2022-01-03 15:16:18

I was on the bus without a mask and nobody said anything

There is no such thing as "Covid 19"- it is all lies - all of it.

It’s imperative that people stop ceding ground to these fascists by reifying the Big Lie that "Sars-Cov-2" even exists, that it causes a disease called "Covid-19", and that it is responsible for a global pandemic.

If you view this whole ‘pandemic’ situation through the lens of health, safety, science and saving lives, then most of it makes little sense.

If you view it through the lens of money, power, control, and wealth transfer, then all of it makes perfect sense.

Covid is not an epidemiological story. Covid is a crime story.

Covid is the biggest scam of the century. A modern day slavery system through mass deception and via total control over your own money. You will be permitted to exist and participate in the society only if you comply. These lunatics need to be stopped by any means necessary.

Anyone out there who thinks medicine, science, public health, politics, human rights, wealth, power and corporate control over all facets of our lives are NOT now insidiously intertwined, is not seeing reality. At this point not one single thing that governments have been mandating has anything to do with individual or public health - masks, lockdowns, vaccines, isolation, passports etc.- none of it.

Anyone defending COVID-19 "vaccines" has based their entire argument on trusting psychopaths.

Vaccines are the gateway to vaccine passports.

Vaccine Passports are the Trojan horse for SDG Digital Identity. The vaccine passport is the means, the ends are the complete control of your labor and life.

The vaccine passport is the gateway to a social credit system.

They have been thinking for 30 years about how to bypass people's resistance to their capital being controlled by a government-oligarchy partnership and people are falling straight into the trap.

The "vaccine passport" is the conduit - a vehicle for transforming the monetary system to a digital one and linking that to a "social credit system".

The "social credit system" is the method with which to control behaviors and manage human capital.

- Maxwell

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