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Vegan Richa

Vegan Richa
Tue, 24 May 2022 13:12:00 +0000

Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Cookbook is out now

Its celebration day, gratitude day and preview day for the book that is releasing today and should be in your hands soon.

🎉 Celebrate

It's a long time coming. I have been patiently waiting, like everyone who pre-ordered but that wait is over. And you all should be getting it your mail hopefully today. The book was conceived in 2019, got an agent and publisher that year and now it is here! And I am busy signing copies. yay 🥳

Vegan Richa's Instant Pot CookBook
🙏 Gratitude | Mega Launch Giveaway

I loved creating this labor of love and I sincerely wish you all will love cooking from it. As a creator, I derive the most satisfaction from creating flavor packed vegan recipes and this collection of recipes should hit all the right places.

Here are 3 steps on how to spread your love of flavor and win doing it —

  1. 5 recipes to try today, see previous post for the details.
  2. Remake a recipe or simply share picture of the book you received! And post on social with #veganrichainstantpot.
  3. That's it, you get entered in my weekly draws where I am giving away multiples of what you see in this image. (Instant pot, exclusive vegan richa spice boxes!, instant pot accessories, nutribullet blender, spice tiffins(spice storage) and fave pasta bowls)
🤓 What Are They Saying So Far

Take Instant Pot cooking to the next level with a pot-in-pot technique – Washington Post!!

  • "I was immediately sold on the possibility. After all, the Instant Pot's greatest gift to home kitchens isn't the speed; it's the hands-off cooking. Multiply the number of dishes you can make this way at once, and the efficiency can't be beat."

"This is next-level Instant Pot cookery — literally."

Washington Post

With Vegan Richa, You Can Make Amazing Indian Food in an Instant Pot – Treehugger review

  • "Vegan Richa's recipe for Butter Chicken Sauce paired with the Baked Tofu was heavenly—and I've tried many versions, vegan and not, over the years. I couldn't stop scooping it out of the pot, even as I was getting ready to serve my hungry kids. They loved it, too."
  • "Whether you're vegan or not, if you own an Instant Pot this is a cookbook worth ordering. Since getting my copy, I've used it multiple times a week because everything is just so easy and delicious."

Publishers weekly

  • "For delicious meals that can be made in a pinch, Hingle is a wise and unwavering guide.
  • "To showcase how versatile it is, she presents a wide array of vegan dishes that includes Indian comfort food, crispy Mexican crunch wraps, and desserts, and arms readers with the techniques, substitutions, and cooking times to create them, no matter where one lives (readers living at higher altitudes will particularly appreciate the adjustments made to accommodate)."
📚Get your own copy now Amazon Barnes & Noble Indigo Book Depository BAM!

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Vegan Richa
Sat, 21 May 2022 12:10:51 +0000

Start cooking from VRIP Cookbook! 5 Sneak Peak Recipes

Just 4 days to go for book release day! I am super excited! 🎊🎉🎊❤️‍🔥

5 Recipes from Vegan Richa's Instant pot cookbook! Try the Brownies, Dum Aloo, Mushroom Stroganoff, Spinach rice & Banana Oatmeal bars.

Instant Pot Brownies in a baking dish and plate The supply chain issues have caused many  book releases to delay. My book delayed by 3 weeks as well and is now coming on May 24. The book is at the warehouse and has already shipped to some of my blogger friends and the marketing team. It's starting to ship for Preorders too!

Another reason to PREORDER today! We don't know when the supply issues might hit us again, and when the next prints will come in when the first prints run out.

Instant Pot dum aloo in a white plate

Thank you to everyone who Preordered! Preorder numbers are incredibly important for authors!

I can't wait for you to cook from the book! Why wait though, Let's start cooking from the book. Whether you preordered or not, you can start cooking right away.  I'll share a few recipes on this post and you can try those out, share on social with #veganrichainstantpot and enter to win some giveaways every week! 

Instant Pot Mushroom Stroganoff in a bowl Let's start with these 5 recipes from the book!

Click below to get the recipe.

