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1. Iran’s ‘New Equation’ Soars Beyond The Holy Land

'Anything that was good and true about Western civilization is preserved and thriving in Russia.' And after a millennium of playing catch-up, she now has the dominant military heft and osmotic alliance with Iran and China to help craft new civilizational calculations.

By Pepe Escobar at Sputnik International.

A Holy of the Holies was shattered in the Holy Land as Iran staged a quite measured, heavily choreographed response to the Israeli terror attack against its consulate/ambassador residence in Damascus, a de facto evisceration of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic immunity.

This game-changer will directly interfere on how the Anglo-American system manages its simultaneous conflagration with Russia, China and Iran – three top BRICS members.

The key problem is escalations are already built in – and will be hard to remove. The Total Cancel War against Russia; the genocide in Gaza – with its explicit policy masterfully decoded by Prof. Michael Hudson; and the decoupling/shaping the terrain against China won't simply vanish – as all communication bridges with the Global Majority keep being torched.

Yet the Iranian message indeed establishes a "New Equation" – as Tehran christened it, and prefigures many other surprises to come from West Asia.

Iran wanted to – and did send – a clear message. New equation: if the biblical psychopathic entity keeps attacking Iranian interests, from henceforth it will be counter-attacked inside Israel. All that in a matter of "seconds" – as the Security Council in Tehran has already cleared all the procedures.

Escalation though seems inevitable. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak: "Netanyahu is influenced by his [fundamentalist] political partners to go into an escalation so he can hold onto power and accelerate the coming of the Messiah."

Compare it to Iranian President Raisi: "The smallest act against Tehran's interests will be met with a massive, extensive, and painful response against all its operations."

(L) July 2019: IRGC Aerospace Force General Amirali Hajizadeh in a meeting with his Russian counterpart General "Armageddon" Surovikin before the Russia-Ukraine war: 'Help us build our aerospace command force, and I will help you build Russia's drone command force' [01] [02] ; (R) April 10, 2024: After Imam Khamenei said Israel must be punished, a subtle smile appeared on the face of General Hajizadeh. [03] ; April 17, 2024: [04]

Goodbye to Your 'Invincible' Defense Maze

For Tehran, regulating the intensity of the clash in West Asia between Israel and the Axis of Resistance while simultaneously establishing strategic deterrence to replace "strategic patience" was a matter of launching a triple wave: a drone swarm opening the path for cruise missiles and ballistic missiles.

The performance of the much-vaunted Iron Dome, Arrow-3 and David's Sling – aided by F-35 fighter jets and the US and the UK naval force – was not exactly stellar. There's no video of the "outer-layer" Arrow-3 system shooting down anything in space.

At least 9 ballistic missiles penetrated the dense Israeli defense network and hit the Nevatim and Ramon bases. Israel is absolutely mum on the fate of its Golan Heights intel installation – hit by cruise missiles.

Amidst classic fog of war, it's irrelevant whether Tehran launched hundreds or dozens of drones and missiles. Regardless of NATOstan media hype, what's proven beyond the shadow of a doubt is that the supposedly "invincible" Israeli defense maze – ranging from US-made AD/ABM systems to Israeli knockoffs – is helpless in real war against a technologically advanced adversary.

What was accomplished by a single operation did raise quite a few professional eyebrows. Iran forced Israel to furiously deplete its stock of interceptors and spend at least $1.35 billion – while having its escalatory dominance and deterrence strategy completely shattered.

The psychological blow was even fiercer.

What if Iran had unleashed a series of strikes without a generous previous warning lasting several days? What if US, UK, France and – traitorous – Jordan were not ready for coordinated defense? (The – startling – fact they were all directly dispensing firepower on Tel Aviv's behalf was not analyzed at all). What if Iran had hit serious industrial and infrastructural targets?

Establishing an Equation Without Disturbing a Pivot

Predictably, there has been less than zero debate across NATOstan about the sudden collapse of the Fortress Israel Myth – which underpins the larger myth of Zionism offering Impregnable Security for those living in Israel. No more. This narrative spin is D.O.A.

Iran, for its part, could not care less about what NATOstan spins. The shift towards the New Equation in fact was generous enough to offer Tel Aviv a de-escalation escape route – which will not be taken, at Israel's peril.

For Tel Aviv, everything that happened so far spells out Strategic Defeat across the spectrum: in Gaza, in Lebanon, with the economy tanking, totally losing legitimacy around the world, and now with the added painful loss of deterrence.

All eyes are now on what may happen next: will it finally become clear whether the Hegemon prevails or whether Israel runs the "wag the dog" show?

