Indrajit Samarajiva

Indrajit Samarajiva
26 Feb 2024 | 4:10 pm

1. GDP Is A Garbage Metric

It's just gross GDP Is A Garbage Metric
Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson, Homo Tesco Metro, 2015
GDP Is A Garbage Metric

GDP is literally a garbage metric. The vast majority of consumer goods get binned within a year, 'durable' goods within years, and everything is garbage within evolutionary time. Everything we produce has some 'value' which gets written down as GDP, but, historically, this is just dead people's feelings about undead things. It's meaningless. All of the 'value' of GDP completely disappears into geological time. It's a fugazi. As they said in Wolf Of Wall Street, "Fugayzi, fugazi. It's a whazy. It's a woozie. It's fairy dust. It doesn't exist. It's never landed. It is no matter. It's not on the elemental chart. It's not fucking real."

Biologically speaking, Gross Domestic Product is just a measure of how much industrial civilization shits where it eat. That's it, and that's not a good thing. Industrial shit isn't even digestible, it's toxic artificial shit that's impossible to process in evolutionary time. Everything this garbage civilization 'produces' becomes garbage, this constantly doubling waste chokes the 'domestic' environment, and it's all just 'gross'. That's all GDP is. Shitting where we eat, and being proud of how fast the pile is growing.

Unnatural Shit

We naturally recoil from our own shit, but one creature's shit is at least useful to some other lifeform. Aerobic lifeforms like us, for example, depend on oxygen, which was the toxic farts of a bygone time. Our natural shit is probably the most useful thing humans produce. It fertilizes, it feeds, it's part of the evolutionary recycling of resources that's been going on for aeons.

GDP, however, is on some other shit entirely. GDP is the endless accumulation of artificial shit which has temporary 'value' in our minds and then just becomes garbage and waste heat. This is all based on the 'economic' idea that resources come out of nowhere, that waste goes nowhere, and that we can just keep running this entropy engine forever, without consequences. Which is a lie. Everything has consequences, but if you can delay them long enough for the stock to go up, who gives a fuck, right?

We 'like' GDP because it (tangentially) meets our temporary wants and needs, but nature gives a fuck about our feelings! You 'enjoying' your toaster or vacation is completely irrelevant biologically. The market assigning it made-up value doesn't make it really valuable. At the end of every business cycle, all that's left is waste heat and resources which take forever to decompose. To make matters worse, we encase all our garbage in plastic bags and then bury it under even more waste, making it completely impossible for higher lifeforms to get to. Out of sight, out of our goddamn minds.

Who Smelt It Did NOT Dealt It

I'll zoom out a bit because it's essential. The higher problem here is higher lifeforms, the artificial species of corporate life that has been ravaging the planet since colonialism. We think we're the masters of capitalism but we're just cogs in the machine. Pets at best and slaves more commonly. Humans are just draught animals caught up in the belly of artificial life, thinking we're riding the beast. As I've discussed, humans are not the relevant species within Capitalism. It's right there in the name! Capitalism is the age of the genus Capital, species corporation, subspecies commodity.

Humans are just part of the digestive process of these artificial beings, like bacteria inside our own guts. We gut-sluts get resources to supply our own needs, but have no particular awareness and—at this point—no control over what our host is doing. Since colonialism, corporations have been running rampant all over the world—devouring resources, humans, animals—whatever it took to fuel its metabolic processes (what we call profit). Oil just fossil-fuelled this process, which was already quite destructive 'renewably'. The emissions we so worry about are just the butt-end of the problem, whereas the front-end is actually more destructive. God forbid our overlords find inexhaustible energy. They would completely exhaust resources in this solar system, and kill life wherever it found it. The energy is not the problem, it's the ecology, ie how artificial life connects to other beings, so as to 'balance' the system and keep it from (literally) overheating. The tragic fact is that the artificial special I call Capital has to learn this the hard way, just as its bacterial ancestors did. By crashing the whole planet.

The Great Oxygen Holocaust

The irony is that the 'fossils' which fuel our current collapse did the same thing 2,5 billion years ago, in reverse. We should have never disturbed their tombs, which are cursed. The first explosion of photosynthesis was dope (free energy from the sun!), but in just a short billion years or so, they crashed the whole planet.

The Great Oxygen Holocaust (never forget) happened when the oceans and the air simply could not handle all the oxygen waste these photosynths were dumping and finally crashed. The entire climate became freezing, down to the equator. They almost killed everyone, including themselves. Sound familiar?

Oxygen was like the 'GDP' of the age, which was absolute toxic waste to the anaerobic lifeforms at the time. Those previously dominant creatures were poisoned by oxygen. They had to retreat to deep sea vents and (later) up our butts, as literal old farts. But just like we don't really care about our living relatives, the new aerobes wouldn't have thought about their anaerobic ancestors much at all. Except there's only one planet, and we're all in the same 'boat'. The irony—which you can literally see in ancient rusted iron—is that the 'rise' of photosynthetic life quickly led to their own downfall.

A frozen Earth was uninhabitable for everyone, including themselves. Life as we know it barely survived. This was life's real Prometheus moment—stealing fire from the gods—and the gods were right to punish that fellow, it was a disaster! It took bacterial lifeforms millions of years to learn how to balance the thermostat, in the deeply connected cybernetic system we call 'the climate.' What we call climate is created and maintained by godlike creatures we disdain as pond scum and 'fossils'. We dug up their long-buried tombs at our peril and so here we are, in great peril. As Shirley Bassey said, it's just a little bit of pre-history repeating.

The Lesson

The lesson here is that new life produces new shit that old lifeforms cannot process. That's all that's happening here, with the artificial life we call corporations (among other names). Since the South Sea Bubble, they've simply been growing faster than the environment can handle, just like cyanobacteria (pond scum) billions of years ago. As my historical thesis goes, same shit, different day.

It is theoretically possible that humans could have controlled and guided this new species of Capital, but it didn't happen that way. If we had instated global communism last century or earlier we might have had a chance in hell, but now we're just on a literal highway to it. Since Capitalism became the dominant ideology, Capital became the dominant species (over the concept of human 'community') and it's simply too late now. The 'food' has been eaten and the shit has been shatten and we're just in it now.

The only way nature deals with such drastic change is a hard reset, turning the whole thing off and on again. This has happened many times before and this isn't even the first time life has nearly killed itself. Things are happening faster because we fucked around faster, but the process is the same. We are living through a mass extinction which has already ended for many species, has already begun for most of them, and which is already killing human animals, the 'weak' of the herd first. Whatever life that survives will have to learn how to balance the thermostat and recreate a stable climate. Whatever that climate is, it won't be this one. This climate done changed. The change is literally baked in. You can stick a fork in life as we know it. It's done.

The Grossness Of GDP

Going through these billions of years of history and billions of interactions, you can see how meagre and meaningless a metric GDP is. GDP is literally how one species of apes feels about stuff that doesn't even belong to them. Who gives a shit? It all ends up in a dump. Everything we (they) so assiduously produce and measure just ends up in the landfill or air and water as waste and we end up in the fire next time; the Great Oxygen Holocaust Part 2, the Great Carbonation. The emergence of artificial life has just ground the geological gears in reverse, roasting instead of freezing us.

We still think we're the gods in this scenario, but we just worship money, we're not made of it. Corporations are the new gods and—as the old gods of bacteria and pond scum could tell you—you have to kill your ancestors to really come up. Like the Greek Gods and the Titans. Or, how the modern Hindu trinity more gently replaced Indra and Agni and the Vedic gods. Compared to the machinations of the gods over aeons, what does GDP growth mean? Nothing. Certainly nothing good.

Indeed, as per the Silurian hypothesis, it is entirely possible that a similar industrial civilization already came and went millions of years ago. That's how little trace we actually leave, besides some skid marks of carbon and radioactivity in our geological underpants. That's all our vaunted GDP growth will be. Some thin line hundred-year lines in some core sample that an alien scientist will look over and say 'huh', before getting back to destroying his own civilization (he is a hypothetical scientist, after all). That's all GDP is. They say you get what you measure, and we literally measure garbage.

Indrajit Samarajiva
24 Feb 2024 | 8:17 am

2. Being Buddhist For A Day

Keeping the 10 precepts, and failing Being Buddhist For A DayBeing Buddhist For A Day

Today is Poya. A full moon day. Poya is a public holiday in Sri Lanka and you can do nothing, but you're supposed to do a very specific sort of nothing. For a day at least, Buddhists are supposed to try and be Buddhist. So I've been trying.

Going To Temple

The Buddha's path is clearly a monastic path, going from home to homelessness. Most people are putting that off for another life, including myself. On Poya, however, lay people live like a monk for a day at least, keeping the ten (or eight) precepts, which we'll discuss later. The first thing is to get to where the precepts are kept, the 'village' temple.

Thus first thing is to get my recalcitrant children out of the house. They actually like going to temple, but they don't like going to temple. They whinge the whole way, even though we're only going like 500 meters. Everyone's supposed to wear white but I'm happy to just get them out of the house without anyone seeing red. Before we go, we gather flowers to give the Buddha, to remind ourselves of impermanence. We gather the pink araliya flowers that fall next door, and some blue flowers that grow over the well, and the white flowers that aren't jasmine from the neighbors. The kids fight over the one basket and I have to go back in to get another one. To remind myself of impertinence.

As we walk down the road, my daughter is giving me the pook face, but I ignore her. She's seven going on seventeen and this is my life now, I guess. We're trying a new temple today and the first one doesn't exist, but there's another 200m down the road, and the usual 200m further if that doesn't work. But it does. It's a relief cause it's always a relief walking into a temple.

