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The Good Citizen
26 May 2022 | 4:08 pm

The Motherlode

Western governments declared war on their citizens long ago. The war has been given many names: Cognitive war, Information war, Psychological war, or the academic term Fifth Generational Warfare.

Some say it hasn't gone "kinetic" yet, but they are wrong. They are terrorizing the world with man-made bioweapons as lethal force and then offering the cures with second, third, and fourth injectable bioweapons.

It is a silent war. Most people have no idea they're even on a battlefield or that war criminals are in power all around them.

It was only months ago the war criminals increased their rhetoric and threats, asking openly if the "anti-vaxxers" should be tolerated, telling us it would be "a dark winter of death" for those that refused the clot shots, and admitting "I want to make life miserable for these people."1 They declared emergencies on protestors and seized finances in Canada.

They still ban people from travel, even domestic travel, make them prisoners on islands like New Zealand and force citizens into quarantine camps. The camp experiments may be on hold in Australia but the dress rehearsals were downright frightening. In Greece and Italy, they're still deducting money from the pensions of unjabbed pensioners. It's beyond cruel, beyond diabolical.


Yes, we're at war.

But why the jabs?

What is it about them besides injecting grotesque Big Pharma profits from taxpayer coffers to criminal corporations?

That's a good enough answer for the indoctrinated Sea Farer who hasn't made it to the forest let alone the mountain top, but it's entirely insufficient to explain everything else that has happened.

Why the mysterious death of whistleblowers like chemist and carbon specialist Dr. Andreas Noack who revealed mRNA vaccines contain tiny particles of graphene hydroxide that function as nano razor blades in the bloodstream calling anyone who injects these substances, murderers, as they cause clotting and micro clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, and strokes plus 9 pages of other "side effects"?

Why are there magnetic bodies with metallic objects sticking to people's arms?

We always assumed the answer to the mass forced vaccination campaign beyond Big Pharma windfalls was submission and obedience to drunken absolute power and to separate the dissenters from the herd, but even that only gets one to the lower forest. The violation of basic human rights including bodily autonomy for something that the science showed didn't even work just wasn't grounded in anything resembling reality or sanity. Yet, they pushed and pushed and divided families, coworkers, colleagues, and all of society.

They're still pushing forward with their global lock step agenda to tie these toxic jabs with participation in society through digital passports, controlled digital currencies, and threatening people's jobs, livelihoods, and even employer-subsidized health care.

Again, why?

I've had to unsubscribe from a dozen substack newsletters, many of whom were pioneers. And while courageous enough to speak out early and often, having grown their platforms exponentially with people desperate for the truth, they have since spent the past eight months taking their eyes off the ball, covering much of the same ground over and over like hamsters on a wheel. Far too many of them still hold delusions that the entire corrupt system can be reformed through direct action and voting.

They have not realized the fix is in on the election front and not just in the United States. Germany, Canada, and France had elections in the past year that were all suspicious whether through political party collusion to block populist movements or outright vote-rigging through ballot sabotage and computer alterations of total votes. Soros and the western swamp spent an untold fortune buying political parties in Hungary to topple the populist and popular Fidesz party but the Hungarian people were too smart and saw right through the five political parties conspiring against their favorite leader in Victor Orban. He won by a landslide which is probably the only chance any future unapproved candidates have in their controlled elections. Global tyrants have power and they will not let a frivolous performative exercise that gives people the illusion of hope like elections take it away.

These hamster wheelers on substack are still rummaging through peer-reviewed studies as if those still matter hoping "the data" will reveal something they don't already know but are too afraid to openly admit. Many prominent people are still afraid of being called "conspiracy theorists".

Their newsletters were polluting my inbox with dopey subject lines like "The Vaccines Definitely Don't Work" and "More proof they lied about vaccines." These people never read Sherlock Holmes? Have they never watched Gumshoe or Monk? Some of them have thousands of paid subscribers drooling over their tedious content, which is partly why we're losing this war.

Join the flock and get a year's worth of Good Citizen for less than a gallon of Brandon's gas per month.💨

The world has moved so far away from where most people still linger who consider themselves thoroughly enlightened on the scamdemic agenda but refuse to zoom out to see the bigger picture. They're still afraid of being called crackpots.

When you're one step ahead of the crowd you're a genius. When you're two steps ahead, you're a crackpot.

– Schlomo Riskin

The war goes on and while many are left behind, the good news is millions more have noticed the insanity and are catching up and passing those pioneers by. They wonder why hospitals are still checking the vaccination status of transplant patients and if children, ask about the vaccination status of their parents. They refused life-saving operations on children if their parents weren't jabbed last year.

Some airline check-in desks are still asking about Covid vaccination status.

The question many of us have struggled with and the one most worthy of answering that still hasn't been answered about all of this complete insanity is why?

What is their Agenda? What is the REAL purpose of the vaccines?

Let's explore both questions.

In the words of a man who is rarely wrong but is often 'right again', "We know what their agenda is because they openly tell us."

We know these shots are all part of a depopulation agenda that has been an off-and-on affair for global elites since the first eugenics pseudoscience fetish. This is the mountain top where everything is clear, but people cannot make the final climb without accepting the fact that those in power everywhere want them dead. It's a depressing realization to put it mildly, but one where survival hinges on its immediate acceptance.

How did we get here and why are so many people still in the dark?

Silent War On Humanity


  1. Eugenics as Transhumanism (See #6 Singularity)

  2. Abortion as Women's Liberation and Empowerment

  3. Depopulation as Sustainable Development (Green/Carbon Scam)

  4. Gender Confusion as Empowerment (Biological denialism for Posthumanist androgyny)

  5. Technological Solutionism and Scientism aka "the science" (Controlling dogmas of the new religion to control the masses)

  6. Singularity (Deny humanity's natural evolution to merge the biological and technological through AI-Implants-Injections)

The eugenics agenda dates back to the late 19th century in Britain and the early 20th century at Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory in the U.S. Pseudoscience research there led to legislation that resulted in the birth of the term 'Moron' and rendered over 30,000 women infertile through forced sterilization. This continued in some form all the way through the early 1970s. The flourishing eugenics movement in America would be imported by Nazi Germany and admired by their cadre of leadership including the notorious Dr. Joseph Mengele. That wasn't good for global management so it eventually had to be rebranded as transhumanism through engineering an obsession with technological solutionism by controlling "the science".

Documentary Film Link: The Age of Transitions

The Age of Transitions is a documentary about converging technology, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, life extension, brain implants, social science, propaganda, nanotechnology, eugenics, geopolitics, world revolution, and more. (54 min)

Margaret Sanger joins the chat.

Planned Parenthood took over from the eugenics movement to continue the depopulation agenda by tying the feminist movement and female liberation to a women's right to choose. The entire foundation of the organization is rooted in the destruction of the family unit and nuclear family along with other goals in service of the depopulation agenda.

Planned Parenthood portrays itself as an advocate for women's rights and autonomy and sexual freedom, but items on the population policy list reveal a different story.

The American Eugenics Society, of which Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a member until 1956, rallied behind the suggestion of poisoning minority groups without their consent.