It's essential to consider the Russia-China strategic partnership view. The consensus among Chinese scholars is that the Hegemon prefers not to commit too many resources to West Asia, as this would affect the – already collapsing – Project Ukraine and the strategic planning to counter China in the Asia-Pacific.

When it comes to Russia, President Raisi personally called President Putin and they discussed all relevant details over the phone. Cool, calm and collected.

Additionally, later this week Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani – who said Iran will respond "within seconds" to any new Israeli attack – visits Moscow for the Conference on Nonproliferation and will also meet with the top echelons of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It's quite remarkable that Iran managed to establish the New Equation without disturbing its own pivot to Eurasia – after the collapse of the 2015 nuclear deal – while protecting the complex framework engaged in the defense of Palestine.

The Hegemon's options are dire. They run from being eventually expelled from West Asia and the Persian Gulf to an unwinnable existential clash against three civilization-states – Russia, China, Iran.

What's left as the number one feasible scenario is a carefully calculated retreat to an easily controlled backyard: Latin America, especially South America, manipulating new, convenient, sovereign-deprived asset Argentina.

And of course maintaining control over a de-industrialized and sovereignty-deprived Europe.

That does not change the fact that US power projection on the wane, globally, is the way the wind is blowing. The Straussian neocon psycho-dementia is unsustainable. The question is whether they can be progressively purged from the US power structure before they attempt to plunge the Global Majority into their irrational depths of doom.

And Don't Forget the New BRICS Equation

By contrast, on the Global Majority front, over 40 nations want to join BRICS – and counting, according to the head of the Russian Council Committee on International Affairs, Grigory Karasin.

After a meeting of the chairmen of the international affairs committees of BRICS Parliaments last week in Moscow, Karasin noted how many BRICS member-nations understand that they should not rush to create a rigid charter, "seeing how counterproductive and even provocative the European Union is acting." The name of the game is flexibility.

Alastair Crooke has touched on a key theme that runs through my new book, Eurasia v. NATOstan: "Anything that was good and true about Western civilization is preserved and thriving in Russia. This is the unspoken insight that so infuriates the western elites. And it is also why, in part, BRICS states so evidently look to Russia for leadership."

The New Equation established by Iran, a sovereign BRICS member, will do wonders to solidify this – multilateral, multicultural – state of cooperation as the Empire and its "aircraft carrier" in West Asia, except in the covert ops department, are increasingly reduced to the role of a paper tiger.

Global South
Wed, 17 Apr 2024 11:35:21 +0000

2. The West begs Iran for a Face-saver

Israel is now vowing to respond to Iran's retaliatory attack, and while the Biden regime claims to have told Netanyahoo that the U.S. won't aid in any offensive action, they are still promising to provide air defense… just like they did when Tehran retaliated for Israel's deadly attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria.

Journalist and Editor-in-Chief of The Cradle, Sharmine Narwani, reported that an Iranian military security official revealed exclusively to The Cradle that the U.S. reached out and asked Iran to allow Israel "a symbolic strike to save face," which was "outright rejected" and met with warnings that any attack from Israel targeting Iran will be met with immediate action.


Choreographed retaliations impacting Iran proper, or its interests anywhere else, as during the mild and lawful Round One Iranian barrage, were rejected by Iran for Round Two.

Iran warned ANY support of Zion's aggression by the deranged West (such as needed aerial refueling and air defense) will bring retaliation on their bases throughout the region, and closing Hormuz, perhaps selectively a la Houthis?!

Zion is committed to regaining permanently lost deterrence. F-UKUS is committed to Zion. The circle is about to be squared

Global South
Wed, 17 Apr 2024 05:45:25 +0000

3. Daily Chronicles … OT April 17

The Russia-Iran Strategic Partnership Edition.
A Poem..
Duma Deputy Chairman Piotr Tolstoy, on top of his competence and gallantly carrying THAT name, is also fluent in French:

His poem, in English:

"In the garden of friendship blooms the noble cause,
Hand in hand, the hearts in osmosis.
Every gesture, every word sows hope,
Illuminates the shadows, removes darkness.
United, our dreams weave a sweeter tomorrow."

Added translation: Russia supporting Iran – way beyond BRICS+ and SCO ties – mirroring Israel's position on country 404.

April 17

Ali Bagheri Kani meeting Qassem Soleimani

🔸Tomorrow, the same Iranian deputy foreign minister who two days ago said, "Iran will respond within seconds in case of a new attack by Israel," will be in Moscow. Meanwhile, much vain huffing and puffing in the media, as Anglo-Zionists figure out the best way to commit an emphatic, ostentatious suicide — befitting their Exceptional station.