Temples are palpably cooler than the street, they smell better, and they're beautiful. Almost every temple is shaded by a big Bodhi Tree—a sapling of the tree that shaded the Buddha—and this one is no exception. We can smell the incense and take off our shoes to walk in the sand. A little boy is cutting daham pasal ('Sunday' School) and he 'shows us around'. He leads us down some dead-end alley behind a house where a monk yells at us and then laughs. My mother says this child was obviously too naughty for daham pasal and now we're naughty by association.

We offer flowers to the Buddha, next the milk rice and tea he has already been given. We pay our respects to the Hindu Gods who are honored in every Buddhist temple I know. Usually Vishnu, and often Kataragama, Shiva's son. Then the daham pasal class ends and the children show my children how to water the Bo Tree, walking seven times around it first. My mother starts sweeping the sand, which is a meditation in itself, and my children try to copy her, in their own mindless way. I'm happy because they're happy. The seed is in their heads. Whether it flowers or not is beyond my ken, and also not my intention.

Whatever 'being' a Buddhist is, it's impermanent. I'm simply passing on what my mother passed to me, and hers to her, and so on for thousands of years. I don't think any of us have escaped the cycle of rebirths yet, but at least we can show our children the exit.

Being Buddhist For A DayStories On The Way Home

Then we walk back home, through 'the city'. We pass a man selling books and religious holograms. I buy an image of Seevali Thero, who superficially looks like the Buddha, but who is not. I see his image everywhere but know little about him. Seevali Thero his hand in an alms bowl and Amma says he's known for always for having food around. Seems relevant. I give the man a thousand rupees and he looks at me with surprise and what I can only describe as poignant sadness. I feel terrible. Seevali's spirit is sorely lacking in my country, where so many people go hungry so that foreign usurers may collect interest. I have wealth mainly by luck of birth and marriage, and I can't help but feel that I'm blowing my karma in one regeneration.

Later I read about Seevali Thero's story. Apparently he was once a king that caused a famine during a siege. He was reborn in torment and barely came back to Earth at all, his mother was simply unable to deliver until the Buddha came to bless them. Thus he was finally reborn blessed, and his presence blessed the whole kingdom with plenty. The only plenty that ultimately matters, plenty of food. I put his hologram on my fridge, and think of all the people being starved today, under sieges, sanctions, and 'structural adjustments'. May he be with them. Gods know the ruling powers on Earth have attacked them. May those bad kings get their comeuppance, in this life or the next.

We also buy a kids book which my Amma (their Achchi) reads to them, with some edits. It's a Jataka Story (about the Buddha's past rebirths). This one is about a fox who pretends to take sil every day, ie to behave like a Buddhist. The first precept is to not destroy living creatures, ie to not eat meat, so this is theoretically a fox to be trusted around mice. But the mice notice their kind slowly disappearing and then… At this point, my mother trails off. What is it? What is it? Well, apparently the mice get together and eat the fox, down to the bones. The last mice into the pile find nothing left. The fox is simply dissolved into their retribution of teeth. One wonders when the mice of this world will get together, to finally destroy the foxes who constantly lie to us about human rights and freedom.

As brother Malcolm X said in his own fox story, "The white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the "smiling" fox." Ain't it the same thing, over and over again?

The 10 Precepts (Dasa-Sila)

This is all a roundabout way of getting to the actual practice of Poya, which keeping the ten precepts. As you can see, Buddhism is not an isolated philosophy. It's encoded in many cultures, distributed across the consciousness of any different populations. I, for example, didn't really know what the precepts are, I had to look them up for the article. I know you're supposed to wear white (not actually a precept), not eat meat, not eat after noon, and generally be on your best behavior, but this is only part of it. Luckily there's a whole culture to carry me.

These are the actual precepts, if you're interested. I include the Pali for my (Tamil Christian) wife, who can sorta read it. Via Access To Insight:

Being Buddhist For A Day

Despite trying, I have failed at almost 100% of this today. I killed at least a dozen mosquitos and flies and, in fact, spent at least 10 minutes trying to kill one in the bathroom. I watched a pirated movie with my children, thus breaking precepts 2 and 7 at the same time. I said 'what the hell' in front of my children at least a few times, and they pointed it out to me. I had coffee but successfully avoided drinking with my father-in-law, which was difficult; I'd normally be three whiskies in at this point. I had to eat after noon cause that's when lunch was served, and I sat on a chair so as not to look absurd. I guess I managed to avoid wearing perfume or having sex, but two (and a bunch of halves) out of ten is pretty terrible.

What I half did was avoid eating meat (which I usually do), and mostly avoided sitting on chairs, which was actually quite enlightening. I just sat on the floor all day, which meant spending a lot of time with animals, and literally having a different perspective. I'm awkwardly sitting on the floor right now, as I'm writing this.

Culturally, Sri Lanka has a thing about literal levels. I would never sit next to a monk, you always sit at their feet. I always bowed at my grandmother's feet. At the same time the maids generally sit on the floor or stand around us and the children, as much as I tell them not to. I don't try that hard, because I've discovered that messing with cultural practices I don't understand often makes things worse for everybody. Every culture has a hierarchy and superficially pretending that people are equal is not equality. Where I grew up, in America, people have this superficial sense of equality, but it belies the most violent, hypocritical, and globally pervasive hierarchy. Americans have their servants in other countries, or as 'illegals', or hidden inside apps and factories. They drown them at the borders or drone them from above, but they'll superficially sit at the same table if they ever get near, which they structurally don't. They still have hierarchy, just with more hypocrisy.

But anyways, I'm sitting on the floor now. Am I going to actually sleep on the floor? Let's see how close we get to midnight.

Being Buddhist

People often say that Buddhism is a philosophy and not a religion, but I don't understand this. Even the concept of a difference between the two things is confounding. I vaguely knew Buddhist philosophy for years before meditating properly, and I knew nothing. The basic practice of meditation is clearing your mind of all words, hardly the basis for analytic philosophy.

At the same time, I would have never got to those few precious seconds of 'nothing' without 2,400 years of ritual and culture, ie religion. The religious 'extras' that I used to look down upon were, in fact, what raised me. They're how I pass this information onto my children. The 'religion' of Buddhism is parents and children and monks and lay people all carrying out a bunch of ritual operations that they may not understand, but which nonetheless run the 'program' of Buddhism. And isn't this what all religions do? Sustain a higher consciousness, across a bunch of human brains? Who says religion and philosophy are separate? This very concept would have confounded and probably annoyed the ancients.

Being Buddhist, in Sri Lanka at least, isn't following a philosophy. The philosophy is there, but it's very much a practice. There's a lot of things that don't make 'sense', but that's like saying a squiggle to represent '2' doesn't make sense, or the programming term 'printf' doesn't make sense. I mean, I guess, but the point is what you do with the symbol, not the symbol itself. Ritual is just the original symbol manipulation. It's how you 'run' a higher consciousness across a networked human population. Pompously questioning the individual commands—like not using chairs when there's a full moon—is honestly nonsense. What are we even talking about? We're using guttural ape grunts and literal handwaving to encode reality, and then questioning which grunts and motions are more 'real'. It's all illusion. Some illusions are just (temporarily) useful.

The point of religions is really what they do (ie, the type of person they make) and not literally what they say. People trying to debate religions on points are missing the point entirely. People trying to cleave Buddhism from other religions are missing how it's actually practiced. In Sri Lanka it's very much a faith, especially for lay people who are not going the monastic way.

I'm kinda talking to myself here because I once thought the same way. I thought the 'pure' Buddhism was just meditation, and everything else was irrelevant cultural accumulation. When I 'became' Buddhist I told my Achchi and she asked me what color the Buddhist flag was. What a silly, irrelevant question, I thought. But that was hubris. The information I needed was encoded in the ritual of bowing to her, but I was proud and just going through the motions. I literally would not even know about Buddhism is it hadn't been preserved in such ways, for generations, especially by her. Though the Buddhist flag was new, the practice is old, and the culture is wiser than any individual components. None of us are Buddha, but we are Buddhists, which is an attempt to run the programming of one transcendent brain atop millions of wholly inadequate ones. Does it work? I mean, not yet. But it's working. We're still waiting for the next Buddha, but—day by day—we can be better Buddhists. Like werewolves, Buddhists are supposed to come out at least one day a month. On a full moon. On Poya day.

Indrajit Samarajiva
22 Feb 2024 | 4:45 pm

3. Staring At Starvation

Staring At Starvation
I can't. Via
Staring At Starvation

The people in Gaza are being starved to death. It's just a medieval siege with modern machinery. It's barbarism via bureaucracy. It's not just 'Israel', it's the entire White Empire, America and all its bitches. They've cut off funds for the UNRWA that delivers food, while delivering even more bombs to the people literally bombing food supplies. The US Ambassador to the UN openly calls for a 'final solution'. They are intentionally starving two million people to death, half of them children, while the world watches. While we all watch, helplessly.

In truth, this isn't even the first starvation White Empire has executed recently. Empire regularly uses food as a weapon, and as a message to those that dare defy it. There was the starvation of Yemen for nearly a decade. The denial of aid to Syria even after a devastating earthquake. The theft of foreign exchange from Afghanistan as they retreated. The genocide of America and the Americas themselves. 'Israel' is really just Empire acting as it always does, just more mask-off with its atrocities.

Ever since World War II—when America got away with massive war crimes against civilians—war crimes have been their strategy. They call their 'strategic bombing' but it's really just slaughtering civilians, discriminately. From Dresden to Korea to Vietnam to Iraq to Palestine they hit civilians on purpose. It uses less soldiers than actually fighting, and they can still use expensive bombs, so it makes plenty money.

Another part of their cowardly strategy is sanctions, which is just the white word for sieges. Sanctions have been used to cut Cuba for decades, including cutting them off from ventilators during COVID. They were also used against Iraq for decades, killing tens of thousands of children. They have been used across the world, collectively punishing civilians to try and overthrow governments.

