Indrajit Samarajiva

Indrajit Samarajiva
22 Jul 2024 | 12:34 pm

1. 100

Evelyn Samarajiwa, 1924-2024

I'm trying to write this as my children squall around me, much as Achchi tried to go to the bathroom while taking care of my baby sister, who gleefully pulled all the toilet paper to the floor. Achchi physically raised us, and it's physically painful now that she's gone. I remember imagining her death as a young child and it was the saddest thing I could imagine. Now she has died and—even thirty-something years later, even after 100 years of good life—it still hurts. I thought I had pre-grieved but it doesn't work.

Me and Achchi in Vancouver, Canada, 1983 or 1984

Achchi did many things for many people but I was her grandchild and I was special. She always made me feel special and nothing can shake that belief that I was. Even as a hoary old adult, Achchi still looked at me like I was a baby. Like I was a sheer bundle of joy though I had long since unpacked into melancholy adulthood. Even as her mind was going, Achchi still looked at me like I was God's gift for just showing up. Now no one will look at me like that. That child dies with her. That person, that perception, that universe is just gone.

Achchi was ready to go—she had told me for years—but I was never ready to let her. I always told her to wait, for this great-grandchild, for that visit, for me to be home. In the selfish way of a grandchild I always asked for more and—in the selfless way of a grandmother—she always gave it. But two months after her 100th birthday, her mind slipped away and her body gave out. When I left for my wife's graduation, Achchi went into hospital and then hospice and I knew it was coming. I've known it was coming for years and felt it coming for weeks but somehow it all comes at once. Achchi always indulged me as a grandchild and I always thought that there was an exception for me. Now I know that there's not. Death comes for everyone.

Achchi had a good run, a full century, a good Christian life with a just reward, if God wills it as I pray They do. Achchi had a small house but she made it a mansion in heavenly terms. I grew up with so many people who I thought were also grandchildren but they weren't, Achchi just loved a lot of people like that and took care of them without thinking. Her home was always open, not just to us, but to anyone. One of my not-actually-cousins was with her on her last day, just as Achchi was with so many people before. I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful that's in me.

So much of what I am—my fundamental tender-heartedness—comes from my grandparents. The political beliefs in my family are wildly different (and seem to skip generations) but the practical motivation is the same. Politics is an adaptation to different material realities, but the spiritual chain is, I think, unbroken. I must say that I'm worse than my grandparents—I have much more but I don't do that much—but I want to be more like Achchi, I do. God knows we had less of her for years and now we have none at all.

I look at my own children, and the lessons we try to teach them. To be kind. To help people. To give. For my grandmother these were Christian values, for my grandfather these were Christian Socialist values, and they lived them in action. It doesn't actually take a lot of education to arrive at the same conclusions, you could just pay attention in preschool, or read the red parts of the Bible. Share. Care. Be nice to each other. I'm thankful that my kids got to know their great-grandparents, and that their not-so-great parents carry some of those lessons in our blood.

Early this year, Achchi was a bit agitated and kept asking about her 'service'. So her daughter-in-law (my mother) helped organize a church service for her, what I called a pre-funeral until nobody laughed and I shut up. Everyone got up and said nice things about Achchi while Achchi said "what?" But she could still read the speeches and she understood what was going on. Now all the old people want one. Achchi was happy, she literally got her flowers while she was living. She started her final decline after that. Her 100th birthday was her last milestone.

Achchi was lucky, she had a good run—a full century—and a graceful exit surrounded by people that loved her. You can't ask for much more, but as her selfish grandchild I still somehow expected it. Achchi always looked at me like her baby and here I am, still bawling at forty-one. Achchi was a teacher, she was a mother to many, she was a servant of God, but I'm mourning something else entirely. I'm mourning a grandmother, that purest of relationships, if everything works out. Evelyn Samarajiwa was the grandmother that raised me with her own hands. Now I physically feel let down. She's gone and I am alone. Or not.

Now my children are back, crawling all over me, like I crawled over my grandparents once. They look at these pictures of their Loku Achchi and smile, they don't mourn, they don't know. I can't think or write anymore which is maybe a good thing. The tree of family starts with a lot of roots and a few branches, then the roots die, the branches become roots and life goes on. It doesn't for me but I guess I'm on the dying end now.

Rest in peace Evelyn Samarajiwa, my first and last Achchi. I still love you with the heart of a child that only lived in your eyes. As your eyes close, that child is gone. I pray that my children remember you, and carry your spirit on.

Indrajit Samarajiva
17 Jul 2024 | 8:40 am

2. How AI Is A Sign Of Collapse

How AI Is A Sign Of Collapse
Tainter's famous graph
How AI Is A Sign Of Collapse

Artificial Intelligence, self-checkout, electric cars, reusable rockets. Modern 'innovation' doesn't actually create anything new (nouns), it just adds more complication to existing technology (adjectives). Modern civilization is just getting more and more complicated, which only makes it more fragile. Indeed, we are witnessing precisely what Joseph Tainter described in his book, The Collapse Of Complex Societies. Joe said:

It is the thesis of this chapter that return on investment in complexity varies, and that this variation follows a characteristic curve. More specifically, it is proposed that, in many crucial spheres, continued investment in sociopolitical complexity reaches a point where the benefits for such investment begin to decline, at first gradually, then with accelerated force. Thus, not only must a population allocate greater and greater amounts of resources to maintaining an evolving society, but after a certain point, higher amounts of this investment will yield smaller increments of return. Diminishing returns, it will be shown, are a recurrent aspect of sociopolitical evolution, and of investment in complexity. The principle of diminishing returns is one of the few phenomena of such regularity and predictability that economists are willing to call it a 'law' (Hadar 1966: 30).

In addition to economics, one can also observe this phenomenon in their own lives or bodies. Every sensation fades and requires more and more stimulus to feel, you can observe this from taking ecstasy or through Buddhist meditation. It is even akin to the second law of thermodynamics, wherein every state naturally trends towards entropy unless you apply more and more energy to fight the arrow of time. You can find this phenomenon everywhere, including behind your own eyeballs, but let's just open our eyes to the few examples I list above. Actually, just one example because my son is waking up.

Artificial Intelligence

Applying the adjective 'artificial' to what we vainly call intelligence just uses massive energy consumption and complexity to create village idiots. To hear it from the beast's mouth, this is Jim Covello of Goldman Sachs:

My main concern is that the substantial cost to develop and run AI technology means that AI applications must solve extremely complex and important problems for enterprises to earn an appropriate return on investment (ROI). We estimate that the AI infrastructure buildout will cost over $1tn in the next several years alone, which includes spending on data centers, utilities, and applications. So, the crucial question is: What $1tn problem will AI solve? Replacing low-wage jobs with tremendously costly technology is basically the polar opposite of the prior technology transitions I've witnessed.
Goldman-Sachs-AI-Report Goldman-Sachs-AI-Report.pdf 3 MB download-circle

Seriously, what big problems does AI solve? Producing massive amounts of self-confident bullshit? We already have Americans. Producing kill lists? We already have 'Israelis'. Drawing pictures? We've been doing this since the cave man days. 'Optimizing', finding 'efficiencies', these are all literally marginal gains, achieved with massive complexity (and piss-poor reliability), precisely what Tainter described in his thesis. Generative AI burns a rainforest to produce a spark. As Joe said:

More complex societies are more costly to maintain than simpler ones, requiring greater support levels per capita. As societies increase in complexity, more networks are created among individuals, more hierarchical controls are created to regulate these networks, more information is processed, there is more centralization of information flow, and there is an increasing need to support specialists not directly involved in resource production. All of this complexity is dependent upon energy flow at a scale vastly greater than that characterizing small groups of self-sufficient foragers or agriculturalists. The result is that as a society evolves toward greater complexity, the support costs levied on each individual will also rise, so that the population as a whole must allocate increasing portions of its energy budget to maintaining organizational institutions. This is an immutable fact of societal evolution, and is not mitigated by the type of energy source.

