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21 Jul 2024 | 1:31 pm

1. The Great Replacement Of Everything

  • John McCloy was Rockefeller's geopolitical fixer of WW2 and the Cold War

  • Meet BlackRock's Tom Donilon. In 2010 he declared Asia was the new target

  • The 'Donilon Doctrine' turned U.S. from Afghanistan, Mid East and Europe

  • Financial, industrial fulcrum shifts East - how could China not be involved

  • In a cybernetic reorganisation of society, rationing resources and population

  • But it remains a rival for control, not a client

  • Are the owner investors choreographing a play with two sides?

  • Washington is complicit in end of the petrodollar agreement with Riyadh

  • The Great Replacement extends to the words we use to describe ideas

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(2,000 words or 10 minutes of your company)

Elizabeth Catlett's tribute to Ralph Ellison, author of the novel "Invisible Man."

Jul 21, 2024

There is more to compute every day.

In the U.S. much of the establishment has reconciled itself to a Trump presidency. The factional war disguises their unity on the march of the surveillance state.

In Europe, the economy continues to contract. Unilever, Thyssenkrupp and Bayer are some of the big names that downsized.

Sectorally, the growth is in consumption not manufacturing: artificial intelligence, the cloud, data centres, CBDC... electric vehicles, telemedicine, DNA harvesting and biosciences. All are energy intensive and compete with what's left over for people.

Globally, the decline of the dollar accelerates; the extent of the pivot becomes clear. We don't yet know how much of the West are they willing to discard in order to shift the financial, industrial fulcrum to the East.

The longer this goes on, the more it seems clear that China is on board but perhaps as a rival for control.

Objectively, it looks like the outcome is a cybernetic reorganisation of society: a reduction in population and a corresponding fall in resources, engineering and infrastructure allocated to sustain the masses.

It is tempting to reach for labels that neatly describe what is happening — post-capitalist, post-imperialist, post-human, post-truth — but these box us into pre-conceived notions.

However well informed we think we are, perspective limits what we can see. Upbringing, education and social conformity set our expectations. The Great Replacement culls the words we use to describe ideas.

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Too stupid not to be planned

In this article we discuss the architects of this scientific revolution, and its casualties, why political saviours are unlikely, and the responsibility we cannot dodge.

First, let's set the terms of our debate and agree what we witness.

Last week Elon Musk said he's moving the headquarters of X and SpaceX from California to Texas. The list of companies quitting San Francisco is a roll call of America's most famous retailers and brands. The state will earn less tax, from companies and shoppers; the quality of life will fall; and yet more will leave.

To quote Bill Holter: "It is too stupid not to be planned."

Green war economy

Europe's post-imperial hubris was on display at the NATO summit in Washington on July 9 through 11, leaders acting, as Harley Schlanger says, like petulant children. They want their war and shall have it. [1]

Ukraine has depleted Europe's military to the point where it cannot defend itself.

They are expanding weapons production, led by Germany's Green warmongers, who helped appoint Commission president Ursula von der Leyen to a second term. Yet Europe's economy is shrinking, dragged down by the closure of energy producers and farms.

A green war economy. Who would've thunk it? Of course it makes net zero sense.


Even if the decline of a thousand years of Western civilisation were organic, there's little attempt to preserve it — quite the reverse: the political, academic and corporate class take pleasure in ridiculing its bourgeois corpse.

The question is what is the real objective.

If we faced just one challenge, the U.S. in particular could withstand it. If it was, say, a decision to go Green and slash our energy capacity; if it was the weaponisation and crash of the dollar; the replacement of cash with cards; if it was a president with only a few mental issues...

All at once, in a society that has been purposely divided, we experience:

  • the collapse of generational knowledge through the dumbing down of education

  • the replacement of civic duty and know-how by naive ideologies

  • a system of politics and bureaucracy led by woke automatons

  • the hyper-financialisation of every corner of society

  • as bankers print money like toilet roll, the Modern Monetary Theory

  • and gear up for war

  • while experimenting with new injectables on civilians and military

The U.S. is pushing the world towards a reset marked by the replacement of the dollar. Geopolitically it may not stop with Europe and the U.S.. Is China an independent observer, a perpetrator or a participant?

