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1. The Conspiracy Theories in “They Cloned Tyrone” and its Link With Jamie Foxx’s Mysterious Hospitalization

Warning: Astronomical spoilers ahead!

As soon as They Cloned Tyrone was released on Netflix, the movie was praised as a modern classic. Mixing 1970s Blaxploitation with elements of comedy, horror, and science fiction, the movie was lauded by critics for its gender-bending style and the performance of its lead actors: John Boyega, Teyonah Parris, and Jamie Foxx.

The movie begins as a typical gangster movie, with gritty scenes involving drug dealers, pimps, and their proverbial hoes. However, things get very conspirational very quickly when the protagonists make a strange discovery: People in their neighborhood are mind-controlled through drugs laced in food, drinks, and beauty products. Even worse: Key members of the community are actually clones that were created in an underground lab owned by a powerful elite organization.

This is where things get really weird. A couple of months prior to the release of They Cloned Tyrone, Jamie Foxx was hospitalized for mysterious reasons that remain mysterious to this day.

They Cloned Jamie?

After his extended hospitalization, which sparked numerous rumors (including it being the result of a COVID-19 vaccine), Jamie Foxx went to rehab.

The Conspiracy Theories in

A headline about Jamie Foxx going to a "rehab facility" (which is often a codeword for reprogramming) after his mysterious hospitalization.

A few months later, Jamie resurfaced on social media and the verdict was in: Jamie Foxx was cloned. According to some, Jamie Foxx looks and sounds different.

The Conspiracy Theories in

A TikTok video about Jamie Foxx being cloned.

Several celebrities got angry at the rumors and directly addressed them.

"I went through something that I thought I would never ever go through," Foxx said. "I know a lot of people were waiting or wanting to hear updates. But, to be honest with you, I just didn't want you to see me like that, man… I didn't want you to see me with tubes running out of me. And trying to figure out if I was going to make it through."

People would rather believe that Jamie is now a Clone or Ai, than the man was just seriously sick and damn near died… Cause he doesn't look EXACTLY the same??? YOU look different after a bad cold! Smh weirdos..

— ICE T (@FINALLEVEL) July 23, 2023

Of course, some people interpret Ice T being extra angry about the clone rumors as a typical case of "doth protest too much". It's like, why do you care so much?

The rumors were so insistent that Foxx himself addressed them on Twitter.

Screenshot 2023 09 12 143946 The Conspiracy Theories in

Notice the subtle one-eye sign in the profile pic.

The first reply under this tweet:

Screenshot 2023 09 12 144001 The Conspiracy Theories in

For some reason, these rumors are particularly prevalent in the black/hip-hop community. Indeed, several celebrities who went to prison or various health facilities are said to have returned "different". And many believe they are clones. For instance, when rapper Gucci Mane came out of jail minus his face tattoo, clone rumors abounded.

Screenshot 2023 09 13 144632 The Conspiracy Theories in Screenshot 2023 09 13 144524 e1694711544362 The Conspiracy Theories in

Of course, these clone rumors are hard to believe. However, one has to admit that there's a great number of influential people who get "institutionalized" in one way or another and who come out completely transformed and barely recognizable. Is it a result of cloning? Mind control? Difficult to say. However, all of these rumors (and other conspiracy theories) are directly addressed in They Cloned Tyrone.

But what exactly is the message behind this movie? Let's look at it.

They Cloned Tyrone cloned2 The Conspiracy Theories in

The three protagonists of the movie: Yo-Yo (a prostitute), Slick Charles (a pimp) and Fontaine (a drug dealer).

They Cloned Tyrone exists in a fictional time: People appear to use 70s-era technology while the underground laboratories are highly futuristic.  The movie also exists in a fictional place: A neighborhood called The Glen.

cloned1 The Conspiracy Theories in

The license plates on cars remind us that the movie exists in a bizarre, dissociative place.

With its vague references to time and place, the movie causes the viewer to constantly wonder when this is happening and where. In other words, we feel like clones when they are first released into society.

The first scene of They Cloned Tyrone sets the conspirational tone for the rest of the movie: A random guy talks about how he recently saw Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. As you might know, the deaths of these two massive stars are at the heart of never-dying conspiracy theories.

Old Man Knows All

Every day, Fountaine buys beer at his local liquor store and gives some to an old man who keeps saying cryptic nonsense. However, we soon discover that he's actually in the know.

cloned3 The Conspiracy Theories in

The old man tells Fountaine "It's in the water". The meaning: The water supply is tainted with chemicals that affect the mind.

cloned4 The Conspiracy Theories in

Later, Fountaine seems a zombie-like man wandering the streets being abducted by a black truck.

When this happens, the old man says:

"Off to see the wizard again".

We soon discover what the old man meant by this cryptic comment: The zombie was a clone and he was taken back to the underground lab for reprogramming. Interesting fact: The Wizard of Oz is a known MKULTRA programming script.

Later, the old man tells Fountaine:

"In the land of the blind …"

While he doesn't finish his thought, we all know how that ancient proverb goes:

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king".

This saying sums up the movie and, in actuality, the entire contents of The Vigilant Citizen: The occult elite (whose favorite symbol is the All-Seeing Eye) controls a mass of individuals who are blinded to what is truly happening.

cloned5 The Conspiracy Theories in

Appropriately enough, the logo of the mind-controlling organization is a stylized eye.

After being forewarned by the old man, the movie's protagonists discover how deep the conspiracy goes.

"We're Everywhere" cloned10 The Conspiracy Theories in

Fountaine discovers his own dead body in an underground lab.

When Fountaine realizes that he might be a clone, he starts investigating with his two friends. He soon discovers elevators placed in strategic places in the neighborhood such as the trap house (where drugs are distributed to the community) and the local church (which was compromised by the organization). These elevators lead to massive underground facilities where drugs are manufactured and all-out mind control is carried out on subjects.

cloned7 The Conspiracy Theories in

The trio discovers an underground lab that manufactures a potent drug. All people in the lab are white people with afros (we'll soon understand why).

This drug causes people to become docile, easy to control, and oblivious to their plight. To reach the most people possible, that drug is laced into stereotypical products associated with black communities: Fried chicken, perm cream, and grape drinks.

cloned8 The Conspiracy Theories in

The drug-laced products are heavily promoted through TV ads and billboards.

cloned9 The Conspiracy Theories in

As they eat fried chicken, the trio starts laughing uncontrollably instead of focusing on pressing issues.

The organization also conducts mind control experiments on unwitting individuals.

cloned19 The Conspiracy Theories in

Stuck in underground labs, mind-controlled slaves are forced to watch brainwashing material. This particular scene is reminiscent of the infamous "ultra-violence" scene in Clockwork Orange.

cloned20 The Conspiracy Theories in

Before being released to society, clones are "briefed" on their prior life.

To reach people across the community, the organization is involved in strategic places such as the local church.

Compromised Church cloned11 The Conspiracy Theories in

The local church bears a symbolic name.

Scripture refers to Zion as the "City of Holiness" and a "city of refuge" where the Lord protects his people from the evils in the world. Ironically, that church has become a mind control site for the organization.

cloned12 The Conspiracy Theories in

The pastor gives an impassioned sermon … but his words have a double meaning.

While the pastor appears to be talking about God, he's actually talking about the elite organization controlling the world.

"His eyes are everywhere! Keeping watch over the wicked and the good, but also the wicked. And do you know what he wants the most out of each and everyone one of you? Obedience!"

Then, the organist plays a church version of Juvenile's song Back That Azz Up as people get all worked up – a great way of highlighting the moral corruption of that church.

cloned13 The Conspiracy Theories in

People at the church are high on drug-laced grape drinks.

cloned14 The Conspiracy Theories in

We later discover that the preacher is a clone programmed by the elite.

There's another strategic place where the organization can control the minds of people: The all-important club.

Mind Control Music cloned15 The Conspiracy Theories in

Through a music label called Ruckus, the organization creates music designed to elicit specific emotions.

The protagonists discover that the local club is a "distribution center" for this tainted music.

As the club DJ talks to the crowd, we realize, once again, that his words have a double meaning.

"I got that new Ruckus, straight out of the lab. That's it, let the music take control, baby".

In rap lingo, "the lab" usually refers to the music studio. However, in this case, it literally refers to a laboratory.

cloned16 The Conspiracy Theories in

That's basically what I've been saying on The Vigilant Citizen for years.

The music eventually takes control of people's minds who turn against the protagonists. Yup, pop music can be used to weaponize people. But that's only the tip of a very disturbing iceberg.

The Master Plan cloned17 The Conspiracy Theories in

A propaganda billboard in the underground facility: Science and DNA technology to achieve "unity".

After uncovering all kinds of weirdness, people in the neighborhood come to this conclusion:

"So you're trying to tell me there's a bunch of Bill Nye the Science Guy-looking motherf*ckers underneath me right now? Experimenting on black folk, cloning n*ggas that look like you so they can control our minds?"

But what's the end goal of all this? A member of the organization explains:

"America was an experiment. A half-baked idea cooked up by aristocratic ideologues living in mansions built by slaves. And when they checked out, they left us with the bill. A country constantly at war with itself. No common ground, no dialogue, no peace. If we're all on the same page, then we're not ripping each other's heads off, and all of this has a chance to work. And that's what we strive for. Keeping the United States united."

However, at the end of the movie, we discover that there are even bigger plans to achieve "unity".

cloned18 The Conspiracy Theories in

The organization is looking to create a single human race (a blend of all races) – a plan that'll require a few generations to achieve.

The man in charge says:

"You see, the powers that be, the invisible people above me who pull the strings, weren't getting the results they wanted. Years of experimentation. Billions of dollars spent, yet no true peace in America. Hair products, songs on the radio, fried chicken, clones maintaining the charade. Short-sighted waste of ressources.

