Vanessa Beeley

Vanessa Beeley
18 May 2024 | 11:29 am

1. War criminal Ariel Sharon's legacy returns to haunt Gaza

Butcher Ariel Sharon tours Nitzanim in 2005 during evacuation of Zionist settlers from Gaza.

Netzarim was unrivaled when it came to physically bisecting the Gaza Strip with its very presence, embittering the lives of its inhabitants and abusing them. That's why it was built.

The terrifying checkpoint and the threatening voice over the loudspeaker that stopped the busy traffic between the northern and southern sections of the Gaza Strip whenever a settler mother drove her child to an after-school activity in an armored, heavily guarded convoy – that is something I will never forget.

The children from the community center kissed the liberated soil. They didn't believe that it was now possible to travel from Gaza City to the southern city of Khan Yunis without going through the scary Abu Holi checkpoint, or to go from the seaside Muassi neighborhood to Khan Yunis without traversing the equally threatening Tofah checkpoint.

Gideon Levy on the Zionist settler evacution of Gaza 2005/6 - written in August 2020

The Zionist forces have reinstated the Netzarim corridor dividing north from south in Gaza.

When I spoke with friends in Rafah days before they were again forced to flee to another even more decimated area of Gaza, they told me that Zionist forces were on the ground in the corridor that separates north from south. They told me checkpoints had already been established and that crossing from south to the north was impossible. During the Rafah exodus some tried to return to the north and were shelled by Israel on the beach road.

The infamous Netzarim corridor that separated Gaza into southern and northern sectors was bitterly resented by Palestinians in Gaza. It was an instrument of segregation and torment as described by Levy.

The map below is taken from a Le Monde article '10 Maps to Understand Gaza's Tumultuous History'. It is evident that apartheid flourished in Gaza under Israeli occupation just as it does in the Occupied Territories.

A Washington Post article which is archived here - 'What Israel's strategic corridor in Gaza reveals about its post-war plans' - describes a large scale project by the Zionist regime and military to reshape Gaza in the image of Ariel Sharon's 'Five Fingers' project, entrenching Zionist military in sections of Gaza and partitioning the enclave into dissected cantons.

According to the article:

At least 750 buildings have been destroyed in what appears to be a systematic effort to create a "buffer zone" that stretches at least 500 yards on either side of the road, according to an analysis by Hebrew University's Adi Ben-Nun, a geographic data specialist. Another 250 buildings have been razed in the area of the U.S. pier'.

This excerpt is from an ABC Australia 2021 documentary - Stone Cold Justice, Israel's Torture of Palestinian Children. It is an interview with Daniella Weiss, extremist leader of the Zionist settler movement who worked with Ariel Sharon in the 1970s to break Palestinian territory into segregated ghettos to prevent a Palestinian State:

In 2005 when Ariel Sharon decided to withdraw all settler and military from Gaza, Ghali Hassan wrote:

According to Sharon's adviser, Dov Weisglass, Sharon decided to disengage from Gaza to consolidate the illegal settlements in the West Bank and, more importantly, to prevent any future negotiation with the Palestinians. The 'engagement' plan is the best pretext for the expropriation of about 58 per cent of Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Jerusalem, including all water aquifers and fertile land, to build more illegal settlement. A criminal policy of land theft supported and financed by the current US administration.

As for Palestinians living in Gaza, Israel will continue to control Gaza's borders, coastline, airspace, telecommunications, water sources, and electricity supply. Egypt, which is well-known for its harsh treatment of Palestinians, may be given the role of Israeli enforcer on its border with Gaza. US-made F16 fighter planes and Apache helicopters will continue as often as possible to rain their deadly missiles and bombs on Palestinian population centres there. Palestinian identity will be further weakening – by Israel's policy of fractionation –, and Palestinians in Gaza will be more isolated from not only the rest of the world, but also from the rest of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

As Ur Shlonsky, a professor of Linguistics at Geneva University in Switzerland wrote, Israel's aim is to:-

Terrorise the civilian population, assuring maximal destruction of property and cultural resources. The daily life of the Palestinians must be rendered unbearable: They should be locked up in cities and towns, prevented from exercising normal economic life, cut off from workplaces, schools and hospitals. This will encourage emigration and weaken the Resistance to future expulsions".