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Money Circus
20 Jul 2024 | 4:31 pm

2. Audio: Globalists Push For War And Degrowth

  • Stakes grow higher — to control what replaces the dollar, and control of resources

  • Polarisation drives conformity as change accelerates

  • War is the wildcard, or it was until Covid

  • NATO is the bridge from WW2 to WW3

Original text report here.


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Money Circus
19 Jul 2024 | 7:11 pm

3. Globalists Push For War And Degrowth

  • It's not that they don't want Trump, Fico or Orbán. Globalists want war

  • Believe what you want about that shooting; the policy context remains

  • Ukrainian kill list has added VP candidate JD Vance

  • George Bush-aligned investment fund placed bets on Trump's death

  • Unexpected consequences of Trump's survival: positive for Bitcoin; blow to CBDC

  • Silicon Valley execs put money behind DJT

  • Von der Leyen reappointed as European Commission president

  • Relying on Greens and their demand for de-growth and sanctions on energy

  • Except for war where they are champions of militarization

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Untimely Loss of Luc Montagnier - Discoverer of HIV dies (Feb 11, 2022)

(2,200 words or about 10 minutes of your company)

Jul 19, 2024

The bigger the story, the fewer words it takes to tell. The more complex the yarn, the more likely that you are being entertained and deceived.

The jabber and howl from television, and weighty column inches in the press, are signs of desperation as they realise the initial web of deception is broken and weave another spell.

This does not mean first reports were correct but beware later embellishments.

The media's business is to focus on the twists and struggles of the fly of the moment, and wrap its prey in the silken voices of presenters, under the gossamer light of the cameras.

It distracts from the larger predators in the jungle. It spins once more, against a different background each time, making new apparent connections. But, like a web, the story is temporary. Its only purpose is to catch your attention.

Summoning discord

Never was calm and fortitude in greater need. It is natural to be conflicted. On the one hand we witness politics descending into violence. On the other it tugs at our loyalties and expectations. We told ourselves they would never again try to kill a major political figure.

The media's job just got harder: to distract from what looks like a failed murder attempt; and inflame the third of Democrats who think former president Donald Trump faked his shooting (even though he was cruising to victory).

You know what they are summoning: discord. Whatever happened in Butler, Pennsylvania, they want us polarised. Truth be damned.

Polarisation leads people to camps of conformity. Think concentration camps of the mind, cut off from the outside world, unaware of what's happening beyond the wire. Scared and vulnerable. Inclined to obey.

See Just Following Orders: How Media Creates Conformity - Polarization leads people to side with authority (Jan 28, 2024)

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Before we proceed, a quick summary of the latest:

  • Dead pool betting: George Bush's investment firm bet Trump stock would fall

  • Security moved a photographer out the way seconds before the ear shot

  • Testimony emerges of more than one shooter; witnesses cite water tower

  • Alleged shooter Crooks is dead but leaves scarcely a trace

  • Secret Service says the roof was unguarded because it was sloped

  • Pleads limited resources — so "give us more money," a reward for failure

  • Biden's director of national intelligence blames Iran

The trouble is that with every passing day the pace of events quickens. You might say malevolent powers are determined to stop the people keeping up or catching on.

Some insist there is no deep state, globalists are a conspiracy theory and that things just happen. They must find an explanation for this quickening; what Joe Biden called in his inauguration speech "cascading crises" or what Klaus Schwab calls polycrisis.

Choose from global boiling or cow burps or gas stoves or the fraction of one per cent of the atmosphere that is carbon dioxide or the sudden appearance of deadly viruses with matching vaccines.

But when you look in your mirror, say with the rest of us: what a time to be alive.


Take it from the top

Let's discuss the bad actors.

It's a strange turn of phrase, because actors are part of the company, on the stage, under the same proscenium lights as the rest of us. They are not off stage and rarely in a cave in Afghanistan flying planes into skyscrapers.

