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1. Alfred Lilienthal - Patriotic American Jew Fought Against Zionism

lilienthal.jpg(Alfred Lilienthal, 1915-2008)

Alfred Lilienthal belongs to the ranks of courageous Jews who opposed the Jewish supremacist agenda. Others include Myron Fagan, Benjamin Freedman, Elmer Berger, & Henry Klein.

In the 1950s, Alfred Lilienthal warned that the U.S. is fighting Israel's wars to dominate a region. The US is not fighting for our freedom as the propaganda machine preaches.

from Oct 6, 2019by Michael Cangemi(
October 6, 2019, marks the 11th anniversary of the passing of a truly great American, historian Alfred M. Lilienthal at age 94.
As early as 1953, the graduate of Cornell University and Columbia Law School who yearly visited the Middle East stirred up no small displeasure with a Reader's Digest article, "Israel's Flag is Not Mine." After a negative sermon on the article was given in a New York synagogue, he was awakened by a rank, threatening phone call. "If you don't stop, we will have you killed. You are undoing everything we are struggling for...lay off what you are doing."
zio-con.jpgHeroically, he did not stop. Some friends and family shunned him while others quietly told him they agreed. In 2008, I chanced upon copies of two of his books: What Price Israel? (1953) and The Zionist Connection (1978).
I had not heard of the books or Alfred Lilienthal. The Zionist Connection's stark, white cover featured Israel's Star of David symbol superimposed (appropriately) over a section of Stars and Stripes. ( The Star of David is in fact an old occult symbol adopted by Zionist leaders for the new state and has no connection to biblical King David. )
The book's inside cover notes that the author " finds the meticulous organization of Zionism reaching into the White House, mobilizing public opinion, exercising control over Congress, repressing opposition through anti-Semitic labeling and exercising inordinate control over the media of information...endangering American national interests."
Before 1948 Lilienthal notes there was essentially no Jew-Arab conflict. Once the new state was established, Zionist leaders "set in motion a simultaneous flow of Jews into the country and Arabs from the country."
Quoting David Ben-Gurion, "Israel is the country of the Jews and only the Jews." Lilienthal called the displacement of the 1.3 million, Christian and Muslim Arab population, a devastating abrogation of the western professed ideal of self-determination...this is the 'original sin' that underlies the entire Palestine conflict."
deir-yassin.jpgThe Zionists employed psychological warfare and outright terrorism to drive out Palestinians and "expropriate their homes, lands and property." One of the most heinous examples was the massacre of the small Arab village of Deir Yassin, wherein a surprise attack, 250 old men, women and children "...were cold-bloodedly murdered in their homes with no signs of fighting...I can't forget what happened there...I saw the atrocities committed..." witnessed an Israeli Haganah officer.
Lilienthal wrote that the massacre of Palestinians was "carefully concealed from the west--Americans in particular...who out of abysmal ignorance and a gnawing sense of guilt over the Holocaust accepted in toto the ideological Zionist fairy tale including the myth that the Arabs were being well treated" but in practical, economic, human and social terms they were being decimated.
The resulting enormous humanitarian and refugee crisis that Israel created, "was virtually unreported to the American public" and constituted "a cover-up and cover-over with few parallels in the annals of man." Alfred suggested part of the reason was a " a letter by the press advisor to Israel's Washington Embassy: It advised that anyone interested in the Arab refugee problem was to be considered 'pro-Arab oriented' and hence 'anti-Semitic."
Other topics covered in The Zionist Connection :
* Dual loyalty encouraged among American Jews. * The 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty which killed 34 American sailors, injured scores more. The US inquiry a "white -wash." Israeli intent was to sink the vessel and blame the Egyptians. * The Khazar's adoption of Judaism in 740 AD was "historical fact." Zionism's founders, Herzl, Weizmann, etc. were Khazar descendants and NOT Hebrews thus nullifying their claim to Palestine. * Christians deceived and in bondage regarding modern Israel. * Accused Jews and Christians of essentially worshipping the state of Israel while ignoring the moral implications. * Exploitation of the Holocaust even though Zionists cooperated in sending thousands of their fellow Jews to their deaths for political purposes.
Posts on his website included two important pieces: Liberating America from Israel written by former Republican Congressman, Paul Findley. In the first paragraph, the 22 year veteran of the U.S. Congress states: "Nine-Eleven would not have occurred if the U.S. Government had refused to help Israel humiliate and destroy Palestinian society. Few express this conclusion publicly, but many believe it is the truth."
Another was a write up about Edwin Wright, a son of missionary parents, who did an extensive study of Zionism and learned Zionist ideology says they must have a large enough area to accommodate the whole of the world's Jewish population.
165px-Greater_israel.jpgAlso from Wright's writings: "It is not brought out in Zionist propaganda in America but what they claim is all the territory from the Suez southern Turkey ...Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Sinai from...the Nile to the Euphrates." "This is the territory they call, "Eretz Israel" ( Greater Israel ).

