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The Good Citizen
4 Feb 2023 | 7:40 pm

1. Botoxalips Now

How could I compete with their love for themselves?

— Every lover of every "influencer"

To love the statistics of a heart button is to love deeply, with a now socially nourished and fiscally rewarded soul-crushing narcissism that has become so deeply entrenched in the world that not putting all of one's energy into seeking the artificially fleeting admiration of others will soon probably render a diagnosis of schizophrenia or autism.

For nearly two decades, hearts have been everything.

When the idea of Amore moved online the predictable transformation of digital vapors worked its diminishing magic with disconnect and despair. Heightened expectations through transitory fantasies from behind a protective veil of distance and asymmetry dispelled the need to think and react to a moment, in the only manner non-sociopaths can—honestly.

Vapid pretense and performance took center stage distancing those expectations further from reality as the truth of individuals became buried by the impressions they sought to convey. Earned trust, which was once built by past human interactions over time turned into faith.

Having faith in the honest digital re-presentations of strangers about themselves is quite a leap, but people took it because it was safe. One generation, then another preferred safety over having skin in the game and potentially taking risks that might result in unwanted human emotions that arise from rejection and disappointment.

The more the fantasy of future relations became disconnected from reality, the greater the disappointment. The more one disconnected their digital re-presentation from reality, the harder they were rejected when truth displaced fantasy.

The process was ugly and lonely souls became even more lonely as the armies of disconnected and disappointed stopped taking any risks at all, but only of the emotional kind.

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The Good Citizen
1 Feb 2023 | 5:01 pm

2. The Zookeeper's Guide to Wild Americans

Note: The following post is one of a series of six posts published simultaneously by separate authors who cast a vision of the year 2043.

The authors have written their pieces in isolation with no collaboration between them.

Please read the other works that were concurrently published with different perspectives of the year 2043, and subscribe to the authors you like if you haven't already.

The other posts are:

John Carter, Yuri Bezmenov, Harrison Koehli, Winston Smith, Mark Bisone

Winston Smith composed a fun impromptu piece on the same day linking all six stories.

He who says the state is God, deifies arms and prisons. The worship of the state is the worship of force. There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men. The worst evils that mankind ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments. The state can be and has often been in the course of history the main source of mischief and disaster.

— Ludwig von Mises

The Zookeeper's Guide to Wild Americans

February 1.

Marshall Kruk sits bewildered on the cold wood planks of the rear staging area of the production studios in Manhattan, New York. His leather collar irritates his fourth chin which rests atop his massive drooping mammaries.

Not far behind he can hear the gentle voice of his trusted handler Mademoiselle Dufaure who strokes her fingers through the hair of his nervous children with a maternal flair that wife Judy is incapable of both emotionally and physically.

With one hand on each child's head, she peppers their ears with calming whispers, "C'est tranquille mes petite géants. C'est tranquille."

Marshall considers assisting in the security of his children, but his mobility is impeded by his own sheer girth and limited to a few degrees of turn in either direction. Even that motion requires an effort and energy of which he is not fond. So he gazes ahead through a small opening in the curtains and scans curious faces in the studio audience. His wet lips hang loose from his pudgy, colorless face. Production assistants and grips scurry past, the odd worker stopping to witness the spectacle that is the Kruk family.

Indifferent to the outburst of activity around him, Marshall clenches his teeth, leans his mass to his left, and releases a steady stream of silent gas that quickly envelopes a three-meter radius with a peculiar and heavy odoriferous cocktail. A passing assistant gasps with agony before fleeing the affected area. Mademoiselle Dufaure notes the suffering of the poor worker and knows at once the culprit of his misfortune.

"Marshall my dear, are you anxious too?"

She enters the stench zone without hesitation having suffered through much worse after his consumption of lactose products, particularly heavy creams, and deep-fried buttermilk. Much of the family's diet is in the deep fried order and consumed in astonishing quantities. It is hard to imagine any food in such copious amounts not resulting in constant putrid gases.

"What did you feed him?" Questions another passing victim in a nasal tone as he gasps to suspend his breathing.

"Corn beef sandwiches and a bowl of deep-fried peanut butter," replies Dufaure in a blasé manner. "I'm sorry about this, didn't Dr. Lecomte mention this would likely happen?"

The victim shakes his head side-to-side, winces, and vanishes in one motion.

She begins to pat Marshall's back with the base of her open palm. He jolts his head and leans forward to shun her attempts at comfort like a horse brushing away a pesky fly with its tail.

The rolls of fat on his upper back send a massive tsunami of skin folds rippling down toward his diapers and rebounding back upwards, and downwards, and upwards like an artificial wave tank.

"Don't be difficult Marshall. Not today. I want you on your best behavior. You must be strong and set an example for your family. Can you do that for me? Hmm?"

Mademoiselle has been entrusted as their primary caretaker while her mentor and superior Dr. Lecomte prepares for the most important publicity stop on his latest book tour. Marshall growls at her behavioral request, dropping his lower lip in a grumpy show of discontent.

"What's wrong Marshall?"

"I'm tired," he moans like a giant adolescent in need of more attention from impervious parents.

"You're tired?" Dufaure motions to a nearby subordinate to wheel over two metal cylinders attached with clear tubing. She reaches for a mask and slides it over Marshall's watermelon-sized head.

"Breathe deep."

His shoulders rise steadily as he takes fresh oxygen.

"Good. Take another." He does as instructed and takes five more.

"Is that better?"

He nods approvingly, taking even more oxygen. His wide frame settles into a relaxed slouch. The makings of a grin appear on the fleshy layers of his pudding face.

"If everything goes well today, I have a special treat waiting in your cage. Your favorite treat Marshall, so please be on your best behavior and you can have the whole thing."

He nods again, excited at the thought of digging into a five-liter bucket of butter pecan ice cream. A reservoir of drool forms at the edge of his cheek, gradually oozing from the cover of the oxygen mask. Mademoiselle wipes the leakage with a rag.

"I thought you'd like that," she coos into his ear.

"Everybody quiet. We're on in ten seconds," announces an eager producer rushing past the Kruk family and their handlers.

Dr. Jean-Paul Lecomte appears fresh from his hair and make-up session and stands beside the Kruk children Royale and Dilly.

"On your feet. Come now, up-up. On your feet mes petite géants." Several handlers assist Lecomte and Dufaure with the heavy lifting.

Superstar host LaShondra Jones clears her throat and adjusts her posture. The show's supervising producer calls out, "three, two, one..." and points to Jones emphatically.

"Welcome back. As promised we have a very special guest here to promote his latest book, The Zookeeper's Guide to Wild Americans. Please give a warm welcome to Zoologist, Doctor Jean-Paul Lecomte."

The audience applauds as Lecomte emerges from the tiny gap in the velvet curtains where Marshall still peeps through. He struts across a row of cameras toward LaShondra Jones. They embrace in the manner of old friends. Jones waits for the applause to subside and for Lecomte to sit before settling into the host's chair opposite her guest.

"Welcome back to the show Dr. Lecomte."

"Thank you LaShondra. A pleasure to be here again." His French accent is as thick as his subjects.

"You've written an interesting book that is part journal, part diary combined with your scientific research of Wild Americans. For those not familiar with your work, tell us about how you started in this field."

Lecomte tells the story of his first sighting of a morbidly obese man as a child on a family holiday to California and how this event piqued a curiosity that never subsided.

"I think LaShondra, it is important that people learn about zee history of zis field, because most people I meet are ignorant of zis."

"Very good point Doctor, why don't you give us a brief history lesson," Jones insists.

"For most scholars zee important year is 2027 when zee United Nations introduced zee Consumption Treaty in order to deal with famine, drought, and complications from zee overpopulation. By sree years later every nation on zee planet signed zis treaty but zer were some states in old America that did not enforce zis treaty."

Lecomte pauses to admire the chuckles of the audience with a sly grin.

"In zee years after zis treaty, many nations passed strict laws on individual body mass, or zee body mass index. Here in New York we know zee limit is surty-sree percent for zee man and surty-five percent for zee woman and we now have zee methodologies for zee state can monitor all of zee citizens wis biologics, implants, zee vaccines. Yes, of course you all have."

"Yes, I'm well aware of that number Doctor and the state's BMI monitoring board. I've paid a king's ransom in fines for violating this law but..." she rises from her chair and shimmies her hips like a clumsy belly dancer, "I've finally beat it and I'm proud to say that I am now even below thirty percent!" The intonation of her voice peaks with the excitement of her loyal followers.

Jones admires the cheers of the many lonely women in attendance as she twirls with her hands on her hips.

"Congratulations LaShondra, you look very good," extols Lecomte reluctantly.

Jones accepts the compliment with a pompous grin and sits down to let her guest continue.

"And so for a decade people have been getting smaller and maintaining a healthy weight, wis zee exception of zeez American independence states where ninety percentages of zer population is obese and over seventy percentages are morbidly obese as most refuse to have zee medical interventions. Zerfore most of zeez Americans are not allowed safe travel outside zer own borders and zose daring enough to violate zis sanctions are considered Wild Americans and considered fair game for international researchers."

"They are referred to as MOWAs correct?" LaShondra feels the need to prove she read his work.

"Yes, Morbidly Obese Wild Americans, correct."

"And you hunt these Wild Americans?"

"Not anymore," replies Lecomte. "I started as a tracker and acquisition agent, but now I specialize more in behavioral research of Wild Americans. Personally, I have captured or acquired by purchase over sree sousand Wild Americans."

"And then you sell them to Zoos around the world."

"It depends. I observe zem first and determine zer worrs."

"Their worst traits?" Jones inquires confused by his accent.

"Yes, zer worrs…how much money etcetera," he clarifies.

"Oh, their worth!" LaShandra tries not to laugh.

"Yes, as I say, zer worrs, but most are eventually sold and end up in Zoos around zee world." Lecomte reaches for his mug of water and moistens his dry lips.

"Not to delay the show any longer. Today you've brought some special guests with you, are we ready to bring them out?" Jones looks back toward the curtains.

Her supervising producer nods from between the cameras.

"Yes, okay, tell us Doctor who we have first."

"Today we have, all zee way from zee city Zoo in my hometown of Lyon, some Wild Americans captured from your old country, one of zee most fascinating families, zee Kruk family. First is zee father, Marshall."

Mademoiselle Dufaure parts the curtains with her right hand and pulls Marshall by a chain attached to his leather neck collar. Marshall offers an expected gaze toward LaShondra Jones who greets her massive visitor.

"Well hello there big guy. Don't be shy. Wow, he is enormous Doctor."

"Yes, he is one of zee biggest ever held in captivity. He weighs about four hundred forty kilos or nearly one ton."

Dufaure escorts Marshall past Dr. Lecomte to an open area with padded and scented floor mats cleared for the Kruk family.

"Wow, you must have quite the appetite there Marshall."

"He will not answer," insists Lecomte. "He is trained not to speak to strangers."

"Oh well we wouldn't want to upset him would we?" Laughs Jones.

"Zer is nothing to fear, zey are very docile creatures and highly immobile," assures Lecomte. "You can see it is two meters around his waist and one meter around his chest. But you are right LaShondra, in order to maintain zis mass we use a combination of intravenous and trough feeding or binging techniques also called C.F.C. or Continuous Feeding Cycles which are between twelve and eighteen per day."

"What would one cycle consist of?" Asks Jones.

"It depends. Donuts, fried cookie dough, fried cheeses, pastries, intravenous ice creams, and so forse. Any-sing high calorie, high sugar, high sodium, high addictive properties, high processed."

Marshall stands timorously aside chewing the corners of his inflated lips.

"Some say what you do actually defeats the purpose of the consumption treaty by capturing these Wild Americans and feeding them exorbitant amounts of food, and keeping them alive and on display only encourages their capture and the demands of this market, to say nothing of their methane footprint-" Lecomte has heard enough.