As an example, what do I use AI for (I'm sorry)? When I copy-paste these quotes in the formatting is wonky, something which would take five minutes and a cornflake's worth of energy for me to fix myself. Instead I ask ChatGPT to do it because I'm lazy. I am just an average poet, not some new category of human, and I require massive neural networks to just remember stuff, something the ancients could do naturally and much better! As Socrates said when literacy was the hot new technology:

The story goes that Thamus said much to Theuth, both for and against each art, which it would take too long to repeat. But when they came to writing, Theuth said: "O King, here is something that, once learned, will make the Egyptians wiser and will improve their memory; I have discovered a potion for memory and for wisdom." Thamus, however, replied: "O most expert Theuth, one man can give birth to the elements of an art, but only another can judge how they can benefit or harm those who will use them. And now, since you are the father of writing, your affection for it has made you describe its effects as the opposite of what they really are. In fact, it will introduce forgetfulness into the soul of those who learn it: they will not practice using their memory because they will put their trust in writing, which is external and depends on signs that belong to others, instead of trying to remember from the inside, completely on their own. You have not discovered a potion for remembering, but for reminding; you provide your students with the appearance of wisdom, not with its reality. Your invention will enable them to hear many things without being properly taught, and they will imagine that they have come to know much while for the most part they will know nothing. And they will be difficult to get along with, since they will merely appear to be wise instead of really being so."

What an apt description of the ills of AI, from thousands of years ago. Socrates said, "they will imagine that they have come to know much while for the most part they will know nothing." I have simply taken a dubious philosophical idea (writing) to its most destructive conclusion, deploying that "which is external and depends on signs that belong to others" to have shittier recall than your average village griot from yonks ago. That guy could reproduce passages from memory for a few olives and a splash of wine, whereas I require specialized memory cards and offerings of water and oil that actually belong to the future.

As Covello said in the Goldman Sachs report, "AI bulls seem to just trust that use cases will proliferate as the technology evolves. But eighteen months after the introduction of generative AI to the world, not one truly transformative—let alone cost-effective—application has been found." Note that Goldman Sachs makes more money as AI this boom goes on, there's nobody more incentivized to hype it up, but even they're like "uh, this is bullshit." As the paper says in the intro:

The bigger question seems to be whether power supply can keep up. GS US and European utilities analysts Carly Davenport and Alberto Gandolfi, respectively, expect the proliferation of AI technology, and the data centers necessary to feed it, to drive an increase in power demand the likes of which hasn't been seen in a generation, which GS commodities strategist Hongcen Wei finds early evidence of in Virginia, a hotbed for US data center growth.

As we become increasingly aware of the costs of massive energy use, we are using even more massive amounts of energy to solve Sudoku puzzles to create speculative cryptocurrencies (this is literally how Bitcoin works) and even more massive amounts of energy to produce verbal diarrhea (an apt description of generative AI). This seems inane unless you consider Tainter's (disputed) thesis that all complex societies collapse this way. Because of increasing complexity for diminishing returns.

I'd like to get into this more but my children have both woken up and will soon start generating pre-industrial amounts of bullshit which is at least endearing and requires only cornflakes to fuel. So I'll expand on this simple concept of catastrophic complexity next time. Just note that this may be a while. I need a weird charger adapter here and I have my charges to worry about. My seemingly simple writing output is actually complicated, and thus prone to falling apart.

Indrajit Samarajiva
9 Jul 2024 | 2:46 pm

3. The Undeath Of Democracy

The Undeath Of Democracy
What it feels like voting these days
The Undeath Of Democracy

I'm in Britain (extracting my wife) and it's surreal watching these people talk about their election. Brits talk about their school fees while every school in Gaza is destroyed. They talk about saving their National Health Service while their national savings goes to bombing every hospital in Gaza. There is a whole genocide being conducted in their name and on their credit card, and the British literally sign up for it in the act of voting.

This killing charade is, in fact, Democracy™ working as intended. Since the Greeks trademarked it, democracy has always defined rights for an in-group of citizens, and wrong for anyone outside of it. As Dimitry Kochenov said in his book Citizenship (via):

Like slavery, like sexism, like racism, citizenship knows no justification once you leave the purview of those few whom it unduly privileges. The sexists, the racists, and the super-citizens have convinced themselves, and want to convince all of us, that dignity, equality, and freedom are not to be applied to all. This is wrong.

For an illustration, Philip Brook Manville said in The Origins of Citizenship in Ancient Athens:

Athenians proposed for enrollment in a deme at age eighteen (discussed below) were probably sold into slavery if a subsequent scrutiny or appeal found them to be of unfree birth; the enrolling demesmen could be fined for accepting candidates below age, and aliens who illegally adopted the status of citizens could be imprisoned, prosecuted, and sold into slavery if convicted;

Democracy™ is inherently bullshit, a tool marketed as a totalitarian solution. Democracy is marketed as a value in and of itself when in fact it's just a technology with no inherent values, especially the way it's programmed. The core value of Democracy™ is actually the violent exclusion of everyone outside of it, and the silent delusion of everyone within that this is cool. Democracies™ allow you to attack and enslave anyone that isn't a citizen and most colonial invasions and enslavement were (and are) done through parliamentary democracies.

The worst predations of democracies have been in the modern era, in English, not in ancient Greek. Whenever I refer to the Greeks people say 'yeah, but they enslaved people' and I say 'yeah, you do too.' Slavery is a feature, not a bug, of Democracy™. When you give rights to people 'demed' citizens, you are inherently taking them away from people 'demed' not. You can copyright Freedom© within your little club while illiberally bombing and besieging everyone without. This external sin inevitably corrupts the inner soul of Democracy™, which is also violent and exploitative at home.

People often say 'what else?' which again comes from not reading the Greeks as anything deeper than a branding exercise. In his On Politics, Aristotle said, "there are very many species of democracies." That book is a tour around what we would consider tiny Mediterranean city-states, and he finds dozens of political forms. Each one, is, in fact unique. As old Aris continued,

All laws are, and ought to be, framed agreeable to the state that is to be governed by them, and not the state to the laws... From whence it is evident, that the founders of laws should attend both to the number and the different sorts of government; for it is impossible that the same laws should be calculated for all sorts of oligarchies and all sorts of democracies, for of both these governments there are many species, not one only.

Modern colonizers—committed as they are to plantation monocropping—have tried to homogenize democracy as one form, which must be imposed with whips, chains, NGOs, and bombs. In the modern era, the worst people on Earth have branded one of the worst forms of democracy (duopoly oligarchy) as the Democracy™, and liberally brutalized people into submission. What they're really doing is expanding the power of their city-state by enslaving the periphery, ie the 'same shit different day' theory of history which rarely leads me wrong. Modern national democracy has turned the original sin of city-state democracy (what about everyone else?) into a planet-destroying virtue via industrial marketing (AKA propaganda).

In fact, the most liked (by its own people) form of democracy is actually in China. This sounds crazy to a western mind, but that's just the marketing (AKA propaganda) talking. Aristotle would acknowledge Chinese democracy as just another type (he covers much more diverse forms in On Politics), but his idiot heirs try to write every other form of governance out of history and philosophy entirely. That's how deep their commitment to the original sin of exclusion is. Liberal Democracy is, in fact, a Trojan Horse they use to divide and conquer populations (beware of Greeks bearing gifts!). What they really mean when they say some place is 'not democratic' is that 'they're not our slaves, and we don't like it'. That's all.

Western-style democracy is one city-state dominating the world from different capitols, Amsterdam, then London, and now Washington. They fly different flags, but to us on the bottom, it's just one undifferentiated White Empire doing one thing. Stealing our shit and giving us meaningless receipts in the form of dubious religious lectures and now political ones. The myriad non-human creatures of creation are, of course, not counted at all. They cannot even theoretically be citizens and practically can go to hell if it makes some abstract line go up. To the millions of species turning into fossils, this sort of violently exclusionary democracy is just on undifferentiated sucking sound. And to the gods of climate watching it all, it's just pride going before the fall.

The fact is that every city-state is fated to die. If the concept gets bigger, it just dies harder. Every form of government starts with hostility but ends in hospice soon enough. It's the folly of every Democracy™ to think that they can suck the provinces forever, but eventually the fact that they suck overcomes them. As the aboriginal philosopher Tyson Yunkaporta said, "Civilisations are cultures that create cities, communities that consume everything around them and then themselves. They can never be indigenous until they abandon their city-building culture, a lesson the Elders of Zimbabwe have handed down from bitter experience through deep time."

This was shocking for me to read, because I also like the spoils of Democracy™, but now I think we can all admit that it's just spoilt and smells terribly off. The destruction we're witnessing is, in fact, built into the philosophical concepts people have taken as abstract goods, AKA Gods. As the true God told us long ago, the tree of knowledge was always poisoned, but we kept eating it, expecting something other than shit to come out. But this is not how shit works. As God said in one of his more inchoate incarnations, shit happens.