They also believe their messiah will not return until they control all of Eretz Israel.

Reading about the horrible mistreatment the Israelis dealt the Palestinians, I couldn't help thinking of a scripture, that Lilienthal also quoted: "But the stranger that dwells among you shall be unto you as one born among you and thou shalt love him as yourself; for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God." Leviticus 19:34

Unable to personally respond to emails in 2008, I was told by his webmaster he had indeed embraced Jesus Christ as his Messiah. A photo on his website showed Alfred squatting down holding a young Palestinian child while several others gathered around him.
He exhibited more of the love of Christ to those unfortunates than the American Christian Zionists who blindly aided and still aid their persecutors. "By their fruits you will know them."
---- Michael Cangemi, is a Texas artist, 9/11truth activist, and Bible college graduate. His website: I was raised Catholic, saved in Evangelical and Full Gospel circles. I believe there is a lot of good Biblical teaching within Churches. I have a problem with silence and willful ignorance in the face of deception and mass murder and the reasons it was done. I believe the Church is deceived about Zionism, which they support publicly.
Michael adds: Among the fast amount of material in The Zionist Connection, Alfred also included a significant quote from George Washington's farewell address warning of the dangers of a "passionate attachment" to any one nation: "So likewise, a passionate attachment, of any one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation facilitates the illusion of an imaginary common interest, in cases where no real common interests exists, and infuses into one, the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation of the quarrels and wars of the latter, without adequate inducement of justification..."
How well that advice should be adhered to regarding our sordid relationship with modern Israel.
For the most recent book about the attack of the USS Liberty, and an soon to be released movie, visit And yes, Jack Bernstein too, great American patriot. Thanks for the mention.
Also by Michael Cangemi - God is a 9-11 Truther

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2. Dec 2 - ADL Admits Israel Has Lost the Young

-jon-green.jpeg(left, ADL Chief Greenblatt)
LEAKED Audio--ADL chief Jon Greenblatt says its no longer Left vs Right on Israel, it's old versus young.
Polling shows Israel has totally lost the sympathy of Millennials and Gen Z.

ADL is SPYING On Pro Palestine Orgs

Please send links and comments to --
Israel Planning for Gaza War To Last Over a Year

The second phase will be an operation with fewer military operations aimed at stabilizing Gaza. While the sources told FT that the second phase is projected to continue until late 2024, Israeli officials say there will not be a firm endpoint to the conflict.
The Biden administration has pushed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to allow the Palestinian Authority to control Gaza after Hamas is defeated. However, one source told FT that Tel Aviv will not listen to Washington, even as the US provides Israel with billions of dollars in weapons. "No one, not even the US, can talk to them about this," said one of the sources familiar with the matter. That person emphasized that this point was crucial to Netanyahu keeping his far-right war cabinet together.
-Inside the INSANE Intelligence Failure of Oct. 7 | The Caroline Glick Show In-Focus
More evidence the attack was staged. The best evidence is that no one has been held responsible.

----Bank of Israel estimates cost of war against Hamas will cost $53 BILLION dollars but don't worry though American taxpayers got the tab!
Direct military spending will account for $29 billion of the $53 billion total, the bank stated, adding that this figure includes military aid provided by the US. Compensation for damage will come to $6 billion, while other civilian expenditure will come to $6.75 billion. Lost tax revenue and interest on government debt will make up the remainder.
--jew-chicken.jpgDaughter of Orthodox Jewish rabbi defects and reveals their cult-like and pagan behavior
Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. The Jewish God is Lucifer.

Some areas in New Zealand had 30% mortality of the C19 bioweapons shots. He tracked it to the pharmacies and specific locations.

This is evidence IS HORRIFYING. Irrefutable proof of intentional genocide by the C19 bioweapons. A Government whistleblower who lays it all out in the open. He even has statistics per vaccinator and you can see that in their name 24% of injected were murdered.