"Israel does not accept under any circumstances the Palestinian demand for the right to return. Israel bears no moral responsibility for the refugees' predicament." Ariel Sharon

When Ariel Sharon died in 2014 Richard Becker wrote:

The false claim that Sharon turned into a "man of peace" hinges on his decision to withdraw military bases and the small, non-viable Israeli settlements from inside Gaza. And while Palestinians in Gaza welcomed the withdrawal, Israel continued to keep Gaza surrounded and blockaded.

Sharon's decision to withdraw from Gaza, while denounced by some fascist settlers, was based on a determination to secure even more control of the West Bank
In a July 21, 2000 interview with the Jerusalem Post, several months before he became prime minister, Sharon called for Israel to "retain greater Jerusalem, united and undivided…under full Israeli sovereignty." This refers to the Palestinian Old City and all of the surrounding areas that Israel illegally annexed after the 1967 war.

The Palestinian "state" that Sharon proposed was one that would be unlike any other country in the world. It would not control its own resources including water, or its airspace, or even its own borders, and would be a defenseless entity smack up against one of the world's most highly militarized states.

False headlines notwithstanding, Sharon will go down in history not as any kind of imagined peacemaker, but instead as the blood-stained and racist mass murderer that he was.

Nothing has changed and the Zionist vision for a Palestinian State is even more extremist in 2024. I have already written about Netanyahu's dystopian project to convert Gaza into a 'free trade zone' with 'normalised' Palestinians living in 'safe areas' ultimately controlled by Israel, the US and allied Arab states, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain.

As the 'military experts' explain to the Washington Post - the re-emergence of the Netzarim corridor is part of a large-scale, long-term reshaping of Gaza's geography, harking back to past Israeli plans to carve Gaza into easier-to-control cantons.

"What we need is full freedom of operation for the IDF everywhere in Gaza," said Amir Avivi, a reserve brigadier general and former deputy commander of the Israel Defense Forces' Gaza Division.

One of the priorities of the Zionist invasion of Gaza after October 7th was to separate northern Gaza from the South and to have easy access to the Al Rashid coastal road that runs north to south. The corridor also bisects the arterial Salah Al Din road that runs north to south through central Gaza. Completion of the Netzarim Corridor was in March 2024 according to satellite imagery (Washington Post).

Unsurprisingly 'the forward operating base on al-Rashid Road sits next to a jetty constructed in mid-March to receive aid for distribution by the World Central Kitchen charity. The U.S. floating pier is expected to be in the same area, with IDF troops providing security for shipments by sea.' Washington Post makes no mention of the gas reserves sitting off the Gaza coast only 20 nautical miles from the hastily erected Biden 'humanitarian pier'.

In all, the area cleared around the corridor and the pier encompasses at least four square miles, or a little more than 2,500 acres, according to the analysis by Ben-Nun from Hebrew University, though extensive damage to buildings and agricultural land extends farther.

Extensive demolition of buildings, the destruction of agricultural land and the theft of civilian property and infrastructure was carried out to enable the construction of the pier and the corridor. Not to mention the buried remains of Palestinian civilians swept up in the bulldozed rubble used to construct the "aid" handling port.

Israeli troops also appear to have commandeered nearby civilian structures and turned them into military outposts. One is a former school in the village of Juhor ad Dik, about a mile from the border with Israel. Protective sand berms appeared at the location between March 15 and March 30, according to satellite imagery. The rest of the village has been destroyed. […]

Israeli troops also appear to be using the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, which once specialized in treatment for cancer patients, as a base of operations. The hospital shut down in the first week of November due to nearby airstrikes and lack of fuel, and thousands of cancer patients have been left without care. Sand berms appeared around the hospital in late November.

