The Medical Mafia

Ghislaine Lanctot

Expose of medical wrongdoings and how alternative methods hold the key.

This is an honest story told by a very good doctor who did NOT want to treat her patients by inferior methods.

“Modern Medicine" is terrifying. Thank the God there are Alternative choices. This book tells how to get out of the "SYSTEM" alive.

This brave woman lost the right of being a doctor because of reporting all the tricks and strategies of Medical mafia in promote and spread the medicine of illness.

Dr. Lanctot illustrates the role politics and economics plays in medicine and the corruption that ensues. Dr. Lanctot presents controversial information and exposes readers to many facts about allopathic medicine that are not commonly known. 

When it "comes down to it" your most valuable possession is your health.

Its all about political greed and medical negligence of modern government. The book has a way of taking you through the political as well as the economical values in which society has placed or put us in within the world of medicine it's ills and it's practices.

This book leads to some very controversial aspects of beliefs in society home and abroad that may not be perceived as conventional ways of dealing with health issues but all-in-all in my judgement the book will not leave you thinking blindly about your health and the way we look at healthcare and medicine in the same light anymore!

Absolute truth. This book wakes you up to the control you have over your own life.

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