calculated in March that technology could soon replace the equivalent of 300 million jobs in the U.S. and Europe. This is one reason the powers that be (TPTB) think they no longer need the workforce of the past.

See Artificial Intelligence, Digital ID And Depopulation - Worldcoin and life in an app (Aug 1, 2023)

I've been in the reporting/editorial business for 40 years and during the past 15 years it has changed (partly because I moved from reporter to editor) but I was run ragged.

Friends had told me for two decades to leave the industry but I could still get paid fairly well. However, companies wanted every last drop: 15-hour days sometimes.

I have since left and live by this writing and the much appreciated support of readers.

Moneycircus is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

I won't bore you with the details of the journalistic life: suffice to say I would train reporters how to write (yes, some get a job nowadays without knowing how to write). The task became 90 per cent production: marking up, processing, homogenising.

I don't know if AI was watching but if it had been I could have given the machine a great training. By monitoring our process, watching how reporters learn and improve, AI might have attained 80 per cent of what a producer does nowadays.

In the past 20 years news agencies like Reuters (my former employer) farmed out jobs like financial market reporting to India. Few journalists walk the City, talking to brokers and bankers, visiting the London Stock Exchange, the Bank of England and financial regulators to form a rounded view as I did in the early 1990s. Increasingly the reports are just about data, which you can see if you watch CNBC (for whom I also worked, covering the bond markets).

News reporting by AI can potentially update in real time faster than a human is capable. Without the judgement of an experienced editor it would, of course, make errors, but these would be corrected as better information arrived.

That is unacceptable, since it could mislead markets and decision makers, for example, but we already live in an era when the slogan of television news networks should be "Never Wrong For Long."

Dissident or contrarian journalists who serve a specific audience are one cohort that can stay ahead of AI — and the audience is what makes it special. For if the state wanted to write clickbait tips or vitriol to excite or polarise, AI could do that too, serving TPTB by driving people to extremes where they would seek conformity with authority, tribe or market index.

See Just Following Orders: How Media Creates Conformity - Polarization leads people to side with authority (Jan 28, 2024)

Online Safety &c.

The push for "trusted voices" by politicians suggests that they are working in league with the industry. Both gain from collaboration.

If you wanted to clear the decks for AI journalism, it would be helpful to ensure that there was no contrarian or dissident competition, for that would embarrass the robots and spoil the party.

Hate speech, online safety and trusted voices initiatives amount to the same: homogenisation.

Coincident clampdowns

See how anti-Semitism rose the forefront right at the moment the public rose up against the Covid measures.

The EU is financing a massive project called: EU Strategy on Combating Antisemitism and Fostering Jewish Life (2021-2030).

Its chief, Katharina von Schnurbein, claims was that "a recent study commissioned by the EU's directorate-general for justice found that when it comes to anti-Jewish hate on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook, there was a 13-fold increase in German language posts, and a seven-fold increase in French ones during the pandemic."

The Covid-19 pandemic was accompanied by "a virus of hate."

Credit to Paul Cudenec at Winter Oak for the article for highlighting the timing of the EU's focus on Anti-Semitism and the parallel projects of Covid, climate lockdown and war. [2]

Very timely, Schnurbein's project also targeted Palestinians, smearing the boycott movement and adopting the ADL's equation of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism.

The findings are based on one report, ordered by those same people in the European Commission and intergovernmental institutions who are concerned that the public is waking up, albeit belatedly, to the plandemic.

Although published by EU staff it was a report-to-order from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, one of the many profitable non-profits in the "disinformation", "hate" and "extremism" space. It reads as follows:

"Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic uncertainties and anxieties around the virus have been weaponised by a broad range of extremists, conspiracy theorists and disinformation actors, who have sought to propagandise, radicalise and mobilise captive online audiences during global lockdowns."

This, it says, has "dangerous implications for public safety, social cohesion and democracy."

Examples of anti-Semitism were confined to a rather limited number of German online posts that they examined — just four per cent.

They used the formula: Questioning the Covid response = conspiracy theory = hate speech = anti-Semitism.

They made no concession that people had a right to question the Covid response.

Grey laws

In Britain the new Online Safety Bill awaits the royal assent. It deems people criminal if they send a message, know it is false, it causes harm, and if the sender has no excuse for sending the message. It applies not just to words but to any link you attach.

Vague is vogue. The test is that communication causes "non trivial psychological harm" yet it also requires that police can prove the sender knew the information was false, and intended to do harm.

This has the grey miasma of Soviet law which was written hazily enough to give wiggle room — to let off a connected person and snare an opponent.

