The Good Citizen

The Good Citizen
28 Sep 2022 | 2:46 pm

Sabotage Clue

To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.

— Henry Kissinger

Watching the hysteria the past twenty-four hours and reading the speculation around yesterday's NS1 and NS2 pipeline sabotage has been plenty entertaining. If state-sponsored ecological and economic terrorism can be considered entertainment now. Such are the times we're living in.

The magnitude of what happened yesterday will be lost on those whose brains are so bludgeoned, they don't know Bering straight from the Baltic sea from Morton's sea salt. They'll briefly glance at the headlines while flicking their thumbs across their $1500 "smartphones" they're paying through 48 monthly installments and see Putin's name in the headlines and nod approvingly.

Duh! Of course, Putin did it. The guy's like, totally evil and stuff.

Twenty years of European energy planning, investment, and security for a prosperous future is gone because the Great Reset's sustainable revolution won't reset itself and the U.S. dollar is under assault from a rising BRICS.

Fading empires are dangerous.

The entire chessboard of western geopolitical maneuvering was just annihilated in one night with three explosions.

$2 Trillion in energy and economic sabotage done by "allies".

With friends like these.

For anyone who thinks Russia did this, let's quickly detonate that option in one word:


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The Good Citizen
27 Sep 2022 | 5:34 pm

Bleating Flubstack

Ciao Good Citizens!

Oh no, not another post about how Substack can't get anything right!

First off, thanks to all of you who answered the bleat and left your email info in the comment section of last friday's post. That unscientific polling has helped clear up a lot and it was nice to see some first-timers come out and play.

If you're reading this and wondering why you haven't received any emails from me in the past month or more, or only get occasional emails, you're probably on Protonmail, GMX, Hotmail, or using Outlook. Emails are either not arriving at all, or being dumped in your spam folder. But not every time.


  • If they're not arriving at all, there's not much that can be done. Protonmail says it's not their end. Substack doesn't respond to emails. Nobody who works at Substack will admit they subscribe to this Subtack (too dangerous in SFO!) so we won't get any explanations in the comments, but it's probably dodgy email server issues on their end related to those email providers.

  • Wham bam thank you SPAM! Go into your spam folder and right-click and select "not spam" or "move to inbox", AND THEN simply reply to the email to establish communication with me so you train your email client to not be a putz. Just write "Bleat!" in the email and I'll know.

After reading Meryl Nass' post about data issues (total views) with Substack I started paying closer attention to their data reporting on recent posts and found a lot of issues.

For example, they show I have received 12 NEW PAID Subscribers on recent posts!

Yippee! Right?

Except, no money has appeared in my Stripe account, and that account, which is a separate company (payment processor) shows only 1 new paid subscriber from six days ago. Thanks, Jim!

Join Jim!

It gets worse.

It shows +9 from yesterday's Italexit post alone. Pretty good, right?

Except when I look at total paid subs on my Substack it shows I've actually LOST 5 Paid Subscribers during that same time. WTF!

There's math and then there's Pfizer math.

No email alerts of new paid subscribers.

No email alerts from Stripe about payments means Substack just isn't being honest about their numbers.

What else are they flubbing?

It's getting personal around here now.

That's my herd, my flock, and my trough they're messing with.

This will be the last you hear me bleat on about Flubstack, but if things don't change around here before Halloween, this sheep may just turn into a Ghost.

Thanks again for all of your support!!

On the other fronts, are the winds of change finally upon us?

After the Sweden election, the Italian election, and now the sabotaged Nordstream pipeline showing the people of Europe that the usual agents of global chaos don't want them to have affordable energy this winter, something feels, different.

Their same-day solution?

Send another $12 Billion of your tax dollars to the cocaine midget in Keeeeev!

The war can only end when every German is a popsicle.

No retreat.

No surrender.

Bleating bleat bleat bleat!

— The Good Citizen

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Live shot of Zelensky with American Taxpayer money.

The Good Citizen
26 Sep 2022 | 1:33 pm

Italexit Prontissimo

Every single human being, each one of us has a unique genetic code that is unrepeatable. And that is sacred. We will defend it. We will defend God, country, and family.

— Giorgia Meloni

(Newly elected Prime Minister of Italy)

If you should know anything about Italy, know this: never get in the way of Italian pensioners and a 1989 Hitachi Television showing "Calcio".

That's Italian for football, which is British for "Soccer" which used to be Americano for "Queer", but not anymore. The beautiful game is finally getting some love stateside with packed stadiums for its noble attempt at Football called MLS, which sounds like some kind of motor neuron disease. Half the players in the league are certainly suffering from something, the way they play.


Hear that?

That's the sound of 150 die-hard MLS sportsball fans unsubscribing from this substack. Relax my dudes, I'm just bustin' your sports balls. I get it. I have friends who…all they live for are Portland Timbers' games. Actually, this could explain why Oregon ranks #1 out of fifty states for Euthanasia, but seriously, I get it. Don't retreat.

On Hitachi, apparently, they make vibrators now, but back in the day when they made televisions, I walked in front of one showing a match between Cagliari and Lazio at a cliffside bar in the sleepy Sardinian town of Castelsardo. The pensioners erupted in fury and made all kinds of hand motions in the air. I thought there was a goal but I quickly realized I was the target of their ire at the moment just before a penalty kick was to be taken.

They love their Calcio in Italy. They exist for it.

Three years later I was in Rome waiting at a bus stop with ten other people that grew to fifty within an hour. No buses ever came that day because no bus drivers showed up for work because Italy was knocked out of the World Cup group stage the previous evening and the entire country was in mourning. At least the men were in mourning. They retreated from work and surrendered for the day.

There was a saying about Italian men my father told me that he claimed goes back to the last world war, and the hundreds of thousands of Italian soldiers who kept retreating and then surrendering alongside frustrated German soldiers.

Meglio essere un frocio per un giorno che morto per tutta la vita.
Better to be queer for a day than dead for a lifetime. It sounds funnier in Italian. Meglio essere un frocio per un giorno che morto per tutta la vita.

There's a reason machismo stuck with western popular vernacular as a substitute for masculinity instead of maschilismo.

While the Azzurri won the Euros last summer after back-to-back penalty shootouts with Spain and England, they didn't even qualify for the World Cup this winter. It feels incredibly awkward to write "this winter", but Qatar bribed their way to hosting this year's World Cup, which must happen in winter to avoid mass SADS casualties in the blazing heat.

But for Italy, in an election year, maybe their failure to qualify was a good thing. Maybe it gave the people a chance to focus on serious matters besides sports ball.

After last night's glorious election results in Italy, the nation now finds itself in another penalty shootout, this time with the eco-communists of Globopsycho at EUSR HQ.

The S-R stands for socialist republics because that's the only political ideology that's allowed to prevail in European national elections now. They range from communist parties to socialist parties to green parties to green-lite parties to social democrats and Christian democrats which are all now just variations of sustainable-green-lite parties in service of the WEF Global Technocracy agenda to enslave humanity.

This is European "democracy" today, what they love to call the "European Project" where all acceptable parties could fit inside one Russian doll. The glaring hypocrisies are lost on the new head of the union who supports and advocates for Nazis in Ukraine, the furthest possible "right-wing" nation on the continent while openly threatening Italians if they dare vote for a moderate right coalition just two days before their national elections.

Little miss führer Ursula von der leyen knows that autocratic corrupt Ukraine will never qualify for EU ascension protocols, but she pays lip service to the cocaine midget anyway as part of the planned controlled economic and energy destruction of the continent. The war must go on to further increase the pain and suffering of Europeans.

Domestically any party or coalition of parties to the ideological right of students with Greta Thunberg posters on their dorm walls who show up for Extinction Rebellion gluing operations are verboten.

But the European people have had enough of being told who to vote for. The globalist parties of the WEF bordello are being completely sandbagged this year in national elections. France's outcome was unfortunate with their faulty two-tiered voting system, but the French people told the historic parties of globalism — the socialists and republicans to go piss up a rope. Sweden's WEF harlots didn't fare much better. Hungarians told Globospycho to shove it for a third election in a row. Yesterday's results in Italy were an affirmation of the populist winds of change finally arriving on the Western half of the continent.