It's not enough to thank think the same, we have to be the same".

There you have it, the elite's plans hidden in plain sight. Yet, it is "science fiction".

In Conclusion

At first glance, They Cloned Tyrone appears to be revealing many of the shady things that have been discussed on this site and others for years. The movie blatantly depicts mind control experiments, chemicals laced in consumer products, compromised community leaders and, of course, music with nefarious intents.

Furthermore, the movie's conclusion addresses one of the elite's main goals: The creation of a single, homogenized race to facilitate the coming of a new world order. While the DNA/cloning aspect of the plot is up for debate, a similar agenda is being carried out right now: Movements of mass migration are purposely taking place across the world which, in time, will blur races and nationalities.

With that being said, They Cloned Tyrone is a Netflix movie – a platform known for propaganda and definitely not truth-telling. While the movie appears to be "aware", it ultimately accomplishes the exact opposite: It fictionalizes elements of truth in a sea of fiction. It is part of the elite's agenda called "Revelation of the Method" where its plans are revealed to the public (and passively accepted). It also causes people to associate these nuggets of truth with science fiction rather than real life.

The movie also deforms reality by framing the conspiracy as a black versus white thing (instead of elite versus the masses) which contributes to one of the elite's favorite agendas: Racial division.

In short, They Cloned Tyrone presents a strange, off-kilter version of reality. Kind of like this new "cloned" version of Jamie Foxx.

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2. Doja Cat’s “Demons”: Can We Just Agree That the Music Industry is Outright Demonic?

I know. I published a whole article about Doja Cat just a few weeks ago. What else can I possibly have to say about her? Well, a lot.

The music industry is currently using Doja Cat to pump out some of the most satanic videos in rap history and it's simply too blatant to ignore. Indeed, her video Demons sums up perfectly everything I've been writing about for years as it is basically about the music industry revealing its true, dark, and demonic side for all to see.

And people are definitely feeling that dark energy. Those are the top comments on YouTube.

demons1 Doja Cat's

With that being said, I've also been receiving messages that say something like:

  "She's trolling you bro! She's making these videos so you can write about them and you're giving her free publicity".

Listen, bro. Over 12 years ago, I was receiving similar messages about Lady Gaga trolling me personally. And my answer is the same: It doesn't make sense. Are you telling me that Doja's record label shelled out a massive budget to hire a big music producer, an expensive video director, a top-of-the-line stylist, and a bunch of Hollwood-caliber special effects people simply to troll one website? And all of these people concentrated their efforts and expertise to mildly annoy one dude in Canada? That is not how this works, bro.

Here's the truth: This video would exist whether this website exists or not. It is part of an agenda that was determined decades ago. I am not the target of this video, the rest of the world is.

Sure, when one looks at Doja's Instagram account, one might think she is trolling.

Screenshot 2023 09 05 132038 Doja Cat's

She did not join the Illuminati. She's an industry slave that is used by the Illuminati.

Doja Cat is not a "master troll". She's the one being trolled. She allowed herself to be turned into a literal demon in her music videos so she could be under the spotlight for a while. Until that spotlight burns her.

Let's look at her video appropriately titled Demons.


Demons was directed by Christian Breslauer who also worked with other industry pawns such as Lil Nas X (ew), Lizzo (big ew), and many, many others. Most of his videos perfectly cater to one industry agenda or another.

Demons is heavily inspired by the movie Poltergeist. As seen in my article titled The Insanely Dark Story Behind "Poltergeist" and its Young Star Heather O'Rourke, this movie is messed up in more ways than one. Its entire premise is about "TV people" preying on children and abducting them. Even worse, the story of the movie's young star Heather O'Rourke, and her tragic death at age 12 is simply too horrific to fathom. Long story short: She reportedly died after being raped by Hollywood creeps.

In other words, the movie Poltergeist managed to embody everything that is evil, wrong, and depraved in the movie industry. And that's the inspiration for Doja's video Demons.

demons2 Doja Cat's

The video takes place inside a house reminiscent of the one in Poltergeist.

demons3 Doja Cat's

Inside the home, we see TV static. Other than this being a direct reference to Poltergeist, we understand that the demonic activity we are about to witness is coming through screens. This is about mass media.

In Poltergeist, a little girl gets abducted by demonic entities who communicate with her through TV screens. She calls them "TV people". I don't see a better way of symbolizing the entertainment industry preying on children.

demons4 Doja Cat's

A shot of an innocent child sleeping. This is who they are preying on. 

Yup, these people love to get children involved in their dark, depraved projects.

demons5 Doja Cat's

The camera then focuses on a highly symbolic painting.

demons6 Doja Cat's

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli (1781).

The Nightmare is a 1781 oil painting by Swiss artist Henry Fuseli. It shows a woman in deep sleep with her arms thrown below her, and with a demonic and ape-like incubus crouched on her chest. The painting's dreamlike and haunting erotic evocation of infatuation and obsession was a huge popular success.
– Wikipedia

An incubus is a male demonic spirit that is said to haunt women when they sleep and engage in intercourse with them. The painting invokes the concept of sleep paralysis while the woman is interpreted by some as experiencing sexual pleasure.

In the context of the music video, does Doja play the role of the sleeping woman? Nope, she's that creepy crouching demon.

demons7 Doja Cat's

Devil's hand sign + snake bracelet = Pawn of the devil.

demons6 1 Doja Cat's

Demon Doja haunts Christina Ricci as she appears to be in sleep paralysis.

As you can see, Doja Cat is a "hip-hopified" demon, complete with all kinds of bling. They really want to make their satanic obsession seem cool and trendy.

Then Doja takes a bath. Of course, the scene is highly symbolic.

demons8 Doja Cat's

There's a massive all-seeing eye on the back of her head. The message: She's an industry slave.

demons9 Doja Cat's

A demonic hand grabs Doja right on the eye and she immediately becomes possessed. The message: The demonic industry turned Doja into a possessed slave.

As you can see, Doja is bathing in black goo – a mysterious substance that is involved in numerous conspiracy theories.

The Black Goo is a mysterious and evil entity that causes victims to become sick, drives them mad or corrupts them into performing every manner of criminal activities – often it is said to emit the smell of sulphur and moves of its own accord – the entity is said to actively take interest in the corruption of those around itself and is linked to a demonic conspiracy.

demons10 Doja Cat's

The state of rap music in 2023.

Christina Ricci then grabs a camera and tries to film what is going on in the attic (not unlike the movie Poltergeist). She finds this.

demons11 Doja Cat's

Doja's in the dark surrounded by goats. Because she's possessed Satan.

In a scene that is reminiscent of The Shining, Doja is typing up lyrics on a typewriter. And these lyrics are pure industry slave material.

I'm a puppet, I'm a sheep, I'm a cash cow
I'm the fastest-growing b*tch on all your apps now

You are tired of me 'cause I'm on your ass now
You are mad at me 'cause I am all they slap now

Yup, she's calling herself a puppet, a sheep, and a cash cow. Some might say that she's being ironic, but, deep inside, she knows that's 100% the truth. She's also bragging about being the "faster-growing b*tch on all your apps now". Well, in the era of algorithms, industry plants are artificially promoted in apps. Virality is controlled. That's the "reward" of selling your soul. TikTok and Instagram like you. Is it worth it?

demons12 Doja Cat's

Doja proudly wears a shirt that says Cash Cow. It is the kind of shirt a very disrespectful pimp would put on one of his hoes.

This is wrong yet appropriate for a couple of reasons. First, she refers to herself as a cow which is kind of reminiscent of Demi Lovato comparing herself to swine in a recent video. Why do these industry slaves keep comparing themselves to farm animals?

Second, the definition of a "cash cow" is a successful product or venture that is "milked" by the business owners. It is something that you exploit until it stops being profitable. She should just say that she's a puppet while she's at it. Oh wait, she already did.

All that's missing from this verse is the required modern female rapper lyric about her being a sex slave. Oh wait, there it is.

I done took the whole d*ck and blew my back out
I just swallowed all his kids and spit the class out

demons13 Doja Cat's

Stay away from children you creep.

The video ends with the family fleeing away as Doja and her demons take over the house as she yells:

How my demons look
Now that my pockets full?
How my demons look
Now that you b*tches shook?

That's rap in 2023. I wish it was 1993.

In Conclusion

The movie Poltergeist perfectly symbolizes the movie industry preying on children. And the video Demons perfectly symbolizes the music industry preying on children. Through screens, the demonic forces of the industry are invited right into our homes and into the minds of impressionable children.

Demons is not Doja Cat expressing herself as an artist. It is Doja Cat being used to push an agenda that will keep going, no matter who's the chosen "artist" of the moment. When people will get sick of her, the industry will simply choose another puppet, sheep, and cash cow. And people will be like "OMG she's so original!".

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3. This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

In the French-speaking province of Quebec, colleges are called Cegeps. And, at the Cegep du Vieux Montreal, students were given an agenda that is full of … agendas. Indeed, the cover of this thing manages to encompass nearly every single globalist agenda in existence these days. Not only that, but the agenda also contains a "manifesto" that basically calls for the burning down of all police stations.

But before I go further, let me take a step back and explain what I mean by "globalist agenda".

As explained in previous articles on this site, the ultimate goal of the global elite is to create a one-world government that some refer to as the New World Order (NWO). In order to achieve this goal, the elite is engaged in the massive process of deconstructing nations from within to make them compliant with the requirements of this world government. This is an insidious, multi-faceted plan that uses sold-out government officials to pass nation-destroying laws, mass media to push the propaganda in "entertainment" and, of course, education to indoctrinate people while they're young.

