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One Man Stands in the Way of NATO’s Run Onward to Moscow


A foreign military bloc of nations is inching closer to Moscow, Vladimir Putin reacts in kind, and somehow Russia is the aggressor. And learned Ph.D.'s scribble on, defying pure logic from Washington's Think Tank Row. Here's the latest sensational proof that the world will never, ever be at peace.

Dr. Mamuka Tsereteli and James Carafano have a new plan for defeating Russia for good. Now get this, in America, we have institutions like The Heritage Foundation that fund supposed research to perpetuate wars. No, really. The latest report of the foundation "Putin Threatens Ukraine—Here's the Danger and What US, Allies Should Do About It" is a blueprint for continuing friction between west and east. Let's examine the three takeaways Heritage Foundation puts forward.

According to Tsereteli and Carafano, Putin is about to attack Ukraine. These well-paid foreign policy geniuses say a military buildup inside Russian territory, which was in response to threats from Kyiv, proves beyond a doubt the dastardly Putin is about to overrun Russia's neighbor. To quote the report, "Putin plans to use Russian forces in a full-blown military engagement with that country [Ukraine]." Well, let's find out why Russia's president alerted his military.

Didn't I just read how Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced that his country's National Security and Defense Council had approved a strategy aimed at retaking Crimea and reintegrating the strategically important peninsula? Yes, I am sure of it. Another Washington think tank has already outlined something called the Crimean Platform Initiative, another genius plan hatched in the bowels of CIA headquarters, to make Crimea an expensive proposition for Russia.

This came into being the instant Joe Biden took the oath of office as president, and it's only part of an overall strategy to engage Russia in a winner take all confrontation that many experts say, is long overdue. And the has taken unilateral aggressive steps toward the Donbass region and any pocket of the pro-Russia sentiment inside Ukraine. A statement by Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Maria Zakharova on this issue bears repeating here:

"All efforts by Kyiv to reclaim Crimea are illegitimate and cannot be interpreted in any other way but a threat of aggression against two Russian [federal] subjects. We reiterate that we will consider the participation of any states or organizations in such activities, including the Crimean Platform initiative, as a hostile act against Russia and direct encroachment on its territorial integrity."

Now that we've established who the aggressor is, let's take a look at Tsereteli's and Carafano's next brilliant takeaway point. The dynamic duo of war strategies says cosmetic measures against Russia will not do! The "west" (meaning NATO), they say, needs a more clear strategy. Which certainly means a massive arms buildup west of the Siverskyi Donets River. The Zelensky government is being pushed from Washington to take even more drastic measures to force Russia into a war stance. The editorial board of the Washington Post recently advised Zelensky:

"Mr. Zelensky now has the opportunity to forge a partnership with Mr. Biden that could decisively advance Ukraine's attempt to break free from Russia and join the democratic West. He should seize on it."

So, now that we've shown who is doing the pushing here, let's turn to the final takeaway from Heritage Foundation master strategists. Tsereteli and Carafano come right out and say "countries left outside of NATO will remain targets of Russian aggression and manipulations." So, the purpose of all this supposed spread of militaristic-based democracy is to expand NATO to? I mean, seriously. Washington is not reaching out with the Peace Corps to shore up a budding Eastern European democracy. The United States is kidnapping another former Soviet republic on the way to the big score. My country has military bases in almost every country in the world, has had more wars than the Mongols, and spends more on weapons than everybody else combined – but Russia is being aggressive! Who believes this bullshit?

Let's be real here. First, please understand who is doing the "thinking" there in Washington. Take James Carafano, the former Lt. Colonel who wrote speeches for the head of the U.S. Army Chief of Staff. Carafano teaches at West Point, what the hell else can he advise, of war with Russia does not come about? The man's life is about justifying war. Then there's Mamuka Tsereteli, who's also the Founding Executive Director at the America-Georgia Business Council. America-Georgia business, hmm? I wonder if there is an America-Ukraine business council in the works soon? But, you can see where this new strategy from Heritage Foundation is headed, can't you? Taking advice on foreign policy from these so-called experts is putting the foxes in charge of the hen house. Only they're not as smart as foxes. They don't need to be. The public is just that numbed and misinformed these days.

Is heavily involved in helping promote the EU's Three Seas Initiative (3SI), which is an asymmetrical warfare economic platform to cut Russia off from the EU, and install the U.S. and central European powers in her place in East Europe. This report from Mamuka Tsereteli at Emerging Europe lays out the plan. To learn more about Tsereteli's role, readers should research the so-called Frontier Europe Initiative, currently propagandizing for greater Georgia-Ukraine strategies against Russia. Make no mistake, the narrative and strategies these people are discussing are the precursors to including not only Ukraine in NATO but Georgia as well. Retired Air Force General Phillip Breedlove and former CENTCOM Commander General Joseph Votel are two of the "experts" helping to draft these strategies. And The Heritage Foundation stands center stage of the move for NATO to force Putin and Russia into an inescapable corner.

And there, is your true geopolitical Eurasia picture. The "west" will run on to Moscow, start World War III, and then blame Putin for the holocaust.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he's an author of the recent bestseller "Putin's Praetorians" and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook."

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Is Softer US Policy on Russia Even Possible?


Presidential appointments can be revealing, not only in terms of those who are appointed but of those who are passed over, or kept in the shadows. One case in point is not breaking news, but nevertheless revealing, as is seen by the title of a recent MSM news article.

Biden eyes Russia adviser criticized as soft on Kremlin, as the article puts it. It claims that President Biden is considering appointing Matthew Rojansky, head of the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute, as Russia director on the National Security Council.

It is an understatement to say that the US-Russian relationship is very multi-faceted. Much like the Turkish-Russian relationship, there is collaboration in some areas but competition and antagonism in others.

But what does the nomination of Rojansky actually mean, considering that the Kennan Institute is one of the world's premier think tanks on Russia, and is not closing ranks with the usual promoters of the Russian-bashing agenda? Rojansky previously served as Deputy Director of the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, another more amenable body from a Russian point of view. So are we seeing a shift in US policy towards Russia?

Not Any Old Enemy

Biden is faced with some challenges which will make him question even his own foreign policy rhetoric now he is in the White House, and especially his own track record.

