2022-02-15 11:47:03

Do I Look Like A White Supremacist?

Do I Look Like A White Supremacist?

Canadians Unite End All Mandates

!!! FREEDOM !!!

Full demonization here: www.wsws.org

"A powerful faction of Canada’s ruling elite, including the official opposition Conservatives, much of the corporate media and sections of big business, have incited and promoted the far-right Freedom Convoy, which has been besieging parliament and downtown Ottawa for the past 22 days."

As always our W boys are obsessed with those increasingly bogus labels of “Left” and “Right”. And it’s interesting that they have no trouble at all with some conspiracy theories:

"A crucial element in this political conspiracy has been the promotion of the Convoy as a grassroots movement of truckers."

Now the identikit bit:

"… intimidating workers, and waving Confederate flags and swastikas…comprised of notorious right-wing extremists and outright fascists…drawn from a cesspool of far-right, anti-Muslim, Christian fundamentalist …. libertarian groups. … far-right truckers’ group …"

Bogus logic:

"The claims that the Convoy is a movement of and for truckers are no less a fraud. Some 90 percent of Canadian truckers are fully vaccinated"

So what? You would have thought that any real Marxist movement would be familiar with the common phenomenon of the downtrodden just going along with coercion but still hating it and wanting to take a stand against it. Indeed perhaps hating it even more because they went along with it.

But even if the convoy does involve truckers, our Trotters are concerned to draw a wedge between them and The Real Regular Proletariat:

"In so far as the Convoy does involve truckers they are largely “independent,” owner-operator truckers, a generally better-off and distinct petty bourgeois social layer."

Blah blah "QAnon" blah blah "he decried the 'stench' of 'political Islam'"

I’m getting a definite hint of a stench here.

In another article we have an example of both Orwellian reversal and Jungian projection when the WSWS described the anti-vax movement as "this tiny and popularly despised movement". Mirror mirror!

- George Mc

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