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DIY approach to music that can be translated into any aspect of life

The Smashrooms are a trio based in Brescia, Italy. We play a powerful hardcore influenced by old school sounds and more modern approaches to hardcore. Fast-paced riffs are mixed with rhythmic breaks to create a sound that contains different references but expressed with personality.

Lyrics deal with social and political questions but faced with a personal point of view, analyzing the society and the world we live in, or talk about life experiences. The keyword is to entertain people giving them a message to think about and giving them the possibility to find themselves as authors of a better world. As a band we always believed in a DIY approach to music that can be translated into any aspect of life.

We support antifascist realities, against racism, sexism and homophobia. We want hardcore to be a place where principles of the rotten society we live in can't have any effect.

The embryo of the band was formed in 2001. After approacching punk-hardcore music with melodic influences in the beginning (collecting the first songs in a 10 tracks CD titled "The Right And The Wrong"), during the years we went more hardcore oriented, with important line-up changes and a more mature sight about things sorrounding us.

With this 3 pieces line-up (Gab, Kat, Cello), in June 2007 we release "Rest In War", a 10 tracks CD produced by ourselves, our label Epidemic Records with the help of many DIY realities.

With this record we played several gigs in Italy and some abroad (Croatia, Germany, Switzerland), sharing the stage with a bunch of great bands, making new friends and facing new experiences.

In November 2008 Kat has to leave the band because of his job, contrasting with the band's activity.

In early 2009 the baton passes to Cesko, a friend of ours since ages and the Smashrooms are back, composing new songs and ready to play new gigs and live great adventures!

In summer 2009 we record four new songs for a 7" titled "The Wind Of Tomorrow" and we tour Europe from 8th to 17th October with 10 gigs across Austria, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

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