As the New Yorker writes, "In no foreign policy area is the rhetorical contrast between the last US President, who openly fawned over Putin, and the current one, who disdains him, more significant." However the US-Russian relationship tends to h ave quite widespread, even global consequences (though not to the scale of the US-Soviet fallouts during the Cold War).

For the last four years Russia bashing was no longer about political differences but implicating Trump in involvement in some "real or perceived scheme". So the US has to decide if it wants to move beyond rhetoric designed for domestic purposes and actually face the challenge of dealing with what Russia actually does in the real world. Hence Rojansky.

Some hawkish positions previously taken as defaults are no longer sustainable. On a number of issues there can be true collaboration: climate change, the International Space Station, terrorism. But Rojansky will be just one voice among many when it comes to dealing with the Kremlin. No doubt the White House will have others weighing in as well.

Let us not forget that one of the main reasons that Biden was VP under Biden Obama was [allegedly] his foreign policy experience. Being soft is what diplomacy should be about in the wake of the last several presidents. But Biden is poised to continue the previous tradition – indeed, the emphasis placed on his foreign policy experience means he has been anointed to do so.

It would be nice to believe that the new administration actually believes that America is back. If it is, it will have the self-assurance to be more diplomatic, and enter back into treaties and agreements Trump pulled it out of, Open Skies, Iran deal, etc.

If this is done, it will only be to spite Trump and his supporter. Biden has no intention of changing US policy, merely to find a front which will enable him to present the same old hostility as liberal and enlightened more like it should be from Democrats than what it actually is.

All Mouth With Someone Else's Trousers

Michael Carpenter from the Biden Center at Penn State may be the real Russian policy advisor. There are others such as Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, two long-time Biden aides from the Obama Administration. They have "been busy figuring out how to re-legitimize America in the eyes of the world," but legitimacy is one of those high-sounding principles, like democracy, which people only need to go on about when it isn't actually there.

Biden has not begun as if he will respect the views of Rojanski. He has continued the Bush and Obama policy of engaging Russia on all fronts, and much sooner than expected. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline dispute is one example, and this is also souring relations with Germany.

Biden likes to come off like Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry, all "Make-My-Day". One only needs to look at the nexus with the Jamestown Foundation board of directors to see that in theory Russia policy will still be very aggressive. Biden is more in the mind-set of American Sniper, in actuality, and we know that this comparison has a basis in Ukraine dating back to 2014. He should be a card carrying member of the NRA.

Reset or Destruct Button

Biden worked behind the scenes against the Obama-style "reset". It might be worth checking out some of these comments and see where they lead, besides the Uranium One transaction and back to the Clinton Foundation.

US foreign policy being out of control has far-reaching implications, and these can turn already complicated regions of the world all the more. The situation in Ukraine, Syria, and some other conflicts can likely involve Israel and the use of Saudi Arabian proxy forces, directly and indirectly, especially in terms of funding and military hardware.

Already at the end of February we are hearing defensive-retaliatory rhetoric, the same heard during Vietnam, where it was described as protective-reaction, in terms of responding to the legal authority for American airstrikes. "Assad is a brutal dictator but Syria is a sovereign country", said Jen Psaki – let's see what she really says in the follow up to illegal US actions.

The purported bombing of Hezbollah sites is one of the main reasons Israel was so supportive of Azerbaijan in its war with Armenia, as any major attack on Iran needs a border to cross. Neither are Biden and his policymakers friends of Turkey. However, Biden has personally made his views on the regime there well known. That may be backfiring soon.

At some point younger leaders will have to come forward in both the US parties. McConnell and Pelosi are both quite old, and their policies are not far apart, being similarly anti-Russian. Being anti-Russian is well-rooted in the American mindset, not that they know much about Russia or the former Soviet Union to have a real cause for their disdain.

So the old guard is doing everything it can to entrench policy and resource commitments to justify previous mistakes—especially policy missteps. Just as anyone can be a great philanthropist with someone else's money, anyone can be a hawk if they don't have to live with the consequences afterwards.

It will be difficult to get a consensus on who should be appointed to head Russia policy. Some of the best in HR terms, Russian speakers from previous administrations with the background needed to normalise relations with Russia are no longer around. They have either left government for the private sector or retired, leaving vacancies to be filled by the most politically desirable "wannabes" rather than the best qualified people.

Despite all the proclamations of how Biden was going to be different, he instead serves up a geopolitical dog's breakfast. It is no wonder that even the Democrats want to remove the nuclear option from him. The Party of War is back in the Oval Office with a vengeance.

Bulldogs to Pit Bulls

The problem with all of this is that it is not only a domestic US matter what its Russia policy is. All US allies have to fall into line to retain US support. For some this is easy, for some the attempt raises serious questions about their future which the US isn't interested in hearing about.

In the minds of the recycled advisors from previous Democratic administrations, Russian political gains over being an honest broker in the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan have to be offset. It could do this by being a better honest broker itself. Instead it tries to undermine its own allies by making hatred of Russia for the sake of it a virtue.

Amongst many other pet projects, the Biden administration has selected Georgia for spotlight review, as it is accused of not hating Russians enough. If the US wanted to help Georgia remove the Russians from what Tbilisi considers its territory it would do so.

It seems you can get away with anything as long as you pretend, but nothing if you actually try and accomplish something. This tells you all you need to know about how the US actually views its allies.

Weapons are already being poured into Georgia and Ukraine to make complications all the more complicated, and provide a test of the Russian hating credentials of those governments. US policy towards its allies is a variant of the old mock newspaper headline "Kill an Argie, Win a Metro". Why countries which are already on bad terms with Russia need to be questioned over it only makes sense to those who do not want to find answers for anything, only frame increasingly loud and syllogistic questions.

Actual American Foreign Policy?

Biden pretends to be liberal and holds high values, but he is the closest to a mafia guy that you can get. If he actually changed US foreign policy, he and too many of his friends would swiftly find themselves on the wrong side of contemporary opinion as well as history, and no US president is going to voluntarily put himself there.