An Israeli soldier filmed himself tearing down large parts of the hospital with an earth mover in February. Images published online on May 8 by the Palestinian journalist Younis Tirawi and geolocated by The Post show Israeli soldiers using the hospital as a sniper position.

By March, Israeli forces had cleared hundreds of acres around the hospital — demolishing greenhouses and blowing up Israa University and the Palace of Justice, which housed Gaza's high courts.

The Nakba of 1948 that actually began even before this date has never ended - it has continued with different phases, projects, road maps and with varying intensity but the endgame has always been the same. The Zionist final solution. The permanent and irreversible ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the territory of Palestine.

We should never forget that Israel has destroyed many of the Government offices in Gaza including those that potentially held civilian records - property rights, birth certificates etc - so, under Zionist-allied rule how will these Palestinians make legitimate claim to their property or their land post-genocide? How will they secure a right to return?

Gaza's history has been systematically erased - 'The attempt by the occupation to destroy everything beautiful, to erase Palestinian memory… is making Palestinian cities uninhabitable' - Yahya al-Sarraj, head of Gaza's municipality

There is, allegedly, a debate raging among the members of Netanyahu's administration. War Minister, Yoav Gallant is advocating Palestinian control of Gaza:

"The idea is simple. We will not allow Hamas to control Gaza. We don't want Israel to control it, either. What is the solution? Local Palestinian actors backed by international actors."

This links to Netanyahu's post-genocide Gaza project where Palestinians ready to renounce all resistance and to normalise with Israel will be permitted to live in "safe zones" controlled by Israel-allied Arab states.

So, while this debate is being portrayed as confrontation between Gallant and many military officials versus Netanyahu and his far-right coalition members like Ben Gvir - the probable reality is we are witnessing another Zionist sleight of hand. Creating internal opposition to an extremist policy to appear balanced while aiming for a policy that incorporates aspects of the extreme and the conservative.

Yoav's post-genocide plan announced in January envisaged a Hamas-free Gaza, a multinational task force to rebuild the enclave, Egypt perhaps maintaining the rebuild monopoly and with Israeli military able to act freely to "ensure Gaza no longer poses a security threat". Yoav said:

"Hamas will not govern Gaza, Israel will not govern Gaza's civilians. Gaza residents are Palestinian, therefore Palestinian bodies will be in charge, with the condition that there will be no hostile actions or threats against the State of Israel,"

How different is this plan when compared to the recently revealed Netanyahu project:

Phase One - The priority is to cleanse northern Gaza of Hamas, a plan which is until now unsuccessful. In the future Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan and Morocco will be given control of humanitarian aid entering the Gaza strip but only to "safe" areas. Selected Palestinians from Gaza will be given control of the concentration camp with the supervision of the normalised "Abraham Accord" nations.

Phase Two - Israel to maintain overall security responsibility which means military rule, oppression, apartheid and mass imprisonment, torture and ritual abuse of Palestinians. Arab states will create a "multilateral body to oversee, guide and fund the Gaza Rehabilitation Authority" aka the reprogramming indoctrination committee.

Palestinians from Gaza will form the "Rehabilitation Authority" which will manage the "safe areas" and ensure they are free of "radical resistance ideology". Comparisons to the Marshall Plan are to be ridiculed when taken in the context of the protection and renaissance of Nazism under US/UK protection in the West since the end of WW2.

Final Phase - the selected Palestinians will govern areas of the Gaza enclave and will join the Abraham Accords.

The fact is, Gallant and Netanyahu are effectively on the same page, the infighting is either cosmetic or a genuine challenge for leadership of the project. The US would probably prefer partnership with Gallant whom they perceive as more pragmatic and to offer better PR optics than an increasingly unhinged Netanyahu.

Plans are always fluid and shape-changing but one thing is certain - the ultimate Zionist goal is to reduce the Palestinian presence in "pure" Israel down to subdued, powerless dots on the map of greater Israel once the Resistance is purged and Zionist ethno-supremacy can rule unimpeded.

However, we should always bear in mind that the best laid plans of mass murderers and war criminals can always go awry when confronted by an increasingly powerful and united global resistance against genocide.