Democracy in any form—including the superior Chinese form—is still the idea of self-government. It is still based on the illusion of self (which the Chinese should know, we Faxian'd them the documents long ago). Around this illusion of the individual self, westerners have built this idea of an imperial citizen, who is in fact just a better-treated slave than all the others without. We have thus incarnated a ruling algorithm which views non-citizens as prey, and non-humans as beneath mention or even perception. And we've given the commandment 'eat' to these false profits, and wonder at the mounting body count. 'I didn't vote for this!' people will say, but of course, you did. Genocide is a feature of any system that privileges one set of families (ie genes) over another. Someone has to be unprivileged for someone else to have privileges. Something has to be undone for all of this to be done.

This is why I call this post the Undeath Of Democracy. People in the West can increasingly see that their democracies are bullshit (Genocide or Diet Genocide, Austerity or Gay Austerity), but that's just because the shit is falling on them now. It's been falling on us in the South for centuries, and the myriad creatures are literally fossilized in the great hubris of it all. The colonized could have told you that these Democracies™ suck centuries ago, the creatures could have told you thousands of years ago, and God knows They told us at the very beginning. All we've done is incarnate Satan in the form of corporations, and wondered foolishly why it's getting hot.

The fact is that whatever you count, you are not counting other things. The very act of perception destroys other ways of seeing things. This is why the Confucians and Taoists call 'The Way' subtle and basically inexpressible. To put the wordless into words is to destroy it, and to put it into numbers via 'The Economy' is the greatest folly of all. This grand city-state we call globalization is just the act of burning our own house down and crowing about how bright we are. You cannot separate the planet into in-groups and out-groups and grow the one infinitely at the expense of the others. This is just cancer in what is actually one body, and kills us all in the end (which is nigh). Democracy™ is just the marketing on the cigarettes killing us all.

Watching people care about elections at this stage of collapse is honestly farcical. A child told me she voted for the orange party in her school election (children are, of course, not included in Democracy™) because that's her favorite color. I told this to an adult and they couldn't articulate a much better rationale. These adults are worried about sending their kids to private school while bombing every school in Gaza with public funds, and they know something is terribly wrong. But what are their choices getting shot or stabbed, senility or psychopathy, or really just different combinations of both? I honestly give a fuck about these people and their little carnivorous club, which my country (Sri Lanka) has unfortunately been re-colonized into (along with them, Britain was conquered by America in WWII). We're all just children in the back seat of a car going off a cliff, given a toy steering wheel to think we're in charge. The modern form of Democracy™ is really just rule by global corporations, with a big unreality TV show as distraction.

People talk about saving our democracy, which is like the neck talking about saving the noose. How do you think 'we' got here in the first place? The original sin is the illusion of 'we' in the first place, and the idea that 'we' gets to oppress everyone (and everything) that doesn't have the right paperwork. Democracy isn't dying, it's been a zombie the whole time, eating brains, nom nom. What we are living through is the 'undeath' of democracy, where something we ascribed solidity to turned out to be an illusion all along. All the packaging and marketing of these Democracies™ is ending up in the historical bin, while the last citizens try to warm their hands around the dumpster fire. That's all these last elections are, some last cigarettes before dying of planetary lung cancer, while standing on the gallows for good measure. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em.

Indrajit Samarajiva
9 Jul 2024 | 10:35 am

4. Wanted Kittens

Wanted KittensWanted Kittens

BY லூனா -Luna

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Indrajit Samarajiva
4 Jul 2024 | 11:45 am

5. The Two Hands Of White Empire

The Two Hands Of White Empire
An old but accurate map of White Empire (by TD Architects via Big Think)
The Two Hands Of White Empire

White Empire is merely capitolized in America. The beating Heart of Whiteness is in America, but beatings are delivered across two oceans. Across the Pacific, its tentacles grip the testicles of Australia, Japan, and South Korea, along with innumerable island chains. Across the Atlantic, its left arm is shoved up the ass of European puppet states, using them to poke both Russia and the Middle East. This is the White Empire America won from the British et al in World War II, and they're losing it all in a World War III of their own making.

Today, White Empire is getting its greedy fingers chopped off in Ukraine, its lying face ripped off in Palestine, and its toes stubbed in Taiwan. Their king is brain-dead, the hair-apparent is brainless, and their choices this election amount to getting shot or shot with pride. America today is just a bunch of corporations in a trench coat, pretending to be a country. America's empire managers are a bunch of mendacious morons that failed upwards for decades and have nowhere to go but down. That's precisely where they're headed, sadly taking as much of the future with them as possible. They're slaughtering children and ruining the planet as we speak.

You can see the death of Empire is multiple statistics and heuristics—rising debt ex machina, falling death machine—but the simplest thing is to just look at Empire's decaying body (metaphorically). This is, of course, difficult because White Empire is, by design, invisible. But we'll try to throw metaphor over the slouching beast, like a sheet over a planetary poltergeist.

Let's start with the face of evil, which is literally falling asleep.

The Two Hands Of White Empire
'Uhhhh… we beat Medicare'
The Face

America traditionally gives the corporate state a human spokesman in a public corruption festival they call elections. At this point, the job description for President has been reduced to 'don't be dead', and they're still struggling to find suitable candidates. Today, the Americans are running an 81-year-old war criminal against a 79-year-old common criminal, with an 82-year-old also war criminal as a token 'leftist'. Biden, Trump, and Bernie are the visibly dying relics of an invisible Empire that's already deceased. The 2024 election is a fight over who gets to be the death mask on the sarcophagus of American Empire and that's about it.

The human spokesman is supposed to market corporate empire using whatever the state religion is that day. First they were crusading for Christ, now they're carbon-crusading for 'democracy', neither of which they believe in. Does Coca-Cola believe in or even have a concept of 'fun'? It's all just mendacious marketing, machines lying for lucre to drive their own metabolic processes, which humans call profit. The deep cynicism is such that the worst slavers packaged and marketed Freedom© (now in convenient bomb form!) and the worst warmongers marketed themselves as peacemakers, bringing Democracy™ and Human Rights®️ (also available in bombs, obviously). The marketing was so good that America was able to push themselves as the saviors of Chinese Muslims, literally a Venn diagram of people they hate. But now the packaging is peeling off and floating face down in the shipping lanes they've lost control of (shout out Yemen). Even if America's human spokesman could talk, what would he say?

The relentless American weaponization of the Holocaust (which they historically gave a shit about) has been historically blunted by their literal weaponization of another holocaust in Palestine. America is arming the child-killers of 'Israel' to the teeth, and the blood is all over the White Empire, ruining its superpower of invisibility.

Meanwhile the spokesman of White Empire is visibly dead and what he speaks for is the visibly dying we've been witnessing for nine months now. Just the unrelenting slaughter of innocents, live-streamed every single day. Any moral authority America had has been buried by the immoral authoritarianism of its conscript colony 'Israel'. America's lying face has been ripped off in Palestine and all that's left is a cannibal corpse of predatory corporations, devouring children and doing lines of filthy lucre to feel anything. Anyone that feels anything wants to Yassin-105 them in the face.

The Left Hand Of Whiteness

If you look at the map of White Empire again, you can see how it stretches across the Pacific on one hand and the Atlantic on the other. We will discuss the left hand of whiteness first (to invert Le Guin), what you could call the eastern front of America's forever wars.

After assimilating the Nazis into NATO and deporting the Jews to 'Israel' (as was the Nazis penultimate plan), America continued Hitler's ultimate plan, which was killing commies. Hitler hated (and killed) communists much more than the Jews, and America continued doing this quintessentially Nazi shit for decades. This is why I say that World War II didn't end in 1945 but actually continued till 1991, if your heart is not 'cold' towards the dying of colored people.

Even immediately after 1991—when there was no further need for NATO—America continued pushing its line of contact with Russia further and further east, on the assumption that Russia couldn't and wouldn't do anything about it. Russia said this expansion was a red line, and American foreign policy thinkers agreed on this, but the dumbest motherfuckers in Washington failed upwards and replaced them. Hence we ended up in this century with NATO pushing its presence all the way up to Russia's border and pushing Ukraine's neighbor-friendly government out and its menfolk into a cannon. America laid the table for war and acted surprised when they got their just desserts from Russia.

Now NATO matériel lies humiliated on the steppes of Ukraine and NATO men are too scared to even take the field (officially). For the first time, the borders of White Empire have been pushed back, which is catastrophic for what is fundamentally a Ponzi scheme. Ukraine has lost half of Ukraine and its actual enemies in the West are publicly abandoning hope of reclaiming it.

The American military-industrial complex made a big show of 'helping' Ukraine while merely helping itself. What we have here is a moment of 'naked lunch', what William Burroughs described as "the frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork." America hasn't faced a peer army since World War II, and now they have in Russia, and lost. This ruins what is most essential for running this planetary extortion racket, which is appearances. Now the entire western world is beginning to see what the rest of the world has known, because it's happening to (honorary) white people in Europe.