There is nothing new about any of this. A couple of years ago I published a document titled "Current Communist Goals" which lists 45 goals pursued by Marxist forces to overthrow America by infiltrating and corrupting its key institutions. That document dates from 1958 but it is more relevant than ever today. While the USSR failed at destroying America, globalists are succeeding at using the same tactics. Here are some points that are particularly interesting in the context of this article.

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use ["]united force["] to solve economic, political or social problems.

With these goals in mind, here's the cover of this college agenda.

cover3 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

cover1 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

The first communist goal quoted above talks about taking control of schools and their associations. The agenda above was created by the student association of the Cegep du Vieux Montreal. Clearly it was infiltrated by radicals and the actual school allowed the association to turn the agenda into the very definition of propaganda. Let's take a closer look at this thing.

The Weaponization of LGBTQ agenda1 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

This sticker depicts two "non-binary" people kissing while draped in the LGBTQ flag.

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

The LGBTQ movement has been hijacked and weaponized by the global elite to attack and deconstruct important foundations of a healthy society such as the traditional nuclear family. On a deeper level, it used to debase and confuse people by blurring the concept of genders which is the very foundation of human existence. This leads us to this next sticker.

agenda2 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

The trans flag with the slogan "Protect Trans Youth".

Propagandists are great at manipulating words to make their agendas seem virtuous. By "protect trans youth", they actually mean subjecting minors to extreme and dangerous sex change surgical procedures, not to mention equally dangerous hormone blockers. Indeed, outright child abuse is being openly promoted, all in the name of the gender-burring agenda. And, for some reason, these flags are on a college agenda.

Toxic Feminism agenda4 e1693507849966 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

A uterus giving us the finger … a representation of the elite's toxic version of "feminism".

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

In Canada, abortion is legal and it is not even close to being in danger. So why is a pro-abortion slogan put on a college agenda? Because obsessing over abortions is basically a way of life. It is an integral part of a new wave of toxic feminism where abortion is not seen as an unfortunate, last-resort procedure. Instead, it is an empowering ritual that is actually glorified and celebrated.

This next sticker goes in the same general direction.

agenda3 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

"Femicides, not one more".

Not too long ago, the word homicide was used to describe the murder of any human being. However, in recent years, the word "femicide" has been adopted by media outlets when a man murdered a woman. This switch in vocabulary is not random. As usual, it is part of an agenda. Every time an article headline mentions a "femicide", it turns a sad crime into a call to blame and repress masculinity in general. The ultimate proof of this fact: The word is prominently featured on the cover of this politically-charged college agenda.

Down With Capitalism agenda5 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

"Capital destroys the Earth".

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda.

19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations that are under Communist attack.

Globalists are in the process of brainwashing youth to make them believe that Marxism will cure all of their problems. Coincidentally enough, the World Economic Forum (the most elite organization on Earth) is calling for the death of capitalism through the "Great Reset".

davos9 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

A screenshot of one of the WEF's propaganda videos.

To convince young people that they must embrace the elite's oppressive system, they use the environment. More specifically, they use outright fear of the environment. The message: If we don't all become Marxists, we will all burn and die.

The sticker "Capital destroys the Earth" reflects this exact agenda. And students are forced to look at it all year.

This next sticker goes in the same direction.

agenda6 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

This sticker depicts masked, Antifa-looking protestors with the words "The people united will never be defeated".

These words are not random. They are a translation of "el pueblo unido jamás será vencido" – the slogan of the Chilian Marxist group that led to the election of Salvador Allende – a Marxist President.

In other words, a day planner distributed to students of a Canadian college promotes all-out communism … while profiting from the quality of life provided by capitalism, of course.

ACAB agenda7 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

This sticker depicts a burning police car with the letters ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards)". Interesting fact: Some students who have this agenda are studying to become cops.

agenda9 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

The agenda also contains a text that talks about the "police's role in the capitalist system". It even calls for the burning down of police stations. This is inside an agenda distributed to college students.

38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies.

42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use ["]united force["] to solve economic, political or social problems.

An integral part of the elite's agenda is to destroy trust and respect toward law enforcement while greatly reducing its reach. The whole "defund the police" movement is all about catering to this agenda. Several major cities around the world elected far-left mayors who have put in action such as plan. The result: Cities are turning lawless wastelands where crime is rampant, drug-addicted zombies roam around and people get attacked and robbed with no repercussion. If you think I'm exaggerating, just watch this video filmed in Philadelphia.

Believe it or not, that's exactly what the elite want. The goal is simple yet diabolic: To destroy the country from within, allowing the adoption of a New World Order. In their messed-up world, drug-addicted zombies are their friends while clear-minded, freedom-loving citizens are enemies that need to be monitored and oppressed.

This next sticker follows the same philosophy.

agenda8 This Agenda Given College Students in Canada Exemplifies How Education Has Turned into Indoctrination

A closed fist reminiscent of the Black Lives Matter logo.

The Black Lives Matter movement was funded by George Soros' Open Society Foundation. Its manifesto blatantly mentioned Marxism and the destruction of the nuclear family. A few years later, the leader of the movement was found to be a fraud and a hypocrite who used BLM money to purchase multiple houses.

Despite all of these facts, this agenda is still promoting this movement that actually does not care about Black people at all. Why? Because it fits multiple globalist agendas. BLM is actually about promoting racial division and police hatred, two important tools to destroy countries from within.

In Conclusion

Higher education used to be about learning facts and encouraging critical thinking. In recent years, it has turned into the exact opposite. Objective facts are being replaced with made-up doctrines. Critical thinking is being replaced with the unquestioned adoption of specific views. Of course, these views are perfectly aligned with the goals of the global elite.

The cover of this college agenda perfectly exemplifies the sad state of today's educational system. When I was a college student, the agenda had literal flowers on it. And quotes from ancient philosophers. If they wished, students could put on whatever stickers they wanted to reflect their personal views.

However, today, there are no personal views. One view is allowed and the others are shunned.

Colleges and universities have turned into indoctrination camps. And, while they're trying to come across as revolutionaries, those who push these views are actually complying with the wishes of the world's richest and most powerful.

They are tools. They are sheep. And they want all students to become one of them.

The Vigilant Citizen
Wed, 23 Aug 2023 16:24:28 +0000

4. Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

I recently watched Barbie at a movie theatre and, honestly, the experience stunned me. And not in a good way. Witnessing the audience applaud the weird, toxic, and borderline hateful messages found throughout the movie left me somewhat queasy and worried for the next generation.

A whole lot of things are said and done throughout that movie so, in order to properly analyze it, I'll have to rewatch it, pause it and take some notes. A full article about this movie is definitely in the plans.

Meanwhile, symbolic pics surrounding Barbie appeared across mass media and they confirm one important fact about the movie: It is elite-sponsored propaganda.

greta2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

Of course, elite-owned papers such as the New York Times gushed over the movie. In this article headline, Barbie director Greta Gerwig hides one eye with a Barbie eye, effectively doing a one-eye sign. The message: The movie is elite-sponsored propaganda.

barbie2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

One of the most popular characters in the movie is Weird Barbie. As you can see, that character was a perfect opportunity to incorporate a blatant one-eye sign right on the face of a Barbie. The message: This is elite-sponsored propaganda.

Like all modern elite-sponsored propaganda, the movie has to pander to the gender-blurring agenda.

barbie4 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

One of the Barbies is trans actor Hari Nef. If this name is somewhat familiar it's because he also played in The Idol – a degenerate series about sex slavery in the music industry. In Barbie, Hari actually gets hit on by one of the Kens.

Hari Nef is a typical industry plant that is artificially being raised to celebrity.

nefporter Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

Hari Nef was featured on the cover of Porter magazine. As you can see, his hair is strategically placed to form a one-eye sign. The message: Industry plant. Just another facet of the gender-blurring agenda.

Speaking of industry plants, Doja Cat is at it again. After releasing the intensely satanic video Paint the Town Red, Doja posted a bunch of symbolic crap on Instagram.

doja1 1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

While her pictures appear to be random attempts at trolling her audience, they're actually highly symbolic. In this series of pictures, there are butterflies – a reference to Monarch programming. Her nose is bleeding, a reference to the abuse and drug use associated with mind control. If you think I'm "stretching" with this interpretation, the next picture in the same series goes exactly in the same direction.

doja2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

This mirrored image makes it seem as if Doja has two heads. Coincidentally enough, this is a classic way of depicting the dual personalities of MK slaves.

doja3 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

Every once in a while, Doja is required to post highly unflattering pictures. This is part of the humiliation ritual that some "chosen" artists have to go through.

Travis Scott's Instagram account is even more disturbing. After laying low for a couple of years due to the catastrophic Astroworld festival (a dark ritual that culminated in the deaths of several people), Travis Scott is back with a new album. And the promotion surrounding it is … upsetting.

travis1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

Travis Scott's Instagram post promoting the release of his new album inexplicably contains pictures of sad-looking, shirtless children. In this particular picture, the child is covered with drawings, including a circle around one eye (one-eye sign). Why did he post this pic? 

travis2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

The same post contains another unexplained picture of a shirtless child. The most liked comment under the post is "are those the kids you sacrificed"? I don't know about that, but those pics definitely look like child trafficking headshots.

As usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place in these past weeks and was performed by some of the biggest celebrities on Earth. The message: They are owned and controlled.

millie Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

Millie Bobby Brown was discovered by the general public in the Netflix series Stranger Things when she was 11 years old. When I published my article about the first season, I predicted that she would be weirdly sexualized and that she would become an industry slave. Sadly, both predictions came true. In a photoshoot with WWD magazine, Millie performs the most blatant one-eye sign you've ever seen.

