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The Truckers, GoFundMe, and the CIA; connecting dots

by Jon Rappoport on Jon Rappoport

As of this writing, GoFundMe has cut off (stolen) $9 million from the Canadian Trucker Convoy.

The money was donated by thousands of individuals to support the truckers, who are demanding the Canadian government cancel vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and brutal COVID restrictions.

After a major backlash from the enraged public, GoFundMe has stated it will automatically refund all $9 million to the individual donors.

Regardless, GoFundMe will not forward the money to the group it was intended for: the truckers.

All right: here come the dots-

A venture capital firm, Accel, and Technology Crossover Ventures, own the majority stake in GoFundMe.

The big infusion of cash that sent Mark Zuckerberg and his fledgling college enterprise on their way came from Accel, in 2004.

Jim Breyer, head of Accel, attached a $13 million rocket to Facebook, and nothing has ever been the same. (Breyer-billionaire, CFR, World Economic Forum, major fund investor in China.)

Earlier in 2004, a man named Gilman Louie joined the board of the National Venture Capital Association of America (NVCA). The chairman of NVCA? Jim Breyer. Gilman Louie happened to be the first CEO of the important CIA start-up, In-Q-Tel.

In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999, with the express purpose of funding companies that could develop technology the CIA would use to "gather data."

That's not the only connection between Facebook funder and Accel's Jim Breyer and the CIA's man, Gilman Louie. In 2004, Louie went to work for BBN Technologies, headed up by Breyer. Dr. Anita Jones also joined BBN at that time. Jones had worked for the CIA's In-Q-Tel and was an adviser to DARPA, the Pentagon's technology department that helped develop the Internet.

With these CIA/DARPA connections, it's no surprise that Jim Breyer's jackpot investment in Facebook is not part of the popular mythology of Mark Zuckerberg. Better to omit it. Who can fail to realize that Facebook, with its endless stream of personal data, and its tracking capability, is an ideal CIA asset?

Accel co-owns the majority stake in GoFundMe. Accel has a history of rubbing shoulders with the CIA. Accel helped launch Facebook, the largest profiling and data-mining company in the world.

Given all this, it might be more surprising if GoFundMe DIDN'T cut off the Canadian truckers' $9 million.

It's also worth mentioning that Accel has invested in Spotify, the platform whose number-one star is Joe Rogan. Spotify is now under pressure to cancel Rogan, because his views and guests don't align 100% with the official COVID narrative. In step one of a new censorship program, Spotify has stated it will post warning messages on all content that veers from official COVID positions and offer links to approved government and public health sources (for outrageous lies).

GoFundMe, Accel, Facebook, CIA, In-Q-Tel, Jim Breyer, CFR, World Economic Forum, major investments in China.

Basically, The Club.

The member's statement of belief: "More money for me, less freedom for the peons, global control."

    last comments from Jon Rappoport
    me2 Tue, 22 Feb 2022 14:40:46 +0000

    Yeah, I've noticed a bit of shadow banning there over the past 6 months or so, and reasonable comments being removed without notice to the author, even when they don't violate terms of service… and yet I see some really vulgar stuff being allowed, which doesn't make sense. I think it depends on which moderator happens to be on duty at the time, and infiltration is always a possibility. But I don't think Alex Jones has anything against this site, and they still cover plenty of censored news, so I would not write them off yet.

    we the people Tue, 22 Feb 2022 14:00:16 +0000

    That's not the only connection between Facebook funder and Accel's Jim Breyer and the CIA's man, Gilman Louie. In 2004, Louie went to work for BBN Technologies, headed up by Breyer. Dr. Anita Jones also joined BBN at that time. Jones had worked for the CIA's In-Q-Tel and was an adviser to DARPA, the Pentagon's technology department that helped develop the Internet.

    Same project, now with civilian cover:

    Pentagon ended "lifelog" mass surveillance project same day Facebook launched

    Lifelog aimed to gather in a single place just about everything an individual says, sees or does


    dave Tue, 15 Feb 2022 03:38:27 +0000

    been saying that about Rogan for years. Rogan & Alex Jones are in a bar Alex say's Joe what's your fav Song Rogan say's come out back behind the dumpster I will tell you. Joe & Alex head out back behind dumpter. Joe says alex drop them jeans we going to sing VH Pump. Alex says, Go ahead and Pump!!

    Parker Fri, 11 Feb 2022 18:46:49 +0000

    The worst part is the majority of our global population has now received an experimental genetic therapy disguised as a vaccine, to treat a "virus" that does not exist. The spike protein (virus) is the carrier of the Messenger RNA which carries the genetic material being hideously described as "gain of function". Nothing passes through the the human cell wall unless it is bound to a fatty acid. This is how the mRNA is able to penetrate the cell wall, by way of its fatty acid coating. This is all by design, since mRNA is so unstable it degrades as a matter of necessity. Once inside the cell, its genetic material (gain of function) goes to work by mutating the cells unique DNA nucleic acids, effectively altering the tissue's gene strands. You can thank Buckminster Fuller for inventing the subatomic sized carbon buckeyball that is the spike protein.


    Employing nano graphene particles is the "science" in genetics. It would take a tome to describe how all this material dove tails into the trans-human agenda, Bill Gates and Claus Schwab. Do the research, connect the dots – it's all there. What do you think Genentech, Amgen, Biogen, Gilead Sciences and the entire biotech revolution has been working on all these years.

    Parker Fri, 11 Feb 2022 18:21:30 +0000

    Absolutely. The reason is because representative government is Dead on Arrival.

    When the Supreme Court "Justices" ruled that corporations are people, it gave the corporate community (global corporate governance) free rein to trample one hundred years of legal precedence. Good luck trying to get legislators to turn the tide now that representative government is owned by private corporate equity

    parker Fri, 11 Feb 2022 18:12:15 +0000

    I like your viewpoint's. At the end of the day, all roads lead back to the Tribe of Judah, freemasonry, et al – and the mystery religions having been corrupted through the exercise of the money system. Any medium, all mediums that capture the imagination potentially but ultimately capture the soul. Once captured, there is no escape.

    NiloSantiago Fri, 11 Feb 2022 14:09:27 +0000

    This is NOT TRUE. China is one of the few countries here the government owns the Cdntral Bank. Really? Go back to history and learn who funded Mao's communist take over of China.

    Judith Pecho Thu, 10 Feb 2022 19:59:00 +0000


    Excellent video that I just became aware about the deaths in Spring of last year. I am getting my sites blocked but got the address.

    Need to get this circulate.

    Jesse W Brogan Wed, 09 Feb 2022 18:18:01 +0000

    Once the money was committed, the agency for the purpose of delivery was accomplished. Returning it to the donor by choice of the agent then becomes embezzlement of those funds. All those who take part in interrupting the established agency are felons.

    George Nemecek Wed, 09 Feb 2022 17:16:51 +0000

    Right on Jon!
    Love your work.

    We need to make you head of the Justice Dept for one year!

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