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The Good Citizen
29 Mar 2024 | 6:50 pm

1. 101 Steps to Enslave Humanity Part 2 (56-77)

Warning to Good Citizens: Do not share this series with others, it might make you look like a total nutjob. The most important thing today is that others view us in the blandest, most sterile, and safest light. That's the only way things will change for the better.

This is part two of a three-part series. Part One was published nearly 14 months ago.

Part 2: How we got here 21st century—Phases 3-6 (YOU ARE HERE)
Part 3: Where we're (likely) going (2024-2030)—Consolidating Phases 1-6 and implementing Phases 7 and 8.

This series was designed to put historical events and sociocultural phenomena into a structure that helps us understand how we arrived at the world we're living in. If for no other reason than to dispel the deception that we arrived here suddenly and without warning.

This list and organization of a hierarchy of influence over world events do not imply that everything that appears here was intentional or methodically planned out. The list is a mix of social and political events triggered partly by social engineering through government policy, sociocultural phenomenon through happenstance, and yes, bureaucratic failures through grotesque incompetence. I do not make an effort to distinguish which label applies to which events or phenomena, as many would be impossible to know.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Any glaring omissions noticed by readers would be appreciated in the comments below and added post-publication with credit to the commenter. I did not include comprehensive in-post sources for every event, but it's all available online, as long as you don't use Google or DuckDuckGo. The only search engine that will provide the "old" internet is ironically a Russian search engine—

Review Phases 1 and 2 (from Part I):

New Religions (Destroying humanity and our connection to the natural world)

  • Scientism

    • An expert class (high priests) that determines selected truths to frame perceptions to alter human behavior

    • Dogmas like "Follow the Science" and "Trust the Science" or "The Science is Settled" and "Science Denier" to shame heretics

    • The expert class commands ritualistic behavior of the non-credentialed "useless eaters"

  • Technological Solutionism

    • Artificial Intelligence (superior to humans)

    • Data Collection for Surveillance Capitalism (control humans)

    • Robotics and Automation to render human labor (existence) redundant

  • Transhumanism (Eugenics Contd.)

    • Altering human DNA

    • Gender confusion and abolition for transformation

    • Destruction of the nuclear family and traditional parental roles

    • Continued abortion at all costs

    • Expand euthanasia programs and limit any barriers (See Canada)

    • Trojan horse injections (laced) posing as "medicine" "vaccines" or "anesthetics"

    • Announcing the 'end of humans' as an agenda

  1. Laying the foundation for centralization through capturing governments, central banks, engineering wars, and buying academia, medicine, and science (1800-1970)

  2. Continuing Eugenics for population control through climate hysteria, fifth-generational warfare, to prepare for the rise of transhumanism, Agenda 2021, and a one-world government (1970-2000)

PART 2 Phase 3: Surrender liberties for "safety" that only the state can provide from perceived threats (threats created by the state ie "terror" & "viruses") while continuing the psychological and bodily assault on humanity
  1. The end of the Cold War leaves the MIC searching for new modes of manipulation and control over the American psyche and taxpayers' wallets. A series of false flag attacks throughout the 1990s brings the word "terror" to television screens programming American minds. World Trade Center bombing; Oklahoma City "Bombing"; USS Cole bombing. While Islamist terror groups attack Paris, France with subway bombings, Moscow, Russia with apartment bombings, and target U.S. service members stationed in the holy land, Saudi Arabia (Khobar Towers). Plane hijackings and embassy bombings are a regular occurrence around the world.

  2. Epidemics of mental illnesses begin to rise concurrently with the pilfering desires of Big Pharma and the Psychiatric Industrial Complex to exploit the moods and emotions of the restless, passive citizen, and modern consumer. In 1988 the SSRI anti-depressant drug Prozac is launched. By the end of the century, tens of millions of people will be taking the drug to treat an arbitrary and oft-manufactured condition formerly known as the blues or sadness, now dubbed "depression." By 2022 the ten-year average in SSRI prescriptions will reach 130 million in the U.S. alone. Various studies have shown that SSRIs are no better than placebo and in the long term lead to worse outcomes. Seventy studies show SSRIs have horrible side effects and are ineffective because they do the opposite of what should be done. While one study found it aggravates the very thing it was prescribed to treat in many people—anxiety.

  3. The century of the self has accelerated the conscious awareness of the hyperindividual whose 'inner self' gauges happiness through 'self-actualization' and positive reinforcement which is always just one life alteration away. Depression has become a mainstream diagnosis for psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists with relief available in pill form. "Being cured" of depression is always one more therapy appointment away. Everything is made abstract including the "journey" or "process" a depressed individual must undertake to "do the work" to no longer "be depressed." The patient is conditioned to view positive outcomes in their life, not as happenstance or earned achievements, but as a result of the "work they do with their therapist" to reinforce the perceived success of therapy. Conversely, the patient is conditioned to view negative outcomes in their life as a sign that they must continue to see their therapist or even increase their frequency of visits. This will give rise to therapy culture across many other institutions including education through "Social Emotional Learning" and positive reinforcement. It will increase weakness and fragility by fostering an atmosphere of victimhood and learned helplessness. The destruction of the family and sexes continues unabated. While divorce rates finally plateau at the start of the century, the destruction of gender norms and traditional families accelerates. Women will eventually surpass men in college, many corporate careers, and earning power, destroying hard-wired traits that determine mate appeal and selection for females, further plummeting marriage and birth rates. While the great scam of feminism bonds women to corporations instead of men and families far past their fertile years denying their biological imperatives and leaving them with no mate appeal for men by their thirties and forties (the wall). By then, they finally realize that they made the wrong choice in a soulless corporation instead of rearing and raising human life to avoid becoming a despondent cat-lady.

  4. Childhood disabilities like ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism increase astronomically (1500% from 1988-2005) with many, especially Autism linked to childhood vaccine schedules. Many vaccines contain Thimerosal. First introduced by Eli Lilly and Company in the late 1920s and early 1930s, the company began selling it as a preservative in vaccines in the 1940s. Eli Lilly and Co. concluded thimerosal to be of "a very low order of toxicity for man," the company hired its own doctors to perform thimerosal experiments in Indianapolis City Hospital on meningitis patients during a severe outbreak in 1929. The company brochure quoted the "safety evidence" of this rigged study through 1990. Thimerosal contains 49.6 percent mercury by weight. Most countries eliminated thimerosal during the mid-1980s including the Soviet Union which was the first to do so in 1980. In 1977, a Russian study found that adults exposed to ethylmercury, the form of mercury in thimerosal, suffered brain damage. Studies on thimerosal poisoning also describe tubular necrosis and nervous system injury, including obtundation, coma, and death. The U.S. is still one of the only countries permitting Thimerosal as a vaccine preservative and also in dozens of other pharmaceutical products approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    From the FDA website: "Thimerosal and Vaccines"

    The efficacy of vaccines as legitimate "medicine" becomes gospel for the global technocratic order, which means they must never be questioned. All injectibles will serve as a trojan horse for their transhuman agenda.

  5. The 2000 election and Supreme Court case Bush v. Gore plants the seeds that open the door to question the legitimacy of elections and "democracy" in America. While it's evident that domestic manipulation of elections has been ongoing for decades by the intelligence community, this election and case decided in one county in Florida (managed by former Bush campaign advisor as Sec. of State of Florida) plants the psychological seeds to establish the red-blue political divide to capture the attention of the American people so they are deeply emotionally invested in federal election outcomes. Believing the theatrical production that the two parties are different and oppositional and that politicians exist to serve their interests and improve their livelihoods makes citizens evermore dependent on the state. The rise of electronic voting, with machines connected to exterior networks makes the entire process a joke. Normalizing mail-in ballots, and eliminating voting ID requirements by labeling them "racist" renders all elections as "performative participatory democracy" with most outcomes predetermined. Across the pond, the European Union gets busy engineering its own style of "democracy" which more closely resembles liberal authoritarianism. Any referendum rejected by European voters, like the Treaty of Lisbon, is ignored by the European Commission and repackaged as a new treaty that will get shoved through, no matter the will or vote of any European nations. (Irish voters rejected the Treaty of Lisbon, and French voters rejected the EU constitution, yet both are pushed through anyway) Power is centralized and delivered from the top down. Smaller economies become beholden to larger dominant economies, for welfare and pensions. "Austerity" requires these "lazy" cultures to raise the retirement age and citizens forego returns from Ponzi schemes they paid into most of their lives through high taxes. By 2007 all internal European borders will be opened and no passport or identity document will be needed to travel anywhere inside the 27-nation Schengen Zone. Eliminating borders destroys the national identity (See Kalergi Plan), to move toward an open continent where the continued influx of tens of millions of third-world invaders (mostly men) can continue with aid from EU-funded NGOs. The European people continue to fund their replacements to this day, with some welfare states taxing workers over 50% to culturally and ethnically destroy themselves. Since the demented one was installed, nearly 10 million invaders have crossed the southern border, or have been flown to U.S. cities. In another four years nearly 15% of the U.S. population will be added with "tech visas" and invaders, mostly military aged, low-skilled, unemployable men. (See the Cloward-Piven strategy)

    France was the first to fall.
  6. 2001 Rockefeller Foundation wargames bioterror—Operation Dark Winter—a simulation of weaponized smallpox "attack" in the United States. It takes place just two months before 9/11 on July 23. Two days later on July 25th Alex Jones warns his listeners and viewers, "Terrorism is the pretext the globalists will use to bring down America. If any terrorism comes, it will come from this government….we know the government is planning terrorism, we know Oklahoma City was government terrorism…if you do it we will know it was you, or if you let some terrorist group do it, like blow up the World Trade Center, we will know it was you."

  7. Hollywood spreads the entertainment viruses (predictive programming) with global catastrophe and apocalyptic bioterror films like 12 Monkeys (1995). It will continue through the coming decades with films like Contagion, I am Legend, Children of Men, Carriers, The Happening, World War Z, and The Walking Dead which runs for an entire decade until the Covid plandemic and is the highest-rated on-demand TV show in the world beating out Game of Porns.

  8. 9/11 — TRUTH The CIA/Mossad terrorize the American people and drag its allies into a decades-long campaign of pointless invasions, bombings, occupations, and operations in seven different countries causing the loss of millions of lives at the expense of over eight trillion dollars. The only nation to benefit from this is the nation that planned it—Israel. Five years earlier Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted in a book that the "American people need to wake up to the threat of militant Islam or militant Islam will bring down the World Trade Center." He openly brags about this admission in a TV interview after the attacks. By manipulating the American empire to work on its behalf, Zionists can continue to make the enemies of Israel the enemies of America so that the latter must always serve their interests.

  9. On September 20, 2001, Bush announces his War on Terror which will cost millions of lives and $8 trillion, most of which is transferred from taxpayers to the Military Industrial Complex (defense contractors, including President Dick Cheney's Halliburton) to prosecute wars on the middle east nations that do not have IMF-controlled (Rothschild) central banks. The War on Terror has no honest national security goals or aims that benefit the American people or the planet. The war is designed to continue at all costs for gold pilfering, money laundering, central bank control, oil and energy expansion, opium trade, arms trafficking, and to continue bottomless funding (black budgets) for overseas coups, color revolutions, assassinations, terror funding, and conflict creation.

  10. The expansion of Pentagon bioweapons research programs with dark money accelerates to a dozen nations including at least 24 bioweapons labs in Ukraine alone by 2020. Bioweapons first appear domestically as a psyop when the U.S. Government terrorizes its population with Anthrax originating from Fort Dietrick bio lab in Maryland, mailed to corporate journalists they know will amplify the psyop. The psyop began just one week after 9/11, with the subsequent investigation a coverup and setup. Planting the seeds of the word "Anthrax" was to prepare the American people for an invasion of Iraq that was years in the planning. In the weeks before the bombing of Iraq, the White House and corporate media created such a frenzy of fear around an "Anthrax attack in the form of a missile from Saddam Hussein" that Americans bought up all the duct tape from home improvement stores in a single weekend to "protect their homes" from such an attack. Saddam Hussein didn't even have missiles with a range that could strike Italy, or targeting systems that could distinguish Italy from Croatia.