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Vanessa Beeley
18 May 2024 | 7:54 am

2. Ilan Pappe detained in Detroit

I was also detained at Heathrow for six hours in November 2022 under the UK Anti-Terrorism Act (Section 3) on the basis that I might be a "Russian agent". Ridiculous as this claim was and is, I was detained for the maximum 6 hours. My phone data was downloaded and I had to answer questions about my work in Syria and in relation to Russia. I was DNA'd, fingerprints, photos etc as if I were already a convicted criminal. This is now becoming an pandemic of suppression of dissent on any of the multiple Western supremacy projects globally.

Sent to me by a colleague in France - We learn that Ilan Pappé, author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine just (re)published in French was detained on Monday by the FBI at Detroit airport in the United States and questioned about his opinions on the war in Gaza, his friendships, etc. His phone data was stolen. The repression of voices critical of Israel and in support of the Palestinian people must stop!

"Did you know that a 70-year-old history professor could pose a threat to American national security?

I landed at the Detroit airport on Monday and was subjected to a two-hour interrogation by the FBI, who also took my phone.

I must say that the two investigators were not too harsh or impolite but their questions were implausible!

Am I a Hamas supporter? Do I consider Israeli actions in Gaza to be genocide? What is the solution to the "conflict" (seriously, that's what they asked me!)?

Who are my Arab and Muslim friends in the United States? how long I have known them, what type of relationship do I have with them?

In some cases I referred them to my books, and in others I gave a terse yes or no answer... (I was pretty exhausted after an 8 hour flight, but I guess that is part of the game).

They had a long phone conversation with someone... the Israelis?

After copying the entire contents of my phone, they allowed me to enter the United States.

I know many of you have had worse experiences, but after France and Germany refused entry to the vice-chancellor of Glasgow University because he was Palestinian... God only knows which can still happen.

The good news is that actions of this type carried out by the United States or European countries under pressure from the pro-Israeli lobby or from Israel make palpable the great panic and the deep dismay at the fact that Israel is on the verge of becoming a pariah state, with all that such a status entails.

Ilan Pappé (Facebook, Wednesday May 15, 2023)

These are harassment and intimidation tactics. Do not give in to them.


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Vanessa Beeley
17 May 2024 | 9:40 am

3. The Zionist invasion of Rafah and the 'future of post-genocide Gaza'

Nakba reload - Palestinians flee Rafah to the destroyed areas of the Gaza enclave.

My first report is a view of the horrific situation faced by Palestinians in Gaza - totally imprisoned, no escape routes except the US-managed pier, Israel bombing every area including central Gaza where many have fled from "safe" Rafah. Genocide does not even cover what is going on and nothing in history compares to 1.5 million people trapped in an extermination camp the size of the Isle of Wight (UK) under 24/7 bombardment:

My second report covers what I wrote about recently - the Israel/US dystopian vision for Gaza post-genocide. I have one question for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Bahrain who are claiming lack of support for the proposal despite their obvious leaning towards normalisation with the Zionist regime - what is their counter proposal or road map for Palestine? Where is the report? Denials do not carry any weight when there is no alternative being put forward.

I will soon be writing a comprehensive update on all fronts inside Syria which, to a large degree, has become the forgotten war with the genocide in Palestine taking priority.

You can also watch Alex Thomson's excellent report from Tbilisi in Georgia in the full news programme:


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Vanessa Beeley
10 May 2024 | 11:15 am

4. Redacted covers the 'Gaza 2035' catastrophic plan for Palestinians

You can watch the full Redacted deep dive on a number of topics here:


Vanessa Beeley
10 May 2024 | 8:40 am

5. Gaza 2035 - Netanyahu's dystopian vision for Gaza's future

"From crisis to prosperity - transformation of Gaza from an Iranian shrine to a moderate axis" - this is the tagline of a recent Ynet article in Hebrew that reports on the Netanyahu administration examination of a dystopian vision of Gaza's future as a hideous Dubai/Singapore style outpost of Zionist and US/UK military and economic hegemony in West Asia.