Neither the bombing nor the sanctions work (America loses every war), but they keep doing it anyway. At this point, cruelty is the strategy. The Empire has really been on autopilot since World War II, bombing endlessly.

Now its garrison state near the gas station is replaying the greatest atrocities of World War II. Gaza was just a big concentration camp before the war, where 'Israel' controlled all entries and exits and 'strategically' restricted calorie supplies. Now it's an extermination camp. They're literally gassing their own people in tunnels, field executing Palestinians in front of their families, sniping children going for water, and then bombing the ambulances that come to help them. It's atrocity upon atrocity, so regular that it becomes mind-numbing. Any one of these events would have been a headline just a year ago, but now they can commit 100 war crimes in a day and it's just normal. This is the world we live in and it's broadcast across the world daily. If this isn't terrorism I don't know what is. It's terrifying.

I feel so sad staring at this every day. And then I feel bad when I look away. Today I saw a five-year-old child telling her cat not to eat her. Because animals really are eating decomposing bodies in the streets. I can't not think of this when I see my own children. Can they see the sadness in me, every time I give them something to eat? My children eat so much, they're always snacking. The whole family gives them food, and yet they're always eating. What would I even do if I had nothing to give them? If I had to risk death to get it? And how would I explain that this was no natural disaster, but that people were actively trying to kill them? The trauma inflicted on the Palestinian people is not constrained by territory. It's felt by anybody with empathy, and felt keenly.

So are we just going to sit here, for another month or two, until peoples bodies start shutting down? Will we even know, since 'Israel' has targeted journalists for extermination first, along with the weakest? The elderly, the people that need dialysis, the disabled, the diabetics. The 'Israelis' are targeting the same people as the Nazis did, the 'burdens'. Also like the Nazis their stated and executed goal is to eliminate an entire 'problem' population. I used to wonder why this happened, but I don't anymore.

The Genocide of Palestine started immediately after the Nazis fell. The British kept running concentration camps in Kenya, and France continued genociding Algerians, and America kept killing people everywhere. These western countries continued rejecting Jewish refugees and instead executed the Nazi's penultimate solution of just getting the Jews out of Europe. They simply filed Jews into their white supremacism, above Arabs, and told them have at it. The genocide of the Jews was cynically manipulated into the one Genocide™ that everyone was supposed to feel bad about, while the practice of genocide continued unabated. Just with more hypocrisy.

This is where we live now. The hypocrites of the West are unmasked as just delusional Nazis. The truth is that they've been doing this ever since World War II ended, but for some reason people believed their lies over our own eyes. Now the scales are fallen, as we see the Horseman Famine galloping over the bodies of men, women, and children. We're witnessing a televised famine, and people are debating like this has some complexity. There's no complexity. We all eat. We all try our best to feed our children. And these people are starving. Worse yet, being starved. And we're all sitting here staring. I don't even know what to say to conclude this. It's not ending.

Allah be with the people of Palestine, and with the Resistance. Death to America and death to 'Israel'. They are the enemy of all things living. Indeed, the very concept of living. A dying empire has nothing but death to offer, but that it has aplenty.

Indrajit Samarajiva
21 Feb 2024 | 3:59 pm

4. Filler

It can't all be killer Filler
Cat on drugs

It's hot as a furnace in Colombo and my house smells like fish. We bought the cheap fish for the cat and it actually stinks. The cat got his nuts snipped today. Today he's wandering around, stoned out of his gourd. The kids are home and they want to play. I've been playing so much Monopoly Deal that I can tell you the properties in my sleep. States Avenue, purple. North Carolina Avenue, green. This is all a roundabout way of saying, I haven't gotten any writing done today. I was also lazy and watched a bunch of football videos, but let's blame it on the children.

Blame The Children

The problem is not the time I'm interrupted. All together it's maybe an hour. The problem is the interruption. As a writer, if I can write down what comes to me in dreams, I'm done in 45 minutes. If I'm interrupted, however, it takes me the whole day. And I'm interrupted the whole day (when they're not at school). If I ever catch that train of thought again, it's quickly derailed. Right now, for example, I'm on a train of thought which my son derails to ask me about some dumb shit. He was pointing out a moth on a lamp. Which is actually pretty cool. Where was I again?

Interruptions shatter the hours like so much sweet shrapnel. Now he's asking me if Sri Lanka put a flag on the moon. 'You can be the first!' I'm ashamed to say I yell at them for such cute questions, but I do. But I have things to do. Right now, for example, I could spend the next 15 minutes bathing the child, or spend 30 minutes yelling at him to bathe himself. I think I'll choose the latter as I always do. Pride goeth before the fall, which means, logically, that as long as you stay proud, you'll never fall.

FillerWait, We're All Children

Where was I? Who cares, it's a new paragraph. This is the absolute state of writing (or doing anything) when you should really be doing something else. A child's interruptions, of course, are not for no reason. I'm a parent, I should be parenting! If you spend one focused hour with a child they'll actually leave you alone. Instead we give children many distracted hours, and no one is happy. I know all this. I just don't do it. Adults have as much of a problem with delayed gratification as children. I wanna do what I wanna. The heart remains a child.

For fucks sake, my child is restarting his Yoto Player every three seconds, just repeating the sentence "The Foolish Frog", over and over. He knows I hate the "I'm A Gummy Bear" song and makes it a point to play it. And the father-in-law calls to discuss dogs.

I suppose even having a train of thought is an industrial idea. How do you explain that to someone who's never seen a train? In the old days you'd have to walk across a field to bother somebody. We didn't live so cheek-to-jowl. Children were outside. Going further back, we were all outside. Humans are just animals that have been domesticated into Gross Domestic Productivity. We aren't the bosses, we're barely domesticated beasts. What are we, objectively? We're just the house pets of Profit. Who's feeding you?

Sleepy puppy

Anyways, I just disappeared for an hour between paragraphs now. The in-laws got a new puppy, and I dropped the boy off at his great-grandmother's for the night. I called my wife in accursed England and I'm hanging out with the cat, who stinks of hospital. He's giving himself a bath, mashallah. I'm a bit high from some edibles I bought at the mall. It's an ancient ayurvedic medicine, prescribed for sexy times, but it works fine for whatever ails you.

This is all the stuff I don't write about, because I simply haven't had the time to edit it out. Does this count as a post? It meets the wordcount. Peace out.

Indrajit Samarajiva
20 Feb 2024 | 3:15 pm

5. Inflation Is Not A Monetary Phenomenon. It's Planetary

Inflation is because we're actually running out of 'supply', and demand more than ever https://d7hftxdivxxvm.cloudfront.net/?height=1600&quality=85&resize_to=fit&src=https%3A%2F%2Fd32dm0rphc51dk.cloudfront.net%2FzKMR9YVK5iQxGL36neknaQ%2Fnormalized.jpg&width=1162
Behold how the Horseman of Famine carries scales. Food is available, it's just too expensive. Albrecht Dürer, The Four Horsemen, probably c. 1496/1498

When I took intro economics—which, in hindsight, was akin to a Hitler youth rally—they showed us supply and demand curves. If there was less of something, the prices would go up. This is one of the times the otherwise stopped clock of economics is right. What we have today is global 'supply' of resources running out, and the corresponding increase in prices. Inflation is not a monetary phenomenon, nor is it momentary. It is the planetary bubble that has been inflating ever since colonialism, and which is now about to burst.

Eat The Poor

The political solution to this problem of late capitalism has been simply pricing out masses of poor people so the rich can keep the charade going a little longer. For example, in my country the IMF 'solved' a debt-crisis (they helped cause) by simply kicking nearly a million people off the electricity rolls, with hundreds of thousands increasingly unable to afford water. Our unelected comprador government put on a Christmas light show while an entire generation has neither energy in their house nor energy in their stomachs. Problem solved!

This whole approach, which is globally applied under the Imperial Monetary Fund, is akin to locking people in steerage on the Titanic as it goes down. The point is not even to get to the lifeboats, what lifeboats? The point is to enable the 'business class' passengers to have this last dinner and cigars without being disturbed by the poors. Oligarchies masquerading as 'liberal democracies' are doing this all over, increasingly doing away with the facade of elected governments entirely (Pakistan, Peru, the UK). The global rentier class of usurers (now called 'investors') must be continually bailed out while the working-class and poor must be waterboarded, over and over. This is how the Titanic goes down—with the lights on and the band playing—with nobody even thinking about lifeboats, and killing women and children first.

The punishment is inflicted not by ration cards, which would mean the government was actually trying, but by pricing, which means the market is just saying 'eat the poor'. This is why the famine horseman of the apocalypse carries scales. It's not that food is unavailable at the end. It's that it's unaffordable. Supply and demand motherfuckers!

The Limits Of Growth

If you scorn the gods (gods help you), the apocalypse has been predicted in more scientific terms (you heathens). In 1972, the Club of Rome published the Limits Of Growth, which ran what was then a giant computer program to model all the ways our goose was cooked. Only one model (what I call global climate communism) had humans civilization surviving in any recognizable form. And only if we started essentially totalitarian measures immediately, which we didn't, so it's simply too little too late now.

We have instead followed (generally) what R Club '72 called the 'standard model'. This is 'business as usual', full steam ahead, damn the icebergs. Even though they didn't specifically date their predictions (and advised against this), the predictions have been remarkably accurate. Here's their timeline with dates added, for a sense of 'where' we are:

Figure 7. The original projections of the limits-to-growth model examined the relation of a growing population to resources and pollution, but did not include a timescale between 1900 and 2100. If a halfway mark of 2000 is added, the projections up to the current time are largely accurate, although the future will tell about the wild oscillations predicted for upcoming years. (via)

As you can see, we are right at the point where resources are plummeting, food supply is dwindling, pollution is rising, and the massive deaths are about to start. Indeed, they have already started, but who's counting Palestinians or Africans, or the declining life expectancy of Americans? All imperial planners noticed was their stock portfolios going down, so they just gave the rich more money (that's all money printing is!) so they could pretend a little longer. But now we simply have more money changing even more scarce resource, ie the precise recipe for inflation. Which I assume you've noticed. I have.