  11. George W. Bush telegraphs the invasion of Iraq with 9/11 anniversary speech mentioning Sadam Hussein for the first time, despite absolutely no connection to Iraq. U.S. "Shock and Awe" campaign of bombing Iraq begins six months later as corporate state media broadcast the spectacle with paid CIA correspondents glorifying the indiscriminate slaughter of Iraqi civilians as war porn on live TV 24-7. Patriotism is drummed up at the homeland with diabolical precepts like "You're either with America, or you're with the terrorists" and "We have to fight them over there so that we don't have to fight them here." It makes the Macarthy-era red scare look like the tea cups ride at Disneyland but most Americans are clueless as they follow their President's orders and "continue shopping." The U.S. openly engages in the torture of innocent prisoners with no official charges or evidence presented in a court of law. Bush administration attorneys label kidnapping and torture ops as the Orwellian, "extraordinary rendition." Prisoners are kept permanently in an overseas camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where they are tortured around the clock with no legal recourse. Zero "actionable evidence" is obtained through torture, and to the contrary, it only produces made-up or false evidence.

  12. Asian SARS-CoV-1 Plandemic doesn't go global—2003—despite coordinated media campaigns to scare the masses. The "virus" stays in Asia where the first 3G network rollouts occur…China, Hong Kong, Japan. The following "pandemics" have curious coincidences but don't take them seriously Good Citizens, because correlation doesn't equal causation.
    2003 — SARS 1 + 3G rollout
    2009 — Swine Flu + 4G rollout
    2020 — SARS 2 + 5G rollout

    Deboonker | Know Your Meme
  13. The housing bubble finally collapses in 2008, five years after the Bush Administration said it was essential that all Americans have the possibility of owning a home. Banks were happy to oblige by creating conditions for easy credit by destroying underwriting guidelines for mortgage applications. These toxic loans were bundled into worthless toxic securities that collapsed and created a global financial crisis. The intervention of Congressional and central bank bailouts increases moral hazards that still hamper markets today. Some have called government and Central Bank reactions to this event (TARP) the end of free market capitalism.

  14. Rockefeller Foundation releases its famous "Operation Lock-Step" document in 2009. "Under the guise of a pandemic, we will create a global police state."

    David Rockefeller Operation Lockstep
Phase 4: Surveillance Capitalism and The Frictionless Life—Selling slavery as convenience and comfort, through digital herding for managing minds to prepare them for remote access via frequency manipulation
  1. Wilhelm Reich discovered this in the late 1940s. Reich worked on a project secretly for the CIA for over 5 years, from 1947-1952, to discover at what frequency wave the "human brain" would respond; he did so until he realized the CIA was planning to use this technology on the American public. Upon learning what his discovery meant, and how it was going to be used, he developed a second technology to combat the effects of thought manipulation used on the frequency waves he discovered. The first Direct Energy Weapons patent for controlling humans is filed in 2000. Many of these weapons are tested on T.I.s or targeted individuals who are harassed remotely by a dedicated team. Over the next decade dozens of more patents related to remote access for biotechnological manipulation of humans are filed. At present there is a convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and human anatomy for the express goal of "seeding" humans with substances to illicit remote thought control, behavioral control, assassinations, etc. Population management/control through sudden "coincidences" and mass infertility appears to be a congruent aim or side effect of this ongoing experimentation.

  2. The arrival of personal computing in the 1980s and the Internet a decade later unleashes a torrent of sociocultural and behavioral changes as the world moves from the physically anchored world to the virtual and ethereal. The rise of AI, robotics, and automation, portends the end of human labor and human connections to the material world, and the transference of human existence from the natural to the digital, artificial, "meta" worlds where humans are passive, subdued, disconnected from nature and each other severing psycho-social bonds of organization and unity. This is another step in the transhumanist agenda to implement a psycho-bio-evolutionary switch toward rewiring and reconditioning our species so humans can be micromanaged via remote technologies.

  3. DARPA calls for an Internet white pages platform (Lifelog) that can monitor every American citizen in one place. Removes contract after Facebook is incorporated with VC funding from CIA fund In-Q-tel (Billions of people are still on Facebook, Meta-owned Instagram, Google-owned YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. The U.S. version of TikTok is based on Oracle servers in Texas. Oracle is also another CIA-NSA cut-out for mass surveillance. Whenever a new application arises to offer privacy and encryption or alternative sources for information, like messaging app Signal and search engine DuckDuckGo, they are quickly taken over by the Intelligence agencies. In 2002, the NSA connects to AT&T ISP servers in the San Francisco building room 641A, at 611 Folsom Street. Mass digital surveillance is weaponized against citizens. The Internet becomes a tool for psychological control and manipulation of the masses for fifth-generation warfare against citizens. In June 2013 Edward Snowden blew the whistle on mass surveillance programs targeting all Americans and the collusion between private corporates and government spy agencies. The gamification of Frictionless Life aka "convenience" conditions masses for a social credit system that connects their entire life, online and offline to their income and ability to earn a living. As with most dystopian transitions, the beta testing began in China in 2018 where tens of millions of surveillance cameras monitor all citizens at all times in public, while in private all digital platforms (apps) monitor the most intimate details of their lives. It becomes effortless to allow humans to accept their chains, as everything is managed (surveillance) through their favorite toy, ironically dubbed the Smartphone. Billions accept this trojan horse device for its "convenience" and "connectivity." They permit it to control their lives while sharing every moment with the state and simultaneously believe that they are the ones in control. During the hoax pandemic, memes began to circulate that one group avoided the psyop and had no disruption from the media's mass fear campaign because they don't watch television—The Amish. The Amish also don't have digital "smartphone" chains. A ban was established in their community due to the Amish belief that it contrasts the spirit of humility, contributes to pride and individualism, is not a necessity, and is a link to the outside world. Another win for the Amish.

  4. Klaus Schwab authors The Fourth Industrial Revolution, a book that embraces Global Technocracy (of which he is a major "stakeholder") that oversees a dystopian future of interconnected everything including humans. See my series below Remote Controlled Humans for all the details on this diabolical operation underway via injectible "medicine", chemtrails, and food. The entire hoax pandemic, for which there was no novel virus, is used as a mass testing operation so that individuals offer their bodies (and minds) willingly for experimentation, while around the globe the rollout of dangerous 5G towers and repeaters is masked by the "harm" of a non-existent virus.

    Why poison billions of people with Graphene Oxide nanoparticles through injectibles, testing swabs, masks, chemtrails, and the food supply?
    Klaus Schwab's Butt-boy Yuval Noah Harari: Hacking humans for remote control
Phase 5: Consolidating "Humans Are The Virus" via the Green Cult of Death—Global Communism masquerading as a collectivist sacrifice to "save the planet"
  1. In 2004 Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth is released. The entire film is filled with convenient lies to schill for the Agenda 21/30 climate scam. His net worth before the film's release is ~$4 million. Ten years later? $200 million. Today he's worth $300 million. Here are 35 lies told in the film: Pacific Islands drowning, sea levels rising 6 meters caused by melting ice caps, thermohaline circulation stopping, CO2 driving warmer temperatures, snows of Kilimanjaro melting, lake Chad drying up, Hurricane Katrina "man-made" (possibly true through geoengineering and cloud seeding), polar bears will be extinct soon, coral reefs bleaching, exaggeration of ppmv CO2 effect on global temperature by 10x, Hurricane Caterina (Brazil) was "man-made", New record of Japanese typhoons, natural disaster insurance claims increasing, Mumbai is flooding, severe tornadoes increasing, arctic warming at the fastest rate in history, Greenland ice sheet unstable, Himalayan glacial melt stopping, Sahara desert drying, mountain glaciers disappearing around the world, Antarctic ice shelves "breaking up," Mosquitoes climbing to higher altitudes (thanks to Bill Gates' genetically modified altimeters?), tropical diseases "spreading" (not due to open borders), Carbon dioxide is "pollution," migratory birds cannot feed their young, and lastly that none of his "facts" are in dispute by anybody. "Trust the Science" durp durp. (Follow Tony Heller on YouTube for all the latest scams from the climate-cult-of-death)

  1. Enslaving humanity wouldn't be complete without destroying economic production and freedom of movement—transportation. Regular UN climate summits like Cop 16 (2010), Cop 21 (2015), and the upcoming Cop 30 to be held next year in Brazil set out to plan energy transformations designed to intentionally destroy Western economies by transitioning to "Carbon-neutral" energy sources—wind, solar, biofuels. For transportation, this means banning internal combustion engines and mandating that all vehicles be electric (Coal powered) by a certain date—2030-2050. California is banning ICEs by 2035. A quarter of all auto sales last year in the state were EVs. In Norway nearly 80% of all new auto purchases were EVs last year…followed by Iceland, Sweden, and the Netherlands. EVs are one giant scam and if they aren't already, should be viewed as a public display of low IQ.

  1. Alternative energy (Unsustainable for humanity) global transition for the global enslavement of mostly advanced Western societies. NONE of the climate agenda transitions apply to the biggest polluters India and China, or third-world countries, and that's how we know the real agenda. China is busy building new coal plants weekly. Alternative "Green" energy is fragile, full of fault points, horrific for the environment, water table, and wildlife, and cannot possibly replace a fraction of Western energy needs.

three days ago

All of it is 100% economically unfeasible, and that's the point of it…to destroy economies and create a new feudal system. All the math(s) laid out in this excellent 4-part series.

Full Broadside "Clean Energy Transition" Part 1 Renewable, or 'clean', energy is all the rage nowadays. Dirty coal, greasy oil and smelly gas have got to go, or so we are told ad infinitum by goverments, mainstream media and 'climate action now' NGOs. These three fuels which represent the energy backbone of the modern, industrialised world are now wicked words. They are the "fossil fuels" of a fossil… Read more a year ago · 17 likes · 14 comments · JP
  1. Under the pretense of "saving the planet," anything can be demonized as harmful, and outlawed or criminalized including self-sufficiency through gardening and small farming. Banning self-sufficiency, small farms, farming, concentrating all food production in a centralized top-down controlled Big Agriculture (LBJ: control the food supply and you control the world.) During World War 2, the British government introduced food rationing. Each citizen was given a booklet with coupons for food to ensure that an equal distribution of food met the needs of the people, yet they also encouraged people to grow their own food under a public campaign called "Dig For Victory." In the United States, the government runs similar public campaigns calling on Americans to plant "Victory Gardens." Today we are in a new state of war, declared by governments against their citizens so that they are dependent on the state's resources: capital, food, transportation, energy, medicine, retirement, nursing, defense, and education (Germany, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, and other states ban homeschooling).


Nowhere is the war on farmers hotter than in the European Union, where the EU approved 1.3 billion to buy out Dutch livestock farmers for "land conservation" due to nitrogen deposits. The earth's atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen, and the Netherlands is the second largest food producer per capita in the world. Soon they will outlaw the conservation of seeds, personal farming, gardening, and everything will need to be government-approved and triple-stamped by a panel of communist apparatchiks. Any farmer that doesn't comply will be shut down, bought out, denied subsidies, and imprisoned.

The Irish government wants to slaughter 200,000 dairy cows because of…cow farts.

By centralizing and controlling the food supply, global technocrats can achieve many other concurrent goals while simultaneously enslaving humanity.

Where have we seen all this before?

Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.

— Henry Kissinger
Burning in hell for eternity

Part 3: (78-101) coming sooner than 14 months from now.

My only friend, the end

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The Good Citizen
15 Mar 2024 | 6:20 pm

2. The Don Remains The Same

The Royal Ziocourt of 45th American President Jared Kushner and his frontman father-in-law.

