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Henry Makow
Mon, 15 Apr 2024 17:13:23 -0600

1. Pierre Elliot Trudeau Was Also a Commie Traitor

castro-trudeau.jpg(Left, Pierre Elliot Trudeau with Justine's father)

Justine's father was actually Fidel Castro. In 1968, Russian defector Igor Gouzenko warned that Trudeau "would become another Castro and turn Canada into another Cuba." Justine is finishing the job.
Fidelito's cuckold "father" Pierre Elliot Trudeau (1919-2000) was Canadian Prime Minister from 1968-1979 and 1980-1984. His file was destroyed because he was a Communist (Illuminati) agent. Most "leaders" are Freemasons. The goal of Freemasonry is Rothschild (Cabalist Jewish, i.e. Satanic) world tyranny, i.e. Communism or "globalism." Communism is monopoly (i.e. banker controlled) capitalism. Trudeau took the first steps toward normalizing homosexuality and making European Canadians a minority, i.e. "multiculturalism." Castro's son is following in Trudeau's footsteps.

Steve Hewitt, a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham slammed CSIS for sending the prime minister's file "down an Orwellian memory hole". He called the purging of the file "a crime against Canadian history" and said that such actions are "expected of an authoritarian state and not a proper democracy".
from Jan 2022by Henry Makow PhD

A file on former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, compiled by the country's then spy agency, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Security Service, was destroyed back in 1989 and thus has not ended up in the national archives as it was supposed to be.

pet-illuminati-hand.jpg(Signalling his loyalty to Satan)

The file would have become available to the public in September next year on the 20th anniversary of his death. CSIS, (Canadian Security & Intelligence Service) claimed the files for Trudeau, and former Prime Ministers Lester Pearson and John Diefenbaker were destroyed in the interests of "privacy" and because the RCMP had been "too zealous" in the cold war environment. All three Prime Ministers were Freemasons. All intelligence agencies work for the Rothschilds, not the national governments who fund them.

Steve Hewitt, a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham slammed CSIS for sending the prime minister's file "down an Orwellian memory hole". He called the purging of the file "a crime against Canadian history" and said that such actions are "expected of an authoritarian state and not a proper democracy".
However, the FBI file was made public ten years ago and revealed consistent advocacy of Communist causes and cavorting with Communist leaders.


In 1968, on the eve of Pierre Elliot Trudeau's ascent to the Liberal leadership and Prime Minister, Igor Gouzenko (1919-1982) released a dossier arguing that PET was a dangerous Communist.

Igor Sergeyevich Gouzenko was a cypher clerk for the Soviet embassy to Canada in Ottawa, Ontario. He defected on 5 September 1945, three days after the end of World War II, with 109 documents detailing the USSR′s espionage activities in the West. This proved a great embarrassment since the leaders of the West were all secret Communists (Freemasons). The man who mentored PET into power, Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson had been exposed by KGB defector Elizabeth Bentley as a Russian asset.

The globalist traitors decided to take a lemon and make lemonade. They used Gouzenko's revelations to kick start the bogus "Cold War."

gouzenko.jpgLiving in hiding, Gouzenko warned that Trudeau would become another Castro and turn Canada into another Cuba. He reminded Canadians that despite being Justice Minister, PET had been barred from the US as a Communist. He said PET's ideas were borrowed from Mao and Lenin. His academic writings were all pro-Communist. He threatened to withhold nickel from the US because of the Vietnam War.

PET had behaved in suspicious ways as a young man. He attended conferences at the Kremlin, traveled to Vietnam during the Vietnam war and was actually apprehended by the US Coast Guard trying to row a boat to Cuba before the Bay of Pigs.

Gouzenko also focused on PET's mentor, Prime Minister Lester Pearson. Pearson wouldn't let the FBI interview Gouzenko. He appointed the homosexual Robert Bryce Deputy Minister of Finance. In this position, Bryce scrapped the CBC's International service that was beamed to the USSR. Bryce had been part of a Communist study group in Washington DC.


The Illuminati are sexual deviants. They abuse their own children as part of the brainwashing process. There is a suggestion that this happened to Justine.

