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Occult forces at work: the Empire towards the 3rd world war?

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The second turning point also took place at the beginning of the 20th century: it was the establishment of the Rhodes-Milner group in the British Empire. As Caroll Quigley reveals in her book Secret History of the Anglo-American Oligarchy , Cecil Rhodes, then his friend Arthur Milner, after Cecil Rhodes' death in 1902, set up an "officialized" influence group in 1909, under the label of Rhodes-Milner Round table groups.

Rhodes-Milner for the training of British elites

This group sets itself the mission of forming an "enlightened" elite to achieve oligarchic and unified control over the British Empire by penetrating all its centers of power. The goal is to provide the Empire with a "backbone" that will allow it to perpetuate its domination over the world in the name of the superiority of the Anglo-Saxon "race" over other peoples (1). The Rhodes-Milner group had just created its trademark in "soft power" in addition to the gunboat.

The mode of operation of this group is based on a system of selection, training and placement of brilliant individuals with the right psychological profile to serve the cause of the British Empire. Via the Rhodes scholarships, instituted by testament by Cecil Rhodes, who became a billionaire in South Africa with the financial support of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, a large-scale financing of the academic training of these brilliant subjects after their pre-selection by members of the group is put in place. These courses take place in a few prestigious universities controlled by members of the group, in England initially, then in universities in Anglo-Saxon countries when the group expands. At the end of the training, Times , secret services, big universities, factories of elites, financial and economic oligarchy). Under the direction of Arthur Milner, this group works as a kind of parallel government and parliament where major orientations are discussed, sometimes for several years, before their adoption in the official circuits. Note, for the record, that Mac Kinder was part of this group.

The transformations of the Empire during the 20th century

The Rhodes-Milner group will transform the Empire in three ways during the first half of the 20th century: first, it connects with many pre-existing thought and pressure groups and federates them. These pressure groups find there the possibility of advancing their own ideas and interests within the common ideological matrix of service to the British Empire, of oligarchic essence.

We can cite the Fabian society, famous for its ideology both ultra-elitist for the oligarchy and eugenic and Malthusian with the masses, including the British, and for its desire to reconcile capitalism with socialism and planning. Its ideology still largely influences the thought, or at least the discourse, of the current globalist elites in favor of degrowth, demographic decline and the necessary control of the masses, including through propaganda and generalized surveillance. Its program has been in place since the end of the Second World War via the arsenal of international organizations gravitating around the UN (UNDP, Unesco, IPCC, WWF, Rome Group, etc.) or the fora of the self-proclaimed elite as the World Economic Forum.

Wall Street, the FED and the Rothschilds: A History of Flawless Control

There is also the banking oligarchy of the City, very connected to the Rhodes-Milner group since its creation through the Rothschilds, financiers of Cecil Rhodes. This oligarchy will ensure that the extension of British influence on a military and diplomatic level is accompanied in parallel by an extension of its financial and commercial model and of its Common Law, modeled entirely for the benefit of the British capitalist oligarchies, then business oligarchies that the Empire will absorb over the last 120 years.

This British banking oligarchy extended its control first over the financial sphere and the private central banks of the Anglo-Saxon world, notably on Wall Street and the FED (created by the major British private banks and their American subsidiaries in 1913), then over all of the central banks of the capitalist world after the Second World War via the BRI, a formidable tool created by Nazi Germany in 1934, taken over by the Allies to direct the debt and capital markets in their interest. They even exert a great influence on the Russian (independent) and Chinese (non-independent) central banks which are members of it, to the great displeasure of the Russian and Chinese patriots who have not yet managed to convince their leaders that this state of affairs is incompatible. with true sovereignty.