"No-no. We are actually shortening zer life. For example if zey stayed in zer home country, old America, zey would be free to eat more zan zey do now and put on machines, given surgeries, transplants, and sings like zis to live longer and consume more and more. Also ze foods zey receive from us are primarily artificial. Not foods any of us have a need or desire for any longer. Most of it is produced in laboratories wis chemical ingredients, so the impact on our natural resources is very, very minimum. What we do is only make benefit for society, for zee planet, for our preservation because zey are removed from abusing zis system."

"That's very interesting and you point that out in your book. Now what if he wasn't wearing a diaper?" Jones tries to force a joke.

Lecomte doesn't see the humor. "Yes, because of zis C.F.C. zey are prone to constant defecation. So is much better zat zey wear zeez always."

The audience laughs on cue to Jones' satisfaction.

"Tell us how Marhsall was acquired Doctor?"

"Marshall was discovered wis his wife Judy in an alley behind a pizzeria in a coast city in zee state of Texas where everysing is beeg. Zey were lured by acquisition agents into a nearby ice cream truck, zen onto a waiting container sheep, and sree week later zey arrive in Lyon under my care."

As Lecomte describes their capture, an assistant pulls Judy by her leash toward Marshall and past the row of cameras. The audience gasps in disbelief with some scattered whines of pity.

Judy's hair hangs over her face. Disheveled charcoal and silver streaks with split ends conceal her shame. She arrives at her husband's side and stares at the cold mat beneath her bare feet.

"Judy is only one hundred sixty-seven centimeters but weighs about two hundred ninety-five kilograms."

As he astonishes the crowd with her proportions, her shame turns to anxiety and shortened breaths. Mademoiselle Dufaure motions toward the rear staging area and another handler appears at once wheeling the oxygen canisters toward Judy. Dufaure quickly wraps the large clear mask around her pumpkin-sized head.

"Is everything alright with her?" Asks LaShondra Jones in a half-mocking tone, keenly aware that very little is right with her.

"She is just nervous and maybe fatigued from the walking," replies Lecomte to the dismay and laughter of the captivated live audience.

Judy sucks fresh oxygen with several heavy breaths in succession. Dufaure removes the mask.

"Alright Judy, all better?" Inquires Lecomte.

Judy nods and leans behind Marshall's girth to escape the invasive eyes of millions of callous strangers watching the spectacle which is being streamed to audiences all around the world. LaShondra continues the show.

"And Judy and Marshall have two children, one son, and one daughter. They are named after menu items from an old fast-food restaurant from the last century. Their names are Royale and Dilly."

Dufaure assists several handlers with escorting the children past the cameras, past Lecomte and Jones, and their mother and father who show very little interest in the frightened youngsters. The crowd continues with simultaneous sounds of disbelief, mockery, wonder, and sympathy.

"Bose children were bred in captivity, so zey are part of a different generation of Wild American. Daughter Dilly is nine years and already weighs one hundred fifty-five kilos."

"That's incredible for such a young girl," notes Jones.

"Yes, we are very proud of her progress," confirms Dr. Lecomte, beaming at the results of his work. He announces their measurements which astonish the crowd.

The children try desperately to hide behind their parents, but Judy uses her superior size to force them center stage. Their diapered bodies and bare feet appear blueish purple from the cold temperatures on the show's set and generally poor blood circulation.

The bright lights, cameras, and crowd rattle Royale's nerves and he protests with an unexpected lurch forward, jerking his handler by the leash. Lecomte rises to his feet to defuse the show of disobedience.

"Royale! Arrêt!"

The giant boy turns to his master with a sheepish grin and lumbers back to his sister's side. Lecomte nods to Dufaure who pulls a syringe from a waist pack and flicks the unusually long needle twice before it disappears into Royale's fleshy arm. The man-boy is oblivious to the injection penetrating dead nerves on a dermal layer covering an enormous mass of gelatinous cellulite.

"Now what is she giving him?" Inquires the haughty host.

"Just a little snack to settle his nerves. It is sixty CCs of pure grade A high fructose corn syrup concentrate," answers Lecomte. "She will administer five more now."

The injections which would normally send a boy of his age on a significant sugar high, actually produce a calming and satisfied state in Royale, to the delight and scattered chuckles of the entertained crowd.

"Royale is actually zee heaviest twelve-year-old Wild American bred in captivity. We are very proud of his progress." Lecomte glows at his giant experiment. The audience applauds this statistic.

"Yes, very impressive. The Kruk family, such fascinating creatures can be seen for a limited time at the Bronx Zoo, until September?"

"Correct, September zee twenty-two."

"The book is called The Zookeeper's Guide to Wild Americans. If you're watching at home, you can download it anywhere. For those here today you will get a free audio copy uploaded to your cloud when you leave the studio. Dr. Jean-Paul Lecomte and the Kruk family ladies and gentlemen!"

The crowd erupts in a frenzy. Marshall settles into a half squat as the weight of a newly filled diaper pulls him down. He scans the cheering audience still chewing the corner of his puffy mouth. His thoughts turn to the promised treat by Mademoiselle Dufaure, a five-liter bucket of butter pecan heaven that waits back inside his cage.

A spot of saliva dribbles from his lower lip and falls through canyons of flesh between his H-cup breasts, down over three thick rolls around his waist and is finally absorbed by the heavily reinforced seams of his comforting cotton diapers.

I lives unknown, I loves unknown, I ams unknown.

Claude, where are you living right now?

Zat is unknown. I do not know.

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The Good Citizen
30 Jan 2023 | 11:05 pm

3. 101 Steps to Enslave Humanity (Part One: 1-56)

Shapers of slavery: the virus | winter oak
The final phase: convincing humans to sacrifice themselves for sinister deceptions.

A three-part series.

Part One: How we got here 19th & 20th century—Phases 1 and 2
Part Two: How we got here 21st century—Phases 3, 4, and 5
Part Three: Where we're (likely) going (2022-2030)—Consolidating Phases 1-5 and implementing Phases 7 and 8.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Any glaring omissions noticed by readers would be appreciated in the comments below and added post-publication with credit to the commenter. Most geopolitical events, including the world wars, are intentionally omitted.

This series was designed to put historical events and sociocultural phenomena into a structure that helps us understand how we arrived at the world we're living in. If for no other reason than to dispel the deception that we arrived here suddenly and without warning.

To most of the western world, who are indoctrinated by public schools and presented a highly curated version of history that are at best benign fabrications, most of these steps will appear completely foreign.

This series took weeks of planning, writing, and sourcing. Please consider joining the flock to support more works like this.

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Global Hierarchy
The events focused on this list mostly refer to the dominant western empire of the past century and her anglo predecessor. Occasionally there are references to anglosphere allies and global partners and institutions like the United Nations. Hovering above all governments, including the British Monarchy and the United States are what we might call the High Order.

The exact composition of this High Order is speculative, though everyone has their theories, including zealots who are absolutely certain theirs is the right one. The details and speculation around this 'High Order' aren't worth fretting over too closely to understand this list, only that this top group is not more than a few hundred people and it exists and asserts total power and control over all other bodies and institutions below it, many that were created or coopted to serve at its command.

Central Banks and Taxation
There is no greater method of controlling a population than through finance and laws, from where taxation, debt, and inflation become the ultimate chains. Only closed societies of socialist or communist states have greater control over their people through agriculture and food insecurities.

From the 2nd Smartest Guy's Substack post on the original social engineering sin of servitude through taxation and debt:

Under the various guises of liberty throughout the ages, one of most effective means of control has always been accomplished through finance.  Limit disposable income, and the propensity to borrow increases.  As debt increases for the average person, so do fears and insecurities.  Increase fears and insecurities, and it is that much easier to impose control.

This list begins with the 19th-century hijacking of the U.S. financial system and money supply by the Rothschild banking cartel located in the present-day City of London Crown Corporation, where twelve families have controlled the British Monarchy and the United States Corporation for more than two centuries.

New Caste System
The rise of western liberalism and performative democracy never actually dethroned the old caste systems of western monarchies. Even the American constitutional republic didn't exist for more than forty non-concurrent years. The hereditary aristocracy and the international banking interests that controlled them through debt-financing wars as far back as Napoleon never relinquished power. A new caste system moved the pieces on the board so the people believed that a substantial change in power was underway, while behind the scenes the machinations to capture governments and institutions of real power were set in motion by the wealthiest families, tycoons, and barons, all posing as benevolent philanthropists. Many of these families still run the world today and rule over billions of people. They are presently in the final stage of consolidating power and establishing their New World Order.

New Religions

  • Scientism

    • An expert class (high priests) that determines selected truths to frame perceptions to alter human behavior

    • Dogmas like "Follow the Science" and "Trust the Science" or "The Science is Settled" and "Science Denier"

    • Ritualistic behavior

  • Technological Solutionism

    • Artificial Intelligence (superior to humans)

    • Data Collection for Surveillance Capitalism (control humans)

    • Robotics and Automation to render human labor (existence) redundant

  • Transhumanism (Eugenics Contd.)

    • Altering human DNA

    • Gender confusion and abolition for transformation

    • Genetic injections posing as "vaccines"

    • Announcing the 'end of humans' as an agenda

Event Triggers
This list and organization of a hierarchy of influence over world events do not imply that everything that appears here was intentional or methodically planned out. The list is a mix of social and political events triggered partly by social engineering through government policy, sociocultural phenomenon through happenstance, and yes, bureaucratic failures through grotesque incompetence. I do not make an effort to distinguish which label applies to which events or phenomena, as many would be impossible to know.

The most pertinent consideration is that some events led to others, creating a kind of snowball effect, while others were carefully planned out and implemented. All of them revolve around themes of moving the world toward Global Technocracy for population management and implementing Agenda 2030.

This agenda is ubiquitous now and can be seen through their technocratic lingo like "sustainable future" of "net zero" and "stakeholder capitalism" to create conditions of neofeudalism where the sovereigns of the New World Order own and control everything, including the people, and the world of individual rights and liberties are destroyed for creating their "sustainable future."

Aleksandr Dugin frames this as the Great Awakening versus The Great Reset. The latter destroys humanity, while the former affirms it by destroying the latter before it completes its phases.

Understanding the language of the Great Reset and Agenda 2030 is key to decoding their agenda. Creating an encyclopedia or dictionary of terms to translate their coded language would be arduous and time-consuming.

All of their terms and proclamations for a "better world" are in service to the Malthusian technocrat's agenda for population control through various deceptive means and the mass enslavement—first psychological and then physical—of those who survive the culling and transformation stages.

Step 0: In 1798 Thomas Malthus published, An Essay on the Principle of Population. It posited that population growth would outpace expansion in resources. Malthus, who was an Anglican clergyman, recommended late marriage and sexual abstinence as methods of birth control.

Phases 1 and 2:

  1. Laying the foundation for centralization through capturing governments, controlling central banks, engineering wars, and buying academia, medicine, and science (1800-1970)

  2. Continuing Eugenics for population control through climate hysteria and fifth-generational warfare (1970-2000)

Phase 1: Laying the foundation for centralization through capturing governments, controlling central banks, engineering war, and buying medicine and science
  1. The founding fathers were opposed to direct taxation and central banks. The U.S. Constitution specifically stated under Article I, Section 9 "No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken."

  2. The British Monarchy and its controllers at the Rothschild Bank of England may have lost the American Revolutionary War but they were not about to let their colony declare financial independence. In 1791, the Rothschild family gained control of America's money supply through Alexander Hamilton (the family's agent in George Washington's cabinet) when the family established a central bank in the U.S. named the First Bank of the United States, which received a 20-year charter from Congress in 1791. The is the first nail in the coffin of the American Constitutional Republic, still in its crib. The Rothschilds would lose their charter in 1812 and engineer the War of 1812 by financing Britain's end. With the U.S. in financial turmoil from the war, in 1816, Congress passed a bill authorizing a second Rothschild-dominated central bank with a 20-year charter. Named the Second Bank of America, this bank gave the Rothschilds control of the American money supply again. They would lose it again under President Andrew Jackson, only to regain it permanently in 1913 under Woodrow Wilson.