Powerful factions within governments — our own actors in other words — have killed people.

As the stakes grow higher — to control what replaces the dollar, and control of resources — politicians find themselves in the bullseye. Tammany Hall politics and The Gangs of New York is part of it, but the competition is global.

We witnessed more than a dozen senior African politicians die during Covid - most likely of non-compliance. [1]

For a list of famous individuals who died mysteriously see Untimely Loss of Luc Montagnier - Discoverer of HIV dies as his warnings underpin the latest Covid shot concerns (Feb 11, 2022)

Pushing the "safe and effective" is no longer top priority — though blocking honest enquiry still is. War is the new normal, for interests that the powerful consider a matter of financial life and death.

The pace of change will accelerate.

The big reveal of Biden's debate with Trump is that that he is not in control — yet who is? That was quickly obscured by the shooting.

In Europe, Ursula von der Leyen was re-elected as Commission president, relying on extremists. Greens and Liberals bizarrely, support sanctions on energy, and thus de-growth, except when it comes to war where they are champions of militarization.

Voters had rejected war and the Greens in the June elections. It made no difference.

Her first duty will be to try to unseat Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orbán , who discussed peace in Ukraine with presidents Putin, Xi and former president Trump. The latter said he would upon election, before inauguration, immediately start the peace process. Two days later he was shot.

See NATO Fury At Hungary's Peace Train - Summit pits Western leaders against People (Jul 11, 2024)

NATO says it is trying to make war with Russia "Trump proof" or unavoidable. And it has Iran and China in its sights.

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Money Circus
17 Jul 2024 | 1:04 pm

4. Audio Update: Trump Survives Assassination Attempt

  • Direction of shot more likely from behind, as photographer moved out of the way

  • Was Trump hit by a flechette, a CIA weapon described in 1970s Chuch hearings?

  • A warning perhaps, rather than assassination attempt…

  • Long-feared attack follows failed impeachments, indictments and attempts at jail

  • It has been a toss up for weeks: would the deep state take out Biden or Trump?

  • Republican National Convention on July 15 to 18 was readied for Nikki Haley

Original text report here.


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Money Circus
14 Jul 2024 | 1:19 pm

5. Crisis Update: Trump Survives Assassination Attempt

  • Spectator dies at Pennsylvania rally; shooter killed after minutes of delay

  • Long-feared attack follows failed impeachments, indictments and attempts at jail

  • It has been a toss up for weeks: would the deep state take out Biden or Trump?

  • Republican National Convention on July 15 to 18 was readied for Nikki Haley

  • Trump questions war and now vaccines - the twin pillars of population control

  • Slovakia's Fico was shot for the same two objections

  • Whatever your views on Trump, politics has entered the heart of darkness

  • Theatre is part of politics. Assassination, deadly or failed, influences reality

  • To fake one invites a copy cat, a game of Russian roulette with one's own life

See also:
It Is The Hour Of The Time - Biden invokes the Lightbringer to conquer the soul (Sep 04, 2022)

(1,700 words or about eight minutes of your company)

Jul 14, 2024

As the shock passes of the long-feared assassination attempt on the front-runner, former president Donald Trump, we see more clearly who benefits.

The mainstream media will focus on the lone wolf; we might even get a manifesto. The FBI will investigate the failings of Secret Service and say lessons were learned.

But how did it come to this; what are the deep state projects that Trump threatens?

The NATO summit ended in Washington DC just a day or two before, with a renewed commitment to conflict with Russia and China. Trump says he would stop that by reviving diplomacy.

Although his support base criticises him for Operation Warp Speed, which rolled out the Covid vaccines, Trump is open about autism. This month he repeated his comments on the injection schedule.

In Slovakia, prime minister Robert Fico was shot in May for raising the same two topics: forever wars and vaccines. Fico spoke out against war in Ukraine and called for an inquiry into Covid.

The military pharma complex is controlled by the corporations that profit from forever wars at home and abroad: BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.