The infamous "Jaffe Memo" document produced by Planned Parenthood in 1969, in a single page, conveys the depravity of elites' intentions in managing the U.S. Population.

Some of the ideas that were on the table and were executed over the decades:

  • Fertility control agents in the water supply

  • [Induce?] Chronic Depression

  • Compulsory abortion

  • Compulsory sterilization

  • Discouragement of private homeownership

Population "policy" measures, 1969. (Open image for larger view)
  • Compulsory education of children

  • Encourage increased homosexuality

  • Encourage women to work

Aside from compulsory abortion and sterilization, it appears they've been pretty successful in their agenda. Fluoride in the water supply. Toxic pesticides, toxic metals, and genetically engineered crops. FDA approving poisons and toxins that have deleterious effects on human endocrine systems. FDA approving deadly and addictive drugs, including psychotropic drugs to keep the masses depressed.

Private home ownership is out of reach for most people under 35 with economic disparities intentionally exacerbated by Federal Reserve policies for the past few decades. Popular culture glorifies the Great Reset mantra of "you will own nothing and be happy" by romanticizing nomad life, tiny homes, van life and now living in tiny bunk bed "pods" instead of apartments or homes. They are pushing the masses toward their "new normal" world with intentional economic pain and suffering and the eventual abolition of private property. David Icke describes their "you will own nothing" agenda best in under 2 minutes here:

Twitter avatar for @SikhForTruthSikh For Truth @SikhForTruth You Will Own Nothing. #inflation #SupplyChain #China #WEF

May 19th 2022

79 Retweets89 Likes

The depopulation agenda requires tearing down traditional institutions that were bedrocks of stable and functioning societies. The latest wave of Feminism and LGBTQWERTY+- ideologies have been funded by global elites and their corporate marketing servants to continue their indoctrination agendas under the guise of tolerance and inclusivity to fulfill the Jaffe memo policy of promoting homosexuality. Divorce rates are higher than ever, marriage rates are lower than ever, and gender confusion has been mainstreamed through child grooming along with a litany of other mental illnesses through public school and mass entertainment indoctrination.

Around the late 1960s, the population control managers were busy getting their agenda published in newspapers around the world. Priming the public for what was soon scientifically possible for "family management".

This second article in the Montreal Gazette mentions vaccination as a method of birth control by targeting women's husbands' sperm. That mass vaccination would ever be utilized as a means of population control or depopulation is cloaked by the cover of elites' favorite term "conspiracy theory". Yet here we are less than a year after millions around the world have likely died from complications related to vaccine injuries and hospital mistreatment related to Covid attributed illness. The cover-up of these crimes against humanity has been executed through governments, doctors, and the media playing their roles.

Most vaccine deaths clearly are not attributed to the vaccines. Vaccidents are called accidents, heart attacks are just heart attacks, no mention of recent clot shots or boosters. No autopsies. No investigations. All data is buried and ignored for this agenda. It's easy to hide the deaths of older people by the simple fact that old people die. They die of a much wider range of ailments and illnesses than younger people so it's easy to ignore any deaths related to the clot shots.

Twitter avatar for @WATCHMEBURNDOW1The White Rabbit 🐇 @WATCHMEBURNDOW1 No.2 ICU Doctor in the World breaks down over Adverse Reactions from the Covid jabs being ignored & calls it a Humanitarian Crisis.

May 25th 2022

4,932 Retweets7,544 Likes

What many people still fail to wrap their heads around is the fact that the shots are working as intended if people are dying in great numbers. Insurance company actuaries always tell the truth with data and their figures on excess mortality for millennials, a group whose deaths are much more difficult to cover up is horrifying.

A Vietnam War (13 years) event in 4 months.

These are just the CDC's own numbers. Trusting the FDA or CDC with anything is like trusting an Aligator to dog sit your chihuahua. Would they fudge the numbers lower to keep people from asking uncomfortable questions? We know the CDC is not an agency, but rather as RFK Jr. tells us, "It's a vaccine company."

Big pharma joins the chat.

After monopolizing the pharmaceutical industry as he did with oil, John D. Rockefeller hijacked the entire American medical establishment from medical schools to medical literature through the notoriously corrupt American Medical Association (AMA) which hasn't ceased in its century-long war on naturopathic and homeopathic medicine.

All government agencies have been captured by private corporations and oligarch foundations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The NIH (National Institutes of Health) in the United States, along with Big Pharma determines "the science" and any "scientists" who want a career with grant funding and promotions need to be on the good side of the controlled science.

Image One world government joins the chat.

John D. Rockefeller's progeny also created the United Nations as the founding body for a one-world-government agenda. In a 1968 meeting at David Rockefeller Sr's Italian villa, self-appointed global management created the 'Club of Rome' led by Aurelio Peccei. By the early 1970s, Klaus Schwab with the help of his friend and mentor Henry Kissenger joined global management and established his now-notorious World Economic Forum. Whatever we call these groups, Bildergerg, Trilateral Commission, WEF, Good Club, Club of Rome, UN, WHO, IMF, World Bank - they all have population control through social engineering and psychological manipulation of the masses at the top of their agenda with the end goal of a one world government that they control.

Through the United Nations and the interconnected rat's nest of global management, we arrive at the most important euphemism in understanding how they rebranded their depopulation agenda:

Sustainable Development joins the chat.

In 1992 at the Rio Summit 160 nations agreed to Sustainable Development goals. By hijacking "the science" these global managers have been using the earth and environmental movements as their cover for their agenda. They've had to rebrand their crisis labels several times over the decade as their paid-for "science" has never kept up with reality. From Ice Age to saving the ozone layer to global warming to climate change to their all-encompassing Green agenda through Sustainable Development. You've seen the dogmas in terms like carbon offset, carbon credits, and carbon neutral. The entire scam is lost on most people. They now have all corporations on board with ESG directors and boards - Environment, Social, Governance.

United Nations

  • 1992 Rio Summit 160 nations agreed to Sustainable Development goals

  • Agenda 21 (2021)- The Dark Underbelly of Sustainable Development

  • Earth Summit Agenda 2030 milestone

  • Paris Climate Accords (2016 and 2021)

  • ESG - Coopting the corporate world for Agenda 30

  • "Carbon" scam to control the behavior of masses

The big picture agenda is Population Control and the transition of humans into a post-human version of our species by merging the biological and technological.

Here we arrive at the final unanswered question regarding forced mass vaccination.

What is the purpose of the graphene hydroxide nanoparticles in the "vaccines"?

5G joins the chat.

There are numerous theories floating around the digital ether like nano razor blades in the bloodstream. The most fascinating are those related to the 5G rollout and turning all injected and boosted humans into one "hive mind" for interconnected network control through frequency modulation and manipulation. If triple-jabbed humans are walking "receivers" they can be psychologically manipulated and controlled by powerful 5G frequencies.

An interesting CNN report, back when they were still somewhat a news channel…in 1985 covered in great depth the development and use of EMF and EF as weapons of war and technologies to control biological entitles, including manipulating and controlling human brains. Imagine all the experimentation and progress made on this front in the past 37 years.

