The Good Citizen

The Good Citizen
17 Sep 2023 | 9:14 pm

1. Good Man At War

"Misogyny" week concludes with a short story. Written on Polish trains, sometime in 2008.

When I think I'll do fine to avoid another surrender, the silent demons reproach my hubris with a forced bite of the sour pill.

Globus hystericus. Monumentus distractus. It can't be swallowed.

Let it rest beneath the tongue.

It does and melts like a cocoa bean with a pinch of parsley.

All things become clear and I notice the rain through the bay windows. I can focus on each dollop that traces down the middle and glistens from the mango glow of the street lamp beyond the arbor row.

The shoulders go limp into my usual slouch, the habituated posture of a skittish puppy. I adjust them upwards and back toward the chair's support.

No more captivity. No more surrenders.

The boob husband, boyfriend, partner. Relegated in status and power to whimpering dog shoved into the last cage of the kennel of the self-gelded.

Plagiarized by the advertising industry and refashioned for wifey amusement to appeal the consumer deciders.

Ha! Look honey, that's you in the dishwasher commercial. Totally useless.

Three generations of men beaten and kicked to the ground without so much as a teeth-snarling bark.

I watch the rain streak down with incandescent fury like a sea of racing squid tentacles. I follow one closely as it stutters through liquid congestion collecting friends and velocity along its path into the darkness below.

The familiar smell of Eau de toilette Rosée kills the race. She is not sorry she is late. It was not her fault. I have to focus everything on her now. I can't fake it, she'll know. I must be a good man and listen to everything she says, nodding in agreement like a ventriloquist's dummy.

She chides me for not taking her coat and scarf, and sliding her chair out. When I did in the past she scolded me for violating her independence as a strong and capable woman.

I'm in a foul mood she claims, why can't I be happy for once?

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The Good Citizen
14 Sep 2023 | 6:26 pm

2. Programming for The Deprogrammed

Pity is the practice of nihilism. This depressive and contagious instinct crosses those instincts which aim at the preservation of life and at the enhancement of its value. It multiplies misery and conserves all that is miserable, and is thus a prime instrument of the advancement of decadence: pity persuades men to nothingness!

— Nietzsche

Among The Deprogrammed

In a recent piece, the former Esteemed Public Intellectual Dr. Naomi Wolf presents her ethnographic observations of our species-altering event via Pharmakeia's injectibles for transhumanism's paradigm global paraplegic shift.

The crippling of our species with sudden coincidences and emerging turbo illnesses is only one facet of this onslaught. The results have inflicted spiritual despair onto those who perceive it and can accurately attribute it to the source.

But what about that despair and misattribution?

Dr. Wolf is sure there is something awry with people, and it might be everyone who took the shot. She has seen it with her own eyes.

Indifferent parents. Babies not connecting with their mothers. Central Park devoid of so many affectionate lovers who used to meander aimlessly, hands in each other's pockets, mouths wrapped around each end of a hot dog.

People in American airport terminals now materialize to Dr. Wolf as lumbering half-sentient zombies. (My words, not hers.)

Though I would ask Dr. Wolf, when have they not?

It's just a question, and Dr. Wolf likes questions.

She senses invisible alterations among the injected that weren't there pre-2021.

I have described how I feel that when I hug vaccinated loved ones, that they seem light and frail and ethereal — that I can barely "find" them, energetically - and that only an echo or memory of their earlier "energy fields" survive.

The savior image, hugging vaccinated loved ones—wounded victims.

Regarding the absent energy fields, I detect the same thing when I see footage of people at Burning Man, Coachella, TED Talks, Crypto Conferences, or Tech launch events. They do not appear human. Their energy fields are absent. They resemble interdimensional time-traveling sheep, gathering at poisoned feeding troughs, waddling toward the slaughterhouse.

But it's not just Wolf who sees this, she has receipts. She has heard it from first-hand energy experts.

Body workers — massage therapists, Reiki therapists, acupuncturists, healers from various modalities — have told me that the energy fields of their own clients have changed dramatically since the clients' mRNA vaccination. Unvaccinated customers of such services, for their parts, have described the fact that they don't bother booking with vaccinated healers, since the "energy fields'' in those practitioners' hands, no longer make them feel better.

As we now have the privilege of (probably) knowing, only a third of the Pfizer doses appear to have been fully laced with experimental poisons —self-assembling nanostructures, hydrogel, quantum dots, graphene, cancer igniters, fragments from the lost city of Atlantis, Jimmy Hoffa's pubic hair, perhaps everything but mRNA—so how accurate are these ethnographic assessments of lack of energy or Chi?

Before half of you go on screaming about "shedding" and "tainted blood for everyone" the same effect on red blood cells called Rouleaux formation that has been documented in some unvaccinated (sheddees) or the fraud of "long covid" is also caused by 5G RF-EMF exposure. Nobody ever attributes it to the latter. Why? The question remains: How bad was the shedding on the unvaccinated? Questions for a question…Are the unvaccinated dropping dead? Are they rolling up to cancer clinics with stage four turbo treats? Do they wake up with that charming Pfizer smile? Have many of us, myself included exaggerated the demographic reach of the bioweapons? Nobody wants to downplay a genocide (Anti-semite!), yet nobody should enflame the spiritual despair of a genocide absent bulletproof evidence.

Has anyone held a Chi detector to the vaccinated and measured marked decreases in pre-2021 "life force" emanations?

She can barely find her family who probably got saline.

Dr. Franc Zalewski found that a third of the random Pfizer vials he examined were 100% saline.

Perhaps it's not what they got injected with that has her looking at them differently, but that they got injected.

And where does the global rollout of 5G factor into these "energy" shifts?

Everything is composed of frequencies, after all, even humans, their body parts, and their emotions, which affect human perceptions, and alter their reality.

We are grounded by the Schumann resonance.

Is this Wolf's transference of the catastrophized horrors of the past two years onto those who submitted their bodies to them even though many of them may have accumulated self-assembling Saline or Red Bull?

Weren't certain states (Red) targeted with worse batches than others by design? What is the likelihood New Yorkers got less remote-controlled nano-goodies and more saline? Why eliminate the obedient and submissive in greater numbers?

Military operations are deliberate and targeted, and this is an ongoing military operation.

Whose inbox has been spared these horrors for a single day since 2021 and what kind of effect does that have on people's psyche and desire to project the ultimately unknowable onto victims?

I'm just asking questions.

When not subsumed by pity, her reasoning is fascinatingly skewed toward assumptions more likely rooted in her own recent transformation.

If those foreign things are inside these people, that must explain why mothers are walking in front of their children, which was just something that didn't happen pre-2021 according to Wolf. It must explain why parents are ignoring their children. She has seen it with her own eyes.

Again, if conservatively only half of the clot shots were tainted, and twenty percent didn't get any at all, how can an observation that is more befitting of our post-2008 world of raging narcissistic automatons addicted to their app-littered gadgets be attributable to the "vaccine" bioweapon?

How many parents have you seen ignore their children in public in favor of Candy Crush, Angry Birds, or DARPA's Lifelog? It would take me five lifetimes to recount them all, but that's because I started counting in 2009.

Wolf asserts, "Indeed I have started to see toddlers and even babies being given phones or electronic devices by their parents so that there is no human-to-human interaction between them at all. You could blame technology — but we had cellphones before 2021."

Cherry picking meets logical inversion.

In computer programming, logical inversion is commonly used to negate the output of boolean expressions. Logical Inversion: "Toddlers and babies are being given phones, so the lack of human-to-human interaction must not be attributable to technology pre-2021 but vaccines post-2021." Reality: The choice to hand electronic devices to toddlers and babies has existed long before. Cherry Picking: I have started to see that human interaction between parents and toddlers is affected by technology vaccines.

