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Organik Blac Bukkake

Started by guitarist and leader Adam Payne, Residual Echoes are a band that lives by the credo- 'more is more'. Alchemical electric guitar energy distilled into a masterful rock stew informed as much by the 70s as the 90s. They temper the melodic sludge of Dinosaur Jr. and Black Sabbath with cerebral guitar histrionics ala Frank Zappa and Robert Fripp. They are a Progressive Rock band in the true sense of the term, progressing beyond their origins into something more universal, primal and now.

Their 4th release for the Holy Mountain label, “The Middle Path”, carves out different territory for the group as they indulge in their psychedelic proto-metal (Bush Pij) and Krautrock-meets-Meat Puppets (A Marriage) tendencies. Plus there's flute! 2013 celebrates their 10th year of activity and a joining of forces Matthew Clark, mastermind behind the 'Secret Museum of Kind Men' 7″ series and drummer for stoner-rock legend Wino's Premonition 13 and D.C.'s much missed Ostinato.

Residual Echoes exists primarily for 2 functions. In a live setting it is more or less myself (Adam Payne, CA) plus a revolving cast of incredibly talented men and women. all of the musicians involved are usually playing in other groups as well as I, so line-ups change frequently. (it wasn't always this way) recordings are similar in spirit and something else altogether. sometimes they document a certain line-up of the band and sometimes they are me by myself and sometimes these are scrambled up together. Each one is approached from a different angle. Sometimes strictures are set, sometimes musical/verbal mondegreens serve as basis for song lyrics. each one is a surprise, and is generally not in congruence with the previous, and that's the way that works. anything is fair game.

I also play drums/etc. in a band called Hepa/Titus with Kevin Rutmanis (Cows/Melvins) and Sterling Riley.

I also play occasional stunt guitar in the group Fictional Boys led by wunderkind John Webster Johns.

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