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

Mark Twain

Whenever the two parties of the Zionist Occupied Oligarchic Kakistocracy agree on anything, the American people should reflexively examine why, and follow the trail of corporate money and foreign influence peddling, often by dual passport holders with questionable loyalties. The compromised red-blue consensus will completely ignore their interests and be antithetical to "America First" so the people must always assume corporate bribery is at work, often in conjunction with foreign blackmail.

The fact there was no government shutdown last week imposed by Republicans in the house given the current final rotting stages of the collapsing Empire, signifies the Uniparty's consent to let the rot continue unabated. There was no meaningful effort to leverage budgetary power to demand a close to the southern border which nearly ten million illegals have crossed since the demented one was selected President.

Instead, the House passed a meaningless resolution this week condemning Biden for Causing the Worst Immigration-Border Security Crisis in American History. A symbolic vote for denunciation rooted in self-smug pageantry and pomp.

During the diapered puppet's comically ridiculous State of the Empire speech, there were only two moments that the highest opposition party leader Mike Johnson applauded: MOAR money for the Poison Dwarf laundermats of Ukraine to kill off whatever remaining Ukrainians under 50 can be kidnapped and sent to the Donbas meat grinders, and MOAR money for Israel to kill another 30,000 civilians in Gaza. Of the entire ninety minutes an old man screamed at the sky, the latter was enough to bring "the opposition" and Speaker Johnson to his feet for a standing ovation.

Think about that. Then think about it again. Then reread the first paragraph and think about it a third time.

It's not unusual given any visit by an Israeli politician to speak in the House usually garners between 20 and 30 unanimous standing ovations in 45 minutes. Nothing brings the parties together in the Kumbaya union like Israel, and whatever its criminals demand of the American treasury and arms industries.

Not to be outdone, the Orange Messiah revealed on his personal social media platform unironically named Truth Social (where you'll get banned for criticizing Israel) that he has learned jack shit the past few years in exile.

It's almost as if he goes out of his way to squander any sympathies garnered from his continued persecution by the permanent shadow government's system of selective justice. Assuming that persecution isn't planned because he's their next selection to maximize division and chaos and sell some big event to the red states like he did last time.

But how can a man who will never admit he was wrong ever change?

Read more

The Good Citizen
8 Mar 2024 | 5:21 pm

3. E.V.irtue Signaling

See it's not just a car, it's a total image. An identity.

— Bill Paxton
True Lies

Every day billions of humans around the world make consumer decisions.

Some of those consumer decisions involve purchasing a motor vehicle.

And until recently the free market functioned as it should, without the government nudging the behavior of consumers with lies and tax incentives to be funded on the backs of hard-working Americans who were neither fooled nor nudged.

Consumers used to look at motor vehicles and make decisions based on metrics such as economics, practicality, utility, reliability, gas mileage, depreciation, and sometimes less important metrics like speed, fun, looks, and social status tied to brand identity.

Those going through a mid-life crisis may have made impulsive consumer choices, often influenced by vain metrics associated with sports cars and supercars, such as the power of a motor vehicle to serve as a "pussy magnet" because every middle-aged man is familiar with life's three certainties:

  1. Death

  2. Taxes

  3. The vette gets em' wet.

Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by Mark Tarpenning and Martin Everhard. Elon Musk invested $6.5 million and appointed himself chairman of the board. A few years later he raised $30 million with help from the Google Founders. The investment came with the condition the he be named founder of the company. Then he proceeded to push out the founders, rewrote the history of the company to erase their names, and crowned himself the self-made "genius" behind the EV revolution.

This entire "revolution" is premised on the lie of "global warming" and "climate change." The farcical assumption rooted in doctored "science" that somehow anthropomorphic-caused increases in atmospheric Co2 levels will cause the planet to warm anywhere from 1-3 degrees Celsius by the end of this century. Co2, also known as the gas of life, increases vegetation and the "greening" of the planet, thereby enriching animal life. Presently Co2 levels are normal if not lower than the historical average.

For example, 65 million years ago they may have been as high as 1700ppm. While a million years ago they were still over 1000ppm, compared to today's figure of ~400ppm. At any rate, there is absolutely zero evidence that moderately increasing Co2 levels will cause any problems for humans, animals, or the planet, which is a complex self-correcting system that will see species come and go regardless of human behavior and is more affected by solar cycles than anything else.

Yet here we are with two or more generations brainwashed and indoctrinated into believing a psychological operation posing as a climate emergency which has given rise to brands like Tesla Motors.

Have consumers around the world been fooled into making many decisions about their lives, not just bodily autonomy, that give greater power to the states working for a global technocratic cabal while restricting their liberties and harming themselves physically and financially?

The answer appears to be a resounding Yes!

EVs, veganism, vaccines, paying for carbon credits. These are just the first of many scams that come to mind. While EVs are not the deadliest consumer choice one can make today, (unless you happen to be one of the hundreds of unlucky drivers trapped inside one after a crash as it spontaneously combusts and firefighters have to wait four days for the lithium batteries to burn themselves out before they can recover your charred remains) they are costly in more ways than boiling to death inside a white egg.

Of all the EVs to choose from Tesla is still the most popular brand maintaining a dominant share of the Western EV market.

What is a Tesla other than a glorified electric golf cart with an iPad that can be controlled remotely and monitored by the state at all times?

Are the government tax credits worth it? Does following anything the government "incentivizes" ever work out for the best interest of consumers or citizens?

Does it make sense to pay a $1000 monthly payment to Tesla Financial, plus nearly twice the national average for insurance, to wait an hour or longer at a Tesla charging station to "fill up" with what is often coal power?

Has Tesla become a consumer symbol of stupidity, depravity, and obnoxiousness in our twenty-first-century late-stage empire clown world?

These are important questions that Good Citizens need answers to, provided by someone who despite an unhealthy bias, will attempt to be objective.

The truth is, I'm revolted by the sight of these buzzing, humming, EMF toxic death traps for total state surveillance and control of individuals' liberties, and cannot comprehend why anyone would own one.

For now let's ignore the incredibly stupid high cost of the vehicles, the ridiculous price of repairs and battery replacement which has driven up insurance premiums, the ethical and moral considerations of children in Africa mining elements for those batteries, the lack of aesthetics, the very high levels of sperm and ovum destroying radiation frequencies in the cockpit, the consistently low consumer report ratings, and its dickhead owner (not founder)—the personification of the Dunning-Kruger effect who Blackrock and Vanguard made the richest man in the world (apart from the Rothschilds) by buying up Tesla stock so the market cap of this electric golf cart company was greater than ALL OTHER automobile manufactures combined, and who works for the global cabal of social engineers pushing everything around Agenda 2030—and let's just focus on those big three reasons consumers claim to buy a Tesla: practicality, cost savings, and "because it's environmentally friendly."

Against these three consumer reasons, we'll rate one of the most popular and simplest models of Tesla, a Standard Model 3, against a popular petrol-hybrid alternative.

For this side-by-side to be scientifically sound, we'll need a petrol car that is practical, cost-effective, and with a solid pedigree.

When I searched for my first car to buy out of college, just after landing my first "real job" I asked a mechanic friend what the most practical, reliable, and efficient car would be. When he probed for more specifics I replied, "good gas mileage, cheap to repair and maintain, and will go forever."

His answer?

"Toyota, or Honda. If you're looking for something that will go forever those Honda VTEC engines will do the job if you just maintain them consistently. Come to think of it, even if you don't maintain them consistently, they'll still go forever."

When I asked specifically how long "forever" was in car years he said he'd seen some in the shop with over 250k miles that weren't well maintained but were still going strong.

For this exercise, we'll use a mid-range model of the popular Honda Accord, and let's add the hybrid version to give the comparison some similarities.

We'll use the 2022 models of each car.

Tesla Model 3 Standard | Honda Accord Hybrid
Side by Side from

There doesn't appear to be anything practical about paying $20,000 more for a rear-wheel drive electric car, that won't do well in any kind of perilous winter weather.

If the temperature drops below even 40F (5C) the range of the EV immediately goes down because the battery needs to allocate energy to keep itself functional. Most EVs are designed to boost their battery temperatures when the thermometer drops, and this comes from the battery itself, reducing range and extending charging times.

Now, let's assume the Tesla owner hasn't paid thousands more ($1500-$3000) to install a home charging station in his garage and is forced to use only public charging stations. How much time each year does the Honda Accord Hybrid owner save by filling up the "old fashioned" way at the gas station?

  • For the Tesla Model 3:

    • Fill-up time: 30-50 minutes (30 - DC Fast charging only and depending on weather)

    • Frequency: 24 times per year (2 times per month)

    • Total yearly fill-up time = 50 minutes * 24

  • For the Honda Accord:

    • Fill-up time: 5 minutes

    • Frequency: 24 times per year (2 times per month)

    • Total yearly fill-up time = 5 minutes * 24

The Honda Accord owner saves 18 hours per year compared to a Tesla Model 3 owner, based on filling up ONLY twice per month with the given fill-up times. ​In addition to the $20,000 in savings from the car price, the Honda owner has nearly one surplus day each year compared to the Telsa owner.

But this isn't really an apples-to-apples comparison. Since the Tesla's range is only 272 miles, and the average American drives 13,500 miles per year, the Tesla owner would need to fully charge their golf cart 4.2 times per month to match the same range as the Accord.

That means the Honda owner gains 1.5 days per year not wasting time at a public charging station over the Tesla owner IF no other Teslas are waiting around in line. In Oregon, California, and other communist blue states filled with half-wits who have fallen for the climate scam and the lies of its PT Barnum frontman, waiting times can often be hours.

What about cost savings, the second factor cited by Tesla owners in their consumer decision rankings?

Insurance is more for the Tesla. The cost of replacing those batteries after warranties expire is nearly prohibitive for insurance companies. A simple side-by-side quote from a prominent insurance company shows higher comprehensive and collision insurance for a middle-aged fully employed driver with excellent credit and a clean driving record.

What about the cost of "filling the tank" versus charging the battery on a more than generous 287-mile range per charge? Surely, the Tesla must beat the Honda in this category.


  • Tesla Model 3:

    • Cost to fully charge: $12

    • Range per full charge: 287 miles

    • Cost per mile: $\frac{$12}{287}$ miles

    • Cost per 1,000 miles: $12 / 287 \times 1000 = $41.81

  • Honda Accord Hybrid:

    • Cost to fill the tank: $12.8 \times $3 = $38.4

    • Range per full tank: 608 miles

    • Cost per mile: $\frac{$38.4}{608}$ miles

    • Cost per 1,000 miles: $38.4 / 608 \times 1000 = $63.16

Tesla Model 3: $41.81

Honda Accord Hybrid: $63.16

  • The savings per 1,000 miles driving the Tesla, compared to the Honda Accord Hybrid, is approximately $21.35.

  • Annually, based on the average mileage of 13,500 miles, the savings amount to roughly $288.22.

  • To accumulate $20,000 in savings at this annual rate would take approximately….

69.39 years

For shits and giggles let's use the popular Model X, with the cool gullwing doors.

  • Tesla Model X:

    • Cost to fully charge: $18

    • Range per full charge: 330 miles

    • Cost per mile: $\frac{$18}{330}$ miles

    • Cost per 1,000 miles: $18 / 330\times 1000 = $54.55

  • Honda Accord Hybrid:

    • Cost to fill the tank: 12.8 gal \times $3/gal = $38.4

    • Range per full tank: 608 miles

    • Cost per mile: $\frac{$38.4}{608}$ miles

    • Cost per 1,000 miles: $38.4 / 608 \times 1000 = $63.16

Tesla Model X: $54.55

Honda Accord Hybrid: $63.16

The crazy thing is that Model X costs an average of $40,000 more. The annual savings from driving the Tesla Model X instead of the Honda Accord Hybrid, based on 13,500 miles per year, is approximately $116.23. To save $40,000 by driving the Tesla Model X it would take approximately…

344.13 years

Congratulations Tesla X owners. You'll be better off than the Honda Accord Hybrid owner sometime around Easter of the year 2368.