Perhaps the transformation of Wolf from a coastal liberal feminist to a health freedom truther has opened her eyes to human behavior she never thought she needed to observe prior to all this Silent War horror. And now she sees what many have seen for decades and needs to misattribute it to the source of the horror that has awakened her.

Still, Dr. Wolf concludes her piece by saying that something is wrong with humans.

Has Dr. Wolf unknowingly anthropomorphized her dread and despair from her own deprogramming?

Programming Swaps

The comments beneath her essay are a merry-go-round buffet of programming for the deprogrammed. People in crowds don't have the same energy they once had, they appear expressionless when they used to feed off each other's energy. Everyone agrees that people are somehow off, in every conceivable situation and are pretty certain that those injectibles have something to do with it.

We all see what we need to see and rarely what is.

Everyone considers themselves deprogrammed, yet few are willing to acknowledge they have simply swapped one form of programming for another. We always seek to select new inputs when we are disgusted by the wrongness of past outputs. In desperate times any new input will do, particularly new inputs that attract masses of others who are also feeling the wrongness of similar past outputs, often resulting from government and mass media inputs.

Few commenting on Wolf's essay attribute "the lack of energy" to living in a very dark time, in the middle of an ongoing global psycho-biological terror operation that started before Wolf was born as a concerted effort to enslave humanity.

In other words, it may not be the jab that has zapped life forces, but the sudden awakening of millions of people in regards to the dark reality of their government, doctors, employers, and even family pushing for them to be held hostage at home, and injected with a deadly biological agent, whether they got it or not.

Who would not look differently at their own family that acted differently? Friends? Strangers?

These are just questions.

Watching people do the Pfizer dance on TV, or at the local High School sporting event has taken a substantial toll on our collective psyche. Watching millions dismiss the cause so casually doubles the dragging effect. Watching the government and its media whores gaslight the people about all of it is triply demoralizing by design.

Watching strangers in public who appear not to have an earthly clue what transpired? Oof. That's the one. See, right there, it must be the vaccines they received.

Everyone wants to make assumptions about others they see in public, and absent the post-modern dunce cap—a face mask—they may very well hold the same secret as the assumer: Isn't it f**king batshit crazy what just happened for three years? And they haven't stopped. I wonder if that dude's Chi has been zapped by a fourth booster? Why's he looking at me like that? Damn, is my Chi not showing? I knew that fat bastard at the gate was shedding on me!

But nobody wants to be the first to reach for their belt and draw in a public duel because people are still more afraid of being called crazy than shooting the truth.

And that isn't anything new either.

This all didn't just start in 2021.

Rockefeller's medicine coup happened over a century ago.

It was nearly forty years ago that Eustace Mullins published Murder By Injection: The Medical Conspiracy Against America, a powerhouse work that comprised decades of investigative research.

Vaccines have always been poison. All of them. Medical quacks established the AMA with no certifiable medical training. They were hucksters and killers who charged pharma companies to publish their marketing and promotion "research" for their deadly poisons.

All doctors were required to buy a subscription to the AMA journal if they wanted to practice medicine so they would write prescriptions for the deadly poisons advertised in the journal. Now the money just gets rerouted from the government to pharma companies and their paid researchers through the NIH.

Wolf contends that babies seem charmless to her now.

Did she miss the SIDS train while writing about vaginas? Did she miss Forrest Maready's Crooked? How did she miss the 27,680% increase in Autism diagnoses in her lifetime?

Maybe if she spent less of her adult life learning the neo-Marxist academic baby talk of rigid class, gender, and racist hierarchies, or advising the Club of Rome's resident climate catastrophist Al "We're all gonna melt tomorrow" Gore these statistics might have appeared more important.

It's fine. We're all moving on different clocks, winding ourselves up to dissimilar algorithmic echo chambers fashioning our perceptions. Advising different depopulationists in our exuberant youthful desire to rise in the ranks of Esteemed Public Intellectuals.

Everything seems different after the deprogramming begins. Medicine, doctors, government, food, media, neighbors, strangers in public, family assigned while programmed, friends made while programmed, celebrities adored while programmed, Al Gore while programmed, "wildfires" while programmed, obnoxious gatherings of tech bros and bugmen at Babylonian sets in a muddy Nevada lakebed.

Nobody ever wants to admit they were misprogrammed, but that's the only place deprogramming starts. Having been around academics for the past decade it can be especially difficult for them. It could mean rejection. It could mean a loss of esteem by peers or even tenure. It could require coming to terms with the possibility that one's body of academic work was all fraud.

Imagine all those hours slaving away on footnotes, for entire academic fields built on pseudoscience of virology, critical theory, and social constructs, through "discursive theory" and "oppression" and "racial privilege" and "toxic masculinity of the patriarchy" and learning the meaningless buzzwords of the post-modern failed academy and using them in that condescending upspeak voice. Problematic. Unfettered. Systemic. Exploitation. Collective. So, like, when we talk about systemic unfettered exploitation of women in the capitalist workforce from the viewpoint of a white toxic male, that's like, problematic, right?

Keep your kids out of public schools and universities if you want to keep your kids.

Imagine deprogramming from the adoration of young aspiring indoctrinees in the field you are held as an "expert" and Esteemed Public Intellectual.

Deprogramming from the regularly scheduled program is initially a lonely affair and nobody wants to be alone. People want adoration.

Deprogramming is difficult work. Nobody likes to work outside of work. Even those who assume they're 'deprogrammed' are never really, and we all learn this the hard way through hubris and arrogance. As with the road to enlightenment in Buddhism, it's a lifelong endeavor where engaging the process is the destination.

Deprogramming is ugly because truths are ugly.

The FDA conservatively kills 150k+ Americans each year by approving drugs that shouldn't be administered to interdimensional goblins. That's one to two million humans each decade—the bodies of others.

That doesn't account for "vaccines" and that's not even the start of the ugliness.

DDT, fluoride in the drinking water, EMFs, Glyphosate, Atrazine, Parabens, BPAs, GMOs, HFCS, transfats, seed oils, Aspartame, altered mosquitoes, and some toxin called Apeel has been coated on some fruits and vegetables since 2018 and can't be washed off.

That doesn't even include all the neurotoxic drugs, no better than placebos like SSRIs, from misdiagnosed "mental" illnesses.

All of that barely gets us past the starting gate.

Does the average American have any functional comprehension of how their government has been trying to poison them since birth with the explicit help of the FDA and medical community?

Did Rhodes Scholar and Clinton campaign advisor Naomi Wolf know until 2021?

Her scholarly benefactor Cecil Rhodes knew before the killing even started.

The Mangina Monologues

None of this would seem strange to George Carlin.

George Carlin was tuned in to human behavior in a late-stage empire extorting its subjects while poisoning them decades before Naomi Wolf was writing for Harper Collins about the traumatized vagina, the liberated vagina, the Victorian vagina, and asking "Does the vagina have consciousness?"

She chose the road of respected public intellectual feminist activist. There is no other type of feminist, and the activities were always the deliberate seeking and accumulation of power over men. If you say this out loud as a man they still slander you as a misogynist, which only proves it an accurate statement.

If you instigate the delusions around that feminist activism most of your adult life you must carry all the baggage of marrying a civilizational destroying cult posing as a serious discipline funded and promoted by psychotic depopulationists.

How many marriages and families has feminism obliterated since Kramer vs Kramer? Could the number of children's lives destroyed by those ruined marriages ever be quantified?