  3. In 1884 The Wilson-Gorman Tariff Act was introduced as the first peacetime income tax money grab in AmericaThis "Act" was basically a 2% tax on "income" of over $4,000, which at the time would have impacted less than 1% of households. In 1885 SCOTUS repealed this illegal scheme as unconstitutional.

  4. The 16th Amendment is ratified by two-thirds of states, nullifying Article I Section 9 of the Constitution. This paves the way for citizen servitude and the 1913 Revenue Act reinstating the federal income tax. Amendment XVI

    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

  5. Federal Reserve Act 1913—The Rothschild banking cartel finally seizes the U.S. treasury to loot the nation on behalf of the controlling class. Bankers and industrialists plot their takeover of the nation from Jekyll Island in the years prior. This is the final nail in the coffin of the former constitutional republic. Years later Woodrow Wilson will call signing this legislation his biggest mistake as President.

  6. John D. Rockefeller captures western medicine—setting the stage for health destruction, regulatory corruption, naturopathy and homeopathy abolition, and blatant medical malpractice with the transformation of science to "the science" via germ theory and bio-pharma tyranny. Establishes American Medical Association (AMA), controls Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and eventually the Center for Disease Control (CDC). After monopolizing control of pharmaceutical companies, the first act of the AMA is to capture University Medical schools, destroy those that refuse to adhere to AMA allopathic standards, and rewrite all medical school literature to capitalize on the health of the American population by removing any naturopathic or homeopathic remedies. Thousands of years of medicine are thrown out and relabeled "alternative" to make it seem strange and ineffective to the average American know-nothing. This medical cartel will suppress real cures for diseases and ailments including cancer while pushing extremely expensive and deadly "solutions" like vaccines and toxic drugs while suppressing known treatments. (SEE number 12 for one of the earliest).

  7. The rise of ideologies like Communism, Socialism, and Totalitarianism, in the east, and Secularism, Scientism, and Behavioralism in the west will transform the coming century generating great turmoil, and social upheavals, by creating new false profits in dictators, celebrities, and other false gods utilized to control the masses.

  8. The first globalist non-profit "think tank" is founded in 1921. The Council on Foreign Relations will influence an expansive and destructive U.S. foreign policy for the next century and control policy decisions for both political parties. It will capture academics and scholars, politicians, and policymakers to mold and shape globalist thinking and decision-making and serve the global technocratic 'high order' that orchestrates social engineering experiments, and later global transformation agendas including population control.

  9. Technocracy, originally a philosophical movement founded on the idea that governments and states should be completely abolished so that societies and populations can be managed by a centralized group of technocrats or specialists/experts is founded at Columbia University by Howard Scott and Walter Rautenstrauch. Technocrats wanted to do away with the capitalist price system in favor of one that used an energy theory of value. Scott argued that energy certificates equal to the amount of power available for production should be issued to each citizen, who would then be required to spend them in the free market. Here we see the early stages of the Net Zero carbon scam married with China's current social credit system. Human Behavior is to be totally surveilled and controlled by carbon credits under the guise of "saving the planet."

  10. American Eugenics Society is Founded (1922). Eugenics was a commonly accepted means of protecting society from the offspring of those deemed "inferior"—the poor, the disabled, the mentally ill, criminals, and minorities, and to the funders of eugenics, also the Jews. It gave rise to the term "moron" and led to the forced sterilization of tens of thousands of women over decades.

  11. American Eugenics movement: embraced and funded by ruling class industrialists of the time including John Harvey Kellog, Mrs. E.H. Harriman, and The Carnegie Institution established precedence for criminally invasive corporeal management of American citizens. All of it is deemed justifiable and legislatively supported by the state in the name of "science" which will later be absorbed by the medical and pharma cartels funded by John D. Rockefeller in the 20th century and subsequently Bill Gates in the 21st century. Malthusian eugenics will morph into scientism and transhumanism and be justified as "Trusting the Experts" and following "The Science."

  12. There are endless examples of the intentional suppression of known successful health treatments that could have saved American lives. One of the earliest was related to pellagra and intentionally undermined by fraudulent studies conducted by the Harriman-funded Eugenics Records Office run by scientific huckster Charles Davenport—the original Anthony Fauci:
    In the early years of the 20th century, ~5,000 Americans died every year (equivalent to 30,000 in 2022) as a result of the vitamin deficiency disease pellagra, and an additional 300,000 per year died (1.8 million in 2022) as a result of being weakened by pellagra and succumbing to an infectious disease. Almost all of these deaths occurred in the rural South, with 50 percent of the victims drawn from the 10 percent of the U. S. population who were black. In a series of experiments in 1914-15, Dr. Joseph Goldberger of the U. S. Public Health Service discovered that pellagra is caused by a shortage of niacin and can be cured by feeding its victims a balanced diet including meat and vegetables. Conversely, limiting a diet to com, the typical Southern staple of the time would invariably produce severe cases of the disease. Goldberger's findings were instantly unpopular with the Harriman circle and the Eugenics Record Office, who had long championed the idea that pellagra and other diseases result from the inferior heredity of the stricken individuals. Davenport's statistical fraud carried the day in the medical profession, and he continued his campaign to suppress Goldberger's cure for pellagra. As a result, it was not until the mid-1930s that Goldberger's findings were accepted into American medical practice. In those two decades of delay, approximately 6 million Americans (3 million black and 3 million white), were killed by pellagra, murdered by the fraud run out of the Harrimans' Eugenics Record Office.

  13. The Rise of Psychology, Psychiatry, and the Public Relations Industry will give birth to Propaganda and research into controlling populations through messaging. State control of media and information will not be limited to Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. This will all morph into 5GW or Fifth Generation Warfare, a psychological and information war of governments against citizens. It will also fuel a turn of the masses "inward" and launch The Century of The Self and hyperindividualism, which will eventually morph into an epidemic of rabid narcissism.

  14. The Harriman family (Eugenics), along with Prescott Bush father of two future U.S. Presidents, and Henry Ford hold sympathies with Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich. Other prominent eugenicists end up controlling U.S. immigration policy for the next thirty years and even block over 900 Jewish immigrants escaping Germany and Europe from being granted asylum in New York in 1939. Nearly 700 Jews aboard German-American Lines ship St. Louis are returned to Europe and end up in Nazi camps. None of them survive.

  15. In 1933 FDR signs Executive Order 6102 criminalizing ownership or "hoarding" of Gold. Throughout history, common themes of controlling a population are controlling money, information, energy, and the food supply.

  16. 1948 Nuremberg Code establishes human rights foundations for bodily consent and bodily autonomy under a judge's decree titled "Permissible Medical Experiments" of which the first sentence of the first code is "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential." The Nuremberg Trials are a performative gesture. For every Nazi war criminal hanged at Nuremberg, thousands were escorted out of Germany by Army Intelligence through Operation Paperclip. Thousands more fled to South America on the rat lines with help from Switzerland and the Vatican.

  17. Bypassing Nuremberg Code: "vaccines" will become a new method of reverting back to the pre-Nuremberg era, without the state's or the people's permission or realization, all through a combination of scientism, and a completely corrupted pharmaceutical industry that controls government oversight and policy, which itself will be run by a global Malthusian technocracy. Nazi sterilization campaigns and extermination camps are influenced by the American Eugenics Movement, which is never dissolved after the war. It merely coopts government organizations like the AMA, CDC, FDA, and installs its agenda in NGOs and nonprofits like Planned Parenthood

  18. UNESCO is founded in 1946: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization charter calls for one world government as the only solution to mankind's problems, at the time the focus was "averting war" and creating "peace" and "stability" by the transfer of sovereignty from separate nations to a world organization. It was founded by rabid eugenicist Sir Julian Huxley who in the same year (just one year after World War 2 ended) called for the continuation of eugenics policies. Courtesy of Good Citizen Beau in the comments: Huxley's grandfather Thomas Huxley founded Nature magazine and along with other Malthusians and social Darwinists like Herbert Spencer coopted and sabotaged "science" for their own political aims.

    Matt Ehret's Insights How Huxley's X-Club Created Nature Magazine and Sabotaged Science for 150 Years Amidst the storm of controversy raised by the lab-origin theory of COVID-19 extolled by such figures as Nobel prize winning virologist Luc Montagnier, researcher Judy Mikovits, bioweapons expert Francis Boyle, and now recently joined by leading scientists among China's own CDC… Read more 2 years ago · 9 likes · 17 comments · Matthew Ehret
  19. United Nations—the expansion of powers toward global governance and the destruction of national sovereignty. Subscribe to Karen Bracken's "End the UN" Substack to learn more about efforts to re-declare American independence from global organizations like the UN

    WithdrawUN Get the US Out of the UN - The Public Demands it I will be sending this campaign out once every week. So far we have only have 450 Subscribers. Our goal is 10,000. Please help us get people to subscribe so we can go to Congress and show them proof that the American people want the US to leave the UN and we support H.R. 7806. Share on social media, share with friends, neighbors, relatives. The actions … Read more 5 months ago · 20 likes · 7 comments · Karen Bracken
  20. National Security Act of 1947 — the rise of MIC and intelligence community that will serve as mass surveillance and police state organs. This birthed the CIA, NSA, and what effectively rules today as the "deep state" or what JFK termed the "shadow government"

  21. The U.S. Army begins experimenting with the weaponization of climate/weather events through geoengineering. This leads to later "conspiracies" about chemtrails and the poisoning of the air with heavy metals including aluminum, barium, and graphene. By the next century (21st) this poisoning of the air will be mainstreamed policy under the guise of stopping "global warming" and extreme weather events, the very things it is creating.

  22. Introduction of national vaccination programs (vaccines create new disorders, illnesses, and diseases). The Polio vaccine's "success" gets carried as the false narrative of how Polio prevalence declined

  23. The U.S. Army establishes a biological weapons research program, performing experiments on unsuspecting populations, including its own soldiers

  24. In 1958 Planned Parenthood is established by avowed racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger. Clinics are intentionally set up in "colored" neighborhoods to provide "services." Abortion + Women's Lib + Feminist waves with increasing extremist vigor will be an integral aspect of the population control agenda in the west.

  25. Pentagon's DARPA is founded. Many top-secret military operations including weapons projects will spring from their research and implementation without the knowledge or consent of the population, or even elected representatives

  26. November 22, 1963: John F. Kennedy is assassinated by the CIA— accelerating the rise of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), and expansion of the secret societies he vowed to fight against

  27. The rise of the Welfare State through President Johnson's War on Poverty expands the socialist state started under FDR, creates financial dependence on the government, and lays the groundwork for future schemes like UBI (Universal Basic Income) that will be tied to programmable CBDCs or Central Bank Digital Currencies that will allow the state to determine how and where people spend their own money.

  28. Sexual promiscuity increases through the decade leading to the destruction of sexual relations to coincide with the destruction of a key social civilizational pillar—marriage and family. The statistics on outcomes of children in single-parent homes are devastating and yet government policies over the coming decades will only continue to encourage it. By 2020 nearly a third of single-parent children will live in poverty, while only 5% of children in married households.

  29. CIA infiltrates the Hollywood/Culture industry, including novelists, writers, foundations, and academics in what will later be called The Cultural Cold War

  30. Mainstreaming psychotropic drugs (mind-altering enslavement) CIA MK-Ultra program investigates brainwashing and mind control techniques through drug-induced experiments and hypnosis. One of the patients abused by CIA psyop studies in the 1960s is Harvard Undergraduate Theodore Kaczynski

  31. The infamous Jaffe Memo is authored in 1969 by the Center for Family Program and Development. It called for "messaging" on population control to coerce the American people to have fewer children for "ecological" reasons.

    Jaffe Memo
Phase 2: Continuing Eugenics for population control through climate hysteria and fifth generational warfare
  1. In 1968 Club of Rome is Founded—Four years later their highly flawed MIT research project that concludes there aren't enough resources on earth to sustain a growing human population is published as The Limits to Growth. Other works will follow, with paid "researchers" used to push academic propaganda of overpopulation on the masses.

  2. The budget of MIC and Intel Communities doubles in one decade (black budgets—dark money that is untraceable/unaccountable to legislative oversight becomes majority) and increased by 2000% to the present day despite the Cold War ending.

