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Megaprimatus doom'n'roll

Out of different musical backgrounds ranging from blues to grindcore, David Johansson and Tomas Salonen met in the spring of 2004 to set the grounds for what later would become Kongh. The ambition back then wasn't really specific - they only knew that they wanted to play very loud and heavy, and to have a good time. For almost a year, the guys spent a couple of weekends a month in the rehearsal space, cranking out never-ending jams of loud riffage and sludgy heaviness just for the fun of it. It wasn't until early 2005 that real songs with an actual flow came to life. After the writing of the songs "Zihuatanejo" and "Turn into dust", the couple realized that they should take things to a more serious level, which led to David starting to use his voice, and the recruiting of a first bassplayer.

Excited by the feeling that this project was now a real band, the trio spent the rest of 2005 working on the music as much as possible. By early 2006, the beast had gotten itself the name Kongh, and with 4 mammoth songs ready to be exposed to the world, the first and only demo was recorded at Teknikkompaniet in Vetlanda. The process was quite long, and even included a member exchange (welcome new bass player Oskar Ryden).

The 45 minute long "Demo 2006" was finally released in the spring of 2006. Without ever having played a single show (except for a 10 person visit from the Vetlanda mental institution which actually occured once in 2005, but that's a story of its own) or without any previous efforts to get the name or music out there, the members of Kongh had no idea what kind of reactions to expect. They only knew that they were really happy with the demo and they wanted as many people as possible to hear it, so they sent it out to a bunch of magazines and the other logical thing to do was to upload the whole demo for free download.

After having the demo out for no more than a couple of weeks, the band had gotten a handful of very fine reviews and even some offers from various indie labels. Things moved on pretty fast, resulting in more reviews, more offers from labels, a good bunch of satisfied listeners and also some live shows.

By the end of 2006, Kongh had signed a deal with Trust No One Recordings and spent the year writing the material for their first album, including two (re-recorded) songs from the demo, and three newer ones. So in January 2007 they once again hit Teknikkompaniet in Vetlanda...

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