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Islamic World News
27 Mar 2024 | 12:10 pm

1. Head Of The Political Office Of Hamas Meets With Imam Khamenei

In this meeting, the leader of the revolution praised the unique stand of the Palestinian resistance forces and the people of Gaza and emphasized: "The historical patience of the people of Gaza in the face of the crimes and brutalities of the Zionist regime, which is carried out with the full support of the West, is a great phenomenon that has truly honored Islam and It has turned the issue of Palestine into the first issue of the world despite the enemy's will."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that the killing of the people of Gaza and the genocide in this region affects every conscientious person, and added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate to support the cause of Palestine and the oppressed and resistant people of Gaza."

He also honored the memory of the martyr "Al-Arouri", one of the leaders of Hamas, who was martyred by the Zionist regime, and pointed out: "This noble martyr was an outstanding personality whose happy end of martyrdom was God's reward for his efforts."

In this meeting, Mr. Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the political office of Hamas, while thanking and appreciating the support of the people and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the issue of Palestine and especially the people of Gaza, presented a report on the latest field and political developments of the Gaza war and said: "The people's exemplary patience and perseverance Gaza and the resistance forces in these six months, which is due to their firm faith, has caused the Zionist enemy not to achieve any of its strategic goals in the Gaza war."

The head of the political office of Hamas emphasized that the "Al-Aqsa Storm" operation destroyed the myth of the Zionist regime's invincibility and now, after six months, the Zionist enemy has suffered heavy losses and thousands of soldiers of this regime have been killed and wounded, adding: "The Gaza war is a world war and the American ruling body is the main accomplice of the Zionist crime because it is in charge of leading the war of the Zionist regime."

At the end of his address to the Leader of the Revolution, he emphasized: "I assure your excellency that despite all the atrocities, crimes and genocide that are going on in Gaza, the people of Gaza and the resistance forces are standing strong and will not allow the Zionist enemy to achieve their goals."

Islamic World News
27 Mar 2024 | 11:32 am

2. British Warships Went To Indian Ocean; What Is The Mission HMS Diamond?

According to the BBC report, the HMS Diamond has 224 military personnel who work 8 to 12 hours with little time for rest. The BBC also talked to Peter Evans, the commander of HMS Diamond, and quoted him as saying: "The Yemenis are currently using advanced and deadly weapons in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The operations in the Red Sea is fast-paced and the high level of concentration is exhausting, and your life could be on the line in a few short moments."

This British commander also detailed Ansar Allah's attacks with new missiles and said: "When we first entered the Red Sea, drones were the main threat, but now the Yemenis have moved to missiles that are difficult to defend against and If hit, they cause more damage."

According to this report, HMS Diamond is having problems to deal with Ansar Allah's missiles. The reason for this is that the new Yemeni missiles have three times the speed of sound and the crew has a short time to deal with them.

The HMS Diamond is the third ship of the Type 45 destroyers of the British Royal Navy which has been operating since 2007. This destroyer entered the Red Sea through the Suez Canal on December 14, 2023, and during the US air aggression in Yemen faced some drone attacks by the Yemeni armed forces. As mentioned in the BBC report, HMS Diamond does not have the ability to fully deal with the Yemeni's missile attacks on its own and must cooperate with others warships.

Islamic World News
27 Mar 2024 | 10:52 am

3. Hezbollah Attacks Meron Base Again!

On March 26, Hezbollah's anti-armor units attacked the Meron air surveillance base with several ATGM missiles and hit them accurately.

It should be noted that on March 24, the Israeli fighter jets attacked the city of Baalbek and the town of al-Suwayri, and several Lebanese civilians were wounded and a Syrian worker was martyred. Israeli attacks on Lebanese civilians have escalated tensions in southern Lebanon.

The recent attack is the seventh attack by Hezbollah on Meron air control base.

The Meron Air Surveillance Base is located 10 kilometers from Lebanon border at the top of Mount Meron in northern Israeli-occupied territories, the highest peak in occupied Palestine. This military base is considered the sole center for the management, protection, and air control in northern occupied Palestine and, alongside the Ramon-Mitzpe base in the southern occupied territories, is one of Israel's two main air command bases.