As UK Column News points out in its Jan 31 broadcast, during the government's Covid response, the Scientific Pandemic Insights group, SPI-B, intended to "use media to increase sense of personal threat." Is it also guilty? [3]

As for stirring up hatred, what are we to make of British prime minister Rishi Sunak's Rwanda deportation bill, which as we have pointed out, is little different to the measures proposed by AfD or Britain's Patriotic Alternative. It seems it is perfectly all right to propose deporting migrants to Rwanda, so long as your name is Rishi Sunak and not, say, Roland Hartwig or Alice Weidel.

See Germany May Ban Opposition Party - Globalists desperate as their narrative Babel breaks down (Jan 21, 2024)

Your daily Hitler

It is a commonplace that every rival the Western plutocrats wish to unseat, they first denounce as a new Hitler:

  • CNN, 1999: Milošević, the new Adolf Hitler?

  • Sydney Morning Herald, 2002: Saddam the new Hitler, Bush tells Europeans

  • The Atlantic, 2011: Is Qaddafi the New Hitler?

  • NPR, 2017: White House Spokesman Stumbles Over Assad-Hitler Comparison

No-one objected to this last Hitler until Sean Spicer stated Hitler "didn't even sink to using chemical weapons" and was forced to clarify that he meant "on his own people."

Fidel Castro was Hitler (U.S. representative to the UN Vernon Walters); Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is Hitler (Pope Francis); Russian president Vladimir Putin has been Hitler since 2014, according to prince, now king, Charles. [4]

Anyone can be designated "worst person ever" just as the "rules-based international order" is invoked to justify any war. As Humpty Dumpty said, "A word means exactly what I want it to mean, nothing more, nothing less."

The Alice In Wonderland technique refers in psychological operations to perplexing the subject of an interrogation, or the public, by confounding their expectations and reactions.


Hungry for war

The Guardian is a useful guide to the neocon mind.

A leaked EU document shows the Woke warmongers plan to sabotage Hungary's economy if the latter fails to support prolonging the war in Ukraine.

The Daily Groan spins this as Budapest "blackmailing" the EU, when Victor Orbán, recently re-elected in a landslide is perfectly within his right to oppose the any policy drawn up by the unelected, appointed, dirigiste, anti-democratic, corporate-run European Commission.

Actually the blackmail line comes from the Financial Times: "Fury mounting across European capitals at what one diplomat called the 'policy of blackmail' being pursued by the Hungarian prime minister."

The FT is a once-great newspaper that has been captured, like many, by the self-described deities of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusivity —but only according to the gospel of BlackRock and Lynn Forester de Rothschild's Council for Inclusive Capitalism.)

If policy making is reduced to emotion — and clearly the emotional blackmail is coming from Brussels (HQ of NATO and EC) against Budapest — how long before the Commission pays for rapid response units to had out white feathers in the streets of Europe to blackmail emotionally the people to sign up to fight for the bankers: 1914, 1939, (perhaps 1991 had the USSR not collapsed) and now 2024; so every 25-50 years.

Zionism as shield

European and U.S. rulers are not concerned what you or I think about Israel. The descendents of European imperialists seek to obscure their own plans.

They do not like Zionism being called a form of imperialism (settler colonialism) and they really don't like it being called ethno-nationalism.

To the British imperialists like Alfred Milner (part of the Rothschild-Cecil/Salisbury clique that still runs foreign policy through Chatham House and the CFR and who wrote the Balfour declaration) it was situated within a plan to make the British empire permanent, if not as a federation, then as a lose commonwealth of like-minded nations.

Today's rulers are not worried about the history. Life is brutal and short, as the modern champion of reapolitik Heinz Kissinger might have said.

Today's rulers are worried that Zionism exposes the eugenic, rapacious, land-grabbing, resource wars of their own venality.

Paper money (fiat currency) has allowed forever wars; technology has democratised killing by drone. Now they subsidise a war on their own citizenry through Green energy. The number of solar panels is to double by 2025, increasing the demand for industrial silver. The resource wars are sure to follow, and more likely competition for rare earth minerals.

Naked and nationless

For centuries they have cloaked empire in nationalism. Now, however, they are dismantling the nation state, except in the case of Israel (this makes Israel an outlier — another reason for raising anti-Semitism. The explanation may be that banking interest largely own the territory of Israel, but that's another article.)

What is nationalism, however, and what is empire?

Nationalism, to you and me, might be captured in the phrase, "the land of my birth." But that is not the imperialist view, who see the domestic population as mere chattel; cannon fodder to overthrow and expropriate another population.