  3. The Trilateral Commission is founded by David Rockefeller with guidance from one of his chief advisors Zbigniew Brzezinski, author of the new Technocratic manifesto—Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era. Their stated goal is to create a New International Economic Order. Other founding members include Executive directors of the Council on Foreign Relations and the transatlantic twin European Policy Institute.

  4. Destruction of family, church, and traditional pillars of socio-cultural stability accelerates. Divorce rates skyrocket.

  5. Women are sold by corporate America the idea of "liberation" through financial and career independence. The Rockefeller Foundation funds propaganda in culture, and Hollywood, spawning waves of militant feminists who believe they're fighting the "patriarchy."

  6. National media begins hysterically pushing "scientists" fears about a new ice age that is rapidly approaching which will completely eliminate summers in the northern hemisphere by the early 21st century.

  7. The U.S. Dollar is completely taken off the gold standard (1971). All currencies become "free-floating" worthless paper only backed by standing armies, fossil fuels, and geopolitical force, rather than a scarce commodity that historically provided stability

  8. Henry Kissinger's pupil Klaus Schwab founds the World Economic Forum. By 2015 the WEF will capture the major political parties of all western governments and have ties to the largest private equity firms, and global corporations' executive and board levels. The WEF will serve as a front group and diversionary public relations syndicate for Global Malthusian Technocracy.

  9. The first earth day is held and the environmentalist and conservation movements will soon be completely hijacked by global predators using "science" to peddle climate catastrophism that brainwashes generations into thinking they're "destroying the planet"

  10. Henry Kissinger's NSSM200 depopulation report called for U.S. Foreign Policy interests to monitor the growth of third-world populations, especially in countries with natural resources and minerals that the U.S. could extract for its own economic benefit

  11. Nixon declares War on Drugs, establishing a permanent drug enforcement administrative state that will triple incarceration rates. In the 1980s the CIA will bypass all of it to make millions trafficking crack cocaine to fund a coup in Nicaragua. By 2020 80% of all opioids globally will be consumed by Americans, and the nation will have wasted $1.5 trillion

  12. The U.S. and the west open their arms to China setting the stage for Globalization and the destruction of the American middle class through offshoring essential economic industries

  13. Church Committee Hearings reveal Operation Mockingbird—the public is first made aware that the CIA has infiltrated media/newspapers and the NSA has the power to wiretap the phone conversations of all citizens without a warrant

  14. The Jimmy Carter administration is run by two Malthusian Technocrats in American Eugenics First Family Harriman-spawn Averell Harriman and Polish cold war fighter Zbig Brzezinski who establishes the Trilateral Commission, another WEF-like Global Technocratic organization with strong ties to the CFR, Club of Rome, and Bilderberg Group. Harriman will commission the Global 2000 Report to the President warning of the "population bomb" and limited resource issues first fabricated by the Club of Rome earlier in the decade.

  15. The National Weather Modification Act of 1976: The purpose is to control the earth's weather through geoengineering and coordinate policy internationally. Over the next decades, geoengineering operations will accelerate the poisoning of food, soil, and water with heavy metals like Aluminium, Barium.

  16. 1982 the first GMOs gain FDA approval—the rise of biotech and big Agra food meddling for "more efficient" crop production

  17. Food lobbyists including the sugar industry purchase the USDA Food Pyramid which leads to skyrocketing illness and soaring rates of obesity and diabetes. Big Pharma waits in the shadows with the expensive "cures", which are never a healthy diet, vitamins, and exercise.

  18. 1986 Reagan signs H.R. 5546 into law—Immunizing vaccine manufacturers from liability

  19. The HIV/AIDS fraud ushers in the weaponization of "viruses" and virus hysteria against humanity through procreation while pushing deadly toxic drugs like AZT on unsuspecting patients. Speculation about the origins of HIV is rooted in the pentagon's biowarfare programs.

  20. 1996 Telecommunications Act—Creates media and Information monopolies that collude with state MIC/IC/Pharma. Consolidates the information-media complex. In 1991 there were a few hundred companies Manufacturing Consent. Thanks to this Act, today there are just five conglomerates that all function as one information monopoly by openly colluding with alphabet agencies. Infiltrated media monopolies foment social/racial divisions and the illusion of diverse political "choices." They push the entire agenda of Global Malthusian Technocracy on the masses. Working directly for the uni party and its corporate owners they cheerlead wars and excuse the war crimes and atrocities of every American President since Lyndon Johnson.

  21. The top 10% of Americans now own 60% of all wealth as the middle class accelerates its long and painful decline due to many factors including globalization. Congress and The Federal Reserve will continue destroying the currency through inflation while engineering a massive transfer of wealth to the top 0.1% of global oligarchs.

  22. Courtesy of Good Citizen Frank Bullit in the comments: In 1997 Congress passed the Food and Drug Modernization act, cutting the review and approval timeline for drugs from 30 months to 15 months. The subsequent decades will see a flood of new drug approvals, and endless bombardments of television advertising of new "cures," with demands to "Ask your doctor if this list of horrifying side effects worse than your ailment is right for you." A year later the first SARS-CoV-2-related patent application is filed by Pfizer.

  23. Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999—creates market moral hazards that lead to the global financial crisis of 2008 and the socialization of losses by the financial services industry allowed to assume any level of risk with no consequences

  24. The Matrix is released ahead of the psyop Y2K that ends with nothing. It serves its purpose of seeing how the masses can be manipulated by controlling media and information while spreading fear through social bodies.

  25. The Technological-solutionist anti-humanity agenda appears in Wired Magazine in Bill Joy's: "Why the future doesn't need us."

Parts 2 and 3 coming soon. Thanks for your support.

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The Malthusian Technocrats have not stopped. They're doubling down on convincing humans they are the virus. Airing earlier this year on the propaganda network CBS: Join The Good Citizen Flock.

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The Good Citizen
27 Jan 2023 | 12:21 am

4. Laying Eggspiracy Theories

Golden Eggs and the Challenge of Our Time | AIER

With the price of eggs soaring across much of the United States, Californians have been venturing into Mexico to smuggle them back across the border.

A seemingly harmless adventure that is a violation of U.S. agricultural import laws and could result in a $10,000 fine.

The price differences and supply variations across national borders are stark.

A dozen brown eggs in Mexico, the organic free-range ones with the normal orange-colored yokes, cost 70% less than the deathly-looking anthrax-yoked white eggs in southern California if they're even in stock.

Last year we saw a suspiciously high number of agricultural production facilities spontaneously combusting across the U.S., followed by a supposed Avian Flu "pandemic" across the west resulting in tens of millions of birds being culled.

The latter reason has been repeated ad nauseam across propaganda media networks as the cause of the current winter of discontent through egg shortages and eggflation.

If that's the case, why are there no shortages in Mexico? Does avian flu magically stop at the US-Mexico border?

Yeah, that's what I asked LLFoote!

And I pondered the intentional nature of all this economic destruction to inflict pain and suffering to alter consumer behavior for The Great Retard agenda last summer.

The Good Citizen The Chicken, The Egg, or the Spook's Match? The intentional economic, energy, food, supply chain, and dollar controlled-demolition rolls on. Yesterday I briefly touched on Uncle Sam's inflation, from the first-person perspective of Uncle Sam's inflation. The job of managerial state functionaries is to convince the American people of an alternate reality a… Read more 8 months ago · 81 likes · 44 comments · Good Citizen

In what should come as no surprise to anyone, the egg problem has no connection whatsoever to the "avian flu pandemic," which utilized those same trusty PCR tests on birds to decide if a flock was culled or spared. If just one triggered a false positive, they all went to feathered heaven.

So, what's the cause of the great American egg shortage sending prices skyrocketing?

We might finally have an answer…

Twitter avatar for @TheThe1776 ꪻꫝể ꪻꫝể @TheThe1776 Tractor Supply "Producer's Pride" Chicken Feed has been recently altered & its new formulation is causing chickens to stop laying eggs. Egg shortage was manufactured! #TheBoardHasTiesToWEFAndJeffreyEpstein 7:37 AM ∙ Jan 26, 2023 2,778Likes2,077Retweets

Other people with Chickens are confirming the same problem.

Twitter avatar for @David67180421 David 🐭 @David67180421 @TheThe1776 This happened to me as well. 18 hens laying a dozen eggs a day dropped to ZERO. We quit the producers pride feed, production returned, but reduced to 4-6 eggs a day. This is not good. 6:36 PM ∙ Jan 26, 2023 10Likes5Retweets Twitter avatar for @evanrevans Evan R. Evans @evanrevans @TheThe1776 Just confirmed with my chicken lady friend. Her girls are laying again since switching feed. 3:34 PM ∙ Jan 26, 2023 45Likes10Retweets Twitter avatar for @forrest_jv JV Forrest @forrest_jv @TheThe1776 I saw another video by a woman who said the same thing. All her chickens stopped laying in October. In the 30 years she'd been raising chickens this hadn't happened. She gave them her goat feed and they started laying again. What's going on? 1:43 PM ∙ Jan 26, 2023 48Likes1Retweet

And daddy Klaus, through one of his bot accounts is on the gaslighting case.

Twitter avatar for @Americais1st Daddy Klaus @Americais1st @TheThe1776 Why would Tractor Supply Company or the feed manufacturer care if chickens produce eggs or not? If something is bad, people with chickens would switch to something else. Sounds like a dumb conspiracy to me.3:18 PM ∙ Jan 26, 2023

The spooks have upped their game and traded arson for feed poisoning.

Silent sabotage is always preferable to the firey, bloody, or messy kind.

It's just enough to stick it to those dangerous domestic terrorists who want to be left alone to live in peace, educate their kids, and grow their own food.

All that's now verboten.

Welcome to the USSA where eggs are a rare luxury, only for the devil's spawn of Davos, and their select commissars to consume.

The useless eaters will have to make do with other "foods."

And as usual, the idiocrats in Brussels are eager to get a head start on the rest of the west.

Join The Good Citizen Flock. No false positive PCR test Culling!

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The Good Citizen
22 Jan 2023 | 4:57 pm

5. The Clickety-Clack of Bleating Hearts

Collecting Art from the Heart Archway Gallery sheep by Fikry Botros | 365  Things to Do in Houston

There was no scheduled bleating for today but then I strolled the beach from Flamingos to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and back and as the sun rose through the final third of the journey a pod of dolphins emerged not far from shore and clicked at me.

When I finally rounded the bay I knew what their clicks were meant to communicate. It all translated into one searing image in my mind's eye of a sheep, bleating out in pain.

Did the dolphins recognize a kindred spirit in this fluffy ram, blindfolded and muted? Were they holding up a mirror and demanding I take an honest look?

They say dolphins can sense the pain of others and are capable of communicating empathy. Maybe this is simply human researchers seeing what they want and anthropomorphizing a mammal they were told from birth was the smartest.

A Dolphin trainer and Mammologist in Miami arrives to work after some brief time off due to her husband's sudden coincidence. "Why him!?" She cries out on her bed for days in the fetal position. "He was so healthy and fit."

All this SADS is getting old
It's getting me down my love

The Miami trainer finally returns to work after grieving and her bottle-nosed friends perceive her sadness and react differently to her instructions.

She senses the emotions she needs the mammals to communicate to her, and tells her colleagues. The Journal of Marine Mammology, not owned by the NIH publishes their findings: Empathic Dolphin Clicks After Spousal Sudden Coincidence.

An image did smack my brain after hearing dolphin clicks, one of a bleating sheep in agony curled up in the fetal position. It was a brief flash. Multilayered in meaning, deep and probing. Similar to the way alien abductees describe the muted communications of only images through regressive hypnosis—the flashing of one image after another that appears to them from their little grey abductors who use no words.

Then the deep probing begins.

Images flashing: Naked on a metallic platform. Silver metal probe. Paralysis. Favorite Penthouse Stories actress on her knees. Sudden seminal extraction from the non-pureblood subject. How did they do that so fast? The Greys count the dead tadpoles poisoned by mRNA nanoparticulate graphene hydroxide sterility fillers. No living specimen.