The outcome has emboldened Viktor Orbán of Hungary who just this morning called for an end to ALL Russian sanctions before the end of this year.


The EU is on the fritz, politically and economically. And its collapse and a return to national sovereignty couldn't come soon enough.

In case you missed little miss führer threatening Italy, this quote comes just three months after she said that the Union needs to skip voting protocols to accelerate its "agenda", which would of course be the agenda of Herr Schwab.

"We'll see. If things go in a difficult direction, I spoke about Poland and Hungary, we have tools. If things go in the right direction…"

— Little miss führer (on Italian polls favoring the populist right)

Little miss führer Translation: "You vil vote how we say, or we have vays of making you vote how we say."

European "democracy" sure is a funny thing.

If you're new to the EU "project" this is just par for the course. The entire constitution was forced in after being rejected by The Netherlands and France. The EUSR has always been about voting over and over until the outcome is "correct".

Bravo to the Italian people who at the ballot box yesterday proved me wrong about rigged elections1 being the new norm across the west, while emphatically telling Little miss führer to take her tools and shove them where she shoves her Hitachi.

If ever you needed more evidence that the Oligarch-funded corporate media hate the people of all western nations, look no further than the sweeping headlines comparing newly elected Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to Mussolini.

They will huff and puff about "fascism" as they do and the people will laugh at those now-meaningless words uttered from a coordinated global press that serves only the corporate state, the one that ironically looks a lot like Mussolini's brand of Fascism.

They will whine and winge and be sore that the undemocratic placement of Globalist fellator Mario Draghi didn't last long.

They will call Meloni a bigot, and xenophobe when she and Matteo Salvini close Italian ports to the George Soros' funded African rubber dinghy expressway that seeks to accelerate the demographic cultural collapse of the continent via the Kalergi plan.

Twitter avatar for @aginntAaron Ginn @aginnt The new Prime Minister of Italy. Wow.

September 26th 2022

2,567 Retweets8,611 Likes

But when more countries follow in Hungary, Sweden, and Italy's wake and shift away from Globopsycho's handmaidens, and when the people of Europe finally wake up to the fact that all of these globalist fellators want them injected with deadly toxins or freezing to death in winter or broke from inflation and energy bills, between Giorgia Meloni and Little miss führer, I don't think it will be Meloni who meets the same fate as Mussolini.

And that Good Citizens would be Bellissima.

Grazie Italia!

No retreat.

No surrender.

We'll govern for everyone, we won't betray trust put in us -Meloni -  English - ANSA.it

Well, we made a promise we swore we'd always remember
No retreat, baby, no surrender
Like soldiers in the winter's night
With a vow to defend
No retreat, baby, no surrender

Grazie Good Citizens.

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Yes, you need a voting card… and an identity card to vote by paper ballot, unlike in America. It's practically impossible to rig the vote in Italy.

The Good Citizen
23 Sep 2022 | 6:58 pm

M'kay Ultra MAGA

Trying to predict the future has always been a goal of those seeking wealth and riches or to build confidence in others willing to part with their money to hear some dynamite prophecies.

The names real or fictional are familiar to all by now: Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga, Larry Silverstein, Alex Jones, Bill Gates, Larry Fink, Biff Tanen.

Larry Silverstein bought a mega insurance policy on the World Trade Center towers just a few months before their controlled demolition. As the new owner of the trade center complex, he spent every morning eating breakfast atop the North Tower at Windows on The World, but on that morning he had a "medical appointment".

Roll Safe Think About It Meme |  WHEN NORAD BE TRAININ'; DOC BE CALLIN' ME | image tagged in memes,roll safe think about it | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

His insurance policy paid off $4.7 Billion six years later.

Three months before Silverstein's "medical appointment" Alex Jones said those towers would be attacked, and the government would be involved and immediately blame Osama Bin Laden. Establishment mid-wits who thought it was a brilliant idea to scorch and raze half of the middle east in the aftermath of those events, and who are presently pushing for nuclear armageddon through their puppet Nazi-loving cocaine comic in Ukraine spent the next two decades calling Alex Jones a crazed conspiracy theorist.

Retro Biff Tanen was given a sports Almanac from his elder self, and the Hill Valley future took a dark dystopian turn, but thanks to a Delorean time machine that story has a happy ending.

Larry Fink of Blackrock fame built a computer that uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to analyze historical events to recognize patterns that might resemble future changes in the marketplace. Now he oversees $10 trillion in assets and has become the Federal Reserve's personal high finance pimp who pumps equities markets for their plunge protection team with taxpayer money.

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and built a computer software monopoly from stolen schematics that sells a product designed to surveil its users while being completely incapable of warding off viruses. He then used his wealth to buy the global health industry, global media companies, and western governments, to create a vaccine cartel that forces products designed to permanently biologically alter human subjects (if not kill them) while also being completely incapable of warding off viruses.

In 2010, his foundation predicted a decade of "pandemics and vaccines". While on one of his "talk-to-the-experts" TV appearances last year he smirked at the camera and said, "I'd say prepare for the next one. That WILL get attention this time."

Bill Gates still walks the earth a free man who hasn't been tried and hanged.

With the same psychos scheming new plans for humanity there's an ominous feeling that things can only get worse.

Enter Paedo Hitler stage left, no right, no, he's gone backstage, he's shaking hands with the air again, turns right, left, ah hell, enter Paedo Hitler to make sure things get much, much worse.

Holy hellfire, that speech!

Apparently, subtlety is not a specialty for dastardly Team Obama Version 3.2.

The psychological priming. The projection. The attempt to engineer a domestic threat from Ultra MAGA. Has anything appeared so obviously orchestrated since, well, January 6th, and the rigged election before that?

The pathetic desperation of this M'kay Ultra MAGA circus hovers over these Fed operations and unpresidential speeches like a shirtless teenage boy doing pushups next to cheerleader tryouts.

Run Paedo Hitler Teleprompter Translator: Before the election, Ultra MAGA will commit some atrocity, some domestic terrorist attack that will confirm what we've been trying to sell you stubborn bastards for the past two years, that MAGA republicans are fascist evil and a threat to democracy, our way of life, uhh, decent society, uhhhh, unity blah blah unity, you got that jack? Now excuse me while I go sniff some toddlers.

M'kay. Ultra.

If the roles were reversed and a drunk Ultra MAGA Trump supporter drove over a transitioning teenager in a rainbow shirt walking home from a gender reveal party in the suburbs of Nantucket AND said it was because of zir's political views, the media would be drooling the official narrative 24-7 while calling for immediate national encampments for anyone with a red hat. The MAGA perp would already be inventing new yoga positions from a concrete floor in Gitmo with Megadeth music going to eleven.

One standard of law and disorder for the regime. One for everyone else.

For those keeping score at home that's one dead teenage Republican in the aftermath of Paedo Hitler's speech, and one murdered-by-capitol-police woman veteran in Ashley Babbitt at the supposed January 6th Reichstag fire.

Deep State M'kay Ultra: 2 killed
Ultra MAGA: 0

Yet still, the official narrative has a pretty good standing with the slow public. Surely after all their huffing and puffing, they'd prefer this was the vast majority of Americans. Official narratives just don't sell as they used to, thanks to sources of alternative information like substack.

M'kay Ultra Good Citizens

What does the government historically do when they need a good push?

The regime's Gestapo Forces of the Federal Bureau of Instigation must have something in the works.

A coordinated mass shooting of Vegan restaurants?

A fertilizer truck bomb at a trans clinic?

Some anthrax envelopes mailed to DNC headquarters?

Speaking of, has anyone found the January 6th pipe bomber yet?

Perhaps if they ran their facial recognition software at the cafeteria of the J. Edgar Hoover building in the District of Corruption they might finally have a suspect.

It's all so exhausting watching the real-time morphing of a corporate state into its final iteration of a total fascist corporate state with secret police roundups of political adversaries. Humanity is still trying to recover from lockdowns, performative pandemic theatre, neurotic social rituals, and Vaxocaust fatigue, and now we have an American 4th Reich that doesn't even bother to hide anymore.