Empire can only achieve its goals by dominating and subjugating another people; thus it is a genocidal project. It can only be sustained at scale if it is co-opted by bankers since the cost of war is beyond the means of kings. Only chartered, multinational corporations — public private partnership in the modern lingo — can turn the captured land and peoples into profit, as the East India Company and its successors have done for 500 years.

See Pirates, Privateers And Merchant Adventurers (Aug 15, 2023)

Read more

Money Circus
28 Jan 2024 | 6:32 pm

10. Just Following Orders: How Media Creates Conformity

  • Media's canard of polarisation is a feature not a bug of unified governance

  • Television bias and slant sows the outrage that creates opposition

  • When pushed to extremes, people cling to the power vertical or horizontal norms

  • Could polarisation's bedfellow, populism, be manipulated too?

  • Social unity of the Cold War crumbled as the wealth gap widened

  • Aim is to distract people from income inequality, shared class and culture

  • Filter bubble creates 'extreme' cohorts and provides the 'enemy'

  • Manipulates behaviour, 'othering' half the population

  • Paradoxically polarisation opens door to globalist communitarians

See also:
The Press: Gorgon or Victim? - Strange Rebirth of the NSO Pegasus Cell Phone Saga (Jul 20, 2021)
BBC Flirts With 'Deeper Authority' - The corporation takes an ominous turn (Aug 18, 2021)
The Never Normal is Forever - UK Gov aims to Embed Control through 'New Identities' (Sep 7, 2021)
Rule By Mind War And Disinformation (Nov 22, 2022)
Rant In Age Of Narrative - Military exposed in butt clench of public discourse (Jan 31, 2023)
Governments Are Criminalizing Dissent - Conspiracy theorists are now branded as anti-Semites (Jul 11, 2023)
Germany May Ban Opposition Party - Globalists desperate as their narrative Babel breaks down (Jan 21, 2024)

(2,900 words or 14 minutes of your company)

Orchestrated opposition in London, UK, Nov 2023. Credit: Jeff Gilbert

Jan 28, 2024

Television viewers are triggered by candidates who are not to their taste. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow told viewers that the channel would not air "lies" and censored Donald Trump's speech after his landslide win in the Iowa caucuses on Jan 16.

CNN host Michael Smerconish said it was the wrong decision, then ran into his own cancel crisis when he lined up Arizona's former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr..

A tantalizing discussion? Viewers thought different.

"I turned the show off at 9:32 a.m. EST today right after [Kennedy] and before [Lake], two liars who should not be given a platform to spread more lies. I get that you want to be fair and balanced, but you've gone too far." [1]

We hear words like bias — when a writer or interviewer tries to sway a discussion; or excludes a perspective — but this is different. Audiences take offence and political technologists capitalise by providing safe spaces, offering up guests with identical views to their own.

At the World Economic Forum talking shop this month, polarization and trust were the buzzwords. This spectre, real or faux, derives from the same who condemn it.

See Germany May Ban Opposition Party - Globalists desperate as their narrative Babel breaks down (Jan 21, 2024)

The self-described "elites" admit they are not listening to the people, leading to the rise of "populism." They concede that representation as we knew it, from local government, up through school boards and parish councils, to metropolitan executives, to the state and federal legislatures, is on life support.

Like dead-eyed doctors touting needles and tubes of Midazolam and Remdesivir, the hired thugs of plutocracy are intent on finishing off the patient, with a smirk of phony concern.

This is no partisan point scoring because this syndicate is above party politics. The rules of disorder are shared among insiders.

The "cascading crises of our era," to quote Joe Biden's inauguration speech, are choreographed so that the sheepdogs of the surveillance state can corral the people into a pen — different pens, and that is the point of polarisation.

Narrative replaces ideology

Are people genuinely triggered, in general, by a different opinion on the political spectrum? Is it a question of ideology — are the descendants of a Christian Socialist confronting an aristocratic liberal or Whig or a Tory (if there is such a thing nowadays) — or is this a clash of narratives or identities?

Political commentators and technologists speak of polarisation. Statista compiles a ranking of countries by degree of division. [2]

By this they mean the rise of populism, which in turn is poorly defined; sometimes taken to be the perception that the rich are getting richer and do not care about ordinary people.

Why should technologists draw attention to this divide unless they seek to exploit it? By polarisation they keep people in silos: disconnected belief systems in which people can never unite.

Once upon a time the bulk of people enjoyed a fairly common standard of living. The economic gradations were smoother, and most of our experience was shared. Paradoxically, those fine gradations allowed politicians to slice and dice us into economic classes: a little bit richer; a little bit poorer: manual workers, skilled machine operators, trades unionists, the professions, urban dwellers or country folk. A plethora of parties appealed to social distinctions that could be geographical, socially conservative, religious, professional etc.