Instant Pot Banana oatmeal bars in a white plate Every week we will pick 4 winners to win one of Instant pots, nutri bullet blender, spices, dals, soy curls, magnetic cooking charts, spice tiffins and more! The list will be posted on Release day!

Giveaway is open worldwide!

Instant Pot Spinach Rice in a white plate To Enter the giveaway,
  1. Make one of the listed recipes or any other recipe from the book if you have the book already.
  2. Post on social media and tag #veganrichainstantpot (on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or tik tok) to enter. That's it!
  3. I'll post some of these recipes as videos which you can remix or duet on social! Remixes and duets will also be entered.

Sneak peak inside the book here. What's in the book? With 150 recipes from a range of global cuisines, this cookbook has everything from breakfasts to desserts to my favorite regional Indian dishes. Inside you'll find flavorful recipes like Crunch Wraps, Peanut noodles and Bolognese, inventive use of the pot to make recipes like chickpea tofu. You will also find Indian comfort foods like Palak Tofu, Malai Kofta, Keema and regional favorites like dhansak, avial, and Mango Chutney.

 Glutenfree Soyfree Nutfree options, Nutrition calculation and both US and metric measures.

Have questions? Leave them in the comments!

let's start cooking!🎊🎉🔥

Want to buy an Instant pot! Get 10% off on Instantpot.com 

  • Code: RICHA10
  • 10% off orders of $50 or more ends 5/24

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Vegan Richa
Wed, 18 May 2022 11:57:15 +0000

Peanut Sesame Noodle Salad

Peanut Sesame Noodle Salad –  a simple Thai-style cold noodle salad with an addictive peanut butter & sesame dressing that you will love. Perfect for meal prep. Gluten-free ,  Nutfree option

two plates with vegan sesame noodle salad with creamy peanut butter dressing

Peanut Noodle Salad, a satisfying vegan noodle salad that is so quick and easy and looks so pretty with all those added veggies! Thin Asian noodles are infused with a creamy tangy, sweet and spicy peanut sesame soy sauce dressing.

a bowl with peanut sesame noodle salad tossed with a creamy peanut dressing

This sesame noodle salad is the simply perfect salad for a hot day. You can work ahead of time and make the noodles and the dressing the day before.

Then toss the noodles and let them soak in all the flavor from the dressing overnight.The next day, just toss it with your veggies and sprinkle with peanuts right before serving. Yum!

un plato con sesame noodle salad with peanut dressing

To up the protein, add some fried tofu or chickpeas or edamame to the salad.  If you want to take this to a potluck picnic, double the recipe! This one is a crowd pleaser the whole family will love.

peanut sesame noodle salad with vegetables sprinkled with sesame seeds and peanuts

More noodle recipes:

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Vegan Richa
Sun, 15 May 2022 12:05:47 +0000

Tikka Masala Birria Tacos (vegan)

Vegan Birria Tacos with Tikka Masala Sauce – an Indian twist on a Mexican street food classic that you will LOVE! The vegan birria filling is made using mushrooms and peppers cooked with a fragrant spice blend. Glutenfree Soyfree Nutfree

vegan birria tacos served with a small dish of vegan masala gravy

Coming at you with some prime vegan fusion food. Vegan Tikka Masala Birria Tacos. Mexican street food with an added Indian twist.

Traditional birria tacos consist of stewed meat wrapped in tortillas soaked and toasted in broth, served with a side of broth, also known as consomé, for dipping the tacos into. My vegan version uses a savory sauteed veggie filling with mushrooms, peppers and taco  spices.  Instead of the consome, we serve the tacos with a small dish of a quick "mix everything in bowl", thin tikka masala sauce .

a plate of vegan birria tacos with a side dish of masala sauce

As with all genius kitchen creations, this dish was born out of a craving. The other day, I was seriously craving some vegan birria tacos but was out of chilies and time, so I fixed myself some fusion Tikka masala birria tacos!