Modern American has never won a war, its matériel has been historically defeated by men with ball bearings and balls for decades, and its men have no place training anybody in anything except war crimes and deploying fully operational Burger Kings within 24 hours. America marketed Ukraine as a display of its superior firepower, but Russia has burnt their fingers to stubs. America has lost in Ukraine like it has lost everywhere else in living memory, leaving nothing but a trail of unnecessary dying to make some share prices go up.

Colonization is, at its core, a Ponzi scheme. As long as colonization keeps expanding, the scheme keeps going, but the minute it starts contracting, it's curtains. Colonization is either expanding or collapsing, it is inherently too unsustainable for any form of stasis. As Woody Allen wrote, "A [abusive] relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark."

Thus the white-supremacist gun buyers club cum extortion racket called NATO worked as long as it was expanding. As long as it devoured former Soviet satellites and organized periodic murder tours of the Global South, it seemed like a fun club to join, and a dangerous one to be without. But the minute NATO picked on someone its own size vis-à-vis Russia, the jig was up. America fucked around and Europeans found out.

In a petulant fury against its most pathetic province, America blew up Germany's energy pipelines and cut the jumped-up peninsula of Europe off from the continent it's actually in (Asia). And the Europeans just took it, like the bratty spoils of World War II that they are. Europeans thought they were partners in White Empire, but they're just pathetic patsies, left holding the bag for the American barbarians they scorn. As Henry Kissinger said, hypothetically, "It may be dangerous to be America's enemy, but to be America's friend is fatal." We now know that this is just true.

America had been sock-puppeting the states of Europe quite convincingly for decades, but now they've extended their reach too far. Europe was the left hand of whiteness, and—in both Ukraine and Palestine—its fingers have been bitten clean off. Note that I haven't even mentioned America's loss of the Red Sea to Yemen and the loss of all moral authority in Palestine, where America is trying to flick off the whole world with a bloody stub. America has lost the entire eastern front and has, in fact, been in total retreat since Afghanistan. They are losing not one but two land wars in Asia, and are trying to start another one for good measure, on their Western front.

The Right Hand Of Whiteness

Europe thinks it's the right hand of Empire, but it's really a vestigial limb, the old tail of imperialism, thinking it's wagging the dog. All of the productive and reproductive capacity—of ships, of microchips, of shiphands—is in East Asia, to America's west. America doesn't make things in the 13 or 50 continental colonies anymore, it has outsourced most production to Asia and secured its supply lines through the mass colonization of islands in the Pacific.

Thus the red right hand of whiteness extends through the stolen colony of Hawaii through colonized islands to the factory colonies of Japan and South Korea. Australia is just an 'aircraft carrier with kangaroos,' as Caitlin Johnstone says, couped in 1975 when they dared contemplate independence. America's poisonous tentacles stretch along the Pacific, holding many testicles in its wake. Taiwan is just the latest nutless wonder, dressed up for human sacrifice thinking it's a wedding. America still officially acknowledges that Taiwan as a part of China, while unofficially goading them into oblivion. Both Taiwan and Ukraine are the bastard children of White Empire, unacknowledged and thrown into battle first.

As China's founder Mao Zedong told the Palestinians in 1965, "Imperialism is afraid of China and of the Arabs. Israel and Formosa [Taiwan] are bases of imperialism in Asia. You are the gate of the great continent and we are the rear. They created Israel for you, and Formosa for us. Their goal is the same." Just add in Ukraine, split off from good relations with Russia to be a splinter in the bear for bear-baiting's sake. In the same way, Taiwan is just propped up to poke the dragon, with absolutely no concern for its people's well-being or safety, they're just pawns in a game played by a brain-dead hegemon out of muscle memory more than anything.

The only thing that matters to Empire is Empire, everything else is just marketing. What really matters is production, which has been largely outsourced to East Asia including—and this is the big problem now—to China. To understand this problem, it helps to understand G.K. Chesterton's fence parable. Wherein he says,

There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected across a road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it and says, "I don't see the use of this; let us clear it away." To which the more intelligent type of reformer will do well to answer: "If you don't see the use of it, I certainly won't let you clear it away. Go away and think. Then, when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it, I may allow you to destroy it."

In the 1970s, Richard Nixon built a bridge to China (and a fence against Russia) for clearly articulated reasons. Now both Biden and Trump have torn down that bridge for reasons they can't articulate. I've read Trump's policy documents and they're based on the assumption that 'China Bad' with no explanation. Biden has just followed this anti-China policy, adding Russia for bad measure. There's no point asking Biden why, his old policy page returns a 404, like his brain. This is seriously what comes up if you look for the old 'Joe's Vision' page on his website:

The Two Hands Of White Empire

What these idiots have done with their imperial inheritance is precisely what Nixon warned (and acted) against. They have united China and Russia at the height of their powers, precisely why the fence was there in the first place. You don't need to take my word for it, just ask Dead Richard Nixon, the architect of the policy and best to articulate it.

The Two Hands Of White Empire

As Tricky (but not thicky) Dick said in 1983:

Bluntly, I would summarize it all with this simple way: what brought us [the US and China] together was not the fact that we had common ideas or ideals, but that we had common interests. Our interests brought us together; our ideas would keep us apart. As long as those interests draw us together, we have to learn to live with the differences in our ideas. That's also true of the Russians.

As he went on, speaking with a level of detail completely foreign to modern talking heads,

0:00 /3:06
What happened there was that Mao Zedong and, in this case, Zhou Enlai made a command decision. That despite the fact that ideologically the United States was their major enemy—we're a capitalist country, they're a communist country—that, as far as their strategic interests were concerned, that a new association with the United States was absolutely essential. Because, while we disagreed totally on ideology, we had one common concern. And that was the growing Soviet threat. The threat [to?] China and its expansionism in other areas. And the Chinese knew that there was no country in the world except the United States that would be able to contain that threat in the event it were aimed at China. And that was what brought us together in one sense, but I should go further than that.

I reproduce Nixon at length not because he isn't better off dead, but because he at least had some sense of realpolitik, which is literally a foreign word nowadays. Nixon was, in historical context, a left-wing American President. That's how far right (and wrong) the whole foreign policy apparatus has gone. In his time, Nixon supported affirmative action and the Clean Air Act, like a total shitlib. He founded the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Environmental Protection Agency, total socialist shit for workers and ducks. Nixon also worked with the total commies in the Communist Party of China, as we're discussing.

This is all verboten in modern American politics, which is a bust-down Baskin-Robbins that only has two flavors left, Vanilla Supremacy or Nazi Neapolitan. You can get your fascism with extra white chocolate or rainbow sprinkles, but you're getting fascism. If you don't like it, then you can get a boot to the neck and your health insurance cut off. Nixon was, in hindsight, evil but not irrational, people of different ideologies could at least talk to him.

Today the ideological difference with China and Russia is the only thing that matters and it's considered treasonous to think otherwise, or to think at all, really. John Mearsheimer—the modern advocate of American realpolitik—wanders around the wilderness doing random podcasts while the dumbest motherfuckers in policy fail upwards. It's easy to forget that realpolitik used to be the main theme of American foreign policy. People like Nixon really believed in it, and acted accordingly. As he said, again in 1983,

I always come through with this theme. Even if there were no Soviet Union, it was essential that the United States move now, and move when it did I should say, in rapprochement with China and the reason for that is, fundamentally, that one-fourth of all the people in the world live in the People's Republic of China. It has enormous natural resources. And the Chinese people, as Chinese, are among the most capable people in the world. Look what they've done in Taiwan (in non-communist areas), in Taiwan and Hong Kong and Singapore. Thailand. San Francisco, you name it. Once that power is mobilized, it is going to be an enormous force in the world. For good, or for bad [sayeth Satan].

This sort of rational calculation is anathema in modern American politics. They just sanction/bomb first and ask questions never. Are we sanctioning an important trade partner? Are we threatening a vital military supplier? Who gives a fuck? Just push the button and get on the news about it.

Thus America finds itself in the world Nixon predicted. Where China has mobilized its productive capacity and is an enormous force. Nixon et al saw this coming and tried to position America favorably, but his vapid successors somehow missed the Cold War and restarted it in a much more disadvantageous conditions. America is no longer capable of preventing China's rise, they're just accelerating their own fall out of sheer cussedness. As Nixon said, channeling another dead dickhead,

I think de Gaulle hit it, in his usual way, in 1969 most effectively, when he said, cryptically, better for you to recognize China now when they need you, than to wait until later, when their power is such that you would need them. And so, in order to build the kind of a world that we want our grandchildren to live in, in the 21st century, it was essential that the United States—the most powerful and the prosperous nation in the free world—have a new relationship with the People's Republic of China.