💠 @Sputnik Africa:
🇮🇷🇷🇺 Iran Deputy Foreign Minister to visit Moscow on April 18-20, Russian Foreign Ministry says

"On April 18-20, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani will be in Moscow on a visit to participate in the Moscow Conference on Nonproliferation," the ministry told Sputnik.

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister is expected to hold several meetings with the leadership of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow, the ministry added.

@Middle East Spectator: Engrained in history, Arab traitors.

💠 @DDGeopolitics:
⭕ There is currently a fire at the US Army's ammunition plant in Scranton Pennsylvania.
ℹ This is where much of the United States' conventional artillery ammunition is manufactured.
🐻 Before anyone says 'Russian sabotage' just remember the state of the plant per the picture in this post.
[An already aging MIC workforce, and inadequate capacity to the overstretched ambition, now loses precious factory space…]

⭕❗A family from Russian Saratov found their grandmother in Avdeevka – they'd lost contact with her back in 2014!
The granddaughter saw her grandmother Lyudmila in the footage from the liberated town, and the volunteers helped organize their reunion. |video|

💠 @Sputnik Africa:
⭕ 🌍Three more African countries withdraw J&J baby syrup after toxicity reports
🔸Drug regulators in Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Tanzania have announced the recall of a shipment of Benylin baby syrup made by the US-based Johnson & Johnson unit Kenvue, following similar actions by South Africa and Nigeria over alleged toxicity.
🔸Nigeria's health authority found dangerously high levels of diethylene glycol in children's cough syrup last week, a toxic substance that can cause severe symptoms including abdominal pain, vomiting, and kidney injury, potentially leading to death.
🔸Johnson & Johnson has previously faced scrutiny in Africa for the alleged harmful effects of its products. Last year, Rwanda's FDA recalled the company's baby powder over cancer risk concerns.

Global South
Tue, 16 Apr 2024 18:09:16 +0000

4. Iran Strikes Israel

Garland Nixon interviews Laith Marouf — West Asia update — on a seismic week which changed our world. Le roi est mort, vive le roi!

🔹Iran's retaliation is historic for Palestine, the region, our world. Zio-USUK suffered a strategic defeat, on top of moral defeat of Gaza
🔹the regional war has moved from non-state actors to state-on-state [with the implications of aligned alliances a la 1914]
🔹Iran forced Anglo-Zionist-NATO alliance to reveal their air defenses (AD), including radars, locations, capabilities, occult allies (GCC), tactics, etc.  It made clear Franco-Brits are vassals; the combined West is a totalitarian Empire under a single diktat, for those oblivious the last six months of Genocide…
🔹Iran has started bleeding both their budgets/treasure ($3+ BILLION cost in a few hours!) and air defense interceptors/warjets wear & tear/munitions through massive unprecedented swarm of cheap drones
🔹Iran demonstrated, in addition to precision of its older drones/missiles (! Thx Comrades BeiDou & GLONASS), significant deterrence
🔹Israel demonstrated its survival is dependent on combined West – demoted to abject vassal like Bahrain from its former optical strut
🔹even this western defense is proven worthless, as in 404. US funded and part-built air defenses were thoroughly exposed.
🔹as they proved they could take down western AD using older drones and Scuds, in real war they would rapidly degrade airbases and hardware required for the sole remaining advantage of Anglo-Zionists – air power; Hamas has exposed ground war inadequacy and Houthis the lost naval force projection.
🔹Everything in Israel today exists by Grace of Iran (!!!). It can be leveled
🔹Hezbollah today salted the wounded by blasting another "Iron" Dome AD complex in north occupied Palestine
🔹during the Iranian aerial slap, Netanyahoo hid in the Jerusalem bunker of the messianic Jewish billionaire funding the Red Heifer sacrifice, destruction of Al Aqsa Masjid and building of the Third Temple on its ruins. The crazed want Armageddon. The Danger remains
🔹A lesson learned by multipolar Global Majority during this measured & mild Iranian deterrence action: the US will need to bring all its forces for zionazi proxy to have a chance! Thus dominoes will quickly fall everywhere else, whether 404, Korea, etc.. [unfortunately, this INCREASES risk of total West Asian war.. all now have a vested interest in finishing off the Last Satanic Empire in such a distant and predictable weak theater, also given its tenuous logistics and abject emotional messianic devotion. iow, an emotional albatross]
🔹As Houthis have same weaponry as Iran, they are shown to have pulled their punches in Red Sea.. more proof of imperial lunacy to keep fighting a lost war, merely for optics
🔹if USUK persist, they will end up third world countries at the end of this mad devotion to Zion [AHH: actually, a best case scenario at this point]
🔹Jordanian compradore regime will soon cease to exist; its fate is linked to zionism now
🔹the Arab region now plans for the day after collapse of Zion, and eviction of USUK (provided we're still alive); this is not merely Greater Syria but other natural agglomerations which used to exist prior to arrival of West or even Turks
🔹Garland: the strike on Israel was an Exclamation Point of the [arrival] of the Multipolar World