There was a time when a man and woman would stay together even after falling out of love because there were some things more precious than their own elusive happiness, and they knew the responsibility of those precious things when they signed the contract and made the commitment.

It's true many women were prevented from leaving men by arcane laws, but the second the state provided as much or more for the woman instead of a man, the state became the husband and father. But a state, with a single woman struggling to pay the bills, cannot raise healthy and successful children. Even for a strong corporate girl boss with high income who opts for lab-baby surrogate children, the statistics on single-mother outcomes for children are simply damning.

The state is now actively engaged in grooming, castrating, brainwashing, and destroying children, and in some states fathers who speak out are helpless.

The depopulationists and agents of Western collapse were probably rubbing their hands together with glee counting each failed marriage from the 1970s onward with more thrill than they count the illegals crossing the border by the millions.

This is not an attempt to pile all the blame on feminism, or women, or even feminists, because men are as equally at fault as the feminists they bred. The amount of power women accumulate in any culture has historically depended on one thing—the permission of men. A permissive imbalance towards loose women, not merely in the sexual sense, portends the rapid destruction of that culture.

See J.D. Unwin's book Sex and Culture for 80 historical examples of this truism: the level of advancement or decline of all cultures is directly tied to the level of regulation of female sexuality. Import tens of millions of military-aged men of diametrically opposed cultures, with no skills, education, or ambition, and it's like pouring gasoline on a space laser fire.

Evidence for this is all around. Do Abu Dhabi and Doha seem ascendant compared to say, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and New York?

A culture is only as ascendent as the capacity of its public intellectuals to tell the truth, so don't expect to read about any of this in their works. Das alles ist verboten!

Curtis Yarvin wielded his unmercifully honest sword pen in his letter to the young wannabe public intellectual Richard Hanania last month, "a good gig, but don't expect anyone to be reading your books in 20 years, let alone 50."

Feminist icon Dr. Wolf saw the health freedom whistlestop outside the establishment first-class train car and chose to disembark the public intellectual circuit with the term Conspiracy Theorist now added to her Wikipravda profile. It is a shame, though an outright compliment in New York liberal circles compared to "former alt-right white racialist writer." Poor Richard.

For the Western liberal intelligentsia, the Conspiracy Theorist bridge is in Deventen, 35km north of Arnhem. Once crossed those invitations to black-tie affairs from the rich men north of Richmond will cease.

The hit pieces against Wolf by the CFR gang are enviable. Every official regime rag has gone after her in the past few years.

That means no more New York brunches with Harper Collins editors for Dr. Wolf. No more tea and biscuits in Chelsea with her London editors, not that they were any good at their jobs. No more promotional blurbs for her books by Oprah Magazine, Harper's Bazar, or Publisher's Weekly.

The "New" Authoritarians

She has since found a new publisher with the help of her new anti-vaxer conspiracy theorist friends. For forty bones you can still snag a signed copy of her latest book The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, Covid-19, and The War Against The Human. (The title was not written by her landscaper's kid.)

These authoritarians you see, they're new, they aren't the liberals and neoliberals I sipped cocktails with on my book tours for twenty years like Alec Baldwin while simping for Barack "We droned some folks" Obama, who is presently on his third term rigging elections, imprisoning innocent Americans for decades, kneecapping his political opponent in Trump, pushing the final transformation of the U.S. into the USSA, and raping the bodies of others when he's not smoking crack and getting blowies from strange men in the back of limos.

These new authoritarians you see, they're new, they're not the pussy hat brigade of hysterical harpies I celebrated as some kind of organic revolution, a women's march against the pussy grabber in chief, half of whom wanted to see the unvaccinated fined and arrested just four years later.

These young feminists are savvy about politics. They are not scared to engage with power and to be in the face of the leader of the free world. They are beautiful. They are funny. They are badass.

I am so proud of them. And I am so proud, too, of my own generation. For years, we have had to have stupid conversations. "Yes, rape is bad." "No means no." "Paying different wages for the same work is wrong."

And it seemed as if we were condemned to be a shrieking, irascible minority for ever and then die away, with the wind erasing the names on our headstones.

Engage on behalf of power? Check. Me too moral panic? Check. Gender wage gap propaganda? Check. Serving the Democratic party agenda, the 'new authoritarians'? Check.

Last week James Howard Kunstler wrote of this astroturfed hysteria:

At the most superficial level was the hysterical response of Democratic Party rank-and-file women who regarded Donald Trump as the most extreme and horrifying embodiment of an archetypal "bad daddy." This was all sheer psychodrama of course, but women are engrossed with psychodrama — generating it and relishing it — which men often fail to appreciate.

Some normies at the time called the pussyhat psychodrama "The Women's March Against Fascism," and that was met with a proper wake-up meme.

If humans seem different to Dr. Wolf, maybe that's because Dr. Wolf has changed since 2021. And that's a good thing. We all have a right to change, at any moment, for any reason, with no need to justify it to anyone.

But after thirty years of performing as a cult icon for the cabal of socio-cultural destruction, dancing on the establishment train to appease the gatekeepers of officialdom, and then suddenly disembarking for daily clout at the health freedom whistlestop, well, please forgive the reflexive unthinking reverence.

Nowhere in her latest book "The War on The Humanoid" does she mention these essential words for understanding the silent war on humanity: technocracy, scientism, transhumanism, Yuval Harari, 5G, EMF, surveillance capitalism, behaviorism, social Darwinism, liberalism, progressivism, depopulation, population control, mind control, mockingbird, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Committee of 300, climate change, Agenda 2030, Agenda 2021, Carbon, Blackrock, Vanguard, trafficking, pedophile, graphene, hydrogel, feminism!, abortion, planned parenthood, Jaffe memo, Cold Springs Harbor, Fort Detrick, gender dysphoria, Tavistock, AMA, DoD, DARPA, BARDA, or even Rockefeller.

Her single mention of germ theory confirms it, along with older vaccines as valid science. Her one mention of eugenics? I did Nazi see that coming! No acknowledgment of how the Nazis were influenced by the American and British eugenics programs or how Operation Paperclip imported thousands of Nazis to work for the U.S. military-industrial complex.

In a book about "COVID-19," the names Daszek and Baric appear zero times.

In a book about "The Bodies of Others," there is zero mention of remdesivir, midazolam, and ventilators and how the CARES Act incentivized iatrogenocide.

When not slobbering about China, everything is confused with the public face of tyranny in the West, the cover-up crew, the "Davos" crowd, and its uber-ridiculous bond villain frontman Klaus Schwab.

Her paper-thin redux of all things "Covid" reads as though Steve Bannon wrote it from a Chinese billionaire's yacht off Greenwich, CT. It's riddled with China, CCP, and Xi Jinping blame-porn.

Most obviously, it long kept under wraps the fundamental fact of the pandemic's origins, ensuring that the Wuhan lab-leak premise would be everywhere derided as "conspiracy theory." In this regard the CCP even now continues to get away with murder. More, Communist China's vast influence over global media benefits it immeasurably in suppressing Western heroes, Western history, Western ideals such as freedoms of speech and assembly, and Western instincts of spontaneity and individualism.

None of that is coming from within the United States' own borders, pushed by its own intelligence community, you see, it's CHYNA!

She doesn't mention the CIA once.

No mention of Fauci's AZT, and AIDS, or the frauds of past pandemics and past vaccination campaigns.

In fact, the book doesn't appear to have been edited much, if at all. It's replete with meandering self-absorbed anecdotes, dialogue, and quick cuts from one subject to another without hearty connective tissue. Unless you've only been red-pilled to first base, and living under a rock the past decade, it's a forty-minute sift through.