The Meron base is involved in organizing, coordinating, and managing all Israeli air operations in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus, and the northern sector of the Mediterranean Sea. The base is also the main center for electronic disruption operations in the airspace of these areas, with a large number of skilled Israeli officers and soldiers actively operating there.

Islamic World News
26 Mar 2024 | 2:20 pm

4. Iranian Military Adviser Killed By US Airstrikes In Deir Ezzor

The name of the martyred IRGC military advisor stated as "Behrouz Vahedi".

In the morning of March 26, the U.S. warplanes organized a series of airstrikes against targets in the cities of Al-Bukamal, Al-Mayadeen and Deir Ez-Zor, as a result of these attacks, at least one person was martyred and 20 others were wounded.

Read more: 21 Syrians Killed, Wounded By Hostile Airstrikes In Eastern Syria

Official sources have not published any details in this regard so far, but some sources claim that two other Iranian advisers were injured in last night's attacks and were taken to a medical center.

Islamic World News
26 Mar 2024 | 11:29 am

5. Four Hezbollah Members Were Martyred In Southern Lebanon

The martyrs are: Hossein Ali Dabouq with the jihadi name "Abu Ali", Muhammad Ibrahim al-Zain with the jihadi name "Zulfiqar", Hossein Ali Arslan with the jihadi name "Mustafa" and Ali Muhammad Faqih with the jihadi name "Zulfiqar".

In this way, the number of martyrs of Hezbollah increased to 235 members since the beginning of the battles in the Gaza Strip.

Islamic World News
26 Mar 2024 | 10:15 am

6. 21 Syrians Killed, Wounded By Hostile Airstrikes In Eastern Syria

In the morning of March 26, the U.S. warplanes organized a series of airstrikes against targets in the cities of Al-Bukamal, Al-Mayadeen and Deir Ez-Zor. As a result of these attacks, at least one person was martyred and 20 others were wounded.

In this regard, the Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) based in Deir ez-Zor announced the details of these attacks: "At 01:49 (local time), several American warplanes carried out at least 10 airstrikes in Deir ez-Zor province at the same time against targets on Raase Al-Jameeh street in Deir Ez-Zor city, Al-Tamo neighborhood, Al-Mayadin city, Al-Suwiyeh area, Al-Salehiya village and Al-Hajneh street in Al-Bukmal city."

The moment one of the missiles hit

In addition to these areas, Al-Filat neighborhood, Ayyash area of Deir Ez-Zor city and Al-Hari area on the border of Syria and Iraq were also targeted. As a result of these attacks, a civilian named "Emad Shahab" reportedly was martyred and 20 others were injured. Some of the injured were taken to Deir Ezzor hospital.

Aftermath of airstrikes on the cities of Al-Mayadeen, Al-Bukamal and Deir ez-Zor

Minutes after the attacks, sources close to the Syrian militants claimed that several Iranian military advisers and other members of the resistance axis were killed in the airstrikes; However, as usual, these kind of claims cannot be confirmed.

Also, an American official in a conversation with Al Jazeera claimed that America did not attack Syria tonight! This claim has been made while other sources spaculated that the attacks were carried out by drones and surface-to-surface missiles launched from Al-Omar oil field, which is under the U.S. army control.

Aftermath of airstrikes on Deir ez-Zor city
Islamic World News
25 Mar 2024 | 9:25 pm

7. Latest Updates On Yemen, 24 March 2024

1- Al Hudaydah Governorate:
On March 23, US-UK coalition fighter jets conducted five airstrikes at Muneer district in Al Hudaydah Governorate in the western coastline of Yemen.

2- Sa'dah Governorate:
On March 24, following the artillery attacks by the Saudi-led coalition on the border region of Al-Sheikh area in Munabah district, an African migrant was injured.

3- On March 22, the French Navy announced in a statement that one of the French warships was attacked by three anti-ship ballistic missiles by the Ansar Allah movement's forces in the southern Red Sea. The French army also added that this attack also targeted a container ship escorted by the French warship.

4- On March 24, the US Navy announced that a sailor of the USS Mason destroyer named sailor Oriola Michael Aregbesola was killed as a result of falling overboard into the water in the Red Sea. According to Western media reports, this American serviceman was a second-class aviation mechanic who went missing on April 1st during an operation in the Red Sea and his body was found after four days.