Right now, Sri Lanka—which actually has a better debt situation than America—has to face the full force of the market. We're re-colonized and 'have to live within our means' because nobody gives a fuck about our money printer. What's good for the goose is of course not good for the goose farmer, because our overlords in America are just goosing their economy with more 'printed' money than ever to avoid the inevitable. But they're in the same fundamental situation, just with better drugs! All of its colonies—including previously favored Europe and the UK—are feeling the pain, and America can only numb it for so long. Deindustrializing and rising food prices are spreading across the rapidly undeveloping world, just as predicted by R Club '72. We are now at the crunch. I would say get your popcorn, were it not hideously expensive.

As a personal example, in Sri Lanka, my family (of three) have most of our meals at our in-laws, but our grocery bill is still easily LKR 100,000 a month, or $320. Now bear in mind that this was the average household income in Colombo (last I checked). We're just buying biscuits and cleaning products and not even enough for three meals a day. We have some investment (ie, free money) income, but working people are completely screwed.

Working-class people are eating proper protein maybe once a week, and rationing eggs to the smallest children. This is portrayed as some necessary (human) sacrifice to return to 'normal' but there is no normal to return to! This is just the famine horseman of the apocalypse, already upon us. As William Gibson said, the future is here, it's just not evenly distributed. Given the distribution pattern of Capitalism, it falls on the poor first, and on their children. Capital is really an artificial predator that is now thinning the herd.

Colombo Urban Lab

This egg thing is a problem all over the world because global resources are collapsing, chief among them oil and fossil fuels. Never mind the pollution which kills us in a few decades, the drying up of economical fossil fuel reserves is killing us now. Note the 'economical' because—like the famine horseman holding scales—it's not that oil has to entirely 'run out', it's just that at some point it will cost more to get the oil out than it's worth. Indeed, in many situations we're at that point and just missing the point because of subsidies. Again, more fake money chasing real resources. This is akin to staying awake by doing more cocaine. It works… but at some point it really doesn't.

The Geography Behind The Graphs

Reduced resource supply—especially energy—is the 'invisible hand' that actually drives inflation. Independent central banker wankers, however, are some weird priesthood which likes to be isolated from both democracy and the environment in general. These Central Wankers are furiously masturbating monetary policy, trying to avoid the inevitable a little bit longer.

The physical fact is that economists scrupulously ignore is that all of their graphs and charts exist inside an ecosystem and that 'supply' is not inexhaustible (and landfills are not infinite). To illustrate this point, I give you an illustration that Herman Daly was working on before he left the accursed and apostate World Bank:

Daly's assistants brought him this diagram, showing the standard firms/households model of the economy. Resources go in, products come out, GDP goes up, forever (a perpetual motion machine!). As Dr. Tom Murphy tells the story [via my article]:

Dr. Daly said: "great, now draw a box around this and label it: The Environment." The obvious point is that all economic activity takes place inside the environment. The next draft came back sporting a box drawn around the figure, but no label. Dr. Daly's response: "It looks nice, but unless the box is labeled The Environment, it's only a decorative frame." The next draft eliminated the figure altogether.

This sums up the economic response to even the idea that it's contained within an ecosystem. "Um, no." This is why I call economics a pseudoscience. Physics has to connect to math and chemistry to physics, but economics is just like 'fuck it, we're special.' What vulgar economics cannot understand is anything outside of economics. Economics cannot understand us running out of oil or air or 'supplies' in general because it has no connection to other sciences (re: physics, math) or to reality in general.

As Daly said, "Prices measure relative scarcity and guide us in keeping everything in the right proportion relative to everything else — but there is no recognition of any absolute scarcity limiting the scale of the macroeconomy." Economists are lost in the model, and losing the world. What does this profit a man? A lot, apparently, until it doesn't. The great golden bull of 'the economy' is always imagined as a closed system, and inflation as a monetary phenomenon with no connection to the greater world. There is only artificial scarcity in economics, not natural scarcity because economics has no concept of the natural world. And so we lose it all.

Oh, The Humanity

Believing that the entire world revolves around human needs is like believing that the sun goes around the Earth. Like the heliocentric model, this thinking weirdly works, for a bit. A simplistic but wrong model is actually fine for 'doing stuff'… until it isn't. We could actually act like there were no natural 'supply' limits, until we ran into them. Now we're still acting, but it's a painful pantomime.

Like playing any resource-based video game (re: Sim City 3000), we were able to max out on everything for a while and 'do well', but this inevitably crashes once the resource limits are reached. In the short-term, however, you outperform anybody behaving conservatively, because you're not thinking of the long-term at all. If you're a corporation algorithmically encoded to think in terms of quarters and limited liability, why wouldn't you? What's lost? Corporations don't have a concept of the world (as we know it) at all.

Figure 1. Exploiting potential energy to locomote. Evolution discovers that it is simpler to design tall creatures that fall strategically than it is to uncover active locomotion strategies. The left figure shows the creature at the start of a trial and the right figure shows snapshots of the figure over time falling and somersaulting to preserve forward momentum. (Via)

It's like the computer program which was commanded to move, and discovered that it was faster to build tall blocks and have them just crash, over and over. This is a pretty good description of capitalism, with its constant booms and busts. Keeps moving forward, doesn't it? Thus we get to the end of Sim City 3000, having blown all our resources on dumb shit with no plan for the future besides 'figure it out'. This is what the algorithms we call incorporations have done with the real world, and there's no do-overs.

While early colonial corporations ravaged parts of the world (there's no pearls left in Sri Lanka, for example) the idea of ravaging the entire world seemed impossible (it's so big). But this fundamentally misunderstands exponential growth, which can overflow a chessboard with 12,000 worlds of rice, starting from just one on the first square. By the first row there's only a handful so you don't notice it creeping up on you, but—before you know it—it's there. As Daly said, "As long as the human economy was infinitesimal relative to the natural world, then sources and sinks could be considered infinite, and therefore not scarce."

But we're not there any longer, are we? Now, 400 years into the video game called 'progress', we are actually running out of resources (and running into pollution) and that is driving prices up. And prices will continue going up, driving more and more people out of not just the 'middle-class' but out of the class of living beings entirely. This will kill us, in the millions, if not billions. People will die in great numbers and the only 'economic' response to this seems to be 'women, children and the poor first'. Not to the lifeboats, but to the hearse. Inflation is just a symptom of the fatal cancer that is infinite growth.

What we call 'inflation' is just the inflation of a giant bubble that actually popped with the South Sea Bubble in 1710, but which has been reinflated to climate-popping proportions. Prices will continue going up and up in this system because supply will keep going down. Plants are not making more fossil fuels (at anywhere near the rate we need), which means we cannot keep goosing our zombie soil with nitrogen (which we need to feed), and of course none of the resources exists to satisfy our greed incarnate in corporate form, which must double every generation or explode in rage.

Raising The Dead Via Interest Rates

These ghouls will continue 'raising interest rates' (ie, give the rich rentier class more money) as if this can raise the dead. All they're doing is looting a little bit more and building their bunkers before the inevitable end. That's all inflation is, a sign of end times, a phenomenon which is not actually transient, but which has been baked in from the beginning. A 'good' amount of inflation is considered to 2-3%, which is doubling every generation! This is what an average of 3.24% inflation looks like in the United States over just 100 years.

Cumulative Inflation Chart since 1913
Via Inflation Data

The fact is that more money has been chasing more scarce resources for centuries, not just since COVID-19 or whatever the latest shock is. This is simply the mathematical nature of infinite growth on a finite planet. It's not physically to double everything we measure every generation. This inevitably degenerates the planet, as we are physically seeing today. Supply is limited by the actual supply of things in the world, not the imagination of human beings. WTF were we thinking. I think, therefore the economy am? What a sham. Economics is just the mass psychological delusion in perpetual motion. As Earl Cook said in 1982, when I was born:

Abandonment of belief in perpetual motion was a major step toward recognition of the true human condition. It is significant that "mainstream" economists never abandoned that belief and do not accept the relevance to the economic process of the Second Law of Thermodynamics; their position as high priests of the market economy would become untenable did they do so.

The position of economists to this day is that all reality can be contained within the Cartesian plane, and endlessly manipulated using monetary spells (ie, witchcraft). Well, that plane is crashing, and you might have noticed because dinner service is only available in the literal Business Class, while children are screaming of starvation in the back. That is the phenomenon of inflation, the old horseman with scales. It's too late for averting this collapse for billions of people (women and children first!), but one can at least remove the scales from one's eyes for what it's worth. It's worth nothing by the way. It's like waking up inside a hearse. Perhaps it's better to sleep, perchance to dream. Even if you understand what inflation is, the bubble has already burst.

Indrajit Samarajiva
16 Feb 2024 | 10:37 am

6. Children and 'Enlightenment' and Enlightenment

Children and 'Enlightenment' and EnlightenmentChildren and 'Enlightenment' and Enlightenment

My daughter was yelling at the maids, which is the one thing she cannot do. My wife said she must get that from her, but my wife never yells at the maids. I was confused. Then I thought about it, and it's true. My wife must be yelling at the maids inside her head, and my daughter just can't control the voice in her head. In many ways, we as parents are that voice. Her emotions are still externalized, like her brother's digestive system.

External Organs

They say that having a child is like wearing your heart outside your body for the rest of your life, but for the child's first years all of their organs are outside. The anus, the stomach, the brain; all somebody else's problem. I still wash my kids' butts and feed them by hand, and they're six and seven now. Indeed, my Amma fed me by hand (occasionally) until I was a teenager. Then I hand-fed her cake at my wedding. The loop is never supposed to close, it's just supposed to reverse flow. This is the circle. The circle of life. But it's broken.