The WWD article promoted Brown's new fragrance. Here's the promo pic.

millie2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

Unmistakable one-eye sign.

rodrigo Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

This is the cover of Olivia Rodrigo's single Bad Idea Right?. As you can see, lipstick strategically hides one of her eyes. I think that this cover was a bad idea … right?

cara1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

Cara Delevingne is an industry slave. To make sure we are aware of that, they've got her doing a blatant one-eye sign on the cover of ELLE magazine. But wait, maybe she just doesn't understand how sleeves work. Let's look at another pic from the same photoshoot.

cara2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

Another oh-so-clever one-eye sign. The message: She's an industry slave and they want you to know it.

Britney Spears is in the news again because she's splitting from her husband of one year Sam Asghari. Considering the fact that nearly all of her partners are actually MK handlers, that is not surprising. Throughout this "marriage", Britney's Instagram account was a mess of MK-ULTRA madness.

britney1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

In a recent Instagram video, Britney pole dances while wearing a feline-print bikini. This is all Beta Kitten programming stuff. A couple of years ago, actress Rose McGowan stated that Britney was being trafficked and these bizarre Instagram posts sure do look like trafficking "ads".

britney2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

Alongside her trafficking videos, Britney's Instagram account is filled with blatant MK imagery. In this creepy post, broken porcelain dolls are strung together – a classic way of representing the fractured persona of MK slaves. The Lord's Prayer added as a caption only adds to the creepiness of it all.

Halsey is another blatant representative of the MK system. Everything about her is drenched in Monarch mind control imagery.

halsey1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

In this social media post, Halsey is nearly naked with butterfly wings (Monarch mind control – Beta Programming). Her caption talks about her turning into a butterfly ("Can't leave the chrysalis while I'm still gooey. See you when my wings come in".) This is Monarch vocabulary describing re-programming.

Mylène Farmer is a French artist who has been extremely popular for decades. Despite her status as an industry veteran, she needs to promote industry satanism to keep going.

mylene1 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

In her latest show, Mylène performed in front of two massive inverted crosses while wearing ritualistic red. Yup, she's yet another artist who turned a concert into an all-out satanic ritual.

mylene2 Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

At one point, she's under the spell of a dark hooded figure and levitates. A great way of conveying the fact that she's controlled by dark forces. 

No SPOTM is complete without a reminder that the gender-blurring agenda keeps reaching new levels of absurdity.

blush Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/23

This is a lingerie ad in Berlin. It says "For every woman. We mean every." Underneath is a picture of a BEARDED DUDE WITH HAIRY LEGS. If their relentless propaganda succeeds in making us believe that this dude is a woman, it can make us believe anything. And that's the ultimate goal.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics.

The Vigilant Citizen
Wed, 09 Aug 2023 19:48:16 +0000

5. The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat’s “Paint the Town Red”

If you've been following this site, you're probably aware of the fact that Doja Cat is one of the industry's current "it girls". Like the many others who preceded her (and the many others who will follow her), Doja Cat is currently profiting from an artificial, inorganic surge of media attention. This translates to magazine photoshoots, invitations to high-profile events such as the MET Gala, and lucrative contracts with companies such as Victoria's Secret.

However, like the other "it girls", Doja Cat's success comes at a steep price: She must fully comply with the industry's sick, satanic agenda while allowing herself to be reduced to the state of industry slave. Here are some examples taken from the last few months.

dojabalen The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

This is Doja Cat at the 2023 Balenciaga show. Yes, the same Balenciaga that released a disgusting pedophilic ad campaign. At the show, Doja had shaved and bleached hair which is a classic way of identifying MK slaves. Also, her makeup was purposely made to look as if she had a black eye and a bruised lip – a reference to the abuse of industry slaves.

Her 27th birthday party was a highly symbolic affair that was inspired by Eyes Wide Shut – a movie about elite sex rituals.

cake e1666892280274 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Her birthday cake featured Masonic symbols such as the Square & Compass and the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle.

That party was a gathering of industry slaves (i.e. Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande, and many more), all united to celebrate the "it" slave of the moment.

doka4 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Several pictures of Doja half-naked were "leaked" (most likely planned). It was all about submission (read my full article about that party here).

Everything surrounding Doja keeps getting darker and more blatantly satanic.

dojacat The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

On the cover of a previous single, Doja is naked and covered in blood. The inverted triangle over her body looks like a cup filled with blood. The caption says "Let's begin" with a drop of blood.

doja1 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja Cat arrived at Paris Fashion Week covered in red and attended a show titled Inferno Couture which was inspired by Dante's Inferno and the Nine Circles of Hell. In other words, this is low-key satanic stuff while also showcasing Doja Cat's status as an industry slave.

One way of identifying a current industry "it girls" is by the fact that they're often draped in red. Appropriately enough, Doja's latest single is titled Paint the Town Red. Even more appropriately enough, the song is all about sacrificing one's soul to be in the good graces of the industry.

Let's look at this symbolic video.

Paint the Town Red

As seen above, Doja Cat is slowly but surely introducing her fans to outright satanism. Appropriately enough, in her video Paint the Town Red, she literally takes her viewers to hell. The video is so blatant that even mainstream media have to acknowledge its diabolical nature.

rollngstone The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

A headline from Rolling Stone.

However, even faced with the most blatantly satanic video, mainstream media finds to rationalize the imagery by explaining that she's being a "rebel" or something. Newsflash: This video is the exact opposite of rebellion. It is about enslavement.

Paint the Town Red begins with Doja naked and drenched in blood (like on the cover seen above).

paint1 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja places her hand over one eye, effectively performing a one-eye sign.

But Doja takes that sign to a whole other level.

paint2 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja rips the eyeball out of her skull and places it on a table. The entire video will revolve around that eyeball.

Right from the start, we're in full occult elite territory. The scene uses the same imagery as the movie The Neon Demon which is about the dark side of the fashion world.

The removal of the eye triggers a series of diabolic events.

paint3 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja rides a devil-like figure while eyeballs hang in the background.

Meanwhile, the song's lyrics explain how Doja is willing to sacrifice herself for fame.

Yeah, b*tch, I said what I said
I'd rather be famous instead
I let all that get to my head
I don't care, I paint the town red

The expression "paint the town red" means "to go on a reckless debauch, to be wildly extravagant". However, in the context of the song, it is also a reference to Doja being constantly draped in red – the color of initiation and sacrifice. The next scene confirms this fact rather clearly.

paint4 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja stands with the Grim Reaper (the personification of death) while she is fully draped in red (the color of sacrifice).

Doja standing with the Grim Reaper is a reference to blood sacrifice. It is also a reference to the metaphoric death of the occult initiate leading to rebirth.

paint5 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

At one point, Doja drenched in blood appears on the Grime Reaper's scythe while she raps "You can't take that b*tch nowhere".

The blood-drenched Doja refers to the blood sacrifice and the death of her old persona.

After flying in the sky with the devil and chilling on Earth with the Grim Reaper, Doja goes further down. Way down.

paint6 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Doja finds herself in a stylized version of hell as she gets very close to the devil.

The lyrics of the post-chorus confirm that we are not imagining things.

Mm, she the devil
She a bad lil' b*tch, she a rebel

She put her foot to the pedal
It'll take a whole lot for me to settle

Other than calling herself "the devil", she also calls herself a "rebel", a word that always irks me when it comes to satanic crap. There's nothing "rebellious" about doing this stuff – it is literally the prevailing dogma. Even worse, it is the only dogma that is currently acceptable in mass media. In other words, she is just following orders and that's the exact opposite of being "rebellious".

In the following line, she talks about how she puts her "foot to the pedal" which is a reference to her prioritizing her career and success above anything else. In short, the song constantly links Satanism with success. That's the entire point of the song.

paint7 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

For some reason, one of the devil's horns is cut off. At one point, Doja hands the devil the broken horn but drops it before he can grab it.

paint11 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

Hanging next to the couple from hell is what looks like an embryo with a little demonic baby inside of it. Who is that supposed to be?

paint8 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

In another scene, Doja walks around with a cart holding raw meat.

Once again, this is a reference to blood sacrifice and even cannibalism. The occult elite consumes raw blood for its magical potency.

paint9 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

After all of this satanic madness, Doja cuts off the embryo.

Was that an abortion? I don't know anymore. I just want it to stop.

Then, we're back at the first scene with Doja drenched in blood.

paint10 The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat's

She grabs her eyeball and pops it back in her head.

This entire video was a literal one-eye sign. After she removed her eye (which symbolizes her submission to dark forces), we witness the satanic ritual sacrifice that is required for Doja (and other artists) to be successful.

In Conclusion

One doesn't need to be an expert in symbolism to understand that Paint the Town Red is satanic. However, even when faced with such blatant symbolism, the media will rationalize it by saying that she's "poking fun at her haters" and that she's "trolling". None of this is happening. All of this was planned – even the backlash against her.

Here's the harsh truth: To be successful in today's industry, you do not need to please your fans. You need to please the industry. If you're a chosen one, the industry will generate the artificial media attention one requires to be famous. We call these people industry plants.

To Doja Cat, all of this is worth it because she's "putting her foot to the pedal". However, there's one thing she overlooked: The ride she's on has no brake pedals. The only way to stop is by crashing. Ask Britney and the countless other "it girls" that preceded her.

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6. Young Thug’s Lawyer Wants Video Evidence of a Goat Sacrifice Ritual to Be Suppressed From Trial

In early 2022, Young Thug and several members of YSL Records were arrested and charged with conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. YSL member Shannon Stillwell (aka SB), was also arrested around the same time on alleged murder charges.

But that arrest was rather bizarre and it was all caught on video (most likely body cams). When police raided Stillwell's home, he was reportedly in the midst of an all-out goat sacrifice ritual.

Young Thug's lawyer wants video evidence of this arrest to be suppressed because it would "prejudice the jury against Mr. Williams" (Young Thug).