In her book, TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA (1995) MK-ULTRA survivor Cathy O'Brien stated that many world leaders, including Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney, are pedophiles. She met them in the course of her life as a sex slave trained (with her young daughter) to service high-profile politicians. Other sources support Cathy O'Brien's allegations.

margie.jpg(Margaret Trudeau's face says it all)

Pierre's 1968 marriage to Margaret was "arranged" by the military. The couple was programmed with LSD at a remote farm in British Columbia.This might explain why Margaret was passed around to Fidel Castro.

Justine's eulogy on his father's death caused a scandal and many parodies.
Justine praised his dad for "serving his people" overlooking the fact Castro murdered an estimated 140,000 people and reduced his country to police state bondage and squalor. Castro was a billionaire while doctors earned pennies working for their "comrades." Havana is a crumbling time-capsule from 1958.

In a suicide note, Castro's son Fidelito said Justine was his half-brother, and complained that Fidel compared him unfavorably. Fidelito had a half-dozen other half-brothers and sisters.

If it looks like a duck, and walks and talks like a duck, it's a duck.


Mankind is held captive by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, based on Cabalist Judaism. Their aim is to enslave and exploit society by corrupting and degrading it. This is the logic behind endless wars, growing wealth disparity, gratuitous migration and mainstreaming gender and sexual dysphoria. Their main instruments are Freemasonry and Organized Judaism. They control all major social institutions, especially government, media, education, the legal system, corporations, religion.

jackboot.jpgThe mainspring of their power is the central banking system. "Money" is a mental concept that only becomes real when translated into a product or service. They create it out of nothing as a debt to themselves with the backing of their shills in government. I suspect that we, our families and property are collateral.

There are billions of transactions every day. All that changes is the digits on a ledger. They keep this ledger and are capable of erasing it at any time.

Money is the bloodstream of society. Little to nothing happens without it. Think of central banking as the heart (a pump.) The Rothschilds are Cabalists. They wish to leverage this credit monopoly to include every aspect of the body politic, including the mind, spirit and gender identity. This is Communism. This is the NWO. This is Satanic Possession.

It's not a "conspiracy theory."
It is taking place before our eyes. The fate of humanity is at stake.
justin-castro.jpgRelated - Fidelito Constructs Communist Dystopia
Canada Spends $1.2 Billion in Preparation for Communist Police State

--- Ann Diamond - PET was also a Pedophile - Justine a Victim of MK Ultra Brainwashing?

Henry Makow
Mon, 15 Apr 2024 09:09:34 -0600

2. April 15- Klaws Swab, 86, Hospitalized

wef-leader-in-hospital-v0-IHC5HQfel-416kNRcvqSpOdVudsJIUDpy1nWGXMPTgQ.jpgWe hope he was vaccinated!
Seems to me that if Iran were a true ally of the Palestinian people, they would not have waited until Israel blew up their embassy in Damascus to launch a missile strike against military and economic targets. Anyone who condones Israeli genocide in Gaza is a monster. Israel is preparing a new attack on Iran. (see below)
I reiterate- Like WW2, WW3 is being fought between two branches of Freemasonry, the Fascist (Nazi) Zionist branch (i.e. the lunatic West) vs. the Communist Branch (Russia, China, and radical Islam which was set up by MI-6.) The real object of these Masonic Jewish wars is to kill non-Satanists on both sides. I suspect the Communists will win this one since the West is morally and gender compromised.
Please send links and comments to
World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab Hospitalized
"Klaus Schwab, 86, was reportedly admitted to the hospital late last night. The details surrounding his hospitalization have not been officially disclosed, leading to widespread speculation and concern among the WEF community and beyond. As a prominent figure in global economic and political circles, Schwab's health has always been a matter of public interest."
Israel Says Readying 'Imminent' Attack On Iran As Airlines Cancel Flights To Region
Middle East braces for Israeli 'retaliation' attack on Iran after Israel War Cabinet meets
Israeli Air Force says it has completed 'preparation' and that an attack is 'imminent'
US officials tell WSJ they believe Israel will launch an anti-Iran operation today
IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi: Iranian missile and drone attack on Israel "will be met with a response."
Netanyahu orders military: draw up a list of targets
Several major airlines canceling flights to Tel Aviv and whole region.
State Dept spox: "commitment to Israel's security is sacrosanct".
Tehran warns that it's ready to hit back harder. said to demand end of war at start of deal, would only free hostages in 2nd phaseNew Hamas proposal, reportedly given to mediators, provides for all hostages to go free -- but only after Israel permanently ends war, displaced Gazans return unimpeded to north
Report: Israel may enter Rafah earlier than plannedA security source warned that Hamas's refusal to accept a hostage deal is moving an Israeli offensive in Rafah closer 'by giant steps
Putin-Raisi-shake.jpeg(Masonic thumb on knuckle handshake. They are all Freemasons!!!)
Mark Glenn- Iran's attack planned to minimize casualties while maximizing spectacle
Again, ladies and Gentile-men, it's not that Iran is not a powerful country that could have responded with a devastating attack against Israel, because clearly she could have, but she understands as well that what the entire world is facing right now is nothing short of complete nuclear annihilation at the hands of that mad, rabid dog known as the Jewish State, and that therefore, in any measures taken against Israel for her lawlessness, this fact-the possibility/probability of nuclear Armageddon-must be considered 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