Global South
Tue, 16 Apr 2024 09:09:35 +0000

5. Iran’s ‘Strategic Patience’ lifts to Serious Deterrence

Iran's retaliatory strikes against Israel were not conducted alone. Strategic partners Russia and China have Tehran's back, and their role in West Asia's conflict will only grow if the US doesn't keep Israel in check.

By Pepe Escobar at The Cradle.

A little over 48 hours before Iran's aerial message to Israel across the skies of West Asia, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov confirmed, on the record, what so far had been, at best, hush-hush diplomatic talk:

The Russian side keeps in contact with Iranian partners on the situation in the Middle East after the Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria.

Ryabkov added, "We stay in constant touch [with Iran]. New in-depth discussions on the whole range of issues related to the Middle East are also expected in the near future in BRICS."

He then sketched The Big Picture:

Connivance with Israeli actions in the Middle East, which are at the core of Washington's policy, is in many ways becoming the root cause of new tragedies.

Here, concisely, we had Russia's top diplomatic coordinator with BRICS – in the year of the multipolar organization's Russian presidency – indirectly messaging that Russia has Iran's back. Iran, it should be noted, just became a full-fledged BRICS+ member in January.

Iran's aerial message this weekend confirmed this in practice: their missile guidance systems used the Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system as well as the Russian GLONASS system.  

This is Russia–China intel leading from behind and a graphic example of BRICS+ on the move.

Ryabkov's "we stay in constant touch" plus the satellite navigation intel confirms the deeply interlocked cooperation between the Russia–China strategic partnership and their mutual strategic partner Iran. Based on vast experience in Ukraine, Moscow knew that the biblical psychopathic genocidal entity would keep escalating if Iran only continued to exercise "strategic patience."

The morphing of "strategic patience" into a new strategic balance had to take some time – including high-level exchanges with the Russian side. After all, the risk remained that the Israeli attack against the Iranian consulate/ambassador's residence in Damascus could well prove to be the 2024 remix of the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Marco Polo with elephants and camels arriving at Hormuz on the Gulf of Persia from India – Boucicaut Master

And don't forget the Strait of Hormuz

Tehran did manage to upend the massive Western psychological operations aimed at pushing it into a strategic misstep.

Iran started with a misdirecting masterstroke. As US–Israeli fear porn went off the charts, fueled by dodgy western "intel," the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) made a quick sideways move, seizing an Israeli-owned container ship near the Strait of Hormuz.

That was an eminently elegant manoeuvre – reminding the collective west of Tehran's hold on the Strait of Hormuz, a fact immeasurably more dangerous to the whole western economic house of cards than any limited strike on their "aircraft carrier" in West Asia. That did happen anyway.

And once again, with a degree of elegance. Unlike that 'moral' army specialized in killing women, children, and the elderly and bombing hospitals, mosques, schools, universities, and humanitarian convoys, the Iranian attack targeted key Israeli military sites such as the Nevatim and Ramon airbases in the Negev and an intel center in the occupied Golan Heights – the three centers used by Tel Aviv in its strike on Iran's Damascus consulate.

This was a highly choreographed show. Multiple early warning signs gifted Tel Aviv with plenty of time to profit from US intel and evacuate fighter jets and personnel, which was duly followed by a plethora of US military radars coordinating the defense strategy.

It was American firepower that smashed the bulk of what may have been a swarm of 185 Shahed-136 drones – using everything from ship-mounted air defense to fighter jets. The rest was shot down over Jordan by The Little King's military – the Arab street will never forget his treachery – and then by dozens of Israeli jets.

Israel's defenses were de facto saturated by the suicide drone-ballistic missile combo. On the ballistic missile front, several pierced the dense maze of Israel's air defenses, with Israel officially claiming nine successful hits – interestingly enough, all of them hitting super relevant military targets.