They say the future is whatever we make it.

Does anyone who really knows what's going on still believe that?

Lately, the future has that enduring feeling that the past two years were just a temporary pit stop for humanity where there was no pit crew, only masked Zomboids holding syringes, stuffing their pockets with cash while parroting the insane and highly unscientific demands of their benefactors.

It gets the shot if it wants its liberty back again!

Those of us who saw it coming are back on the road again puttering to our next set of Globopsycho chosen GeoPoliSocio coordinates. Energy grid destruction, food supply collapse, hyperinflation, nuclear armageddon threats, ultra MAGA false flags, but one glance in the rearview mirror reveals an ugly intentional medical carnage that will leave future historians aghast if not revolting in horror.

One fortune teller predicts that within 3-5 years all those who got the mRNA clot shots will die. That's not "die" as in diversity, inclusion, and equity, but D-E-A-D as in Deagle depopulation statistics certified dead.

She's no mystic, but a Ph.D. immunologist at University College Dublin with 6500 citations and a background in molecular genetics who says this was one massive dangerous genetic experiment on humanity.

If you paid me ten million I wouldn't take it. I would go to prison first. If someone vaccinated me [with an RNA vaccine], I would charge them with attempted murder.

— Dr. Dolores Cahill

Is that why China didn't inject its people with this crap?

In times of desperation and uncertainty, the soothsayers are everywhere trying to cash in on the opportunities to "see the future".

Let's hope for the sake of loved ones and acquaintances who didn't listen to the warnings to avoid the shots, that Dolores Cahill is wrong about the near future.

There will always be those in the confidence-building business with their curated attention networks who make their short-term predictions and expert theories just ambiguous enough to leave a nice cushion for reinterpretation and revisionism.

Voila! What did I tell you?!

Civilizations have always had their share of fortune tellers, tarot card time travelers, and mystics. Real or fictional.

Great Scott!

The spoon does not bend itself, yet you do not try and bend the spoon.

You don't try to bring down the twin towers. That's impossible. The towers come down by themselves.

The billions of syringes do not inject deadly nanoparticles into the bloodstream themselves.

People must first be bought off.

The truth does not get buried by the media by itself.

People must first be bought off.

With some rudimentary historical analysis, the future isn't really that difficult to predict anymore. Official teleprompter readers have telegraphed every major false flag event of our lifetimes.

Did Paedo Hitler just telegraph an Ultra MAGA false flag event to solidify their laughable narrative with the majority of the public so they can then use it as justification for a political purge and declaration of police state emergency powers?

That kind of "conspiracy thinking" can be dangerous, says Academic Expert A. who was pushed into the limelight by Scientific Expert B. who just last year realized his government has been lying to him his entire life.

Historical pattern recognition through reading public and declassified documents is for dummies. Just get in the passenger seat and shut up, there are some new GeoPoliSocio coordinates to hit.

Destination: nuclear annihilation or election fixing through ballot drops and false flags, whichever comes first.

If only there was a Delorean with a Flux Capacitor to move us to a different timeline.

Doc Brown is still hanging from the clock tower struggling with those cables.

Lightning hasn't struck yet.

But when operation M'kay Ultra MAGA hits 88 miles per hour, we're gonna see some serious shit.

Someone drove their DeLorean at 88mph... and police caught him

The program for this evening is not new
You've seen this entertainment through and through
You've seen your birth your life and death
you might recall all of the rest
Did you have a good world when you died?
Enough to base a movie on?

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The Good Citizen
23 Sep 2022 | 6:56 pm

The Matrix Has Substack

Note to Readers: Some of you may never even see this post, and I have no idea who or why, but thems the substack breaks lately.

I tried to publish this post hours ago…

The Good Citizen M'kay Ultra MAGA Trying to predict the future has always been a goal of those seeking wealth and riches or to build confidence in others willing to part with their money to hear some dynamite prophecies. The names real or fictional are familiar to all by now: Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga, Larry Silverstein, Alex Jones, Bill Gates, Larry Fink, Biff Tanen… Read more2 hours ago · 25 likes · 4 comments · Good Citizen

but I took it down because Substack's email servers never sent it out. I have three different test emails (all proton) and none of them received anything in their inbox. The metrics also show that possibly thousands of others didn't get it either.

Please comment at the bottom of this new piece if you got the original in your inbox and what email service you use. These issues have been going on for two months now and I'd like to figure out who, what, why.

The Good Citizen M'kay Ultra MAGA Trying to predict the future has always been a goal of those seeking wealth and riches or to build confidence in others willing to part with their money to hear some dynamite prophecies. The names real or fictional are familiar to all by now: Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga, Larry Silverstein, Alex Jones, Bill Gates, Larry Fink, Biff Tanen… Read more2 hours ago · 26 likes · 4 comments · Good Citizen

If these problems are specific to an email provider or if Substack just can't keep its head above water lately, who knows what's going on? I'm seriously looking at switching services now, as in right now, as these tech issues are getting exhausting for the large 10% fees they take.

What's strange is Anne Coulter's substack newsletter worked. Her post on illegal immigrants (Shock!) hit one of my protonmail inboxes. Harrison Koehli's Political Ponerology post did not work, so it's not just my newsletter having issues. Lioness of Judah Ministry just hit my inbox, so that's 2 working, 2 failing.

For a long time, I would be wondering why some writers went quiet over the past months, and then I'd go to their substack pages and see posts that never hit my inbox, so it's not happening every time to everyone but it's happening.

To quote one of the greatest 80s films: Weirdorama.

Are any other writers having issues?

Don't count on any "tech support" from the Substack nerds. They're useless.

Maybe there's a special way to send emails that does not involve clicking the "publish" button.

The spoon does not bend itself.

One does not send the email. That is impossible. There is no email.

Bleating bleat bleat bleat! Substack Mot^&#@%&!@!$~!!!!!!!

— The Good Citizen


Comments closed here, please hit the new post.

The Good Citizen
21 Sep 2022 | 7:28 pm

The Great Financial Reset

Global technocrats have identified the pressure points of humanity that have historically made populations susceptible to total control and they have accelerated their agenda by pressing down hard on all points. By connecting these pressure points to individual liberties, they are preparing a world where human behavior is controlled, and those liberties are reduced to temporary privileges tied to obedience and submission. Onboarding society into a world of mass digital surveillance with everything including humans connected to a networked "grid" makes their agenda incredibly easy to accomplish.

  • Medicine — fake viruses (or intentionally released real ones - I don't care anymore, that's all just a distraction) with deadly cures patented, prepared, and waiting. Suppress real treatments and vilify doctors and scientists who speak out and expose these crimes. Vaccination status is tied to liberty.

  • Energy — destroy grids, and supply chains, create inflation, and induce poverty. Tie intentional policy decisions that destroy cheap and effective energy solutions to laughable collective social aims like "democracy in Ukraine". Connect "smart homes" with "smart meters" to energy grids so temperatures can be controlled remotely. Carbon Consumption is tied to liberty.

  • Food — make farming prohibitively expensive for all but big agricultural producers; destroy the land, air, and water through geoengineering which can be blamed on "climate change". Outlaw farming practices that will force the closure of thousands of small farms (the Netherlands + wider EU) under the guise of "saving the planet" from "harmful gasses". Eating meat is demonized. Eating habits are tied to liberty.

  • Transportation — make flying and global travel prohibitively expensive while forcing people into Electric Vehicles that are actually worse for the environment, can be managed by the state and are tied to the controlled energy grid (See the EU's and California's 2035 agenda to completely outlaw gas vehicles). Transportation frequency and distance are tied to liberty.

  • Money — Central Bank Digital Currencies are already at various stages of development and deployment. Most in development are top-down centrally controlled and programmable meaning they can have expiration dates if not spent to force consumers to spend, and they can be shut down for those who don't obey. Labor is eliminated. Jobs made redundant. Industries are destroyed. Millions become wards of a state that controls the money. Spending habits and liberty are controlled by the state.

Fifty-four years ago the precursor group to Schwab's WEF was formed. The year after the WEF was founded, they released their highly flawed analysis of global overpopulation and limited available resources to their projections of growth. The now-infamous book The Limits to Growth, despite being disproven and completely flawed, is still celebrated by the Malthusian group the Club of Rome as some kind of gospel that should determine all government and private sector decision-making.

