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1. Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at the UN Security Council meeting following the strikes on Tel Aviv

We thank Ms. Rosemary DiCarlo, UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Peacebuilding, and Major General Michael Beary, Head of the UN Mission to support the Hudaydah Agreement (UNMHA), for their reports.

The formal reason for convening today's Security Council meeting by a number of its Western members was the July 19 UAV strike on the center of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. As a result of the attack one person died and several others were injured. The Yemeni movement Ansar Allah claimed responsibility for the attack.

Russia, of course, condemns any attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure. We express our condolences to the family of the deceased and wish the injured a speedy recovery.

However, we cannot but remind our Council colleagues who insisted on holding this meeting that drones, missiles and other weapons are launched towards Israel by opponents of its action in Gaza almost every day, as evidenced by West Jerusalem's letter to the Security Council regarding the incident. Most of them have been intercepted, but not the one launched on July 19, when that tragic incident occurred.

In no way are we downplaying the sensitivity of the incident for Tel Aviv, but let us not forget that less than a hundred kilometers southward, the escalation is on a completely different level. It has been almost 10 months since Israel's bloody operation in the Gaza Strip started. Over this period, it has already claimed the lives of 39,000 innocent Gazans. Since October 7, – despite the unambiguous position of the entire international community and the decisions by international bodies, including the UN Security Council and the UN International Court of Justice – the IDF has continued its brutal clean-up of the enclave, which is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. In the past 24 hours alone, 37 Palestinians have been killed and 57 have been injured in Gaza. The enclave literally lies in ruins: homes, schools and hospitals have been destroyed. The civilian infrastructure has barely one stone left standing. On Friday, we will convene a UNSC meeting on the humanitarian situation in Gaza. The number of casualties among UN humanitarian personnel and NGOs is already approaching three hundred. This is the biggest single loss for the UN in modern history. Yet Israel, indulged by Washington, continues to ignore all Security Council resolutions and all peace initiatives, including the notorious Biden Plan, which exists only on paper.

I feel obliged to ask those who insisted on today's meeting: Where were you a week ago when the Israeli air force launched a heaviest strike on the Al-Mawasi region near Khan Younis? Or the day before yesterday when Israel hit Bureij and Nuseirat refugee camps, killing 13 people, including a child? Why didn't you sound the alarm, calling for an emergency Security Council then? These regions were designated by the Israeli military itself as a humanitarian zone where refugees were allowed to shelter. Just look at the figures: more than 100 dead, about 300 injured. How powerful should have been the strike to cause such damage? How many drones like the one that reached Tel Aviv would have been needed to do that? Do you see no problem with that? Once again, one can only marvel at the selective blindness and double standards of our Council colleagues.

By indulging Israel's actions, you cannot but become an abettor in an extremely dangerous escalation that is increasingly spreading over the entire region. For example, Israel immediately responded to the attack by a Houthi drone in its traditional way, namely by attacking the Yemeni port of Hodeidah with American F-15 fighter jets. The airstrikes killed three people, injured 87, and destroyed an oil terminal and power plant near the Red Sea coast. All this happened in a civilian port where, according to UNMHA reports, there has been no military activity for a long time. It is the port that the lion's share of commercial and, most importantly, humanitarian cargo went through to sustain the country affected by a humanitarian disaster. We can imagine how many more people will be indirectly impacted by the IDF's new extremely dangerous adventure if we remember that Yemen has more than 21 million inhabitants, and two-thirds of the country's population are still in need of some form of humanitarian aid and protection.

We reiterate: force will achieve nothing but further escalation of violence in the region. After all, the motives of the Ansar Allah leadership are no secret: they explicitly link the cessation of their actions to ending the Israeli slaughter in Gaza. In this regard, by the way, the demands of the Houthis, no matter how one treats them, coincide with those of the UN Security Council. This movement has long been accustomed to the "language of force". The 6-month long bombardment of the Yemeni territory by the so-called "coalition" led by the U.S. and Britain has not yielded any result, and the Houthis still has significant military capacities. Israel's intention to escalate the situation with the Houthis will only stir them up, and now we risk to have another bitter conflict.