One grey asks another, "What the hell are these humans doing to themselves?"

The bleating for this evening is not new
You've seen this entertainment through and through
You've seen your birth your life and your death
you might recall all of the rest
Did you have a good world when you died?
Enough to base an alien abduction on?

Those quick flashes communicate so much. Similar to the way that gormless ponce Captain Kirk went barely up into the troposphere courtesy of that Bezos douche who projects his phallic wants onto his rocket designs to impress his frozen-faced botoxed LatinaX and looked at the curvature of the earth (sorry flat earthers) and claimed to have seen a horrific image of death and destruction.

Maybe it's easier to see all the sudden coincidences from the troposphere?

Perhaps the further one ventures from the prescribed reality where victims of gravity and Psyops reside, the clearer things become.

Spaceships or sailboats. the future of liberty and clear thought.

How silly for Kirk to assume there's anything wrong. People die all the time, and I have it on good authority from all the experts on Twitter that correlation does not equal causation.

And dolphin clicks do not equal bleating sheep in agony.

Besides, doesn't Captain Kirk know that all is well down here?

For example Meta's babies Facebook and Instagram may start allowing titties to appear on their sites, but only trans titties. This is the kind of diverse digital transformation humanity has been waiting for, a total inclusivity that will alter the way we waste time online.

Moobs Captain Kirk, moobs.

All is well on earth.

It's raining Biden classified documents across Delaware. A perfectly natural occurrence Captain Kirk. They're finding them at the ice cream parlor, in the booth at the soda jerk, at the local arcade, at the daycare sniffing centers, and at the ping pong pizza parlors (Joe's favorite) of Wilmington.

On the domestic executive agenda, the CIA has gone from deciding presidents in turkey shoots in Dealey Plaza, to getting Ross Perot to depose their former boss to install their Mena, Arkansas man, to diddling chads in Florida, to programming Diebold machines, to hiding Michelle Obama's penis and Barry's love for it, to orchestrating soft coups of a bad orange man, to simply dumping "classified documents" all over creation with Papa Dementia's fingerprints on them.

CIA Covert Op: Operation Maximization Classification Defenestration

  1. Psyop summer at Mar-a-lago.

  2. Leak photos of staged documents to press.

  3. Stress felonies worthy of a special counsel.

  4. Voila, the stage is set for Joe's turn at the CIA fixing den.

For eight years those documents meant nothing, and suddenly they're a "violation of serious national security laws." The old man yelling at clouds gets ideas about 2024 and the CIA smothers them in the crib.

Prepare the school bus lover with kneepads for her DIE cameo. A vagina is finally coming to the oval office to continue the pretensions of a constitutional republic.

All is well in 'Merica Captain Kirk.

Artificial Intelligence is set to cost hundreds of millions of humans their jobs over the next two decades. ChatGPT did not write this post.

All is well.

70% of the world's population will live in total surveillance prison cities by 2050. Delhi will be the largest with 50 million people!

I took a wrong turn at Place Republique and got trapped with the marching frogs chanting "Je Suis Charlie!" in Paris pretending to care about free speech the weekend after some cultural enrichers killed cartoonists who drew caricatures of their favorite pedophile profit.

There were two million people marching that Sunday. There was no escape from the shoulder-to-shoulder masses for five kilometers. It was pure insanity.

Most of the earth is so vast and empty and yet they want whatever humans don't get SADS to live like sardines, in a 6G or 7G frying can.

All is well on earth.

War criminal Tony Blair spoke openly about forced vaccinating of the "anti-vaxxers" at Davos, and mandating Digital IDs for a total surveillance system of carbon-based social credit control. Not one of these sick fucks has taken a shotgun blast to the face yet.

All is well on earth Captain Kirk.

Will ChatGPT replace this bleating ram?

Could ChatGPT connect Captain Kirk's image of death, to a chance encounter with dolphins, to SADS, alien abductions, CIA White House fixes over 60 years, Instagram moobs, to other recent events that tell us all is well on earth?

Could ChatGPT describe the random and chaotic events of a New Year's Eve in Prague where a Hungarian with soft brown wavey hair made eye contact and proceeded to drag the machine from club to club, dancing in the new year with shots of vodka, sweaty embraces, deep longing stares into the machine's soul?

Could it describe the complex euphoric feelings of that particular night, or the next afternoon's hangover, the goodbye at the train station two days later?

What letters of correspondence would it produce to the Hungarian fling over the following months?

Bleep. Blop. Bleep. Blop. Please wait, my dear…searching Hallmark's website, Brainy quote, and Goethe's library for romantic combinations of authentic-sounding impressions of love and longing to send to your inbox.

The only humans they will replace with AI are the ones who produce predictable rudimentary fluff.

With no imagination.

With nothing gained through toil or suffering, through finding a creative spirit, or emotions that dredge themselves up from simply experiencing our world as a fellow of the human species.

Bots replacing bots. Techno-determinism strikes again.

All is well on earth Captain.

Don't tell Al Gore that, or we won't get to see him shit his trousers in public again.

Twitter avatar for @YALiberty Young Americans for Liberty @YALiberty Has anyone checked on Al Gore today? 😳 4:16 PM ∙ Jan 20, 2023 1,343Likes175Retweets

Insert into ChatGPT: Al Gore shitting himself in public about climate delusions that nobody above the intelligence of a half-wit believes anymore.

ChatGPT: Searching Greta's father's diary for a rageful screed about nuclear armageddon to tie into climate hysteria to scare the hell out of young people so they stop wanting or having children and instead contemplate suicide from despair or chemical castration.

Perhaps Al Gore, like most of the Illuminati-created factory droids is already powered by ChatGPT.

And that's probably what the dolphins were really clicking on about.

Dolphin, A Social Animal -

Hey Good Citizen! (Clickety-clack) Did you hear that moron Al Gore fabricate all kinds of crap again about the weather, the oceans, and the earth while publicly making a complete ass of himself!? (Clickety-clack) What a royal pompous douchebag! Hahaha!!!

All is well here on earth.

No point in getting SADS.

Aye aye, Captain.

Further reading on ChatGPT: The Cat Was Never Found Mark VS ChatGPT (Conclusions) Links to date: Overview Session #1 Session #2 Session #3 Bonus Session… Read more 15 days ago · 26 likes · 27 comments · Mark Bisone Join The Good Citizen Flock.

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The Good Citizen
20 Jan 2023 | 6:06 pm

6. WTF! World Technocracy Front Gathers Devil's Spawn In Davos

January 18, 2022: Sulfur Emissions around Davos, Switzerland

To understand the dark origins and deceptive agenda of WTF! and its associated global partners read here, or watch here. Check out the great 6-Part Substack series by Carson J. McAuley: Klaus Schwab and The Men Who Molded Him. For more information on technocracy visit Patrick Wood's site technocracy.news or check out his books on Technocracy Rising.

It's time to start calling the World Economic Forum by its true name—World Technocracy Front, or WTF!

Upon listening to decades of dopey ideas that emanate from the megalomaniacs who make the annual winter pilgrimage to Davos, Switzerland one would be rightly excused for hearing such asinine proclamations of deliberate social engineering and manipulation of humanity and screaming: WHAT THE F**K!

After decades of congregating psychopaths at the sulfur-polluted alpine town, there has never been a single idea proffered that doesn't increase centralized power and control to this self-fellating borg that arrives on private jets for a gathering of "save the world" fluffery, that when properly translated through the technocratic jargon dictionary is nothing less than a plot the accelerate the demise of western civilization through chaos and crises of their own fabrication while nibbling caviar, philandering with whores, and sipping champagne.

Their pretensions of caring during their publicly transmitted discussion forums are laughable farces. No serious person could possibly look at this collection of private-public pompous assholes and not chortle hysterically at their silly self-importance, their unbridled arrogance wrapped in insane ideas and proclamations for the future of our species that 99.9% of it doesn't want because anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows it will trample the basic human rights of those who do not fly on private jets or smell their own turds after a BM because it makes them weep with joy.

Except, these people are not bond movie villains who love the smell of their own shit. They are not cartoons or caricatures of evil. They run the entire world and they're a very serious and very dangerous collection of sociopaths and psychopaths performing as benevolent public-private experts.

They have taken our species and our world hostage and have no intention of freeing it from their grasp until they have total power and total control over the billions of useless eaters they don't succeed in first eliminating for their highest priority—eugenics-based population control.

You simply do not laugh at someone holding a gun to your head, no matter how ridiculous or insane they sound.

This year's agenda is more of the same—a declaration of new systems of their own fabrication for their own benefit, justified by catastrophes of their own creation. It requires reading the hidden bold text to fully comprehend. I've added it here to their stated agenda:

  1. Addressing the Current Energy and Food Crises, that we intentionally engineered, in the context of a New System for Energy, Climate, and Nature that enslaves the masses and enriches us

  2. Addressing the Current High Inflation, Low Growth, High Debt Economy, that we intentionally engineered, in the context of a New System for Investment, Trade, and Infrastructure that benefits only us

  3. Addressing the Current Industry Headwinds we intentionally created in the context of a New System for Harnessing Frontier Technologies for Private Sector Innovation and Resilience to eliminate privacy and have total control over the people

  4. Addressing the Current Social Vulnerabilities that we engineered in the context of a New System for Work, Skills, and Care (obedience and subservience that create total dependence on the state)

  5. Addressing the Current Geopolitical Risks that we helped create in the context of a New System for Dialogue (censorship) and Cooperation (obedience) in a Multipolar World that we intentionally engineered to keep the masses fearful and divided to justify creating more chaos

All global events are presented as happenstance and coincidences, the results of random geopolitical changes that nobody saw coming and not deliberately orchestrated by the same people who gather in Davos to prescribe their solutions—all of which are designed to enhance their own power, money, and control over the world.

These events range from the dire:

  • fake pandemics of lab-created viruses with an IFR less than influenza, created by bioterror states

  • the rollout of fake vaccines that destroy immune systems, created by the same bioterror state's military that owns the patents and implemented operation warp speed

  • the orchestrated war between Ukraine and Russia that was two decades in the pentagon planner's pipeline, and contrary to all wars of history, the only war that will only end with more war

Events with severe economic consequences:

To simple events for perception management:

  • Play-acting with climate actors like Swedish autist and WTF! marionette Greta Thunberg who helped stage her own arrest as a performance for her young followers:

Twitter avatar for @stillgray Ian Miles Cheong @stillgray Yes, the Greta Thunberg arrest was staged for the establishment media. 10:10 PM ∙ Jan 17, 2023 36,666Likes12,928Retweets

WTF! chairman and co-founder Klaus Schwab stated in a video performance two years ago, "We are moving to a much angrier world." When filtered through the WTF! translator he was really saying, "We are creating a much angrier world by engineering global economic chaos and social strife."

If they have created anything good or beneficial for humanity, it's only by accident, as a reaction to their stated agenda and creepy proclamations. People are now undergoing a mass transformative awakening. It's still in the very early stages, but it's a promising start to what could manifest into a global revolution against this cancer of technocratic terrorists—the incompatibles of our time.

Republican governors have already begun the process of divesting state pension funds from Blackrock and Vanguard and any entity associated with the global communist program of ESG—Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance—which is nothing less than woke capitalism, an oxymoron if ever there was one.

Socio-cultural Race Marxism, climate change hysteria, and its "green solutions" like fossil fuel destruction for useless "alternative sources" and sustainable "smart cities" of economic behavioral control cannot mix with free market capitalism. The entire agenda renders the latter a bastardized version of globalized communism or something approximating eco-totalitarianism that sets the stage for social credit scores, the annihilation of civil liberties, privacy, and total corporate-state control over every human who will be compelled into urban prisons already being packaged as 15-minute zoned "smart cities."

Forced ingenuity that isn't authentically borne will fail. It cannot come through proclaimed industrial revolutions that have not actually occurred but are merely a roadmap of central planning, or a technocratic wishlist. It does not offer alternative solutions to problems that do not actually exist in reality because they have been imagined, invented out of whole technocratic cloth to justify solutions that are never needed.

