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Urban Roots - Explosive Energy

OliveTreeDance fuses dance music, all-acoustic, with the tribal sounds of indigenous instruments, creating an unforgettable experience that has attracted a diverse audience interested in world music, dancemusic and playing the Didgeridoo, the aboriginal musical instrument from Australia. It has therefore been classified as bio natural dance music: the group can be innovative in introducing real instruments on dancemusic stage usually produced by machines.

From their journey into ancient african-brazilian sounds and jazz, combined with a strong percussion that marks the rhythm of contemporary dancemusic, results an organic and vibrant sound. When playing live, OliveTreeDance is an energetic act, innovative and powerful.


Created in 2003 by Renato Oliveira (Oliver), the group emerged in the following of Liverpool's recording of it's first solo album entitled "Deep Inside the Organic." Then came the jam's in 2005, at "Andanças" Festival, where he started the band with drums and percussion. It was an easy leap to the manifestation of a cohesive repertoire and at the same time exciting. There will be some important invitations, such as the Australian Embassy invitation for the band to perform live on portuguese television, in the "Seven new wonders of the world and Portugal". Meanwhile, the first EP - "Urban Roots - Explosive energy in 100%2B organic dance music” by Optimus Records is released.

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