"Nobody can argue with this! This is the most important video evidence anywhere.
The Us is a corporation not a country
-Watch - Pentagon Confirms 973% Increase in Heart Failure Following COVID Shots has lost up to 300,000 soldiers - ex-Zelensky aideKiev's refusal to negotiate with Moscow has only caused the country heavy battlefield casualties, Aleksey Arestovich says
--Ireland goes APOCALYPTIC with new hate speech law and U.S. is next | Redacted with Clayton Morris
Hate speech laws in Ireland have been enforced in apocalyptic ways and politicians warn it will get worse. Here to break it down is biochemical engineer and corporate complex problem solving expert Ivor Cummings. He shows how crazy these laws are, which will allow authorities to check your phone, require you to hand over passcodes and presume guilt until innocence. He also explains why we should keep our eye on what happens in Ireland as it spreads across the West. -
did-not-elect-who.jpegSelf-Amplifying RNA Shots Are Coming: The Untold Danger
"mRNA vaccines" are not made with messenger RNA but with modified RNA (modRNA). These so-called vaccines are actually gene therapy products (GTPs), as modRNA hijacks our cells' software. We have no possibility at all to gain influence on modRNA (or saRNA) after it has been injected.

Romanian Prosecutors Request Criminal Inquiry into Former PM's Billion Dollar Spend on Unused Pfizer Vaccines
-Israel's Nazi Proposals w/ Gideon Levy

Gideon Levy is a living example that there are Jews who are fair, brave and honest to expose the naked truth as is no matter who he is. Deserves all the respect
15 New York Synagogues Hit with Bomb Threats Today Alone
There are multiple explosives inside the synagogue," read one of the threats, which was sent via email. "These explosives will go off in a few hours and I will make history. I will make sure you all die."
Tufts University Student Group Honors Palestinian 'Martyrs'--Including Hamas Terrorists Who Died Attacking IsraelSchool's Students for Justice in Palestine chapter praised 'creativity' of Hamas's Oct. 7 terror attack
mus-lawyer.pngGeorgetown Law graduate Jinan Chehade loses her job for speaking out for Palestine
"Speaking out is a risk, but it's a risk I'm willing to take for the people of Gaza."
Georgetown Law graduate Jinan Chehade speaks out after her job offer from prominent law firm Foley & Lardner LLP was rescinded over her support for Palestinian rights.
In an exclusive interview with MEE, Chehade said that she's going to pursue legal action against the firm. "Today I'm speaking out and pursuing legal action to set a precedent that we cannot be picked out one by one, that we deserve our rights as well."
She also added "As lawyers, we are taught that our principal goal is justice and to be advocates for oppressed people everywhere. So, therefore, I refuse to be silenced or allow Foley to bully me into silence."

-Civil War And More Slaughter: Israel's Dark Future | Knesset Member Dr. Ofer Cassif
Ofer Cassif is an Israeli Member of Parliament who has been fighting for peace and reconciliation with the Palestinians and their right to return to their homeland. He predicts that Israel is dooming itself not only by committing genocide against the Palestinians and shocking the entire non-western World, but by arming its own citizens to the teeth. Civil war is around the corner as society is growing ever more extremist and its democratic institutions are being dismantled. Unless there is rapid change, Isreal will self-destruct from the inside.
Author of 'The Great Reset', Marc Morano, on Klaws Swab's recent B20 speech:
"He's talking about us essentially giving up national sovereignty, giving up individual freedoms, and turning over rule to experts... This whole agenda is to make it so we have no choice on some of the biggest questions of our lives."
"We didn't get to vote on whether gas powered cars would be banned, we didn't vote for vaccine mandates, we didn't vote for lockdowns, we didn't vote for banning of meat. But all of this is happening, because at these meetings like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, they meet and they work with government-corporate collusion to bypass democracy and impose stuff through this corporate government fascism."
samara-makis.jpgDr. William Makis: Fake Obituaries Are Being Created to Taint "Died Suddenly" ReportingWho Is Paying Fake Websites in India, Vietnam and Elsewhere to Write Fake Obituaries with fake death causes? Ten shocking stories

-Reader:"Nano Graphene Oxide is a GENETIC AND VASCULAR HACKSAW especially when the particular size is sub 2 micron.
Nano Aluminum Oxide is powdered Alzheimer's... regardless of size, smaller is worse obvious because it penetrates bloodbrain, bloodreproductive, and even intracellular membranes.
When either are inhaled, ingested, and or injected... they start destroying the immune system, the organs, the blood, and the central nervous system.
Governments have been lacing the air, water, food, and "medicine" with these substances.Here is some proof. (USES OF TOXIN Graphene) (CHEMICAL WEATHER WARFARE) (CHEMICAL WEATHER WARFARE) (PROOF IT'S BEEN USED IN CLOTSHOTS AND IS UNHEALTHY)
Henry Makow
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3. Edward Menez - Organized Jewry has Destroyed the West

Arizona-Schools-Ban-on-Mexican-American-Studies-in-Tucson-USD-c3vu7raysf4gc4gskc84sks0k-1200.jpgAssimilation......or Clannishness?