The shift toward artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, and any innovation that induces human labor toward expendability is part of their technocratic wishlist and is celebrated and encouraged and always presented as a fait accompli.

The anti-human technocratic agenda views humans, and their natural human rights as an unpredictable nuisance, a demanding and temperamental roadblock to their one-word utopia that must be dispensed with or subdued with distractive and alienating solutions that enhance atomization, mental illness, drug dependency, sociocultural disunity, and division.

The destruction of the nation-state and national identities through open borders, and forced multiculturalism creates chaos and destabilization. Deadly drugs like fentanyl flood the streets forming addicts and increasing overdose statistics.

All governments exist in their service and elections are simply performances to create the illusion of democracy.

Twitter avatar for @CltrWarResource Culture War Resource @CltrWarResource 🚨MUST WATCH: Maajid Nawaz leaves Joe Rogan speechless by explaining how the World Economic Forum (WEF) is infiltrating governments around the world. 6:13 AM ∙ Feb 20, 2022 78,259Likes34,199Retweets Twitter avatar for @DrewHLive Drew Hernandez @DrewHLive DAVOS WATCH: The WEF declares they must establish a NEW WORLD ORDER They also openly acknowledge they may not be successful establishing a NWO right now due to times being "hyper partisan and polarized" but are hopeful to establish it in the near future #wef23 9:59 AM ∙ Jan 20, 2023 446Likes307Retweets

The Metaverse is pushed as a tool for herding minds to control and further subdue the useless eaters in a matrix-like world where they have no power and are further separated from the social body, human contact, and the natural world.

Those in power are using climate change scams created by easily manipulated 'computer projection models' of planetary changes to monetize the natural world while keeping the masses bitterly divided over culture war issues like race, gender, and sexuality, through diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that exacerbate the very divisions they claim to "solve."

ESG puts the climate change scam invented by the WTF's forefathers and collaborators The Club of Rome, center stage. This scam requires immediate implementation of civilizational-destroying "green" solutions, which are anything but solutions for the masses, but instead socio-economic prisons and an excuse to transfer more wealth upward toward the top 0.1% of international banking interests, and those whom central banks exist to serve.

Censorship and total narrative management are required to accelerate all areas of their agenda. "Journalism" as a profession is destroyed. All corporate narrative managers are bought and owned by technocratic guardians and forced into dutiful roles as agenda-pushing stenographers who ask no questions.

A few nights ago WTF! Reichsführer Klaus Schwab was approached by Japanese independent reporter Masako Ganaha. He first hesitates to ask which owned corporate outfit she works for to know if she is part of his stable of "journalist" whores. As soon as he hears the words "independent reporter" he runs for the hills. No unscripted questions are ever permitted.

Twitter avatar for @ganaha_masako 我那覇真子 Masako Ganaha @ganaha_masako I encountered Klaus Schwab! And here is what happened. He is afraid of our resistance! @ WEF Davos2023 9:22 PM ∙ Jan 18, 2023 37,068Likes11,787Retweets The Good Citizen is now on Subscribe Star. Support more work like this with one-time or monthly donations.

The important thing to always remember is that, as with covid totalitarianism, NONE of these "solutions" that require the masses to sacrifice all of their civil liberties, including the right to free movement, will apply to the public-private Davos pilgrims presently creating, planning, and celebrating this nightmare dystopia.

The masses sense the tyranny that arrived as a global "sudden coincidence" in March of 2020, never really departed, and is being transposed through other engineered crises that will transfer more money, and power, and control the very people responsible for every global catastrophe of the past century, including both world wars.

The backlash to this technocratic agenda is already underway in the first western city beta testing these 15-minute zoned "smart cities," where citizens of Oxford are forced to stay within their zone and will be fined for traveling to restricted areas beyond a certain number of times per year.

Twitter avatar for @BernieSpofforth Bernie's Tweets @BernieSpofforth OXFORD SMART CITY - The 15 minute City ideology is being utterly rejected! Citizens are removing restrictions and barriers to council defined 'Zones' themselves! Vandalism? …. no, this is the people deciding! 🔥 3:16 PM ∙ Jan 12, 2023 13,808Likes4,250Retweets

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink recently responded to the ESG backlash by claiming the narrative needs to be recaptured for clarification and that ESG is being unfairly "misrepresented."

The arrogance of the Davos crowd is everpresent. Instead of serious reflection and remediation, the solution is Soviet in nature, and always toward greater censorship and centralized narrative control so that the unwashed masses who are "misinformed" can be properly re-educated and assimilated into the Davos Technocratic global agenda, where only they make sacrifices for their masters.

These masters claim the greatest threat to humanity and "democracy" is not the world as a dystopian inhumane undemocratic hellscape they seek to engineer for their own benefit, but those who tell the truth about this world they want.

The chief disinformers, the Davos pilgrims—globalist fascists of corporate-state power claim to be worried about "disinformation." As with most public-private Orwellian doublespeak that emanates from the self-appointed masters of the universe, one needs to consult their Great Reset Translator:

Sustainable = Unsustainable for Humanity
A New System = Our System
A More Harmonious World = Better World For Us
Better Technologies = Digital Surveillance To Enslave Humanity
Narrative = Perception Management
Disinformation = Truth

One could spend a year developing a lexicon that translates the true meaning of global technocratic parlance.

None of what appears in Klaus Schwab's comically stupid ghost-written books The Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Great Reset should be taken at face value. All of it is delivered in technocratic jargon that translates to a desired future of total centralized control over humanity and how our species is permitted to live, excluding them of course.

WATCH Truth Factory on WTF! Great Reset Agenda [CENSORED ALERT] Congratulations to Truth Factory who was finally kicked off YouTube last week for exposing these Technocratic Terrorists. Subscribe to Truth Factory on Rumble.

Creating Pariahs—The Incompatibles

Any individual whose name and face appear on the World Technocracy Front (WEF) website needs to be treated like a pariah, a malignant growth on the social body, or if elected to public office an outright traitor deserving of the declared punishment commonly associated with treason. Any individual who attends this orgy in any capacity that doesn't make the organizers and their police henchmen squirm with discomfort should be outcast to the fringes and soon fear for their future and lives. Serving the interests of global oligarchs and technocrats over one's nation and people should render a result no less harsh than being complicit in crimes against humanity.

The most effective method to move the private sector away from any scheming technocratic front groups like WTF! would be for the masses to organize global boycotts of their products or services to the point where their equity shares take a substantial beating.

The world we should desire is one where such individuals would know they have no future. The same goes for businesses, corporations, governments, their representatives, or political parties that come within any associative length of WTF!

The mere mention of the name Klaus Schwab, let alone his presence, should trigger reflexive action toward immediate disassociation by all private or public entities so that those who serve in any capacity in either sector know immediately their future is one of a radioactive pariah at best or public execution at worst. This goes for all global organizations with dreams of a new world order.

It's true we don't live in such a world, yet. We can still hope we're moving toward such a world as millions awaken from their slumber.

As Andy Dufresne tells Red in the great film Shawshank Redemption, "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies."

It's never too soon to plan for the world we hope to live to see, no matter how hopeless things sometimes appear.

The Good Citizen is now on Ko-Fi. Support more work like this with one-time or monthly donations.

As I published in an essay last week, these people that need to be purged from our world are a virus on humanity. They are the incompatibles who must be cleansed from the social body before they do more damage.

These incompatibles have embedded themselves in the social and political order, the financial and economic systems, and rule over humanity unelected yet undeterred by the growing army of Savages that question their intentions and have identified them as the greatest threats to the planet and future prospects of our species.

Who gave this global technocratic order its strength and position? As with most tyrants throughout history, they simply took it because they could.

Maintaining power becomes a kind of strategy game wherein those at the top of any hierarchy have the impetus to question only the manner in which those below them can become a threat, and depose them from their perch. They often do this by feigning concern for their inferiors, offering performative gestures to aid their accent out of desperation and despair.

Their most potent weapon is perception management that aids behavioral control through trauma bondage holds the masses captive in a far more cost-efficient and beneficial manner (to the state) than razor wire, police batons, or camps. That Huxlean moment of humans walking toward and embracing their own chains is upon us. It now requires almost total obtuseness to miss.

The irony is not lost that the hierarchical nature of civilizational organizations is what makes them dangerous. The top is almost always populated with psychopaths and sociopaths. As Toby Rogers recently mused, it's kind of a prerequisite for the job, and over millennia has dominated as a paradigm as an appeal to strength for survival.

I think that there is an evolutionary reason for this. In the competition within and between tribes, those inclined to follow violent leaders did better than those who did not. Over time, society selects for sociopathy (that's why nearly every developed country these days is led by a sociopath). And as technology becomes more advanced, the scale of the harms inflicted by the sociopaths increases.

People still follow the Davos clan of sociopaths and psychopaths due to evolutionary selection that molded herd instincts over time. There are other factors to be sure—the debasement of education and more specifically rational thinking; inclinations toward conformity; the control of media and information (lies and propaganda) to shape perceptions that influence decision-making and human behavior.

Until those parallel systems emerge that undermine the incompatibles' agenda, we cannot underestimate the power they have over world events and in shaping how we live in service to their corruptions, how we stay distracted, diseased, and dependent, if not yet already dead.

As the incompatibles, or devil spawn waft in the alpine sulfur and attempt to plan an unwanted future that enslaves humanity for their gain through subterfuge and lies, remember that nothing they proclaim in the way of human behavior, technological adoption, or total surveillance for the world they want will ever apply to themselves.

They are exempt.

They are excused.

Because they are certain they are a chosen breed of our bettors.

No matter how silly or cartoonish or farcical their declarations or proclamations, how ridiculously they attempt to conceal their agenda, they are the megalomaniacal enemies of humanity, the appendage tumor of our world that needs to be radiated, sliced, singed, and dumped into the annals of history as the greatest threat our species has ever known.

Until a point of mass awakening is reached where billions of voices scream out in unison WHAT THE F**K! upon learning to decode their technocratic jargon to uncover their true agenda, we can only watch the incompatibles and wait for the savage rebellion.

The Good Citizen Watching The Incompatibles Delusions flourish that we live in enlightened times and that as a species we have sufficiently advanced beyond the grievous limitations that haunt our past. Ignorance, illiteracy, pestilence, famine, and the consequences of natural disasters were all at far greater levels at any point in time prior to this moment, with perhaps the exception of the first—ignorance—which is now intentionally inflicted upon the masses who are too complacent, distracted, or lazy to adjust their behavior toward remediation… Read more 25 days ago · 68 likes · 29 comments · Good Citizen Further reading on WTF! and Klaus Schwab: Midnight at the Matinee Klaus Schwab and the Men Who Molded Him (Part One) Over the course of the coming few years – as the supply chains break down and people watch their savings eroded into worthlessness; as the media spoon-feeds us more cover stories and politicians begin floating the notion of fo… Read more 7 months ago · 12 likes · Carson J. McAuley Join The Good Citizen Flock.

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The Good Citizen
15 Jan 2023 | 7:07 pm

7. The Drugs Don't Work

Killing Americans fast and slowly.

One question that is undoubtedly entering the minds of more and more people awakening to the sudden "coincidences" happening all around them:

What is the appropriate response to discovering that my government wants me dead and they're using regulatory agencies overseeing "healthcare" and "medicine" to execute me and my family?

It's just another logical question in a sequence of awakenings.

2001: Did the government just blow up some buildings and crash some airliners? Did they just mail some Anthrax to start a war on "terror" so it can completely violate more of my civil liberties with the Patriot Act and further destroy our currency with massive transfers of wealth to the Military Industrial Complex?

Just don't search for dancing Israelis.

Cough. Cough.

2003: Is the government lying about weapons of mass destruction and trying to blame 9/11 on Saddam Hussein because all the bloodthirsty neocons behind the Project for a New American Century are now in power?

Texan brush clearer reading Cheney's script: We have to fight the evildoers over there, so we don't have to fight em' here. Hee. Hee.