All of the above bullet points are what the Club of Rome and World Economic Forum have in mind for a total overhaul under their coded terms like "sustainable future". Terms like equity, solidarity, community, interconnected, and sustainable appear across all of these global technocrat front groups that are pushing Agenda 2030 initiatives that stress the earth is in peril, and humans are responsible and must make collective sacrifices.

All of their solutions, when properly decoded, portend nothing more than a return to a two-tiered society of neo-feudalism, that is to coincide with their depopulation agenda already underway. None of their collective rules for solidarity and sacrifices will apply to them.

From the Club of Rome's website, they don't even try to hide it:

Global equity for a healthy planet?

Translation: Global eco-communism with a small group of technocrats at the top with total control over humanity.

The U.S. dollar is still the global reserve currency, although, after sanctions on Russia and a lot of big moves by the BRICS alliance, its power and influence are quickly waning. The United States is a heavily indebted failing empire. Financially it's in dire straights. Debt-to-GDP ratio is up 30% in three years to an unsustainable 133%. For historical reference, I'm a middle-aged man and it has increased by 300% in my lifetime. That debt needs to be constantly serviced. This year alone the U.S. will spend $400 Billion on interest payments on debt which is 35% more than the entire annual federal budget when I was born.

Other economic indicators are just as ominous. Two-thirds of Americans don't have enough savings to change a flat tire and we are headed directly toward a long recession if not another great depression.

Household savings are at the lowest since the great recession, which was a historical low point, while credit card debt is at an all-time high.

The basic phases or cycles of empires are now well known to those who have been paying close attention to the quick rise and careless actions of the American empire:

  1. Expansion (1920-1980)

  2. Stabilization (1980-2005)

  3. Decay (2005-2022)

  4. Collapse (??)

From Phase 3, The Decay, of the Imperial Cycle:

The ruler of this era can be Caligula, a Royal Brat, or a possible well-meaning but inept ruler, Unfit for Greatness, who will only make things worse with their reforms; helping (or hindering) him are a cabal of obstructive and corrupt bureaucrats and the whole Decadent Court, some of whom are on the payroll of a Corrupt oligarch or two. Such an empire can already be called vestigial; it may not yet suffer loss of territories, but its influence is waning. The fate of Empire that enters this phase is to fall; the point of no return is already past, and no matter how gilded the empire's facade, its structure is rotting, and the only way to stop it is a top-down revolution, that is, to tear everything down and rebuild from scratch.

To tear everything down and rebuild from scratch.

A New World Order through a Great Reset?

Historically empires are always crushed by the weight of their own blind ambitions and arrogant recklessness. But what if those in power are using that historical fact to stop the transition to the final phase of unpredictable revolution and social discord?

Ray Dalio's cycles.

The following is based on unconfirmed whistleblower leaks through a source who calls himself Bill Sweet of Occulum Labs in Vietnam. I'm not an investigative reporter, nor do I have an interest in becoming one, so I have not investigated the validity of Bill Sweet, or his source "Gideon", or his claims, only that they do line up with what Globopsycho has told us is coming and what China has already rolled out. One week ago the Biden administration's previously requested report on CBDCs confirmed that we might be only a year or two away from government-controlled money. Substitute "economic calamity" for "a year or two", and it could come much sooner.

If you've been following even a minute of the pomp and pageantry of the Queen's empty coffin movements — clearly a media programming operation to improve the image and approval rating of the new buffoonish WEF-funding King in the eyes of his subjects — you'll have seen everywhere the word Sovereign.

There is a group of individuals, Great Reset resisters, who go by the name We Are Sovereign. Through a supposed series of whistleblower leaks by someone with the monicker "Gideon", Globopsycho is already developing a new financial system.

It's a new caste system called CSRQ, which stands for the four groups. Each individual will be assigned a group based on their social and financial status. The vast majority of the western world will be (C) Commons. The top 1% of society will be Sovereigns (S), and this includes politicians, media stooges, and celebrities. The "R" stands for Restricted and the "Q" for Quarantined, both of which will apply to those who do not obey the rules of the Sovereigns.

Apparent screenshots of public figures with "Sovereign Accounts" already waiting.

According to Gideon, this new financial system will be implemented after a massive economic calamity that sets the stage for people who desperately welcome any relief. Savings and retirement assets will be wiped out overnight. After a month or two or more of panic and chaos, they will introduce their new CSRQ system, with the sales help of their obedient media and corporate partners of course.

Desperate, hungry, and scared, people will welcome the new system. Gideon claims at first 20% will revolt, but they'll fall in line within a month or two. The system provides for 1000 USDR (the new currency) which could stand for Universal Strategic Drawing Rights (?) or United States Dollar Reserve (?) deposited as a UBI into common accounts — the 99% of society who will live like serfs. Tied to this UBI is a social credit score, similar to the one already deployed in China. Behavior and submission will be tied to the digital currency that can be deducted, deleted, or erased by central authorities.

Again, I have not confirmed any of this, it's all just a website and series of interviews with screenshots for evidence that anyone with rudimentary photoshop skills could produce. It could all be a load of horseshit, but interesting horseshit nonetheless.

While this "leaked evidence" aligns with what China has already deployed and what many governments around the world are currently exploring with programmable CBDCs, it has its many flaws, including the claim that only Sovereigns will be able to own property or assets. Apparently, only Sovereigns will be trading stocks and crypto, against computers maybe? Will all property be owned by Sovereigns or the state? Will previous land owners be wiped out and the state take over their land? Blackrock and Vanguard?

For a group of "white hats" exposing the global cabal, they can't even maintain a proper website, so it's difficult to take them seriously. They claim the 'cabal' has taken down Bill Sweet's site Oculum Labs, and yet YouTube hasn't taken down their videos? They also don't allow comments on their videos, which is always a sign of something. Their home is now on a Wixsite, which a small child could create. The logical gaps in Gideon's claims are numerous, but the idea of a two-tiered feudal system isn't far off from where western society has been moving for decades.

Global technocracy is already here and efficiently managing humanity toward its depopulation and transhumanist agenda. To not see that is to be willfully naive.

Corporate State fascism is already here. The past two years have shown us that there is no democracy, there is no "power of the people", and no consent of the governed. All governments are already captured and controlled and making policies on behalf of this Global technocratic order. The structure of this order and its future aims are not entirely knowable, but they are hiding in plain sight in groups like The Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, and the now infamous World Economic Forum.

Is it really beyond reason to assert that one single economic calamity that leads to great suffering couldn't create the reaction-solution scenario they need to implement what Gideon suggests is already under development?

Watch his interview below and decide for yourselves or view the PDF google drive document.

Is a scenario where fiat currencies are intentionally destroyed to usher in their next "solution" unthinkable? The Federal Reserve and Congress didn't accidentally print $10 Trillion in a single year with bipartisan support under the pretense of supporting an economy that was being assaulted by intentionally destructive policy decisions to lock down the world.

M1 Money Supply

Central banks have already destroyed equities markets. In the wake of the housing bubble collapse, money printing and "backstopping" with cheap credit through low-interest rates made speculative finance a print-or-crash-based industry addicted to "accommodation". The current decline in markets is an intentional and managed decline.


Cryptocurrencies have now been hijacked by the predators of high finance that the entire space was designed to leave behind. There is a near direct correlation between the movements of U.S. tech equities (NDX) and Bitcoin which has all cryptos, including hundreds of shitcoins (thousands that don't even trade) tethered to its volatile movements.

Central bank money printing and cheap credit access have destroyed the ability of every asset class to move in accordance with the economic principles of free markets and supply and demand. The housing market is about to undergo a swift correction to the downside due to rising mortgage rates, and the coming unemployment increase. In short, central banks have destroyed free market capitalism. And they, as well as western governments controlled by global technocrats and oligarchs, might be in the process of destroying currencies as well.