The US election fell in the middle of the increase in hostilities in Azerbaijan over Karabakh. Biden was mum on that. Was this foreign policy judgment, expediency, or unwillingness to upset the wrong people behind the scenes?

If this is any indication of the resolve of US policy to offset Russian gains, more instability will be the result. Biden's people will be more actively involved in stirring problems with Turkey, Syria and Iran, unless some real changes are made in staff, and all this is aimed at Russia, not those countries.

Turkey has a larger than ever role to play in regional stability, as it has the largest standing army in NATO. Little can be threatened under the guise of NATO without Turkey's support and military might. Yet even Turkey, already not one of Biden's favourite countries, is being expected to prove its anti-Russian orientation, implying that NATO might be used against other NATO members, actual or aspirant, who don't meet today's standard of Russophobia, even if they have always meet every other.

Too many experts are making a cottage industry of Russian bashing, and this has been allowed to happen because it serves a broader policy agenda over which there is a general consensus. The content of what is said or done is irrelevant.

It would be too difficult for them to change their MO, as Russian bashing made them "experts" in the first place, and these are the people Biden is deferring to, whose presence Rojanski is trying to disguise. Once there was Steven Cohen, a lone voice in the wilderness, but he is dead, and that voice silenced. He was one of the most controversial Russian experts in America, and shared his views openly.

He described in his last book, War with Russia, "how since 2014 US-Russian relations were becoming more dangerous than they had ever been before—and then became worse by the allegations known as Russiagate."

The point of appointing Matthew Rojanski to the White House team would be to put a "scientific" spin on a policy far from scientific or reasoned. The "sane, moderate voice" will not change US policy, merely make it sound inevitable rather than reactionary, a metaphorical turn from red to blue disguised as red which Biden himself, long distrusted by other Democrats for his moderation, is held to represent.

Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook".

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The Olympic Movement at the Present Stage of the Great Game


Apparently, the international Olympic movement is nearing its most serious trials since its reincarnation in the late 19th century, from 393 AD, when this religious-pagan act was prohibited by the Roman Christian emperor Theodosius 1 ("the Great"). This reincarnation itself, apparently, was considered by its initiators as one of the most important projects in the series of those that accompanied the evolution of European civilization over the past few centuries.

Initially tightly embedded in the concept of the "linear-progressive" nature of this process, the Olympic movement has been influenced by all the blows that real life inflicted on it. Of these, the hardest hitting would be the First World War. Everything that followed in the 20th century, especially the catastrophe of World War II, including the occasional Olympic Games, was nothing more than an illustration of the agony of a mortally wounded "progressive" myth.

Everything that accompanies the preparation process for the next summer and winter Olympic Games, which should be hosted by Japan and China, cannot be called anything other than the convulsions of the Olympic movement. It is impossible not to see an important symbolism in the fact that more and more clearly designated crisis phenomena in the Olympic movement are making themselves felt this time in Asia (more precisely, in the Indo-Pacific region), where the focus of modern global processes is shifting.

These processes, in turn, are plunging into a state of all-round crisis, with the problems in the process of preparing the next Olympic Games being only one of the elements of said crisis, albeit a very remarkable one. The crisis in world politics is already affecting the prospects for the winter Olympics scheduled for early 2022.

Let's recall what exactly this is about. In 2015, at a regular meeting of the IOC, China was chosen to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Although by that time the contours of the main geopolitical confrontation of the first half of the 21st century had already been quite clearly identified with the main participants in the person of the United States and China, but until the end of 2019, the 2022 Winter Olympics was not among the objects of the unfolding struggle.

However, this "flaw" was, in the end, corrected at the final stage of the reign of the previous US administration. The situation in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was chosen as the reason for the inclusion of the 2022 Winter Olympics in the list of targets for Washington's attacks on Beijing. At first, they were rather general in nature, but recently they have been reduced to a meme about alleged "coercion with the help of local authorities of the CPC to forced labor of Uyghurs on cotton plantations."

Note, by the way, the Jesuit character of this meme, aimed at "intra-Western" consumption. It is intended to provoke associations with very real scenes of the recent past associated with the hard labor of American black slaves on cotton plantations.

Parrying crude propaganda, materials are published in China on the actual state of affairs with the cotton industry in the XUAR. In particular, there are photographs of cotton fields, on which, apart from the harvesters, no one is visible at all. These pictures are hardly different from those that, for example, the state of Mississippi can show today.

Almost certainly, the XUAR party functionaries hold explanatory conversations with those Uyghur combine operators who are careless about their work. But they hardly even get fired. It is highly likely that your average American farmer will do this with a mercenary, a malicious violator of the labor agreement, dealing with the problem quickly and effectively.

In connection with the latter, the author recalls the student practice at the factories of the USSR, when more than once he had to hear complaints from the lower level of the bosses and party workers about the impossibility of dismissing "this drunk dumbass" and the need to conduct educational work.

Be that as it may, but the current opponents of China are moving from (propaganda) words to deeds and, it should be repeated, 2022 Winter Olympics becomes one of the targets of attacks. In February this year, by citing the "genocide of the Uyghur", a number of parliamentarians from the United States and Canada came up with an initiative on the need to boycott the next Winter Olympics. However, those around President Joe Biden then stated that there were no plans to ban American athletes from going to the upcoming Winter Olympics. On April 6, the US State Department denied rumors that there was allegedly a "discussion with allies" about a possible boycott of the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics.

It seems, however, that the indicated refute followed after the preliminary probing of this issue showed the extreme doubtfulness of the formation of any impressive number of significant countries ready to join such a boycott. India, which is acquiring extreme importance for the United States, will hardly go for it today. On the eve of the visit of Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to the United States, an information leak appeared in the Japanese press, from which it followed that the Japanese leadership "did not expect" the topic of a possible boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics to appear during the upcoming talks.

This means that a very truncated version of the (already small in number) international political sect under the code name "democratic union" could take part in a potential boycott, which has been recently discussed in different versions, primarily in Great Britain and the United States. An attempt to boycott in such conditions the 2022 Winter Olympics would present the whole project of creating a "democratic union" in a deliberately losing form.