War is peace.

Cough. Cough.

2005: Is the government torturing captives and droning innocent people in places most Americans couldn't find on a map, and doing it in my name with my tax dollars?

Anti-American libtard!

2008: The government is going to print trillions of dollars to bail out the banks that eliminated lending standards, paid the ratings agencies to lie about the risk of their investment products, and bailout insurance companies for insuring those worthless MBS products and derivatives that destroyed the global economy and left millions of Americans homeless?


2009: H1N1 isn't really killing that many people or spreading outside of Asia, are they trying to create a pandemic through the media like Alex Jones keeps warning?

Stop watching Alex Jones!

2010: Good Citizen returns to the states to check in on family after four years away and sees only television commercials for drugs, all ending in a list of horrific side effects worse than the original ailment the drug was meant to "cure" while telling viewers to Ask your doctor if dumbator is right for you!

June 12, 2013: Edward Snowden says the NSA and government are collecting all online and phone data on all Americans, all of the time, and they're working with tech companies?

June 13, 2013, American People:

2016: Did the CIA create ISIS to topple Assad and terrorize Europeans while Obama proceeded to drop 26,600 bombs on Syria in one year, so many bombs that the U.S. ran out of bombs that year?

2019: Is the U.S. helping Saudi Arabia kill hundreds of thousands of children in Yemen through another humanitarian crisis, similar to the one in Iraq in the 1990s that killed half a million Iraqi children that Madeleine Albright said was "worth it"?

2020: Did the swamp and Uniparty just collude to rig a Presidential election? Did I just watch the CIA do domestically what they've done in foreign lands for sixty years—engineer coups and topple the "wrong" leaders?

2021: Why are young and healthy people dying suddenly all the time?

Don't believe your lying eyes. It's all just sudden coincidences. Your government loves you!

Cough. Cough.

2022: Why are the most vaccinated people suffering and dying from routine illnesses?

Twitter avatar for @stkirsch Steve Kirsch @stkirsch Just got this note from a reader: "I'm working in the hospital today, there are 12 Covid patients all jabbed, 2 on vents and 8 flu/ RSV patients and 4 on vents . They are all jabbed at least 3 times and older individuals. They are immunocompromised from these jabs. It's real." 6:11 PM ∙ Jan 14, 2023 13,729Likes4,765Retweets

In that Tru TV series Conspiracy Theories (2009) hosted by former-libertarian and critical thinker turned establishment stooge Jessie Ventura, he speaks with a younger, more handsome Alex Jones (prior to his accelerated aging program via super male vitality and billion-dollar kangaroo court judgments) who warns him of the compulsory vaccine depopulation delivery plans of the New World Order.

Jones refers Ventura to one of his primary sources for this agenda, Dr. Rima Laibow M.D. who knows what's coming and has already escaped the United States for Panama. She fears living in the U.S. and reluctantly returns to meet with Ventura to discuss the agenda before immediately boarding a plane back to Panama.

Dr. Laibow claims that years ago a woman client of hers connected to the "aristocratic class" told her the Great Culling was near. What great culling? The women said those in power would intentionally kill off billions of "useless eaters" who are using up all their resources.

She says this great culling would happen with a fake pandemic and manufactured vaccines that deliver a slow genocide.

What this means is a genocidal holocaust. Men and Women will sicken and die and those that survive will be infertile.

Dr. Rima Laibow (2009)

Dr. Laibow's client used the exact term that Klaus Schwab's untergebener techno-profit Malthusian futurist sauna boy Yuval Harari used many years later in describing the masses of humans they will be eliminating or transforming—useless eaters. It must be an acceptable term in the circles of the Global technocratic elite to label anyone not part of their tribe as disposable, dispensable, useless eaters.

This global cabal will soon host their Davos pilgrimage, where the world's sociopaths and psychopaths fly on 2000 private jets to Switzerland to discuss how the useless eaters will have to go without certain foods, gas stoves, petrol cars, and live in controlled 15-minute zones within "smart cities" so that all basic human rights become exclusive to the wealthy chosen few.

This global cabal controls all western governments busily engaged with enslaving and killing their own populations, slowly for decades and now on what appears to be an accelerated timeline.

Commiefornia is on the fast track to implementing this living hell by banning petrol cars within the next decade. As of the first of the year, doctors there can't question the Covidien narrative or they'll be spreading "misinformation" and risk having their medical license revoked. New York is not far behind. Other eco-communist states whoring for the global technocratic regime will soon follow.

And so we've arrived at the point in their agenda where they orchestrate a genocide in broad daylight for all the useless eaters to see, while governments play dumb and pretend it's not really happening and then double down, and triple down on the cause of the genocide.

When you visit a clinic in the U.S. for "health care," the first question they ask is if you've had your Covid booster. They assume if you're a senior, you went and obediently got your first 2-3 fixings of gene juice. The second question is more of the same but for those useless flu shots, they've been pushing for decades.

Not a day passes now when a celebrity or very young person drops dead of a sudden coincidence and makes news headlines around the world. Think of all the non-celebrity deaths being chalked up to routine causes. We don't know their names but can see them in all the excess mortality statistics across the most "vaccinated" countries.

And yet governments are still pushing the cause of the sudden coincidences on everyone, while their functionary drones like that buffoon Neil deGrasse Tyson and that gormless pig Piers Morgan still insist it has saved millions of lives and protected the most vulnerable—the elderly, who governments drowning in trillions of pension liabilities are in the process of eliminating rapidly with endless boosters.

40% of the over-65 demographic went and got their Bivalent booster this past autumn, the one that was tested on eight mice. As reported here this past summer of those mice trials, five mice ended up dead, two are 5G antennas atop the FDA building, while the last mouse was used by Gates and Harari to, well it doesn't matter.

Alex Jones recently telling Piers Morgan that he'll stand trial at Nuremberg 2.0 is just what the doctor ordered, still, governments haven't stopped trying to kill their populations or render them infertile as both Jones and Dr. Laibow warned in 2009.

The original question.

What is the appropriate response to discovering that your government wants you dead?

It cannot be more of the same.

The remaining two-thirds of this post has some personal details of healthcare experiences in the U.S. compared to Mexico, including Citizen family members, and therefore must be reserved for the flock.

Senior Good Citizens: Tales From the Script

Papa Citizen was in the ER twice in November. They took x-rays, gave him an IV drip, and sent him home after a few hours with nothing. No treatment, no diagnosis, no food or drink instructions, or vitamins, nothing. Both times. They simply told him he had "Covid," whatever the hell that is, and here's your $229 bill with full insurance.

He's pushing 80.

Read more

The Good Citizen
10 Jan 2023 | 9:45 pm

8. Watching The Incompatibles

INTERVIEW: Joseph Morgan Talks Sci-fi Series 'Brave New World' - Supanova  Comic Con & Gaming
John the Savage in Brave New World (2020)

Delusions flourish that we live in enlightened times and that as a species we have sufficiently advanced beyond the grievous limitations that haunt our past.

Ignorance, illiteracy, pestilence, famine, and the consequences of natural disasters were all at far greater levels at any point in time prior to this moment, with perhaps the exception of the first—ignorance—which is now intentionally inflicted upon the masses who are too complacent, distracted, or lazy to adjust their behavior toward remediation.

This may be because prior to ubiquitous cynicism and sarcasm polluting western societies, serious people of the past acknowledged their ignorance whereas today they take great pride in not remedying it. Instead, they embrace it with arrogance and certitude.

Wars, tribalism, greed, the lust for power, the corruptibility of humans, and the desire to control and dominate others may never cease to be our most significant menaces.

The justification for conquest, dominance, rape, and plunder, in the name of myth, superstition, family legacy, personal ego, or revenge, for monarchs or gods or secular humanism, science, and reason, or borne of those realist terms that might makes right, there is no period of our history not marred with interspecies conflict.

Read more

The Good Citizen
6 Jan 2023 | 6:55 pm

9. What The Hell Is A Duo Lipa?

Not long after the fall of the Soviet Union, a high school friend went to see the aftermath and decided to stay and 'study abroad' in Saint Petersburg.

The nation was in the midst of hyperinflation and was being ruthlessly carved up by the Harvard boys and other predatory capitalist swine that thought they were picking the new Russian ruling classes, but it really happened using vodka shots and slide rules at the City of London HQ.

His 'study abroad' became a permanent thing. When he came back from his Russian adventures in the late nineties he was a completely different man. He sported one of those black leather blazers with a black t-shirt underneath and black chinos with black steel-tip boots. I didn't see a gold chain with a cross, but he could have had one of those too.

Sometime near the end of the decade, he picked me up in a rented Ford Mustang and we hit a dive bar to catch up. Another friend met up with us later and when he and I joked about a popular singer fresh off the Hollyweird school girl audition sofas, the friend who had spent years in Russia sat in silence for a few minutes before asking with a completely straight face: "Who the hell is Christina Aguilera?"

We laughed at his 'joke' and then realized he really had no clue. It was the early days of the Internet and nobody spent any time on there chasing Perez Hilton or TMZ garbage headlines because there was no "there," as in there were no gossip sites yet.

"Seriously, who is that?" He asked.

I was jealous and ashamed at the same time.

I made a vow right then to stop wasting so much time and attention trying to keep up with the festering puss sore of popular culture. I wished for a device that could wipe my mind clean of names like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Then came nine-eleven, anthrax from the pentagon's bio lab at Fort Detrick mailed to "journalists," followed by WMDs, and CIA torture programs, and before Obama could be sworn in to continue all of it and expand the drone program, the Middle East scorched earth campaigns for the Rothschild banking cartel, and total police state surveillance of American citizens, I had already traveled a quarter of Europe and started a company in Prague.

For the past twenty years, I mostly kept my vow of ignoring the festering puss sore of popular culture. As each year passed I watched less and less Hollywood garbage, mostly because the pickings became slim with studios chasing money on superhero amusement spectacles and bombing at the box office with diversity quota remakes.

When looking back over the past century with a clear mind one can see that place was always obsessed with itself and the filmmaking, acting, and celebrity pursuit storylines never ceased to dominate awards that are picked by celebrity-obsessed celebrities that don't ever want to quit celebrating themselves.

After twenty years of mostly ignoring popular film and music, when I scan the sudden death headlines of the latest celebrity I hardly recognize their names. I've pretty much reached "Who the hell is that?" status with most celebrities in popular music and film.

Revisiting gossip or 'showbiz' sections of the DailyMail requires seeing all the latest things, the hottest names that I've heard in passing for years but have never known who they are or why the hell they're 'famous.'

The names starting with Lil' or Young and creatures like Cardi B and Duo Lipa have been passing my eyes for years but my first thoughts are never of celebrities.

Is Cardi B a microphone or a new clothing brand?

Is Megan thee Stallion the latest Kentucky Derby winner?

Duo Lipa must refer to some kind of kinky new lesbian sexual fad, right?

Recently, instead of ignoring them I finally decided to see who the hell they are and discovered the cultural rot I knew was festering back in the late 1990s and early aughts is a case of full-blown terminal civilizational cancer.

Pares De Labios Femeninos Atractivos Listos Para Besarse Foto de archivo -  Imagen de labios, oferta: 152208190
Duo Lipa?

Instead of being shocked or saddened as I had been in the past, today, I'm glad to see the western patient on life support is so far beyond the point of resuscitation. The sooner it self-terminates the sooner the rebuilding process can begin from the ashes of socio-cultural degradation and filth.

The flatlining may take another decade but we can now see that beautiful moment on the horizon.

There was a video on YouTube about music culture that transposed live popular music from each decade from the 1920s to the 1960s with trash from today. It used footage from Ken Burns' Jazz documentary to show just how far we've fallen. The contrast was at first hilarious and then shocking.

Shot 1: The Benny Goodman orchestra plays to dancing youngsters in a community hall for six seconds.

Quick cut to Shot 2: A felonious rapper with face tattoos rubbing hundred dollar bills on big greasy asses.

Shot 1: Louis Armstrong singing "Dinah" on stage in Copenhagen in 1933.