Screenshot 2023 07 31 154611 e1690841338853 Young Thug's Lawyer Wants Video Evidence of a Goat Sacrifice Ritual to Be Suppressed From Trial

Shannon Stillwell.

Here's the motion filed by Young Thug's lawyer.

F2Jp5Y6XkAE3aC1 e1690905354849 Young Thug's Lawyer Wants Video Evidence of a Goat Sacrifice Ritual to Be Suppressed From Trial

JUST IN: Attorneys for Young Thug filed a motion Thursday, claiming that co-defendant, Shannon Stillwell, who is facing numerous charges, including murder, was arrested by police "while in the midst of a religious ceremony which involved supposed sacrifice of goats." @wsbtv

— Michael Seiden (@SeidenWSBTV) July 28, 2023

As you can see, the lawyer strategically phrased what was caught on video as a "religious ceremony which involved the supposed sacrifice of goats".

That's some typical lawyer talk. It was an occult blood ritual. Whether you call it voodoo, witchcraft, Brujeria or all-out satanism, it's an occult ritual involving blood sacrifice. That's what they do.

It's not like Young Thug and his industry friends were hiding it. As seen in countless articles, their videos and photoshoots keep referencing their rituals.

young2thug2 Young Thug's Lawyer Wants Video Evidence of a Goat Sacrifice Ritual to Be Suppressed From Trial

In this promotional picture, Young Thug licks a $1200 shoe. More importantly, the snake on the shoe (a reference to Lucifer in The Book of Genesis), the ritualistic red, and the inverted cross combine to make this shot wholly satanic.

In 2018, I published an article about Young Thug's video Up featuring Lil Uzi Vert (pronounced Lil Lucifer). Here's a screenshot from it.

up5 Young Thug's Lawyer Wants Video Evidence of a Goat Sacrifice Ritual to Be Suppressed From Trial

This girl wears a pentagram on her face and horns on her head, not to mention a ritualistic red dress. In occult symbolism, holding horns means drawing occult power from demonic forces.

There's a lot of weirdness and irregularities surrounding this trial as it pokes at some of the shadiness happening in the music industry. They want this video footage of ritual sacrifice to be suppressed because it would hurt Young Thug's brand and influence negatively the jurors. More importantly, people would see for themselves the dark, depraved, and satanic side of the music industry. And they really do not want that – they want to be able to keep calling us "conspiracy theorists".

The Vigilant Citizen
Wed, 26 Jul 2023 20:35:45 +0000

7. This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

Warning: This article contains pictures that are not safe for work.

Namilia is a fashion brand based in Berlin, Germany. Described as "rebellious" and "unapologetic", Namilia attracted some attention with its "dickinis" and "vulva sleeves", two pieces of garments that look as stupid as they sound. Through provocative creations, the founders of the brand Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl say they use fashion to "proclaim their beliefs".

"For us, clothing is not just an aesthetic tool but a visual platform to proclaim our beliefs, conflicts and dreams."

As we'll soon see, their "beliefs" apparently revolve around mocking Christianity – which happens to be a staple of Satanism. However, like all Satanists, they will never admit that they are Satanists to the general public. Instead, they explain all of their work with buzzwords such as "feminism". However, as we'll see, Namilia's brand of feminism is actually degrading, highly toxic, and bent on erasing masculinity.

In short, everything about Namilia is in perfect accordance with the agendas of the occult elite. They want us to be faithless, dehumanized, self-hating whores. Probably for this reason, the brand has been experiencing a meteoric rise to success since its inception in 2015. In only a few years, Namilia is featured in major fashion shows, is praised by major outlets such as Vogue magazine and is worn by high-profile celebrities such as Rihanna and Cardi B.

Screenshot 2023 07 24 135739 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

"Influencers" wearing Namilia at the Barbie premier. Most people in the comments found that they did not belong there. But Namilia and Barbie are all part of the same globalist agenda so, in actuality, they do belong there.

While past Namilia creations were certainly provocative, the Spring 2024 fashion show took things to another level by mocking Christianity in the trashiest way possible.

In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy

On the third night of Berlin Fashion Week, the Namilia fashion show created a buzz with its new collection titled In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy.

The name refers to young women exchanging a sexual relationship with old men for money … until they die. Because, most likely, they were so old. It's not technically prostitution but it's in the same realm. That's the type of "feminism" championed by Namilia.

But that's not even the real issue. This whole sexual context is mixed with references to Christianity. Is Jesus the "sugar daddy"?

Let's just look at this mess.

namilia2 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

The top says "You can't enter heaven unless Jesus enters you". There's most likely a sick, blasphemous sexual innuendo in there.

namilia3 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

This is the back of the outfit above. There's a crucifix on her butt crack. Sexual innuendo confirmed.

namilia1 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

Do they truly love Jesus? Or are they mocking him with the revealing bottom half of the outfit?

namilia4 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

The top says "Jesus cums first". Not "comes first" – the other spelling which refers to ejaculation. That's the type of filth we're dealing with here.

namilia6 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

The shirt says VIP. Underneath is written "Very Important P*ssy". Now that's classy.

namilia7 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

Speaking of classy, here's this outfit. On the top are printed two crucifixes used to hide nipples. There are also the letters "VIP" which, as seen above, do not stand for "Very Important Person". Finally, demonic nails and a g-string complete this wonderful outfit that can be worn at work or at the gym.

namilia8 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

The combination of Christian imagery with highly sexualized bondage accessories is a recurring theme in this fashion show. It's also Satanic.

namilia9 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

Crucifix with BDSM-style spikes. It's all about blasphemy.

While Namilia is said to be "feminist", the words printed on their garments are not exactly uplifting. In fact, they are degrading and reek of self-loathing.

namilia10 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

Her shirt says "Boner Garage". That's rather forward. Why not just put the word "slut" on a top while we're at it?

namilia12 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

They've put "slut" on a top.

namilia11 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

"Schwein" means "pig" in German. What is it with "feminists" comparing themselves to pigs? This is reminiscent of Demi Lovato's recent song Swine, where she also compares herself to … swine.

namilia14 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

The model looks embarrassed walking around in this outfit. I mean, she's wearing a deformed crucifix with the words "Cunting Season" on her privates.

namilia13 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

There's a bunch of crucifixes on the top while the bottom says "Trash".

If you're like me, the word "degenerate" is probably reverberating in your mind right now. Also, you've probably had enough of this. However, I must point out another aspect of this show that is 100% on par with the elite's twisted agenda: Every single male model in the show was dressed in women's clothes. In slutty women's clothes.

namilia16 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

Bro, what are you doing with your life?

namilia15 This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

If there's one thing the elite hates more than Christianity it's masculinity.

In Conclusion

While the fashion brand Namilia is said to be "rebellious", there is actually nothing rebellious about it. Quite the contrary, the fashion show seen above follows in the strictest ways possible the oppressive dogma of the occult elite it is forcefully imposing on the world. It is the global culture they want us all to embrace and, magazines such as Vogue are used to hail these creations as works of art.

However, as stated by the creators of the brand themselves, fashion is merely another tool for propaganda. Through clothing, they are celebrating their true religion: Satanism. Furthermore, they're on a mission to dehumanize women, feminize men and glorify all that is sick, twisted, degrading, and unnatural.

On a wider scale, it is about creating a generation that hates itself and that has absolutely no self-respect or self-esteem. By printing words such as "slut" and "schwein" (pig) on its shirts, Namilia is not being cool or edgy, it is simply reflecting how the elite perceives the masses. Not only that, they want people to actually believe that's what they are.

With that being said, there's another word found on Namilia clothing that actually perfectly defines it: Trash.

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8. There is Something Terribly Wrong With Media’s Reaction to “Sound of Freedom”

Sound of Freedom is a movie based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a government agent who quits his job in order to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia. Directed by Alejandro Monteverde, Sound of Freedom is not your typical Hollywood movie. It was released by Utah-based Angel Studios, a company specializing in "faith-based" productions.

The movie was actually completed over five years ago, in 2018, and was slated to be distributed with 20th Century Fox. However, when the studio was bought by the Walt Disney Company, Sound of Freedom was shelved indefinitely. Apparently, Disney was much more preoccupied with making movies that groomed kids with sexual propaganda rather than releasing a movie exposing pedophile networks.

Luckily for the filmmakers, they were able to buy the distribution rights back from Disney and, through equity funding, they've managed to get the film released on July 4th, 2023.

Almost immediately, the movie was met with a bizarre barrage of bad reviews where the buzz words "QAnon conspiracies" appear in nearly every article, as if all of these "journalists" (propagandists) received the same memo.

The movie itself does not mention QAnon or anything even remotely related to it. It merely puts on film the story of Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad, the organization he created to fight child sex trafficking. However, mass media pundits made it a point to associate make this word association. Also, they decided that this movie was "controversial".

Why is that? Well, for starters, the media really does not like some people associated with the movie, starting with its star, Jim Caviezel.

"Controversial" Endorsements jimmel There is Something Terribly Wrong With Media's Reaction to

Jim Caveziel with Mel Gibson during the filming of Passion of Christ (2004).

Prior to Sound of Freedom, Jim Caveziel was mostly known for playing the role of Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson's Passion of Christ. The least one can say is that this role took a toll on Caveziel. During filming, he was accidentally whipped, got his shoulder dislocated, and suffered pneumonia and hypothermia.

Oh, he was also hit by lightning. Indeed, while filming the Sermon on the Mount scene, Caveziel was struck by lightning which led to two heart surgeries, including open-heart surgery.

In Sound of Freedom, Caveziel's character also has "Christ-like" qualities, especially when he tearfully looks at the camera and says "God's children are not for sale".

While the movie itself stays away from the "conspiracy theories" the elite wants to suppress by any means necessary, Jim Caveziel just goes all in at every chance he gets.