Let's not forget that Japan, which is potentially included in it, is the host of the next Summer Olympics, which was supposed to take place last year, but was postponed to 2021 due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. That is, because of a problem that initially had a seemingly narrow-specific (medical-virological) character, but found itself at the center of the modern stage of the Great World Game.

Let's leave the discussion of the question of what was "in the beginning": "virology" or "politics" for those who like to discuss the primacy of the chicken and the egg. The author only states the undoubted seriousness of the COVID-19 problem, against ignoring which two months earlier those same "virologists" warned the Japanese leadership. Which leadership, in turn, then faced a difficult choice: whether to continue (for an unclear period) quarantine restrictions and then almost definitely say goodbye to the 2021 Summer Olympics, or take the risk of ending the state of emergency and trying to hold the Games at least in some form.

The second option was chosen to answer this dilemma, and, as is almost always the case in such instances, Japan now has the prospect of receiving both "pleasures" at the same time. With the beginning of the next (fourth) wave of COVID-19 (with some new and dangerous strains), the incidence rate began to grow sharply. Which, in turn, more and more definitely lends the situation with the 2021 Summer Olympics the outlines of an insane asylum.

The growing level of rejection by the population of this event was manifested, in particular, in a sharp disagreement with the seemingly quite reasonable measure for the priority vaccination of visiting athletes. But the "rumors" about such plans had to be denied due to the delay (by about six months) in the mass vaccination of the Japanese themselves.

The consequences of a relatively minor event lead back to the fact that in November last year, at the zoo in Osaka (the second largest urban agglomeration in the country), a "local" polar bear gave birth to a cub. Since March 23, the happy mother with a cheerful cub began to be shown to visitors to the zoo, and touching photographs appeared on this topic in the media. Tired of the oppressive coronavirus atmosphere, people rushed to the zoo for at least something positive, which occasionally (as it should be) gives one a glimpse of real life.

Thus, creating a situation with mass gatherings of people, dangerous from the standpoint of the same old COVID-19. Therefore, after ten days, the bear and the cub were removed from sight. Reportedly, until May 5, when it is planned to end the state of emergency in Osaka. It is unclear why this will happen since the incidence rate keeps on growing steadily every day.

However, people will continue to be able to look at the subject of their joy – small, but so necessary today – in videos that the zoo's management promises to regularly post on social media. The life of ordinary people increasingly moves online, which in no way contributes to the maintenance of his mental stability.

Add to this the fact that the problems of real life do not go anywhere. In particular, in the sphere of the Great World Game, in the center of which, it should be repeated, today there is a complex of relations between the two leading world powers, which exerts an increasing influence on all aspects of said game. Including the fate of the Olympic Movement.

So far, there is a general perception that US-China relations continue to degrade comprehensively. That is, the new US administration fails to stop this extremely negative and dangerous process (if such an intention was present at all). Let alone reverse it.

Although some comments (primarily Chinese) of the prospects for its further development sometimes express (rather cautious) optimism. For example, in connection with the outcome of the negotiations in Anchorage and the 50th anniversary of a specific period of bilateral relations dubbed "ping-pong diplomacy".

One of the tests for the validity of such optimism will be the future fate of the Olympic Movement as a whole and, in particular, the format of its next "calendar" events.

Vladimir Terekhov, expert on the issues of the Asia-Pacific region, exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook".

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Egypt and Israel are Contemplating Alternatives to the Suez Canal


The now infamous blockage of the Suez Canal, along with the incident that nearly led to its repetition that occurred in early April, as well as a series of terrorist attacks committed by Israel against Iranian ships, has forced the international community to actively look for a possible alternative to this vital maritime transport artery.

Against the background of active discussion of the widespread use of the Northern Sea Route for the effective transportation of goods between Asia and Europe, Egypt and Israel joined their efforts in a bid to find a solution to the problems of the Suez Canal.

As the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, said, the authorities of the country are working on establishing a "land connection" between the Red and Mediterranean Seas by building a network of ports and railways. He also added that the government is also implementing massive infrastructure projects, like the construction of the El-Arish port.

At the same time, the administration of the Suez Canal is considering the possibility of expanding the canal. It has also been announced that the fleet of the Suez Canal acquired the largest dredging vessel in the Middle East called Mohab Mamish. The ship was named after the former commander of the Egyptian Navy, Vice Admiral Mohab Mamish, who remained at the head of the canal administration until 2019. Another vessel of the same type Hussein Tantawi will become operational by the end of summer. The construction of those two dredging vessels came at a cost of 300 million euros. They will be tasked with constantly maintaining the canal depth at 24 meters and providing assistance in emergency situations, like, for instance, the abovementioned blockage, when all traffic was stopped due to a container ship crashing into shore.

Additionally, the administration is also considering options that will allow it to expand the canal, as the head of the administration, Osama Rabie recently told CNN Arabic. According to his statement, the need for such actions was demonstrated by the recent incident that happened with the container ship Evergreen and the administration will try to prevent similar incidents from reappearing.

Earlier, Egypt's president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced the need to equip the administration of the channel with much more powerful tools by purchasing new dredgers and tugs, revealing that the cost associated with such purchases can reach half a billion dollars.

It should be added that back in 2015, Egypt built a new lane of the Suez Canal that was dug parallel to the main one. The total length of this lane reaches 72 kilometers and its construction allowed the administration of the channel to send ships in both directions. But the problem is that the second lane was constructed along the northern part of the canal, while the rest of the main one is still a one-way street.

Recently, Israel has joined the search for a solution to the problems of the Suez Canal, as its officials recalled the idea of constructing the Ben Gurion Canal, which can link the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, bypassing the Suez Canal altogether. At the same time, Israeli authorities claim that the distance between Eilat, which has access to the Red Sea through the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Mediterranean Sea is comparable to the length of the Suez Canal, which will allow the Ben-Gurion Canal to play the role of a "stand-in" for the Suez Canal, which as a result of the recent incident deprived a countless number of companies around the world of profits.

The Ben Gurion Canal project has a long history. It was developed after the decision of the then Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser to nationalize the Suez Canal in 1956, that was previously owned by France and the UK. This project was also mentioned by the former Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres in his book The New Middle East, published in the late 90s.