Populism manipulated, too?

The gap between rich and poor has widened, however, and the powers that be (TPTB) do not want us focusing on wealth disparities or to recognise class conflict.

They do not want another Huey Long, a genuine Democratic Leftist who, according to the Dems' own political pretensions, puts today's war party to shame.

Long has been smeared as a demagogue, even a national socialist. His "Share The Wealth" movement went after the very richest and proposed there should be no income tax until someone earned one million dollars a year (equivalent to $12 million today). He understood in 1935 the consequences of the huge concentration of wealth.

He forecast his death from the floor of the Senate; he talked about the Roosevelt administration and powerful forces plotting to kill him. He was shot a month later. His injuries were not fatal but he died from medical mistakes by a team that included a doctor who declared he despised Long.

As with Martin Luther King, the movement fell apart after his death because it was so closely associated with one charismatic individual.


Today we are presented with a populism that is not as raw as Long's nor as nuanced as King's, and we are subject to greater mediation and manipulation. Comedian and political commentator Roseanne Barr perceives Trump as an old school socialist whose mission, she says, was to destroy the Republican and Democratic parties and open the door to globalist socialism disguised as populism. Recall that for most of his life Trump identified as a Democrat.

No one on the podcast, which included James Corbett, responded to what was the illuminating insight of the discussion (at 53 minutes). [3]

While the media shrieks about populism, it has so far been tamed and channeled in a direction that suits the powers that be, the syndicate and their uniparty.

Regarding Covid and the response, if it was a military operation in line with NSSM-200, aka the Kissinger Report on depopulation — for which researchers Sasha Latypova, Katherine Watt and David Martin make a persuasive case — then we can see that Trump faced Hobson's choice.

Although he was commander in chief and able to overrule the military, this assumes he was fully informed — which is unlikely since much of the bureaucracy was uncooperative and undermined his administration at every step. The alternative was to trust the assurances of the intergovernmental institutions that the pandemic was genuine and the shot, safe and effective. In both cases, he ended up doing the globalists' bidding.

TV bias creates opposition

This takes us to the wars: Ukraine, Israel, and perhaps more broadly in West and East Asia.

It seems we have a military government, does it not? In fact, all wars are bankers' wars, and they have to disguise that.

So they need to allow some opposition to carry the "other side's flag" even as they condemn them in faux indignation.

We saw this in Britain at the beginning of the attacks in Gaza as then interior minister Suella Braverman incited British nationalists to stage a counter demonstration against those in solidarity with Palestine.

One of these nationalists, Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) dutifully presided over the commencement of the counter protest before hailing a taxi and sailing away, possibly to a late breakfast and debrief at Claridge's.

The more biased the media the better. The BBC's own staff have protested at its one-sided reporting in favour of Israel. [4]

Combined with social media, which does nothing to hide images of dismembered babies in Gaza, politicians know this inflammatory one-sidedness will provoke a reaction and increase the scale of opposition. It borrows from old time religion: the routine of call and response between speaker and audience.

Another example: BBC and Sky News brazenly failed to carry live coverage of South Africa's lawyers accusing Israel of genocide on Jan 11, yet televised in full the next day's Israeli response. Having worked as a television newsroom journalist for both, I can assure you this was no accident; it was more provocation.

This strategy of exciting the populace to "pick a side" is another level of polarisation and the silo technique.


The king-financing business

Why the need to create bogeymen and opposition? At root the target is not the people but governments, more specifically the national treasury, manipulated by the military corporate financial complex.

In order to create the need for wars, lend money, and then ensure that governments repay and do not default, bankers lend money to both sides in a conflict, as they did in the last two world wars.

"If the ruler gets out of line, the banker can finance his enemy or his rival. Therefore if you want to stay in the lucrative financing business of kings and governments it is wise to have an enemy or rival waiting in the wings to unseat every king or every president to which you lend money. If the king does not have an enemy, you've got to be able to create one."

Few have explained this more accurately or eloquently than Louis Farrakhan in what he calls "the king-financing business." [5]

Filter bubble

You may encounter online a rather narrow range of opinions, when even a direct search yields limited results. This hampers the use of Twitter or social media as a research tool (though they are still better than the censored search engines like Google).

The same happens on the other side of the fence: the writer or commentator finds it harder to reach an audience or to receive feedback (Please sign up so that you don't miss the next instalment of this newsletter).

Read more

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