In the following interview, Caveziel directly refers to the satanic elite and the harvesting of adrenochrome.


— Karli Bonne' 🇺🇸 (@KarliBonnita) July 13, 2023

Another major endorser of Sound of Freedom is Mel Gibson. That is rather appropriate because one of the most memorable lines he ever uttered was:

"They can take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!"

When he screamed those words as Sir William Wallace in the 1995 movie Braveheart, Mel Gibson was one of the biggest movie stars in the world. However, even at the peak of success, Gibson found a way to anger people with massive truth bombs.

In a July 1995 interview with Playboy, Gibson said President Bill Clinton was a "low-level opportunist" and someone was "telling him what to do". He also stated that Oxford University's Rhodes Scholarship was established "for young men and women who want to strive for a "new world order" and was a "campaign for Marxism".

During a 1998 interview, Gibson alluded to the dark, satanic side of Hollywood.

A few years later, after some of his drunken tirades (notably about Jews starting wars) were leaked in the press, Gibson was shunned and blacklisted from Hollywood. While he stayed away from Hollywood productions for years, Gibson resurfaced to openly endorse Sound of Freedom, which is not a Hollywood movie.

So what's the fuss all about? Here's a look at the actual movie.

Sound of Freedom sound There is Something Terribly Wrong With Media's Reaction to

Jim Caveziel as Tim Ballard in Sound of Freedom.

While Sound of Freedom is said to be "faith-based", there is no religious preaching or political messaging throughout the movie. It simply wants to make one important point: Child sex trafficking is bad. And, somehow, mass media deemed this movie to be "controversial".

To drive that point across, the movie doesn't shy away from depicting scenes that are barely watchable. For instance, in one gut-wrenching scene, an old drunken tourist stumbles into a room where a terrified little girl is forced to wait for him. And, no, nobody flies in to save the day. The drunken pedo shuts the blinds as the viewers realize that nothing will stop the unspeakable things will happen in that cursed room.

These scenes shamelessly tug at the heartstrings and are nearly impossible to watch. However, they do happen in real life. Every day. Thousands of times a day. Not only that, child sex trafficking is a booming industry that keeps raking in record amounts of profits. As stated in the movie, drugs can only be sold a single time. However, a child can be sold several times a night.

By forcing the viewers to face these harsh realities, the movie sets itself apart from nearly all Hollywood productions that would never tackle such topics. The main reason: Hollywood is rampant with the worst pedophiles one can imagine.

Some critics complained that the movie was too straightforward. They did not like the fact that there was no surprise twist and that the hero remained an unwavering, incorruptible hero who just wants to see pedos go down. I guess they would have been pleased if the hero revealed himself to be a pedo all along or something like that.

But these professional "critics" should have realized that they were not watching a Marvel movie where random, unpredictable events just happen to fill airtime. Sound of Freedom is about telling a true story and exposing a horrific reality.

For instance, the movie begins with real and chilling footage of children being snatched from the streets and taken away by abductors working for these networks. These children end up in the child sex networks that are depicted in the movie.

They also end up in elite pedo rings that indulge in the most horrific practices known to men. For this reason, corrupt, elite-owned media outlets went on a bizarre propaganda campaign to disparage Sound of Freedom. As you'll soon see, they were willing to go extremely low.

Media's Unhinged Response

In Sound of Freedom, a man heroically infiltrates child sex trafficking networks and saves children from being raped by pedophiles. Media's response: This movie is bad. What in God's name is happening here?

Here's the thing: In Sound of Freedom, pedos are the bad guys. They are not misunderstood, oppressed victims who need to be coddled – they are sadistic monsters who prey on the divine nature of innocent children. And they need to be stopped.

This goes against the narrative that has been prevalent in mass media in the past years. The goal: To pave the way to a society where "MAPs" (minor-attracted persons) are treated like other sexual "minorities".

For this reason, nearly every elite-owned media outlet in the world published insane articles that attacked Sound of Freedom. Here's a headline from the "reputed" Washington Post.

washingtonpost There is Something Terribly Wrong With Media's Reaction to

A Washington Post headline that links Sound of Freedom with the QAnon boogeyman.

The second paragraph of this article says.

"Many critics have linked Sound of Freedom to the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy cult. They've also been startled by its mainstream success. But the truth is that the conspiratorial right and the Hollywood default aren't that different — which is why, perhaps, our polity has had such difficulty rejecting QAnon, Trump and fascism."

As you can see, this article throws every single buzzword at the readers such as "pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy cult", "conspirational right" and even "fascism". Yes, he used the word "fascism" to critique a movie about child sex trafficking.

One can wonder: Why does this "reviewer" hate this movie so much? If this movie was about cocaine trafficking in Colombia, would he be that offended?

Well, the answer is completely sickening. The author of this Washington Post article is Noah Berlatsky – a communications director for Prostasia, a "pro-pedophilia" advocacy group.

noahberasshole There is Something Terribly Wrong With Media's Reaction to

Noah Berlatsky on the Prostasia website.

According to their website, Prostasia supports the "Minor Attracted Persons" (MAPs) Club, a notorious group that tries to normalize pedophilia.

Earlier this year, Reduxx reported that a general manager of Prostasia – Prescott Bayern – was active on a pedophile messaging board dedicated to homosexual men who dubbed themselves "boy lovers" – pedophile men sexually attracted to underaged boys.

"Despite claiming to be motivated by a desire to eradicate child sexual abuse, the organization's efforts have dedicated themselves to crusades against child pornography bans, letter-writing campaigns to state representatives demanding child-like sex dolls be kept legal, and funding research into 'fantasy sexual outlets' for pedophiles,"Reduxx founder Anna Slatz explains. "Prostasia has also condemned anti-pedophile sentiment as harmful 'Nazi-like' rhetoric and called for its mass censorship across social media."
– Evie, "Sound Of Freedom" Critic For Bloomberg Is A Pedophile Sympathizer

In short, Berlatsky is a pedo extremist. In case you're still not convinced, here's a tweet he posted in 2017.

F1NOwuPWYAEDuyU There is Something Terribly Wrong With Media's Reaction to

Berlatsky's article about Sound of Freedom wasn't a "movie review", it was a hit piece coming directly from a pedophile advocacy group. And major outlets such as the Washington Post openly took the side of the child abusers.

Sadly the Washington Post was not the exception. Nearly every single elite-owned media outlet followed suit. The narrative: "Sound of Freedom = QAnon".

thefartdian There is Something Terribly Wrong With Media's Reaction to

A headline from The Guardian uses the same buzzwords as the Washington Post article which was written by a pedo. They're all funded by the same system.

Of course, Canada's government-funded CBC network had to participate in the insanity. After years of celebrating drag queens in schools and all forms of child grooming, the CBC attacked Sound of Freedom using the same buzzwords. In a recent interview on CBC Radio, pop culture "columnist" (propagandist) Radheyan Simonpillai said:

"We can't say that the movie itself is made by QAnon types. But certainly, their political goals make it something that QAnon conspiracy theorists would rally behind. Just like racists rallied behind Trump without him having to say anything overtly racist.

You would have only heard about this movie if you are a regular among church groups, or you regularly watch Fox News, or if you follow right-wing personalities. Or if you are a QAnon conspiracy theorist or part of the so-called Freedom movements.

But make no mistake. The movie's success has a lot to do with it being a dog whistle for xenophobic, pro-Trump, pro-Life types."

Yes, this "columnist" said that this movie about child trafficking in Colombia is a "dog whistle for xenophobic, pro-Trump, pro-Life types". In other words, this person is paid by Canadian taxpayers to spew pro-pedophile propaganda.

I could post many more examples of such headlines from around the world and they all prove two important points: 1) These outlets take their talking point from the same globalist elite source 2) They're on a mission to normalize pedophilia and they're willing to attack anything that goes against their agenda.

In Conclusion

Is Sound of Freedom the best movie I ever watched? Not really. Objectively, it's a well-made movie that touches on an important topic, and it was quite refreshing to watch. Any reasonable "reviewer" could have said the same and left it at that. But that's not what happened at all. Instead of objectively reviewing the movie, "reviewers" screeched like demons when faced with a crucifix.

Sound of Freedom clearly touched a nerve and, by doing so, it managed to reveal how far the elite (and its media system) is willing to go to defend pedophilia.

Through unhinged and desperate "reviews" (which are outright attempts at propaganda, complete with scary buzzwords), mass media outlets from around the world attempted to scare people from watching the movie for fear of being called "pro-Trump conspiracy cultists". Bloomberg and the Washington Post went as far as hiring a pro-pedo advocate to attack the movie. As a society, we truly need to reflect on the implications of such a move by major media outlets.

As usual, these propagandists used their favorite tactic: the "far-rightization" of the topic to scare people away. However, this issue is not about Left versus Right. It is about Good versus Evil. The most important line of the movie is "God's children are not for sale". If, somehow, you are offended by that line … then you can go to hell.


The Vigilant Citizen
Fri, 07 Jul 2023 16:44:08 +0000

9. The Hidden Messages in “The Idol” About the Music Industry

Warning: Colossal spoilers ahead!

Despite the fact that the series received a barrage of terrible reviews, I sat down a watched all five episodes of The Idol. My first impression: The show should have been called Lily-Rose Depp's Butt in Various Outfits While The Weeknd Gets Increasingly Sweaty and Coked Up.

Not only is this title catchier, it properly reflects what we see for most of the series. There's indeed a ridiculous amount of close-up shots of Lily-Rose Depp's barely covered butt during the series, to the point that it becomes just absurd. The analytical part of me wondered: Is there a comment about the music industry in these shots or is it just director Sam Levinson just being the perv that he is?

It's most likely both. The Idol is about industry slavery as seen by people who actually exploit industry slaves.