UBUYGAS | - The Coolest Vanity License Plates! #whataplate
How to say, "I'm an idiot" without saying "I'm an idiot."

Even if gas were $5 per gallon, the Accord would still offer greater savings on purchase price and insurance alone. If the purchase price difference is $20,000 from the Model 3, how many years would you need to own the Tesla at the average rate of 13,500 miles Americans drive to save on gas just to break even with the Honda Accord Hybrid?

With gasoline priced at $5 per gallon for the Honda Accord Hybrid:

  • Tesla Model 3:

    • Cost per 1,000 miles: $62.72

  • Honda Accord Hybrid (with gas at $5 per gallon):

    • Cost per 1,000 miles: $105.26

Based on the average annual mileage of 13,500 miles, driving a Tesla Model 3 instead of a Honda Accord Hybrid (with gas at $5 per gallon) would result in annual savings of approximately $574.29. To save $20,000 at this rate of savings, would take about 34.83 years, and this doesn't include the extra $34,000 in insurance premiums the Tesla owner would pay over that same time compared to the Accord Hybrid.

Let's summarize this consumer decision so far:

  • higher insurance

  • lose $20,000 immediately

  • weather prohibitive

  • lose 1.5 days per year

  • get your nuts and jizzum constantly radiated

  • all to save $288 per year on "gas"

What about those "environmentally friendly" claims Tesla owners use to justify their consumer decisions?

"Clean" Energy

An older study recently made headlines again. Since EVs weigh so much more than petrol cars they wear out their tire treads faster. The toxic chemicals released into the air are 400 times worse than petrol exhaust emissions. They probably don't tell bugmen buyers that on the Tesla lot.

The economics of the climate hoax require a great deal of thought, calculations, projections, and cutting through the bullshit. Thankfully Substack is full of thoughtful and talented people who have already done this work. The globalist ambition to transition to Net Zero (carbon neutral) energy production by 2050 is so economically and civilizationally unfeasible, that anytime anyone uses any of this technocratic jargon they should be immediately laughed out of any room.

Last spring I came across the fourth part of a series on the scam of Net Zero by who writes Bush Food Forager. It was a probing deep dive into the data and economics of a projected "clean energy transition" for Australia.

Full Broadside "Clean Energy Transition" Part 1 Renewable, or 'clean', energy is all the rage nowadays. Dirty coal, greasy oil and smelly gas have got to go, or so we are told ad infinitum by goverments, mainstream media and 'climate action now' NGOs. These three fuels which represent the energy backbone of the modern, industrialised world are now wicked words. They are the "fossil fuels" of a fossil… Read more a year ago · 13 likes · 7 comments · JP

It's in part three where he explores the replacement of all ICE's with EVs. He shows the energy calculations for ships, trains, and planes as well based on Simon Michaux's 2021 bombshell report that is 1000 pages long and 78MB as a PDF file.

Here we return to Simon Michaux's August 2021 report, "Assessment of the Extra Capacity Required of Alternative Energy Electrical Power Systems to Completely Replace Fossil Fuels," to explore a hypothetical transition of the entirety of the world's transportation infrastructure away from oil and gas to clean renewables. Taking the lead from Michaux, we will be exploring his Scenario A (replace all combustion engines with EVs), Scenario C (replace all combustion engines with hydrogen fuel cells) and Scenario D (replace fossil fuels with biofuels).

In part 3's EV section JP breaks down Michaux's report by total vehicles on earth and the amount of Li-Ion batters needed to transition the world's fleet of over 1.6 billion vehicles (2022). In 2018 it would have required 339 million tonnes of Lithium Ion batteries. Not only do the resource production and extraction capacities for this not exist in 2024, they will not even come close to existing by the end of the century.

The entire four-part series is well worth the read if you don't have the time to sift through a 1,000-page report. JP does an excellent job of pulling the main figures from the report and assembling them into a coherent and comprehensive summary that so thoroughly debunks the "clean energy" transition scam, you'd have to be an autistic Swedish teenage girl with abusive Marxist parents to buy into all this bullshit.

Since minerals that compose Li-Ion batters (lithium, cobalt, manganese, nickel, and graphite) require ICEs to mine and extract (when not using poor African children), the Co2 emissions to simply extract these elements, distribute them to factories, manufacture them for batteries, and distribute those to the assembly plants, a process known as Lifecycle Production, far exceed the first 3 years of ICE "dirty emissions" savings for every battery pack "mined and produced" and transported to the factory for its final installation into an EV assuming that EV is charged using neutral sources like hydroelectricity. If that EV is charged using coal power, there is no "dirty emissions" savings at all. Given the toxic emissions from tire tread wear of EVs are 400x worse than petrol emissions, it's all one grand delusion.

Enter Austrians

The consumer is the king... his majesty is sovereign in directing all economic activities. By his buying and abstention from buying, he decides about the income of the sellers and about the fate of the producers.

— Ludwig von Mises

In the discourse on economic philosophy, the Austrian School robustly champions the free market as a self-correcting mechanism, underscoring consumer choice as the driver shaping the future of businesses and industries. Figures such as Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and the precursory insights of Frédéric Bastiat, laid the foundation for a rich understanding of how individual preferences and entrepreneurial spirit naturally guide economic progress, negating the necessity for centralized control.

Within the frame of modern debates on government efforts to direct consumer behavior, particularly through tax credits for consumers or tax subsidies for producers of EVs, the Austrians would be horrified by the levels of omnipresent market manipulation.

Friedrich Hayek stressed that the price system was an essential medium for transmitting information, ensuring resources align with consumer demands. Hayek would view current government incentives as interventions that warp the critical signals of authentic price discovery, resulting in resource misallocation and potentially stifling innovation outside government preferences.

Ludwig von Mises, renowned for championing consumer sovereignty and the role of entrepreneurship, would argue that the market's voluntary choices should dictate industry success, including that of EVs, rather than government mandates for a fabricated climate emergency.

Mises might see current policies as an erosion of consumer sovereignty, where artificial incentives favor certain technologies, impairing the market's self-corrective capability and innovation according to true demand.

Frédéric Bastiat, an advocate for economic freedom and minimal government intervention, would perceive the push for EVs as an example of what he termed the "great fiction," where societal resources are misallocated through state action. Bastiat would warn against the unintended consequences of such policies, pointing to inefficiencies and societal resource misallocation.

The Austrian School championed the market's ability to self-regulate via supply and demand and enterprise successes driven by consumer choices, not by government decrees or global technocratic agendas.

A truly free market, unhampered by government interference (or Blackrock and Vanguard blackmail), is the optimal setting for discovering efficient and sustainable solutions to challenges, including environmental issues.

The absence of free market dynamics combined with the pervasive nudging of consumer behavior has ensured that the very thing those pushing EVs claim to want to reduce is only increased by their solution. The carbon "footprint" of the lifecycle of EV production, in addition to toxic emissions from tires, is far worse than the very "problem" they set out to solve with petrol emissions.

But when one understands that this "government intervention" was never about clean energy and always about controlling and monitoring citizens and their transportation liberties, then it makes perfect sense why they would want to tie them to their power grids in electric golf carts filled with computers that can be monitored and controlled remotely.

If any remnants of a free market still existed, their self-correcting nature would eventually kick in when businesses began to suffer losses. This would drive demand down, thereby increasing supply and forcing the EV market to correct prices.

It appears this may finally be happening. Ford has discontinued its march toward mass EV production as dealer lots fill up with unwanted EV trucks and cars.

It turns out that nobody wants to wait around charging an EV while on a business trip or holiday. Who could have seen this coming? Not Hertz.

If Hertz dumps all their EVs, that means 34,000 used Teslas will hit the secondhand market, further driving prices down. Who would want to pay $45,000 for a new Model 3, when they can have a slightly used one for half the price?*

*Assuming they don't read this piece and can't do simple side-by-side comparisons with a Honda Accord Hybrid.

Tesla Owners

The popular consumer products of any period often end up becoming historical placeholders, or visual signifiers for a decade and all its triumphs and travails.

For example, what would Gustave Caibaillot's Paris Street painting look like with douchey bugmen on electric scooters, and egg-shaped EVs in the cobblestone streets instead of couples walking with umbrellas and horse and buggy?

What would the film American Graffiti have looked like if all those guys were cruising Main Street of Anytown USA in the Tesla Model 3?

"Nobody can beat you John."

Would John Milner be revving his Telsa engine at the red light next Bob Falfa (Harrison Ford) revving his Chevy Volt engine?

Would it be cool to hear nothing at all when they both hold the brake pedal down while simultaneously tapping the accelerator?

EVs are spectacularly gay, and gay will never be cool.

What will future generations think of this brief experiment with nudging consumers toward electric vehicles that offered them no discernible benefits in any consumer categories (including "clean energy") over petrol or hybrid versions at substantially greater economic cost?

If future generations of men ever recover any healthy levels of testosterone what will they say when they learn that Dodge ditched their roaring V8 HEMI engine of pure American muscle for spontaneously combustible batteries?

They'll probably say what I've already said: EVs are spectacularly gay, and gay will never be cool.

In that sense, the Tesla is the perfect representation of the times we're living.


Where we are.

Where we were.

This picture of the Mustang and the barefoot gals and the white shorts and  the guy sitting on the hood is so Southern California in 1972 :  r/OldSchoolCool Don't be gay

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The Good Citizen
1 Mar 2024 | 6:20 pm

4. GOP Herpes and The Next Fix

Unfortunately, we have made government the most attractive profession for criminals.

— Eustace Mullins

The rah-rah spectacle of red-blue domestic American Presidential politics is an expensive attention whore, that the majority of Americans cannot afford. She's a deceptive whore because the American people think she matters. They must continuously believe that this year she might finally provide a return on their investment; she might commit to improving their lives. And so every four years like clockwork millions keep giving her more and more of their time as an emotional investment.

Since departing the crumbling empire I've found that the best way to avoid losing valuable time and attention to such an expensive whore who will never satisfy is to predict what the selection script says, examine the probabilities of outcomes, choose the one that will maximize division and chaos, and then forget about it all, and use that surplus time to invest in myself.

A few factors inform this script prediction:

  1. Which candidate will put Israel First

    1. This is usually 100% of the field

    2. Any candidate who doesn't put Israel first will never raise a penny and never make it on the ballot. Even if this candidate is a Semitic brown man of Lebanese origin, the media will smear this candidate as an anti-Semitic white supremacist

  2. Which candidate is most compromised

    1. Potential pedo (showered with daughter, cannot resist sniffing kids any time they come near)

    2. Globalist agent (neocon warmongering sith lord)

    3. Corrupted by corporate or intel forces (see a.)

    4. Kenyan-born bottom bitch for a middle-linebacker wife with a penis

    5. Will work against the interests of the American people

    6. Is an orange plant, 3x bankrupted and bailed out by financial interests (with ties to No. 1) chosen to lure conservatives to go along with a hoax pandemic, nation-destroying lockdowns, iatrogenocide injections that he'll spend years bragging about

  3. Which candidate will divide the nation most

    1. By race, sex, religion, income, cultural values

    2. Politically exacerbate the red-blue mirage to keep the masses investing their time and emotional energy into the scripted scam

Tuning out the spectacle is all easier said than done but it only requires one presumption, which happens to be the same required for ignoring the spectacle of the National Fugazi League…

It's all scripted and planned.

Read more

The Good Citizen
19 Feb 2024 | 4:02 pm

5. Are You Ready For Some Fixedball?

The National Fugazi League reorganized itself over twenty years ago as an "entertainment league" consisting of individual profit-sharing franchises. The NFL has used this classification defense in official court documents against accusations of anti-trust violations. It openly came out and said it's simply "family entertainment" and not a competitive sports league. The only other "sport" that occupies this legal position is the WWE.

The only difference between the NFL and WWE is most people know that one is fixed and they don't care, and the other people don't want to know their sport is also fixed because they need to still care. Like the gambler chasing his losses at the blackjack table, these "fans" will keep throwing good money attention hours after a lifetime of bad attention choices. They cannot accept just how much of their money life was lost to something that was always fixed. At least at the blackjack table, the gambler still has a chance of winning.