Her book has received high praise in unlikely circles. The Gray Lady's resident "thinker" Michelle Goldberg called Wolf a "lunatic conspiracy theorist" using neoliberal hack Naomi Klein's book Doppelganger as evidence for her compliment.

Clout Chaser

Perhaps Wolf finally saw it was the "lunatic conspiracy theorists" who have been right about everything this century and decided she'd rather be right than loved by the real lunatics—the Goldbergs and Kleins who serve as nothing less than whores of authoritarian police state power.

She took advantage of her new title, the looming spiritual despair of millions, and rushed an elementary book to market and it paid off with the demi-red pilled searching for "deprogramming" confirmation.

Every cult needs one likable leader, and Wolf was always that one likable feminist. Her mea culpa to pro-life conservatives in 1996 was a well-reasoned essay on the sanctity of human life and the hypocritical inconsistencies of the pro-choice movement which was always going to devolve into the radical my body, my choice of late-term baby slaughter with depopulationists funding this brainwashing endeavor to appear as another rung on the climb of women's liberation, except that the ladder was always aimed downward, a climb toward the gates of hell.

Wolf authored a work worth reading more than a decade later in Give Me Liberty, part guide to citizen activism, part warning. To her credit she spent a few years sounding the alarm of creeping police state tyranny, the collapsing rule of law, and the desecration of Constitutional rights, though she never seemed to connect the dots of liberalism and liberal democracies always seeking to give states greater power (ends) by any means, to the source of her conclusions.

Her appearance on Steven Crowder's show some years ago to debate abortion was amusing. Crowder was set on producing a pro-choice termination deadline from his guest, as most pro-lifers are. Wolf started by mentioning that her Jewish religion would impose a figure of forty days, to which Crowder responded that most American women wouldn't even know they were pregnant within that time frame. She refused to answer citing 'nuance' and 'complexities' and desire not to be reductionist. Crowder asked, "What could be more reductionist than ending a human life?" The question of when that life begins is the foundation of pro-choice waffling orthodoxy, and Wolf eventually settled on within the first trimester.

With her expression of abject horror at all the baby killings underway after uncovering the genocide she clearly recognizes from the Pfizer documents, one has to wonder if her abortion stance has changed given a new set of circumstances for humanity, and the depopulation agenda hiding (not so well) beneath the surface of ALL social and political policies.

Wolf had a history as a clout-chasing shit poster before the gig was even a thing. Her opus The Beauty Myth is fraught with the kind of hysterical statistics that engender drive-by moral panics. Her figure of 150,00-200,000 young girls dying of anorexia each year was not checked by her editors or more likely ignored. That ridiculous level of fear sells books when accompanied by quotes like, "...women must claim anorexia as political damage done to us by a social order that considers our destruction Jews identify the death camps."

The error made it into women's studies textbooks throughout the nineties because Women's Studies was never about truth or knowledge.

As Christina Hoff Sommers points out in her book Who Stole Feminism: How Women Have Betrayed Women (1992), the figure was simply copied from a work published by Columbia University's head of the Women's Studies department. The actual figure? A hundred.

Wolf played her role in the campus "rape" hysteria that spread across the nation by quoting the false one-in-four-women statistic that included intoxicated and regrettable sex as "rape" and still lingers in Women's Studies departments and at freshman orientation. This led to armies of feminists telling women who did not believe they had been raped, that they had indeed been raped.

In a time when victimhood status conferred all the social capital one needed on campus, this lie was devasting for youth sex relations. At the time of Wolf's opus, she claimed that acquaintance rape is "more common than lefthandedness, alcoholism, and heart attacks."

Is it any wonder that two decades later we ended up with the "Me Too!" hysteria and with cult mantras like, "Believe all women!"

Wolf's beauty myth was never even grounded in reality. One study she cited as proof that unrealistic standards of beauty promoted by the fashion industry were a "hidden burden" on women was completely inverted from the results.

As Hoff Sommers writes:

I called the principal author of the study, Thoma Cash, a psychologist at Old Dominion, and asked him what he thought about Ms. Wolf's use of his research. "It had nothing to do with what we found. It made no sense. What I reported was just the opposite of what Wolf claimed. . . . She grabbed it, ran with it, and got it backward."

For now, no more invitations for Dr. Wolf to feminist conferences at Oberlin or Sarah Lawrence. But what could be more liberating than that? She's free to write The Pfizer Vagina.

It could serve as fresh programming for her new base of 75,000 readers, many devoted MAGAites who listened to one of her dozens of appearances on Steve Bannon's podcast in the past year, all of them certain she's as deprogrammed as they are in their red hats at a Trump rally.

It's not like she has a history of permitting herself to be programmed, by fashionable lucrative ideologies, like toxic feminism that divided sexes, created moral panics, sold women empty promises, flooded the public sphere with lies, obliterating the most integral stabilizing force our species has ever known—the nuclear family—on behalf of globopsycho's social engineers, and supercharged the present woke war on boners.

She never fell for the manufactured Trump-is-a-dangerous-racist-and-democracy-is-in-peril hysteria before shifting to whatever offered her and her brand daily clout…


Do these people of a year ago seem to be lacking energy in a crowd? It certainly helps not to have that 2008 technology in their hands zapping their attention and Chi.

Do you see what I see?
Do you see what I see?

I see lightning, I hear thunder
Something stirring six feet under
Dead things coming back to life again
I believe there's about to be another resurrection
Oh, I see signs and I see wonders
I see bursts of living color
Dead things coming back to life again
I believe there's about to be another resurrection

Come alive
Wake up, sleeper
He is risen
We are risen with Him

I like this programming.

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The Good Citizen
11 Sep 2023 | 1:00 am

3. This Changes Everything

The balls of Globopsycho to flaunt their Vaids shots in an Arthur Ashe commercial and be a brand sponsor on Arthur Ashe Court.

The non-sportsball-watching Good Citizen might be making the exception to tune into the men's furry yellow ball final currently underway in New York right now because it features two interesting contenders.

Contender No. 1: Novax Djocovid

The greatest men's tennis player in history despite discrimination by the Australians and Americans to keep him out of their grand slam tournaments in 2022. He stood up to the pressure from the media, the normie sports world, and the ATP tour assholes, and stuck to his guns in preferring to play Russians and not Russian roulette with experimental bioweapons masquerading as injectible vaccines. He was proven right, while every other player who judged him harshly (like that Spanish rat Nadal) were proven idiots.

Grand Slams: 23 (+1 today maybe)
Status: Based
Balls: Yuge
Nickname: GOAT

Contender No. 2: Daniil Sergeyevich Medvedev

A man without a flag. A man whose country shouldn't have invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya, and spent ten trillion and twenty years turning half the Middle East into a flaming hellfire, killing a million civilians while droning and torturing some folks. Doh! Oh, the audacity of Americans to infuse politics and sports, to erase the flags of Belarussian and Russian tennis players, many who made it to the late rounds, and two who made it to the finals. The hypocrisy, ignorance, and arrogance always go to 11 with the American and British establishment. He was banned from Wimbledon in 2022 and hasn't had a flag next to his name on US television in 18 months. As he wins tournaments and makes the semifinals and finals consistently he exposes the audacity of these assholes to try and cancel a great nation and great people in favor of their CIA-funded Poison Dwarf and his Ukronazis.

Grand Slams: 1
Balls: Slazenger
Status: Smooth Operator
Nickname: The Exposer

The coup de grâce of all this?

Mode-RNA has been running this Arther Ashe commercial during the tournament. We truly live in an evil world.

Fake AIDS virus? Check.
Racial virtue signaling? Check.
Icon killed by Fauci's AZT? Check.
PR cover for Moderna's genocide? Check.