Those who have been injected with Moderna or Pfizer shots apparently omit some level of magnetic frequency from the substance floating through their bloodstreams. They are apparently some form of new "connectable" organisms who transmit low level Blutooth frequencies as "available devices".

There's a man who goes by the name FireMedic8 on Bitchute. Last weekend he used an EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) reader to measure his double jabbed and boosted inlaws. He claims to have moved his family to a neighborhood with low EMF pollution, and no 5G antennas. His EF reader shows a low baseline of pollution while his phone only reads his neighbor's device on its Bluetooth. When the inlaws arrive to bring some gifts to their grandchildren the father checks for Bluetooth available connections and three new addresses pop up, Grandma, Grandpa, and one of them are apparently emitting a second connectable address, while the EMF reader peaks at an 8000% increase from the baseline for the neighborhood. The father is strict about EMF pollution around his kids, so the Grandpapies were also told to leave their phones in their car and keep them turned off. But the Grampsies are apparently now walking science experiments with a combined six Moderna shots marinating in their bodies, three Bluetooth connections, and an 8000% increase in normal EF where no 5G is present.

Who needs a radio station or emergency jumper cables with these two on a road trip?

Watch his incredible video measuring the inlaws.

And yet HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people around the world are walking science experiments like those Grampsies.

Attorney Todd Callender, who is representing American military personnel in a class action lawsuit against DOD clot shot mandates dropped several bombshells on the purpose of the jabs last month. Callender claims that the shots are a viral trojan horse. Inside the "vaccines" are liposomal nanoparticles containing viral particles of the Marburg virus that can be released inside the masses by triggering 18ghz pulses through 5G. The entire North American continent (Mexico excluded - more on that soon) and most of Europe are now blanketed in 5G pollution. Apparently, some inside military sources gave him this information. His biggest bombshell is that the unjabbed will be forced into quarantine camps for "their safety" and have to get jabbed for their further conditional freedom.

Domestic terrorists join the chat.

FEMA does have over 180 camps already set up around the country and another 800 facilities that can be quickly prepared for mass detention. A new Marburg Plandemic where 15% of those "infected" will die, will certainly be sufficient justification for federal emergency powers that get this dystopic agenda in motion. They've already laid the psychological groundwork through a year of demonizing the "anti-vaxxers" that a hundred million jabbed zombies would cheer on the quarantine camp forced-jab agenda.

A litany of Executive Orders already established the groundwork for this transition to tyranny in the event of an "emergency":

It's difficult to know what is true and what is merely fantasy science fiction regarding the contents of the vaccines and their future purpose, and perhaps that is all by design as part of their information and "disinformation" war.

What we do know is their agenda. We know it because they constantly tell us.

They want most of us gone. If not gone then engineered, controlled, and experimented on for their posthuman agenda. They think we're "useless".

Twitter avatar for @Resist_05Pelham @Resist_05 Yuval Noah Harari… "Most humans will become economically useless and politically powerless… we are beginning to see a new class of humans… "The Useless Class"

May 23rd 2022

1,115 Retweets1,403 Likes
Twitter avatar for @itsrichhoblynRich Hoblyn #MALBIONGA #RZST @itsrichhoblyn Are the W.H.O & WEF terrorist organisations ? UN Agenda 21 (now renamed Agenda 2030 and counting) supported by the above purports to support World Depopulation from 8-10 BILLION down to 800 MILLION. That's right, folks! It's not a conspiracy just fact check it yourselves

May 25th 2022

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Lions join the chat.

But we know from history that if enough people awake at one time and are moved toward action, they can become quite formidable for those with ideas of dominance and control over them. Ask the French aristocracy about how starving serf populations tolerate self-appointed ruling classes when breaking points are reached.

Pencil neck Yuval Harari and his bath haus partners Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and their pet lizard George Soros had better tread carefully with their Great Reset depopulation and posthuman agenda. They are pushing the masses to the brink.

We number in the billions. They are but a few hundred.

They think they are herding the masses of useless sheep.

But we are not all sheep.

Millions of us are Lions. And you cannot herd Lions.

Certainly not when they're hunting.

Bucket List ideas for Summer 2018 Travel - Urbanbella CurlTalk Freedom joins the chat. Twitter avatar for @TGCsubstackTheGoodCitizen.Substack @TGCsubstack Where we are going....we must not stop until it happens. FREEDOM!

May 26th 2022

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Trudeau, Biden and Macron quotes from last winter.

The Good Citizen
23 May 2022 | 6:46 pm

Pushing Maximum Density

Population control beauty standards. From sex appeal to type 2 diabetes in one generation.

There's thickness and then there's


Some people are so THICK, their cellulite makes the cover of corporate bikini rags. Other people are so thick they now believe that morbid obesity is beautiful.

It's easier to believe a noble lie that feels good for the thick younger generations yet helps nobody than it is to put down a triple bacon cheeseburger and go move around. Bloated gassy misery loves high caloric low sustenance company, even in the form of other bloated gassy loafers pushing maximum density.

"O-M-G, if like she can make the cover of Sports Illustrated, then like I totally can too and I don't even need to stop supersizing my combo meals!"

The elusive inspirational idea of aspirational beauty is now dead. Hard work and dedication through discipline and setting goals no longer matter. Anyone can be anything if we all agree to deny reality hard enough and make exceptions for the weakest among us because forget strength and survival, we're only as tolerant as we are accepting the deficiencies of our weakest links. Instead of a rising tide to help everyone, let's scuttle all boats until we're all at the bottom of the sea. And so we rework our western stage play to accommodate all actors while denying their agency and ignoring the hard truths of reality.

Anyone can be a supermodel because nothing needs to be earned when meritocracy is dead. Even bloated gassy cows can be supermodels. Think about the real supermodel who knows this but has to keep her mouth shut or risk never working again. Everyone plays their part.

Throw one of these bloated gassy cows in a bikini and work a little photoshop magic for the latest Sports Illustrated Bloated Cows with penises in swimsuits edition and you have the perfect visual of just how deep the present rot festers in the diseased bowels of western civilization.

Yes, some of them now have dicks. Soon there will be trans models topless after "top surgery" with bulging prosthetic dicks in their bikini bottoms. You think I'm joking, but give it a year. They'll expect us all to agree that this mentally confused person is incredibly brave and beautiful. When mass mental illness is mainstreamed and encouraged through over-medication and blind tolerance then the operation continues until we all agree to be mentally confused.

The entire western world becomes one dysfunctional insane asylum until enough of us scream "ENOUGH!"

Cue the mob of brainwashed pantymelts into their apoplectic screaming formations: "What did you say?! Don't be such an intolerant dick! Those top surgery scars are beautiful and so is that fake dick."

Somewhere in some dark oak-paneled cigar smokey room, there are some three-piece suited men having a hell of a laugh at our expense. When they're not busy planning our futures, they're testing the limits of our own acceleration toward collective insanity. Everything is one woke gag diversion after another.

You might think this is an overreaction, but this is not a small thing. Denial of reality is an incredibly BIG problem. Not the dicks. Although if you're going to give yourself a fake prosthetic dick, you might as well make it BIG and THICK.