Wars and pandemics are the two policies by which the Western oligarchy are engineering demographics based on National Security Study Memorandum NSSM-200 also known as the Helms-Rockefeller report or the UN Population Commission.

The rest is distraction, diversion or pretext: climate change, windmills, identity politics and gender, and transhumanism.

Everything converges on the control of life and that which sustains it: energy.

This is their heart of darkness, lit by a single flame they call the Lightbringer.

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Violent times

We see the normalization of brutality. While Trump was being shot, Israel stepped up the bombing in Gaza of Al Mawasi tent city, killing more than 100 in a designated a "safe" zone.

Gaza has oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean. It is the path for an alternative trading route to the Suez canal.

The oligarchs are just as brutal to their own people: having imposed the "safe and effective" the politicians have passed their Macbeth moment.

It is no surprise that they turn on their own.

Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orbán should increase security, having defied NATO by discussing Ukraine's peace with the presidents of Russia and China.

The attempt to kill former president Donald Trump should lead to the reinstatement of full protection for U.S. presidential candidates, including Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Left unguarded

Only a gust of wind and a momentary turn of the head saved former president Donald Trump from a bullet.

The shot grazed his right ear from the top of one of two buildings within the perimeter that had been left unsecured in Butler county, Pennsylvania.

The shooter may have suspected Trump was wearing a bullet-proof vest. Aiming at his head was intended to be a kill shot.


The story is that numerous spectators saw the assassin crawling onto the building, within about five minutes of Trump beginning his speech. The gunman clutching a rifle, was clearly visible. They shouted "he's got a gun."

They alerted the police, who were slow to respond according to witnesses who spoke to news reporters.

Behind Trump, Secret Service snipers were perched on top of a barn within eye sight, at 400 feet, 130 meters, of the shooter.

Trump was allowed to go on speaking, while police and secret service did not act until at least three shots rang out.

The shooter was on the building for three to four minutes, a spectator confirmed in an interview with BBC reporter Gary O'Donoghue.

Theatre is an inseparable element of politics. An assassination — deadly or failed — influences reality.

With Trump's character, it was irresistible for him to raise his fist, which if military veterans had piled on top of him, he would not have been able to do.

The new Secret Service director Kimberly Cheatle, former head of security in a food company, told CBS News that her primary focus has been on diversity hires, particularly women, since taking the position.

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Money Circus
13 Jul 2024 | 1:31 pm

6. Audio Update - This Could Be The Last Election

  • Britain and France have failed to dislodge the globalists

  • Assemblies proposed to bypass traditional voters

  • Based on 'diverse communities' - the new normal

A week has passed since the French election, and since the original article. So this audio version is rewritten, based on new information.
The original article is found here.


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Money Circus
11 Jul 2024 | 8:41 pm

7. NATO Fury At Hungary's Peace Train

  • NATO and Europe now plotting to undermine Viktor Orbán government

  • Fewer than 1/5 Europeans support deploying troops in Ukraine

  • Leaders hysterical at peace letter to Financial Times

  • Group think points to lonely politicians with low self-esteem

  • Won't talk to opponents, nor tolerate dissent in their camp

  • Genuine individualists and independents were excluded in recent elections

  • In 5th Generation Warfare the domestic population is the enemy

  • Divides society between the morally righteous any anything 'normal'

  • Does anyone not realise we are under attack? WW3 started four years ago

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Eurasia note #30 - When Is A Nazi Not? - Hush now, when he's doing our work. Nuland calls Russia's security concerns fantasy (Mar 04, 2022)

(2,000 words or 10 minutes of your company).

NATO's summit in Washington opened with a ceremony that looked like a black mass, and closed with a curse of war at all cost.

Ukraine is on an "irreversible path to membership" it declared upon the completion of rituals.


NATO's invocation of dark spirits contrasts with the people.