NEVER FORGET: Joe Biden Gifted Iran with Over $80 Billion Since Entering the White House

CDC: Covid Shots Caused 14,000% Increase in Cancers
--Putin says Ukrainian Government Must be Replaced
Why did it take him so long to figure this out? I was saying it more than a year ago. To maximize casualties?
Proof tha Ukraine is a charade-- Russia refers to the West as "Anglo Saxons!" instead of Masonic Jews like them.-
branco-npr.jpegNew NPR CEO Has One of the Wildest Anti-White Racist Social Media Histories You Could Imagine.
Katherine Maher, the President and CEO of National Public Radio (NPR), has a long history of politically partisan and anti-white posts on X, formerly Twitter.Appointed in March, Maher has led the taxpayer-funded broadcaster's fightback against Uri Berliner, a senior editor at NPR who exposed its bias and obsession with woke objectives such as "identifying and ending systemic racism."

-Managing Vaccine Injuries
20 states sue Biden admin for flying illegal immigrants into the US
lavrov-iran-fm-handshake.jpeg(Lavrov and Iranian FM thumb-on-knuckle Masonic clutch. They are Freemasons like Satanyahu)
UK won't seize Russian money - Politico
Expropriating frozen funds would have long-ranging legal ramifications, experts warn
ndon has blocked £26 billion ($32.1 billion) in assets belonging to the Russian state since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict, according to the Bank of Russia, and over £18 billion ($22.4 billion) in private Russia-linked assets, the British government has said.
Many UK officials have long been pushing to confiscate the money and use it to pay reparations to Ukraine.
--Pike's 1871 Letter to Mazzini- Full Text
-xi-raisi.jpeg(World wars 3 between two branches of Freemasonry. Russia, Iran and China are Communist branch. Zionist West is Nazi branch.)
From a reader--"The top level of the Iranian gov't are Yahoodis(Jews) pretending to be enemies of Israel, meanwhile are Bibi Netanyahu's most loyal supporters. The Yahoodi Freemasons in the Iranian gov't are the enemy of the Iranian people but are staunch allies of Israel and threw Bibi a life line with the bogus attack; It is no coincidence every time a loyal and brilliant top ranking military hero like Qasem Soleimani is murdered by Freemasons like Trump, the Yahoodis in Iran make sure to do damage control for their allies in Israel and target absolutely nothing.
Qasem Soleimani made the mistake of going to the US for help overthrowing the Yahoodis in Iran after the gov't murdered protestors in the streets. Trump rescued his fellow Yahoodis in Iran by murdering Soleimani:
Trumpanzee Rosanne Barr can't bare to think her glorious god Trump is a turd traitor:

Yahoodi Jews in charge of Iran are constantly abusing the Iranian people:

The Shiite religion was not founded by Mohammad, but was founded by the satanic Jew Abdullah Ibn Sabbah. Another Jew, ibn Sabbah by the name of Hassan is the originator of brainwashing suicidal attacks with Hashish (Assassins). Yahoodis are great actors.

israel-ww3.jpegThis Iranian retaliation against Israel is one great big nothing burger with an extra side of Gefilte fish!!!
Gov't of Yahoodi Israel = Gov't of Yahoodi Iran (by Iranian Jew Saed Zakah1)
The Ayatollah Khomaini was half Indian / half British Jew:
The top level of Iranian gov't are Yahoodi actors playing roles:
Henry Makow
Sun, 14 Apr 2024 17:10:30 -0600


Henry Makow
Sun, 14 Apr 2024 15:18:17 -0600

4. Maurice Samuel - "Mortal Enmity" Exists Between Jews & Gentiles

u-gentiles.jpgOrganized Jewry, with its absurd notion that Jews are God's Chosen People, when many are Satan's, is responsible for destroying the human experiment. Cabalist Judaism (Freemasonry) is a satanic cultmasquerading as a religion. Organized Jewry and its lickspittal Gentile Freemasonry are behind the Plandemic, "vaccines," Gaza, Ukraine, Migration, gender dysphoria and cancel culture. They are the real "haters." We doomed the human race when we gave them our national credit cards.

Maurice Samuel (1895 - 1972) was a Romanian-born Zionist Jew whose most influential book was You Gentiles,1924. This offered a penetrating analysis of the Jewish psyche and made the important point that Jews were altogether so superior and spiritually advanced compared to gentiles that there was no possibility of the two groups getting on together. Owing to the baser nature of the gentiles, and the fact that they did not take God seriously like the Jews, it was inevitable that Jews and gentiles should be at loggerheads for ever.
Here are some key quotations from the book:


"We Jews are accused of being destroyers: whatever you put up, we tear down. It is true only in a relative sense. We are not iconoclasts deliberately: we are not enemies of your institutions simply because of the dislike between us. We are a homeless mass seeking satisfaction for our constructive instincts. And in your institutions we cannot find satisfaction; they are the play institutions of the splendid children of man - and not of man himself. We try to adapt your institutions to our needs, because while we live we must have expression; and trying to rebuild them for our needs, we unbuild them for yours." (p. 146-147)
"Because your chief institution is the social structure itself, it is in this that we are most manifestly destroyers." (p. 147)
samuel-bio.jpg"Dislike of the Jew in business springs from the feeling that we regard all your play-conventions with amusement - or even with contempt. Our abominable seriousness breaks jarringly into your life-mood. But you feel our disruptive difference most keenly, most resentfully, in our deliberate efforts to change your social system. We dream of a world of utter justice and God-spirit, a whole world which would be barren for you, devoid of all nourishment, bleak, unfriendly, unsympathetic. You do not want such a world: you are unapt for it. Seen in the dazzling lights of your desires and needs our ideal is repellently morose." (p. 148-149)
"We do wrong to thrust these ideals upon you, who are not for justice or peace, but for play-living. But we cannot help ourselves: any more than you can help resenting our interference. While we live we must give utterance to our spirit. The most insistent effort on our part will fail to change our nature." (p. 149)
"He [the Jew] is a citizen of the world; he is a son of humanity; the progress of all humankind, and not of only of any single group of it, is in his particular care." (p. 150)