Interesting fact: The Idol was originally directed by Amy Seimetz who had already completed about 80% of filming. Judging by various reports, the original version had a much different tone and perspective. However, she was fired and replaced with Sam Levinson who rewrote and refilmed the entire thing. The result: Lily-Rose Depp's Butt in Various Outfits While TheWeeknd Gets Increasingly Sweaty and Coked Up.

Those who hired Sam Levinson knew exactly what they were getting. The director is mostly known for creating Euphoria, a teen drama that's just, like, terrible, for so many reasons. In my article about Euphoria, I wondered why a 37-year-old man would dream up and put on film so many extreme sex scenes involving minors. Some commentators answered that Levinson had no ill motives and that he was simply reflecting youth culture.

However, with the release of The Idol, many finally realized that there was something off with this guy.

headline The Hidden Messages in

An article about the bizarre thing that happened during the filming of The Idol.

With Sam Levinson's version of The Idol, we got a raw reflection of the music industry – as expressed by actual industry insiders. Other than global star The Weeknd, the show features K-Pop star Jennie, super-producer Mike Dean, and several others. However, in the end, The Idol is all about Lily-Rose Depp.

Lily-Rose Depp is The Idol lilylangfeld The Hidden Messages in

Lily-Rose Depp with fashion industry legend Karl Langfeld.

Lily-Rose Depp is the daughter of American sex symbol Johnny Depp and French sex symbol Vanessa Paradis. Right from an early age, she was groomed to become a sex symbol herself and her parents made sure that she was put in contact with all the right people. While she appeared in a few movies and fashion shows, The Idol was her big break.

At an important point during the series, Lily-Rose Depp's character tells The Weeknd's character:

"It's not about you. It's about me."

Not only does this line represents a turning point in the power dynamic between the characters, but it also sums up The Idol as a whole. While The Weeknd is the big wig (literally) behind the show, the series is actually about making Lily-Rose Depp a star.

In many ways, The Idol is reminiscent of Blonde, a movie about Marilyn Monroe's life and, more precisely, her traumas. As explained in my article about Blonde, the movie is actually about witnessing the lead actress Ana de Armas being subjected to extreme, humiliating, and highly sexual situations. Both Blonde and The Idol were qualified as "torture porn" by angry reviewers while also praising the main actress. In a way, these difficult and borderline degrading lead roles serve as an industry initiation for these actresses.

Like Blonde, The Idol is also a brutally honest reflection of the entertainment industry. The main message: It is full of sex slaves.

Let's look at this thing.

The Idol

Everything you need to know about The Idol is summed up in the very first shot of the series.

idol1 The Hidden Messages in

Lily-Rose's character – named Jocelyn – stares at a camera while a device hides one of her eyes. Yes, there's a one-eye sign right at the start of the series. The message: This is all about the occult elite and its twisted industry.

We eventually learn that Jocelyn was a child star who had an abusive and controlling mother. The death of her mother caused Jocelyn to have a complete mental breakdown which lead to the cancelation of her tour because she was "out of her mind, babbling up in the roof and talking to things in outer f*cking space".

In short, that's a classic MK ULTRA breakdown as experienced by actual industry slaves such as Britney Spears.

So, in the first scene, Jocelyn partakes in a photoshoot which devolves into a debate about her showing her breasts.

idol2 The Hidden Messages in

During the shoot, Jocelyn wears a red robe. As we'll soon see, this character often wears red outfits – the color of sacrifice and initiation in occult elite circles.

In this photoshoot, Jocelyn wears a bizarre but important item: A hospital wristband. Jocelyn's manager Nikki explains why this thing is part of the photoshoot:

"Mental illness is sexy."

Nikki argues that a girl like her would never have sex with a regular Joe from Idaho unless she had very serious mental problems. Then, Nikki instructs Jocelyn to show more nails, "like a kitty cat".

Like a sex kitten.

After the photoshoot, Jocelyn rehearses the choreography of her new single titled World Class Sinner. Of course, everything about her act is pseudo-satanic. It is a music industry requirement.

idol3 The Hidden Messages in

The choreography contains a reference to Britney Spears' Slave 4 U – the theme song of industry slaves.

idol4 The Hidden Messages in

Of course, the choreography of the song called World Class Sinner finds a way to mock Christianity. It's an industry requirement.

idol5 The Hidden Messages in

Everybody liked that performance, including Talia the transgender journalist who works for Vanity Fair.

Throughout the series, Talia is a somewhat intimidating figure who has the power to make or break careers. In short, Talia represents "the media" who can spin stories and create narratives.

Conveniently enough, a media crisis surfaces while Talia is around. Jocelyn's team panics and they immediately discuss ways of spinning the story to their advantage.

idol6 The Hidden Messages in

A picture of Jocelyn with sperm on her face has gone viral.

Her manager says:

"How 14-year-old girls are going to buy tickets for this when she's frosted like a Pop Tart?"

What's interesting about this line is that, with stars such as The Weeknd and K-Pop star Jennie, the show itself targets young girls. And these viewers are exposed to this rather gross storyline, complete with close-up shots of the picture.

In the context of the story, the picture going viral is a humiliating and traumatizing ordeal that further cements Jocelyn's status as a Beta Kitten slave. In fact, her managers fear that it'll lead to her suffering another breakdown.

On a wider scale, the viewers of The Idol saw a picture of Lily-Rose Depp with her face covered in (possibly fake) semen. Was that part of her industry initiation? The fact that her father Johnny Depp enthusiastically supported her performance in this show is rather weird. And, as we'll see, his daughter we'll be subjected to a whole lot of under things.

The Handler idol19 The Hidden Messages in

Tedros performing some hypnotic, mind-control stuff on Jocelyn.

After a difficult day, Jocelyn goes to a club owned by a rat-tailed guy named Tedros (played by The Weeknd). This place has a clear satanic vibe.

idol11 The Hidden Messages in

This disciple of Tedros walks around with an inverted cross around his neck. They're a satanic cult.

While animating the crowd, Tedros says:

"This is a church for all you sinners!"

As Madonna's Like a Prayer plays in the club (a satanic song), Jocelyn is immediately attracted to Tedros. She cannot resist his sleazy pimp energy.

The next day, Jocelyn invites Tedros to her house. Her assistant doesn't like that at all. She says:

– I hate his vibe.
– Why?
– He's so rapey.
– Yeah, I kind of like that about him.

Yes, Jocelyn is messed up. She's been controlled and abused her entire life and, apparently, she craves more.

When Tedros arrives, Jocelyn descends the stairs dressed in red. They go to Jocelyn's home studio where Tedros teaches her to "sing like she knows how to f*ck".

idol8 The Hidden Messages in

Tedros covers Jocelyn in bright red – the color of sacrifice and initiation. Then, he chokes her while rubbing her privates.

Then Tedros tells Jocelyn:

"Now you know how to sing".

End of the first episode. And everything about it was 100% Beta Kitten stuff.

In the next episode, we have to sit through countless minutes of Tedros fondling Jocelyn in every way possible while saying things such as:

"I want to grab you by the ass while I suffocate you with my c*ck and I want you to choke on it."

Bonus fact: While he's saying this, there's a 17-year-old girl watching them (more on her later).

These sex scenes are not hot. They're gross and you want them to end. However, they do cement Tedros as a creepy MK handler. And we soon discover that he's been grooming a bunch of slaves to be "artists" for a while.

A Bunch of Slaves

Tedros has a knack for finding musical talent. Then he turns them into Beta Kitten slaves.

idol9 The Hidden Messages in

Izaak's entire act is about making ladies (and men) horny. He's often dressed in animal prints (used in the occult elite to identify Beta Kitten slaves) and his hair is bleached (also used to identify slaves). In many ways, Izaak is reminiscent of Lil Nas X – a major industry slave.

Another artist in Tedros' stable is named Chloe. As soon as she appears in the show, she gets completely naked. Then we learn that she's actually 17 years old (the actress is in her 20s).

idol10 The Hidden Messages in

For absolutely no reason, Chloe wears a devil hat at one point. Just satanic things.

If you know a little something about Monarch mind control, you know that electroshocks are used by handlers to cause trauma and dissociation. Tedros does exactly that to his slaves.

idol12 The Hidden Messages in

Tedros shocks his disciples while telling them MK handler things such as "You wanna be a star, you gotta push through the pain" and "You're not human, you're a f*cking star".

idol13 The Hidden Messages in

When Jocelyn tells Tedros that her mother used to beat her with a hairbrush, he tells her to go get it. Then, he beats her with it.

He tells her:

"This is really gonna hurt. But if you push through the pain, it'll be beautiful".

Typical MK handler stuff.

idol14 The Hidden Messages in

While recording a song, Tedros blindfolds Jocelyn (with symbolic red fabric) and fondles her … in front of a bunch of people. Producer Mike Dean laughs at her. It's degrading and humiliating. It's Beta Kitten stuff.

Another clue that this show is about mind control is that they literally say the words "mind control". At one point Jocelyn's assistant tells Izaak:

– He's doing mind control on her or something.
– Mind control?
– Yeah, he's like using her in front of other people like she's not even a human being.
– Well, she's not a human being. She's a star. And stars belong to the world.

Meanwhile, Jocelyn's management team is losing it.

idol15 The Hidden Messages in

Finklestein is "sh*tting more blood than a kid at Epstein Island". This edgy joke is also yet another reference to the occult elite's pedophilic network of MK slaves.

In order to convince her management team to take them on tour, Jocelyn schedules a meeting where she and the other slaves would put on a memorable performance. It was all about sexual slavery.

idol16 The Hidden Messages in

One artist straight-up offers sexual favors to Finklestein.

idol17 The Hidden Messages in

All of the artists (including 17-year-old Chloe) are basically in their underwear. Also, most performances are glorified lap dances.