In February of this year, Michael Burry sent out a series of tweets warning about inflation. Burry is known for his predictions about the collapse of the Mortgage Backed Securities market two years before the house of cards came down in 2008. You'll know him well if you've read the book The Big Short or seen the film version of the same title. He saw it all before anyone else did by simply reading the terms of the shitty loans that were bundled into those misrated securities.

In the case of hyperinflation, we can all see it coming. Yet very few are preparing.

Inflation is simply theft over time. It's a poor tax that nobody talks about. The latest CPI print shows US inflation at 8.3%, the highest since 1982. However, as Peter Schiff points out the federal reserve doesn't use the same CPI calculation as it did in 1982. They've essentially rigged it to hide inflation and justify printing endless money to transfer wealth to the top 1%. Using the 1982 calculation, inflation today is at 18% according to Schiff.

That figure shouldn't surprise anyone given that the federal reserve and treasury have printed anywhere from $5-7 trillion in the past 30 months on top of Congress' recent three-year drunken spending spree that started with the destructive and deadly CARES ACT in March 2020.

The plebs got locked down and $1400 stimmy checks for their ignorance and compliance, the stock market skyrocketed 133% over the next 18 months with endless Fed QE cocaine, and the net worth of the richest 1% doubled or tripled while millions of small businesses shuttered for good. Those businesses that did survive couldn't find workers, because states incentivized them NOT to work and were paid better wages to stay home, order door dash, smoke weed, watch porn and play video games. In essence, the government paid them to be what Klaus Schwab's sauna boy Yuval Harari calls "useless eaters".

The first American UBI (universal basic income) program excluding welfare and unemployment was funded under the CARES ACT. The entire lockdown was used to destroy the economy — but only the "lesser classes" like business owners — while the government pretended to bail them out with forgivable loans.

All of it was done to accelerate the destruction of a currency that will soon no longer be able to support a national debt that will need to be written off. What better way to do this than control the "chaos", engineer the "calamity", and have the solution already waiting?

Does this all sound familiar? (whispers in his head: "release a virus, scare the shit out of humanity, lockdown, force vaccine")

In order to get from where we are today to a two-tier feudal system of Sovereigns and Commons (assuming that's even in the cards) a series of shocking events will need to unfold. A Global Currency Reset (excluding BRICS) cannot happen gradually. It would be such a surprise to the people who would be wondering why these technocrats are doing what they're doing without the consent of the governed. Never underestimate the power of a well-engineered crisis.

If on the other hand, the U.S. dollar were to hit a level of hyperinflation that essentially rendered it worthless, where people were filling their Ford F-150 truck beds with dollars to go buy bread for their families, it would be the perfect situation to impose a currency reset using a completely fabricated system, of fake digital money, untraceable, unaccountable, with no real-world value and only enforced by the power of the state.

Is this really unfathomable?

The U.S. dollar has already been fake digital money for decades, untraceable, unaccountable with no real-world value other than the power of the state, and the agreement of the international community that it will continue to be the global reserve currency. In a Multipolar world, where increasing numbers of nations are turning to China and Russia for a completely separate financial system, the dollar's days are numbered.

The geopolitical and economic circumstances are vastly different from Weimar Germany a century ago, but economics is economics and excessive ludicrous money printing always has devastating consequences.

The following excerpts are from Jens Parssons's book Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations.

Germany was coming off a brutal defeat in World War I, with an equally brutal and vengeful set of economic reparations from the Treaty of Versailles, in addition to a naval blockade by the British that led to starvation and suffering.

The German Reichsmark began to lose value during the war, and its future depended on Germany winning the war. The currency became worthless in November of 1923, at 4.5 trillion to every gold-backed U.S. dollar, and a new system of currency was introduced (Rentensmarks) to stabilize the hyperinflation, but the socio-economic damage was done.

Parssons observes, "The first 90 percent of the Reichsmark's real value had already been lost before the middle of 1922."

More from Dying of Money:

Still less clearly remembered are the years before the mark blew, with their breakneck boom, spending, profits, speculation, riches, poverty, and all manner of excess. Throughout these years the structure was quietly building itself up for the blow.

Sound familiar?

Germany started by not paying adequately for its war out of the sacrifices of its people—taxes—but covered its deficits with war loans and issues of new paper Reichsmarks.

Sound familiar?

And so long as the government could spend money it did not have, faster than its value could fall, Germany had both its war and life as usual, which was the same as having the war free of charge.

Endless wars followed by the global financial meltdown accelerated Fed money printing to keep markets afloat while inflating an "everything bubble" has created similar conditions for the dying U.S. empire.

Every ACT of congress, every contrived war this century, every new bill, and new executive order has been in service of the corporate class, the oligarch class that works for global technocrats to loot the treasury and who will be given advanced notice of any changes so they can convert all their assets to the new system —whatever that will be.

The plandemic $10 trillion cherry on top may well have been the bomb to accelerate the final phase of hyperinflation. It's easy to view this reckless money printing and untenable deficits as run-of-the-mill bureaucratic incompetence, and that's exactly what those in government positions are paid to help the people view it as because they will be rewarded greatly for their incompetence once the switch is made to a new system.

People have already been alarmed at the rate of price increases over the past year, but the bomb hasn't even gone off yet. The fuse is still burning as they engineer the controlled demolition of western industries. As Igor Chudov recently pointed out through decoding the WEF agenda, they're using AI to pick winners and losers in various industries. All those losers will leave millions in the lurch, with nowhere to turn but the state. The accelerated rise of robotics and automation will leave millions more on the breadlines with their hands out. Add open borders across the U.S. and EU with unlimited third-world migration adding millions more hands held out for assistance, and the situation becomes catastrophic.

Desperation breeds exploitation. Political and financial.

Engineered mass desperation can onboard any prepared solution. Even toxic injections.

When the bomb does go off, it might be worse than it was for Germany in 1923. Times were different back then, and people were more insulated from global catastrophes. People used to grow their own food and shared with each other through trade. Communities supported each other and helped where help was needed. Today people, especially in urban and suburban areas have turned suspicious of their neighbors, disconnected from any communities, become bitterly divided over trifling political theatres meant to divide them, and most importantly do not grow their own food.

In a panic situation where the vast majority of the population is suffering, starving, and in need of anything to help them, a UBI under a neo-feudal system might be welcomed.

Hyperinflation happens gradually, then all at once.

Reichsmark values:

  1. November 1921: Gold Reichsmark = 20 Paper Reichsmarks

  2. November 1922: Gold Reichsmark = 1282 Paper Reichsmarks

  3. November 1923: Gold Reichsmark = 115,607,000,000,000 Paper Rms

Turkey and Argentina are on the precipice. Turkey is one to watch closely as they teeter between NATO and Russian alliances with threats against NATO member Greece. The nation sits right in the historical geopolitical center of Eurasian great game scheming.

Russia is recovering from a western-inflicted shock but the west is just beginning to feel the economic pain. Poland is not even on this list and inflation is higher than in the Netherlands. The same goes for the Czech Republic and Hungary and other countries that don't have the Euro.


Using the old calculation all of the anti-Russian western alliances are pushing higher than 20% consumer price inflation. What happens when the recession gets worse and companies start with mass layoffs? Winter hasn't even started across a 500 million population bloc where each country has gone Lord of The Flies to secure energy futures.

Will there be a single "problem" that triggers an economic collapse?

In a state of total chaos and lawlessness, where people are desperate and helpless, anything is possible.

Gideon's claims of 1000 USDR common monthly drips to keep the masses docile and compliant don't seem so crazy when viewed through a lens that decodes "sustainable future" to mean exactly what it really means: to create an entire western population of wards who own nothing and are told to be happy.

But a future sustainable for whom?

SamanthaBandler: Own Nothing and Be Happy
One of many WEF harlots across western governments.
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The Good Citizen
16 Sep 2022 | 4:16 pm

Silent War Front: Geoengineering

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

— Arthur Schopenhauer

Globopsycho's favorite term is "conspiracy theory" and there's a good reason it was created as a blanket term to cover psyops and events where they want the "official narrative" of those events to stay prevailing.

Think of the events of September 11, 2001. Twenty-one years later, the "official narrative", though in decline with more red-pilled younger generations, is still dominant despite endless evidence that pokes holes in its validity.