Western nations are reaching a tipping point. They are about to rise up against the migrants and their Masonic Jewish sponsors i.e. Klaws Swab & the WEF.

by Edward Menez(
Close to 20 years ago I asked a question of my predominantly Hispanic high school students, almost all of those of Mexican decent.
The question was this: "Do you consider yourself and your loyalties to Mexico or America?"
I first asked those who were born in Mexico to raise their hands and give me their verdicts. Answer: they all considered themselves Mexican.
I then asked those who were born in the US but whose parents were born in Mexico to raise their hands. Their answer: Mexican.
Finally, I asked those whose parents and themselves were born in the US, but whose grandparents were born in Mexico to raise their hands. The verdict: they considered themselves Mexicans still, three generations after their family came from that country to the US.
Even back then about 20 years ago, my first thought was: "How can we have a united society and a patriotic country when these people don't even consider themselves Americans?"

Now we have the Irish fed up with immigrants who don't want to assimilate into their culture. Riots have broken out after an immigrant supposed to have been deported about 15 years ago stabbed Irish children.
The same riots could just as easily be sparked in countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany, and England. All of Western Europe, it seems, has been forced to accept immigrants from third-world countries in recent years. In what other countries in the world has this also been the case? Well, in Canada and the USA for sure. What is the commonality between all of these countries? They were white Christian societies for over a thousand years in the case of the European countries, and as for the US and Canada, they were founded by white Christians from Europe hundreds of years ago. All of these countries lived as white Christian-majority societies until the present.
spectre7.jpgThere's no doubt in my mind who did this to us. Who hates white Christians the most, and has hated them for 2000 years?

Who has infiltrated and been kicked out of every white Christian country at some point for spreading usury? Pedophilia? The sacrificial murder of children for their feasts and for the adrenochrome?
Who poisoned Europe's wells in the Black Plague? Who caused the "Spanish Flu" by vaccinating us a hundred years ago? Who tried to vaccinate us all again with kill shots during the past two years?"Are Jewes Still Poisoning the Wells?"
Who started a war to make white Christians fight each other in WWI? WWII? The Ukrainian-Russian War currently going on? Why is it always white Christian soldiers killing each other?

White Christians have been duped to kill themselves in every war because of the "blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan" (Revelation 2:9 KJV). The Synagogue of Satan is the country now known as Israel, because 90% of its citizens are not Semitic and have no connection to the Jews of Jesus' time. Instead, they are Ashkenazi Jews, or Khazars from their ancient homeland in Ukraine that they are now taking over once again.
Why don't we send Israel some of these immigrants? Because Israel is the only country in the world that doesn't allow assimilation. They have their own country just for Jews (or Synagogue of Satan-Jews). They even persecute the Sephardic Jews (the other 10% of Israel's citizens) who are originally from Palestine.
Israel knows that the immigrants going to Europe, the US, and Canada will not assimilate because they are not white Christians. The people who settled the US in the 1700s, 1800s, and the early 1900s, for example, came from all over Europe--Italy, Germany, Ireland, England, France, Scandanavia--but they all assimilated for the most part because they had something in common: they were white Christians.
thank-you-jews1 (1).pngIsrael wants to destroy our Western societies now by sending in immigrants who are not white Christians to:1) Keep us constantly on edge against the intrusion of our culture;2) Destroy Christianity through repopulation of non-Christians;3) Keep the attention off of them, the Azhkenazim Jewish mafia, who are our real enemies;4) Destroy our economies by supporting all these immigrants on welfare with taxpayer money.
Did the citizens of Western Europe, Canada, and the US ever get to vote on whether we'd like to allow these immigrants into our countries? Did we agree to pay for them to live here with our tax money? Did we agree to have 90% of Biden's Cabinet be dual Israeli-American citizens making these decisions for us? No, no, y NO!
I have heard it said that for a Christian, being honest equates to humility before God. For a Synagogue of Satan-Jew, being honest equates to a sin because they are of their father, the devil, who is the father of all lies (in paraphrasing John 8:44). This article sums up Jewish Israelis' thought pretty well:
In the end, the entire Chapter of Matthew 23 has Jesus calling the Jews (scribes and Pharisees) hypocrites seven times for their deceit. I think we've all endured their lies in seventy times seven instances at least, and my forgiveness is hard pressed to endure it any longer. But what can we in white Christian countries do now to both obey Jesus and yet rid ourselves of the devil?
I think a good start would be for Israel to begin accepting immigrants. They can start with accepting Palestinians. No, wait, they already have them. And wait, Palestinians are not immigrants as they have been there for thousands of years! So maybe Israel can begin by accepting some Somalians, Syrians, Afghanis, and Senegalese. That might show sympathy with our plight. But Israel would never do that....would they? Not in a million years.
--See comments here