I bring these war criminals out of the crypt not because they're particularly smart but simply because they were not dumb. American politics now seems to attract and cultivate the dumbest people in the country, culminating in the election of Donald Trump, who burnt Nixon's bridge to China without thinking twice about it (even once would, I suppose, be ambitious).

The Two Hands Of White Empire
Trump and Nixon in 1989

Trump tore down the Chesterton fence without checking what the 'fence' was there for. This was precisely the historical conflagration Nixon was trying to avoid, and his heirs—being both evil and irrational—just walked into it. At this point in the 21st Century, huge amounts of trade is flowing across the bridge Nixon built to China—MAGA hats, iPhones, vital military supplies—and Trump started putting up checkpoints without thinking. This policy—being both haphazard and slow—has cost the American consumer and given China plenty of time to adapt (a process they had already started with their Belt and Road projects, creating markets in the Global South). Trump's sudden shift in China policy was both poorly thought out and badly executed. And Biden made things much worse.

Remember that—according to Nixon—"while we disagreed totally on ideology, we had one common concern. And that was the growing Soviet threat." Like the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, America allied with China to counter the USSR. It was a marriage of convenience, not conviction. And Trump just threw a Molotov cocktail at the whole thing, without questioning what it was there for. To this perilous political situation, Biden just added gasoline. He attacked the Russians also, throwing China and Russia together. Preventing this grand Asian alliance was why Nixon's 'fence' was there in the first place, and these two idiots just defenestrated the whole project of centuries without thinking. And so we end up in Nixon's nightmare scenario, which he had already thought through. As Dick said then,

And finally I would say, for some of those who object to that initiative, if it had not been undertaken and if China—due to the fact that they did not have any guarantee of their security from the United States vis-à-vis the Soviet—had been forced back under the Soviet umbrella, the geopolitical relationship and balance in the world would be almost hopelessly against us at this time. It was necessary to do for that reason, but apart from that, it was essential to do for the next century.

According to Nixon, the point of extending America's right hand to China was not merely that they were becoming powerful, but that a China allied with Russia would be indomitable. And now America finds itself in the hopeless situation he warned about. Like the Nazis, America had to avoid a two-front war at all costs but—also like the Nazis—they walked into one out of sheer racism and hubris. Thus—while Empire's left hand is getting bitten off in the Middle East—they have shoved their right hand back into their own pocket, where they're finding only lint and dust where their economy was. America can't even attack China without vital military supplies from China. What are these people even talking about? They speak loudly and carry a stick that reads MADE IN CHINA.

'Tis But A Flesh Wound!

If you understand this shape of White Empire—a zombie with tendrils across the Pacific and a sneaky hand up the ass of the Mediterranean—you can see how it falls apart. Like the Black Knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail, White Empire is getting its limbs chopped off one by one, screaming 'tis but a flesh wound!' all the way.

After winning the Cold War by default, they overreached by stretching their extortion racket NATO all the way to Russia's border. Now their old enemy is reincarnated and humiliating them on the steppes of Ukraine. After losing their Terror Wars by sheer exhaustion, they have obviously over-promised to 'Israel', which will not exist much longer than this decade. The entire left arm that Empire stretched across the Atlantic has been severed, a fact they try to hide behind prosthetic proxies in vain.

Despite 'saving' Japan and South Korea from the commies, they lost China, and now China is winning the great game by simply existing. China is already the world's richest country by PPP and is such a military-industrial power that America's own military-industrial complex depends on it for vital supplies. As much sabre rattling as they do in China's direction, if Chinese ships stop coming, America can't make sabres anymore. The warmongering around Taiwan is an idiotic charade, America can't start such a big two-front war, let alone finish it.

Once you see this shape of Empire, you can see how it dissolves into utter shapelessness. America ends not with the succession of Texas, but with the collapse of the outer provinces, across the invisible White Empire that extends to the left through Europe and 'Israel' and to the right via Japan, South Korea, etc.

In the end (which is nigh), America won't be killed by its moral or military bankruptcy, it would merrily throw even more principles and proxies into the bonfire for a little extra heat. In the end, a Great Depression level crash will hit them, they'll implode, and the distant vassals will vacillate and vacate the premises. And then Texas will secede. The collapse of the 'United' States is in fact the last stage of imperial collapse, which is a much bigger thing called White Empire, contained in a planetary collapse that would take it down anyways. Both hands of this Empire are now tied, its brain is now dead, and it never had a heart in the first place. And so it ends. As the Bard said, "Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion; Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything."

Indrajit Samarajiva
1 Jul 2024 | 7:26 am

6. Dubious Caesar: The Stabbing Of Joe Biden

Dubious Caesar: The Stabbing Of Joe Biden
CNN Panelists After The Debate, by Jean-Léon Gérôme
Dubious Caesar: The Stabbing Of Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been getting old in public for 81 years, this was not news. It's literally olds. The political and news castes made this a story in 2024, in an attempt to overthrow him. You could see the conventional logic turn overnight, like someone couped the radio and TV stations. The talking heads went from 'Joe Biden is my friend and how dare you question him' to 'Joe Biden is my friend and must be defenestrated.' Elites are now calling for an 'open' convention, pointedly after it's impossible for ordinary Americans to vote. What we witnessed in the earliest debate in American history was the latest ruse in the longest running theatrical production in the world. American elections.

Dubious Caesar

June 27th, 2024 was a night of pure political theatre, writ large. That's when the production of Dubious Caesar took the boards of the Globalization Theatre, broadcast by CNN. As Shakespeare wrote in his much better original:

CAESAR: Et tu, Brutè! Then fall, Caesar. [Dies]
CINNA: Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead! Run hence, proclaim, cry it about the streets.
CASSIUS: Some to the common pulpits, and cry out 'Liberty, freedom, and enfranchisement!'
BRUTUS: People and senators, be not affrighted; Fly not; stand stiff: ambition's debt is paid.
CASCA: Go to the pulpit, Brutus.
DECIUS BRUTUS: And Cassius too.
BRUTUS: Where's Publius?
CINNA: Here, quite confounded with this mutiny.

In a case of this tragedy repeating as farce, the callow CNN panel decried an 'aggressive panic' among Democratic strategists and elites, and this panic was coordinated across all American news networks and newspapers. The corrupt news caste—openly reading chummy messages from corrupt consultant caste—finally said what anyone with eyes could see for months if not years now. The emperor has no clue.

June 27th was the night of the long whines and they all publicly dipped their hands in blood. As Brutus said in Shakespeare's play:

Stoop, Romans, stoop,
And let us bathe our hands in Caesar's blood
Up to the elbows and besmear our swords.
Then walk we forth, even to the marketplace,
And, waving our red weapons o'er our heads,
Let's all cry "Peace, freedom, and liberty!"

Succession is this decrepit century's Shakespeare, and in that teleplay (which I call King Lear Jet), the literal Roman Roy said, "on the big calls, you dip everyone's hands in blood." And that—on the night of the long whines—is precisely what was done. From CNN to PBS to MSNBC, long observable reality was suddenly observed. From the NYT to the WSJ, knives appeared from behind every columnist. As Marc Antony said in the play, "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him."

Of course, the craven and corrupt American media caste didn't have the courage of those conspirators. They ran pieces like, "Joe Biden Is My Friend, But We Need To Take Him Out Back And Shoot Him," by Thomas Friedman, fresh off comparing Arabs to animals that needed to be exterminated. These awful people said that Joe Biden is a good man even though he's literally one of the worst people on earth. He's one of them, what can you expect.

Everything from Joe Biden's inquisition against Anita Hill to mass incarceration to every war he served up (but never served in) has been pure evil, but what got him in the end was being unable to lie convincingly. Deception is the only actual American value, in a country obsessed with appearances above all. Thus the second-worst people in America (their journalists) come for the worst (their politicians), bringing character recommendations in one hand and character assassination in the other. As Shakespeare said, they came, "waving our red weapons o'er our heads," crying out, "Peace, freedom and liberty!" This treacherous media caste are truly wolves in sheep's clothing, AKA suits.