As stated in the explanatory note to the project, the Israeli canal was supposed to be dug across the Negev desert, from Eilat onwards, between the two mountains to the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the astronomical costs associated with this the project, it was proposed to use 520 nuclear bombs to facilitate the land works. However, in the end, the project was frozen: nuclear explosions would cause an increase in radiation levels while the conventional way of constructing the canal rendered it senseless from the purely financial standpoint. In addition, the authors of the project explained that the Arab countries surrounding Israel will strongly object to the construction of an alternative for the Suez Canal.

Today, Tel Aviv promises to build the Ben Gurion Canal in five years and turn the future transport artery into a multi-faceted project that will include the construction of small towns with hotels, restaurants and nightclubs along the lane. However, investors remain pessimistic about the prospects of the Ben Gurion Canal, primarily due to the fact that incidents like the one that occurred on March 23 in the Suez Canal can hardly be described as a frequent occurrence. In addition, the need to use nuclear bombs to reduce the cost of earthworks reinforces their doubts.

However, this plan has already become a source of great concern in Cairo, primarily because of the fear of losing the profits generated by the Suez Canal that remain at the level of 6 billion dollars a year. Under these circumstances, Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi would remind the public that the Suez Canal played an important role in world trade for almost two centuries.

However, Israel has yet another alternative to offer – a project called the Path to Regional Peace that was presented by Israeli Transport Minister Israel Katz at a conference in the Sultanate of Oman back in 2018. This project was proposed by the Israeli authorities after the construction of a railway line, stretching from the port of Haifa to Beit She'an, that was officially opened in 2016. The idea is to connect the port city of Haifa on the Mediterranean coast through Jordan with Saudi Arabia and other Sunni states on the Arabian Peninsula with a railway. The 2,200 kilometers long line is envisioned as an alternative route for air and sea routes and bypasses the Straits of Hormuz and Bab-el-Mandeb, through which almost 90% of oil and gas exports of the Persian Gulf countries pass. Back in 2018, this project looked like a dubious proposition due to the tense relations between the Israelis and the Arabs, however, after the recent singing of the Abraham Accords, Israel started promoting this idea once again.

Moreover, in the Persian Gulf itself negotiations have resumed on the restoration of the Trans-Arabian Tapline pipeline, connecting Saudi Arabia's Al-Qaisumah with Lebanon's Sidon to facilitate oil exports from the gulf to Europe. Its construction began in 1947 and it took three years to make the pipeline operational. Stretching 1214 kilometers in length, it was capable of transporting 300 thousand barrels a day initially, with the number reaching 500 thousand barrels transported daily at its full capacity. Israel destroyed a section of the Tapline pipeline in the Golan Heights in 1967, after which it ceased to function and is currently unusable, although Riyadh took the effort of registering the Tapline as an industrial heritage site last year.

According to Egyptian experts, the Tapline project will not be able to cause serious damage to Egyptian interests, since supertankers have long been used in the oil industry and their capabilities shattered the economic feasibility of such oil pipelines of the past.

Valery Kulikov, political expert, exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook".

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The Nasty Truth About America’s Love Affair with Narcissism and Self Pity


There is a saying, "the crazy people have taken over the asylum." They did that in the United States in 2016, a nation ruled by grifters, petty criminals and the delusional.

The sane and decent became the "silent majority" as the not just America but the world learned that the darkness of the American soul depicted so often by Hollywood is not fiction at all and that a reality TV actor had tapped into a cesspit of sewage that has seeped into every American community.

Then came 2020.

By sheer luck along and, yes, the votes of 81 million Americans lucky enough to survive voter suppression and intimidation financed by a worldwide organized crime cartel, the insane are now out of power.

The new "captain'' of America's "ship of state" may well, however, have something on his hands worse than the Titanic. The Titanic had the courtesy to actually sink while America, under this analogy, drifts lifelessly along.

Extremism is big money in America, climate denialism, race hatred, social discord and civil war, hate is both a product and an addiction.

It is also one of America's biggest businesses. There would be no social media, no Google, no news organizations, no underbelly of device driven ecstasy, without fear and hate being marketed like cigarettes and CBD gummies.

Roots of America's Politics of Fear and Hate 2.0

American extremism is not the result of poverty or oppression. It originates among the privileged, the "haves" who adhere to insane beliefs driven by boredom and generalized dissatisfaction at lives the rest of the word would envy, overpaid jobs, gas guzzling cars and trucks and fast food laden with fats and poisonous additives.

If you asked many millions of Americans to define "reality," their brains would grind to a halt. Reality is based, not on experience or observation but on "beliefs" and strongly held "opinions" which are invariably those scripted for them.

Beliefs and opinions untested by the feedback loop of life has created a generation of Americans who are, essentially, living in a video game. This makes Qanon a AI program.

Collective delusion has become the norm for many, and by "many" we mean up to 150 million lost souls, caught in an RPG game or, for some, a "first person shooter."

What does it make those who play? But then we have seen all this before, just without a population softened up to this degree by chaos theory conditioning. Some background:

The Roots of Fascist America

In 1940, Adolf Hitler was Time Magazine's man of the year. The parents and grandparents of Trump's supporters, following Huey Long, Gerald L.K. Smith, Father Coughlin and Charles Lindbergh sought to establish a "whites only" America based on the German model with carefully selected military leaders run by Wall Street pulling the strings.

There is something magical, even today, about being "white folks." That magic originated in the 18th and 19th centuries with the "Sturm and Drang" movement. Extremes of emotion and subjectivity were exalted above rationalism.

Childish temper tantrums became a philosophy and eventually a political movement.

The movement, which failed in Europe, found fertile ground in the United States in a society that increasingly defined itself though ritualized slavery and degradation and oppression of "coloured races."

This was a society built on the genocide that wiped out millions of indigenous peoples with the survivors now living on "reservations."

Imagine land where nothing grows, and no one could live. This is an "Indian reservation." From time-to-time oil is found or minerals or there is a need to build a pipeline. Then even the worst land on earth is taken away.

This was done in South Africa. It was done in Rhodesia. It used to be called "colonialism."

By the 20th century there were no indigenous people left to imprison. America then turned to warring against the freed slaves and millions of "undesirable" European immigrants, Catholics and Jews in particular.