The US army has a long history of concealing information and details about the deaths of its soldiers with the use of unrelated and non-combat incidents, a trend that has also been repeated during the conflicts in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Considering the attacks by the Ansar Allah movement on the USS Mason destroyer, it is possible that this person has been killed in Yemeni attacks.

5- Mohammad Abdul Salam, the spokesman for the Ansar Allah movement and the official in charge of negotiations for the Yemeni Salvation Government said: "The US attacks on Sanaa are the continuation of the aggressions carried out by the US and UK to protect Israel and encourage its continued brutal crimes against the people of Palestine in Gaza. We emphasize that as long as the airstrikes and siege of Gaza continue, they will not prevent the Yemeni people and armed forces from attacking Israeli ships or ships heading towards Palestinian ports. We stress Yemen's right to defend itself and respond to threats until the attacks and siege of Gaza come to an end."

6- On March 22, the people of Yemen held a widespread rally in support of the people and resistance of Palestine in the provinces under the control of the Ansar Allah movement. This rally was the 25th extensive gathering of Yemenis in support of Palestine since the onset of the recent war, held under the slogan "Our operations continue, stop the attacks."

7- On March 23, President of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen Mahdi al-Mashat condemned the terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall in the vicinity of Moscow in a message to the Russian President Vladimir Putin and offered condolences to the people of Russia and the families of the victims.

8- The terrorist forces of the United States Command in West Asia (CENTCOM) claimed in a statement that from 2:50 to 4:30 a.m. (Sanaa time) on March 23, forces of the Ansar Allah movement launched four anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBMs) towards the Panamanian-flagged Chinese oil tanker "Huang Pu" in the Red Sea.

According to the statement, at 16:25, the fifth ballistic missile was detected when fired towards the Huang Pu. The ship issued a danger signal but did not request assistance. The Huang Pu suffered minimal damage and the fire on board was extinguished within 30 minutes. There was not any report of casualties in this attack, and the ship continued on its course.

Between 6:50 to 9:50 a.m. (Sanaa time), US military forces, along with the USS Carney destroyer, engaged in combat with six suicide drones in the southern Red Sea. According to CENTCOM, five drones crashed in the Red Sea and one flew into areas under controlled by the Ansar Allah movement in Yemen.

Islamic World News
25 Mar 2024 | 10:36 am

8. Opinion: Iraqi Separatism With A New Face

Against this background, questions have arisen, who benefits from the new chaos in Iraq? The answer is, as before, to Zionism.

It is no coincidence that Sheikh Thaer Al-Bayati is hiding in the so-called Iraqi Kurdistan, which is under the control of a long-time ally of the Zionists, the Barzani regime.

Sheikh Abdul Fadil Muhammad al-Dulaimi, one of the prominent figures of Anbar province, pointed out that there are Zionist organizations that came from Erbil trying to influence the sheikhs of Anbar. As a rule, their goal is to prepare an atmosphere for the normalization of relations with the Zionist entity. It is not difficult to guess that the attempts to prepare the ground for the recognition of the Zionist colony and the slogans of separation of the Sunni regions from Iraq have a common curator.

Another question is how strong are the local allies of the announced provocative plans? What if a number of sheikhs have just populism in their heads and an attempt to raise their personal rating within their tribe?

In addition to benefiting from the expected chaos in the enemy's camp (Iraq is an important link within the Axis of Resistance), the Zionists have another goal – the eviction of Palestinians from their land and the resettlement of refugees in Anbar province. Halbousi had already made a reservation at the end of last year that he was allegedly against such a plan, but earlier it was he who assured the Iraqi public that his party was "against any kind of separatism of Sunni areas," and as a result, after a short time, Halbousi became almost the face of the as yet unrecognized "Sunni autonomy."

In any case, no one in Baghdad believes the words of the ambitious "boy" (the nickname Halbousi among the Sunnis of Iraq), plus his connection with the Zionists is still widely heard, and even the infamous Ali Hatem Suleiman can envy the separatist activity of the former speaker of the Iraqi parliament. By the way, his return to Anbar was approved by Muhammad Halbousi and his party. This was told by the ex-governor of Anbar, Ali Farhan. Which is also seen as an attempt to show Shiite Baghdad its strength. Even despite his dislike of the former leader of the Anbar rebels.

