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Parents Shocked as Armed Cops Show Up at Their Homes to Talk About Kids’ Grades

By Matt Agorist St. Louis County, MO — Over the last decade, TFTP has been reporting on the encroachment of the police state into the... Parents Shocked as Armed Cops Show Up at Their Homes to Talk...
translate | 19 Jan 2021 | 2:40 am

Dystopia Now! — Surveillance Through Vaccine Certificates, Digital IDs, and Biometric Data

By Jesse Smith With the pandemic, the "digital transformation" that so many analysts have been referring to for years, without being exactly sure what it... Dystopia Now! — Surveillance...
translate | 19 Jan 2021 | 2:39 am

Biden Plans “10-Day Blitz” Of Executive Orders To “Reverse Greatest Damages Of Trump Administration”

By Tyler Durden President-elect Biden plans a "10-day blitz" to "reverse the gravest damages of the Trump administration," beginning with a flood of first-day...
translate | 19 Jan 2021 | 2:38 am

The FBI Says Your “Smart TV” is Watching and Listening to You. How to Stop That and Reduce Its Harmful Radiation Emissions

By B.N. Frank Privacy and cyber security experts have warned for many years about risks associated with ALL "Smart" and wireless technology – cell phones... The FBI Says Your "Smart TV" is Watching...
translate | 19 Jan 2021 | 2:37 am

Fry Before You Fly: AT&T Unleashes 5G at Tampa Airport

By B.N. Frank In 2019 naval pilots voiced their concerns about high levels of electromagnetic radiation in cockpits making them vulnerable to cancer and early... Fry Before You Fly: AT&T...
translate | 19 Jan 2021 | 2:25 am

CIA Drops “Black Vault” Trove Containing “All” Government Documents on UFOs

By Elias Marat The CIA has released all publicly available U.S. government documents collected on unidentified flying objects (UFO) over the course of three decades... CIA Drops "Black...
translate | 19 Jan 2021 | 12:58 am

Does the West Actually Care About the Uighur Genocide in China or Is It a Handy Excuse for Conflict?

By Robert Wheeler While the United States is busy showing signs of imploding, all eyes are focused on the Capitol protests, the Presidential Inauguration, and... Does the West Actually Care About...
translate | 18 Jan 2021 | 8:52 pm

Cop Banned From All Taxpayer Jobs After Video Showed Him Mace Innocent Teen on Private Property

By Matt Agorist Woodlynne, NJ — As TFTP reported last June, several teenagers were hanging out with friends, on their own property, when officers with... Cop Banned From All Taxpayer Jobs After...
translate | 18 Jan 2021 | 8:18 pm

1000s Denounce COVID Lockdown In Amsterdam As Chaos Unfolds At “Unauthorized” Gathering

By Tyler Durden Multiple anti-lockdown demonstrations were observed in Europe over the weekend. The largest one was seen in the Austrian capital, Vienna, Saturday, where at... 1000s Denounce COVID...
translate | 18 Jan 2021 | 6:52 pm

Workers Get Sonic “Dog Collars” To Enforce Social Distancing

Get within six feet of anyone and the ear-splitting siren goes off, similar in concept to no-bark collars for dogs. This dystopian Social Engineering tool... Workers Get Sonic "Dog...
translate | 18 Jan 2021 | 6:17 pm
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