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sub Rosa

On that next level rising like the sun on the path of the one. An Enchantress and Warrior by nature! I dwell between the thoughts and frequency in motion. Each breath you are born, know this! Trust You. You must trust the Divine Wisdom within the Sacred You, for you are the Divine Author. Be Loyal to your path. Go beyond time to the realm of the Timeless Moment. Fuel Your Soul, eat of the LIGHT, be of the LIGHT. In this space you are empowered. Honor and fullfill your works. Blessed motion rising always.

SHEdoesEXISTwithinyou Planted in Los Angeles in late 1999 I have worked my way from studio to studio dropping hooks and versus on large variety of projects. I have worked with producer/artist Mziah, legendary Zulu Nation / Sci Phi Recording Artist Phoenix Orion, and Grammy Nominated Vocab Records Producer Spontaneous to name a few. I have shared the spotlight and stage with such hip hop and soul artists as Dead Prez, Goapele, Phoenix Orion, Zen of the Visionaries and more. One of my most recent project is a collab with Zen of the Visionaries and Producer David Harrow. The group is called LVX, or lux, Latin for "Light". The energy behind this project is truly divine and has been such a beautiful experience. LVX Collective is actually in the creative process now and working towards the completion of the second LVX album. And now comes the wind to whisper in their ears... TAWk Stay Tuned! I am set to deliver a musical experience that will be distinct in a world of cookie cutter mass produced music.

Peace and Protection

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