At some point in the dim collective awareness of the corporations that actually run America, it dawned on them they could not 'Weekend At Bernie's'' Dyin' Joe Biden through the convention. The Presidency ages a man and Biden—already the oldest President—was visibly decomposing in office. He was wandering off at the Genocide-7 meeting, forcing palace eunuchs like Emmanuel Macron to pretend like they, too, are interested in random clouds. At staged events he had to be escorted off-stage by his actual wife or his work-wife Obama, the generic democrat gone geriatric too soon.

Biden had degenerated into his core self, a Lincoln-era Democrat, trotting out lies about colored people (Hamas) raping white women to justify a good old-fashioned Injun massacre. The American elites were fine with the message, but it was increasingly obvious that the messenger couldn't sell it much longer. From George W. Bush to Donald Trump, the bar for US Presidents has been getting lower and lower, but you can't put it under the ground, where Biden was obviously heading. So they made a call to take the old Blue Dog out back and shoot him. And, as Roman Roy said, they dipped everyone's hands in blood.

Rather than using the primary system which would involve, shudder, voters, they pushed Biden's corpse through that process until they—the political and media castes—could stage an event they controlled, on their own timeline. So they called the earliest debate in American history, with someone inceptioning the idea into Biden along with his Metamucil. Like Caesar, invited to his assassination among the Doric columns, Biden was invited to his own assassination among the moronic columnists. And so now they can try to appoint a feasible talking head like Gavin Newsom instead of sticking with a fetid, embalmed one like Biden. They are now decrying the obvious rigor mortis of Joe Biden, but how much rigorous analysis did they deploy against his many obvious war crimes before? None. They just want a better spokesman for the unspeakable.

This is all palace intrigue while an international genocide is going on. This is all intra-elite squabbling within the White Empire while it collapses from all around. As discussed, the Imperial Army has already lost the ability to take the field, the Navy has lost the ability to secure the seas, and the Air Force has turned into a farce over Palestine. All they've got is manchildren debating optics while murdering real children in front of the whole world. I have nothing but contempt for any of this media class, crying over spilt milquetoast politicians. As Michael Corleone said in Godfather 2, "Senator we're both part of the same hypocrisy." So it goes for the media mob, dipping their hands in blood as if their teeth are not already dripping with it.

As Biden could have said, if he could say anything:

MERCUTIO (played by Joe Biden): No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door; but 'tis enough,'twill serve: ask for me to-morrow, and you shall find me a grave man. I am peppered, I warrant, for this world. A plague o'both your houses! 'Zounds, a dog, a rat, a mouse, a cat, to scratch a man to death! a braggart, a rogue, a villain, that fights by the book of arithmetic! Why the devil came you between us? I was hurt under your arm.

ROMEO (played by Jake Tapper): I thought all for the best.

MERCUTIO: Help me into some house, Benvolio [played by Barack Obama], Or I shall faint. A plague o' both your houses! They have made worms' meat of me: I have it, And soundly too: your houses!

A pox on all their media houses, their houses of representatives, their white houses. Mercutio's curse has already come true for America. The historical fact is a plague (COVID-19) already killed the American Empire, likely Swiss-cheesed the brain of its last non-barbarian emperor, and is merely a sign of the times that are ending overall. The signal is taking a while to reach the brains of its empty talking heads, but the precipitating events of American collapse have already happened. The throne has already fallen and the last few decades have just been pieces falling on the little people. Biden is actually a true representative of the White Empire which is visibly dying in front of us.

Joe Biden has been getting old for 81 years and this sudden 'news' has been common knowledge for anyone that can count. His main alternative in Trump is 78 and the fake leftist alternative Bernie Sanders is even older at 82. This is real late-stage empire shit, like Brezhnev, Andropov, and Chernenko who all died in office before taking the whole USSR with them. Mark my words and flush these turds, Joe Biden won't live much longer, and neither will the United States of America. I'd say good riddance were there not so much wickedness left in them. Instead I'll say how it all feels. "So long."

Indrajit Samarajiva
28 Jun 2024 | 7:46 pm

7. Biden's Disastrous Debate

Biden's Disastrous Debate
Just a random screengrab. It's all bad. They're not sending their best
Biden's Disastrous Debate

At this point, America is running on genocidal autopilot—like a Boeing 737 MAX—straight into the ground. Biden's debate performance showed the 'center' what everyone to the left and right had been saying for months. Biden is old, has had bad COVID or some other disabling event, and is not fit for the job. In fact, neither candidate would be considered fit for most jobs in America (Trump as an old felon, Biden as merely old) but this is who they're running for President. The whole thing would be a farce if it weren't so tragic for the world. At this point, Biden is effectively brain-dead, but it unfortunately doesn't stop him from killing tens of thousands of people, many if not most of them children.

0:00 /0:15

After the debate, if you zoomed in, Biden literally had to be walked off-stage by his wife, who later praised him for 'answering all the questions' like a kindergartner. Unfortunately, Biden's answers were at best incoherent and at median agonizing. It was like watching ChatGPT reanimating your dead grandfather, who was a horrible person. Biden is a Frankenstein's monster animated by political consultants, but now everyone can say that he's just a dead man walking and the pitchforks are out.

In what I call the 'consultant's coup' the roundtable of political insiders on CNN immediately got the knives out. With weirdly incriminating admittances that they were 'friends' with Biden, people across the privatized propaganda networks stuck numerous forks in him cause he's done. David Axelrod—inexplicably wet for some reason—said that he should drop out, and everyone seemed to concur. Well-paid psychopaths like Tom Friedman and Nicholas Kristof said Biden was a good man but should still drop out. I don't know how someone committing a genocide is a good man, these are all wicked people concerned about appearances above all. The only thing they value is 'optics' and the 'optics' here are definitely not good.

Bad 'optics' just means that the propaganda isn't working. The US system has to present some feasible 'choice' every election, to keep the illusion that they're a democracy going. The entire American system is based on the idea that duopolies or oligopolies are not monopolies, and that choosing between getting shot or stabbed is actually very important and good. It's like the Luxottica mafia, where different glasses shop in the mall are actually owned by the same company, which sucks. Same goes for the 'optics' business in politics. It's a charade which works as long as people can't see it. But 80 million Americans visibly saw that they were conned tonight, and it ain't a good look.

The deeper historical fact is that America has always been ruled by property (ie, Corporate AI) and once you understand this everything makes much more sense. As the late Gore Vidal (shout-out Tor Guttorm Syvertsen) said, "There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat." At founding only propertied white men could vote and they still rule the roost, even once the Whigs came off. These inchoate interests must coalesce around a human person every four years, but this is just another corporate spokesman. Americans will have huge battles in the Cable-TV Colosseum about which group to beat and what to do with their genitalia, but nothing that messes with business as usual gets messed with at all. Just as any company uses humans in its marketing campaigns, America Inc uses humans in its political campaigns.

The only requirement is that the human be alive, which Joe Biden failed in public today. The 'LIVE' next to Joe Biden's image on the TV screen was his goal for the next 90 minutes and, while he did not actually die, his campaign did. The consultant's coup was on him immediately, in a string of Op-Eds that certainly looked pre-planned in their sameness. Honestly it all looks like a campaign—like they executed in Ukraine or Pakistan or even Sri Lanka—to subvert any human votes and let the machine just choose the candidate themselves.

Liberal democracies all over the world are not even pretending to pretend anymore, unelected leaders are currently running the UK and the EU into the ground, not to mention all the places they've couped or corrupted (Peru and Pakistan, most notably). In the Heart of Whiteness itself, Democratic insiders have conveniently pushed someone they knew was senile through the primary process, nullifying all human votes. Now they can theoretically just select the candidate themselves at an 'open' convention. It's certainly not open to voters, who are increasingly superfluous and not even marketed to. As David Goldman said:

Call it the fool's-based international order: Every government of a major Western country is in chaos. Biden is an embarrassment. Kishida [Japan, I had to look this up] polls at 21%. Macron's party got 15% of the vote in the June 9 European Parliament elections, and the three German coalition parties together got 30%. Britain's Tories poll at 20%. Nothing like this has ever happened before-1968 comes closest. Our Atlanticist elite is dragging the world kicking and screaming into a place it doesn't want to go, and electorates are rebelling.

There are certainly conspiracies afoot, but these are conspiracies of dunces and perhaps impossible to untangle with intelligence. How can analysis untangle what people are just pulling out of their asses? How can humans understand what corporations are really doing? It's like trying to understand 'how' ChatGPT works. It's kinda a black box, and it's literally making stuff up as it goes along. This is how the Corporate AI ruling America rolls. Who the fuck knows? The only thing that's certain is that it's more stupid and evil than you could imagine.