These "fans" care deeply about their sportsball team. Who they draft, who they select at Quarterback, who they select as head coach, if they win or lose, and how they win or lose. They care about statistics, records, schemes, game plans, plays, routes, replays, flags, anthems, and which cheerleader's Instashame they're going to rub one out to on Sunday nights.

They devote hundreds if not thousands of hours of their lives caring deeply about a scripted entertainment league that hauls in $45 Billion per year and shares it equally among owners, which means owners don't really care if their team wins or loses because they share equally in all profits whether they win one game, or they win the Stupor Bowl.

Think of the Soviet Union of sportsball. A centralized planning committee will make decisions for the people league to maximize power and control profits and control, and the regional commissars franchises will make sure their citizens players and coaches do as they're paid.

Even the merchandise that is sold under the NFL banner, including jersey sales, team merchandise is shared equally with other franchises. If that drooling tongue-wagging hayseed QB from Kansas City's jersey sales makes fifty million in profits, they are split equally between all teams. Mr. Pfizer Jersey sales are split equally between all franchises, and other players will get their end-of-season bonuses from profit-sharing with the league in exchange for their silence about how fixed and fake the whole thing is. Players are heavily incentivized to play along with the scripted "family entertainment" and must sign a bulletproof legal contract—literally.

None of this could be possible without the referees who are also heavily incentivi$ed to make that crucial call in the fourth quarter to keep a team's drive alive so they win with that last-second field goal just as it was scripted up at NFL HQ in the Big Apple.

They don't need to script all plays or even all games, but they appear to script most games and rig most games. All they need to do is rig one play, on one drive for each team, each quarter or half to decide the outcome of games. It doesn't need to be every play, and that's what helps keep the illusion going for the 148 million people who tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, where Mr. Pfizer's team won again, and his sidekick Hayseed threw for 333 yards, at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas located at 3333 Al Davis Way.

Beyond the referees, coaches, and players all paid to play their roles in the scripted entertainment, there's no shortage of other tricks used to rig games including magnetic balls and special receiver gloves, magnetized uprights bringing the ball right towards them on that last-second field goal that a bonobo could make blindfolded but not a professional NFL kicker who makes 100 out of 100 in practice. On game day it goes… Doink!

In 2018, Dan Goodes, an employee (lawyer) of the NFL came forward to spill the beans. Maybe he had too many Bud Lights that day and decided to go for broke, but he came forward to reveal the previous year's Super Bowl was rigged, and all of it was scripted.

"This is the biggest scam in sports history," Goodes said in Minneapolis, according to reports. "The Super Bowl is already completely scripted out."

"How do I know it's scripted? I've read the damn thing."

"You need to understand the NFL is a $35 billion (2018) shared revenue corporation. Outcomes can't be left to chance. Total league revenues are shared equally by all franchises, so they don't care who wins or loses. Let me be perfectly clear here. It doesn't matter to the franchise owners. It doesn't matter to the players. But it matters to the league. Outcomes have been fixed to maximize profits ever since my early days here."

"The sad thing is that it's legal. Can you believe that? It's legal thanks to guys [entertainment laywers] like me."

Oopsie. It looks like the NFL called Ray Lewis and his buddies for some extracurricular work. Or maybe they told OJ Simpson that Dan Goodes was banging his girlfriend.

Just as Big Pharma will execute naturopathic and holistic doctors who refuse to play allopathic games with their patients' lives ahead of a planned hoax pandemic with no actual threat, the NFL will off anyone who gets out of line and jeopardizes their billion-dollar operation.

The NFL is so powerful that they were able to delete it from the Internet, all search engine results, and even the Internet Archive page which captured the New York Times article on February 3, 2018, but for some mysterious reason "lost" those two instances of capturing that URL:

Can't have the masses knowing that their sportsball games are rigged. Apart from the $45 Billion annual scam, there are tens of billions more going through the betting houses where for some "mysterious" reason they always get the over/under correct within just a few points. This year's Super Bowl over/under was 47.5. The final score was 25-22.

As legalized gambling spreads across the nation, the bookmakers appear to know the final results in advance.

Before this century, the average margin of Super Bowl victory was 16 points. Since 2004, that magically dropped to less than a touchdown. Can't have the masses leave during a blowout victory and not watch those Super Bowl commercials of sacred rollerskating homosexuals and back alley thugs getting their feet washed by "Christians"—just as Jesus used to do.

"You know Barry, there's a Motel right over there if you're not busy."
"Scrub harder you pig ass bitch."

As for the Taylor Swift psyop, it's not a "political operation" to get Biden selected again as the normies want you to believe. Think about it for one second. Just take one second to think critically and ask one simple question: Why do they need Taylor Swift for that when they already rig elections for whomever they want through computer-transferred votes, mail-in ballot dumps, and dead people voting?

People listen to operatives like Jack Posobiec, a former Naval intelligence officer, who is paid to make everything about the red team or blue team, when it's about bigger things, like team humanity versus team transhumanist depopulation death cult. If you're pushing the masses away from the transhumanist depopulation death cult as the culprit, you are working for the transhumanist depopulation death cult.

The Mr. Pfizer and Swifty psyop was about something so much more than "helping Joe Biden" in a selection they already control.

To see endless examples of the National Fugazi League's scripted "family entertainment" at work check out YouTube channel Jake The Asshole, who has been documenting this for years.

"Thanks for saving 150 hours of my life next season Good Citizen!"

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The Good Citizen
16 Feb 2024 | 3:32 pm

6. Just The Tip, Baby

"I'll be your cashier whenever you're ready."
Just The Tip, Baby

She brings your food, tosses the oversized plate with enough calories to feed a small landscaping crew in front of you, and reaches into her apron to grab the check, and before you've even had a chance to grasp your napkin or silverware she says in that obnoxious voice specific only to the American food service industry where customer service is a disingenuous performance for greenback gratuity: "I'll be your cashier whenever you're ready."

The food might be cold, it might even be worms and crickets for all you know, but there it is, the check on the table before you've even tasted the food. The server wants you to vacuum up your plate and be on your way. There will be no room for dessert and she knows it, but it won't stop her from pretending she doesn't if you do finally finish and still asking if you've left any.

Between the mountain of food and whatever you manage to put away from its hillsides, she will come by no less than four times to ask how things are going, refilling your drinks as often as possible to keep you full, but she just wants to make sure you eat faster so that you can be on your way after you pay her the now customary 25% tip she's expecting.

When your ass is finally gone that table will be recycled before you even get to your car in the parking lot where you'll sit and open a belt loop and exhale that deep exhale of exhaustion that comes from eating too much shit too quickly.

New patrons will take your booth and she'll repeat the perverted "dining out" ritual with another family or couple who will be rushed to the 25% portion of the dance as quickly as possible, all because her boss pays her the federal minimum wage per hour.

Fast food used to be reserved for those slop chains where you pay for your food in advance and receive it on a plastic tray with a paper tray protector hiding smeared mustard or ketchup from a previous patron or in a warm bag to eat in your car at the parking lot at 3am after a night tearing up the town, or back in your tent along skid row.

At some point late last century, the sit-down restaurant experience shifted from patience and pleasure in enjoying one's meal with the company of friends or family to the servers needing to shuffle through as many hungry Hippos as possible to make rent.

Hey Buddy!

The American food service industry is a boot camp for American teenagers to learn about money, taxes, and economics since none of it is taught in Rockefeller schools. My boot camp came late after a six-year stint as a lifeguard.

At nineteen I dropped out of college and went to play bass guitar in a rock band with my brother, a guitarist and songwriter. Like all bands, at first, we sucked, but after a year we got tighter, and the songs got better. With every show we played things looked more promising.

To pay the bills I went to work as a barista for a flamboyant Italian (American) who owned a café that was the antithesis of fast-food coffee joints that were beginning to pop up here and there before they colonized every street corner of the world, like Starbucks.

We'll call this flamboyant American with a very Italian name, Enzo.

After playing a show until 2 am at downtown clubs I'd have to be up at 5 am and off to work to open Enzo's Cappuccino at 6 am. When I got there at quarter to six there were often regulars waiting in their cars. Though I wasn't supposed to let them inside until opening time I'd let them wait at booths until the first batch of coffee was brewed or whip up their favorite drink before moving on to the opening store list of a dozen or so things that needed to be done based on state restaurant rules and regulations.

Enzo would pop in around seven, and the cue was already out the door. From half past six until my shift ended in the afternoon it was relentless. Some mornings he'd come in more hungover than I was, and go straight to the back room and rip a line of cocaine before coming to help me trim the crowd down. Hung over he wouldn't say a word for hours. He'd sweat a lot and be silent until at least ten.

If he was in really bad shape his temper would flare and he'd throw jugs of milk or toss tin pots in the sink and yell the price of something I got wrong. The louder he yelled the more I screwed it up and the whole thing would deteriorate until I was embarrassed to be standing there in front of twenty customers. Then I'd explode and curse something at him and instead of getting angry, it might have been what he needed, because he'd laugh and we'd move on as if it never happened.

Enzo paid well for the time, $7 per hour, and with those weekday morning tips, it often went to double that. One morning I walked out with $85 in tips, which back then was enough for groceries, gas, and entertainment for the month, which mostly consisted of PBR tall boys in the can for $1 at the local dive bars. I easily made rent which was a $325/month studio in the popular 23rd area of Northwest Portland, before it became the cesspool it is today.

On the mornings when Enzo wasn't hung over life was great. I loved working with him. He'd come racing through the door with a smile on his face and say, "Hey Buddy!" and he went right to work on the espresso machine. We'd chat all morning and he'd charm the customers. Whenever we had a break we'd clean up and prepare for the next wave, and he'd tell me stories about the latest woman he was seeing, and how he'd sometimes bring them to the shop and they'd do their thing right behind the register atop the pastry counter. The guy would get creative and reach for the syrup bottles to pour on her and sometimes on himself. And that's how I'd remember them, not by names but by syrup flavors.

"You went out with Cherry last night?" I'd ask.

"No buddy, she's Hazelnut."

Some mornings I'd open shop and see syrup bottles on the counter and I'd have to put on the cleaning gloves and go to work making sure no customers got herpes with their hazelnut latte.

On other mornings we'd be out of whipped cream canisters, which was the job of the closer the night before to make two. And I'd know that Enzo had brought one of his ladies by after midnight for dessert.

He'd come in that morning knowing that I knew that he knew that I knew, and he'd simply hold a smile for ten seconds and ask, "What buddy?"

Things have changed a lot in the food service industry since I did my time at that boot camp slash brothel. Tips don't pay for rent. Wages suck beyond belief. Any states that are jacking up their minimum wage are passing that on to the consumer with higher menu prices, which means even fewer tips for workers who will sooner than later be replaced by robots, at least at the fast food joints.

In April California's minimum wage jumps to $20 per hour for FAST FOOD WORKERS, which will be passed on to consumers. A Big Mac will soon be $13. A cheeseburger will be $8. In the 1990s, if you needed a quick hangover cure lunch you could get two cheeseburgers for .99 cents. The loony tunes frontrunner to fill Diane Feinstein's coffin in the Senate wants to make things even worse for Californians.

Not good at maffs.

With inflation still elevated, and since it's compounding, real wages are declining. People have maxed out their consumer credit limits and two-thirds of households have no savings at all. Delinquencies are going on ninety days or longer and will soon turn into defaults, which will ruin credit scores, further limiting the viable consumers in a debt-based consumer economy.

Beneath the top twenty percent of earners, Americans aren't even prepared for a $500 emergency. The number of TikTok car confessionals about inflation, cost of living, and government spending that cross my X feed are out of control, and some of them are people making six figures with no kids. Many people are just getting their first lesson in middle age on the evils of central banking, deficit spending, and money printing.