Most Europeans do not support sending troops: 20 per cent or less support a deployment, varying across the 15 countries surveyed in July by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR).[1]

Only 10 per cent of Europeans think Ukraine can win the war. They see a settlement as the most likely outcome in 11 out of the 15 countries. Southern Europeans oppose sending more weapons. Even in northern Europe, people think weapons merely strengthen Ukraine's hand in negotiations. Only in Estonia did a majority think Ukraine could win.

Peace Train

Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orbán set off on a peace train, meeting the presidents of Ukraine, Russia and China.

In Moscow he discussed president Vladimir Putin's own proposals, unveiled last month, and conveyed this thoughts from meeting Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelenskiy. In Beijing, he discussed president Xi Jinping's peace plan developed with president Lula da Silva of Brazil. [2]

The EU and NATO reacted with fury to Orbán's pacific locomotions: how dare anyone disrupt their plans for war.

No Western leader had visited Moscow since April 2022. President Joe Biden has not spoken to Putin since Dec 2022. Orbán thought it was time, as the head of a government, and as the current president of the Council of the European Union.

If you don't know Orbán, watch Tucker Carlson's interview with him. [3]

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A propaganda blitz followed. See Politico, based in Brussels, HQ of NATO and the European Commission which runs the EU:

  • "Orbán: From dissident to Putin's Hungarian boyar"

  • "Viktor Orbán goes rogue"

  • "EU fumes at rogue Orbán, but struggles to rein him in" [4]

Now they are trying to undermine Hungary's government, which has said it will not take part in training Ukraine's military.

Cult or group think

Consider the Woke colour wheel. From the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the NATO umbrella. It is the sign of The Party — but which party we are not told. Membership, like the World Economic Forum, is by invitation only.

Is it a cult?

The hysterical response to a single letter in Financial Times calling for negotiations suggests so.

The signatories said that NATO's escalation in Ukraine would most likely lead to stalemate, possibly a Russian victory, while peace would secure independence, and pull the world back from the brink.

"It says a lot about the fascistic, totalitarian mindset of that camp: even though they can count on the full support of the Western mainstream media establishment, and of virtually every Western government, the tiniest crack in the pro-war narrative is enough to send them into an apoplectic frenzy. " - Thomas Fazi of Unherd. [5]

The war camp neither talk to their opponents nor tolerate dissent within their camp.

Psycho Killer

Houston, we have a psychological problem.

Even intelligent, strong-willed people can fall for group think or cults — politicians suffer the same crises afflicting society, of loneliness, low self-esteem and the need for acceptance. [6]

Genuine leaders, individualists and independents, were excluded in the recent elections — perhaps not by accident.

See This Could Be The Last Election - Assemblies will be used to validate unpopular policies (Jul 08, 2024)

The bigger problem is that these tortured and corrupted souls who call themselves elites, have taken aim at their own populations.

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Money Circus
10 Jul 2024 | 4:36 pm

8. Audio - No Deference: Nation, Property & Integrity

  • People demand end to wars, pandemics and constraints on food and fuel

  • Politicians continue the Great Shutdown even though voters rejected it

  • U.S. Supreme Court returns power to states and elected representatives

  • Justices ban bureaucrats from inventing new rules - the 'Chevron deference'

  • Restrict agencies from imposing costs, bans and penalties on society

  • Every Western government is menaced by voters; condemns voters as extreme

This is the audio version of the article; for the written version see here


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Money Circus
8 Jul 2024 | 5:42 pm

9. Crisis Update: This Could Be The Last Election

  • Britain and France have failed to dislodge the globalists

  • Who now unveil plans to bypass traditional voters

  • To 'shift power and how we take decisions'

  • Sunak and Macron called snap elections, gave baton to Left to continue project

  • 'Opposing' players, each doing their part, in a show of consensus

  • Globalists install new teams to drive home the 'reset'

  • Politicians trained by corporations; promoted by state security

  • U.S. voters may face the same final dance in November

  • Demand due democratic process or lose it for good

'It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it, And that's what gets results.'

See also:
Happy 'No Deference' Day - Down those 4th July hotdogs as the war horses charge (Jul 04, 2024)
See Just Following Orders: How Media Creates Conformity - Polarization leads people to side with authority (Jan 28, 2024)

(2,000 words or about 10 minutes of your company.)