In Russia, they are not putting bloated gassy cows with prosthetic dicks in bikinis and calling them beautiful. Nor is China or India or Hungary or based Brazil. They have no time for it in Sri Lanka where food is scarce and politicians' heads are being substituted for cricket balls. Even in holy Ukraine they blocked the trans people from leaving the country, put a rifle in their hands, and sent them directly to the Donbas meat grinders.

Born with a penis but lopped it off? Go and fight for oligarchs and western war hyenas who are busy washing American taxpayer money through the Kyiv launder mats.

They're not even doing this obesity glorifying in Poland or France. In France they don't sell a size larger than XL and their XL is the equivalent of a U.S. large. They still fat shame in France because they know the value of embarrassing someone toward motivation.

When I lived in France I went to see a general practitioner for a health issue. Before parting ways he asked how my health was otherwise. "Fine," I replied.

"Are you sure?" He asked. "Because maybe you could lose some kilograms and be healthier."

Loud record scratch noise.

What? A doctor wanting their patient to be healthier while not forcing some deadly addictive pill on them?

At the time I had let myself go to 196 pounds but was lifting weights and jogging a few times a week so didn't think anything of it. But my mid-section was heavier and I knew the doctor was right. The French doctor had "fat-shamed" me and bless his soul for that because over the next two months I lost 18 pounds, most of it belly fat, and got fitter than I had been since my early twenties.

Fat-shaming works. Glorifying morbid obesity and type 2 diabetes is something only a mentally ill society would do.

Imagine the French doctor relocating to the states and telling a patient to get some exercise and lose some weight because they were less than 20 pounds overweight. He would have to do that with 90% of his patients.

Hyperoffended nitwit takes out 60-megapixel camera phone in a luxury SUV. Presses the streaming button on instashame to perform for their 12 followers.

"So, like, get this everyone. Oh my god you guys my new doctor, this French guy just told me to like, lose weight. I know right? He like totally fat-shamed me and like I was so just, oh my god I can't even believe what just happened. I'm like, literally in shock. Okay, yeah, I'm going to call my lawyer. That's like, just not okay with me. First I'm totally starving and Carl's Jr. sounds sooooo good right now."

Only in America, Canada, and the UK is morbid obesity being sold to young girls as "beautiful". Sports Illustrated used to be a magazine for men, especially the Swimsuit issue. Do the young men today get turned on by looking at bloated gassy cows in bikinis? While testosterone levels in all men have been plummeting by design for the depopulation agenda (poisoned water and foods, EMF, plastics), it just doesn't seem like evolutionary psychology would work that quickly at the whims of devious social engineers who want people to believe morbid obesity is not a disgusting turn-off.

They still want us to believe that beauty is also relative. It's like that famous quote about beauty.

In America, beauty is in the eye of the drive-thru worker at the second window.

T. Goode Charley

Having a ball? Join the flock and get a year's worth of Good Citizen fun for less than a gallon of Brandon's gas per month.

A very sick and short one Mrs. Draper.

Denial of Reality
They call them plus-sized models because we shouldn't dare call them fat models. The goal of fat models is to make sure their bread stays buttered and they do this by eating. Fat models don't need to go to the gym unless it's to pretend to work out while giving 20% effort and taking selfies. They must stay as fat as possible while playing along with all the mentally ill people around them who constantly tell them how beautiful they are and feed their unhealthy pretenses.

This is all just another spoke in the wheel of reality denialism that allows new "constructs" to be built from the ashes of reality's burnt corpse. The cultural soviets are everywhere meddling with "social constructs" that "propagate (insert something harmful but completely fabricated for their ideological agenda here)." If they're not grooming and confusing children with gender pronouns and biological denialism, they're telling them it's okay to be fat or even obese. All science is subverted for tolerance of everything in service to ideological indoctrination.

Bloated gassy cows in bikinis example: Traditional beauty standards propagate cis heteronormative toxic masculine standards of patriarchal culture and subjugate women by denying them full autonomy over their bodies.

Common sense psycho-ideological translation: It's okay to be a fat cow ladies. You're still beautiful because beauty comes in all sizes, even size Type 2. In fact, the uglier you make yourself, the harder you stick it to the toxic masculine patriarchy, and the more liberated you will be.

The results? Piercings, tattoos, dedicated ugliness, gender-bending, sexual confusion, and obesity as accepted beauty.

Sticking it to the patriarchy.

If I were a conspiracy-minded fella I might say the population controllers love this because it means less attractive females for the few males remaining who have sufficient testosterone levels to even want to procreate. And so movements like MGTOW are born and the reproduction rates fall below replacement levels for two generations.

And don't think I'm giving a pass to the fat men out there ladies. I see them too, but the mentally ill culture movers aren't glorifying their obesity at the behest of global management, only their pregnancies.

SARAH VINE: Calvin Klein's surreal advert trivialises the trans debate |  Daily Mail Online
Calvin Klein 2022 pregnant "man"
Petty Petites or Adversarial Glamazons You Say,
Calvin Klein 1992
Will there be a Lost revival series? We examine the evidence Tolerance of the intolerable is the suicide of civilizations.

T. Goode Charley

Making both sexes fat, lazy, drugged up, passive, and always sick is a great way to control the population. Mess with the food supplies, crops, water, the air, and blast everyone with Electromagnetic Frequencies like 5G that slowly damage their biological cellular function and it's a cocktail recipe made in the Club of Rome kitchen.

Denial of Agency
To the mentally ill borg, denying an individual agency allows that individual to be subsumed by group identity. Group identity labels become key signifiers for ideological conformity. Each group is a victim of traditional western culture. Women are victims of the dominant male patriarchy. Blacks and Latinos are poor victims of white racist culture. Everything that needs to be destroyed can be through creating group identities and blaming their oppression on other groups.

This is merely power shifting disguised as altruism and tolerance. Each group is used by those who want more power. For neoliberals and progressives, the groups are tools that are easy to manipulate, control, subjugate and exploit by denying each individual's agency within the group. They then vote for their slave masters every chance they get, while celebrating their chains (victimhood), and becoming missionaries who spread their gospel propaganda to transform others into slaves by getting them to deny their agency too.

By denying agency, obesity is not the fault of the individual. It's the culture of cheap fast food, it's just a part of modern life, it's the fault of the advertising industry which creates unrealistic beauty standards, and it's a lack of education about healthy eating. This last one is a favorite of diet gurus who for forty years have made billions "educating" the masses with special diets and plans. Very few offer tough honest love by telling people the truth. The first step in transforming oneself toward a solution is accepting full responsibility for the problem. Nobody has the guts for honesty and tough love and so it's never the fault of the individual who consumes more calories than they exert through movement and exercise.

"Those supreme nacho platters and double stuffed pizzas just magically went down my gullet!"

"I just don't know how those three bear claws ended up in my stomach!"

Denial of responsibility means we all have to pretend the morbidly obese are victims of everything else except their own poor choices. By calling the morbidly obese "beautiful" we are socially assisting their slow suicide while culturally assisting ours as well.