They turned out so utterly delicious that I just needed to share the recipe with you! Guys, you've got to make these ridiculously delicious tacos. This recipe is nut-free and soy free, easily Glutenfree with Glutenfree tortillas.

why you'll love these fusion Birria tacos !
  • They are quick to put together
  • they are soy-free Nutfree and glutenfree!
  • they are versatile, change up the filling and spices to preference
  • The sauce is just put everything in the bowl and mix
  • the filling is a quick stir fry.
  • The sauce and filling can be made ahead so just assemble, heat up on a skillet and serve!

If  you make these tacos, do leave a review!

a plate of vegan birria tacos with a small side dish of masala gravy

More vegan tacos:

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Vegan Richa
Thu, 12 May 2022 12:06:56 +0000

Baked Kitchari Casserole (Spiced Lentil Rice Casserole)

This delicious Baked Kitchari Casserole is a simple 1 Pan nourishing meal! This easy Spiced Lentil Rice Casserole takes just minutes to prep. Just add everything to the pan, cover and bake! great for meal prep! Gluten-free Nutfree Soyfree. Just 7 main ingredients.

a serving of baked lentil rice casserole drizzled with vegan yogurt

For a super simple weeknight dinner recipe that practically cooks itself in the oven, try my Baked Lentil Rice Casserole aka. Kitchari Casserole. You all loved the spiced Chickpea Rice casserole and you'll love this 1 pot meal too.

Kitchari (which means "mishmash" in Hindi) is traditionally made using a combination of mung dal and basmati rice. This simple dish is traditionally overcooked – a bit like porridge. You can make it softer or cook less time to consistency preference. It's rich in nutrients and a great savory meal to add to your list of "go to" foods for when you crave something healthy and yet satisfying. There are various ways to make khichdi. The simplest kitchari uses just the lentils and rice and a few light spices. That version is usually the go to for when you need a light meal or your stomach needs a rest. You can amp that up with spices, veggies, nuts and seeds to make it a satisfying 1 Pot meal. In this version, we put everything in the baking dish, add veggies, spices and flavors, then bake and done!

freshly baked lentil rice casserole

What makes this casserole dish so delicious are the spices. I like using a fragrant blend of coriander, cumin, cardamom, black pepper, cayenne, fenugreek leaves, paprika or Kashmiri chili powder, and garam masala or Berbere.  SO good! You can change it up and use Berbere (it's great with berbere!) or Cajun.

a plate of vegan baked kitchari lentil rice casserole served with fresh herbs and yogurt

This Kitchari casserole is super wholesome and a soul-satisfying meal that is perfect for lunch or dinner – especially on a rainy day. You can make a simple version like this instant pot kitchari, or make this delicious baked casserole.

Why you'll love this baked vegan lentil rice kitchari
  • It uses just 7 main ingredients
  • its Glutenfree Soyfree and nutfree
  • its satisfying and delicious
  • it takes just a few minutes to put together then put in the oven and forget it!

close up shot of a plate of Indian lentil rice casserole drizzles with vegan yogurt

More vegan baked casseroles:

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Vegan Richa
Mon, 09 May 2022 11:45:15 +0000

Vegan Mushroom Chowder

The best recipe for Vegan Mushroom Chowder –  forget the canned stuff! This vegan mushroom soup is dairy-free thanks to cashew cream and so easy to make! 1 Pot Glutenfree, Nutfree option

a pot of creamy vegan mushroom chowder sprinkled with fresh herbs

Get ready for my new favorite soup recipe – creamy vegan mushroom chowder! It's extremely quick and easy to put together and perfect for a simple weeknight dinner. All made in one pot! WIN!

You likely have most of the ingredients on hand right now, you'll just need the veg – mushrooms, some potatoes, onion, garlic, celery – and some vegan pantry staples like broth, Worcestershire sauce, and cashews for making the cashew cream.

a plate of vegan mushroom chowder sprinkled with chopped spring onions

This soup recipe comes together in one pot. The hardest part is slicing the vegan mushrooms, and peeling the potatoes. Totally doable, right? I guess you can still cheat and pick up pre-sliced mushrooms for ease and convenience.

side view of a plate of vegan mushroom chowder

Serve with homemade flatbread or naan to soak up the juices and swipe up every last bit of mushroom goodness!

More vegan soup recipes:

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