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4. Dec 1 - Israeli Hostage Belies Hamas Terrorist Image

hostage2.jpegPlease send links and comments to
Hostages THANK Hamas For Compassionate Treatment!
Time will reveal that the Oct 6 attack was staged by Israel, and that most of the Jewish casualties were by Israel. Hamas was busy taking hostages. Israel was busy killing them in order to heighten moral indignation.
Israeli mother's letter to Hamas: 'Thank you for extraordinary humanity'
Danielle Aloni pens an emotional letter expressing gratitude to the Hamas fighters for the care they given to her daughter Emilia during their 49-day captivity in besieged Gaza.
In her handwritten letter in Hebrew, Danielle said: "She (Emilia) acknowledges feeling like all of you are her friends, not just friends, but truly beloved and good".Aloni acknowledged the good care given to hostages in Gaza and wrote: "Thank you for the many hours you spent as caregivers."

She further stated her daughter has not only bonded with Hamas but also felt like a queen. "Children should not be in captivity, but thanks to you and other kind people we met along the way, my daughter felt like a queen in Gaza," she said.
In the long journey we have been on, we have not met anyone who has not been kind to her, you have treated her with kindness and compassion.Aloni ended her letter with compassion for Hamas, stating: "I will remember your kind behaviour shown in spite of the difficult situation you faced and the severe losses you suffered here in Gaza."

"I wish in this world we could truly be good friends," she wrote and added her well wishes to Gazans "I wish you all health and well-being... health and love to you and your families' children."
SOWELL-greed.jpgTWISTED: Israeli kids sing a song about "annihilating everyone" in Gaza
"Autumn night falls over the beach of Gaza. Planes are bombing; destruction, destruction," the song's first two lines said. It also promised that "in another year, there will be nothing there" and "within a year, [Israel] will annihilate everyone" - lines that clearly promote the genocide of the Gazan people. The song's final line ominously warned: "We will show the world how today, we destroy our enemy." (Related: WATCH: Israeli children sing 'we will annihilate everyone' in Gaza.)
-Targeted assassination is part of Zionist toolbox
Israel planning global assassination campaign - WSJOfficials told the newspaper that they intend to kill Hamas leaders in Lebanon, Türkiye, and Qatar
Spirit-Cooking-MOCA.jpgRuss Winter--Hollywood Reprobates Attend MOCA Spirit Cooking Gala

Political scientist and international relations scholar John Mearsheimer has been monitoring the international response to the recent flare-up of violence between Israel and Hamas, and he's noticed a trend. While support at rallies and other gatherings around the globe was initially running at 2-1 support for Palestine over Israel, of late that ratio has increased dramatically to 19-1.
Bank of Canada survey reveals 86% of Canadians opposed to creating digital 'dollar'The main findings show that Canadians place a 'high value on holding cash that is backed by their central bank and want to maintain access to bank notes.'
Iceland Bans Covid mRNA Shots as Sudden Deaths Skyrocket
"Everyone knows everyone else in a tiny country, and we were told the top officials are now extremely nervous."--gonzalo-lira-3691209309.jpgGonzalo Lira is alive!
Last update was Nov.7th, when his pre-trial detention was extended until Jan.6th. Write to Anthony Blinken to say releasing Lira would make the US and Ukraine look good! -Pastor Chuck Baldwin
Very Powerful Message of Chuck Baldwin to Evangelical Leaders (Ralph Reed, James Doson, Robert Jeffress, Jonathan Falwell, John Hagee, Richard Land, Jack Graham, Et Al.) regarding horrors taking place in Gaza. These fools are willingly ignorant.-----
BBC News NI: "Irish Lives Matter!" Being Treated as Hate Crime