Colleagues, the way out of this crisis is fairly clear to all of us: there must be an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza, as well as the release of all hostages and arbitrarily detained Palestinians. We, most of our Council colleagues and almost the entire international community have been repeatedly saying that. Stopping the violence in Gaza will bring alleviation to the whole region. That also applies to the instability in the Red Sea.

I would like to believe that the Western members of the Council will be able to explain this simple logic to their Israeli counterparts.

Thank you for your attention.

Global South
Mon, 22 Jul 2024 22:14:05 +0000

2. Yemen’s Devastating War With Israel | Syriana Analysis w/ Mohammad Marandi

We discuss with Dr. Mohammad Marandi Yemen's devastating war with Israel in support of the Palestinians in Gaza.

Global South
Mon, 22 Jul 2024 19:24:09 +0000

3. China Designs an Economic Road Map All the Way to 2029

The plenum could be easily interpreted as a calculated exercise in Taoist patience… When the term "reform" appears no less than 53 times in the final communique, that means – contrary to Western proselytism – that the CPC is dead set on improving governance and increasing efficiency.

By Pepe Escobar at Sputnik.

HONG KONG – There can hardly be a better place to track the four-day, twice-a-decade plenum of the Communist Party of China than dynamic, "one country, two systems" Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is right at the heart of East Asia – halfway between Northeast Asia (Japan, the Koreas) and Southeast Asia. To the west is not only China but the Eurasia landmass, linking it to India, Persia, Turkiye and Europe. To the east, sailing forward, is the Pacific and the US's West Coast.

Moreover, Hong Kong is the ultimate multipolar, multi-nodal (italics mine) hub: a frenzied global metropolis forged by trade routes going back centuries, attracting people from every latitude keen on interconnecting commerce, ideas, technologies, shipping, commodities, markets.

Now, reinvented for 21stcentury Eurasia integration, Hong Kong has all it takes to profit as a key node of the Greater Bay Area, the southern hub propelling China to economic superpower status.

The plenum in Beijing was a quite serious/sober affair – trying to strike a balance between sustainable economic growth and national security all the way to 2029, when the PRC celebrates its 80th anniversary.

The proverbial comprador elites, 5th columnists and outright Sinophobes across the West have gone bonkers on the current slowdown of the Chinese economy – complete with slumps in the financial and property fronts – running in parallel to all hybrid war strands of Chinese containment emanating from Washington.

Fact: China's GDP grew roughly 5% in the first semester; and the final plenum communique, released at the end of the four-day meeting, stressed that this should remain the "unwavering" target for the second semester.

The official rhetoric of course was heavy on stimulation of domestic consumption, and "new momentum" to drive exports and imports.

This key passage in the final communique breaks it all down when it comes to the new iteration of "socialism with Chinese characteristics":

"We must purposefully give more prominence to reform and further deepen reform comprehensively with a view to advancing Chinese modernization in order to better deal with the complex developments both at home and abroad, adapt to the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and live up to the new expectations of our people.

It was stressed that, to further deepen reform comprehensively, we must stay committed to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Theory of Three Represents, and the Scientific Outlook on Development and fully implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.

We must thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's new ideas, viewpoints, and conclusions on comprehensively deepening reform and fully and faithfully apply the new development philosophy on all fronts."

And to make it more simple, Xi actually explained it all in some detail.

A view of Hong Kong seen from Kowloon, Qing dynasty, 18/19th Century, Anonymous.

Those Pesky 'Markets'

Nowhere around the world one finds a government focused on devising five-year plans for economic development (Russia now seems to be engaged in its first attempts) – encompassing development of rural land, tax reform, environmental protection, national security, the fight against corruption, and cultural development.