The same is true for almost every major war over the past century, or event where the government was directly involved, and more recently in global operations like "climate change" and "pandemics".

If censorship is the glue to shut people up directly, its precursor tool, the term "conspiracy theory" is their hammer to smash minds, and shame people into thinking twice about even speaking.

It serves core functional purposes:

  • Introduces fear, apprehension, and doubt

  • Elicits shame as an accusation, which chills speech and prevents conversations from even starting

  • Over time and in mobs, this prevents people from having the courage to speak openly about subjects where the "official narrative" is strongly reinforced by the group

  • The media and information gatekeepers use this term as an all-encompassing bludgeon of narrative enforcement

  • Paid "scientists" and "experts" use the term in academic circles to stifle free thought (I've personally been on the end of this with my own research on coordinated online censorship)

If you've been reading this Substack long enough you know there are no more conspiracy theories, only verifiable conspiracies.

The science community is betraying humanity and the entire web of life because they aren't admitting these operations have already been deployed and are destroying the biosphere.

— Dane Wigington

One of the lesser discussed among the many is weather modification or geoengineering.

The U.S. military began funding research into geoengineering just after World War II. As with most secret intelligence and military operations, once they start, they only grow larger and expand in budget and scope.

After decades of perception reinforcement through altered science and outright propaganda via the now-enhanced psyop known as "Climate Change", Geoengineering has been rebranded as "climate intervention". They are simply preparing minds for what they've already been doing for decades without humanity's consent — destroying the biosphere to create the problems for which their solutions are already in-waiting.

We have one earth. One complex interconnected natural self-correcting system that humans are a part of and rely on. The main crux of this psyop is to get us to believe we are the cancer of this planet and our existence is harming it. This has caused tremendous anxiety in younger generations whose parents also buy into this madness.

The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

— Steve Biko

Through their religion of scientism playing God for globopsycho means meddling with everything that supports and sustains life on this planet, including weather and climate. Catastrophizing both and blaming humanity allows them to get the masses to believe the phrase "I am the virus", which is the final stage in their shift toward population control and global technocracy.

It would be wise to heed the words of George Carlin and "Leave nature alone" but there is no wisdom nor empathy among those who seek to control humanity and the planet.

To find out how these geoengineering operations are destroying the air, the soil, forests, the food supply, and our bodies with toxic metals like aluminum nanoparticles…

Watch Dane Wigington's documentary: The Dimming


If any Good Citizens have other sources for material on the geoengineering front, please leave them in the comments.

Note to Subscribers

I'll be posting one more video and short essay early next week and otherwise be quiet for a period of time as I put the finishing touches on a three-part series, a timeline of the events that have shaped the rise of Global Technocracy from 1950-2050.

Part 1: How we got here 20th century — Phases 1 and 2
Part 2: How we got here 21st century — Phases 3, 4, and 5
Part 3: Where we're (likely) going (2022-2030) — Consolidating Phases 1-5 and Phases 7 and 8.

This is my attempt to hash out the details of this Silent War on humanity with the aim of consolidating the different fronts into one cohesive visual and timeline from which to begin the construction of a larger thesis that will eventually result in a book proposal.

I'm creating an infographic to go along with the 3-part timeline, that breaks down the structure, fronts, branches, and aims, of the Global Technocratic order and agenda so it can be shared by Good Citizens like you who aren't afraid of being called "conspiracy theorists".

Together we can help wake other Good Citizens with the aim of reaching a critical mass that will result in meaningful change.

Thanks for your patience and support.

The Good Citizen

How deep within society has the climate change mind virus already spread?

Watch Mark Dice collect signatures to support the arrest of Climate Change Deniers.

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The Good Citizen
14 Sep 2022 | 5:20 pm

Four Daggers at Dawn

Call sign Bleater.

At some point, just after the turn of the century all cultural consumption became dislodged and disconnected from cultural production. Technological innovation spurred tremendous transformations to produce art that was traditionally curated and managed by cultural gatekeepers.

  • Digital filmmaking allowed independent filmmakers to bypass the doors of Hollywood at all points: Scriptwriting, Digital Cameras, Non-linear editing software

  • Musicians could record, produce, and edit high-quality tracks on their computers and upload them to the Internet

  • Writers could self-publish books and sell them online, bypassing the insulated liberal snobs of NYC and London - the traditional publishing gatekeepers

While these technological transformations were great for access to new audiences for creators, they also had a lasting impact in disrupting the other side of the cultural equation, one that rarely gets mentioned.

Social unity through shared human experiences depends on synchronous cultural consumption. The rise of the Internet and digital technologies created an isolated asynchronous society that consumes and experiences cultural content at different times, rendering them disparate nodes picking at different interests with less enthusiasm and nobody to share it with.

This is not an appeal for a return to collective consumption of culture, the disruptive digital genie is already out of the bottle. However, if you've often wondered why the quality of music and film degraded after this technological transformation, consider how we valued cultural production over the centuries, versus how we've come to expect everything for free today.

Just two centuries ago master composers were given court appointments by Monarchs who commissioned great works with generous patronage. Just one century ago a productive writer could support a spouse and family working at their local newspaper. A prominent writer could sell one or two articles or short stories to Harpers or even a mediocre literary journal and live for a year or two off those sales to fiddle with a novel in a cheap city like Paris where the dollar stretched out nicely.

While we have more cultural production than ever thanks to those technological innovations, the quality and value have plummeted. The mediocre end of the spectrum has been pulled and extended toward the poor end which now stretches into the digital ether. Even the once-trusted cultural gatekeepers whose sole job was to filter out the mediocre, have completely dropped the ball by favoring politics over art.

Collectivism in political ideologies and social organization is antithetical to prosperity because it undermines innovation and stifles creativity, which can only flourish by maximizing individual liberty, especially the right to dissent.

When collectivism imposes its restrictive conformist orthodoxies on cultural production, the window of artistic creativity shrinks. When it reaches an apex, all art ceases to exist and is replaced by propaganda.

Artistic forms can be used as effective tools to communicate propaganda, but nothing new or innovative that transcends the boundaries of political conformity through creative exploration can be possible when the motives of the artist are in service of ideology and not artistic expression.

Be my wingman.

Nowhere is this more prevalent today than the artistic choices made for the new Race Marxism permeating all dominant nodes of cultural production.

The gaping ravine between cultural gatekeepers and cultural consumers could not be more unmistakable. Just glance at any film review audience score and see how it completely defies all the critics. When the critics rave over a film, the audience doesn't share the same enthusiasm. Cultural critics today are simply university-indoctrinated stenographers who celebrate the propaganda posing as art.

The rift is precisely due to the audience sniffing out propaganda that disrupts artistic expression. The audience's instinct to reject "woke" progressive ideology in literature, film, and music is accurate. They sense they are being lectured to, and great art never carries a political message over its form, it never reveals itself directly.

But propaganda does.

And this has killed the film industry.

Over the past decade, the cancerous tumor dividing and destroying western civilization (among many others), known as the cult of DIE — diversity, inclusion, and equity became the measuring stick of a film's viability.

Using the preferred tactics of cultural Marxists — shame and admonishment through mob behavior, including the cringeworthy Oscars So White campaign — Hollywood quickly took note and began to surrender to the mob.

The Oscars has been a laughable shit show for years, and the ratings overwhelmingly demonstrate that it is now on the fast track to complete and total cultural irrelevance.

In 2018, two years after the #OscarsSoWhite "controversy", a gelded Hollywood so thoroughly capitulated to this ideological cancer that the first 16 presenters at that year's awards ceremony were mostly black women. They ran out of actresses so they lassoed Oprah Winfrey from her grazing pasture in Montecito, and even called tennis player Serena Williams to help quell the emotionally fragile racist mob from online accusations of "white supremacy".

In the wake of the George Floyd hysteria, and Trump Derangement Syndrome, this cancer has infiltrated all areas of American life, while the unemployment line for white commercial TV actors extends across the continent. You cannot use the word "white" to describe this overt racism, without being bombarded by their red guard as being a "white supremacist". This is how they enforce their racist ideology, with racist accusations.