The media signalled well in advance for the crowd to shuffle from the right side of the town hall to the left. So they did, in an orderly manner.

Jul 8, 2024

Whether we vote red or blue we seem to get an outcome that aligns with one game plan.

In the EU voters rejected those who hold us hostage with future pandemics, open borders and wars. Yet the same gang remains at the helm.

Elections in Britain and France were an oddity. Citizens were so recently prisoners during Covid, yet they came together, we are told, to defend the prison regime, the torturers and warmongers, against the "far right" anti-globalists.

In France even The Guardian can't hide its puzzlement: "Surprise win for left-wing alliance keeps Le Pen's far right from power."

Fire in the belly

The French Left seems to have fire in the belly compared to what happened in Britain, which evicted the Conservative Party — for more of the same.

The British elected a blatant globalist, Keir Starmer, who has been an MP for less than a decade, and takes his orders from two proponents of a new world order, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Appearances count for a lot.

Starmer's bland company man image disguises a creature of the security state: the public prosecutor who purged the Labour party of life-long members.

His buttoned-down demeanour is closer to that of Le Pen's National Rally than the flamboyant, aggressive street smarts of the French Left.

That is how globalists hide: the wolf in sheep's clothing, symbol of the Fabians — the hand of liberal capitalism that washes the one of monopoly capitalism.

The heirs of the East India Company practice a form of neo-mercantilism in which it is no longer the nation that regulates commerce but the corporation that uses the state to its end.

This capture by public private partnership is the main issue; unheard in the election campaigns — unless you read Moneycircus so please subscribe.

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Jean-Luc Mélenchon heads the largest party within the New Popular Front, La France Insoumise (or unbowed). Historically committed to labour rights and redistribution, he has softened plans to lower the retirement age and agreed to support Ukraine.

He allied with president Emmanuel Macron, a former Rothschild banker, the very essence of the money interest and the owner investors. We shall see if the internationalist Left is different to the globalists in its disdain for the nation state, borders and citizens.

The Great Reset, reset

Britain's Labour has a big majority and no effective opposition. It currently plans to:

  • abolish the House of Lords upper chamber

  • replace it with assemblies of diverse people and devolved regions

  • spend 2.5 per cent of GDP on military and strategy

  • spend billions on wind and solar

  • spend billions to double cancer scanners

  • simplify the process for trans people to legally change gender

That's the Covid response, the Green agenda and war! This, we said in the previous newsletter, is the universal, uniparty, UN agenda that you get regardless of who you vote for.

Good cop, bad cop

The timing of the votes in Britain and France give the game away. British prime minister Rishi Sunak and Macron both called snap elections, leading to a predictable disaster for their own parties — handing the baton to the Left to continue the project. Thereby disguising a unified plan between different players, each doing their part, while maintaining some patina of consensus.

It is the Great Reset, reset. You might even suspect it was planned this way! Labour brings a big majority and no effective opposition — but very revealing language.

It is not about new policies but the way in which unpopular policies will be legitimised.

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Money Circus
4 Jul 2024 | 3:37 pm

10. 3 Crises: Happy 'No Deference' Day

  • U.S. Supreme Court returns power to states and elected representatives

  • Justices ban bureaucrats from inventing new rules - the 'Chevron deference'

  • Restrict agencies from imposing costs, bans and penalties on society

  • People demand end to wars, pandemics and reduction of food and fuel

  • Politicians continue the Great Shutdown even though voters reject it

  • Military bases on high alert before NATO summit on July 9-11

  • Every Western government is menaced by voters; condemns voters as extreme

  • Voters in France and Britain diverge; the French have fire in their belly

  • Democracy must not be sacrificed on the altar of saving democracy

See also:
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UN Terrifies Youth To Push 'Polycrisis' (Sep 24, 2023)
Pirates, Privateers And Merchant Adventurers (Aug 15, 2023 )
The Great Reset As Subversion - A KGB defector warned us decades ago (Jan 02, 2022)

(2,200 words or 10 minutes of your company)

July 4, 2024 (Rewritten Jul 5 for easy reading)

The American revolutionaries were not opposed to taxation. They objected to taxation without representation. [1]

That is the problem with the globalist project. Whatever your views on Green energy, or the right number of people for the planet, changes are being imposed without representation.