As you grow up you're supposed to keep all your organs inside your body, all your money inside your bank account, all your thoughts inside your skull. You are, in short, expected to be an individual, which is not a natural state of being at all. One of the greatest disproofs of individuality is that we're literally attached to our mothers at birth. Humans come out half-baked, babies are definitely not done. The entire digestive loop takes years to become self-regulating, and emotions take even longer. Indeed, these loops never become independent, you just learn to mediate them through people other than your parents. It takes a lot of work to understand the concept of not-self (anatta) as an adult, but to babies it's self-evident (or not-self-evident). Babies are just born connected and we only unlearn this as adults.

As my kids get older I can see them developing the illusion of self. And I can see the segmentation of life between home and school, where they cannot let their organs all hang out. When I get their school reports I'm like, "Who is this kid?" Polite? Doesn't complain? Never yells? Did I get the wrong report? What's happening is that they're now capable of self-regulation. At home they just don't have to. So they don't. As I say, you show your ass to your family, and in my family this is literal. My son knows how to wash his butt on his own, but he prefers the concierge service. So I'm still (literally) dealing with this shit at home.

The Illusion Of Self

Self is a highly useful illusion, I'm not shitting on it entirely. There are significant aspects of reality loosely correlated with the sensation of being alone—like bank accounts, and pain, and death. But there are equally significant aspects that are not regulated by the self alone. Like 'mental health', which is really a social level of cognition misattributed to the self and medicated into submission. This is more theoretical in adults, but you can see it more clearly in children, who quite loudly 'wear their hearts on their (snotty) sleeves'. A child's mental health is their mother's mental health, their family's mental health, and certainly not regulated by the child alone.

From the time a baby first cries and is comforted (inshallah) their mental health is socially regulated. Whether that baby can be comforted is socially regulated, ie whether the mother is currently being bombed or trapped in wage slavery or generations of trauma. Mental health is a strange category built on top of a bad assumption, that the individual is some proven quantity that one can stack 'science' upon. The fact is that the self is, at best, not proven by science, and has clearly been refuted by the Buddha, among others. Illusions can be useful, but if you believe in them they become harmful. Behold all of Western Civilization, which is really just a few bad assumptions taken to ruin.

The Paucity Of 'Philosophy'

The entire restriction of 'philosophy' (really just Anglo-European philosophy in almost all universities) to the thoughts of adult men sitting alone in rooms has really led to ruin. Western thought is just twigs on a branch thinking it's a tree (and what strange fruit they bear). Western thought says, of course not, look at all the airplanes and cell phones and atom bombs, we're obviously right, it works! But in the long run this is all just garbage! Hell, within one year most consumer goods are garbage. All we have done with science is hook up a giant entropy machine and blow through millions of years of resources in a few centuries. People we so preoccupied with the fact that certain ideas 'worked' that they never stopped to ask if they were good ideas. And they're not!

The motherfucker of all bad ideas is the idea of the individual, whom all ideas must be based around. This is the 'rational actor' of economics or the 'educated voter' of liberal democracy, neither of whom exist, but whose phantoms roil our existence. As Vine Deloria Jr. writes,

Among the most important differences between tribal peoples' and Western thinking is the concentration in the West on the solitary individual to the exclusion of the group — a perspective now rendered obsolete by quantum physics. We know today that the idea of the individual is meaningless, but much of our philosophy, law, and religious thinking continues to make the individual the focus of attention and the starting point for all other analysis. From John Locke to John Rawls, the important decisions are to be made by individuals possessing neither father nor mother, village nor tribe, age nor gender...

The various Indian tribes recognized that individuals who had no loyalty to anyone else were exceedingly dangerous to have around.

The grandmother of all bad assumptions is that there's one knowable, communicable truth, and that we should build an ivory tower on top of it, as if that won't lead to absurdity and anger the gods like such towers do. The folly is thinking that other cultures and experiences are even interested in the same questions at all. As Brian Yazzie Burkhart writes (in the same book),

There is no world, no truth, without meaning and value, and meaning and value arise in the intersection between us and all that is around us. How we behave, then, in a certain sense shapes meaning, gives shape to the world. In this way, what we do, how we act, is as important as any truth and any fact. We can think of this as the meaning-shaping principle of action.

American Indians refer to this principle over and over again when asked certain questions by non-Natives. When asked such questions, Native elders will respond by saying, "We don't talk about those things," or "It is bad to talk about those things." These interdictions generally leave the questioner puzzled. But the confusion seems to arise from a lack of understanding regarding the underlying philosophical assumptions involved.

As the saying goes, play stupid games, win stupid prizes, as you can see from centuries of colonialism leading to complete resource and climate collapse. And this is fundamentally a philosophical problem. Just look at any philosophy department, which is really just Anglo-European Philosophy, AKA white supremacism, with some Greeks thrown in for seasoning.

The ongoing interdiction of most philosophy in the world from the academic canon of White philosophy and certainly from the certainty of science has led to great ignorance and great power, a fatal combination! The disregard of cultural and religious practices as superstition has led to a great dumping of thousands of years of social memory, painstakingly encoded and evolved. The disdain for the experience of women and children has missed the great breadth of life, indeed, the most important parts. The modern concept is that 'other' cultures and women need to be included in the canon, but who wants to be included in this shit? It's like the Hollywood movies where women take starring roles to behave exactly like men, blowing up shit and punching people, except with boobs.

I point this out because I have spent all morning being yelled at by my children for any number of 'reasons' which are not remotely rational. Every 'reason' is just a hook that their emotions catch onto while bouncing around, fundamentally an excuse. Today they're a bit sick (allergies), hence all the ennui, which comes out over various bullshit. They'll be sniffling at school but only explode into complaint at home, where they can take their shoes, uniforms, and selves off. This is who we are, at our core 'selves', the core self is not-self at all! The core self is actually a web of relationships, and the web is actually connected to everything. This is something a philosophy centered on the individual cannot capture, no matter how many DEI meetings you hold. The difference is at a very fundamental level. The point is not assimilating the 'other' into yourself but dissolving the self entirely into the otherness. It's not the rejuvenation of western philosophy but, for starters, its destruction.

My Own Childhood

So I return to my own childhood. To the original teacher, my own mother. As children, my Amma had us do metta meditation, which was saying 'may I be well peaceful and happy, may my parents be well peaceful and happy,' and so on, outwards and onwards, radiating to all creatures and all beings. I would go through my family, my family back in Sri Lanka, the dogs back in Sri Lanka, and so on. At the time I mainly experienced this as sleepiness, but it was in fact waking up. This child's 'prayer' contains the very nature of not-self, which is both nothing and everything at once. It illustrates a point beyond reason (which is really just the finer points of illusion), beyond language (a most useful illusion of grunts), and certainly beyond communication. At some level, you have to just do it. The master's tools will not dismantle the house. You have to just open the door of perception and wander out.

As a young man, my mother took me to a meditation retreat, which I had no particular interest in, but I had nothing else going on. And that was life changing for me. I 'knew' about Buddhism my whole life, but I never understood it till I sat under a tree and cleared all thoughts. For the lay Sri Lankan Buddhist this information is actually encoded at the social level, through rituals one may not understand, but which nonetheless contain the information and can transmit it through many generations. ie, from mother to son, even if the sons are ignoramuses. So I take my kids to temple on Poya, and church also, not in the hopes that they'll understand anything, they're already closer to God and not-self than I am. I take them to just dip them in the flow of greater selves, so that when their own self hardens, they have the tools to dissolve it again.

At some point, they're going to stop yelling at people… and start yelling at themselves. At some point, they're going to stop crying out loud and start crying to themselves. At some point, they won't wake up and scream at anybody, they'll just whimper to themselves. These are not necessarily better ways of dealing, they're just more convenient for everybody else. A child knows, instinctively, to ask for help but we train this out of them. And it's hard to get that back.

The real 'solution' to one's problems is dissolving them in the people close to you, in the people further from you, in all creatures and beings and even those things considered 'inanimate'. This is natural for a child, who assigns deep inner lives to teddy bears, but quite a contortion for a calcified adult. But having a child can help you realize this, because they're constantly outsourcing their cognition to my head. To be honest, it's annoying as shit, but also enlightening.

Indrajit Samarajiva
15 Feb 2024 | 3:31 pm

7. Collapse³

'Israel', America, and Climate Collapse³Collapse³

We've discussed the 6 fronts of 'Israel's' war and the 6 wars America is losing. Now we'll discuss 6 ways the climate is collapsing. 666. Now we finally meet the final boss. The climate collapse that all other collapses are contained within. The sphere that crushes all cubes into meaninglessness.

The big question is, even if 'Israel' manages to win its six-front war, even if 'America' manages to win its world war, then what? The whole climate is still collapsing, and even they live in the climate. 'Israel's scorched earth policy in Gaza is just a sign of the coming times for everyone, when the whole Earth will scorch.

The meta-crisis is really an entropy crisis which we experience as pollution. Warfare is just the worst sort of pollution, the sort that kills you instantly. In just 120 days, 'Israel' and America have produced nearly 300,000 kilotons of carbon unproducing 30,000 people. The full climate impact is likely 7-8x higher, equivalent to a dozen countries just chilling. Millions of tons of metal and other resources have been shipped from all over the world in order to be dumped on children in Palestine. The Gaza Genocide is an absolute orgy of emissions and waste in a climate that simply can't take anymore.