"The unbelieving and radical Jew is as different from the radical gentile as the orthodox Jew from the reactionary gentile. The cosmopolitanism of the radical Jew springs from his feeling (shared by the orthodox Jew) that there is no difference between gentile and gentile. You are all pretty much alike: then why this fussing and fretting and fighting? The Jew is not a cosmopolitan in your sense." (p. 150)
"He is not one who feels keenly the difference between national and nation, and overrides it. For him, as for the orthodox Jew, a single temper runs through all of you, whatever your national divisions. The radical Jew (like the orthodox Jew) is a cosmopolitan in a sense which must be irritating to you: for he does not even understand why you make such a fuss about that most obvious of facts - that you are all alike. The Jew is altogether too much of a cosmopolitan - even for your internationalists." (p. 151)
maurice-samuel-1003984.jpg"Nor in the handful of you who, against the desires and instincts of the mass of you, proclaim social justice as the life aim, is the Jew any more truly at home, at one with his milieu, than the old-time Jew in his world. Our [Jews'] very radicalism is of a different temper. Our spur is a natural instinct. We do not have to uproot something in ourselves to become 'radicals', dreamers of social justice. We are this by instinct: we do not see it as something revolutionary at all. It is tacit with us. But with you it is an effort and a wrench. Your very ancestry cries out against it in your blood... And you become silly and enthusiastic about it, with flag-waving, and shouting, and battle-hymns, and all the regular game-psychology proper to your world and way of life. Even of this you make a play." (p. 151-152)

"But such as these radical and international movements are, the modern Jew (the best and most thoughtful modern Jew, that is) is nearer to them than to anything else in your world. He is the only true socialist and cosmopolitan - but in such a true and tacit sense that he is completely distinguished from all of you. It is one of many vital paradoxes - a thing illogical and yet true to life. It is our very cosmopolitanism that gives us our national character. Because we are the only ones who are cosmopolitan by instinct rather than by argument we remain forever ourselves." (p. 152)

"We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build. Beyond all temporary alliances with this or that faction lies the ultimate split in nature and destiny, the enmity between the Game and God. But those of us who fail to understand that truth will always be found in alliance with your rebellious factions, until disillusionment comes. The wretched fate which scattered us through your midst has thrust this unwelcome rôle upon us." (p. 155)
"The nature of things cannot be solved because we partake of that nature. We can never get round ourselves: we can only turn round. Your world spins in a joyous illusion of progress; we, untouched by that illusion, destructive of your mood, stand aside, static, serious. We will be satisfied with nothing but the absolute." (p. 186-187)
Henry Makow
Sun, 14 Apr 2024 09:01:34 -0600

5. April 14 - Did Iran Stand Down?

paper-tiger.jpegIran tells Israel it is a Paper Tiger
Israel claims it shot down all of the Iranian drones and missiles. Iran not anticipate this?
It seems this was just a token response. Did Iran coolly refuse to take Satanyahu's bait? They told the US their response would be "limited" and Biden told Bibi the US would not back Israeli retaliation.
A few lights in the night sky and the Iranians said they were done! Not so fast, said Satanyahu who will continue to goad them into a larger war.

Is Iran the laughing stock of the whole world or was their restraint justified?
However, it seems missiles did serious damage to an airbase in the Negev.
"Israel has confirmed that 7 ballistic missiles hit an Israeli Air Force base in the Negev desert.
The IRGC reported that they struck the airbase from which the plane that attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus took off.
Israel's Channel 12 reported that Israel would retaliate "immediately" and a senior IDF official promised an "unprecedented response" to the Iranian attack."
The airbase is called Ramon and was indeed hit by ballistic missiles. The drones were just a diversionary part of the event, let them shoot at cheap drones with expensive missiles."

nuke-biden-first-term.jpgWorld wars are between two branches of Jewish Freemasonry - Communist and Zionist
The real object is to destroy civilization and concentrate power in their hands. They work in tandem.
So I urge people on both sides of this conflict to step back and realize that WE are the targets. Don't identify with one side or another. Israelis need to stop referring to the enemy as "terrorists" when their own atrocities dwarf Hamas' many times over.
Snap out of it Israelis and Muslims and realize this war is contrived to kill you! Same applies to Ukrainians and Russians, and soon NATO and Russians and Chinese?
Israelis are a bunch of horse thieves with a really great PR department. But Israel is a fait accompli, so I advocate the two-state solution. I believe both states would flourish.
This is not a sports match. Insterad of taking sides and cheering like idiots, consider the war is against YOU!