1984 is Organized Jewish supremacy. Hate is anything they hate to hear, especially the truth

trump-kissinger.jpgPilot Incapacitation - Air Transat Flight TS-186 (YYZ-PUJ) from Toronto, Canada to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Nov.20, 2023) - pilot became incapacitated and was replaced by a pilot passenger Sues Pfizer For "Misrepresenting COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy" And "Conspiring To Censor Public Discourse"

The suit, filed Thursday, alleges that Pfizer violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act by engaging in false, deceptive and misleading acts as it promoted the drug.
"The facts are clear. Pfizer did not tell the truth about their COVID-19 vaccines," said Attorney General Kenneth Paxton in a statement revealing the suit.
"We are pursuing justice for the people of Texas, many of whom were coerced by tyrannical vaccine mandates to take a defective product sold by lies."-
zio-commie-biden.jpegBiden wear both Commie and Zionist Jew hats
Shot Dead - The Movie They don't Want you To See For the first time ever, hear the stories of covid shot deaths as told by the parents who lost their children. -- Top Russian court bans LGBT movement as 'extremist' A Reuters reporter in court heard it announce that it had approved a request from the justice ministry to recognise what it called "the international LGBT social movement" as extremist and to ban its activities

-Psychiatric drugs are incredibly destructive and neurotoxic
Dr Peter Breggin is an American psychiatrist and author. He was instrumental in stopping lobotomies being carried out in the USA and has, on multiple occasions, represented plaintiffs in legal cases against drug companies. Throughout his sixty plus years working in the mental health field, he has been a leading advocate of drug-free approaches and believes that psychiatric drugs fail to deal with the underlying causes of patients' conditions and, if anything, only make matters worse.
In this interview, Dr Breggin talks about how psychiatric drugs are incredibly destructive and neurotoxic. They poison brain, liver and thyroid cells and patients experience apathy, indifference and sometimes bouts of euphoria with an overall feeling that nothing quite matters anymore.
He describes what he calls medication spellbinding, where a patient cannot comprehend the effect that the drugs are having on them. They are confused and can have a tendency to walk around like zombies, while their close relatives see a completely different picture.
Dr Breggin also reveals for the first time how, when he opposed certain companies and individuals, they tried to destroy him through intimidation and covertly attacked him and his family, when all of them suddenly became ill for no apparent reason.
More information:

Henry Makow
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5. Andrew Anglin - Zionists Legitimize Anti Semitism

anglin.jpeg"People hate us for no reason because we murder children"
is simply not a viable PR strategy."

Makow - Israeli barbarism is dividing the world into two camps. Nazi Jews (Zionists) and their paid Freemason flunkies in the Westincluding Christian Zionist morons, Vs. Communist Jewsand all other Freemasons, incl. Russia, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Turkey... This repeats the World War Two battle lines-(((Nazis vs Commies.))) "Jews have dug their own grave" unless they denounce
the Palestinian genocide, Communism and Zionism.Wait until the world discovers Organized Jewry (WEF) is behind the covid "vaccines."

We are all Palestinians in the eyes of the Talmud- Subhuman.

The Antisemitism Hoax Has Officially Collapsed. Jews Don't Know It Yet, But It's Over.
by Andrew Anglin
(abridged by
The transformation has happened so fast that I don't think people have yet grasped it:
The official definition of "antisemitism" before October 7, 2023 was "hating Jews for no reason."
The post-7/10 definition of "antisemitism" is "saying Jews should stop killing babies."It's a really massive transformation.
I know that most non-Jews don't understand it, but what is even crazier is that most Jews don't appear to understand it.
Jews have a psychosis where they view any criticism of their behavior as "hate." I am supposed to be the world's top anti-Semite, but all I ever did was criticize their behavior. However, Jews had some degree of plausible deniability with regards to their agenda to push homosexuality on children, or their agenda to flood white countries with poor, illiterate nonwhite immigrants. They could also claim that these things were good.
Now, they're taking the same tack ("if you criticize our behavior, it means you hate us, and therefore you are evil"), but they are taking this position in the context of "we slaughter children."
Basically, they've destroyed the entire anti-Semitism racket, permanently.
It's really irresponsible of them. This gave them so, so much power, and they've just pissed it away.
"People hate us for no reason because we murder children" is simply not a viable PR strategy....