Where are all those "brave conservatives" canceling Bud Light for the custom trannybrew backlash and Target for their tranny child tuck-wear line?

Where are the conservative pundits?

Where's their outrage, the boycotts, the backlash?

Even those who think they're deprogrammed and awake are fast asleep.

And so we get, silence.

If Americans were awake there would be outrage, boycotts, and backlash and Moderna would only be able to advertise on hearses.

Reminder to the two outraged feminists who emailed me yesterday completely missing the point of my post, saying I wasn't being fair to women…

Professional women's tennis players are paid the same as men for ONE-THIRD less work. They play best of 3 sets, while men have to play best of 5 sets.

Don't tell the normies on TV who can't stop preaching what a hero The Penguin Billie Jean King is for getting "equal pay" for women.

What they're really celebrating is MORE pay for women.

Feminists calling for "equal pay for equal work" have been pulling the wool over society's eyes for sixty years. More on that soon.

Help kickstart my professional tennis career.

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The Good Citizen
10 Sep 2023 | 3:08 am

4. This Is An Emergency

New Mexico governor settles with former campaign aide over claim of  unwanted sexual behavior

There is nothing more dangerous in the West than the destructive force of liberals. The only exception is an unhinged liberal woman with power.

Frau Wanderlust Merkel spent a decade demographically destroying Western Europe and Germany. She was raised a communist in the DDR but became a "reformed" socialist liberal. Before the end of this decade, Germany will join France as a failed state. By many metrics it already is.

The person with the most domestic power in the White House during Obama's third term was Susan Rice, who was recently replaced by an even greater sociopath in Neera Tanden. What has been the result? Total deliberate demographic destruction of the nation. Open borders, child trafficking, drug trafficking, selective prosecution, urban hell.

In the State Department, there's Victoria "Let's slaughter ethnic Russians in the Donbas to set the world on track for WW3" Nuland. She is perhaps the most dangerous woman on the planet.

Katie Hobbs oversaw the steal of her own election in Arizona. She threatened county commissioners with prison if they didn't validate the votes in their counties in her favor, despite a confirmed level of cheating only witnessed in countries with tinpot dictators.

Joe Briben's biggest voting demo outside of dead people and 88% of black people brainwashed to vote for Democrats no matter what? White liberal college-educated Karens.

All those Tea Party patriots were right when declaring that liberals "Are coming for our guns."

The ATF is kicking down doors of licensed firearm dealers and threatening them with prison if they don't forfeit their licenses. They're keeping a registry of gun owners for the moment when the liberal fantasized gun grab finally gains steam behind the declaration of an emergency, and the first shot was just fired by another liberal psycho girl boss.

'Emergencies' have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded – and once they are suspended it is not difficult for anyone who has assumed emergency powers to see to it that the emergency will persist.

— Frederich Hayek

New Mexico State's Chief Karen Michelle Lynn Lujan Grisham, a lawyer born in Los Alamos, perhaps in a uranium incubator beside the laboratory for the Manhatten project, just suspended the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens in Albuquerque.

Her justification?

Three children have been shot, all year, by criminals with guns, so she will suspend the rights of non-criminals to solve the problem.

Her legal authority backing her decision?

She simply declared an emergency.

Do you think these guys are going to obey?

The exactness of the quote betrays me, but this spirit is similar: If the rights of citizens can be suspended in an emergency, then the state will simply look for ways to declare emergencies.

She even confesses as much.

If this sounds like the rant of an incel misogynist America Firster consider this: for decades we've been told that if only women were elected things would get better because they're more sensitive and caring.

How has that worked out?

Are those really strong leadership qualities?

New Zealand's resident equine set her nation ablaze as badly as Justin Trudeau did Canada the last three years, though to be fair, Justin probably has a pussy too.

Finland's low IQ party ho squeezed her country into NATO on behalf of her pimp Klaus Schwab. Fins wisely sent her packing less than six months later. The right-populist Finns Party had its best showing ever.

As long as supranational global forces of destruction determine what politicians must say and do, it does not matter what the sex of a "leader" is when all are merely puppets.

But as far as voters go, liberal women are perhaps the lowest IQ demographic and the most proud of it. They make obedient and useful idiot servants in the voting booth or in power.

The Queen of liberal idiocy Kamala Harris is ready for her cameo now. They are slowly tapering Papa Dementia off his meds to open the door for Harris to assume the Presidency on behalf of Obama 3.0. (More on that next week.)

When they see her chances of reelection in any honest polls, they'll dump her too and open up the nomination for Micheal LaVaughn Robinson a.k.a. Big Mike, who will run to be the nation's second black male president since his husband.

More angry than his husband. More bitter, resentful, divisive, and demoralizing. Well, he simply has more of everything…

It will be Barack's fourth term in 16 years and he'll finally get to move from his nearby mansion where he's been running the Biden administration back into the White House where he's most comfortable being Michael's bottom bitch.

All the currency from tranny psyops and rainbow cult programming run by the mockingbird press will finally be cashed in. Young fools who identify as mentally ill, dead people, and illegals will vote by the millions.

The first people lining up to cheer these destructive psychopathic Manchurian gay lovers on?

Nope, not black Americans. They don't do gay.

White liberal college-educated women.

How many more rigged elections, gun grabs, millions of illegal arrivals, and selective prosecutions until the U.S. looks like this?

It's that time of year again. The tower seven pieces will be flowing tomorrow and Monday. The best 5-minute video on the absurdity of the "official story" will still be James Corbett's…

Out Here On the Perimeter The Best 9/11 Truth Video You Will Ever See: Everything Wrong With the 9/11 Lie Told In 5 Minutes Or Less, Plus a Lot More Two Planes Three Buildings: 9/11, A Conspiracy Theory [4:55 Minutes] TRANSCRIPT & References On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 men armed with boxcutters directed by a man on dialysis in a cave fortress halfway around the world using a satellite phone… Read more 11 days ago · 21 likes · 11 comments · fortiori

I wouldn't be writing about 9/11 at all if it wasn't a significant date upcoming.

September 11, 1991: George Bush gives his New World Order speech.

+10 years

September 11, 2001: George W. Bush sits in a Florida classroom as a teacher displays the words: Kite, Hit, Steel, Plane, and Must, asking her students to pronounce them…before any dancing Israelis.

+11 years

September 11, 2012: Benghazi

+11 years

September 11, 2023: ???

I bought call options on UVIX late Friday just in case. Why should only oligarchs and politicians be free to trade on their chaos?

In related news… Break glass for emergency.

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The Good Citizen
4 Sep 2023 | 10:37 pm

5. Oy vey!

Videos Show Neo-Nazis Marching in Florida, Chants of 'We Are Everywhere'
Laura Loomer exposes CIA-ADL/Nazi Front Groups-Ukraine connections

As with most relevant truths of our time, the dark origins and goals of the ADL get brushed under the rug of rewritten history.

As the ADL was trending poorly on Twitter (now X marks the psyop) for two days straight, they quickly sprung into action and let all their gullible donors know that hate is real, and antisemitism is lurking, not everywhere or anywhere, but specifically in Ron Desantis' Florida, just over the nearest freeway in Orlando.

Not that they need to target Florida or Desantis. He's doing a fine enough job of derailing any hope of a future political career all on his own.

But it's become clear for decades that the President and media will soften the minds of the masses ahead of any psychological operations in progress or soon to be underway.

The "threat" of White Supremacism and M'kay Ultra Maga, has been shoved into nightly news broadcasts since Orange Hitler took office in 2016.

They know that if they repeat the lies often enough the normies will believe them.