Previously Ron Ben Yishai had written for Ynet:

It is hard to imagine the Gaza Strip becoming the tiny and glittering country in East Asia, but it is the vision that Netanyahu is trying to advance behind the scenes. The idea: complete detachment from Israel and connection to the world through a maritime corridor to Cyprus and a land crossing to Egypt, tens of billions of dollars to be spent on the restoration of destruction and tourism and high-tech ventures, and civilian rule based on international bodies. The buds can be seen on the beach where a pier for humanitarian aid was erected. But it will take a lot of persuasion and execution efforts to make the dream a reality

Yes, it is hard to imagine the burial of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian lives, bodies, dreams, hopes and memories under the rubble from which will spring these futuristic, soulless buildings that are designed to erase Arab culture, heritage and history. Palestine will cease to exist in Gaza if this scheme is successful.

The suspicion that the so called Gaza "humanitarian" port that the US was so eager to construct, using building materials impregnated with Palestinian blood and remains - will be nothing more than an element of the US military and economic expansion into West Asia.

Gaza will become "a thriving green country with towers and business centres, not a terrorist incubator" says Ynet. Gaza could have been a thriving, green country with its independent resource mining providing wealth and growth for the Palestinians had Israel not prevented gas exploration and besieged the enclave, ensuring its descent into a dusty, overcrowded, energy deprived extermination camp.

India's state owned defense company "MIL" has been granted permission to sell & ship its munitions to israel amid the Gaza genocide right now. Press TV.

The threat of Iranian expansionism has been the long-rolled-out pretext for US, UK and Zionist preemptive violence and destablisation in the region. Protectionism for the India-Middle East-Europe-Economic Corridor (IMEC) is paramount as it counters the various China/Iran/Russian-led initiatives in the region including China's Belt and Road Initiative.

Gaza must be captured as the central junction between the ancient trade routes Egypt-Gaza-Babylon and India-Yemen-Saudi Arabia-Europe. For this reason alone, the control of this tiny strip of seaside territory is essential for the future survival of Israel and the alliance of Gulf States, Egypt and Jordan - Turkey may also be included - although Erdogan's recent rhetoric may suggest the opposite, it is not to be trusted.

Gaza now after the Zionist genocidal campaign supported and enabled by the West.

Gaza 2035 - the Zionist vision for the Palestinian enclave.

The plan was first presented to senior officials of the Netanyahu administration in December.

Phase One - The priority is to cleanse northern Gaza of Hamas, a plan which is until now unsuccessful. In the future Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan and Morocco will be given control of humanitarian aid entering the Gaza strip but only to "safe" areas. Selected Palestinians from Gaza will be given control of the concentration camp with the supervision of the normalised "Abraham Accord" nations.

Phase Two - Israel to maintain overall security responsibility which means military rule, oppression, apartheid and mass imprisonment, torture and ritual abuse of Palestinians. Arab states will create a "multilateral body to oversee, guide and fund the Gaza Rehabilitation Authority" aka the reprogramming indoctrination committee.

Palestinians from Gaza will form the "Rehabilitation Authority" which will manage the "safe areas" and ensure they are free of "radical resistance ideology". Comparisons to the Marshall Plan are to be ridiculed when taken in the context of the protection and renaissance of Nazism under US/UK protection in the West since the end of WW2.

Final Phase - the selected Palestinians will govern areas of the Gaza enclave and will join the Abraham Accords. It is expected that the "Nazi elements" in Netanyahu's coalition regime will not support these plans preferring the re-establishment of Zionist settlements and exclusive Zionist control - Smotrich and Bin Gvir will be the first to oppose any Palestinian rule in Gaza.

This plan secures the vision that was laid out in the Netanyahu-commissioned Clean Break Doctrine established in 1997 - Israel's long term security, integration in the region, economic expansion, normalisation with Saudi Arabia and other gulf states.