This cultural cancer has now been mandated by the Academy of Motion Pictures, the body that hosts the Oscars, signaling the end of art and the beginning of a new era of motion picture propaganda. In order for films to meet awards qualifications standards, they must embrace the cult of DIE, or not be considered at all.

Around the time of the initial #OscarsSoWhite insanity, I exchanged emails with a Cultural Studies Professor about this charade and how in the future only films that check all the DIE boxes will be eligible for production or awards — predicting these mandates three years early.

We tinkered with various synopses for future Hollywood films.

My proposal:
A young Mexican guy who has been deported six times illegally crosses into the u.s. and transitions into a girl while falling in love with a black lesbian in Tuscon. White male ice agents are on zer trail but zer transitioning helps zer get an ACLU lawyer and become a "dreamer" who raises money on gofundme to afford a first-class ticket to the sanctuary city of San Fransicko where zhe shoots heroin all day. One day zhe shoots and kills an unarmed white woman with a stolen gun on the pier in San fransicko, is arrested but acquitted and not deported. Nancy Pelosi invites zer to the state of the union where democrats give zer a ztanding zovation as zhe twerks with zer black lesbian lover.

His reply:
Solid gold. solid gold. Major roles for the bald Mexican lesbiatrix who showed up emoting after the Broward County school shooting and Cuba Gooding II. Oscars in every conceivable category, and some new ones they make up for us. Lifetime achievements awards, the keys to every sanctuary city, a fortune on the back of massive advance betting on the awards, our own late night super-edgy comedy show for the resistance audience. And that's just for starters. This is the break I've been waiting for.

Movie audiences are so hungry for authenticity, for quality storytelling, for anything that doesn't check the DIE matrix or appears to be another woke lecture. After decades of vacuous remakes with token character substitutes and endless superhero spinoffs of Marvel or Star Wars melded amusement park CGI porn, the moment anything remotely deviates from the status quo, audiences go berzerk and rightly reward it at the box office.

Be my wingman.

Top Gun: Maverick is nothing particularly brilliant, but it is one of those films that has been rightly rewarded. (no spoilers ahead)

It doesn't stand out as an exceptional film in any way aside from the fighter jet action sequences, which, thanks to the help of the U.S. Navy, are superior to anything ever attempted. But fancy fighter jet action would be nothing without balanced storytelling, decent acting, and knowing how to skillfully engage the audience.

It doesn't pretend to be sophisticated. It doesn't try to remake the action genre or get bogged down in the nostalgia of its predecessor. The film knows when to pull those nostalgic strings visually, musically, and with dialogue, and when to leave them alone and build something new and better from its past. For sequels that's nearly impossible.

The film avoids lecturing the audience, doesn't overwhelm them with obnoxious dizzying CGI fluff, and most importantly embraces the hero's journey to resurrect an iconic character who represents a past that the new cultural Stasi are intent on burying.

It can be campy at times but that's only because the film knows it's badass in the same way that Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai knows something's badass, in that instinctual, unapologetically toxic-to-the-hilt masculine way that movie audiences have been yearning for again.

Sure there's obvious "diversity" in the cast, plenty of tokens and a woman fighter ace, and a few were not chosen for their acting skills as is the norm these days, but it doesn't weigh the whole bird down or force the audience to hit the eject button while shaking their heads in disappointment.

It doesn't take itself too seriously if the viewer simply surrenders to its flow. This was something that entertainment as a form of escape from the drudgery of everyday life used to provide on a consistent basis before everything became political.

This is what made movies the most adored cultural medium last century.

It's nice to know there are still some who care to take us there again, and that they can still hit the target without sacrificing any artistic aces in the process.

These days that seems like a double miracle.

Good Citizen Rating

Top Gun: Maverick

* This is the first Good Citizen spoiler-free short film review

Future films will be rated based on the 5-S Dagger system (fighter jet emoji)

🛦 - Suicide
🛦🛦 - Skip
🛦🛦🛦 - Sloppy
🛦🛦🛦🛦- Superb
🛦🛦🛦🛦🛦 - Stupendous

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11 Sep 2022 | 5:34 pm

Living in the Fact Checkers' paradise

The world of information as we knew it during Web 1.0 is over. Web 2.0 has been a disaster. The official returns are in after a decade of tech monopolies permitted to grow beyond comprehension while colluding behind the scenes with western governments to manage impressions and deceive billions.

The Internet is effectively dead. It has no pulse. They put it on global disinformation remdesivir fact-checking drip and murdered it.

But Good Citizen, what about Substack and the direct-to-inbox newsletter format?!

For how much longer? (Knocks on wood)

One paid subscriber (Hi Ed. Maybe?), who helped create the pensioner discount subscription option, recently said Hotmail was stuffing his spam folder with my emails. He hadn't seen one in weeks.

How long until Gmail follows? How long until the government leans on all of these pantywaist nerd factories and just starts deleting them right when they hit your inbox?

Maybe the government can do what it does best and destroy it all by incentivizing censorship the same way they incentivized death at hospitals. $10 per blocked email address? $50,000 per banned newsletter? Congress can kick it off with the INTERNET CARES Act.

PayPal is now ditching Substackers after half a decade of targeting anyone to the right of Occasional-Cortex's Met Gala dress train holder. Bank of America dropped Trump voters who sniffed out election fraud. Wells Fargo is too good for adult film stars who woke one day recently to find all their banking services deleted. Yes, the same Wells Fargo that created millions of fake accounts without customers' permission and laundered billions in Mexican cartel drug money.

The White House and all regime federal agencies are directing censorship efforts right to the offices of all major attention networks, who are eager to oblige in the name of combating "disinformation", which has always been newspeak for the truth.

Google is a laughable mess of officialdom propaganda smut after any search that isn't related to weather or maps. Search any words connected to any topic that is even remotely political and the first twenty pages will be corporate state-sponsored lectures on how you must think about it and why you dare not deviate from that narrative or risk being "misinformed". And then, mysteriously, their 8 million search results just end after 25 pages. They're erasing the Internet before our eyes to control all information.


DuckDuckGo is now DuckDuck Gone. Their one salespoint was not being Google and they couldn't even keep that up through the plandemic. Brave search appears to be some kind of homage to defunct late-90s web crawlers that would spit out everything you didn't want. They had misleading names like Excite! and Yahoo! when more appropriate names would have been WTF! or Are You Shitting Me?

Presearch has a nice design but the results feed looks like a bunch of google ads. When I Presearched "Project Blue Beam" to see if I'd hit all those great web 1.0 sites about top-secret government holographic UFO projects and maybe even a soon-to-be psyop that will make the earth stand still like Orson Welles reading H.G. Welles on the radio in 1938 it was a miserable failure. Presearching project blue beam just gave me retail Polish sites for flashlights. If I Presearch "Trojan Horse" will it spit out retail sites for equine fleshlights?

Is it so much to ask the decentralized nerd brigade of Web 3.0 to build the future with a starting point of a new search engine that functions 60% as well as Google search did seven years ago but will never collude with globopsycho to rig results? Their single rule should be to bury all known corporate state filth like Snopes, Reuters, and NewsGuard affiliates fifteen pages deep in the results and apply a universal warning label:

⚠️This result is a known propaganda outlet with ties to organizations that want you and your family dead.⚠️

The amount of work required to find anything resembling honesty or truth is beyond the limits of the average midwit. Drooling half-wits surfing web 1.0 sites that look like ancient HTML digital cave art will have much better odds at finding the truth than anyone on the latest iPhone swiping their way through perfectly manicured government-funded dark money sites with Orwellian partners like the Trusted News Initiative with highly optimized responsive web design.

Their online propaganda yells out at you like a desperate pretty girl's best friend and not the smart and clever ones from 1980s rom-coms.

Hi over here! Look what we've posted for you to read about that subject you're searching for!! Click us! We're authoritative and official corporate partners with acme truth-tellers Ltd. and Daddy Warbucks foundation for smart Internet browsing!

If one hasn't self-trained to reflexively sniff out that bullshit at first sight by now, they're probably lining up for a third booster, and well, thems the Social Darwin breaks.