The term "antisemitism" never had any meaning. It was always just a way to protect Jews from criticism by saying that anyone who criticized the Jews hated them for no reason.
Again, I have been labeled by the ADL as "the most prominent American anti-Semite." I have not hated the Jews for no reason. I would actually take issue with the word "hate," as I hope that the Jews find Jesus and repent of this evil they do. I earned this "anti-Semite" label because I criticized the Jews.
nazi-still-around.jpeg(left, Zionist bankers funded the Nazis and the holocaust to establish Israel. Most of the policies below, are actually Commie Jew.)
Here are a few examples of Jewish behavior I took issue with:
Working to undermine and destroy the Christian religionControlling the news media and using it to undermine the United StatesControlling the entertainment media and using it to undermine family values and basic moralsInfiltrating the US government and using our foreign policy to push the agenda of the Jews, including sending Americans to many wars in the Middle EastProducing and distributing pornographyPushing feminism as a way to undermine the familyPromoting and normalizing homosexualityPushing the tranny and child tranny agendaUsing the "civil rights movement" to promote racial strifePushing mass immigration with the explicit goal of making whites minorities in their own countriesPushing mass censorship, not just of criticism of the Jews directly, but of all Jewish agendasPushing abortionPushing for gun controlCreating communismEngaging in usury-oriented financial swindles through the Federal Reserve system and Wall StreetEngaging in widespread political corruption, including through AIPAC, which bribes politicians who pledge allegiance to Israel and destroys politicians who don'tThe list obviously goes on.
And of course, we could talk about these issues. I am open to talking to the Jews about these issues, and hearing their explanations as to why they are engaged in these behaviors.
However, the Jews have no interest in talking about any of these issues. Instead, they simply want to silence anyone who asks why they are engaged in these behaviors, so they label them "antisemite." This works because they evoke the Holocaust, and claim that anyone who disagrees with their behavior is planning to exterminate them. After all, Hitler disagreed with their behavior....

Everyone Sees the Antisemitism Hoax Now
I have been saying for over a decade that "antisemitism" is a hoax. People criticize Jews for their behavior, and Jews then claim that all criticism is "hate" and exists for no reason.
This thing that the Jews are doing in Gaza, however, is too extreme. It is the most extreme thing anyone has ever done. Maybe this kind of mass child slaughter happened in history (though I seriously doubt it), but it certainly never happened on TV like this.
spangler-initiation.jpg(It's a satanic cult, and you're not a member)
If Jews were not completely unhinged, they would be trying to mitigate this. Every American Jew would be out in the public space saying "American Jews do not stand with Israel and their barbaric slaughter." Even if they do agree with it, they should be saying they don't.
Instead, Jews are circling the wagons and vowing to destroy anyone who questions the Jewish right to slaughter children. They are saying anyone who supports Palestinian kids is evil.
The problem here is: Jews can't go to war with the whole world. There are not enough of them.
The only non-Jews who support the Jews are baby boomers, and they are quickly dying out.
The polls say that over 40% of Americans still support the Jews. But among young people, that number is less than 20%.
The thing is: with more than half not supporting the Jews, we are now in a situation where we can talk about the Jews. We can criticize them without being totally shut down. The Jew supporters are "conservative" retards who think these Jews have something to do with Christianity (beyond murdering Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ). Now that we can talk about the Jews, these "Zionist Christians" are going to be forced to confront the fact that Jews are behind child trannies, mass immigration, gay rights, BLM, and every other thing I listed above.
A good portion of Zionist Christians are simply satanic, and actually revel in slaughtering innocent people. But another portion of them are legitimately confused, because they are stupid, and when they find out what these Jews have been up to, they are going to be less than happy about it.
Then, of course, you have the rest of the world, where this whole "Zionist Christian" thing does not exist.
The Jews have really dug their own grave.--
Related- Zionist bankers sponsored the Jewish Holocaust, Hitler
Henry Makow
Thu, 30 Nov 2023 10:21:04 -0600

6. Nov 30 - Elon Musk Tells Satanist Boycotters to Fuck Themselves

musk-elon.jpegPlease send links and comments to
We all know about Elon Musk's Illuminati ties but Musk is one of the greatest forces for good on this planet. His opening of Twitter to free speech cannot be heralded enough. The people trying to shut down "X" are the Communist Jewish central banking cartel who are outlawing democratic discourse.