The US will sell itself as the harbinger of stability in the region. It will garner military dominance and the establishment of a trade corridor (IMEC) that will bypass the Resistance Axis plans for trade dominance and the liberation of the "Global South" from neocolonialist resource-theft agendas.

Biden is desperate to find a way out of his criminal role in the mass slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank - as improbable as this plan is to succeed, many Americans might be fooled by the media spin on what is effectively building an empire on genocide - again.

The UAE and Bahrain might perceive the plan as an opportunity to expand their influence in the region and to foster a defence alliance with the US and Saudi Arabia and will gain access to the Mediterranean.

Egypt and Jordan will welcome the concept of de-radicalisation of a sector of the Resistance Axis - Egypt has long used the threat of Hamas to seal the borders with Gaza and to double down on the barbaric siege of 1.5 million Palestinians, the majority children inside the battered prison camp.

Watch video of Egyptian soldiers beating a young Gazan man who was trying to escape Rafah to Egypt:

Of course Israel and the US-led cartel will also be slavering over this project as a potential "intervention plan" in other countries within the Resistance Axis - Syria, Yemen, Lebanon. Their intention is to win over the countries resistant to Western imperialism with the poisoned chalice of controlled "development" post Western-proxy and direct destabilisation and devastation of these countries - projects which have left people food insecure, impoverished and without access to essential resources.

It should come as no surprise that the eradication of the regional history and culture and the reprogramming of entire peoples will be in their playbook.

Tantalising incentives will be dangled in front of people who have been starved, bombed, deprived and terrified on a 24/7 basis. Free trade zones in Gaza-Al Arish/Sinai, trade with Europe, the US and Gulf States. Rail-links, energy and regional infrastructure development. However will the Palestinians be allowed to leave their safe areas? Or will they continue to live in militarised and segregated ghettos?

The development of the Gaza gas reservoirs will finally happen but will be of no benefit to Palestinians of course. Solar fields in the Sinai will provide energy for regional desalination facilities. After years of Israel bombing and destroying Gaza's desalination capabilities and depriving Gaza of the energy to run the plants.

Electric vehicles "can be manufactured in the northern Gaza strip". Factories will be established in these areas and in the occupied territories neighbouring Gaza. Raw materials will come from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Cars coming off the production line will be shipped to Europe from the port at Al Arish.

The rebuilding of Gaza will require raw materials and services from the Gulf states - which will create for them demand and opportunities for foreign investment.

Taken from the PPt presentation of the Zionist proposal (translated to English from Hebrew)

Is this the Saudi idea of a "Palestinian state"? Probably. According to the New York Times on the 6th of May:

Emirati and Saudi officials and analysts said the new proposal would not secure the involvement of Arab states like Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E., particularly because it stopped short of guaranteeing Palestinian sovereignty and would permit continued Israeli military operations inside Gaza. The Saudi government has said it will not normalize ties with Israel unless Israeli leaders take irrevocable steps toward creating a Palestinian state.

However NYT goes on to say:

Still, the proposal is the most detailed plan for postwar Gaza that Israeli officials are known to have discussed, and parts of it align with ideas articulated by Arab leaders both in public and in private.

Regional businessmen are promoting the idea according to NYT, briefing officials from Arab and Western regimes, including US, Egypt, KSA and UAE. It has also been shown to none other than war criminal Tony Blair who works in an advisory capacity for the Saudi regime on "modernisation" projects. Allegedly a Palestinian businessman is also promoting the idea to American officials.

There are a lot of denials being given to the NYT in response to questions as to their awareness and approval of the Zionist/US plans but I would take these with a very large pinch of political salt - the UAE is pushing a "two state solution" which has never been anything but a 'conflict' resolution mirage and which is now impossible to achieve with the increase of settlements in the Occupied Territories and the genocidal campaign in Gaza.

What is certain is that this plan has been in the Zionist/US pipeline for perhaps decades and is only now being put into effect with the exploitation of events of October 7th by Israel to secure the Nakba II in Gaza and to increase the Zionist footprint in what remains of Palestine in the occupied territories.