-Israeli says they and Palestinians can live in peace
"I have nothing to say to Netanyahu. He cares nothing about Israelis"
Most Israelis are congenital liars. Hostages were treated humanely by Hamas.
-djt-amerika-last.jpgF**K Donald Trump

"The main leader and face of the American Christian Evangelical Zionism movement today is undoubtedly Donald Trump, and he has already publicly stated that he wants a federal "death penalty" imposed for "antisemitism."

Evangelicals Praying for Armageddon & Death Penalty for Antisemites
It accurately exposes how massive amounts of money in Evangelical Christianity define and support Zionism politically.
No Republican politician can ever lead the United States without being part of this Evangelical Christian Zionism movement, and wholeheartedly agreeing with it and the Zionist (mis)interpretation of the Bible."

UNWRA is indispensable to Palestinians. That's why Israel wants it dead.
Oct 7 took place with the complicity of Israel. False flags are the essence of their strategy. See Pearl Harbor, 9-11, USS Liberty etc.

Israel Ex Shin Bet Chgief blamed Netanyahu for Oct 7

-rebranded-flu.jpgAustralia Bins 35% of Multi-Billion Dollar Covid Vaccine Supply With Another 15% Set to Expire Soon

As part of its pandemic response, the Australian government purchased 267.3 million doses of Covid vaccines, enough to vaccinate Australia's population of approximately 26 million people ten times over. But figures released to Dystopian Down Under by the Department of Health (DOH) this week confirm that, three years into the vaccine programme, only 70 million doses, or 26% of the 267.3 million doses purchased, have been administered, while 35% of vaccines doses have been wasted since the start of the vaccine rollout.
Israeli propaganda site humanizes homocidal maniacs. Interviews attractive young Israelis. Notice the smugness and conviction that their cause is right. Jewish sickness is Asberger's, the inability to consider anyone but themselves. YOU STOLE PALESTINE! YOU ARE HORSE THIEVES. At least share the spoils with your victims!
Reader- "Under normal circumstances French troops in Ukraine is the same as a decleration of war against Russia.Seems that the Macaroni is hell bent on escalating the conflict into WW3. Will be difficult for Putin to handle this?" French Military Deployed In Slavyansk, Donetsk People's Republic - Report
The first reports from Ukrainian frontlines confirmed deployment of the French military in the Donbass. The first unit of the French Foreign Legion reportedly arrived in the area of the city of Slavayansk in the Donetsk People's Republic.
The first reports from Ukrainian frontlines confirmed deployment of the French military in the Donbass. The first unit of the French Foreign Legion reportedly arrived in the area of the city of Slavayansk in the Donetsk People's Republic.
According to reliable sources, a unit from the 3rd infantry regiment of the French Foreign Legion, which included about 100 servicemen, has been transferred to the Slavyansk direction before being sent to the frontlines. The unit includes the engineering group and aviation intelligence specialists of the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the Legion. Apparently, this is only the first group of French servicemen deployed in Ukraine, more forces are yet to come.
--reiner.jpegFramed by German Gov. Gestapo-- The West is No Longer Free nor Democratic
WHO Official Admits Vaccine Passports May Have Been a Scam.
Testifying in a lawsuit, WHO's leading vaccine expert said she advised against COVID vaccine passports as the vaccines did not stop transmission and gave a false sense of security. The World Health Organization's Dr. Hanna Nohynek testified in court that she advised her government that vaccine passports were not needed but was ignored, despite explaining that the COVID vaccines did not stop virus transmission and the passports gave a false sense of security
Edward Dowd: Government & Media Pretending Massive Health Crisis Not Going On"Ever since the CV19 vaccine came on, we have had 1.1 million Americans die excessively, 4 million permanently disabled and another 28 million injured."
One big problem Dowd has spotted is an explosion of cancers and, yes, you cannot get the truth about this either.
-CJ Bjerknes--Rothschild Golem and the End of the World the Plan to Kill Us in Their Own Words

dei-flat-tires.jpgWomyn discovering the Commie Satanist Origins of Feminism
World-renowned Belgian virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has another warning for the public: the mass collapse of immunity among the fully vaccinated is upon us.
In a recent appearance on the KunstlerCast podcast, Bossche predicted a soon-coming "massive, massive tsunami" of illness and death among those who got "vaccinated" for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), whose immune systems are now unspeakably compromised.