This grotesque genocide is just the culmination of 400 years of colonialism. It's no coincidence that the greater White Empire (America, Britain, fuck 'em all) is by far the worst polluter in history. It's no coincidence that the US military is the single worst polluter now. It's causal. Colonialism was the cancer that gave corporations private rights to something that isn't even public. The sun, the land, the animals, the plants; they don't belong to us. They belong to the gods. They are the gods. The gods of sun, the gods of trees, and the new, apocalyptic, gods who clearly said that the end was coming. You don't even have to believe the signs anymore. We're at the destination.

Exponential Growth On A Finite Planet

We are living through a time of collapse in general. You can explain this collapse through physics, through finance, through pseudoscientific economics, but it all comes down to the exponential function. Honestly these scientific explanations are just more vanity because the gods told us clearly enough thousands of years ago. As Satan said, 'vanity, definitely my favorite sin'. I'll indulge in this vanity for explanations sake. Let's stick with the math, which is literally the square root of all evil.

How, Mathematically We're Fucked

The mathematical function crushing this civilization is both devilishly simple and incomprehensible to humans. Exponential growth. You can plot exponential growth for yourself, on a chessboard. Put one grain of rice on the first square, then double it on the next one. After one row (of 8 squares) it's just a handful. After seven rows, however, you've run out of rice. In the whole world. By the 64th square you've exhausted 12,000 worlds. This sounds stupid, but we based our entire global civilization on the idea of exponential growth! Forget rice, we're trying to double every single thing we measure. That's much worse!

This is precious golden bull market we worship. Roughly 3% growth a year means a doubling time of 25 years. This is an exponential with a period of one human generation. Doubling everything every generation, is the goal of modern economics. Anything else is called a 'recession', and requires human sacrifice (austerity) as an intervention. This is why I say economics is a pseudoscience. It has no connection to the other sciences. They've just built a bunch of complicated math on top of a really bad assumption. It's a self-declared self-contained system which breaks the ecosystem it's actually carried in. Modern economics is a Ponzi scheme and we're just the generations left holding the bag. That's all that's happening.

The Ponzi was highly profitable for a few generations, but it's simply not possible in the long run. It doesn't matter what you're doubling, you simply run out of chessboard. It doesn't matter how big your chessboard is, the exponential will fill it up soon enough. By the time you even notice a problem, there's just a few moves left. Checkmate, you lose.

This fate is baked in to the very concept of growth. This is just how the exponential functions. It doesn't matter if you execute the exponential with oil or 'renewables'. It doesn't matter if we 'discover' entirely new worlds, we'll need 12,000 of them to keep going, and then we'll need 24,000 immediately after! It's not mathematically possible to double anything in a finite space, even as big as our solar system. Even a grain of rice, doubled long enough, will ruin the universe. What gross folly to double everything we produce. It's domestic abuse.

The Incorporate Culprit

The important but mind-bendy thing to understand is that this isn't a human problem, with human solutions. We're not the relevant species here. Natural life (which includes us) is being killed by artificial life (which we are merely included in). We're just the bacteria inside the guts of higher beings we call corporations or even countries. It is this species of artificial life which is killing the natural world, and we're just along for the ride, until we get shit out. I call these creatures godlike because just look at the power they have over us. They can kill, cage, and harness us like so much chattel, but there's one thing they can't control. That's the weather. Those are the elder, greater, gods, and they're not too happy about the upstart idols.

Who are these old gods? The gods of sun, the gods of weather, the gods of climate above all. Heathens call this 'climate change', like it comes out of nowhere. What we are experiencing is the wrath of the gods. The gods are striking back through the weather and they'll win, because they're actual gods, not craven idols made out of steel and silicon. Like Paulie from Goodfellas was described, "[the gods] might have moved slow, but it was only because [the gods] didn't have to move for anybody." They may not come when you call, but they're always on time, and it's time now.

Even the more recent Abrahamic God is clearly apocalyptic. Prophets and messengers have been telling us to get our shit together for the end times, and we've been hitting the snooze button for generation after generation. Whatever 'civilized' path we were on 3,000 years ago was already clearly wrong, and we were clearly warned that it wouldn't end well. Well, here we are. You can't say you weren't warned.

Ever since the first IPO in 1602—ever since corporations were given the right to enslave entire lands, peoples, and skin the animals alive—we have been living a deal with the devil. That's all corporations are, incarnated devils who give us lots of trinkets and let us take the credit for the the 'innovation'. Over the last century, all we have really done is take a one-time inheritance from higher beings (the photosynthetic life that became 'fossil' fuels) and blow it all on dumb shit. It was always a deal with the devil, and the devil always gets his due in the end. And so it's ending. As Satan said in The Devil's Advocate, 'awfully hot in that boardroom, isn't it?'

The Lesser Collapse

The collapse of 'Israel' and then 'America' is just details. The dust on the end of the great sweep of history. The genocide in the holy land is just a sign of the end times, but the times have been ending since colonialism, and since agriculture really. The final folly is the idea that we could continue doubling our greed forever. Remember, doubling anything leads to ruin. You could double butterflies or rainbows and it would still get chaotic. How much worse is it when you double terrible things, as we have been?

We made idols out of silicon and steel to act out this folly, but it was all a stage. As Shakespeare said, 'all the world an [economic] stage, and all the men and women merely [rational actors]'. But that was all a charade, wasn't it? Now our greed (incarnate) overspills the chessboard, the boardroom, and the boards of the Globalization Theatre. The war over 'Israel' is merely "the last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history."

I have discussed the collapse of the last colonial empire and its last, most violent, colony, but now let's discuss them in context. The final battle over Palestine is just the end of the Carbon Crusades. When Empire came for the fossil fuels, and stationed Jews there as a Sepoy army, to let let the Semites fight each other while Empire took the spoils. 'Israel's' whole presence in the Middle East is just to have reliable guns near the gas station. That's all it is, in historical context.

But what does this mean when guns and then gas run out? At some point, they'll run out of both oil to fight over and oil to fight with. Then what? They'll lose by default. This final thrashing about is just making the end come faster. The tragic fact is that everyone in the Middle East would just sell America oil, America doesn't even need the oil (for now), and they're supposed to be quitting anyways! They could die comfortably in reduced condition but, no, they want to kill everyone else on the way out. Empire doesn't even know what the fuck it's doing anymore, it's just beating people out of pure muscle memory. They 'came up' on beating natives to death for their land and they'll be damned if they change now. So damned they are.

Whether it's from Resistance or their own arrogance, within our lifetimes both 'Israel' and 'America' will fall. Even if they win all these wars against other people, how do you win against the climate? How do you win against math? How do you win against the gods? What do you even win in this context? It's like hitting the snooze button on apocalypse with a 3,000 pound bomb. You're just making the destruction come faster.

The End Of The World

White Empire is not long for the world, because the world is not long for the world. Even if it survives the rebellions of men, it cannot escape the judgement of the gods. If the whole climate is collapses, everything else necessarily collapses too. Like castles in the sand. In a few decades (at best), Empire's scorched earth policy in Gaza becomes redundant. Any Empire that exists will run out of gas and catch on fire at the same time. Empire loses by default. A victory for no one.

At that point, the land will return to the people that actually care about it, stripped of resources, littered with shrapnel, increasingly underwater and uninhabitable. God said the meek will inherit the earth, but They didn't say what condition it would be in. Mother Earth herself will be a martyr in this war. The best her living family can hope for is a decent burial.

This is part of a three part series:

  1. America's Stupid World War
  2. 'Israel's' Six Front War
Indrajit Samarajiva
13 Feb 2024 | 3:24 pm

8. America's Stupid World War

America's Stupid World WarAmerica's Stupid World War

'Israel's' six-front war is just one theatre in the American multiplex of horror. America is fighting multiple wars, and constantly trying to start new ones. I know they're only called 'World Wars' when white people are fighting each other, but I don't know what else to call this. America is at war across the whole world and losing on all fronts.

To the north, America has already lost to Russia. To their south, they're facing their own uncompleted genocide — pesky brown people still walking the earth, not respecting colonial borders. Then, to the East, we have 'Israel's' incomplete genocide of Palestine, which has turned into a regional rebellion against America. Finally, to the west there's China — which America actually wants to fight — but they can't even get to that side of the bar without ten other guys punching them. 

Meanwhile, within America, they are deeply divided internally (ie, they hate themselves) and the climate is collapsing atop everything (the gods hate them too). America's World War is not just fighting everyone in the world, but also fighting weather. All losing propositions.

America's Stupid World WarNorth

Let's start with the northern front, which America trying its best to bury under 50,000 Palestinian bodies. I call it north because North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Instead of disbanding after the Cold War, NATO kept pushing closer and closer to Russia, until Russia finally pushed back by invading Ukraine. After the first (and second) Ukrainian armies were destroyed, a NATO trained and equipped army was destroyed as well. Now the money, bullets, and recruits are running out, as has the American attention span. Empire has moved onto something it's more comfortable with, dropping expensive bombs on poor civilians. 

The Ukraine war, which was supposed to teach Russia a lesson, has instead made Russia militarily, economically, and geopolitically stronger. While NATO essentially ran out of bullets, Russia's military industry is still firing. While Europe is deindustrializing without Russian energy, Russia's economy is thriving. While America tried to isolate Russia with sanctions, it is now leading BRICS, an alternative coalition with nearly 50% of the world's population, and most of its natural resources and manufacturing. By picking a fight with Russia, America has thrown them, China, North Korea, and Iran together. They have united their enemies and sacrificed their allies. A true masterclass in decline.


On the southern front, Americans have just made up an invasion of people coming to pick their fruit. Non-native Americans unironically talk about a 'migrant' crisis, with no self-awareness at all. Bitch, you're the crisis! Humans have been walking up and down Turtle Island for 10,000 years, but these interlopers set up fences, fenced the land, and think they can defenestrate people whenever they want. The 'border crisis' is really America's original war — the genocide of the native population — and it's still ongoing. 

