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They Want Your Heart

Paro is a Berlin-based Berlin band that play tense and noisy music. The band combines noise, avant-garde classical and post punk - something akin to Slint and Hawkwind falling down a flight of concrete steps in an abbatoir.

Paro are: Oliver Rivera-Drew (drums, percussions), Tom O'Doherty (guitars, vocals), Diego Ferri (guitars, organ, electronics) and Tristen Bakker (bass, vocals). They have played with the likes of Martin Bisi (producer of Sonic Youth, Swans, Ramones, Dresden Dolls), TT Geigenschrey (Faust, Embryo, ōnyūdō records), the experimental Hungarian band DEP'ART and the British art rock band Poino. Band members are involved in a number of other musical projects : Mary Ocher and Your Government, Chinawoman, Martin Bisi, Susu, The Art of Shooting, Otolitos, Gestammel Orchester, Cousin Jane, Sky Histoire, as well as many other non-musical projects gravitating around Berlin.

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