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メカニズム ("Mekanizumu") it's Xantene debut album. Xantene started in summer 2015 by members of Brabrabra and the Fingers/Nunofyrbeeswax. Having in mind that girls, no english invented punk (quote from the hyperfameous Kim Gordon t-shirt), Xantene have a dissacrant, totally free and anarchoid approach to song writing, connecting noise rock with yeyé and good dose of krautrock. The album consist in six full song on side A and three long impros in drop D, as improvisation is the core of band's creativity. Side B is called "Playin' three songs in Drop D" as hommage to the stratospheric Oblivians.

released November 26, 2016, All songs written, arranged and performed by Xantene.

Xantene are: Saiko: drums, percussions, voice and bass/Federica: guitar, organ, voice and bass/Angela: guitar, voice, percussions and bass.

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