Curiously, this war was centered on banking issues, blocking trade unions, sustaining child labor and controlling farm prices. This created the alignments that exist today, the strong tie between Wall Street and homegrown extremism built of bigotry and race hatred.

You see, too many of the undesirables that fled autocratic Europe found that the long hand of international banking that maintained serfdom for millions, even in supposedly advanced Western Europe, had institutionalized the same in the United States under the guise of representative democracy.

Leading the way was the resurgent Ku Klux Klan.

By the 1920s national membership was estimated at over 8 million. Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and a dozen other northern and western states were governed by Klan controlled politicians who used the state militias and National Guard as a private army and local police as armed enforcers.

Behind it all, the banks that brought Hitler to power and the American corporations that made millions financing Nazi Germany's war machine, General Motors, Dupont-Remington, Lockheed, Alcoa and General Motors.

Even Hitler Would Cringe…

The new American revolution, driven by Donald Trump and his televangelist backers, is the result of as social anthropologists note, generations being allowed to live the life of spoiled children, steeped in narcissism and self-pity.

The events of January 6, 2020 and how it tied to many American religious leaders has emptied churches across the US, with millions finding themselves humiliated with having followed "false prophets" in support of hatred and tyranny. From Salon:

"…these religious figures (Trump's powerful televangelist backers) and the institutions they led (have become) hyper-political, the outward mission (has)seemed to be almost exclusively in service of oppressing others. The religious right is not nearly as interested in feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless as much as using religion as an all-purpose excuse to abuse women and LGBTQ people. In an age of growing wealth inequalities, with more and more Americans living hand-to-mouth, many visible religious authorities were using their power to support politicians and laws to take health care access from women and fight against marriage between same-sex couples. And then Donald Trump happened. 

Trump was a thrice-married chronic adulterer who routinely exposed how ignorant he was of religion, and who reportedly — and let's face it, obviously — made fun of religious leaders behind their backs. But religious right leaders did not care. They continually pumped Trump up like he was the second coming, showily praying over him and extorting their followers to have faith in a man who literally could not have better conformed to the prophecies of the Antichrist. It was comically over the top, how extensively Christian right leaders exposed themselves as motivated by power, not faith." 

Jerry Falwell Jr., who introduced Donald Trump to America's evangelical Christians, is himself an enigmatic figure.

Falwell is typical of America's religious leaders and stories such as this, from Fox News, are daily fodder for Americans:

"Jerry Falwell Jr. allegedly played games with his wife Becki where they'd rank Liberty University students, they most wanted to have sex with, according to one pupil who claimed to have been intimate with Becki.

The ex-student — who claims Becki initiated oral sex with him 10 years ago — told Politico that she bragged about playing the sex-ranking game while walking around the Virginia campus with her evangelical-leader husband.

'Her and Jerry would eye people down on campus,' the former student of the conservative school told the outlet.

Social Engineering Through Pandemic

Anyone who really lives in America will make this perfectly clear, this country has turned into a lunatic asylum. Our previous president told us COVID was a hoax, allowed over 40,000 from China enter the US while the threat of COVID was well known and turned his back while, today's figure, 570,264 Americans died. Experts now cite that Trump was personally responsible for over 400,000 of those deaths. He is quite simply a mass murderer.

Do remember that only 900 died in Australia. Canada lost 23,000. 35 died in Vietnam. 440 died in Cuba.

One might wonder how a Hitleresque figure such as Donald Trump could have millions of followers while the legal mechanisms in the US are amassing evidence for both criminal and civil prosecutions which quite probably will never come to bear.

Groundhog Day, an Unending Nightmare

Let me tell you how I began my morning. As a journalist and intelligence briefer, I review incoming material, both open source and private intel. The big story overnight involves a revelation on a religious talk show involving theories on COVID 19 and vaccines.

The show is by Jim Bakker, an important religious leader and political advisor. In 1989, Bakker was sentenced to 45 years in prison for mail and wire fraud but served on 5 of those years. He has stolen tens of million of dollars from his congregation to support a wild and lavish lifestyle of utter debauchery.

In this area, he is typical of America's evangelical Christian leaders.

The guest on Bakker's show was Steve Quayle. I know Quayle as an advisor to President George 'W' Bush on Middle East affairs. I know of no qualifications for this post.

I do know of Quayle. After 9/11 he approached my staff in Amman, Jordan offering them generous payments to "launder" otherwise sourceless intelligence on Iraq into the Bush White House to justify an American invasion of that nation.

Two million people died, maybe many more, due to fake US intelligence on Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction were ever found.

Groundhog Day Two

Let us take the clock back a few years. I remember traveling to Kentucky, then and still a very backward area of the country, in 1956 to visit relatives. This was a presidential election year, and my father was working for Adlai Stevenson, the Democratic candidate that was opposing Dwight Eisenhower.

Even I, at a fairly young age, was flabbergasted at the dinner table discussion that day as my "hillbilly" relatives expounded on their political opinions and version of historical fact. This is how they laid it out:

  • We should support "Ike" because he killed Hitler personally after storming Berlin. They described a sword fight. What they described reminded me of the death of the Sheriff of Nottingham played by Basil Rathbone in the 1938 film Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn.
  • They then went out to describe how the US beat both Russia and Germany who were at war with the US. It seems Russia did not fight Hitler at all but was actually Germany's ally. My father, a reasonably educated person and longtime friend of Russia, found this somewhat disturbing.
  • Next, we heard about how "godless communists" were going to take away our freedoms and destroy our standard of living.

I might remind you that my relatives in Hazard, Kentucky had no electricity or plumbing. One of my cousins lived in an abandoned car parked in a slag field.

During that trip, we visited my grandfather, a retired coal miner. He lived in a shack covered with tar paper along a railroad track. I loved my grandfather.

Life Lessons Do not Come Over the Internet

Over the next 60 plus years, I had shared tea with farmers in Vietnam, military veterans living in a small shack in the Khyber Pass and everything from heads of state to struggling farmers all over Africa and the Middle East. None would have guessed that there are Americans that live in not just utter poverty but steeped not only in delusional ignorance but far worse than that.