But Ukraine needs $60 Billion to finish off the last remaining men there and Israel's $205 Billion in foreign reserves aren't enough to keep slaughtering children in Gaza, so Americans are going to have to foot those bills, again.

This should help with inflation (wink wink).

The latest jobs report came out yesterday.

You wouldn't know that times are tough for the average American worker by reading the USSA Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It's all Soviet now.

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"Workers of the world all hail Joseph….Biden!"
It's The Gosplan!

The State Planning Committee, better known by its Russian acronym Gosplan, was a central element of the Soviet Union's planned economy.

Today the United Socialist States of America has The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Department of Commerce, the United States Treasury, and the Federal Reserve to handle all economic central planning matters.

In an election year, and increasingly in non-election years, these agencies work for the executive branch and party apparatchiks to "manage" statistics to make the economy appear stronger than it is through phony jobs figures, suppressed inflation reports, and other statistical magic tricks like recategorizing metrics so that those that are positive are selected and those that are negative are ignored.

In January of 2023, the BLS reported half a million new jobs were "created" while in reality there were 2.5 million job losses. The bureau simply calculated part-time seasonal employment from the holidays as permanent job "creation" without noting those jobs would be gone by the end of the month they were reported.

According to Bloomberg, "The Labor Department also reclassified about 10% of employment into different industries in accordance with an update to the North American Industry Classification System."

GDP includes government job creation and government spending as part of "economic growth" which means for every positive basis point in GDP growth the government is taking on greater debt to prevent a recession, which was once considered two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. The government is spending its way to "economic success" with the Federal jobs sector now the largest employer in the world.

Millions of these jobs are not adding any economic production or real value to the economy. Paper pushers and bean counters who take a Federal salary and are guaranteed a pension after so many years of service are a net loss on the system. When the government is the largest "jobs producer" and not the private sector, how is this not Soviet?

The Gosplan was responsible for comprehensive national economic planning and management, aiming to coordinate the Soviet Union's economic development through the creation and implementation of five-year plans.

The Gosplan created an environment where the manipulation of statistics and the overstating of achievements became systemic. The political and economic incentives prioritized the fulfillment of the plan's quotas over accurate reporting and economic reality.

Central to the Soviet economic model was the achievement of specific, often ambitious production targets. These targets were critical for officials and managers at all levels to demonstrate loyalty and competence. Failing to meet these quotas could result in penalties, loss of privileges, or even more severe consequences. As a result, there was a strong incentive to report that targets had been met or exceeded, regardless of the actual production levels.

Economic growth figures and productivity metrics were often exaggerated to present a picture of continual progress and superiority of the socialist system. This was not only for domestic propaganda consumption but also for international prestige.

All of this led to widespread economic distortions, and inefficiencies, and ultimately contributed to the Soviet Union's downfall.

Can You Gig It?

Apart from thousands of new government jobs painting over the millions of private sector job losses happening, and the deletion of new unemployment beneficiaries, the BLS has taken to adding gig jobs as part of "job creation" statistics.

Retired men and women are taking on food delivery jobs because inflation is so bad and they can't keep up on a fixed pension. People who work full-time are taking on weekend and evening part-time gig jobs to make ends meet, and these jobs are being counted toward "official" figures. Nearly one-third of American workers over 40 are taking on extra work in the "gig economy."

Every month of positive jobs figures is exaggerated using part-time and gig economy jobs, while in the months following the job creation data is always revised downward. The downward revisions never get reported or make headlines.

"Every single month this year has seen its payroll numbers revised down. It's difficult to stress how unusual this is as it's so statistically unlikely. There is clearly something wrong with the estimations being done by President Joe Biden's Department of Labor," said EJ Antoni, an economist at the Heritage Foundation in that same piece for Bloomberg. Even the revisions downward later get "re-revised" again, and sometimes further downward than the initial revision.

The Fed Is Making Decisions on Poor, Untimely Data, Frequently Revised –  MishTalk

Worse than the fudging of statistics and hiding the economic realities from the American people is that most new jobs added since the demented one took office went to foreign-born workers and illegals. While American citizens saw major losses.

Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics noted last month, "The agency initially cheered at the 3,140,000 new positions created in 2023, but later revised the figure down to 443,000. But wait, the BLS made another miscalculation in March to the tune of 306,000 jobs. This means that one-third of all new positions added in 2023 were a LIE."

It's the Gosplan, baby! Can you gig it?


Tip Me Baby One More Time!

The crazy truth about the economic oddities of the past few years is how few Americans have been preparing for hardship or trouble, and want to continue to live a disproportionate lifestyle to their means, even if it requires paying for it later in excessive interest. Instant gratification culture has conditioned consumers to see no further than the next paycheck or credit card payment due date.

Holiday spending continued to increase by 3.1% last year, revealing that Americans just don't get it. When they should be tightening their waste belts, they are going into further debt to keep loosening them. With student loan payments coming due for credit reporting agencies in May, monthly car loans stretching toward 25% of net monthly income, and depleted savings zapped by high inflation, the American consooomer is in for a rude awakening, and the first people to feel this awakening will be in the service sector.

For those of you living outside the United States, it's now common to see obnoxious guilt-inducing screens everywhere you go, including the supermarket self-checkout line, because everybody wants your tip or your charity.

After doing the job that used to be done by a grocery store employee—ringing up your groceries and then bagging them, the first screen to pop up is often to donate to charity.

At coffee shops, cafes, juice bars, and anywhere you pop in for something food or drink-related, even if they were once considered "fast food" they want your tip, and they watch to see how much of your tip you give while preparing their spit your order.

Just the tip, baby.

The middle class is getting hammered thanks to deficit spending, and endless money printing by the Federal Reserve, a siphoning of wealth upwards.


In a consumer economy where debt is a new religion, inflation is out of control, and living beyond one's means is a birthright, when the inevitable next great recession comes it will be the tips that stop first.

I'm sorry sweetie, your service was great but we just paid $149 for wings, fries, Jalapeño poppers, and soda. We need your tip to fill the gas tank for the ride home and to refill our Ozempic prescriptions. It's just a tip, baby.

And they're already slowing down which means the recession has likely been ongoing but hidden with USSA gosplan parlour tricks.

Will the Department of Soviet Statistics show it in their next report?

It's an election year Jack! You can rig it! Shout out to new flock members for their kind words and support I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down

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The Good Citizen
12 Feb 2024 | 5:51 pm

7. The Joke's On Us

Above all, do not lie to yourself. A man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point where he does not discern any truth either in himself or anywhere around him and thus falls into disrespect towards himself and others.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Becoming a conspiracy theorist is not for everybody, though today it should be a primary pursuit for billions of Good Citizens who value their lives. It can be a stressor, and cause hardship that eventually progresses to seeing things that others cannot see, which may or may not be there. Like the kid who sees dead people in the movie The Sixth Sense, but without a dead man believing him there would have been no movie and he would have been all alone.

The stress comes from sharing this newfound vision, or this secret with others. People need a Bruce Willis to guide them in the process of seeing things and expressing what they see. Still, in a world where all the trusted guides have been captured by a controlled, laughable, alternative media hawking vitamin formulas, wellness scams, phony dream teams, and magic pillows, there are few options available. Certainly, no dead sherpas will materialize to help make the journey.

In this peculiar epoch being a "conspiracy theorist" is no longer a part-time hobby for self-amusement and pub fare chatter. Ditching the hobby for full-time post-doc level conspiracy theorizing is a matter of life and death. It will keep one skeptical, observant, healthy, wise, and with less likelihood of any sudden misfortunes befalling them. It will keep their instincts sharp and the batteries inside their bullshit detectors at full strength.

There's a joke in a comment section somewhere beneath a video of an undertaker describing the autopsies he's conducted for the past three years of unfortunate victims of vascular calamari caused by the things everyone knows are causing them, that goes like this: I used to be a conspiracy theorist. But now my pronouns are told/you/so.

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The Good Citizen
8 Feb 2024 | 7:40 pm

8. Digital Sea Scrolls

We build our legacy piece by piece, and maybe the whole world will remember you, or maybe only a few people, but you do what you can to still be around after you're gone.

A Ghost Story

Do you think Substack as a platform, and all the words on all the newsletters will be around for historians to sift through in a thousand years?

Two thousand years?

Ten thousand?

Have you seen the state of Blogspot after twenty years? It looks like your uncle's 52' Chevy he left in the barn when the engine block crapped out in 64'.

What is twenty years on a two-thousand-year timeline of human history?

Not that history!

Perhaps some old server farm will be discovered in an abandoned AWS warehouse in the Utah desert, and an advanced species will power them up from their nuclear centrifuge flux capacitor zero gravity craft and migrate a yottabyte of data in two seconds to their reduced graphene oxide gray matter hard drives.

Hello World!

And what will they glean specifically from all that data apart from what they already knew of such a primitive species who thought they were the bee's knees?

Once they filter through all the pornography, shopping carts, lonely car confessionals, downward dog sunset pics, AI bots, and dancing nurses and doctors, they'll come to the good stuff that was created by humans, for the consumption of other humans through the written word.

And they'll learn that at one tiny pinpoint in history, on this timeline, in this dimension, some digital performers flocked to a platform called Substack to exhibit their best performances.

Will the spirit of those Substack performers be floating around these beings as ghosts?

They'll discover that far too many of them wrote about all the clever tricks and tips others could utilize to grow their Substack newsletter that involved not-so-subtle digital nudging outside of the direct cyberbegging route.

They'll learn what motivated these performers through many confessionals about why each digital performer did what they did at the time.

They'll find that these performers sought to "create an audience" through their performances and to "build a brand" through the safety of repetition and the comfort of familiarity and that many performers did this through the direct mission statement and call to action of their audience, the most successful calls to action rooted in optimism and hope.

They'll quickly discover that the most popular performers rallied a tribe of like-minded strangers into a kind of cognitive hive, where their righteous cause was the pursuit of something greater than themselves that would mold the world in the image they believed needed it, in their quest to feel meaning and purpose.

And then they'll discover that the top-selling newsletter on this platform in this dimension was by Heather Cox Richardson and their alien brains will explode with confusion, and they'll look again at all those dusty server racks, and the fate of this bygone civilization will all make sense.

I've never written my Substack confessional, though no writer hides who they are in their writings. It all seeps out eventually.

And maybe by not writing it, I'm still writing it in this post.

Whatever this is, I do promise it will have a happy ending.

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The Good Citizen
5 Feb 2024 | 11:17 pm

9. United States of Israel

We have spent $7 trillion in the Middle East. Do you know what we have for it? Nothing. Nothing!

— Donald J. Trump
Personal assistant to 45th U.S. President Jared Kushner

*** Notes on Substack, and a personal appeal to Good Citizens below ***

Have you seen the latest bipartisan Senate bill for Ukraine, Israel, and the border? It reads as if it was written in Kyiv, then sent to Tel Aviv, then emailed to the ghost of Count Richard Von Cudenhove-Kalergi, then sent by carrier pigeon to Frances Fox Piven to put some final touches on it as the ghost of her husband Richard Cloward smiled over her shoulder.

Legalizing 1.5 million illegal border crossings per year is now bipartisan Senate legislation. The bill calls for $60 billion more for the Poison Dwarf to kill off the remaining men of Ukraine with the average age of front-line soldiers now 44 who are fighting alongside young Ukrainian women. At this rate, there will be no people in Ukraine by 2032. Crops will be harvested by robot combines and ethnic cleansing of Russians in the east will be done by drones remote-controlled from Empire outposts in Germany.

Of course, no bill would be bipartisan without more taxpayer looting for their paymasters in Israel. From 1949-2009 the total direct funding from the United States to Israel was $110 Billion. Adjusted for inflation over the years it amounts to half a trillion dollars today. This excludes the $10 Trillion the U.S. has spent on wars of benefit for Israel in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, induced by Israel's first 9-11 to kick off the War on Terror and openly called for by Netanyahu at the UN in 2002 and in Congress the same year where he scared Americans into believing that a nuclear missile hitting DC or New York from Iraq or Iran was just six months away.