When the term "reform" appears no less than 53 times in the final communique, that means – contrary to Western proselytism – that the CPC is dead set on improving governance and increasing efficiency. And all those targets must be met – otherwise heads will roll.

Science and technology will once again have pride of place in China's development, a sort of follow-up to the Made in China 2025 strategy. The emphasis predictably will be on better integration of the digital economy into the real economy; infrastructure upgrading; and boosting "resilience" in the industrial supply chain.

It's fascinating to watch how the communique emphasizes the necessity to "correct market failures" – which is a euphemism for reigning in turbo-neoliberalism. What is stressed is "unswerving support and guidance" to the development of the "non-state sector", with Beijing ensuring "all forms of ownership" in the economy competing fairly and lawfully "on an equal footing".

The plenum could be easily interpreted as a calculated exercise in Taoist patience. According to Xie Maosong, from the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy at the Chinese Academy of Sciences,

"Xi said many times that the easy part of the reform is over, and now we are in uncharted waters. The party must watch its step, particularly as the external risks build. We are also touching the vested interests of many groups."

Of course turbo-capitalist Hong Kong's main obsession is "markets". Conversations with British traders scouting Asia for their clients reveal they are not so keen on investing in China – yet that does not faze Beijing's planners. What matters for the Politburo is how to meet the economic, social, environmental and geopolitical targets set by Xi for the next five years. It's up to the markets to adapt to it.

Of course Beijing planners are already factoring Trump in the overall equation. The Western mantra that China's economy is struggling to stabilize may be debatable. Yet China's economy may be in fact in a more precarious position now than when Trump unleashed his trade war in mid-2018. The yuan may seem to be under more pressure because of the gap between US and Chinese borrowing costs.

According to a JPMorgan estimate, every 1% tariff hike during the 2018-2019 period of the US-launched trade war was linked to a 0.7% rise of the US dollar versus the yuan.

Trump plans to impose a 60% tariff on virtually all Chinese products. That would lead to an exchange rate of roughly 9 yuan to the dollar, 25% weaker than now.

Hong Kong, modern day.

Now Read the Whole Thing and Get to Work

It's enlightening to check what Hong Kong's chief executive, John Lee, said about the plenum. He encouraged "all sectors of the community" to read the communique. And the Hong Kong business elite did get the drift: they interpreted it as Beijing betting once again on Hong Kong's key role for the development of the Greater Bay Area.

It would not be any other way. Hong Kong, Lee stressed, is a "superconnector" and "super value-adder", linking mainland China with the Global North and the Global South, and still attracting all sorts of foreign investment to China.

Now compare it with the predominant view on Hong Kong in US business circles. The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is appalled, stressing how US businessmen in fact don't understand the Safeguarding National Security directive approved last March, which complemented the National Security Law installed by Beijing in 2020.

For Beijing, these are very serious matters of national security – which range from a crackdown on money laundering to preventing the proverbial 5th columnists from launching a color revolution such as the one that nearly destroyed Hong Kong in 2019. No wonder so many American investors cannot get it. Beijing couldn't care less.

Now let's see what China's top mutual fund manager has to say about it.

Zhang Kun, manager of Blue Chip Mixed Fund, runs four funds with combined assets of $8.9 billion. He prefers to set his sights on Beijing's aim to boost per capita GDP to match the West by 2035.

If that happens, with or without a US trade war – and the Chinese won't stop at nothing to achieve it – then per capita GDP could be around $ 30,000 (it was $12,300 last year, according to Chinese think tanks).

So foreign investment will continue to be welcomed in China, via Hong Kong or not. But on each and every front, what trumps everything is national security. Call it a practical exercise in sovereignty.

Global South
Mon, 22 Jul 2024 18:55:41 +0000

4. Venezuela elections

It is not long to go to the 28th. Venezuela elections are not only hot, but they are important as Venezuela with its Bolivarianism is one of the oldest forms of resistance against empire in the region despite the second most sanctions in the world, theft of its resources by lawfare and open theft and a continual assault on trying to take its oil.