This is an entirely manufactured war, because America ruins conditions in the south, demands a cheap/slave underclass of labor to feed/clothe/care-for itself, and then attacks people for responding to the conditions it creates. In fact, the only invasion is America, and it's unfortunately still killing and caging humans, whatever the administration. Literally the only choice they have this election is whether you want to kill brown people here or there, and in what proportion.


In the East, the center of the 'problem' is Empire's uncompleted genocide of Palestine. While 'Israel' is laser-focused on completing that, America has to deal with the regional fall-out. Now America has lost control of Syria and Iraq to the north, the Red Sea to the south, and is genuinely menaced by Iran to the east. To the west, none of this helps its European vassals, and America's own population doesn't enjoy watching children being murdered every day. 

'Israel' is winning the genocide and losing the war, and America is actually too weak and overstretched to help them. America can no longer stage large ground forces like in the Iraq Wars and are in fact talking about withdrawal. Their Navy has already been defeated by Yemen and has no hope against Iran. All they have is air power and bombs, but those are finite quantities that they have to allocate to every other war zone. And this isn't even the war they want to be in! 

One week before the Al Aqsa Flood, National Security Idiot Jake Sullivan said, "the Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades." Which was dead wrong. In a since-scrubbed article, he said, "This disciplined approach frees up resources for other global priorities," which obviously didn't work out as planned. America has sent three Hiroshimas worth of explosives to Gaza which makes it harder to bomb Asia, like they really want to.


For years if not decades, American foreign policy 'thinkers' have been talking about pivoting to Asia, AKA China. America, however, can't even get to that end of the bar without spilling a drink on someone and getting into some other fight. It's a comedy of terrors. In the meantime, China is doing what America successfully did in World War I and II. Staying the fuck out of world wars for as long as possible, and profiting. Napoleon said, "Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake," and America is making dozens. 

By being such ineffective assholes, America has thrown China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran into an effective military alliance. By sanctioning most of the world, they have made even more countries into economic allies. America has united all their enemies while ruining their allies (Europe). This is why I put 'thinkers' in scare quotes. There's precious little strategic thinking going on. How is America going to 'pivot' to China now? They've run out of bullets on the northern front, lost naval supremacy in the east, and have their own problems in the south. China doesn't even have to do anything. They win by default.


America can only sanction so many countries before they've sanctioned themselves into a corner. They can only weaponize the dollar so long before it becomes a two-edged sword. They can only attack so many people before, as Malcolm X said, chickens come home to roost. They can only bail out (their rich) for so long before the whole country drowns. 

Indeed, it's already happening. The number one cause of death in the US military is suicide. Children bring assault rifles into their schools, and use them on each other. Deaths of despair — largely through drugs — are rising. Somewhere in their hearts Americans know their country deserves to die, and they're doing it.

American life expectancy is dropping, more people are hungry, 40% of people face financial hardship, poverty increased 60% since 2021, the human suffering goes on and on. These are not healthy vital signs, no matter what the topline numbers say. America's GDP numbers are just a measure of waste, graft, and inequality, not a functioning economy. Just ask its people, who are not doing well at all. 

Americans are still dying in a plague, its infrastructure is falling apart, they can't make stuff anymore, and its education system is a con. The whole colonial enterprise was the mafia bust-out of a continent which is now nearing the end, where it goes bust. This is not an Empire which is long for the world, which would be comforting if the world itself was not ending also.


America is the worst historical polluter and the American military is the single worst polluter in the world. These are not coincidences, these are consequences. Even before its founding as an unchecked oligarchy, America has been an entropy machine, chewing up resources, spewing out waste heat, and calling it profit. Now the pollution of this local colony has spread globally and is finally reaching its planetary carrying limits. The climate itself is collapsing. 

As I said in the 'Israel' piece, it doesn't matter if 'Israel' improbably solves its problems. 'Israel' is in American Empire, and can't survive the collapse of its host. In the same way, it doesn't matter if America impossibly wins a world war and 'makes itself great again'. When the climate collapses, America is toast. It's collapse within collapse within collapse, cubes within cubes within a sphere. Sometimes it's hard to tell what causes what, but the effects are clear. 

The ancient gods of weather are obviously furious, and bombing the homeland of Jesus, defiling Muslim holy sites, and associating Judaism with this carnage doesn't help with the new ones either. Gods move slow, but they move heavy, which is precisely what's happening. If America can avoid defeat in all directions, if it can avoid its own internal fractures, it's still gonna get death from above. The gods are angry and their justice is surely near. 

World War Stupidity

Collapse is a fractal, and wherever you look you're going to see fractures. If you start, as I have, with the colony of 'Israel', that certainly looks fucked in all directions, but if you zoom out it's even worse than that. 'Israel's' six-front war is just one of two hot wars America is fighting, and it's got at least two cold and ready to go. 

North, south, east, west, at home, in the heavens, wherever you look, America has pissed someone off, and learned nothing from the experience. On every front, America is its own worst enemy, determined to lose at any cost. America is determined to leave the world the way we come into it, naked, covered in blood, and screaming.

America — running on some sort of autopilot of incompetence — has started World War III, whether you call it that or not. It's war and it's happening all over the world, what else do you call it? 'Israel' is just one front in this war, and for once, world war is not even our biggest problem. Literal storm fronts are coming in, of biblical proportions. That's what we'll discuss next episode. The climate collapse on top of everything, which makes all other collapses tremble. 

Previously: 'Israel's' Six-Front War

Indrajit Samarajiva
12 Feb 2024 | 8:06 am

9. 'Israel's' Six Front War

A perfect cube of resistance 'Israel's' Six Front War'Israel's' Six Front War

'Israel' is fighting on at least six fronts. Basically a perfect cube of fucked. To the north, against Hezbollah. To the east, against Iraq, Syria, and Iran. Then to the south, against Yemen. Within Palestine, the Resistance is literally underground, and the malevolent presence of Iran is all around. And this is just one battle in a hundred-year war of liberation. Time is not on 'Israel's' side. In every cardinal direction and in every dimension of spacetime, 'Israel' is fucked. They are winning the genocide and losing the war.

Then, within each front, 'Israel' is under attack from multiple armies. So take six fronts and multiply it into one-hundred armies. That's the number of combatants, by 'Israeli' design. Because they assassinate so many leaders, the Resistance is massively decentralized. 'Israel' absolutely not just fighting Hamas, they're fighting the whole Jihadi Premier League in Palestine, and the Jihadi Champions League across the region. I've gone over the Axis Of Resistance in detail previously.

Today, after over four months, at least seven major armies are still hammering 'Israel' in Palestine. At least 67 Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq and more in Syria have joined the fight. Then there's Hezbollah (and Amal) in Lebanon, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in Iran, and Ansar Allah (Yemen) in the south. The western media frames this as an 'Israel'-Hamas war but that's just getting high on your own propaganda supply. Look at the actual battlefield. Hamas is just one army on one front. They're not even the only Resistance in Gaza! Meanwhile, zooming out, this is a hundred-year war of liberation. The natives have been resisting ever since the Carbon Crusaders started carbon crusading in 1908, and made 'Israel' their guns near the gas station. October 7th marks the ending of this war, not the beginning, inshallah. This why Ansar Allah calls this last phase The Battle of the Promised Conquest and the Sacred Jihad.

'Israel' does not even seem aware of its strategic position. Their corrupt PM is just trying to stay out of jail, and the aging head of American Empire can barely string a sentence together. 'Israel' is just responding to events and lashing out in wild-eyed anger. They are laser focused on ethnic cleansing Gaza, ignoring the fact that they've lost at least 5 km of land to the North, access the Red Sea in the South, all hope of 'normalization' to the East, and popular support in the West. 'Israel' and America (same thing) are still reactively assassinating resistance leaders, not understanding that this is why the Resistance is so highly decentralized and motivated in the first place.

Assassination just creates shaheeds, who keep fighting forever. For example, Hamas's Al Qassam brigades are named after Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, a Resistance fighter martyred in 1930. Their anti-tank shells, the Al-Yassin, are named after Hamas's founder, Ahmed Yassin, martyred in 2004. Today the decentralized re-incarnation of al-Qassam is launching $500 Al-Yassin missiles at $6 million Merkava tanks, and blowing them up. Meanwhile, on the martyrdom anniversary of Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, Iran unveiled hypersonic missiles, which even America doesn't have, and which 'Israeli' air defenses cannot stop. These martyrs are a curse to 'Israel', not a conquest. And 'Israel' is making thousands of martyrs every week now, from among the entire population.

Genocide also creates shaheeds, of innocent men, women, and children who are forever 'witnesses' (one meaning of shaheed). This is why the fighters are fighting. 'Israel' is just wasting ammunition producing motivation for their enemies, and condemnation from the world. 'Israel' may yet complete the Genocide of Gaza, but this has no military purpose value, especially not in a six-front war. 'Israel' has not meaningfully degraded the Palestinian underground Resistance, and their actions have actually brought 100 more armies into the war, from every direction. All highly motived (and justified) to destroy 'Israel'.

At the same time, 'Israel' is systematically destroying any support they had in the West—for generations—and causing those corrupt governments to fall. Not that any sane government will emerge in the West—that's structurally impossible—but the violence of the servant is destabilizing the master's household. And that can only go on so long. Meanwhile, 'Israel's' own corrupt government is internally divided between the families of the hostages and the right wing, which wants to just kill everyone (hostages included).

'Israel's' Genocide of Gaza is not just evil, it's self-defeating. They are killing their own hostages, their own soldiers, their own reputation, and their own 'country' in the end. If they were just fighting Hamas—as western propaganda labels this war, this might make some (psychopathic) sense—but 'Israel' are fools to believe their own propaganda. Listen to Biggie! Never get high on your own supply! When you're fighting a six-front war against one hundred armies, finishing off the concentration camp is not the priority. Indeed, this makes all your other problems much worse. 'Israel' has 99 problems and Gaza is just one.