After the great steal of 2020, Dark Brandon's teleprompters have pushed the chosen terms into the spotlight in such a pathetically contrived manner. At this point, the gag is visible to anyone but NPCs.

The entire "Nazi" psyop is rife with amateur posturing, fed informants in cosplay, and actual feds larping around in masks. The cringe is real.

If Saturday Night Live were even remotely relevant they'd mock the hell out of these public performances of "hate" that serve three goals:

  1. Tie them to GOP candidates running for 2024

  2. Help raise money for the merchants of hate who help fund these operations and always have (ADL, SPLC, Hope Not Hate)

  3. Keep the lies the President tells alive as performative Fedops

All these astroturfed groups have comically silly names worked up by spooks and ADL staff on their whiteboards.

The recipe is the same for every lame showing.

A notice goes out (tipster) to press and political influencers that there will be a (insert made-up "hate group" name here) "demonstration" in a particular location at a specific time.

The ADL announces the new "threats" on anti-social media.

A few days later a fake "hate group" like Patriot Front is shown arriving in a Fed-rented Uhaul.

Sometimes the local police are instructed to stage arrests, and sometimes the Feds (and Fed informants, and crisis actors) hop back in their Fed-rented Uhaul and speed away back to the J. Edgar Hoover building in the District of Criminals.

With creepy Elephant man masks, they emerge without even bothering to change out of their FBI khakis and blue jackets.

The Most Notorious Neo-Fascist Hate Group in Texas Can't Catch A Break

Cue the intel pigs and ADL's latest "hate groups" to take center stage.

Blood Tribe and Goyim Defense League!

"We are everywhere." Oy vey. Check out Laura Loomer's work connecting the CIA to these Neo Nazis to the Azov Ukro Nazis and to the January 6 Fedsurrection

Stephen Stone on X exposed the whole scam in five minutes, following the money to this fake Nazi group from a Pete Buttplug funder and convicted felons who have all had their charges dropped or redacted, including one for domestic terrorism in 2012. In other words, the feds are using Democrat Party funders to create domestic terror groups, for psyops, using actual convicted domestic terrorists. Throw in a few feds in masks et voila


The Feds and ADL are not sending their best.

Steps 1-10 to fund a successful real hate group as a tax-exempt non-profit?

Create the 'enemy' you claim to fight against through fake "hate groups", then point at them constantly, accuse innocent people of harboring the views of your enemies, and collude with the intelligence community and corporate media to further your sick aims.

Block advertisers from certain platforms if they don't censor the people you claim harbor "anti-semitic" views. And even if you say as much online as one of the wealthiest individuals to ever walk the earth…

You still have to get on your knees for these sleaze balls because they "have absolutely no power whatsoever and durp durp the holocaust."

Two hours later…

That's the ADL.

Reaching in people's pockets while claiming they're being assaulted.

That's Jonathan Greenblatt, the likely Jewish creator and funder of the Goyim Defense League and Blood Tribe, with ties and funding to the Democrat Party, CIA, and UkroNazis.

Moving from the margins to the mainstream:' Anti-Defamation League CEO  reflects on bigotry's rise | STLPR Social terrorists. Same as it ever was… Oy vey!

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The Good Citizen
30 Aug 2023 | 10:56 pm

6. America Offline

Term limits, age limits, CPU droid limits? I usually have words. Not today folks. Then again, neither does Mitch.

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The Good Citizen
28 Aug 2023 | 5:39 pm

7. Empire of Elastic Waistbands

Razones por las que 'Mad Men' es una de las mejores series de televisión |  Glamour

If by the second paragraph, you sense another black-pilled doomer diatribe manifesting and would prefer your mind be massaged by uplifting and optimistic slants, remember that no effective solution to any social or personal dis-ease was ever discovered by ignoring reality in service of feelings.

The Decay Is Over

On the downward decline of a civilization's culture, a longing for the past, often viewed through a nostalgic lens can be what Don Draper refers to in one of the most culturally important television episodes to ever air, "Delicate, but potent."

With a cursory glance at the present, Americans are actively and more frequently looking to the past for answers. Nothing provides a more measurable perspective for which to comprehend the overwhelming dis-ease conferred by the current decrepit state of, well, everything.

During the 2012 Golden Globes, before the Big Equity Commissars of ESG hijacked the corporate advertising industry for woke virtue signaling at the expense of profits, one of the savviest commercials aired. It visually and psychologically encapsulated a shocking socio-cultural downfall.

At that moment Americans got to see a reflection of what they once had through a mirror of a cool, classy, confident, and stylish bygone era only one and a half generations departed. An era they could still see and remember but knew was barely visible in the rearview mirror, based on what stood before them in their now-undersized vanity mirrors.

The product being marketed in the commercial was an automobile, or more specifically—style—though nothing gets sold in America, or anywhere in the world, without a full-fledged psychological shelling of inner and collective voids, this essay notwithstanding.

Chrysler aimed to sell Americans their past, their longing for what they once had, back to them through the new style of their cars.

A Paywall was here and removed at the last second so everyone could read this post. Join the flock and help keep the digital nudging and cyberbegging to a minimum. Pensioner and student discount prices at the bottom. If you can't join the flock, thanks for sharing.

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In the opening sequence, Chrysler launches its first mortar on the American psyche in the form of a question for the American people, "Whatever happened to style?"

Actor Adrien Brody's voice proclaims, "It wasn't too long ago. America had it."

The confusion of regression to the culturally depraved present, now, eleven years after that commercial aired, still hits like a gut punch.

"Where has the glamour gone? It wasn't too long ago. America had it. Looking, and feeling like a million bucks. It was practically our birthright."

Delicate, but potent.

Americans weren't hurried back then, overly stressed while frantically dashing everywhere to keep up with unmanageable lifestyles. They didn't race anywhere back then proclaims Brody, "We cruised."

The imagery plays on old Hollywood glamour at the height of American middle-class economic prosperity. The automobile was a symbol of freedom and liberation. Americans cruised the streets and boulevards of cities for fun.

The ad doesn't use nostalgia so much as ooze nostalgia while exploiting a collective longing for a past people assumed was simply better in every conceivable way.

Americans at home watched that Chrysler commercial during the Golden Globes in 2012, quietly gnashing on Cheez-its and sipping cola, twisting in their Barca loungers to reach for the nearest deep bowl of the message washing over them as they pondered who will win best supporting actress.

Amnesia eclipses Nostalgia in late-stage empires. While looking to the past for perspective becomes habitual, others prefer forgetting the past, making it easier to cope with all the ugliness and moral confusion of the present.

Late-stage empires tend to have a period of gradual descent, called The Decay, before terminal decline sets everything ablaze, with or without space lasers.

The imperial cycle of history is a model that attempts to document the history of empires or great states. It is used by fiction and fantasy writers to set the backstory and organize the plot. I've taken the liberty of adjusting them in some minor places to fit the cycle of American Imperialism and decline. (It begins precisely the year the United States became a global empire.)