Global management loves it when people help them by simultaneously denying reality and agency, and dying faster.

The Bathing Suit Burden - Naked Wanderings
Before processed foods and mass mental illness.

A few weeks ago while going for drinks with a Polish friend, she needed to stop by her Babcia's (Grandmother) place to check on her. We had taken a river walk and it was on the way toward the center of town. Babcia is 85 and lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment that hasn't seen renovations since Kruschev ruled the region via whatever Polish communist leader was in power at the time.

While she checked on her grandmother I politely asked to use the restroom. As I'm washing up I notice the medicine cabinet has no mirror or door and the shelves are pretty empty. In the states, you usually see about 20 orange bottles in an octagenarian's medicine cabinet. I got curious and checked the drawers and under the sink. Nothing. I went snooping around and checked the bedroom nightstands and drawers. Nothing. When I got back to the kitchen I did some more light snooping where I could. Nothing.

While sipping vodka and chatting with Babcia via my friend translating I asked about Covid and if she feared getting ill and told her she seemed pretty healthy before eventually asking if she took any medications.

Eighty-five years old, still strong as an Ox, and not on any prescription medications. In fact, the last prescription she filled was for a toe fungus years ago.

None of those bloated gassy models in bikinis will live to see 55, let alone 85. Most of them probably take more prescription medications at 25 than my friend's Babcia.

But hey, let's all pretend Type 2 diabetes is fierce and beautiful.

This endless merry-go-round pushing maximum density through thickness and THICKNESS is sure to benefit someone.

Who it could be?

A bunch of BIG dicks laughing at all of us in cigar smokey rooms.

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A trick of smoke and mirrors to steal your mind
All is an illusion, mired in confusion

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The Good Citizen
20 May 2022 | 3:54 pm

Hey Hey They're The Monkees!

Hat Tip to: Exposing The Darkness Event 201 Monkey Style: 2021 Tabletop Exercise Predicted Monkeypox "Attack" in May 2022 Exposing The Darkness is a reader-supported publication. To support my work, please consider becoming a paid subscriber. Don't you just love their "prophetic" Plandemic exercises… The following Tabletop exercise took place in March 2021. Page 6: "The exercise scenario portrayed a deadly, global pandemic involving an unusual strain of… Read more5 hours ago · 18 likes · 13 comments · Lioness of Judah Ministry Twitter avatar for @disclosetvDisclose.tv @disclosetv NEW - In March 2021, NTI partnered with the Munich Security Conference to conduct a tabletop exercise simulating a global pandemic involving an unusual strain of #monkeypox caused by a terrorist attack using a pathogen engineered in a laboratory. nti.org/analysis/artic…

May 20th 2022

1,596 Retweets2,562 Likes
Getting the band back together… Twitter avatar for @MoanyMrThe tin foil hat guy @MoanyMr Guess who warned of a #smallpox attack back in 2021 #monkeypox Bill Gates warns of smallpox terror attacks as he seeks research fundsBill Gates warned that bioterrorism could be a bigger threat than naturally occurring epidemicsindependent.co.uk

May 19th 2022

1,029 Retweets2,313 Likes
Twitter avatar for @liz_churchill_Liz Churchill🇨🇦 @liz_churchill_ What a coincidence that the WHO has an 'Emergency Meeting' about MonkeyPox a day before all Countries were signing their Sovereignty to them?

May 20th 2022

172 Retweets462 Likes
Meeting in Davos in a few days to plan our future… Twitter avatar for @noreward_noriskNoRisk_NoReward @noreward_norisk Covid narrative dead. Covid 'vaccine' uptake dropping. WHO pandemic treaty being drafted. WEF Davos meeting in a few days. Monkeypox cases appearing. Pictures of nasty boils to scare people. Monkeypox vaccine already approved by US FDA in 2019. Rinse and repeat.

May 19th 2022

1,341 Retweets2,554 Likes
Twitter avatar for @noreward_noriskNoRisk_NoReward @noreward_norisk Early WHO estimate of possible global death toll from Monkeypox is approximately 3 BILLION. With early vaccine rollout, they estimate this could rise to 5 BILLION.

May 19th 2022

344 Retweets1,341 Likes
From AIDS and AZT to… Twitter avatar for @TGCsubstackTheGoodCitizen.Substack @TGCsubstack Fauci and his friends just can't stop fu**ing gay men.


Gay men could be offered monkeypox vaccine in targeted rollout Subscribe to our YouTube: https://t.co/KHMl3BS8eC https://t.co/eWbRRprdpJ

May 20th 2022

1 Retweet1 Like
Was smallpox eradicated in 1980 or simply rebranded as monkeypox?

It doesn't matter. Nations will sign the WHO pandemic treaty and give up their national sovereignty to a bunch of unelected communists and the WEF will decide how far they want us bent over for the next 'current thing'.

Meanwhile, Fauci says new masks are required to prevent the spread…

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The Good Citizen
18 May 2022 | 5:16 pm

The Strength of The Wolf

NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky, And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die. As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back; For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

The Law For The Wolves
— Rudyard Kipling

The world is changing fast. Most people can't keep up.

How many friends do you see that have kept up?

How many friends do you see, who if you sat down and talked about the past two years would say without hesitation it was all a complete scam engineered to give more power to governments and to test how obedient and subservient populations would be?

How many friends would call it a depopulation event? A dress rehearsal for what Bill Gates publically calls the "next one"?

He says the "next one" will be far worse. He would know.

How many friends wouldn't soil themselves if out of the blue you said at a dinner party, "You know Jim and Sally, don't you find it astonishing that Gates, Daszak, and Fauci still aren't swinging from piano wire at the Jefferson memorial? Yeah, I'll go check on the beyond brisket."

There are friends and then there are passing friends. For nomads and expatriates, a trail of both is left behind in each city passed through over the decades. It's easy to make them by joining some sports club or showing up regularly to pub trivia or poker rooms, though most of the younger generations simply prefer to swipe right. Once moving on to the next city, few nomad friends stay in touch.

There are friends who are "besties" or BFFs who by middle school are a passing "hey", and those BFFs in middle school become the same by High School and so on until there is only a handful that survives the torrid changes from a decade of adolescence and young adulthood.

There are friends who belong in the wolf pack and friends who still send Christmas cards to show how great they're doing in their silly knitted sweaters once a year but offer little else.

Wolf packs are real friends in the true meaning of the word. The ones who will be there at four in the morning, at a moment's notice if shit hits the fan. Everyone who wants to navigate the minefields of Agenda 30 should be part of a wolf pack in a community that will rally together when things get challenging and provide the support systems needed for survival. This shouldn't be considered doomsday prophesizing advice any longer. If you've been paying attention you'll know this is just common sense now.

Twitter avatar for @liz_churchill_Liz Churchill🇨🇦 @liz_churchill_ How does Bill and Melinda know that the next Pandemic will get more attention? Why are they smiling?