By and large, it does not matter whether the Anbar rebels coordinate their actions with the Zionists and Neocons, or not, what is important is that in an infinitely unstable Iraq there is a tendency to civil war, and the implementation of such a scenario in any case will benefit the "temporary entity" and its allies.

The regional allies of the Zionists are more active than others in putting their hand to the implementation of the "Autonomous Sunni Region" project. For example, the UAE and other Gulf autocracies are actively investing in oil and gas projects, namely the Okaz gas field in Anbar province. The Emirates create illusions of benefits from the project to create a "Sunni autonomy" for local sheikhs, and of course assure that there will be no internecine strife in the struggle for power. Naturally, this lies and the facts of the lack of a consolidated political structure within the framework of a more or less democratic system in Iraq prove that internal disagreements, even within Anbar, are extremely large and can escalate into armed conflicts. Accordingly, with "complete freedom" from Baghdad, all ten-year contradictions will result in endless armed chaos.

Regarding the actions of the former speaker, it is worth explaining that Halbousi is trying to stay on two chairs, on the one hand, his "separatist ambitions" are in many ways similar to some kind of blackmail and bargaining in one person against the authorities in Baghdad. After all, the leader of Taqadum still cannot accept the decision of the federal court to remove the powers of the speaker of parliament from him. On the other hand, in a dialogue with the "coordination structure", Halbousi assures that he does not support separatist sentiments and is ready to cooperate at the same level. In any case, over the past year, the former speaker of parliament has acquired an abundance of enemies, both within the Sunni community and distrust from the Shiite side.

*- In June 2023, Halbousi signed a one-year contract with BGR Public Relations Group, one of the most prominent lobbying companies in Washington, where former Prime Minister of the Zionist entity Ehud Barak holds the position of chief adviser to the company.

The opinions expressed within the content are solely the author's and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of the IWN.

Islamic World News
24 Mar 2024 | 8:47 pm

9. Hezbollah Responds To Israeli Attack On Baalbek With 60 Rockets

The Israeli regime's fighter jets bombed a building in the Al-Asira neighborhood of Baalbek city early Sunday morning (March 24). This attack resulted in the destruction of the building, which caused the injury of three civilians, including a woman.

The Israeli regime's army claimed that during this air attack, they targeted a Hezbollah weapons workshop in Baalbek where rocket launchers were stored. This attack marks the third Israeli airstrike on the city of Baalbek during the recent conflict.

Israeli airstrikes on Baalbek

Following the retaliatory attack, Hezbollah fighters launched 60 rockets at the missile base and artillery position in Yoav and Kela barracks. The Israeli regime's army air defense systems intercepted some of these rockets, while others hit occupied territories in northern Palestine.

Taking into account this attack, the Lebanese resistance fighters have targeted the Kela military base four times in recent months. This military base serves as the command center for the Israeli army's air and missile defense in northern occupied Palestine and is also where forces from the Golani Brigade, who participated in the battles in the Gaza Strip, were trained.

The moment of an airstrike on a building in Baalbek city
Islamic World News
24 Mar 2024 | 8:13 pm

10. Death Of Another Israeli Captive In Gaza Strip

On March 23, Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades announced the death of one of the Israeli captives in the Gaza Strip as a result of lack of food and medicine, stating that despite the fact that the captives survived the five-month-long attacks of the Israeli regime's army unharmed, they could not escape the shortage of food and medicine.

The spokesman for the Izz ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades Abu Obaida stated that we had previously warned that the Israeli enemy's captives are suffering from hunger and deprivation conditions similar to those our people face. They suffer from a lack of food and medicine, and the lives of some of them are at risk due to illness. We announce the death of the 34-year-old Israeli captive named Yejiv Bukhattaf due to a shortage of medicine and food.

It is worth mentioning that Abu Obaida had announced some time ago that the number of Israeli captives who have been killed during the operations of the Israeli regime's military forces in the Gaza Strip has exceeded 70 people.

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