  1. Phase One: ExpansionDuring this phase, the Empire is still young and rising. These days see the Empire's rise from military victories, often just one. The Empire racks up massive debts from the warfare, and its economy is left largely unscathed and ready to produce through expansion. It'll probably be able to pay off its debts over the next few generations. (1945-1960)

  2. Phase Two: StabilizationIn this phase the conquerors die off and are replaced by administrators who help establish a system of rules and institutions used to manage their empire, overseeing an era of economic & demographic recovery and growth and gradually paying off the still-massive debts of their ancestors, though debts are still accumulating and the payoff never in sight. The greater the debt, the greater the credit. (1960-1990)

  3. Phase Three: The DecayThe biggest problem facing The Empire is that more and more wealth and power are concentrated in private hands and not those of the state. Those private hands are often chosen by the state and rise above smaller merchants into State Monopolies. New generations of rulers take little pride in the history of the empire. Looting the state becomes an obsession, often wasting state money on expensive military campaigns with no reasonable goals or objectives. The people tend to spend their lives on never-ending consumerism or hedonism, wasting what previous generations left for them instead of trying to secure or multiply it through 'boring' things like building infrastructure, re-organizing the taxation system, or establishing new trade missions. (1990-2019)

  4. Phase Four: The Long NightThe Empire exists in name only at this stage. It is now a failed state. The dissipation of The Empire's power to rich individuals (oligarchs) is complete, with many families and even regions now only paying lip service to The Empire and its supposed rulers. The Empire must turn its power inward, on managing the perceptions of its subjects so the illusion of its might is maintained in their minds. If it needs to resort to force to keep its subjects in check, it will not hesitate. The Empire's fiscal situation is in shambles and the state's debts are compounding with interest payments on the debt no longer manageable. The currency has been debased to lessen the debt load, but it no longer holds value in the eyes of subjects or competing states that are now ascendant. Hedonism and decadence have wrought havoc on the people. Morale is at rock bottom and the people prefer distractive spectacles to waste away their lives. The Oligarchs also prefer the people remain distracted and demoralized as they continue pilfering whatever remains of the Empire's coffers. (2020-????)

Empires throughout history moved more slowly, hence the final phase known as The Long Night, a reference to George RR Martin's Game of Thrones where darkness (winter) descends upon the fictional world lasting generations.

Throughout past empires, everything advanced at a snail's pace compared to today. However as technological innovation accelerates through all industries, the time it takes to transition from one phase to the next, from The Decay to The Long Night is shortened. The Long Night is no longer "long" and can now be measured in years.

Bloggers monitoring the collapsing American Empire have made the same cyclical analogies for decades now. Many still assume, based on the history of other empires that America's demise will last another few decades. Accounting for the acceleration of events, and speed at which pivotal transformations occur today, it may not last the rest of this decade.

Where it took ancient Rome centuries, it took Portugal, Spain, Holland, and France decades to collapse. England survived a little longer, though by the end of the First World War, it was all but over on paper and they simply had to watch and wait for the full returns to come in from their former colonies.

These empires declined on a scale proportional to the slog of technological advances, the rate of change, and the speed information traveled.

From the Declaration of Independence to when the American Empire finished expanding geographically to its current state, transatlantic travel decreased from a month to hours.

In October 1776 Benjamin Franklin boarded the wooden vessel USS Reprisal to secure treasure and men from the royal court at Versailles, and the buffoonish King Louis XVI. The journey there took over a month.

Sending and communicating information from France to the American colonies took the same amount of time. Even locally, information traveled slowly. Throughout the next two centuries, methods of communication went from letters on laid paper delivered by horseback couriers to telegraphs and telephones, in other words, from weeks or days to seconds.

The most fascinating aspect of what makes the American empire collapse so intriguing is that no empire in history has had its terminal decline documented and displayed back to the people through visual mediums that record it all as it transpires, mainly television, and film.

These unique modern mediums have thoroughly verified the decline of American style and substance, with a full recorded history of the three-piece suited gentlemen, and dress-adorning slender ladies, to the slobification of leisure-wearing obese subjects of the elastic waistband empire.

Over two centuries there was little change. For men ties got wider, then skinnier, with the size of nots and length changing with the trends often set by public figures and movie stars. For ladies dresses got tighter, and skirts shorter, with arms removed altogether, and a shift to jackets and pants breaking all fashion norms. What remained consistent through those decades was substance and style.

Top 20 Men's style Icons Of The 20th Century

As the mirror of the present reflects back the loss of both, these cultural signifiers sound the alarm of terminal decline.

Harry Styles: Fashion Story in Photos –

One of the great digital ethnographic hobbies of our time is watching old videos of people walking the streets of an American city in any decade of the 20th century. The most popular observations of commenters beneath all these videos fall into two categories, "Look how skinny people were" and "Look how nicely people dressed."

Substance and style.

Delicate, but potent.

The Audacity of Leisure Wear

The very first thing one notices when traveling from Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Oslo, Paris, Rome, or Madrid (or any major Middle Eastern or Asian cities) to any airport hub of the American empire is the total decrepit nature of American airports, one or two excepted. The second thing one notices is the size of people lumbering through the terminals. The third thing, and most relevant to the cultural decline is the attire adorning the American people.

The fashion choices confer a people who have surrendered to comfort and excess. They are either incapable of displaying style, having eaten their way above and beyond accessible sizes, or simply given up on life altogether.

Flying in first or business class used to come with dress codes strictly enforced by airlines. Jogging suits, yoga pants, shorts, hoodies, and flip-flops were forbidden. At one point jeans and t-shirts were also forbidden.

Oh, the horror.

Air travel was once a social event, with full-service meals in comfortable seats with plenty of legroom and elbow space. As Americans expanded in girth, the airlines went for broke, shrinking the seats while attempting to squeeze a caloric-storing population into tighter and tighter spaces.

Realizing an unsustainable business model of continuing to offer meals to such hungry people, they switched to sandwiches, and then tiny snacks, and then dispensed with them altogether inviting them to bring bags of greasy shit from fast food outlets in the terminal on board for their fellow passengers to gag and recoil.

At some point this century it became not only socially acceptable to wear pajama-like clothing while clutching those bags of greasy shit, but it also became the preferred attire for celebrities and their post-modern equivalents called influencers.

What exactly have these people "influenced" other than the acceleration of cultural decline?

What does it say about a people who can longer be bothered to put on clothing with buttons or zippers not made from elastic or jersey cotton when heading out in public?

What does it say about a civilization whose preferred footwear is made of rubber and can be washed by a garden hose?

Aspiration and Upward Mobility

The appearance of failure often coincides with the social depreciation of aspiration. In the past, aspiring to a greater social standing required dressing the part. Rampant nihilism and the desire for ease of life and comfort have obliterated aspiration.

The social ladder that was once used to climb upward became a slide in only one direction. As the middle class apexed in numbers, neighbors glanced at neighbors and said, "I'm not as fat as they are yet, and they're wearing a hoodie and jogging pants, so why can't I?"

The race to the bottom gathered steam and accelerated toward the making of the slobified majority. Two-thirds of Americans sought to wave the white flag of surrender in regard to substance and style, fitness, and health.

Conformity to decadence and hedonism common in other empires, was transformed into conformity to excesses of consumption and disregard for self, health, and image.

Nobody else is making an effort, why should I bother?

In a sick society that has completely lost its way, it is the duty of the non-conformist to preserve the past, to show those who have given up that they did so by choice, and that it is never too soon to change.

The American empire has made the conservation of its past, the symbol of non-conformity. Conservatives are now the rebels and the revolutionaries.

The non-conformist is fit and healthy, muscular and attractive. The non-conformist dresses fashionably and exerts a cool confident style, often appearing out of place with people glancing at them and wondering, "What's the occasion?" If the non-conformist could hear their whispers, he would answer unashamedly, "It's Tuesday, you slobs." The non-conformist does not paint his hair or dermally defile his body with the permanent scarring of Nihilism's most grotesque hobby.

In the decade since that Chrysler commercial aired it's clear that a loss of style is one of the least significant absences in America today in terms of imposed suffering. Yet nothing is more obvious as a visual cue of cultural decline and signifies the absence of everything else.

It's not likely to return anytime soon.

A civilization can only afford to worry about style with triumphs, opulence, stability, the rule of law, blind justice, social cohesion, economic liberty, and maximum prosperity for a maximum number of people.