May 16th 2022

279 Retweets548 Likes

Five fathoms below the wolf pack are the friends most of us still consider, though we shouldn't for much longer. These are acquaintances and those Facebook friends. Neither holds much real-world value beyond occasional digital performing and applauding, and that will have no purpose at all soon beyond last-ditch efforts to network or crowdsource problem-solving that can't be resolved inside one's community, like finding a specific baby formula. Only those who aren't prepared would need the help of long-lost acquaintances on digital networks to locate something important for the survival of their children.

Our conceptions of friendship have changed significantly in recent decades. Relations grew distant for most. What once required a meeting at a restaurant or cafe could be dealt with in a fraction of the time with a few clicks of a mouse or touches of a screen. Performative actions on social media became acceptable interactions for most people, with the occasional Whatsapp SMS or DM and promise to "get together soon."

There was no need to get truly honest feedback on our personal lives in face-to-face interactions that don't lie when a few dozen likes and comments "Amazing!" were enough satiating reinforcement. These censorious networks are simply a series of time-wasting self-aggrandizing pursuits for ego inflation and neurotransmitter release. They have no future value as systems of herding behavior and mass surveillance. Not for individuals who value liberty and autonomy.

To all my friends!

For many people, friendships were always a market-based bargain on what returns they would get for their time, attention, and investment in the other person, even subconsciously. What was no longer satisfying in exclusivity could be recovered in more significant numbers of friends and larger quantities of shallow and dishonest digital feedback.

Those "once upon a time friends" that were revisited every few years in high school yearbooks reappeared magically in the late Aughts in the form of friend request alerts on Facebook, and they more or less lingered and surveilled for a decade until recent years when the most politically astute began to disappear.

When pack meets with pack in the jungle, and neither will go from the trail, Lie down till the leaders have spoken; it may be fair words shall prevail.

How many Facebook friends do you still see around who would still be appalled at the suspension of basic civil liberties for a virus with a 99.6% survival rate? For the intentional government incentivized murder of nearly a million Americans through Fauci protocols of Remdesivir and Ventilators while intentionally subverting effective early treatments?

How many would know about tower seven, that the Spanish flu was really bacterial pneumonia caused by Rockefeller's mass vaccination campaign, that FDR allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor, or that Tim McVeigh didn't bring down the federal building in Oklahoma City alone, or that the U.S. government attacked its own citizens with anthrax?

Any of those profiles who would be tuned in or red-pilled were all likely banned from the platform long ago. Even a little truth amongst "once upon a time friends" is too much for the information gatekeepers.

The more relevant question regarding that platform is why the hell would anyone still be on Facebook?

As with those "once upon a time friends" who digitally showed up in feeds, only to be culled from the platforms for not echoing the mindless borg, there are those once-a-month leisurely country club friendships that also won't have much to offer in the world we're racing toward.

The world's getting harsh by design and only the tough and sharp survive harsh worlds. You can't sharpen a knife against that soft leisurely country club life of luxury on-demand and excess a-la-carte. Luxuries and leisure will need to be reconsidered for pragmatism and preparation in service of the only relevant question for those concerned with weathering the political and economic engineered storms: What hardships are they planning next?

High food prices, energy inflation, currency inflation, economic stagnation, fake meat, bug platter TV dinners, and the tiny home "revolution", among a hundred others like surveillance apps, Central Bank controlled digital currencies, and QR code passports, they're herding people toward the world they want based on their completely misguided belief in overpopulation and limited resources. The agenda is clearly depopulation and forcing people to live with little to nothing.

To get there they need to engineer behavioral and consumer changes and none of it involves choice, liberty, or any of the values even moderately free people valued through history. The best time for preparing to meet the hardships they're creating was over the last decade, the next best time was yesterday and the third-best time is right now.

That includes sorting through black books and making difficult decisions about friendships and relationships. It's not just the people we keep close who will matter, but the communities that surround us, that we actively choose to join.

When ye fight with a wolf of the pack ye must fight him alone and afar, Lest others take part in the quarrel and the pack is diminished by war. Watch Tombstone on Netflix Today! | NetflixMovies.com
Won't be enforcing any WHO or UN "laws" around here.

The optimal location (stateside) will be in a state with low compliance for the medical theatre of the past two years and a low tolerance threshold for all the engineered madness. Florida, Arizona, Texas, Wyoming, and South Dakota come to mind first, though there are a half dozen others. Governors and local representatives who are not affiliated with global technocratic organizations like the World Economic Forum will be essential. Those who believe in the constitution and the rule of law may provide shelter from the coming storms. The most important tier will be at the county level. Mayors and Sheriffs with strong noses for social engineering bullshit, and a zero threshold for federal bureaucratic meddling will provide a nearby bulwark to the insanity.

Find that local sheriff who didn't enforce mask mandates, who didn't dole out fines or force his or her deputies to get the clot shots. Find that community that will reelect them or someone like them. The best locations will be mostly rural, with people distributed across an area with many homesteaders and small farmers. They should be fearless, powerful, armed, resourceful, gritty, and willing to die to keep their family and communities free. These are the people who will form the most effective wolf packs.

All the rest who occupy someplace in our lives outside our immediate families and the wolf pack are just chaff.

Those friendships that have survived and thrived over the decades are the most difficult to let go of, and no matter how hard it can be, those too need to be reevaluated. Distance, time, echo chambers, mass psychosis, it's possible they've slipped away, down a different destiny and there's no way to recover them. Take their temperature. Gauge their sociopolitical situational acuity and make the hard choices if needed. The Matrix might have them now, and that grip is tight, almost impossible to break. When the government starts leaning on citizen informers, these people will not be your friends. Survival requires looking after ourselves and our own and letting go of weaker links.

In the past, there were moments in life when we had a choice to make regarding a relationship with another person. We invested a lot of time and emotion in evaluating relations. In that instant of "break ups" things could turn from uncertainty to elation, or elation to pain and hurt and possibly a lifetime of regret. That was then. Times have changed.

There's no time for emotional attachment, sentimentality, or regret. There's no point in regretting the loss of friendships that are no longer worth managing. It's a time for pragmatism and survival. For cool detachment. It's time to cull the sheep from our lives, the extra baggage that isn't worth the effort and upkeep or having to pretend to be a dupe like them when they're around. There's no time for indulging their petty gossip, managed narratives and fables, and inconsequential frivolities.

Despite our noble efforts, some people can't shapeshift from sheep to wolves, and so we must let the Matrix eat them. If it's sheep you want in your life you can always go to an animal auction and buy some and at least they produce something useful for your new world.

What's needed now to survive the fourth burning and the flying jabs of global management's technocratic dystopic agenda is a solid wolf pack. If at least to howl together that beautiful wild and free howl that says to these meddling psychopaths, "We will not comply. Come and make us."

The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

And a wolf pack is no place for sheep.

The Wolf Pack team, the new innovation in team topology. | Teaminator
Come and make us.