The performances culminate with Jocelyn performing a song that is mostly her panting and breathing heavily. Here's a sample of the lyrics she sings:

Lock me up and throw away the key
He knows how to get the best out of me
I'm no force for the world to see
Trade my whole life just to be
Top of the world, but I'm still not free
This is a secret that I keep
Until it's gone, I can never find peace
Waste my whole life just to be

Could this be more about industry slavery?

idol18 The Hidden Messages in

Jocelyn's performance ends with her kneeling in front of Finklestein as if she was about to pleasure him. The fact that he refers to himself as a "parent figure" while she's in this position is rather weird.

Needless to say, the managers were happy and impressed. Because, in The Idol, good music is directly linked to sex.

The series ends by implying that Jocelyn was actually using Tedros to good music from her. Nevertheless, they end up together but Jocelyn is now the dominant one. Thus ends one of the stupidest love stories of all time. But that really wasn't the point of this series.

In Conclusion

The Idol is an annoying and cringy show that I will never watch again. On the other hand, it is one of the most brutally honest depictions of the music industry seen on TV, as expressed by people who know about it firsthand. Throughout the series, success in the industry is equated with unquestioned obedience to handlers, combined with sadistic torture and extreme sexual acts.

However, none of this is actually denounced. In fact, Tedros, the MK handler in the series, ends up being depicted as a genius who knew how to bring out the best in his artists … by electroshocking them and so forth.

In short, The Idol normalizes the sad, sick, and twisted nature of the music industry that reduces artists to sex slaves who are used to please the higher-ups of the industry. At the center of it all is Lily-Rose Depp who, throughout these five episodes, is treated as a sex object for all to see. And the industry will most likely reward her for that.

The Vigilant Citizen
Thu, 29 Jun 2023 19:29:18 +0000

10. “Swine”: Demi Lovato’s Pro-Abortion Video That is Equally Dumb and Evil

On the first anniversary of the overturning of Roe vs Wade, Demi Lovato released a surprise music video titled Swine. And, after watching that video a couple of times, I have to admit: It worked. I am now pro-abortion. Because I think that the people involved in that video should have been aborted.

Bad jokes aside, watching this video and listening to its lyrics is a sad and unsettling experience. It's one of these things I believe will be studied in the future as an example of "cultural weapons" used to destroy a civilization from within. It is actually quite astonishing.

My opinion about this video doesn't even originate from my personal stance on abortion. Should abortions be outright banned? I honestly don't know. I believe it is a complex issue that should be debated rationally. In the context of the United States, allowing each State to decide using its democratic processes is probably the best way to go. And that's exactly what the overturning of Roe vs Wade accomplished.

With that being said, I am 100% adamant on a couple of points: Every single abortion is a sad and unfortunate event. Also, absolutely no abortion is "empowering" nor is it a cause for celebration. And don't get me started on late-term abortions where born-alive babies are literally left to die.

Clearly, Demi Lovato doesn't agree with any of this.

I created 'SWINE' to amplify the voices of those who advocate for choice and bodily autonomy. I want this song to empower not only the birthing people of this country, but everyone who stands up for equality, to embrace their agency and fight for a world where every person's right to make decisions about their own body is honored.
— Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) via Twitter

Yes, you've read correctly. Lovato used the words "birthing people" to refer to women. She literally used a term that is used to erase women from the public space in a post about "equality" and "empowerment". The hypocrisy on display in these sentences is astonishing. However, coming from Lovato, none of this is surprising.

Confused Industry Slave 290599815 759224378597866 6339986428597949274 n e1656854520742

The cover of Demi Lovato's last album where she lies on a dirty mattress shaped like a cross while wearing a BDSM outfit. 100% Satanic.

As explained in numerous previous articles, Demi Lovato is one of the most obvious slaves in the music industry. Throughout the years, she displayed numerous symptoms of MK programming (breakdowns, "rehab") while her "art" has been reduced to cringy agenda-pushing.

For instance, in 2021, Lovato announced to the world that she was "gender-neutral" and her pronouns were "they/them". Media outlets were ecstatic. Her outright lying about her supposed lack of gender was indeed very brave.

Lovato also used her social media accounts to post insanities such as "gender reveal parties are transphobic". To prove her point, she quoted none other than trans author ALOK who infamously claimed that "little girls can be kinky".

After struggling with her own pronouns and supposed gender neutrality, Lovato just gave up and announced to the world that she was a woman again.


Apparently, you can switch your whole gender according to your energy level.

In short, Lovato is used to push agendas that she cannot even understand because, to her credit, they barely make sense.

Then, she released Swine.


The title of the song itself is telling. According to Demi, the humanity of "birthing people" is defined by local abortion laws. The delusion doesn't stop here as Demi compares herself to a witch about to be burned at the stake … because she is pro-abortion. Yes, that's exactly what is happening right now.


Demi wears a sacrificial red outfit as she is being trialed as a witch.


In front of her are old, white, cisgender, conservative, religious males that want to ruin her life. Also, there's a black man in there because black people who do not abide by the agenda are EVEN WORST.


These evil men are holding a "Witches' Verdict" and are about to execute Demi.

While facing these judges, Lovato sings these inspiring words:

God forbid, I wanna suck whatever the f*ck I wanna
God forbid, I wanna f*ck whoever the f*ck I want

And if he cums, I guess I gotta be a mother

I honestly don't know where to start. So I guess I'll start with the first word of the verse: God. This word is followed by a bunch of other words that shouldn't be in the same sentence as God. However, this fits perfectly with the blasphemous theme of this entire thing.

If we take the time to analyze these words, Lovato argues that God, religious people, and the entire government do not want her to suck random dudes. Because if these dudes ejaculate, she will automatically and begrudgingly become a mother.

Yup, that's exactly how sex works. There is definitely no such thing as birth control or, like, not having dudes ejaculating inside of her. Nope. Sex = Automatic mother. Don't question Demi Lovato on those things – she used to transcend the very concept of gender after all.

The first verse continues:

F*ck what I think, I don't know a thing
The government knows my body

So Demi DOESN'T want the government to make decisions regarding her body. Cool. I wonder what was her stance regarding COVID vaccines.




Lovato actively promoted the censorship of information against COVID vaccines.

Anyways, let's continue reading this historic verse.

No, it's okay, it's better this way, I'm only a carbon copy
Even if I'm dying, they'll still try to stop me

In the last line, Lovato insinuates that some places will let "birthing people" die instead of performing an abortion. That is simply untrue. This is pure, unadulterated misinformation. Isn't she against misinformation? Maybe she's only against it when it harms Pfizer.

As she sings these illuminating words, Lovato is supported by a crowd of mentally challenged people.


This female version of Dwight Schrute rolls her eyes at us because not killing babies is SO LAME.


This dude is giving us the shampoo commercial twirl while also being angry about abortions. But why is he even there? Dude, YOU CAN'T GET PREGNANT.

At this point in the video, Lovato blesses us with a second verse that is also full of knowledge and wisdom.

Picture your faith, imagine your God and even your Holy Bible
Is suddenly bannеd, do you understand?
Now doesn't that sound entitlеd?
It's your book, but it's my survival

Again, Lovato rails about "your God" (not hers) and "your Holy Bible". In a spectacular leap of logic, she compares the restricting of abortions to the banning of an entire religion. Is abortion a religion now?

The last line says "it's my survival". How? The only ones "not surviving" are unborn babies.

There is more to this legendary verse.

We gotta grow 'em, we gotta raise 'em, we gotta feed and bathe 'em
And if you won't, they call you a witch to burn at the stake in Salem
Thought by now they'd change, but we're still waiting

Demi Lovato reduces motherhood to a series of annoying chores to be performed on unwanted runts. And, apparently, the only thing that is preventing her from experiencing the awfulness of motherhood is unlimited abortions. The toxic mind state that comes with this line of thinking is quite unsettling.

The verse ends with a common expression which, in the satanic context of this song, takes on a more literal meaning.

Give these motherf*ckers hell

Then comes the chorus.

My life, my voice
My rights, my choice
It's mine, or I'm just swine
My blood, my loins
My lungs, my noise
It's mine, or I'm just swine

It's funny. People said the same things about forced vaccinations. And choosing to not get vaccinated is TRULY a personal choice because it does not involve killing a baby. But she wanted to silence these people.

Anyways, Demi then mocks Jesus.


Demi plays the role of Jesus in a re-enactment of the Last Supper, complete with her mentally challenged disciples.


Bro, stop with sassiness. I realize that you're wearing a weave but you still CANNOT GET PREGNANT.

Of course, Demi Lovato is not Jesus. She actually embodies the exact opposite.


Demi Lovato walks with her angry friends while holding a lantern.

In the scene above, Lovato is a light bearer. Appropriately enough, the word Lucifer is literally translated to "light bearer" in Latin. Coincidence? I don't think so.


Demi sings angrily in front of hellish fire. She really wants to give us hell.

Of course, the video ends in the dumbest way possible.


Lovato walks TOWARD the fire.

What is she doing? Why? I thought she didn't want to get burned at the stake. Is she sacrificing herself for abortions? None of this makes any logical sense. On the other hand, this scene actually sums up perfectly how this entire agenda ultimately leads to self-destruction. So bravo, Demi, bravo.

In Conclusion

Swine is nothing less (and nothing more) than social indoctrination. It is purposely written in the irrational tone of a hysterical child to influence the minds of suggestible teenagers and immature adults. While Swine is said to defend the rights of "birthing people", the video actually puts way more focus on satanic imagery. Because, in their twisted minds, abortions are a type of child sacrifice. And I'm not making this up. The Satanic Temple actually promoted "ritual abortions" a few years ago.

When you truly think about it, who is actually treated like swine? "Birthing people"? Or the babies that get slaughtered in a cold and sterile environment?

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