How does a single mother working full time plus two gig jobs to support two kids do so in style?

Style doesn't require economic riches, and it never did.

The poor and working classes of the past century didn't give up on aspiring to ascend the economic ladder. They knew they had to first invest in a self-image of self-respect that communicated their desire for ascension.

That they knew it was possible was motivation enough.

Economically wealthy individuals today often dress like slobs, by choice. Having reached a high enough rung on the ladder of upward mobility, they've chosen gluttony or comfort over style. While they can afford to wear anything, they often prefer loose-fitting soft fabrics and leisure wear.

Is it a sign of affluence or a signal of indifference and surrender?

I don't make an effort, because I don't have to.

With its Empire in terminal decline, its institutions drowning in total corruption and malfeasance, and its laws and systems used to benefit the top tier of society who are actively investing in the demoralization and illness of the masses, a return of style and substance will be impossible until all those forces of destruction are rooted out and terminated.

People have to want to care.

Until then only the strong will survive. They will probably do so with substance and style.

They will be the ones who take care to look after themselves during the final phase of their empire.

They will be the ones with the fitness, energy, and mental fortitude to withstand the onslaught against them.

Surviving the collapse of any empire that turns inward and declares war upon its subjects simply won't be possible in a 42-inch elastic waistband on sugar high roller coasters, wearing rubber clogs.

And the powers that be know this.

Nutrient-rich calories.

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The Good Citizen
22 Aug 2023 | 8:29 pm

8. Inventor Maloney Wants To Control Your Thoughts About Him

Richard Maloney, Lynchburg, VA (1897)

By Percival O'Hanlon, Correspondent, Daily True American
Lynchburg VA, November 1, 1898

It is with a fervent dedication to the truth that I present before you, dear readers of the Daily True American, an astonishing account of treacherous deceit and the seemingly unquenchable ambition of one Richard Maloney. Hailing from Lynchburg, Virginia, Mr. Maloney, once respected as a hobbyist horse trainer, is more recently renowned as the inventor of a most unusual contraption - the "fifthgenerometer."

Mr. Maloney's horse training facility, although established in Lynchburg, did not enjoy much goodwill amongst its employees. Whispers among the locals and disgruntled murmurs of the staff spoke of an employer who was less than trustworthy. With frequent dismissals and constant shuffling of staff, Maloney sought a solution not in ameliorating his management ways, and the murmurs of suspicion about his intentions, but rather in a contraption of mind manipulation.

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The Good Citizen
21 Aug 2023 | 12:24 am

9. Getting The Band Back Together

Just how steep is the normie learning curve?

We're about to find out, again.

Word on the street is that Great Resent Records is getting the band back together.

The Reese Report The Lockdowns Are Coming Back Watch now (2 mins) | … Read more a month ago · 265 likes · 355 comments · Greg Reese

A few new players have joined the band and replaced some virtuosos who did their job during the first world tour and slithered off into retirement, pocketing millions off the deaths of innocents.

The new band's first singles (signals) are already hitting the airwaves.

Disc one is shaping up to be a real chart-topper.

They're already broadcasting song three.

Once Hillary pisses buckets on a few million of her former voters, and the media show all the drowned bodies while screaming hysterically about climate change, they'll move on to tracks four and five in quick succession.

"This new variant named after the Greek Goddess of Chaos really has the experts soiling their trousers, and we'll tell you why you should be too. Story at 11!"

You thought you knew who the "slow learners" were over the past three years. You're about to discover who the absolute morons are, and arguably, your enemies.

What word other than enemy applies to someone who believes their neurosis and fear, induced by laughably ridiculous propaganda pushed by the government and corporate media time after time after time warrants the suspension or elimination of all of your liberties?

  1. Latin: From the Latin word "inimicus." In Latin, "inimicus" is a compound word: "in-" means "not" and "amicus" means "friend."

But Good Citizen, they want us divided. We need to help these people see the truth, wake up from their slumber and join us, and allow them to overcome their fear and neurosis through group counseling and lollipops, with tremendous love and compassion.

Mark Passio warned about New Age mumbo jumbo being a cult-like religion. It rejects truth and knowledge for self-aggrandizing do-goodery elevating one's feelings above all else, and manipulating others' emotions in the process so that dark, hard, uncomfortable truths are ignored.

"…willfully refused or disregarded."

The ego demands that truth be ignored and perceptions acknowledged and validated.

"My ego says that my perceptions matter. The truth does not validate them."

Watch Mark Passio strafe the zeitgeist.

Is that what we're seeing with people who ignore the catastrophic implications of treating ignoramuses (weaponized against them by the police state) with kid gloves?

Here's the hard truth: Tens of millions wanted you dead. They were duped. They fell for everything and felt good about it. There is no reason they won't fall for it again, feel good about it, and call for you and those you love to have your lives ruined if you don't play along with their denial of reality.

Compounding ignorance is no solution to creeping tyranny, it's the worst kind of accelerant.

Empathizing with those who enable it is civilizational suicide, not compassion.

And yes, fearful people, and cowards, were all once victims of psychological terror operations, we all were to some degree about some issues, as the Breggins accurately pointed out in their rejection of mass formation baloney.

But this isn't victim blaming anymore.

Enough time has passed.

The light hath shone on the truth long enough. All who wanted were capable of bearing witness.

What is the statute of limitations on embracing cowardice and victimhood?

What is society's tolerance threshold for unwarranted neurosis, willful ignorance, and grotesque stupidity?

We're about to find that out too.

It'll be best to do so from a place like this… Tips and links to rent a summer cottage in Finland And not a place like this... Joker Will 'Absolutely' be in the Running for an Oscar, Says Film Festival  Director - IGN Please don't be a coward this time. Don't mask your kids up. Don't send your kids to school with masks on. Don't stop hugging each other. Don't stop going to church. If your pastor shuts his doors find a new church.

Amen Sister…

Join the furious flock for freedom.

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The Good Citizen
18 Aug 2023 | 5:04 pm

10. Dum dum, dum dew dum, dewby dew

Don't be irresponsible.

Repeat the official story verbatim, and attack those who don't.

Then wait for further instructions.

That's how the truth is discovered.

That's how it's always been discovered throughout history.

How are they so good at keeping the NPC Borg in check after every event?

Maybe they were injected with something that reacts to certain pulsating microwave frequencies.

Dum dum, dum dew dum, dewby dew

It's been ten days since the Lahaina inferno.

1200 humans are still unaccounted for and that fact always goes missing from every "report," even in the alternative press.

You don't hear about the police roadblocks on Front Street that left a traffic jam of trapped and later toasted Americans.

One local legend "Fish" has a first hand account of the oddities. There was no electricity at the Safeway, before the fires reached that half of Lahaina, despite what Alex Jones and others are reporting, "They left the power on so the fire would spread!" Police were under orders not to let anyone leave. By the time he makes it half a mile down the highway to the next beach north, he hears "Boom boom boom!"

Cars going "boom" only happens in the movies.

How many police cruisers went "boom" at the road blocks? If there was even one we would have heard about it and they'd get the nonstop hero treatment.

Sorry, way off script, powerlines and hurricane winds.

Click the image to watch his account (source: Hawaii Real Estate on YT)

And exactly how do 1200 people go missing on an Island?

Are they rebooting the show Lost?

And the FBI shows up with a mobile morgue and cordons off a 5-mile area?

There are only two reasons for the FBI to show up to anything:

  1. To kill Americans in their homes

  2. To clean up and prepare the cover story in the aftermath of government crimes (in this case probably killing Americans in their homes and cars)

But okay, sure, powerlines and hurricane winds.

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