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Someday my pain
Someday my pain will mark you
Harness your blame
Harness your blame, walk through

With the wild wolves around you
In the morning, I'll call you
Send it farther on

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The Good Citizen
16 May 2022 | 10:17 pm

Human Data


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Hypernormalisation | Documentary | Dir. Adam Curtis | 2016 | BBC
Black Mirror | Season 3 Episode 2 "Nosedive" | Charlie Brooker | 2016
Zuckerdork Introduces Meta - YouTube, 2021, Bozo Films
How China Tracks Everyone - Vice Media - YouTube, 2020

The Good Citizen
14 May 2022 | 8:01 pm

Time For Humanity

In Time (2011) - IMDb We were hunters and foragers. The frontier was everywhere. We were bounded only by the earth, the ocean, and the sky. - Carl Sagan

There are biological imperatives for all living organisms.

Immortality or reproduction.

The former is more a human fantasy of the powerful who cannot accept the beautiful limitations of nature and seek to circumvent its dominion. In the orderly life cycles of our natural world, the absence of the former leaves only reproduction.

The clock always ticks on the opportune window in an organism's life cycle for this process. Time is the one unbeatable constant shared by all living things. Some are more cognizant of its passing than others. For most species, biology does the timekeeping.

Time allows for adaptation, survival, reproduction, and death, which the unforgiving natural world doesn't guarantee will arrive in any order, only that it is inevitable.

The average life expectancy for homo sapiens in the western world just two centuries ago was 33.

Science, habitat, disease, and lifestyle are significant factors that affect this number.

So are wars.

There are species on our planet that have adapted over time in spectacular ways to their environment. The gray tree frog can avoid predators by changing its color and appearance based on its physical surroundings.

The octopus also has a miraculous ability to instantly change its color to its underwater surroundings to hide from predators. These fascinating creatures have three hearts and nine brains. One central brain, plus one for each independent arm. If they lose an arm they can grow it back.

Most species of octopus do not have much time. Some live for as little as six months. After reproduction, they begin the last stage of their lives called senescence when cellular reproduction ceases.

There are territorial species that prefer to be alone and there are herd species that prefer safety in numbers. Systems for survival and reproduction vary by habitat and natural predators. Humans only have one natural predator.

There is a subspecies of homo sapiens that have existed throughout recorded time. They seek to rule over and control others of their species. Today this subspecies has a global reach, far greater than any monarch or empire.

They control finances, economies, central banks, food supplies and distribution, and all-important institutions including governments. They also decide when wars will happen and for how long they will be waged and how the spoils and suffering will be distributed.

The global overlord is not so conducive to adaptation in a changing world. In order to flex his overlord status, he simply engineers the world to create the environment that others of a lesser status are forced to adapt to. This is the scientific equivalent of controlling rodents inside a laboratory for experimentation. In this case, the laboratory is the planet or western civilization, and humans are the rodents.

To the global overlord, reproduction is quaint, a performative physical gesture for lustful pleasure or to merely continue their hereditary lineage. Outside their own order, it's mostly a third-world nuisance. The global overlord views all worlds including advanced nations as the third world.

People are simply units of consumption and units of carbon output. Humans are merely objects for remaking everything in the image they seek. A fusing of biology and technology to a post-human version of our species.

Implanted brain chips will form an interconnected network of organisms controlled by frequencies and processes that could be destructive on a cellular level. These frequencies are already all around us, destroying us on a cellular level. Sacrifices must be made. Immortality can't wait. There simply isn't enough time.

Billions will be sacrificed as we are made more efficient yet more dependent. Everything points to meddling with the natural order to render us less than human. Free will, desire, and liberty are considered obstacles to this agenda. We will be permitted to exist with very little, and all else will be artificial illusions and distractions.

In other words, the same trajectory they've been herding humanity for decades with the destruction of naturopathic medicine for allopathic medicine, hyper-individualism, epidemic levels of narcissism, mass consumption, digital re-presentation of selves and communities for mass surveillance, and intentional destruction of the family unit, gender roles, and traditions that were once the bedrock of healthy civilizations.

The global overlord cannot manage a population that is too large, too rigid, or too free. Malthusian reduction is essential. Manipulation will occur concurrently with reduction. Biotechnological fusion will happen as technology advances.

The overlord believes immortality may somehow now be attainable, perhaps in a nano-graphene biologic variation. Their experiments are already underway. To circumvent the natural order of the world that has persisted through all of time they are willing to sacrifice humanity for their aspirations of immortality.

Their arrogance is astounding. Their short-sightedness is troubling. Their results will not be what they imagine. Humanity has not consented to their agenda, but they do not care. Rodents in a cage cannot consent.

It was once the noblest aspiration of one generation of humans to pass on what was learned to the next generation, mostly for survival, then later for conquest and advancement. Each generation advancing the cause.

We always assumed we'd pass on what we learn from one generation to the next but that hardly seems true anymore. We seem intent on the destruction of valuable knowledge for species and civilizational survival.

By the time we're ready to settle the nearest planetary systems, we will have changed. The simple passage of generations will have changed us. Adaptation will change us. We are an adaptable species. - Carl Sagan

There are no more physical frontiers on earth, so new, artificial ones are invented. Creative and scientific innovation was to lead us toward "progress". The global overlord seeks to manage all waypoints of this "progress". While pretending to be benevolent shepherds of our natural world, including humans, they seek to monetize it, control it, extract it and subdue it.

What is the point of all our vast reservoirs of scientific knowledge if we aren't following what we know to be true, and reverting back to only what we are told to believe and to trust unconditionally those doing the telling?

In their desire to play God with humans and nature, the meddling overlords have no limitations in their obsessions with scientism and posthumanism. There are no red lines. Whatever is possible becomes a necessary experiment through forced implementation.

Sometimes it's sold as frictionless convenience, playing upon the inherent sloth of our leisurely consumer-obsessed species, who more often simply exist as energy consumption and redistribution units. Ten calories in for every two out through mostly unproductive activities.

And so we are viewed as bloated over-fed rodents in cages of our own acceptance and making. The images projected on the walls of our cage are a prison of our perceived reality that keeps us spellbound and trapped.

Our perception of time becomes warped by the trappings thrown in the cage. Understanding its limitations on our existence gets suspended as we submerge our minds into pseudo realities and artificial digital creations. We can be programmed to believe what we're told.

We are now being programmed to believe the elderly have lived good lives and so euthanasia becomes a noble act to benefit younger generations. It is now advertised with dystopic euphemisms such as "compassionate end of life care". Switzerland has allowed this private industry to operate for any aged person with the means to pay. Canada is next. Each paying customer one less carbon unit. One less pension recipient. Human life is expendable in the new order of "progress".

Twitter avatar for @NewsNancy9NEWSNANCY @NewsNancy9 WEF Now Suggest Seniors OFF Themselves "For the Children" 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 "Old people live TOO long & this is a risk for the global community." 🤔Now, Christine Lagarde @Lagarde, tell us — are you going to go first??? trendingpolitics.com/wef-now-sugges…

May 10th 2022

290 Retweets260 Likes

The old order fades. Reproduction is postponed for corporate promotions in pursuit of a soulless career. Terminating a human life becomes not just socially acceptable among hysterical fanatics and economically encouraged by the soulless corporation, but an inalienable "human right" in the neoliberal "rules-based" order. Any offspring not terminated are dumped at institutions for remedial programming and coalescing, increasingly run by pink-haired mental cases adorned with disgusting tattoos and piercings who believe biology is merely a social construct. All truths and realities are deconstructed to become meaningless socially accepted fabrications engineered for species submission and destruction.