Watch — Tricked Into War: Israeli Zionist Government Was Behind 9/11 (2018)

Under a push by new Israel-First Republican House speaker Mike Johnson (it's why he was chosen) another $17 Billion is being authorized in direct aid in addition to the $15 Billion already sent in October.

People aren't buying their bullshit anymore. The war narratives are collapsing.

Much of it will be laundered back to the reelection coffers of the very people who pass these funding bills via defense contractor lobbyists in the United States, plus the single Political Action Committee that controls nearly every Politico in the District of Corruption-AIPAC.

Turning Western women into ho$, and destroying their future mate appeal for the Israeli project. This clown gave $11 million to Niki Haley.

Israel's main bribery arm AIPAC has a 96% success rate in (s)electing American politicians. Not even Sadaam Hussein was that good in Iraqi "elections."

AIPAC has already donated $95,000 to little Mikey Johnson's reelection fund to ensure they get their new package of American taxpayer loot.

Imagine getting $17 billion on a $95,000 investment!

All for a new phase of an 80-year land grab and ethnic cleansing operation that was recently reignited with a false flag against its people.

Meanwhile, Israel is already sitting on $205 billion in foreign reserves but why spend that when you can steal more from Americans?


Israel has always utilized two methods of controlling the elites and politicians, to gain from American military power and riches:

  1. Bribery ("campaign donations")

  2. Blackmail—you will work for us or these tapes will be leaked to the press we control (much cheaper than bribery-it's free!)

Not a single one of them is not working for Israel first, second, and last.

That includes the "alternative" candidates.

Except for Dr. Shiva, who is not, messing, around.

Watch Dave Smith let RFK Jr. expose himself as another Zionist clown: Who killed his uncle and father and why?

A Personal Appeal To Good Citizens

It's that time of year again when I dare move on to other topics (related to past ones) that didn't initially attract readers. Anytime this happens I might lose as many subscribers as I gain, meaning I do not gain any new free subscribers for weeks or longer. In the case of criticizing Israel and exposing Zionism, I gained zero new subscribers for two months and ended up losing many paid subscribers as well, nearly 20% of my peak at one point.

I get why they left, and I chose to write about these topics knowing there would be repercussions, so I'm not here to whine about it. I know the mental programming on these (recent history, foreign policy, Zionism) runs very deep, and few want to confront the often tiring process of deprogramming from official narratives. I was one of these people for many years, but I refuse to look away and pretend not to notice the truth so that it benefits me financially.

Nothing is more cringy and vulgar than watching people chase money with lies by playing dumb.

Speaking of noticing, I have also noticed among many new subscribers that they are very robust readers. In the past, the email notification would say new free subscribers read 15 other substacks, sometimes as many as 40. Lately, I've seen some that subscribe to 150-350 other substacks!

That's not to say they don't have the potential to be dedicated Good Citizens or even join Flock Meadow, but let's just say their focus and attention are pretty divided, and the probability of conversion goes down and down as these new robust readers join the free flock, and as Substack's popularity grows.

A few weeks ago I wrote that a year from now some of you won't be here, and though I'll be sad to see you go, I wasn't joking. After year Won, and as year Zoo comes to an end the one thing I'm certain of for year Free, is people will come and people will go. Another thing that has become clear is that if those paid subscribers who depart Flock Meadow are not replaced, then this operation begins to collapse quickly. The irony now is that Year Free may not be free at all.

I love writing and love doing this but it currently pays less than a job as a part-time barista at Starbucks without tips, so I have some difficult choices ahead.

  1. going 50-50 paid-free

  2. going entirely paid for 3, 6, or 9 months until the conversion rate of free-to-paid reaches a viable level to continue.

  3. The other possibility is one I don't want to consider but it entails shutting down everything, paying out prorated refunds, and moving on to do something else with the hours that consume me here.

Currently, there are 8-9 free posts for every paid one, so things will change drastically overnight if Flock Meadow continues to stall.

I'm not seeking a large following or even a thousand paid subscribers, although at that rate I'd be making as much as an assistant manager of Starbucks. I don't care about celebrity, status, or check marks, and nobody who tells the truth will ever get too big anyway, by design. Just have a look at the cream of the crop around here with purple check marks. It's not pretty!

Anyway, I'm eventually seeking to simply maintain 600-800 dedicated paid flock with most content paywalled, and would much prefer that than 25k free flock, which I wouldn't hit with this revolving door until 2026. Maybe.

I'll also be able to lower the monthly fees by a dollar at that level, and the annual fee by ten percent. The more who join Flock Meadow the cheaper it gets for everyone.

To cut to the chase, if you take no offense to the truth, enjoy what I do here, and want to see it stay alive then I need your support more than ever. (pensioner and student discounts are below)

Subscribe now

I appreciate those of you who heard the call the past two weeks and joined the Flock.

Shout out to those of you who have been with me from the start, you know who you are, and please know that I definitely know who you are and appreciate you!

And thank you to the following new Flock members for the kind words:

Fixed Income Pensioner Discount (honor system)

Pensioner Rate

Student Discount (valid .edu email)

Student Rate

Thank you for sharing


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The Good Citizen
31 Jan 2024 | 8:00 pm

10. Chariots of Wire

America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world's biggest welfare state that we will create and control. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly.

— Chicoms

Tucson Airport

Last summer I helped The Senior Citizens move from over-taxed, soggy, pantifa-demoralized Oregon to sunny election and border-demoralized Arizona. The two-month event was exciting but stressful, and not without some sobering revelations about how dysfunctional everything in America has become after seventeen years away.

[Paywall removed—if you enjoy it, please consider becoming a flock member. Your support will help me defeat the Globalists and Chicoms, from right here in the heart of Texas.]

After years of living overseas in six cities across four European countries, there is no greater moment visiting family in the Empire of Lies than when it's time to depart again. Don't get me wrong, the reunions are sentimental and touching. The hugs and laughs are therapeutic, but nothing beats the high of leaving again.

When we arrived at the Tucson airport in the late morning, the temperature was already well past a hundred Fahrenheit (38C). I went through the Ryan Bingham express line for Sky Team members, checked my bags, grabbed my boarding pass, and headed for the American Patriot Act demoralization ritual at the security theatre outpost before the terminal.

At the entrance, I noticed three lines. One for pre-check TSA members who give their DNA to the feds for convenience, one for the citizen tax-paying slaves, and one for the regime's preferred class of new American dreamers.

The rumors were true.

Dozens of illegals stood in a dedicated express line holding new phones, DHS paperwork that guaranteed boarding and served as their new identity documents since they "lost" theirs on the perilous journey through a coterie of global NGOs stationed across Central America and Mexico that gave them maps in their native languages, prepaid debit cards, food, water, and sometimes temporary shelter.

There were children as young as maybe four or five standing awkwardly next to men and women who were not their parents. They certainly didn't behave as children do around their parents. These adults were their handlers working for DHS contractors, collecting millions to escort them around the country. This is nothing less than government-funded and sanctioned child trafficking and it has probably been going on for years, if not longer.

The government has spent $20 Billion on this human trafficking operation in the past three years with as many as 8-10 million new invaders sent to various states and cities to further milk local governments dry.

Not surprisingly the citizen debt slaves around me found nothing unusual in any of this. Most of them wiled away the time in line flicking their thumb across their screens before the customary humiliation and molestation at the security theatre checkpoint. Once we got through, we were all…



The Great Replacement "Theory"

Wikipravda calls Renaud Camus "a French novelist, conspiracy theorist, and white-nationalist writer." Imagine the horror! Can't you just picture him surrounded by jack-booted thugs marching with swastikas to your Nan's house?

Yeah, me neither.

How France's 'great replacement' theory conquered the global far right

He is also the "inventor" of The Great Replacement theory. This "invented theory" involves tens of millions of mostly Arabs, Africans, and South Asians (mostly Muslims) replacing ethnically white European races, in their own nations.

It's just a "theory" though.

It hasn't been happening in practice since Germany invited temporary Turkish guest workers to help engineer their economic "miracle" in the 1960s using billions of U.S. dollars. Since there is nothing as permanent as a temporary government program, the Turkish population in Germany is now over nine million.

Many of them speak German and hold German passports but consider this: If the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan got ideas from watching Napoleon or reading about Ghengish Khan or Alexander The Great or whomever the Ottoman equivalent was, he could incite a Turkish insurrection and topple Germany within a week and pronounce himself the new German Emperor, or Sultan.

Does that make these people German?

The Turks don't include the millions of other Arabs, Africans, and South Asians that Frau Wanderlust invited in 2015. Germany's foreign-born population or foreign citizen population is now teetering on a quarter of the country, and that will hit a multiplier effect since these people breed like rabbits and Germans have permitted the natives of their nation to be infested by the toxic combination of feminism, socialism, eco-marxism, and cucksterism—none of which help with procreation.

There hasn't been any Great Replacement in France either, where millions of immigrants from all her former Magrehbi and Sub-Saharan colonies have invaded the homeland.

France's national motto is Liberté, fraternité, and Suicideté. Just kidding, it's Liberté, égalité, fraternité. The liberty and brotherhood are fine, but the égalité is where things get perilous for poor France because in the spirit of equality, she doesn't bother keeping any demographic statistics.

That would be racist.

When you don't bother keeping statistics, you can just make shit up.

The French government says its foreign-born Muslim population is anywhere from 5-9% of the population but as someone who lived in France for three years, it's more like 20-30% and up to 60% in places like Marseilles.

This is just France and Germany, never mind Italy, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK. Has anyone been to Birmingham? No more Peaky Blinders.

Incredible pictures show almost 90,000 Muslims gathered in Birmingham park  to celebrate Eid – The Sun | The Sun
Birmingham Park: letting Brits know they've been conquered without a single shot fired.

When I spent a year in Basque Country I strolled into the "old town" or Casco Viejo of a medium-sized city. The north side of the old town was completely overrun with men in pajamas and funny hats that resembled inverted peanut butter cups and certainly not Spanish berets. I asked my Spanish friend what the hell was going on and if there was some international festival or something.

To paraphrase our exchange:

"In ten years they took over the city. Before it was normal. Spanish shops, no Kebabs, nice restaurants. They always take over everything and make it like their home country."

"Didn't you expel them five centuries ago and make them convert?"

"Not enough. And it doesn't matter. They always come back."

Does all this sound like an "invented theory" to you?

The replacement birthrate of any people in any country is 2.1 children per wahman. No Wahman, No cry.

China's one-child policy has entered the chat. No whamen, No China.

Ho Lee Fuk!

Spain and Italy are barely above half of the needed replacement level. Germany too. No country comes near it, but the reversed colonized "France" is the closest at 1.8 because she has been at it for much longer, so the new arrivals have invited extended family including second cousins who help keep those numbers up.

What the social engineers, the wonderful Davos men lizards want to do is replace native populations in all European countries with third-world imports to compensate for the falling birthrates create chaotic low-trust societies replete with crime, cultural destruction, and all propped up on debt-financed welfare for gimmigrants.

If you think this is a conspiracy theory, kindly go take a walk in Marseille's northern districts after dark and get back to me. Or Malmo, Gothenburg, Mainz, Rotherham, Rotterdam, Naples, Rome, Montpellier, Saint-Denis, or a thousand other cities west of Silesia.

From Jeff Childers' Covid & Coffee Stack last weekend:

In fact, the entire European Union is awash in mostly muslim migrants. It's so bad that if you open a box of European Cracker Jacks you expect to find an illegal immigrant looking up from the bottom. In nearly every EU country, mass migration is a touchstone topic. The only two holdouts are Hungary and Poland, and Poland is wavering.

This is mostly accurate though I would add Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia as other partial holdouts because they aren't welfare magnets. The later is not in the EU, and maybe that's for the better.

For a Scandinavian country, Finland doesn't do too poorly either outside of Helsinki and a few other urban areas in the south that have invited too many of Ilhan Omar's cousins to stay.