No 'one' is running America anymore, it's just running on autopilot, like the aforementioned Boeing 737 MAXes. Those planes had some shitty programming to push the nose down if some sensors go off, and America has some shitty programming to just bomb places if they sense any perturbation in the force. Which is precisely what 'Biden' is doing, from Ukraine to Palestine he's just immediately bombing like he has no strategy, because he actually doesn't. America was always genocidal but they had some good marketing around it. But now the packaging is peeling off and it's just naked violence. The Empire has no clothes.

As Andy Boreham said, "The ONLY shocking thing about the presidential debate is the sheer amount of Americans who saw a rambling, lost, senile Joe Biden for the first time ever. Again: US-Americans are among the most highly propagandized in the world. It took live TV to wake them up." Even that 'waking up' is only into another level of nightmare. As Tamara Nassar said, "The real scandal is that if Biden were functionally less senile, a full-blown genocide would not have disqualified him in the eyes of US liberals."

The night of the long whines that followed the debate was about how Biden looked, and not what he's been doing in plain sight for nine months now, which is committing genocide most foul. As Caitlin Johnstone said, the scariest thing is not the Biden is not fit to run for President, but that he is President right now. I'll repeat it again because it repeats every day. I still see a dozen dead children before breakfast. I have actually written that post twice because it keeps happening.

Biden is conducting a genocide right now, while he can't even conduct himself off stage. What the fuck is even happening? 'Who' is even doing the killing here? Don't tell me 'Israel' is controlling America, 'Israel' is just a money-laundering scheme for the military-industrial complex. It's like the spirit of America's founding rapists is really coursing through Joe Biden, doing one last round of misidentified 'Injun' killing for the road. As I've mentioned, America is a living (more specifically, dying) version of the trolley problem, where the genocidal trolley is conducting itself. It runs over people irregardless, but you can choose what sex acts to perform inside the trolley. This is late-stage Empire I guess. Decadence, destruction, and visible decrepitness.

America, like Biden, is reverting to its base programming, which is genocidal violence. There is visibly no one in charge, and yet there is enough ammo in that arsenal to kill thousands if not millions of people on the way down. And that ammo is assets to military-industrial complex, they want to capitalize on them. So unlike the communist USSR, which disassembled peacefully and democratically, America seems determined to go out the way they came in, with violence, slavery, and environmental destruction. I don't know what to say. As much grim satisfaction as it gives me seeing American crash and burn, I have family and friends in the plane and it's crashing directly into people like me in the Dirty South. Biden visibly died on stage tonight, and the main alternative is some other genocidal maniac. It's not clear who's running America at all, but it is clear where it's going. Straight into the ground, like a Boeing 737 MAX on autopilot.

Indrajit Samarajiva
28 Jun 2024 | 1:35 am

8. Opposites Day

Opposites Day
Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for June 02, 1988
Opposites Day

The simplest way to understand America is to pretend it's Opposites Day. The 'free market' is, in fact, violent coercion. 'Liberal democracy' is in fact fascist oligarchy. 'Freedom' is debt slavery. 'Human rights' are 'property rights'. The 'rules-based order' actually means the violation of international law. Once you see things this way, you can see the way things are. If you just assume that the Americans are lying, 95% of the time, you're right all the time.

I grew up in America and they mythologize their Founding Fathers in an unrelenting marketing campaign to children. Even today they put the Founding Fathers in blackface and stage propaganda pieces like Hamilton. But American Independence Day was the biggest Opposites Day of all. All the highfalutin language about freedom was a farce when they wrote it. These 'fathers' had and raped slaves on the regular and sold their own children. For all the talk about 'by the people, for the people,' only propertied white men could vote, and that's still where the power remains, by design. America was always rule by the property, not the people, which you understand if you know what day it is. The facts are buried in lots of marketing, like any other product.

The fact is that America never stopped colonizing. They extended their Manifest Destiny south to South America, and conquered Europe and much of the Pacific after WWII. This was dressed up as 'just helping out, aw shucks' but once you remember that it's Opposites Day you'll understand better. They're just helping themselves and everyone else can go fuck themselves, which is America's true founding credo. What America markets as spreading freedom and democracy is spreading debt slavery and pliant oligarchies. Liberal democracy is a Trojan Horse used to keep countries divided while bankers loot the place. This is all buried in a barrage of marketing that will be swept away by history like so much packaging and garbage. Some day the think tanks will stop firing and the media will stop mediating and people see American Empire for what it was. Awful, from start to finish. One long Opposites Day that ran contrary to all honor and humanity, not to mention what they did to the critters, who were beneath mention.

I grew out of America after decades. I still believed in the hype until more recently than I'm proud of. To be honest, material conditions can make you believe anything, and for much of my life America's material conditions were good. They had more stuff, they had more opportunities, whatever they were doing—however absurd it seemed—seemed to work. In Sri Lanka people asked why I left, I was an anomaly, having returned to sender. America was the future and, if parts of it didn't make sense, never mind, the getting was good. Indeed, the biggest manifestation of Opposites Day was the founding idea that greed was good, that pursuing self-interest was in the interest of the whole (or even the self). That everyone striving to be the worst person possible would produce the greatest good. This patently absurd proposition actually worked, in the sense that burning your house down will keep you warm. It works for a while, and then you're out in the cold forever. Which is where America is heading, inexorably now.

Opposites Day is a game children play, but it almost always ends in annoyance and fighting and then they stop. This is where America is now. Nobody believes that they're defending 'human rights' anymore, as they offend the human conscience every day in Gaza. No one believes that they're some bastion of democracy, as their politicians are openly bought and sold. And no one believes that war is peace anymore, because they're losing all over. War is just war, oligarchy is just oligarchy, and these massacres are just massacres. Opposites Day is over.

Indrajit Samarajiva
25 Jun 2024 | 3:02 pm

9. Does God Talk To Me?

Does God Talk To Me?
Light coming into the world, Belihuloya, Sri Lanka
Does God Talk To Me?

Allah definitely talks to me. I just don't listen. There are signs everywhere and we're fiddling with our phones instead of looking at the road. As the poet Björk said:

All is full of love
You just ain't receiving
All is full of love
Your phone is off the hook
All is full of love
Your doors are shut
All is full of love

In the Quran, Allah says, "There are signs in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day for people of understanding." If you sit there in the middle of nature at dawn, it's obvious that there's something bigger than you. I've felt this a few times, when I've watched light come into the world, bringing color to the ocean and the trees. Every morning Allah says good morning and we sleep through it.

This Ramadan, I didn't. I decided to try Ramadan as a lay Buddhist, the whole praying and fasting thing. So I woke up before dawn to forage for my breakfast, even when I went camping. The morning before we almost lost my mother in some rapids, I walked up to the hovel we ate in, using my phone torch to dodge the leeches. It was pitch dark, as it always was during the appointed time, around 4:40 AM. The commandment is to "Eat and drink until the white thread of dawn becomes distinct from the black," which is practically an hour before you can actually see anything. So I sat there in the dark, wolfing down a plate of noodles, feeding a bit to the unfortunately bulimic dog, and then we just both sat there. Watching the light come into the world. Show's on every day, but I never go.

There's a deep signal in this, amidst the noise of day to day life. Modern electronics overwhelm our sensations, but this place had no electricity. There was normally a little bit, but there'd been a power cut that evening. I don't know why, but I like to think that it was the horny elephant that had surveilled, targeted, and destroyed the generator at the place we were supposed to go, bringing us here in the first place. Irregardless, it was total radio silence this morning. My phone still worked, but opening it was like opening Tinder for insects. I literally had to swipe them away. So I was just sitting there with nothing in my hand, thinking about nothing but Allah, which is just the Arabic word for God. Allah-luia. It's one God (and that one nation definitely ain't under it).

As Allah said to his Messenger long ago,

Your God is one God. There is no deity save Him. He is the Compassionate, the Merciful.

In the creation of the heavens and the earth; in the alternation of night and day; in the ships that sail the ocean bearing cargoes beneficial to man; in the water which God sends down from the sky and with which He revives the earth after its death, scattering over it all kinds of animals; in the courses of the winds, and in the clouds pressed into service between earth and sky, there are indeed signs for people who use their reason.

I was sitting there between two hills looking out onto the water of an artificial lake. As the thread of dawn became distinct from the black, color slowly came into the world. The water became distinct from the land, the trees became distinct from each other, and the leaves reached out to capture the energy, the warmth that hits you last. Birds came out, insects, the whole cacophony of creation, recreated every morning. We sleep through this most days and curse the alarm, but every dawn is a little miracle. I, using my reason, thought there was certainly something going on. There's obviously something bigger than me in the world, and even Their smallest creations (like the leeches) have me running.