Shot 2: Bessie Smith singing Back-Water Blues. Amazing voice…(record scratch sound)

Quick cut to Shot 3: Cardi B singing about wet ass pussy.

I wanted to include the video here but it's now buried by YouTube's abomination of a search algorithm that pumps corporate brain tumors to the top thousands of results.

Yesterday while perusing the sudden death celebrity pages I saw that an Adams Family reboot that's popular with the kids got a young actress who stars on the show 26 million new instashame followers. 26 million!

Apparently, she can now "earn" $117,000 per sponsored post. The stupidity of the digital attention labor of the masses given to this young actress for free is the economic fuel permitting this insanity.

It's the same paradigm that permitted western governments to buy instashame "influencers" with $3 Billion to push the toxic injections on their millions of young followers, many of whom will be met by shock and horror at their local fertility clinics in the future.

I call it instashame because that's the instant feeling I got a decade ago when I told some younger graduate students I don't do selfies and they immediately whipped out their phones and tried to take selfies with me.

Shame. That dirty feeling of vanity and self-absorption, of Narcissus seeing his reflection in the water.

Coincidently it was the same year Twenge and Campbell published The Narcissism Epidemic: Living In the Age of Entitlement.

One kid from the Netherlands said he would post his selfie with me to his Instashame account with the tag 'first selfie.' Before he could touch another finger to his phone screen I had it up my sleeve after feigning I threw it from a fourth-story window into the frosty snow blanketing the little square in Krakow.

As everyone laughed at him searching for it down in the snow, I went through and deleted all the photos of me he had taken that night. I asked all the others to do the same on their phones and they complied as I watched over them.

From that point on they asked my permission to take photos and only those pastime group photos where everyone posed shoulder to shoulder to mark one important occasion or another and none of them ever got my blessing to post anything with me to any social media site.

It sounds harsh but I knew more than a decade ago every image of every living human would be collected by the police state to use for facial recognition software development to profile innocent civilians. What started with only criminally convicted mug shots expanded to Facebook, Instashame (which is why Facebook bought the company), and Google/YouTube search.

TikTok is now harvesting people's voices and images for the Chinese Communist Party who are using the app to collect everything on every person who dances in scrubs or shuffles and lip-syncs in their kitchen like drooling retards.

Passport photos eventually ended up in the AI-powered facial recognition software now shared by the five-eyes nations who share it with other NATO allies, so I know my face is already out there in police state databases.

If I were to take a stroll through the streets of London where six million cameras watch citizens on every block at all times of day and night, they'd know who I am, what passports I hold, where I've lived the past twenty years down to all thirteen addresses.

I still refuse to volunteer my face to their police state digital shenanigans despite knowing that the black mirror train is so far from the station the people will one day be shocked to discover the dystopia they've helped engineer.

Yet the ghastly sight of ubiquitous narcissism still repulses me. I'm still sickened by the image of a human carrying a selfie stick or someone with their selfie camera on while roaming as a 'tourist' unable to devote their attention to their exotic surroundings while being so consumed by their own black mirrored reflection.

The only relief is of a regrettable misanthropic nature. The thought that most of them stumbling around adoring their own ugly mugs have probably lined up for the boosters.

There's no way to escape this degenerate world, though governments like Canada are offering their own assisted final solutions to anyone who wants it. It's a shame the people we need lining up the most for boosters or Canada's mad MAID solution like Cardi B, Duo Lipa, and Bhad Bhabie, are shopping for 20,000 square-foot third vacation homes and private jets because the brain-dead masses keep giving them their time, attention, and money.

I suppose that wouldn't solve much. If they went away some other filth would just take their places.

Perhaps if we got rid of the brain-dead masses contributing to this sociocultural disease…no!

Not the Malthusian train.


What the hell is a Bhad Bhabie?!

Well, maybe just a short ride for a little while?



We must!

Ah hell, they don't make it easy…

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The Good Citizen
3 Jan 2023 | 5:31 pm

10. Now Is The Perfect Time To Talk About Damar Hamlin

NFL: Damar Hamlin, jugador de los Buffalo Bills, se desvanece y el juego se  pospone

They gathered the children around the portable boxy Televisions on wheeled platforms and made them sit "Indian style" facing the screens in anticipation of what they learned the day before about space exploration and landing a man on the moon. They didn't mention Stanley Kubrick, strange shadows, portable cameras, radio wave transmission speeds, or a warehouse in the Nevada Desert.

The children learned about the space shuttle, the booster rockets, and a school teacher "hero" from New Hampshire named Christa McAuliffe who would be on board the challenger the next day. It was to be one small step for women, one giant leap for school teachers.

The excitement of the school teachers in anticipation of the televised event spread to most of the school children. And then something happened that wasn't supposed to happen and the shock and horror on the school teachers' faces meant the kids would get an impromptu recess.

That meant an extra game of dodgeball or smear the queer, a game where a football served as a hot potato and if you held it in your hand you'd better outrun all of the other boys on the field or they had every right to tackle you and dogpile you—the ball carrier and the queer.

We hit each other hard, with no pads. Kids got their wind knocked out all the time. Some got scraped, bloodied, and bruised, but nobody complained about it. Each boy dusted themselves off, rose to their feet, and turned themselves into a human missile targeting the queer.

It was back when you could say queer openly and loudly because there were no rainbow flags in the classroom or alphabet cultists teaching classes and grooming children.

After smearing the queer we returned to the classroom and noticed the teachers still weren't right. They were weepy and inconsolable so we got to watch a movie about lions in the African Savanna in the library while all the teachers of the school went through one kleenex box after another.

Their hero melted up in mid-flight. It was devastating. The grief became so contagious some younger girls from the first and second grades started crying but only because the adults were crying.

We gossiped about the "blown up" space shuttle in the dark of the library. We were told not to believe our lying eyes because that's what adults do when they think they're protecting children from lessons they themselves don't have the capacity to teach. Most of them could barely handle the standard dumbed-down curriculum.

A lot has changed in nearly forty years.

Today that curriculum has been dumbed all the way down to no more SATS for college admissions, and no more mathematics courses because both are too difficult for people with darker skin tones. Is there any group more racist than patronizing liberals who think they're doing "good?"

Today people also perform their shock and horror online. They do it to increase their clout, gain social media followers, and not feel so alone in experiencing tragedies that are often easier to cope with millions of other emotionally incontinent mindless drones gravitating toward the same attention network.

Everyone has thoughts and prayers to offer because that's the most common and popular form of digital grieving performance. As the comedian Anthony Jeselnik noted in his stand-up show of the same title, that amounts to nothing less than attention-seeking virtue signaling.

"Do you know what that's worth? Fuckin' nothin'! Fuckin' less than nothing. You are not giving any of your time money or even compassion. All you are doing is saying: Don't forget about me today. Lots of crazy news in the world today but don't forget how sads I am."

I made a new years resolution for this corner of Substack that I wouldn't chase a single fleeting news story anymore. And I would never copy and paste articles written by other outlets or play any gossip games by naming others that use this platform and might be part of a movement that's not a movement for medical freedom.

So I've combined last night's near-sudden-death spectacle on Monday Night Football now seen by half the country with other themes like social rituals of collective grief, public events that shock, smear the queer, and the shameless spectacle of moral policing other people's words on attention networks.

It's that last one that has all the juice worth squeezing because there was nothing shocking about what happened to those of us paying attention the past few years.

Here's what is far more shocking to most people: this is the first sudden collapse to happen in the NFL or NBA during a live televised game.

I'd been asked many times why the NBA and NFL haven't had more of these sudden collapses during games as we saw on a near-weekly basis last year in international football.

Here are my theories.

Blacks make up 74% of NBA players and 55% of NFL players.

Black Americans didn't get the clot shots in high numbers. They're the most "vaccine hesitant" demographic by a green mile. The health community chalks it up to "health disparities" and "inequalities" among minorities. The NBA and NFL players mostly got that CDC card that a five-year-old could make that showed they got the shots.

If you're a professional athlete making millions of dollars and your body is your bread and butter that can get yo mama outta the ghetto, would you risk it all with an experimental injection when you can buy cardboard on Amazon and print your own vaccination card to present to your employer instead or buy one from your neighborhood hustler or teammate?

Europe and the rest of the world didn't have index cards to prove vaccination, and many countries required the vax pass application, even to simply participate in society.

Professional football (soccer) teams had their doctors administer shots to players all at once, including Inter Milan where Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen got his shots six weeks before collapsing on the field in front of hundreds of millions of people at the Euros. It was the first very public "sudden collapse" of a professional athlete in June 2021.

Denmark's Christian Eriksen 'stable and awake' after collapsing during Euro  2020 match | CBC Sports

When Damar Hamlin went down last night millions of people around the world were all thinking the same thing.

And then the narrative managers got right to work to find an explanation that wasn't the one that millions of people around the world were thinking about.

People are no longer permitted to believe their own eyes. Millions still don't.

Despite hundreds of millions of football hits, the vast majority much harder than the hit Hamlin made, happening over the course of a century, this has never happened before.

It just doesn't happen.

The sport of American football goes back to the late 19th century when players wore no pads and continued to wear no pads and leather helmets for decades. Injuries were common but heart attacks never happened even without the thick protective gear players today wear. Many of those guys smoked like chimneys and drank scotch like you and I drink water.

American football is a lot of stop-and-go, unlike soccer where players run with an elevated heart rate for two blocks of 45 straight minutes. Soccer players are among the most cardiovascular-tested athletes on the planet.

The NFL is particularly stop-and-go with television timeouts that last up to eight minutes. The average football play is four seconds, followed by almost a minute of rest. Throw in time-outs, quarter breaks, and halftime, and the fact that players in the NFL only play either on offense, defense, or special teams, and the average player is resting and sipping Gatorade 70% of a game.

I played college football for a dominant FCS program that was known for rough hard-hitting football. We won the national championship the first year I was there. Practices were always much more strenuous than any games.

But this point cannot be stated enough: Nothing like this happened then when I played, before, or ever.

It just doesn't happen.

The moral police on attention networks get mad if you dare mention the "vaccines" that were forced on millions who didn't want them.

Now is not the time! This is about Lamar Damlin!

Thoughts and prayers only.

What about JFK? Is it a good time to talk about the CIA assassinating him or do we have to wait until his great-great-great-great grandchildren grieve first?

Twitter avatar for @TGCsubstack TheGoodCitizen.Substack🇺🇦💉😷🇺🇦🇺🇦💉😷🇺🇦💉 @TGCsubstack @Chesschick01 Now is not the time to talk about Ruby Ridge!! Argh. Like have some respect for the feds who pulled the trigger. They must feel horrible.4:38 AM ∙ Jan 3, 2023

Now is the best time to talk about Damar Hamlin. Tomorrow and every day after will be the best times to talk about Damar Hamlin and toxic vaccines.

Not a second will pass that isn't a fucking perfect opportunity to wake up millions of people displaying signs of cognitive dissonance and other psycho-social short-circuiting.

Those who don't want other people talking about what everyone is thinking want to police debate and manage narratives because they're scared shitless.

They are like the teachers in the back of the dark library going through one box of kleenex after another after the space shuttle blew up with a school teacher on board.

They don't want us to believe our lying eyes because that's what adults do when they think they're protecting children from lessons they themselves don't have the capacity to cognitively weather or logically grasp.

It would force them to reckon with three things they're too emotionally fragile to deal with that are eating them up inside.

  1. The fact they pushed for others they love to be injected with toxic and deadly shit.

  2. The fact they shamed those who dared ask questions or refused the toxic shit.

  3. The fact that they still have the same toxic shit floating around their system which caused Damar Hamlin to ruin their sportsball night.

Facing one's own mortality based on medical crimes against humanity would really blow a lot of minds that aren't ready to be unprogrammed.

There are other factors at play.

Humility takes grace and poise.

Accountability for one's mistakes requires courage.

All of these virtuous human traits and many more are in very short supply.

They will find other ways of coping by dancing around the truth.

Get ready for the new 'current thing' mind virus.

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