A current obsession with American "conservatives" is the fear of being overrun with transexuals, who, according to many, represent a threat to our freedoms. I have never met a transsexual. From what I understand, up to 10,000 currently serve in America's armed forces.

Back during the 1960s when I served with a Marine combat unit in Vietnam, we probably had no transexuals, only gay or "homosexual" Marines and Navy. Absolutely nothing was thought of it as these individuals invariably served with honor and courage.

They existed in significant numbers.

Today aging "conservatives" who avoided military service in Vietnam continually harp about saving the rest of us from "homosexuals in the military."

Voting and "Jim Crow"

Let us take another look at efforts by the Hitleresque racists and bigots to save the rest of us from ourselves, against our will of course. In Georgia, the legislature recently passed a law that makes it a felony to offer water to someone waiting in line to vote.

Water is an issue because, in Georgia and many GOP (Trump's party) run states, polling places in areas where people of color vote have been closed causing day long lines. In 2020, volunteers offered food and water to those who would otherwise have either collapsed or left without voting. Now offering food and water can lead to being executed by racist police, quite literally, or spending 5 years in prison.

In 2020, voters in many key urban areas were threatened by armed neo-Nazi militias or openly threated in emails from Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, organizations deemed terrorist in Canada and now citied by the US Department of Justice as trying to overthrow the US government.

In January, during a US Senate runoff election in Georgia, 364,000 voters were challenged by the GOP in Georgia as "illegal." All of them were African American. All 364,000 were qualified to vote and their votes were eventually counted, giving Georgia two Democratic US Senators.

The Federal Elections Commission is now investigating that this effort to rig the Georgia senate elections was secretly financed by illegal contributions from members of organized crime.

Groundhog Day Three

I live in a rural and primarily Republican area. I parked my car less than 30 feet from the door of a polling place, a local church, and voted in less than 3 minutes with no lines or ID check.

In order to limit mail voting, Trump ordered mail sorting machines destroyed with sledgehammers and over 40,000 mailboxes picked up and junked as scrap metal. Mail service in many cities simply ended. One letter I sent to Washington DC from Michigan took 45 days to arrive.

Hundreds of millions of pieces of mail, starting in late September 2020 simply disappeared, not just votes but government checks, Christmas presents and medications from pharmacies sent to Veterans.

All of this was not just publicly known, things are far worse than that. Those who so many decades ago believed the United States fought Russia in World War Two, would raise children and grandchildren with no respect for human rights, no understanding of democracy, no ethical norms nor any remote understanding of right or wrong.

This is the reality for those living in America, a reality that those who watch America from afar through the distorted lens of Google Corporation and the press, can never fathom.

Ah, but things are so much worse than that. It is not just having spent 4 years with a president who told us you could cure covid by drinking bleach or eating flashlights. It gets worse.

Groundhog Day Four

A few days ago, former Trump advisor Cirsten Welcon claimed that President Biden had been paid billions of dollars by China to let them test their newest "weather weapons" on Texas. Power outages there, now attributed to corrupt backroom deals by Republican politicians, led to many deaths and considerable suffering.

Little did any of us know of the role of the magic Chinese weather machines.

In another vignette, it has been a years since Trump advisor and televangelist Kenneth Copeland stood before a television audience raving like a lunatic. He then pursed his lips and blew at the television camera, the "wind of god" which he claimed destroyed COVID forever.

This effort by Reverend Copeland, who has millions of followers and a vast financial empire, led President Trump to announce that COVID 19 was going to disappear.


Some would like to believe that the institutionalized insanity of America's right is restricted to the "Untermensch" substrata of rural poor whites. However, for decades now, the most radicalized and extremist elements of America's society, the most ignorant, the most warlike yet cowardly, have gained control of the US military through service academies which espouse their conspiracy theories.

With the onset of Trump, they gained much more than a foothold in American politics, they now control many states "lock, stock and barrel," and are involved in not just voter suppression but a general quashing of human rights and free speech.

The door to this turn of events began well into the 19th century. Laws, still on the books, are now being employed against Donald Trump, from CNN:

The Democratic chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has filed a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump that cites a little-known federal statute that was first passed after the Civil War.

The complaint, filed Tuesday by Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, accuses Trump, his attorney Rudy Giuliani, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers of violating the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act. The lawsuit accuses them of inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to prevent the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

These same extremist elements and calling them "extremist" insults al Qaeda and ISIS (banned in Russia) who are moderate in their beliefs and practices in comparison. These statements might sound extreme in themselves were it not for so many Americans, religious and military leaders, members of government and business leaders calling for wholesale murder of their political opponents citing their personal communication with a non-corporeal authority they said is "god."

Americans hear this all day every day, the emails are unending, TV networks like Fox, OAN or Newsmax say little else, and that message is carried not just through media but lawn signs dotting the countryside.

Hundreds of thousands of American homes are festooned with paraphernalia espousing murder of public officials and their families. Americans see it every day driving to work. What they ask themselves when they see things like this is how many others hold these beliefs but keep it to themselves?

What if academics wrote papers on the issues, we discuss here? What if the BBC produced a documentary? Would things get better? The problem dates back not just generations but centuries.

It is not a moral problem; it is not a political problem. It is one of degeneracy. At some point we may be required to reassess our definition of sentience.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He's a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook".

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Jordan: Trouble in the Kingdom?


A number of Arab media outlets were quick to write that a "highly sophisticated conspiracy" aimed at destabilizing the rule of Jordanian King Abdullah II was most likely thwarted. International and regional concerns about developments in Jordan appeared to have ended after the royal reconciliation ended with the former crown prince swearing allegiance to the king and the Constitution. This was mediated by the elder of the Hashemite family, Prince Hassan, the uncle of King Abdullah II and Prince Hamzah.

The attorney general in the Jordanian capital Amman has banned the publication of any information about the alleged conspiracy, which allegedly involved the king's half-brother Prince Hamzah.   In order to keep the investigation of the special services against Prince Hamzah and others secret, it was decided to prohibit the publication of everything related to this investigation at this stage, prosecutor Hassan al-Abdallat said in a statement.  The publication ban applies to all audiovisual media and social networks, as well as the publication of all images or video clips related to the topic on pain of legal action, Amman TV said in a statement.

