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Potato Quinoa Waffles ( Aloo Tikki Waffles)

These easy Indian Spiced Vegan Potato Quinoa Waffles are inspired by my favorite Indian potato snack, Aloo Tikki! The quinoa adds nutrition and texture making them a savory brunch treat that is wonderfully filling! Vegan Gluten-free Nutfree Soyfree

overhead shot of vegan potato quinoa waffles sprinkled with chopped chives

I love me a good waffles recipe! No better self-care activity than digging into a pile of hot crispy waffles topped with all kinds of nuts and drizzles. But recently, I've been on a savory kick, and YES luckily the waffle maker is an excellent tool for not only making delicious sweet dessert waffles but it can be used for delicious savory snacks too. Like these incredible Potato Quinoa Waffles.

vegan quinoa potato waffles topped with chopped chives and smashed chickpeas

They are crispy on the outside and taste a bit like potato pancakes but we also add some cooked quinoa to these, so they are more filling and nutritious! And would you just look at that crisp, golden crust that only a piping hot waffle maker creates? Gorgeous!

I also call them Aloo Tikki Waffles – Aloo Tikki are Indian Potato Patties served as a snack and while there is no quinoa added to Indian potato patties, we do sneak in all those gorgeous Indian spices like cumin, green chiles, ginger and coriander.

Also try my Pizza Waffles and Chickpea flour veggie waffles for savory spins

side view of a vegan potato quinoa waffle being topped with smashed chickpeas

Now, most quinoa waffles are made using quinoa flour. These are made using quinoa which we cook along with the potatoes!  Of course, if you happen to have leftover cooked quinoa and potatoes, you can use those!


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Green Chili Enchilada Soup

This one-pot Vegan Green Chile Enchilada Soup is vegan Mexican comfort food at its best! A hearty stew loaded with soy curls, corn and rice, then topped with all your favorite toppings for tons of flavor!

overhead shot of two bowls of vegan green chile enchilada soup topped with shredded cheese and sliced green chiles

This green chile enchilada soup recipe has everything you love about green enchiladas – the smoky heat of the green chiles, the Mexican spices, the creaminess and obviously the cheese.

As this is a chicken-less enchilada soup, we add some soy curls in lieu of chicken as our protein. Otherwise, we rely on staple Mexican ingredients, such as rice, corn! I love the comforting creaminess the rice adds to this stew. Nutritional yeast adds the cheesy taste, but we also add some shredded cheese on top to finish this off.

The secret to the creaminess of this vegan enchilada soup is a quick cashew cream which adds a nice richness to the soup and thickens it along with the rice. However, for those of you who are allergic, I listed a nut-free version in the tips section.

overhead shot of a bowl of vegan enchilada soup with soy curs and rice topped with cheese shreds

I like finishing this Vegan Mexican soup off with some shredded cheese and some thinly sliced green chiles. Other great additions would be a fresh squeeze of lime, some sliced avocado, more vegan cheese shreds, and how about crushed tortilla chips? It will be hard to just have one bowl of this delicious vegan soup.

two bowls of vegan green chile enchilada soup with shredded cheese and sliced green chiles

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German Chocolate Loaf Cake

This Vegan German Chocolate Loaf Cake is a rich and moist chocolate cake baked in a loaf pan, with the traditional nutty pecan and coconut caramel filling running through the middle!
Vegan German chocolate loaf cake with one slice cut

Anytime coconut is involved, any dessert has the potential to turn into one of my favorites!  I LOVE me a slice of classic German Chocolate Cake!  However, I hardly ever get around to making intricate layer cakes! This loaf cake version comes to the rescue! It is easier to put together—no layer cakes to fuss over—and it doesn't lack one bit in the flavor department. Rich and chocolatey with the classic nutty caramel pecan filling, this easy vegan loaf cake is really hard to resist. I think you'll love it!

vegan German Chocolate Loaf Cake with a coconut caramel swirl in the middle

Hmmm – what's not to love about a slice of rich and dense vegan chocolate loaf cake that perfectly sandwiches a caramel-y layer of coconut and pecans? Add a generous drizzle of dark chocolate and we're in dessert heaven!

If you love all things German Chocolate make sure to check out my German Chocolate Cookies!



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Spinach Alfredo Skillet Lasagna

Vegan Spinach Alfredo Skillet Lasagna makes the perfect weeknight dinner! An easy vegan pasta recipe that is family-friendly, uses just 1 skillet, and is ready to eat in about 45 minutes!

a serving of vegan alfredo spinach skillet lasagna on a blue plate

Bubbling hot lasagna deliciousness…. Are you ready for it? Spinach Alfredo Skillet Lasagna!  A satisfying one-pan meal that your whole family will enjoy! Perfectly cooked lasagna sheets cooked along with a fragrant mix of garlic, sauteed balsamic mushrooms, onions, spinach, and a dreamy cheesy vegan Alfredo Sauce – DROOL ALERT.  An easy dinner fix for lovers of easy one-pot meals and no-fuss pasta dinners!

overhad shot of a vegan alfredo skillet lasagna

I love easy skillet lasagna recipes for their easy preparation and clean-up. Have you tried my French Onion Skillet Lasagna? Ever since I tried that recipe I knew I had to come up with another version and this Spinach Alfredo Lasagna is my new favorite -especially now that spinach is in season. But as you can make this with frozen spinach, you can prepare this easy one pot pasta dinner all year round.

a serving of vegan mushroom spinach skillet lasagna served in a bowl with a golden fork


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Baked Pakora (Onion Bhaji)

These Baked Pakora are every bit as crispy and delicious as restaurant-style Onion bhajis just baked instead of fried! Make them as an appetizer for an Indian dinner or as a party or TV snack.

overhead shot of baked onion pakora served with ketchup as a dipping sauce

These Crispy Baked Onion Pakora (Onion Bhaji) are an easy alternative to the widely loved Indian fried onion snack and taste just as delicious as any restaurant-style bhaji! They're just how we like them – crispy and packed with Indian spices and that addictive sweetness and umami from the onions! No greasy fingers afterwards and your tummy will also be less rumbly.

a platter with onion pakora served with a small side dish of ketchup

More veggie snacks and appetizers  from the blog

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Baked Vegan General Tso Cauliflower

You will love this Baked Vegan General Tso Cauliflower  – it is so quick and easy to prepare even on a weeknight and the flavor is just like from a Chinese restaurant or take-out joint!

overhead shot of two servings of vegan general tso cauliflower served on rice

Enjoy flavorful restaurant-style General Tso cauliflower at home for an easy weeknight dinner! These cauliflower florets are battered and baked, not fried. The crispy cauliflower is then coated in a deliciously sweet and sticky sauce that comes together is a cinch. You definitely won't miss your take-out joint's grub with this baked vegan General Tso Cauliflower recipe.

vegan baked general tso cauliflower served over rice and sprinkled with sesame seeds

The flavors in the sauce are spot on, with the perfect balance of sweet and salty but not so much that you feel like you need to drink a gallon of water afterward. This Chinese-inspired dinner was so delicious served on a bed of rice.

a fork digging into a serving of baked vegan general tso cauliflower served over rice

Let's talk about the General Tso sauce for a second! Other than just a mix of ketchup, soy sauce and vinegar, which many restaurants use, we start this sauce from scratch – adding fresh bell peppers, garlic and ginger to really get a deep round taste. You will want to bottle this sauce and put it on everything.  Trust me!

side view of a bowl of general tso cauliflower


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