Maybe that's all the western world has been reduced to now, our waking existence is one long IQ test of rising out of bed day after day and looking at loved ones and asking:

"How is our government working for globopsycho going to try to kill us today?"

They should be asking, "Why do we keep paying taxes to a government that wants us dead?"

Of course, dot gov knew that people would eventually find out about their death incentive payments and then maybe even start to have second thoughts about funding this slaughter with another dollar of taxes.

Does intentional government death still sound like hyperbole?

Rockefeller captured all of the American death management systems over a century ago. They sprayed people with DDT for a decade knowing it was toxic. They created an epidemic of Autism in children with childhood vaccine schedules and then covered it up to keep doing it. They hid cancer cures and murdered holistic doctors that offered them. They spray the skies with deadly metals. They routinely experiment on American soldiers with secret pentagon medical projects. The USDA let the sugar industry create the food pyramid for children and schools. They murdered Americans in hospitals when they could have treated them instead so that the entire nation would soil its collective trousers and race to the vaccines for safety.

How many fact-checkers do you remember telling you that hospitals were being paid to kill patients? The returns are now coming in and the only conclusion anyone who hasn't been using Google Search for two years can arrive at is to finally admit: "Why yes Good Citizen, it appears my government wants me dead."

Twitter avatar for @WeaponizedNewsWeaponized News @WeaponizedNews It Pays to Kill You | $450,000 for California COVID-19 Hospital Protocols

September 9th 2022

57 Retweets77 Likes

The CARES Act included billions of dollars to school districts that enforced vaccine mandates, masking, and social distancing. The hospital incentives were essentially medical firing squads. Aside from the mass slaughter, the point of all this is total government control of information and industries. The government bought loyalty from industries it seeks to socialize.

All the doctors, teachers, and school and hospital administrators who refused to go along with their mandates are gone. Some tried to stay and fight, but most are now gone. It was a massive loyalty pledge and giant purge, similar to the one in the military. The government wants total control over death management and education, so it bribed the private sector and threatened to withhold funds from school districts that didn't abuse kids and move everyone toward deadly injections.

And like Andrew Tate said a year ago, it wasn't a plandemic for rich people, and here's how that was confirmed for me in the winter of 2020.

A family member ended up in the hospital after testing Covid positive (Beta variant if that was even a thing). Nearing eighty and not at all slim, he was in the ICU for about two weeks likely with pneumonia, but they never put him on a ventilator and they never gave him Remdesivir. Why not? His son was valedictorian of the medical school of the university hospital system treating him and is now head of a major surgery department of the nation's leading hospital in his field. He called in to check on his father's condition. If his son were a landscape architect or plumber they'd have taken California's $450,000 government bonus to kill him.

This fits in Dr. Pierre Kory's claim that he treated over a hundred members of congress with Ivermectin while the FDA banned it for the people and threatened doctors' medical licenses if they dared prescribe it. Not a plandemic for the rich.

Do the billions still searching Google and Facebook and reading "fact-checked" garbage know this was never about health?

As one astute Good Citizen recently commented:

Most people still trapped in the fact checkers' paradise have no clue any of this happened or what else is happening. Their ignorance is the sum of many parts. It's part lack of curiosity, part laziness, part ideological devotion, part conformity, part fear, part cognitive dissonance when presented with contrary evidence, and maybe even part mass psychosis when the fear levels are ramped up high enough in the company of other conformist, collectivist wussies.

But, this is the point I've been trying to nail home since I started this Substack: none of those parts are even remotely possible without total control over all significant points of digital information acquisition. A decade of herding the masses into a handful of platforms that are completely captured by globopsycho was all they needed to control minds to alter and nudge human behavior.

The purpose of the Internet was not to liberate information for society but to isolate individuals into controlled information monopolies so their ideas, behaviors, and beliefs could be easily weaponized for the aims of global technocracy.

— T. Goode Charley

With layovers at a few American airports this summer, I sat at gates and embraced that old game that people without smartphones used to play — people watching. The thing about people watching today is you're just watching people who have their eyes glued to their smartphone or tablet screen. You can't surmise too much about people who don't look very, alive, and yet can deduce a great deal about them because in America they often look rather sickly, untidy, and extremely heavy-set. Impulsive, vacant, indifferent, lacking self-control, and limited self-awareness? Before you start on with that idiotic "over-generalizations and stuff" millennial blather, you must know younger Good Citizens, that this was the entire point of people watching back in the day, when that could still be done in public spaces, because not everyone always dressed like they were going to a slumber party.

Aside from the obvious observations that anyone with some obesity statistics and retail sales figures on jogging suits could conclude without people watching, I mostly wondered what people were looking at on their screens. The first things that came to mind were other people's meals, other people making asses of themselves for attention by dancing or singing, and probably just a lot of scrolling and scanning photos and headlines.

Mostly I just saw a lot of thumbs going from the top of screens and pulling down in a rapid and hectic motion that made it impossible to gather much information unless they had ingested that blue stuff Scarlett Johansson does in the film Lucy. The thumb dexterity action was surreal. It was like watching an old-school corner pimp pulling stiff cotton greenbacks down one corner at a time to see how his stable was hustling that day.

Attention is so limited and focus so eroded in the average person that they don't read any news or information. Every piece of information they glean is based on the dominant "fact-checked" headlines of the great narrative propaganda complex. They're taking in and processing "fact-checker" lie after lie after lie after lie, day after day after day, after month, after year.

And I could see that this was the case at the airport by the masks on their faces, and the evil eyes they gave to strangers who came too close to their socially distanced safe zones. I could see it when the airport intercom sounded that L.A. County public service announcement about masks being mandatory at LAX, and dozens of people pulled their masks up from their necks and over their noses and mouth.

Are they all still suffering from mass formation psychosis two years on, or are they still getting their news and information from the official fact-checkers who keep saying the virus is dangerous, masks will protect them and the vaccines are safe and effective?

They're all still living in the fact checkers' paradise.

It's all just repetitive mental and perception conditioning for behavioral management through obedience and compliance. Moving the herd as one unit is the aim of global technocratic central planners. They've had decades of practice and are masters at it.

It's been war-gamed for years and tested by western intelligence agencies and their numerous shadowy groups including Britain's now-infamous Behavioral Insights Team or "nudge unit". The U.S. government health agencies contracted with the lesser known equivalent Fors Marsh Group in Virginia with its Behavioral Change Team that can, "develop evidence-based solutions that are designed to modify behavior in an effective and measurable way." Their team of researchers and communication experts "…have decades of experience using psychological theory, neuroscience, and behavioral and social sciences to design and execute behavior change programs."

Control information — control minds — control people.

The psychological component — minds, would never be possible without controlling information first.

Created five years ago as all this was becoming obvious:

I presented this censorship agenda in a short working paper to a Ph.D. seminar at the time and was called a conspiracy theorist. The professor mediating the seminar said it was all a nice story, but simply not true. I showed him evidence from Facebook and Google press releases and Gates Foundation tied organizations like News Guard with connections to the CFR and Atlantic Council but he refused to acknowledge it was happening. That professor, who was lean and healthy died suddenly last spring at the age of 42.

And now the next stop for this deadly censorship agenda is global.
From technocracy.news

They want us all to live perpetually within the fact checker's domain which is a kind of information prison, because as that ancient Sanskrit proverb says, "There is a war on for your mind."

Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise has 1 Billion views on YouTube now.

I once subscribed to 110 YouTube channels. 72 of them have been banned over the past five years.

Remember when that Korean kid goofing in a horse stall was the first to a billion views a decade ago when YouTube didn't censor, blacklist, ban, or filter their search results to give you alphabet network horsecrap?

Remember when you played Terminator, in the second Terminator, and you said "I'll be back"?

That was awesome.

Remember when they killed people in hospitals intentionally, to scare everyone into getting a deadly "vaccine" to kill millions more while rendering millions more infertile and sterile?

That was fu**ing horrific.

What's to stop them from doing it again?

Certainly not the "fact-checkers" on the Internet.

The Real Reason Chris Farley Got Fired From SNL
Remember when?

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I take a look at my life and realize there's not much left
'Cause I've been blastin' and laughin' so long, that
Even my mama thinks that my mind is gone

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