The Cradle

The Cradle
26 Feb 2024 | 6:14 pm

1. ‘US hegemony in international waters obsolete': Yemen

Despite US and UK aggression, the Yemeni armed forces have made clear they will continue to support the resistance in Gaza
The Cradle
26 Feb 2024 | 5:32 pm

2. Hamas activated hundreds of Israeli SIM cards hours before Al-Aqsa Flood: Report

Israeli intelligence and military officials ignored several several indications that a Hamas attack was imminent
The Cradle
26 Feb 2024 | 4:10 pm

3. ICJ closes final day of West Bank occupation hearings

Nations call on the court to recognize that Israel's occupation of the West Bank territories is illegal
The Cradle
26 Feb 2024 | 3:48 pm

4. Israel kills policemen accompanying Gaza aid convoys

A two-month-old Palestinian boy died of starvation as Israel continues to besiege the strip
The Cradle
26 Feb 2024 | 2:48 pm

5. Hezbollah vows ‘creative’ response as Israel hits south Lebanon

A drone strike on the southern city of Tyre came shortly after an escalatory strike on Baalbek, eastern Lebanon
The Cradle
26 Feb 2024 | 1:56 pm

6. Israel to raise $60bn in debt as it doubles war spending

A finance ministry official says the main hit to the nation's finances was the mobilization of reservist forces
The Cradle
26 Feb 2024 | 1:31 pm

7. Yemeni resistance Red Sea actions heavily impact UK retailers: Report

The report indicates that over 1,000 UK retail firms showed that Yemeni resistance actions affected more than half
The Cradle
26 Feb 2024 | 1:07 pm

8. Palestinian PM resigns under US pressure for shake up

A new Palestinian government to oversee the post-war construction of Gaza may be named by the end of the week
The Cradle
26 Feb 2024 | 12:35 pm

9. ‘We can make history’: Saudi, Israeli ministers at WTO summit

The kingdom has confirmed repeatedly since 7 October that normalization talks with Israel are still on the table
The Cradle
26 Feb 2024 | 11:06 am

10. Israel bombs eastern Lebanon after Hezbollah downs $2m drone

This was the first Israeli attack near the eastern city of Baalbek since the war began in October
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