In contrast, the US-backed opposition decided to hold a "prayer gathering" in eastern Caracas. A little divine help can never hurt! The initiative saw candidate Edmundo González appear in public again in person and not just in poster form

— Venezuelanalysis (@venanalysis) July 22, 2024

Drone footage from a campaign event for Nicolas Maduro last night in the city of Porlamar, Nueva Sparta, a town with 144,000 inhabitants.

— BrianMier (@BrianMteleSUR) July 22, 2024

Global South
Mon, 22 Jul 2024 18:21:50 +0000

5. Israeli Bombardment & The Resistance in Beijing

red. media captured the moments Israeli bombardment targeted a building in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza today. The past week alone, the Israeli military has struck the camp 63 times, killing at least 91 Palestinians and injuring 251 others.

In what the UN described…

— red. (@redstreamnet) July 22, 2024

Israel also demolished RT's press office.

RT's Gaza HQ destroyed

RT's Gaza bureau has been ransacked, presumably by IDF soldiers. After RT Arabic personnel evacuated from the building in the early stages of the Gaza war, it has been used by the Israeli military as a base of operations against the Al-Shifa Hospital.

One of the staffers managed to reach the Gaza HQ on July 21, where they were able to film what was left of it.

UNRWA: Stop Israel's Violent Campaign Against Us

Opinion article by Philippe Lazzarini, UNRWA Commissioner-General The war in Gaza has produced a blatant disregard for the mission of the United Nations, including outrageous attacks on the employees, facilities and operations of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.

UNRWA's Commissioner General Philippe Lazzarini states that Israeli troops fired heavily at teams in clearly marked UN armored cars and wearing UN vests.

And now Netanyahu is in the US, trying to shore up anything while continuing its brutality against a whole people. He thinks he will either get Donald Trump's blessing or he will draw something out of the fast falling Biden administration.

I wonder who is really behind this war? Could the main reason be as simple as to distract the world from the internal problems of the United States?

The Houthis said to stand by as Yemen will reveal important news in the coming hours.

The Palestinian resistance is in Beijing.

"The Beijing Declaration to End Palestinian National Division: To unify national efforts to confront aggression and stop the genocide war."

The following was agreed upon by 14 Palestinian factions at the end of the reconciliation meeting in Beijing, China ( today, including Hamas, PIJ, PFLP, DFLP, and Fatah:

– The Palestinian factions welcome the opinion ( of the International Court of Justice, which confirmed the illegality of presence, occupation, and settlement.

– Continuing to follow up on the implementation of the agreements to end the division that took place with the help of Egypt, Algeria, China, and Russia.

– Commitment to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in Al-Quds in accordance with international resolutions, especially 181 and 2334, and ensuring the right of return.

– We affirm the right of the Palestinian people to resist occupation and end it in accordance with international laws, the UN Charter, and the right of peoples to self-determination.

– To form a temporary national unity government with the consensus of Palestinian factions and by a decision of the president based on the Palestinian Basic Law.

The formed government exercises its powers and authorities over all Palestinian territories, confirming the unity of the West Bank, Al-Quds, and the Gaza Strip.

– To resist and thwart attempts to displace our people from their homeland, especially from the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Al-Quds.

– Working to lift the barbaric siege on our people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and deliver humanitarian and medical aid without restriction or condition.

Today the Resistance:

ISRAEL GETS WRECKED IN RAFAH: Watch above close range destruction of Israeli tanks by Palestinian resistance forces, blowing each tank nose to nose with Hamas's shells to get blasted into ash at (00:23) and (01:03).

Team effort with PIJ also bursts to bits tank in Shaboura camp at 02:25, also in Rafah, for a perfect alleyway streetfight finale!

Global South
Mon, 22 Jul 2024 12:17:40 +0000

6. The Big Triangle and Trump: That’s all for Biden!

By Marat Khairullin from Substack

Biden's departure is, of course, a milestone, but it seems to me that there is much more behind this decision than purely US domestic political affairs, and noteably, in the previous few weeks, a number of key events took place that very seriously influenced the balance of power in the world.