There are signs in the rains, in the harvest, in the numerous cycles of birth, death, and rebirth in the world. The Quran says there are signs like this everywhere, and the Quran itself is a proof of God. I agreed with this when I first read it, it's obviously inspired. Decades ago I was stuck in Dubai, before it became a Satanic paradise, and the only thing I could find to read was a Quran. So I read half of it. When I first read those words I felt physically afraid. I felt what they call godfearing in Christianity. I don't mean that in a bad way at all, it is in fact the highest good. Allah says that his word, "causes the skins of those in awe of their Lord to creep. Then their skins and their hearts soften at the mention of God: such is God's guidance." I physically feel this when I read the Quran, or the red parts of the Bible, or the Dhamma (I'm still a polytheist, spare me). I started as a poet and the Quran is definitely divine poetry of the highest order. To me, as a poet, Muhammad was definitely talking to God, peace and praises upon him.

Now, decades later and closer to death, I appreciate these words on a different level. I also appreciate the practice of Islam (praying five times a day, fasting) as a monastic discipline. The discipline in the little things makes you disciplined over all, which makes you highly perceptive of the world around you. Simply getting up before dawn is a superpower. And if you get up in a state of nature, you can physically feel the world being resurrected every morning.

There really are signs of God everywhere, if you turn the djinn world of endjinneering off for a second. There are signs in the creation of heaven and earth (ie nature) and in the alternation of night and day. Every day the world goes from black to Technicolor Wizard of Oz. It's a small miracle, and more than a metaphor, it's the divine pattern that surrounds us. Creation and destruction. Destruction and resurrection. Over and over. Every day, if you're quiet, you can hear the voice of God saying "good morning." We're just not quiet. God talks to everyone every day. We (I) just don't listen.

Indrajit Samarajiva
23 Jun 2024 | 7:23 pm

10. How Many Dead Kids Before Breakfast

How Many Dead Kids Before Breakfast
Author with his nephew, long may he live
How Many Dead Kids Before Breakfast

I'm watching my son drink water nervously. It's my water and there seems to be more backwashing than forward drinking. Then I feel nauseous, not because of that, because of all the children that aren't drinking clean water at all. Gaza is the epicenter of a global epic. The rise and fall of White Empire. It was genocide all the way up, and all the way down. Genocide is the worst because it's the killing of everything, so everything human empathetic feeling is poisoned. We also have families and homes and don't like seeing our children's heads blown off. These are not hard feelings to have. But, by Allah, these feelings are hard.

I was watching a baby girl running across the play area, crying about something. The boy next to me said he was going to hit whoever made her cry, which roused his father from his phone call. "No hitting! No hitting!" "Good fellow," I thought to myself. Then I thought about the children that have something to really cry about. The kids whose mothers won't sweep them up and make it all right. The mothers who can't do that for their children. That's the thing about a genocide. If you have a heart, it gets you right in the heart.

Drinking water, eating food, going to the bathroom, kids need all of that stuff constantly. My kids are constantly eating, drinking, or pooping and peeing, and everything has to be clean behind the scenes. This is a difficult task when we're travelling through hotels, but it's impossible when you're refugees inside a sealed concentration camp. The mind boggles, the heart shudders, the eyes bleed. Kids always need something, and Palestinian kids are kids like yours and mine. They also have basic needs, which are denied by America's most basic bitch 'Israel'.

Above all, kids need peace. There are parents in Gaza who can't do the most simple things for their children and, worst of all, they are physically and psychologically shattered themselves. When my wife and I are even a little bit stressed it effects everything in the household. I can't imagine what these families are going through, except I can. This is the trauma America and 'Israel' have inflicted on the entire global population. These fuckers had meetings about massacres, and then meetings about the media strategy after that, and then adjusted their stock portfolios accordingly. I feel so much fury. I wish my pen was a Yassin 105, truly.

All this while my daughter was home with her grandparents. Yesterday when I ran out of snacks, I went to their great-grandparents, who will always feed them. Honestly, I think they'd like to eat them. We live in a big extended family, like Palestinians. And 'Israel' has wiped out entire families, bombing shared apartment buildings, shelling them with tanks, or sniping them in the street. No family is intact in Gaza. Every house is damaged and every household bleeds. For those left, life is a fate worse than death. The individual is a lie, and the destruction of the family is death, truly. When you lose someone close to you, you know what it feels like. Now imagine losing everyone close to you. This is a living death for the survivors. May Allah compensate them so generously, their souls are martyred already. Such terrible things are really just a reflection of every good thing in life. Palestine has held up a mirror to the world and it's ugly.

Every good thing is poisoned by this genocide, because genocide is the destruction of everything. Every moment of peace is defiled by this total war. Every little experience is bitter because you know what's underneath. Obviously I forget it all the time, I forget a lot of things all the time, being an adult is mostly forgetting. But then I remember and it all turns to ashes in my mouth. I wonder what my eyes look like now. After Dinesh Anna was murdered, his siblings' eyes never looked the same. Have mine changed? I don't look in the mirror much, besides the black mirror, constantly. And therein I see 10 people murdered before breakfast. Am I fucked up now? Aren't we all? We don't talk about it, which I agree with. I hate talking about feelings. But I still have them.

To be honest, the same genocide that is happening to Gaza was happening to Iraq and Afghanistan before, America has killed at least 4.5 million people since 2001, each of them a whole universe. Genocide is the destruction of people in whole or in part, and America has been on the warpath against Muslims since 9/11. It's been so constant that it's just become background noise, but it's a genocide by any historical definition. America has displaced over 37 million in its War Of Terror, and that's just one theatre in their horrorshow. Gaza is the end of this long genocide, not the beginning at all.

But, to be awful, I was there the whole time, and I didn't say anything. I didn't know. For most of those years I read the New York Times and Slate and watched Jon Stewart and thought I was informed. It was infernal. They missed some really important points, like the genocide that was going on the whole time. They called it Mess O'Potamia on the Daily Show and laughed. We can see it clearly now, the horror, but it was horrible back then too. Genocide was happening to 4.5 million souls during all those 'good' years, but that was buried more thoroughly than their bodies. The truth is that the White Empire was always evil, and the best liberal within it is actually your worst enemy. They waste your time, they waste your mind, and the earth turns to a wasteland while they're publishing reports. As the saying goes, a liberal opposes every war but the current war, and supports every civil rights movement but the current one. As Malcolm Anna said, it's the fox you have to worry about, not the wolf. No offense to foxes.

I grew up around foxes and I grew up thinking things that were positively genocidal like it was completely normal. I thought it was completely normal that America was invading Iraq, Saddam Hussein was bad, wasn't he? Wasn't he hanging out with the Devil in the South Park movie? I laughed. I thought America's enemies were obviously bad, and I had very strong opinions about random countries. I thought it was my business to discuss overthrowing governments and bombing them. I thought I thought of these ideas myself. What the fuck was I thinking? What were so many people thinking? I was an entirely 'normal' person, and genocide was entirely normal!

That's the absolute mindfuck of this moment. For kids born this century it's pretty obvious that America is evil, but people that remember the 90s, we remember America being the good guys. Very few of us were Noam Chomsky (shout out to the OG haters), we were just normal chumps. I was. Just a fish flopping around in the historical stream of consciousness, not realizing that I was swimming in blood. It was all a bad dream, obviously a nightmare now, but we can't wake up. Now we can see everything happening around us, we can feel our bodies, but we can't move a finger. We're trapped in the American Dream. It's a waking nightmare now.

"No mere mortal can resist, the evil of the Thriller"
—Vincent Price

But back to my kids, because they don't quit. I've got to send the kids to school tomorrow, someplace these Palestinian children haven't gone for nine months now, there's another reflection in the horrorshow mirror again. I see the schools turned into shelters and the shelters bombed to bits. Palestinian lives are a reflection of mine and I can see everything clearer through it. And everything is bloody awful. My own perceptions, my own past, my own children. Everything is corrupted and worse, complicit.

Now I've been through the looking glass and I can't get out, actually. Smashed through it, completely, and there's blood everywhere, some of it mine I feel. Now I've seen things I can't unsee. If you have empathy you have to feel something and, if you don't, go fuck yourself. They say having a kid is like wearing your heart outside your body and I really feel it. I can't watch scary movies anymore, I just watch PG-13 Tamil romances and Chinese soap operas. If anything mildly bad is happening to a kid I turn it off immediately. But I can't turn off the news, can I? I never turn the news on at all, but it seeps in everywhere. There's so much blood, it can't be contained. How many dead children do you see before breakfast? I see a lot.

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