There are victories. The U.S. Supreme Court is returning power to states and elected representatives; taking it away from bureaucrats and agencies that answer to globalists.

Justices banned bureaucrats from making up new rules and regulations: the oddly-named "Chevron deference" which said courts must defer to new rules imposed by agencies. In another ruling they said a president cannot be prosecuted for actions while performing official duties.

This is a big deal.

Agenda 21 is imposed locally, especially through zoning and planning. This bypasses the legislature, Congressmen, MPs or deputies and inserts globalist policy by stealth.

Bureaucrats might cut access to water, land or travel, as we are seeing with 15 minutes cities, farm closures, and restrictions on food and fuel.

See Dash For Land As Financiers Go To Ground - Colombia conference targets globalist grabs (Mar 16, 2024)

In Covid federal agencies locked down the economy, decided which workers and what products were essential, mandated masks and invented - out of thin air - the idea of social distancing.

These would change every month. The same ad hoc rules were imposed in every state and country, promoted by the media in unison. Yet nobody knew who issued them.

Now we know, and it is up to the people, who are voting in elections around the world, to hold bureaucrats to account.

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Mind the gap

The people reject the forever wars, wherever and especially whenever they have no end point or goal beyond escalation.

They question the "safe and effective," talk of Disease X or bird flu.

They reject the Great Shutdown of farms and food production, and restrictions on conventional fuels when wind and solar are simply not ready.

The gap is between the people, who demand sanity, and politicians who answer to the money power.

This could not happen without corruption. Politicians pad their wallets during war as in Covid. Few can explain the link between Big War and corruption like the military contractor and Blackwater founder Erik Prince. Hear it from the horse's mouth in his interview with Tucker Carlson. [2]


The choice is between central planning and warfare, that benefits the elites, and individual incentive and initiative.

Bankers and Bolsheviks

The biggest issue is not if and when president Biden is replaced. It is the globalist footsoldiers, bureaucrats and politicians, with street action provided by the likes of Extinction Rebellion and Antifa.

Think bankers and Bolsheviks.

The footsoldiers think they are fighting for "progress" or communism — more through ignorance or deception than fond memory.

The oligarchy is fighting for its unipolar order. This was once the British East India Company and today operates through the Anglo American establishment of billionaire financiers. Their private foundations have subverted governments.

See Pirates, Privateers And Merchant Adventurers — Second of a series on depopulation (Aug 15, 2023 )

Also The Great Reset As Subversion - A KGB defector warned us decades ago (Jan 02, 2022)

The politicians are exposed and compromised. Their oligarch overlords scent blood. They are desperate and dangerous.

Having imposed the "safe and effective" the politicians have passed their Macbeth moment:

"I am in blood / Stepped in so far that should I wade no more, / Returning were as tedious as go o'er."

You can hear a dozen macabre scenarios.

Civil war, not because people in suburbia are waving guns but because the globalists are ready to impose their idea of progress by force.

Military bases in Europe are on high alert. There could be terrorism or something to stiffen resolve at the NATO summit in Washington DC on July 9-11.

Globalists may accelerate the Great Shutdown of food and fuel production.

If they conquer us through a pandemic or war we lose what little representation and liberty remains.

Rationing of food and fuel will likely result in famine, malnutrition or depopulation. Any resemblance to the Four Horsemen, actual events or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

Let's cut through the clutter:

  • Are voters racist or mostly just anti war?

  • FBI says white Christian nationalists are a domestic threat.

  • War and depopulation is "centrist," or so we are told.

  • Why does the deep state 'secure' elections; the outcome always Green?

  • Can the people be allowed to speak… or does that threaten democracy?

  • Do parties update to account for new conditions?

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