How can a species survive its desire to constantly deny reality and abort its own biological imperative?

As with every question in our world, time will eventually answer that.

Perhaps that's the one thing that equals the playing field for rodents and overlords. Time. They will never get a minute more or a minute less than those they experiment on. They merely have the resources to pass it in whatever ways they choose.

Increasingly they choose to pass it standing over our cages, making decisions that affect us all as we feel helpless, particularly those who can see beyond the walls of their own cages. Some of those decisions will have irreversibly deleterious consequences for our species. Indeed for all species. It's possible they won't even make that decision, but move us there by accident in their quest for "progress".

The command and control networks in nuclear nations receive orders and spread them to missile silos and submarines in strategic locations. Units have less than ten minutes to complete launch protocols before becoming targets themselves.

Evolutionary adaptation doesn't correct quickly for things. Psychology based advertising and propaganda is but a century old. Fifth generational cognitive warfare is new. Most people have no idea they are open targets. We watch these maladapted sapiens in real-time race toward the land mines with smiley emojis on. Happy in their cages.

There are species and then there are ignorant variations of species. Only in humans can they reach the pinnacle of power.

The pinnacle of power seeks to push Russia or China too far over the edge and have nutty ideas about faking a nuclear isolated event that activates nervous fingers toward red buttons that once pressed can't be undone.

On September 26, 1983 Russian defenses detected five incoming ICBMs. In fact these ICBMs were computer-generated phantoms, but the Russians didn't know that. Alarms went off in a command bunker near Moscow. This bunker was the last stop. If it validated the signal then an emergency We-Are-Being attacked message would have gone straight to the Kremlin. The pressure was intense and the system was positive in its assessment of the ICBMs. However the commander of the bunker decided - by instinct - that it was a false alarm. He over-ruled the computers. Had that not happened there was only last step before Russia launched a counter-attack.1

With all that we know of nuclear weapons and their destructive powers, and after witnessing their use at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, these options are still on the table. We are fully aware of what that would mean not just for humanity but all species on this planet forever, yet we still have them waiting, on standby, buttons threatening to be pressed.

Who would dare even talk about such things accusatorily while tensions are heightened in open displays of hostility that could escalate to the unthinkable?

There are species capable of so much more beyond survival and reproduction. We like to think of ourselves as one of them.

Indeed human life is a triumph. We are a species capable of such beauty and wonder through empathy, acceptance, harmony through cohabitation, and innovative achievements that move us toward a greater understanding of our species' survival and responsibility as noble shepherds of our planet's ecosystems.

We are also a species capable of horrific destruction through the use of weapons that in one deceptive moment of misunderstanding could…


Well, c'mon. These weapons are less than a century old. Technological adaptation doesn't happen quickly. The learning curve is not the same for all species.

Give us time.


Movie review: In Time (2011) | Vincent Loy's Online Journal They will marvel at how vulnerable the repository of all our potential once was. How perilous our infancy. How humble our beginnings. How many rivers we had to cross before we found our way. - Carl Sagan

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The Good Citizen
10 May 2022 | 8:10 pm

The Disinformation of Misinformed Informers

Sources say there is far too much unapproved disinformation in the world today and it's a tremendous threat to the approved disinformers.

Official sources say there is too much unofficial unapproved disinformation. Only official approved disinformation is allowed inside sources tell alphabet news networks.

Two officials with inside knowledge of unapproved disinformation tell alphabet news networks tonight that unofficial disinformation is a threat to the official informers' disinformation monopoly.

Intel officials say that their disinformation monopoly is being undermined by people interested in honest information being peddled by unapproved disinformation sources.

Trusted sources are saying that Intel officials are worried that sources confirm that unapproved disinformation from people interested in honest information is the greatest threat to democracy. Alongside white supremacy of course. And the MAGA people.

Official inside intel sources who are to be trusted are saying that the third greatest threat to global security, energy security, chastity belt security, and your ability to buy baby formula is Russian disinformation. It's the venomous pit viper of the disinformation kingdom. Unpredictable, poisonous, and potentially deadly if allowed to flow through a social body without the life-saving antidote provided by approved trust and safety profiled official fact-checkers.

The most trusted sources say that intel sources say that inside sources say those official informers and approved fact-checkers are completely and unapologetically always full of shit and the Good Citizens now know it.

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The Good Citizen
7 May 2022 | 6:56 pm

The Government Wants Slaves

Do your Good Citizen duty and wake up other Good Citizens.


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The Good Citizen
6 May 2022 | 6:24 pm

Children of The Free States #2

The first letter from Olivia (Oregon) to Jacob (Texas) was published here in February. Please share these letters with other Good Citizens if you enjoy them.

"I know what's out there. I've seen a different time. I've seen a different world with my own eyes." - Olivia "I guess people around here ain't never been easy to push around. They tried it many times and each time they pushed, people around here just pushed back harder." - Jacob

United States of America
Guthrie, Texas

June 18, 2049

Dear Olivia and Francine,

Your letters came a couple weeks ago and I was meaning to write you back sooner but I started a new job and they got me working long hours on the ranch. I'm on a different ranch now near Guthrie, which is on the other side of Lubbock. It's a bigger outfit and they're giving me lots of responsibilities pretty quickly so I got to constantly be on top of things.

I'm sorry about using the wrong vaccine box to hide the chip with my letters last time. I'll use the ones you sent from Oregon just as you said. I couldn't bear the thought of getting you all in trouble because of my carelessness. You have to understand it's much easier here to send things, to do anything. We just don't need to be sneaky about nothing.

It makes me sad thinking about all those vaccines they give you there. We got all the same viruses but nobody takes none of those shots here. At least nobody I know. They still have them but people get to choose if they take it or not and since there was so much lying in the past, a lot of people just don't trust that those shots do any good at all. From what I seen they do nothing but harm. I can send you all kinds of studies and digital books that show most of these shots increase the chance of death in healthy people. And that's why it makes me sad that they risk harming you over there for something that don't even do nothing. A person ought to be free to decide what they put in their body. They ought to at least be told the truth about what it is they'll be putting in their body. At least that's how folks around here feel about it.

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The Good Citizen
4 May 2022 | 6:02 pm

Burn It All Down To Keep Power

A story about civilizational arsonists in five memes.

Oh, the timing.

Firmware update successful for Election 2022. Get ready for months of 24/7 "abortion is a human right" programming…

…from the empire of delusions.

Twitter avatar for @LeonydusJohnsonLeonydus Johnson (leave/me/alone) @LeonydusJohnson "It is not a person" "It has no rights" "Ending this will cause harm and death" "It will have a hard life otherwise" "It can't survive on its own" "This is my Constitutional right" "SCOTUS must not abandon their own precedent" - Pro-slavery activists in the mid-1800s

May 4th 2022

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And as U.S. institutions burn, keep burning down Ukraine in order to keep looting the treasury.
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