The order came after Prince Hamzah, who had been harshly critical of the government, swore allegiance to King Abdullah II two days after being placed under house arrest. At first, the prince adopted a defiant tone, insisting that he would not obey orders restricting his movements.  But later, the 41-year-old prince pledged his support to King Abdullah II. "I will remain … true to the legacy of my ancestors, following their path, true to their path, their message and His Majesty," he said in a signed letter quoted by the palace.

Hamzah, who was stripped of his crown prince title in 2004 by Abdullah, has recently become a fierce critic of the king, accusing the Jordanian leadership of corruption, nepotism and authoritarian rule.  In a video he posted recently to the BBC, Hamzah lashed out at the "incompetence" that has been prevalent in Jordan's governing body for the past 15-20 years and has gotten worse.  No one can speak or express their opinion about anything without being intimidated, arrested, harassed and threatened, he said.

However, it is unclear what will now happen to the more than a dozen others arrested in connection with this conspiracy. The Washington Post reported that Riyadh is pushing for Amman to release the main figure among them, Bassem Awadallah, who is said to be close to the Saudi leadership and owns Tomoh in Dubai. The swift action and control of the media has led many Jordanians to question the official story of a "foreign-backed conspiracy" to destabilize the Kingdom.

So far, there has been very little information about what happened in Jordan. Rumors spread and international media increased coverage of the events. Moreover, there was a videotaped statement from Prince Hamzah, in which he sharply criticized the king and his government, did not deny that he shared this criticism with the country's opposition. The video recorded in English and broadcasted by BBC and other media outlets, said that talk of a conspiracy backed by foreign players was a lie and argued that the official line did not always reflect what was really happening in Jordan.

The next day, Prince Hamzah's mother, Queen Noor, indirectly accused the royal government of setting up her son. It is known that Queen Noor, nee American Lisa Halabi, the fourth wife of the former King Hussein, wanted her son to become King of Jordan and occupy the Hashemite throne. But when Hussein had to make an emergency visit to Amman in the United States shortly before his death in 1999 to remove his brother, Prince Hassan bin Talal, from the post of crown prince, he could not appoint Hamzah to this position, as he was still being in school.  Instead, King Hussein made his older brother, the current King Abdullah, the crown prince and placed Hamzah second in line to the throne. Four years after Abdullah became king, he removed his half-brother from office and made his eldest son Hussein ibn Abdullah crown prince.

Meanwhile, it became clear that the special services had thwarted a serious operation that had been hatched for some time against the current tsarist rule.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces, Yousef Huneiti, issued a statement denying that the prince was under house arrest. The statement said that Prince Hamzah was not detained, but instead was "asked to cease movements and activities that were directed against the security and stability of Jordan," adding that this was done as part of "comprehensive joint investigations by the security services." Prince Hamzah attended various Jordanian tribal gatherings to criticize the government. This brought him popularity in some circles of society, but it is unclear whether this has found followers in government structures.  The head of the Prince's Chancellery, Yasser Al-Majali, was among those arrested by the authorities. He belonged to a Jordanian tribe, which, according to rumors, was among those whose support the prince sought in the fight against his half-brother, the king.

Jordanian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi presented the first official version of what happened so far, although his story was sparse in details, since this issue is very sensitive to national security.  "The country's intelligence services have intercepted a conspiracy that was supposed to be carried out," Safadi said, adding that Prince Hamzah was in contact with a foreign government to destabilize the kingdom. A man with connections in the foreign intelligence service contacted Prince Hamzah's wife to advise her to leave the country by plane, but all communications were tapped, he said.  Although Safadi did not name the foreign country or the person who allegedly contacted Hamzah's wife, the person's identity quickly became the subject of speculation. Israeli journalist Barak Rav wrote that an Israeli businessman with ties to the US government was in contact with the former Crown Prince of Jordan, Hamzah bin Hussein, when he was placed under house arrest, and offered to send a private jet to take his wife and children to Europe.

Barak Rav informed that the unknown was Roy Shaposhnik, a politician of the Kadima Center Party in Israel and an adviser to the former Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert. Roy Shaposhnik said he had never been a Mossad officer, but confirmed that he offered to help Prince Hamzah and his family as part of their friendship. This friendship began even when Shaposhnik's company provided assistance in the logistics of the prince's company, which trained Iraqi soldiers in Jordan.

These remarks brought some clarity to the story and contradicted previous rumors linking the conspiracy to the Gulf states. One Jordanian source told the weekly Al-Ahram that the Gulf states, Egypt and other states, including the United States, quickly issued statements in support of Jordan and expressed their full confidence in the leadership, promising to help keep Jordan stable and secure. Only the Netanyahu government did not.  The only thing that many Jordanians agree on is the arrest of Bassem Awadallah. Whether it was his role in an attempted "foreign-backed" coup, or because of very "sensitive business relationships" that run counter to Jordan's national interests, many Jordanians are glad he is now facing the law and will be held accountable.

A possible end to the latest events was afforded by Abdullah II, who, in the face of an unprecedented social division in the royal family, portrayed him as an attempted rebellion with the participation of his half-brother, which was "nipped in the bud", but caused him anger, pain and shock.  The monarch appeared to be doubling down on the charges against Prince Hamzah, the former crown prince, while trying to convince the Jordanians that the nation is returning to its business as usual.  But even if the current crisis is ultimately defused completely, the monarchy allied with the West will face serious problems as it faces growing internal dissent.

Recently, Jordan has indeed been experiencing various economic difficulties, exacerbated by the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Emigrant workers are returning from the Gulf countries to increase unemployment in the Kingdom, and the country's scarce resources make it difficult to meet its needs. Financial and other support, especially from the rich countries of the Persian Gulf and Israel, has declined for many reasons, including because of Jordan's position on regional issues. And apparently, any use of popular discontent and growing anger against the government can further cause certain unrest in the country. And in this situation, everything will depend on the position of the army and special services, which so far have traditionally been loyal to King Abdullah II.

Viktor Mikhin, corresponding member of RANS, exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook".

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