120-Day Report

After 120 days of this, we can see the results. Both Hamas and Hezbollah have given 120-day reports, and they're not good (for 'Israel'). The 'terrorists' have been laser-focused on actual military goals, while the conventional army are just scoring own-goals through mass terrorism. Then remember that these are just two armies in a multiple front war.

'Israel's' Six Front War

In their 120-day summary of activities, Hamas's army, Al Qassam, has hit over 1,000 tanks and vehicles. They report:

Fully/partially destroying more than:
🔻962 Merkava tanks
🔻55 troop carriers(APCs)
🔻74 bulldozers
🔻3 excavators
🔻14 military jeeps.

'Israel's' own press (somehow less censored than the Western) is reporting 13,000 casualties among occupation forces. 'Israeli' colonizers still cannot return to the Gaza 'envelope' because Hamas is still firing missiles at them. Everyone knows 'Israel's' actually mission is to kill everyone, but in their stated mission of destroying Hamas, they're completely failing. Hamas is stronger than ever and, remember, this is just one army on one front!

'Israel's' Six Front War
"Hezbollah releases an infographic summarizing 120 days of operations from October 8th 2023 to February 4th, 2024 (14:00) as part of the battle of Al-Aqsa Flood... On the road to Al-Quds." (via Fotros)

On northern front, Hezbollah (in their own 120-day report) has caused over 2,000 casualties, displaced 230,000 colonizers, and destroyed two Iron Dome platforms, among many other objectives. Hezbollah has destroyed "237 technical equipment (visibility shields, electro-optical devices, radars, communications and intelligence devices, jamming devices)," meaning that 'Israel' is effectively blind on the northern front. 'Israel' has had to evacuate 43 settlements to a depth of 5 km, meaning 230,000 colonizers have been decolonized. Hezbollah has conducted 961 military operations, 186 of which have been recorded and distributed to the media. This means that the entire region (anyone with Al Jazeera) sees 'Israel' get lit up every day (Hezbollah attacks eight times a day, on average). This completely eliminates any deterrence factor which, given enough time, completely eliminates 'Israel'. Hezbollah ends every martyrdom notice with the phrase 'he rose on the road to Al-Quds,' meaning occupied Jerusalem. That's where they're headed.

The Al Aqsa Mosque in Al Quds—the at the center of the six-front infographic above—is the spiritual heart of this struggle. It's why Hamas called the battle the Al Aqsa Flood. The Carbon Crusaders defile this (and honestly, all) holy sites in Islam, but this can't go on forever. Because 'Israel's' six front war is just part of a six-front world war that its parent empire (America) is fighting, and losing. 'Israel's six-front 'cube of fucked' is contained in a higher dimensional cube of even greater fuckery, the collapse of American (ie, White) Empire on multiple fronts. And that cube is contained in an even higher-dimension, the collapse of the entire ecosystem, because of all the carbon crusading! There are wheels within wheels, and they're all broken.

As the higher cubes collapse so do the lower, or is it the other way round? It's hard to tell with collapse, causes and effects get all mixed up. The collapse of America both accelerates the 'Israeli' collapse, which accelerates American collapse in a feedback loop. That's the nature of collapse, I guess. There's a million ways for things to be in a 'disordered' state and very few for it to be 'ordered'. The higher process at work here is entropy, and that's inexorable. You can't just kill your way out of this process—projecting entropy onto the children and the poor—as much as Empire is trying. You can fight politics, you can fight ethics, but you can't fight physics. Things fall apart.

The Carbon Colony of 'Israel' is simply collapsing on six-fronts, as the White Empire is collapsing on at least six-fronts, while the planet itself is infinitely fucked. Empire has the power to make things worse, but they can't make things better. At best they can leave a razed Gaza, a radioactive planet, and a ravaged Earth, but they can't save themselves. There are too many historical, physical, and geological processes going on. As big as Empire is, they're small in comparison to the gods, and all the Gods—old and new—are furious. How do you fight against the gods? You just condemn yourselves. That's all this wretched White Empire is doing. We'll see how their global empire is falling apart in the next episode, followed by the climate they're leaving in ruins. It'd be a proud victory over great evil were it not so Pyrrhic in the end. Allah be with the victims.

Indrajit Samarajiva
9 Feb 2024 | 11:15 am

10. The Planned Starvation Of Gaza

The Planned Starvation Of Gaza
I don't want to post pictures of Gazans starving. This is a handmade tatreez from Resistance News Network. You can read what each bit means.
The Planned Starvation Of Gaza

We are witnessing the planned and brutally executed starvation of two million souls. I struggle to engage with this fact directly, I find it viscerally difficult. As Chris Hedges writes in excruciating detail, 'Israel' is starving and sickening the people that it couldn't bomb or shoot. The bodies it couldn't tear apart with metal are being torn apart from inside, as they run out of clean water and food. 'Israel' is bombing food convoys, blocking them with organized protests, and America and its vassals have cut off aid to the UNRWA, to starve these people completely. This is all happening in plain sight. In plain view. It is a historical atrocity, live on the news.

'Israel's' plan from the beginning has been devilishly simple. Just kill everyone. 'Israel' has systematically destroyed health facilities to spread disease. They have specifically cut off access to insulin to kill those people. They have cut off oxygen supplies, fuel, medicine in general. Everything that sustains life, because their aim is to kill as many people as possible. 

They have sniped entire families in cars, with the six-year-old child Hind left between the bodies for hours. Then they shot at the ambulances coming to help them. They casually snipe people going for water, in a scene reminiscent of Schindler's List. This is all calculated and premeditated. 'Israelis' are sitting and having meetings about this. People are doing spreadsheets, having Zoom calls, all about how to starve and sicken the maximum amount of people. And then other people are doing it. This is all coordinated with America. They're all in on it. This is a planned starvation. This is not collateral damage. This is intentional. They want to solve the 'Palestinian problem' by literally getting rid of the Palestinians.

You can take their word for it. As former head of the 'Israeli' National (Insecurity) Council wrote:

The international community warns us of a humanitarian disaster in Gaza and of severe epidemics. We must not shy away from this, as difficult as that may be. After all, severe epidemics in the south of the Gaza Strip will bring victory closer and reduce casualties among IDF soldiers. And no, this is not about cruelty for cruelty's sake, since we don't support the suffering of the other side as a goal but as a means.

Starvation is a means to the end. A solution to the problem of the people you stole land from not shutting up about it. They say the cruelty is not for cruelty's sake, but for the young child whose organs are shutting down, what's the difference? And IOF soldiers certainly display cruelty, mocking captives and calling them 'slaves', torturing them, sniping people inside hospitals and children in the streets. 'Israel' is just pure evil at this point, as are the Americans and Europeans not merely backing them, but committing genocide along with them. Colonizers and colonial cousins are getting together for a family tradition, the genocide of natives.

The end of this will certainly be at least 100,000 Palestinians dead. In many ways, we are at that number already. Besides the 30,000 killed by 'Israel' and America (one White Empire), more are uncounted, and even more are fated to die as malnutrition and sickness destroy their bodies from within. What the Nazis did intentionally, the 'Israelis' are doing intentionally as well. Gaza is a concentration camp turned extermination camp, that's all it is. Like the Nazis, they are killing the disabled, the sick, the weak, the elderly. This is a planned genocide, executed with calculating brutality, coordinated across the 'international community' (their word for White Empire), with the whole world watching. This is happening on our watch.

The only people answering the call 'never again' are Iran, Yemen and the resistance armies of the region, like Hezbollah and the Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq. Popularly deemed 'terrorists' in the West, that's how backwards they be. In fact, this Axis of Resistance is fulfilling the duty of every nation under the genocide convention, to protect the Palestinian people and stop this from happening. The lesson from history is that 'Israel' and its allies will not stop, and need to be military defeated and completely destroyed. Those nations have no place in the UN, or in any sort of civilized company. 

The Resistance is right to say 'Death to Israel and death to America.' These are just nations and the people there can do something else. We are talking about the death of men, women, and children, as long as these delusions of genocidal grandeur continue to exist. As the Resistance says, they are on the road to Al-Quds (occupied Jerusalem), which is the only way this ends. It is truly a jihad of victory or martyrdom. Their cause is truly just, Allah be with them. I think he will be. The Carbon Crusaders will be kicked out like the Crusaders before them. But not in time to lift this modern medieval siege.

As I've written, that's all that's happening in Gaza. A medieval siege with modern weaponry. We consider the old methods of siege warfare exceptionally cruel, but they really have nothing on this level of industrial brutality, or mass mediated hypocrisy. 'Israel' and 'America' have killed more people (and more children) at a faster rate than at any point in living memory. Perhaps history. The technology simply didn't exist before and they're using the highest technology to the lowest means. 

This siege — which puts medieval sieges to shame — is proceeding the same way, cutting off food and water supplies, spreading disease intentionally, and killing men, women, children, and animals as both punishment and a lesson to everyone else in the neighborhood. This is what you get when you defy Empire. We'll kill everyone, like the children of Amalek, as the genocidal 'Israelis' say openly. While the bloody Americans piously wring their hands and send more siege weaponry.

We are living through the open starvation of two million souls. All the lies and 'complications' will disappear into history and this horrendous crime will be all that remains, an absence, an abscess, an abomination. What will you tell your children? That you 'condemned both sides' or 'believed in peace', while thousands were massacred and millions starved in front of you, in your pockets, every day? Every time I eat or drink clean water I feel sick these days. May the Al Aqsa Flood finally wash all this injustice away, till the Palestinian people can return to the Al Aqsa Mosque, and pray in peace, without these predators consuming their bodies in the streets, and even desecrating their graves. 

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