Will it succeed against the rise of the East and the increased unity of the Resistance Axis impervious to Western/Zionist sectarian-divide-and-rule machinations? It will be a war to secure the regional heritage and cultural identity against a dystopian future of invisibility and eradication of all that is precious to the people of the region. I believe it will be won by an increasingly powerful and united Resistance Axis and non-aligned alliance but not without cost and sacrifice.

Please do watch this video by Maher Musalli - "our faith is stronger than your bombs"

As the Venezuelan Ambassador, HE Jose Biomorgi, said at the "Future of the region" conference in Damascus on the 9th April - we (the Resistance Axis) must never underestimate the neocolonialist bloc, their cohesion and their tremendous resources. (Paraphrase).

At the same conference, Iconic Syrian Catholic Priest, Pere Elias Zahlaoui (a profoundly spiritual and humble man) told me that the terrible sacrifice made by the Palestinian people will awaken the world and bring about huge transformation for Humanity - we are at a crossroads and the West is fighting for survival. This is when it is at its most dangerous and Machiavellian.


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Vanessa Beeley
9 May 2024 | 4:15 pm

6. President Assad doubles down on support for the Palestinian Resistance

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said the violent crackdown on anti-genocide, pro-Palestine student demonstrations in US, UK, EU universities only serves to highlight Western panic that their moral fig leaf has fallen for good.

During a meeting of the Central Command of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party in Damascus on Saturday, Assad highlighted that the "image of a wonderful and amazing West" has now started to "deteriorate" among Western citizens.

"Today, [Western citizens] have discovered that the principles upon which this system was based […] are lying, hypocrisy, and deception," he added.

"Therefore, we see the brutal repression that we have not seen before in the universities. […] The truth is that this unprecedented brutal repression that we see expresses a state of panic for the Western system in general."

President Assad also reiterated Syria's steadfast support for the Palestinian cause and this in the face of a concerted Zionist campaign to fracture the Axis of Resistance along sectarian lines - a much practiced tactic that no longer has the powerful effect that it might have had prior to 2012 and the start of the dirty war against Syria and allies.

"All that we can offer within our capabilities to the Palestinians or to any Resistance against the Zionist entity - we will do it without hesitation.

Our stance on resistance and our stance on it as a concept or a practice will not change. On the contrary it will grow stronger because the events have shown that those who do not make a decision do not have hope for the future. Those who do not have power have no value in this world. Those who do not resist to defend the homeland do not deserve a homeland at all.

Submission gives a false sense of security, and perhaps of power and sometimes of existence or being. But for while, until this role ends and the mission that is required ends, so that after that, people, states, countries can be deprived of their rights. When countries are deprived of their rights, this means their destruction and collapse."

I am trying to get hold of the whole speech and a better translation.

Today in Damascus, I attended the "Future of the Region" conference at the Diplomatic Institute section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Speakers were Prof. Tim Anderson, Dr. Marwa Osman and Prof./Seyed Mohammed Marandi who spoke eloquently for more than two hours. I will shortly be writing up their speeches and the Q&A which included questions from the Ambassadors of Cuba and Venezuela.


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Vanessa Beeley
9 May 2024 | 3:37 pm

7. Rafah massacre, Xi Jinping and French brandy, Hamish MI6 in Ukraine

My reports for UK Column yesterday began with a look at Xi Jinping's first visit to Europe for five years with France as the first stop-off. While ostensibly this was all about "balancing" trade - it appears that China is trying to encourage independence in Europe and to stave off the horrifying potential of nuclear war.

The full text of Xi's article for Le Figaro in English can be read here.

My second report covers the harrowing events in Rafah, the last refugee "safe haven" in Gaza which is now under sustained Zionist attack. I spoke with one of my friends there this morning and over the last two days. They told me that last night the Zionist quadcopter drones were outside the window of their apartment where twenty family members are sheltering.

The satanic device was spying on their gathering and could have, at any moment, shot them or fired a missile into the apartment killing all of them. At the last minute it launched its missile at a truck parked outside the apartment, incinerating it completely. This is the hell of the genocidal campaign against Palestinians. Psychological warfare accompanied by the random slaughter of entire families and civilian gatherings.