Transgender Antifa "member" arrested for bombing outside Alabama Attorney General's office

Henry Makow
Sat, 13 Apr 2024 14:58:39 -0600

6. Mike Stone - Our Institutions are Boondoggles


Our institutions -- government, education, military, science and medicine are all boondoggles designed to enrich their stakeholders rather than serve the tax paying public. The MSM applies lipstick to this pig. This is why they have no trouble betraying us.

"Our enemies proudly and publicly subvert the country and nobody cares. While the enemy is rewarded and the country goes down in flames, Americans sit like drooling retards watching television, jerking off to pornography, and playing with their phones."

by Mike Stone(

Have you ever considered that our most trusted institutions today were created not to solve problems, but to worsen them?
Take our education system. If it were properly managed, children could complete their entire education - the equivalent of four years of college - by the age of thirteen.
Look at an eighth grade graduation test from 1912:
These questions are tougher than the questions that college seniors are asked to solve today. It's proof that people have gotten not only dumber over the last one hundred years, but significantly dumber.
Did such mental deterioration happen by accident? Incompetence? Or was it deliberate?
Suppose our education system actually did its job and educated children like it used to. Doing so would put thousands of school teachers, school administrators, school counsellors, and school nurses out of work, not to mention the writers and publishers of textbooks and other school materials.
Maybe our education system is not meant to educate kids but to maintain a lucrative revenue stream for so many people.Education is a boondoggle.
Could the same be said of our vast military industrial complex? Are all of the wars, military police actions, and provocations our country has engaged in for the last 150 years, done not in the name of security or democracy, but rather to continue funding "defense" contractors?
The Rule of Opposites states that the truth in any given situation is the exact opposite of whatever the mainstream media is reporting.
The Rule of Opposites has proven itself to be 100% accurate. Might it also apply to the organizations we put our trust in? Might it apply to all organizations?
If so, then no clearer example exists than the medical establishment. Look at all of those doctors and nurses who swear an oath not to do harm and then turn around do more harm than anyone. And let's not leave out all of the administrators, drug manufacturers, and "health" insurance professionals who keep the ball rolling, and profit immensely by doing so.
Did you know that the very people who gave us the fake vaccine are now developing additional "vaccines" to combat the harm that their fake vaccine caused?
Isn't that special? Of course, what's even more mind-boggling is the vast number of people who continue to schedule appointments for checkups, "treatment," and surgery with the same doctors and nurses who just spent three years doing everything they could to poison and kill them.
Imagine that. Someone spends three years trying to poison and kill you, and back you go, check book in hand, to get poisoned all over again, and to pay for the poisoner's new chocolate brown Mercedes in the process.
Going back to those eighth graders from 1912, something tells me they weren't that stupid. I think if someone tried to poison THEM, they would have told the doctor where to go. Not only that, but their pa would have paid a visit to that doctor, shotgun in hand. In fact, any doctor who tried to poison and kill children in 1912 would have gotten the Leo Frank treatment.
Not so today. Doctors who poison and kill children are rewarded handsomely. They're praised and glorified all over the Fake News media, which then prompts braindead parents to drag their screaming children into the offices of those same doctors and hand them over to be poisoned and killed. How times have changed.
Perhaps that is why our education system was turned upside down - to pave the way for the mass poisoning of society. Bright and alert Americans in 1912 would not have stood for it. But today's dumbed-down masses eagerly accept their poisoning. A poisoning that's not just physical, but also mental, emotional and spiritual.
The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. It was the first major step in the Communist overthrow of the country. Because people back then were smart, the subversion had to be done in secret. The criminals were forced to conspire quietly on Jekyll Island, out of the public eye.
Today there's no need for any of that. Our enemies proudly and publicly subvert the country and nobody cares. While the enemy is rewarded and the country goes down in flames, Americans sit like drooling retards watching television, jerking off to pornography, and playing with their phones.
The Rule of Opposites is right once again.
-----Mike Stone is the author of the new book 101 Reasons Why You Might Have a Low IQ and Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man:
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