"I Have No Problem Being Hated" - Musk Tells Boycotting Advertisers To "Go F**k Yourselves"
In a truth-bomb-filled interview with Andrew Ross-Sorkin, at the DealBook Conference, Elon Musk silenced a room full of liberal elites as he proclaimed that: "...if someone wants to blackmail me with advertising, they can go fuck themselves."

"What I care about is the reality of goodness, not the perception of it. And what I see all over the place is people who care about LOOKING good, while DOING evil. Fuck them."
Musk declines Hamas Invitation
"Too dangerous"?
-Scott Ritter: IDF is retreating from Gaza, they are afraid, urban warfare with Hamas is suicidal
Ritter thinks the ceasefires are indication the Israelis are losing not the pressure from the relatives of hostages ----Trudeau.Fidelito.Baphomet.jpgThe Satanist Fidelito Castreau
Posted on November 24, 2023, the petition aims to remove Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
It expresses the loss of confidence in Trudeau and the Liberal/NDP coalition, calling for a no-confidence vote. The petition proposes an election 45 days after a successful vote, emphasizing the belief that the current government is not serving the best interests of all citizens.
As of this writing the petition has garnered 103,787 signatures. You can review and vote on the petition at the link below. Disney To Lose Nearly A BILLION Across 13 Woke Movies

-150K Jews Gather in Chicago For Child Sacrifice Ritual - First President of Israel in Attendance
July 3, 1933. Over 100,000 Jews gather at Soldier Field in Chicago to celebrate 3,000 years of Jewish history and nationhood by worshipping a fire-breathing statue of Moloch and feeding it children which we can only hope were not real. The event was called "The Romance of a People."
-The Mysterious Powers of the HexagramHidden in plain sight, it holds humanity hostage
"How does the hexagram work? It invites or captures demons to do the bidding of the summoner. Numerology adds to the hidden power. The thoughts of believers in these things manifest to make them real. These things are shown to you to get you to accept them and increase the power of the spell using your thoughts!"
-kiss-perception.jpgCabalist Jewish satanism in a nutshell
Henry Kissinger, American diplomat and Nobel winner, dies at 100
-Full-blown revolution in Ireland? Overthrow of government?

Or just a few days of protest over an Algerian immigrant stabbing Irish children outside a school?
Things could explode in massive fury, because the government is trying to push through a new Hate Speech law.
It contains the usual garble about incitement to violence, hatred directed toward special groups; the new wrinkle makes it a crime to even POSSESS such hate material.
--New York Loses $12 Million Per Day Due to Shoplifting
Theft in NY has increased by 64% over the past four years.
-Malaysia has 34 million people.

Malaysia: 'Almost 250,000 Have Died but Deaths Are Denied'. The Lawsuit Was Filed Against the Government, Health Ministry, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and PharmaniagaThe lawsuit was filed against the government, Health Ministry, former Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, former Director-General of Health , and three Covid-19 vaccine producers


When is it time to rebel against a corrupt tyrannical government? (now.)
Guest post by Kelly Walker
It is manifestly obvious that our own legal system is being used as a weapon against the People of the United States; a two-tiered "injustice system" is engaged in egregious abuse of power. Blatant political persecution--arresting and jailing the opposition--previously unthinkable in our Republic warrants an immediate, decisive response if our nation is to survive.

Israel's Savagery Is So Shocking It's Sometimes Hard To Take In
Nearly 4,000 dealerships say Biden's 'unrealistic' mandates are filling lots with unsold EVsBesides costs, the dealers said customers are concerned about charging access, loss of range in hot and cold weather, and not having enough charge for long daily commutes.

-Max Blumenthal- Biden can't afford political cost of paying for Israel's war crimes

General Motors is reassessing its investment plans in electric vehicles as sales collapse and shareholders fear that the initial headlong dive into EVs was a major mistake.
The massive carmaker is preparing a move to pull back from EVs and reassure investors that the business is still strong despite the slow EV sales, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. It is yet more evidence that Americans simply aren't interested in EVs despite the enthusiastic boosterism of left-wing government officials who don't have to worry about sales figures.
--Globalists want 50% of vehicles to be electric by 2030. Joe Biden even issued an executive order for that. Except 4,000 auto dealers are saying that mandate is unachievable. Despite subsidies and tax credits, only 7% of new vehicle sales are electric. People don't want to charge their car for hours just to drive 250 miles.
Ironically, there's a huge environmental impact. Video: I'm consuming roughly 137 kW [per hour]. But to put this into perspective: An average home consumes 1.25 kW per hour.
135 kW per hour? It's like the equivalent of 106 homes on the grid - just this one station.

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