Overview - Somali-Americans in Minnesota - LibGuides at Minnesota  Historical Society Library
Welcome to "Finland"

The level of a European nation's demographic (and thereby socio-cultural and economic) destruction is in direct proportion to three factors:

  1. The amount of $$$ and freebies handed out (Sweden, Britain, and Germany win this one easily which is why they all go there)

  2. The amount of power given over to Feminists, Greens, Socialists, and Marxists (they will destroy a nation from within in under one generation)

  3. The lack of suffering under the boot of Bolshevism for forty years (Poles have a strong memory)

Numbers one and two are permitted by a combination of weak men and emotional blackmail artists (See No. 2 for the list) who use the same old tired accusations to get what they want: "Racist!" "Xenophobe!" "Nazi!"

Once the new arrivals settle in and run for local political seats and national parliament it's game over. See London where their Paki poison dwarf mayor recently said, "The white family doesn't represent real Londoners." Imagine a white mayor saying that about any other race in any city. How about a white mayor of Islamabad? "The brown family doesn't represent real Pakistanis." They'd find pieces of his body strewn across all provinces.

And how did the Chicom-controlled corporate media react to the London mayor's comments?

This Great Replacement is now arriving on the shores of America at a rate ten times worse than before Operation Wetback.

Good Citizens of the Empire are finally starting, slowly, hopefully, to wake up to this invasion, without slouching at accusations of "Racism!" or "Anti-Chicomism!" from the loony left and Chicom media.

Governor Hot Wheels
Doing the humiliation ritual for the real controllers of American politicians - Chicoms.
Why would Texas need to have a bond with Chicoms? Why not Texas and Bulgaria or Texas and Paraguay?
(L) Election-year Governor Greg Abbott of Texas | (R) Non-election-year Governor Grigor Abbottstein, a known Chicom

There's a reason the third rule of this substack is to never trust anyone in the alternative media, along with corporate media and government.

Ian Smith was the gym owner in New Jersey who refused to close his establishment during the lockdowns for the hoax pandemic. He also refused to pay any fines incurred by the city for standing up to all the madness. He openly asked why Americans were being prohibited from staying healthy by getting regular, physical exercise, and sunlight exposure (Vitamin D) if the pandemic was really about health and safety? Checkmate.

Charlie Kirk is a Con Inc. grifter who pushes whatever Right-Left political theatre needs to be pushed to distract the subjects of the Idiocracy from what's going on. His "non-profit" Turning Point USA is funded by Chicom Billionaires like Bernie Marcus and Sheldon Adelson's ghost.

Thanking Governor Abbott for doing his job on a mile of fencing across a 1254-mile border is like thanking the French for fortifying their border with Germany while ignoring their border with Belgium between the World Wars. Kirk could have just said, "Thanks for keeping the invasion going while pretending to do something about it and giving me something to grift on my podcast today that will help the red team."

For years now Governor Abbott's doppelganger Grigor Abbottstein, a known Chicom has been bussing illegals to the interior of the United States. For years Con. Inc. and the other alternative media gatekeepers thought this was funny, that this was somehow "exposing the Dems" in sanctuary cities for the double-speaking frauds that they are. Think about that Good Citizen conservatives. None of these people gave a damn about closing the border and implementing immediate deportations.

Gov. Hot Wheels: WEF Page of honor

They used the spectacle of open borders as a game, as content to extract attention from their podcast viewers to keep the red-blue spectacle in the forefront as something that matters. This level of duplicity and deception by the conservative "alternative media" should pique the curiosity of even their least discerning viewers, but it rarely does. These people have already invested far too much emotional energy, time, and attention into cheering for the red team. They would prefer to throw more of it at the cause than to think critically about who is manipulating them and why.

Governor Hot Wheels doesn't care about destroying the country demographically or playing politics with people who were used and abused by a series of U.S. Government-funded NGOs, and Mexican cartels who employ human traffickers working with both to flood the nation with illegals from all over the world.

Human trafficking is a nasty business. Women are raped. Children are used as shields and props. DHS has admitted that 85,000 children have gone missing in the interior of the country since Biden was installed, just like those children in Tucson I saw at the airport with escorts who were not their parents. If that's the official number, what's the real one?

Governor Abbott didn't care about any of these people and still doesn't. He still puts them on buses destined for sanctuary cities.

Why not charter flights to Mexico City or Quito, Ecuador where many of them arrive?

How many would head for Texas if they knew the odds they would end up back in Quito after a two-month hike was 50-50? What if it was 80-20?

The invasion of Texas would stop within a few months once word got around. All the governor is doing is ensuring that once New York and California go bankrupt, Texans will be bailing them out while all those he bussed to their cities will be headed to Texas in uHauls where they will elect Henry Cuellar the next Governor and at that point they might as well rename the state Texico.

Everything happening right now around the border issue is to rouse political divisions, enflame tensions, and distract the masses from bigger things just around the corner involving the U.S. dollar's final death knell and a reset of the global fiat monetary system. Perhaps even bank bail-ins after massive bank runs and engineered financial panics. (Beware the Ides of March)

But since we're on the border issue now, and since Con Inc. is determined to ignore the culprits, let's pull back the curtain on those Alex Jones, a man who is never wrong, knows is responsible—the Chicoms!

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) aka "Chicoms"

On an episode of Alex Jones's InfoWars last week he and Michael Yon discussed the open border calamity and the invasion of 8-10 million third-world "immigrants" under the Biden Administration.

They even put up a screenshot showing the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society building next to a massive holding center labeled "China Camp."

Alex Jones has been accused of being "controlled opposition" for years. I avoid using that term willy-nilly since I've been accused of it privately in emails from past subscribers who thought I was paid to peddle an agenda here.

But now I have my suspicions about Jones as well.

Watch Alex Jones's broadcast on September 12, 2001, and his direct criticism of the "Chicoms" and then watch him with Stew Peters in December, a man who has noticed a lot recently, and you'll see two very different Alex Joneses.

When he was young and fearless, he noticed the "Chicoms" were not the ally that Con Inc. and Neocons proclaimed, and that they were very dangerous and "would get a lot of Americans killed in war." Which is exactly what happened in the following two decades. Those wars strengthened the "Chicoms" while destabilizing and fiscally destroying the United States.

Today Alex Jones sounds like Cathy Newman interviewing Jordan Peterson in his Stew Peters conversation when it comes to criticizing the "Chicoms" and noticing serious connections regarding who is really behind the demographic destruction of the United States AND Europe.

Hold, please. Barbara Lerner Spectre has joined the chat.

Iceland is the safest country in the world. For how much longer?

Was Alex Jones invited back on to X and a few weeks later for an "exclusive" interview with Tucker Carlson in exchange for not noticing anymore?

Was there a clause in his bankruptcy negotiations that he gets to keep his ranch and significant loot if he stops noticing?

I'm not blaming the guy. With a family and kids and a billion-dollar judgment against me, I'd likely cave too. Everyone caves to the "Chicoms" eventually. Seek, and Ye shall find no exceptions.

Jones and Yon seemed to dance around the subject last week as if they deliberately refused to notice, and called it HIAS a few times and then diverted to Jones' favorite boogeymen the "Globalists" as those responsible for orchestrating this invasion.

"Chicoms" Camp!

But the purposeful obstruction of the truth is now just downright sad when you make a few rudimentary connections, rendering Jones a theatrical parody of his former theatrical self. While Michael Yon has done a lot of recent noticing on X lately, so credit to him for that.

The current head of DHS (charged with "Homeland Security") is Alejandro Mayorkas, who also happens to be a former BOARD MEMBER of HIAS.

Funding for his former NGO exploded since he was appointed head of DHS.

If funding and engineering the demographic destruction of your nation isn't treason, then what is? Or perhaps he doesn't view it as his nation?


Do you think the Republican party in Congress (ALL owned by the American Isreal Political Action Committee - AIPAC aka the "Chicoms") is going to mention any of this the next time they bring Mayorkas in for more congressional deposition theatre?

From the HIAS Website:
10,000 dead Palestinian children ignored. The humanitarian "crisis" according to HIAS is only in Israel.

Why would they ignore the ethnic cleansing in Gaza?

Because they push the "Chicoms" lie about October 7th.

Here's the truth about October 7th. By some estimates, the IDF killed up to 80% of Israeli civilians that day mostly with Apache helicopters and tanks. The knew the attacks were coming and where they would happen, and have been actively funding Hamas for years.

But don't fret Good Citizens because The Daily Fire of Con Inc. is on the case. Benny Shapiro is currently doing a series on "Biden's" border invasion.

Oh, wait. What's this?

HIAS fundraising documents show America's favorite kosher rapper Shapiro donated between $10k and $18k to this organization in 2022 to assist the border invasion.

What else could one expect from a "Chicom" tool?


It's not just HIAS.



They use the right-left paradigm and political and cultural spectacle to shield themselves from culpability and criticism.

By keeping the squad and their "woke" flock pitted against MK Ultra MAGA and vice versa, the slaves will never see who holds the key to their chains.

They buy people like Chaya Raichik aka "Libs of Tiktok" to gain the trust of conservatives, libertarians, "classical" liberals, and the non-woke so that when it's time to push their propaganda they have levers of power everywhere with inbuilt trust.

It's safe to assume that all of these influencers are on the "Chicoms" payroll. They get treated to field trips where they're required to post the official version of events for their clueless flock.

One of the great mysteries of the 21st century that nobody can answer: How does someone as stale and lame as that monotone Lex Fridman Lex Rogan Jr. get so popular out of nowhere?

The guy was a nobody from MIT until he started a YouTube channel virtually mirroring Joe Rogan's model (and life) and within a year he had a million subscribers. It would make sense if the man had an original thought or a sense of humor, or challenged his guests. This is why it's safe for Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to go on his show. It's like watching paint dry and yet the algorithms push people like him into the spotlight inorganically so that there is one more safe and chosen narrative manager extracting the attention of the masses.

Even when the tyranny of a "woke Twitter" is liberated and transformed, they control the liberation and the transformation so that censorship is converted from bannings to dethrottling and shadow banning.


All the top anti-Zionist accounts on X the past month have been BOMBED before, during, and after Elon was doing his tours of shame in Israel and Auschwitz. And this is why I bought more silver instead of giving that asshole $188 for a blue checkmark.

Oy Vey! Image

Who are they? The "Chicoms" of course!

Put your head in the "Chicoms" lunette Good Citizens. It's right where they want you.

The United States and Great Britain are full-on vassal states of the "Chicoms."

Another Chicom confesses, incapable of hiding her giddiness.

A nation that makes laws to protect Chicoms is owned and controlled by Chicoms. 37 states passed Anti-BDS laws prohibiting state government employment to any citizen who supports boycotting, divestment, and sanctions of Chicoms and Chicom businesses.

If your conscience is against the Chicoms because you've done too much noticing, these state governments will fire your ass.

Imagine passing laws to insulate and protect one, single, theocratic ethnostate specifically, one that endorses Apartheid and genocide. What kind of politicians would subvert the Constitution on behalf of a foreign power? And how many videos of them with kiddies does this foreign power hold over their heads?

Imagine what they have on Governors like Brian Kemp. No state contracts without an oath to a theocratic foreign ethnostate.
From: Atlanta Journal Consitution
Based Asian gets it…

But don't pay any attention to those facts dear Americans. There's an election this year that demands only your feelings.

So, I feel like once Trump is elected again, everything is going to change for the better. He's tough on those Chicoms.

Isn't he?

Trump, family make private visit to Western Wall - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
The 45th US President Jared Kushner with his father-in-law in the holy land.
When you finally figure out that the right-left domestic political spectacle is a meaningless distraction, an illusion, a grand diversion, to keep you from noticing certain things, this is what you'll see… And once you notice there's only one cure to help you stop noticing… Is Iran next? One final encore for the Chicoms? Image

And did those feet in ancient time,
Walk upon England's mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On England's pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold:
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear:

O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In England's green and pleasant Land.

— William Blake

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