The whole show had the budget of a mega blockbuster. For Israel – without even counting the price of US, UK, and Israeli jets – just the multi-layered interception system set it back at least $1.35 billion, according to an Israeli official. Iranian military sources tally the cost of their drone and missile salvos at only $35 million – 2.5 percent of Tel Aviv's expenditure – made with full indigenous technology.

A mural in Palestine Square, Tehran, reads in Hebrew: "The next slap will be harsher"

A new West Asian chessboard

It took only a few hours for Iran to finally metastasize strategic patience into serious deterrence, sending an extremely powerful and multi-layered message to its adversaries and masterfully changing the game across the whole West Asian chessboard.

Were the biblical psychopaths to engage in a real Hot War against Iran, there's no chance in hell Tel Aviv can intercept hundreds of Iranian missiles – the state-of-the-art ones excluded from the current show – without an early warning mechanism spread over several days. Without the Pentagon's umbrella of weaponry and funds, Israeli defense is unsustainable.

It will be fascinating to see what lessons Moscow will glean from this profusion of lights in the West Asian sky, its sly eyes taking in the frantic Israeli, political, and military scene as the heat continues to rise on the slowly boiling – and now screaming – frog.

As for the US, a West Asian war – one it hasn't scripted itself – does not suit its immediate interests, as an old-school Deep State stalwart confirmed by email:

That could permanently end the area as an oil-producing region and astronomically raise the oil price to levels that will crash the world financial structure. It is conceivable that the United States banking system could similarly collapse if the oil price rises to $900 a barrel should Middle East oil be cut off or destroyed.

It's no wonder that the Biden combo, days before the Iranian response, was frantically begging Beijing, Riyadh, and Ankara, among others, to hold Tehran back. The Iranians might have even agreed – had the UN Security Council imposed a permanent ceasefire in Gaza to calm the regional storm. Washington was mute.

The question now is whether it will remain mute. Mohammad Bagheri, chief of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, went straight to the point:

We have conveyed a message to America through the Swiss Embassy that American bases will become a military target if they are used in future aggressive actions of the Zionist regime. We will consider this as aggression and will act accordingly.

The US dilemma is confirmed by former Pentagon analyst Michael Maloof:

We have got some 35 bases that surround Iran, and they thereby become vulnerable. They were meant to be a deterrence. Clearly, deterrence is no longer on the table here. Now they become the American' Achilles heel' because of their vulnerabilities to attack.

All bets are off on how the US–Israel combo will adapt to the new Iranian-crafted deterrence reality. What remains, for the historic moment, is the pregnant-with-meaning aerial show of Muslim Iran singlehandedly unleashing hundreds of drones and missiles on Israel, a feat feted all across the lands of Islam. And especially by the battered Arab street, subjugated by decrepit monarchies that keep doing business with Israel over the dead bodies of the Palestinians of Gaza.

Global South
Tue, 16 Apr 2024 07:32:36 +0000

6. The Boys from the School of the Americas

Sweet coordinated moves in our Juntaland, West African Sahelian branch, among the Axes of Resistance! 

Little noticed, just after Niger officially kicked out US troops (turning on the ticking clock, as with Frenchie earlier), and right after Russian advance troops arrived in town, China swooped in to provide sanctions-busting liquidity and lucrative deals. This effectively seals off Plunder Inc from one of most stupendous resource-rich regions on earth, easily to rival Russia itself. And Niger is projected to be Africa's top growth economy this year….

Niamey, Niger protests against French occupation troops, July 2023.

💠 @Arab_Africa:  
⭕ The day after Russian troops arrived, Niger signed a $400 million oil deal with China. China asked for $400 million for the sale of crude oil. The official signing ceremony of the agreement between Niger and CNPC took place on April 12. It was attended by the Prime Minister of Niger, Mahamane Zein Lamin, and the Chinese Ambassador to Niamey. |video|

Niamey, Niger protests against French occupation troops, July 2023.

💠 @Africa Intel: 
⭕ 🇳🇪
Hundreds rally in Niger's capital to push for U.S. military departure

Hundreds took to the streets of Niger's capital on Saturday to demand the departure of U.S. troops, after the ruling junta further shifted its strategy by ending a military accord with the United States and welcoming Russian military instructors.

Marching arm in arm through central Niamey, the crowd waved Nigerien flags in a demonstration that recalled anti-French protests that spurred the withdrawal of France's forces from Niger last year after the army seized power in a coup. |media|

☝☝ Oh, the Chinese fan the flames. And the key Junta leaders were trained in the famous USA torture academy AKA "School of the Americas," located in Georgia, LOL!!!! 😁 🫡

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