The first important event for us is the end of the next plenum of the Chinese Communist Party. The interpretation of the results is this: Comrade Xi will definitely stay until 2029, and if health allows, then until 2035. This is very important, since the contours of building a future non-American-centric world are already obvious. Therefore, stable power in key countries is very important.

The second equally important event is the visit of Indian Prime Minister Modi to Russia. This isn't just a formality, as it is his first visit after the election. He also hints that the Indian establishment has decided on the Great Game of our time – the country is ready to balance the China-Russia-India triangle, which is decisive for building the future world. However, there is something else that India is ready to contribute to the common treasury of the future.

There is such a thing as the deep Washington bureaucracy – this is a professional bureaucracy that governs the United States. And it is believed that it is immigrants from India who are a serious force in this apparatus. Hence it is not at all accidental that both US Vice President Kamala Harris and Senator and vice-presidential candidate from the Republican Party J.D. Vance have ascended (both have something that connects them with India).

Now, let's assume that Modi could ask Putin for the direct participation of Indian resources on the side of the Great Triangle (China-Russia-India). Now this probably looks like a conspiracy theory, but… there is such a phenomenon in the world – "Indian revenge" or "Gandhi's path." It exists as a fact and as part of the great Indian unifying national idea. This will be a great Revenge against the great Colonizer – Great Britain.

In short, according to Gandhi's teachings, the best revenge lies in the absorption and re-education of Great Britain. That is, Modi came to Moscow, one might say, to divide the UK and Europe.

I dare to suggest that in the future, Great Britain will move into the Indian zone of influence. This is such neocolonialism in the reverse – now Europe will work for China, India and Russia. Why neocolonialism – because the future absorption of Europe is planned through the same economic mechanisms.

India, in fact, has already begun to do this. We will definitely talk about this separately because there is a very interesting configuration there – Iran and Turkey should also get their share.

Now, let's look at how the brewing big war in Africa may also have to do with Biden's departure.

It is already obvious that Russia is today breaking through a large Middle Eastern corridor to North Africa. The question of reconciliation between Syria and Turkey is directly on the agenda. In this regard, China and Russia view pressure on Israel as part of a game against America. For the States, Israel is the opposite of Ukraine – the United States can not lose this ally and will always support Israel in any situation. That is, this is the weak point of the United States, so Israel will be supported from the outside along the entire perimeter and at all levels. It's stupid to provoke instability because Israel is a very predictable country.

The players will be dragged into a major Middle East war by any means necessary. If it blazes in Lebanon, Syria will immediately come into play. Syria will join, and Egypt will begin to play actively. These are just the first dominoes, but when Israel begins to topple, all the rest will fall.

Now the main mess is brewing around the straits; in fact, there is a takeover of this transport artery: China, India, Russia, and additionally Iran and Turkey, maintaining the share of Arab countries and minimizing the participation of the United States and allies.

Here, a special role is assigned to Turkey; let me remind you, this is a wounded European citizen who was never accepted into the European Union and generally they tried to keep them on the periphery. Now, there is an active game going on around Erdogan. He has been offered a place at the common table in a new coalition that claims to rule the world.

Erdogan is being courted so much that it is possible that the collapse of NATO will begin with Turkey's exit in the next few years.

It is in this context that it is probably worth considering Biden's step down. Biden's hawkish team was ready to fight for US leadership everywhere and in everything by any means necessary. Trump and Vance are the people who will most likely agree to concede and roll back from some positions. Moreover, the Great Triangle openly threatens the United States with destabilization of South America. This will be a direct response to the destabilization of the situation in the Pacific Ocean – around Taiwan and especially the Philippines.

That is, the Great Triangle makes it clear to America and its allies that not only can they start wars around the world – China, Russia and India are also ready for this. The world has completely changed!

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