My third and final report covers the endless recycling of the Syria "chemical weapon" story and the same British Intel players involved now in Ukraine:

If you would like to watch the whole news program:


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Vanessa Beeley
3 May 2024 | 4:50 pm

8. Playing God

Playing God is a profoundly moving documentary that dives into the heart-wrenching journeys of families who have lost their loved ones to end-of-life drugs.

Jacqui Deevoy, co-producer and presenter of the Ickonic film A Good Death?, has teamed up with award-winning directors Naeem and Ash Mahmood and co-producer Phil Graham to create this jaw-dropping exposé on medical democide in the UK over the last 50 years.

You can find out more at the Playing God website, and although we at the UK Column, as well as Children's Health Defense, are doing all we can to get the film the exposure it deserves, the producers still need funds to help market it as widely as possible. Please help them if you possibly can.

It is worth noting that I have been unable to access the Playing God website and when I did a browser (not Google) search on the movie I was literally kicked out of the search. That has never happened before.

You cant watch this really harrowing and deeply affecting documentary at UK Column at this link.



Vanessa Beeley
3 May 2024 | 9:38 am

9. Matt Hancock reverts to democide, UK to occupy Gaza port.

On UK Column News on Wednesday we covered a wide range of topics. My first report follows on from my republished article on the MAiD (medically assisted deaths) policies in Canada - the gruesome Matt Hancock argues for assisted suicide in the UK:

In my second report I cover the US military build up in Gaza under the pretext of the "humanitarian port" built with rubble containing Palestinian human remains without a doubt. I also look at the rumours that UK military is on the way to Gaza to "support" so called humanitarian efforts.

Here is the full news and line up:

Mike Robinson, Charles Malet and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.

00:20 Matt Hancock In The News Again: Thou Shalt Not Kill

13:31 Data Protection Provided By The Government?

19:20 Different Continent, Same Game: Digital Identity

27:08 Thank You To Our Supporters—We Can't Do This Without You

29:08 If You Vote, Think Independent

33:33 Israel-Gaza War: Are UK And US Planning To Gain Military Footprints In The Middle East?

39:42 Ongoing Cost Concerns For UK Holocaust Memorial (There Is Already One Anyway)

42:19 Investigatory Powers: What Is The Snooper's Charter All About?

50:56 Nature Recovery, For Sustainable Farming

56:29 Online Safety Update And Media Literacy Update


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Vanessa Beeley
29 Apr 2024 | 10:59 am

10. Zionism as a Fascist Ideology and Movement

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff

From Liberated Texts (really good resource website), written by Louis Allday and S. Al Saleh:

Published by the Palestine Research Center3 in Beirut in 1978, just four years before it was looted and later bombed by Zionist forces during their occupation of Lebanon, Zionist Relations with Nazi Germany is a neglected study of a topic that has been suppressed in the mainstream to such an extent it has become virtually a taboo.4

Over four decades have passed since the publication of this concise and powerful book and it has remained mostly unnoticed, uncited, and unknown. Yet it should be essential reading, since it provides crucial historical context on Zionism and its relationship with European fascism.

This historical context shows Zionism to be an ideology and movement that is indisputably fascist in character, from the time of its collaboration with European fascist forces right up to the present moment, and for the duration of its ongoing campaign of genocidal violence against the Palestinian people, which began more than 75 years ago. Zionist Relations with Nazi Germany can therefore be read in two interlinked ways:

1) for its historical evidence about the Zionist movement's repressed history and 2) as a study that engages in the ideological battle against Zionism, confronting its racist and false self-representation as a movement for the salvation of all Jewish people.

The book's front cover gives its author as Faris Yahya, but an insert glued inside reveals this to be a pen name of Faris Glubb, a fascinating but little known revolutionary figure whose life and work have been similarly overlooked.

Read more here.

You can download the PDF of the book 'Zionism as a Fascist Ideology and Movement' here.


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