Commonwealth: the other way of controlling the British Empire

The second great achievement of the Rhodes-Milner group for the Empire was the creation of the Commonwealth: following the terrible Boer War in South Africa and then the gradual secession of Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century, a consensus gradually established within the group on the observation that the imperial domination displayed and brutal could no longer be perpetuated indefinitely. The Rhodes-Milner group then tackled the conception of the Commonwealth as a means of perpetuating a flexible control of the Empire over the dominions of Anglo-Saxon settlement, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and, to a lesser extent, Africa of the South, even after the "independence" of these States. The gestation of the Commonwealth will require twenty years of debate within the group, as well as experiences of local autonomy initiated in the four corners of the Empire by members of this group to refine the contours of the future Commonwealth, before its official establishment in 1931. This control takes the form of a recognition of a political link between these States (which are not republics) and the British Crown. It is exercised concretely by the loyalty of the agents of influence of these countries to the Crown and then to the Empire. This "core" of the elites to divert them from the defense of the interests of their State to the benefit of those of the British Empire is particularly strong in the strategic administrations of defence, foreign affairs and the secret services: there are examples emblematic with the Trudeaus, father and son, yet French-speaking Quebecers, or Mark Carney, successively boss of the Bank of Canada then of the Bank of England and fervent promoter of a new world reserve currency, a new hobby of the Empire's elites. Conversely, beware of anyone who would like to demonstrate autonomy in areas of sovereignty, such as former Australian Labor Prime Minister Edward Gough Whitlam, who was brutally ousted from his post in 1975 (2).

The United States: the "jewel of the British Crown"

The third great achievement of the Rhodes-Milner group was to bring the United States back under the influence of the British Empire during the 20th century. Indeed, the United States has always been the real "jewel of the British Crown" whose elites have never consoled themselves for the loss (the American War of Independence is also called the Second Civil War in the United Kingdom) .

From the creation at the beginning of the 20th century of the Rhodes-Milner group, some of its members were aware that the perimeter of the British Empire would no longer be sufficient to perpetuate long-term world hegemony, even while retaining influence over other countries. of Anglo-Saxon settlement. So they are also working to reform an alliance with the United States at the risk of sharing the Imperium.

The group will begin to weave networks of influence favorable to close cooperation with the British Empire within American administrations, particularly in all areas of sovereignty (army, diplomacy, secret services, currency management, major scientific programs ). For this, they allied themselves in particular with another current existing among the American elites but remained in the shadow of the isolationists during the 19th century, that of the messianic current which affirms the "manifest destiny" of America to guide the world. . But American presidents and American public opinion remained mostly isolationist and attached to the Monroe Doctrine until the First World War (3).

The Zimmerman Telegram Affair

The first mark of influence of the imperial networks at the top of the American state was the entry into the war of the United States against Germany in April 1917, which definitively tilted the victory on the Franco-British side at the end of the First World War. Indeed, the influence of England and its agents in the United States can be traced through the affair of the Zimmerman telegram which is cleverly contrived to lead the United States to declare war on Germany. (3).

The second manifestation of this influence is the creation of the League of Nations under the aegis of President Wilson, the first globalist body placing itself above the Nation-States to reshape the world in the name of universal peace, typical of the ideas of the networks. underground like the Fabian Society which begin to agglomerate within the Empire via the Rhodes-Milner group. The League of Nations will be a resounding failure because, beyond the generous ideals displayed for the liberation of peoples, it results in the facts by a brutal and arbitrary application of the balkanization "à la MacKinder" of the old Empires, which comes up against first of all to German and Turkish resistance and to the rapid weariness of the American Congress, still marked by isolationism, to settle these interminable "European affairs".

On the role of Churchill in the Anglo-American rapprochement

Finally, it was only after Roosevelt's death in 1945 that the integration between the British Empire and the United States really took place, in the form it still retains today. The decisive impetus for the rapprochement between the United States and the Empire was provided by the American-British Churchill, fellow traveler of the Rhodes-Milner group and who made this rapprochement his life's work because he sees in it the only way to preserve the influence of the British Empire in the long term. Having already played a role in the United States' entry into the First World War when he was Lord of the Admiralty, Churchill, who became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the start of the Second World War, devotes much efforts in his relationship with Roosevelt, with some successes: he obtains the delivery of key American equipment to compensate somewhat for the imbalance with Germany via the system of leasing set up by the United States, by invoking the solidarity of the peoples of English language and Anglo-Saxon settlement with of Roosevelt. And it also influences Roosevelt to declare war on Germany very soon after Japan.

On the other hand, he was unable to convince Roosevelt to adopt a shared imperial vision during the Second World War when the time came to define the post-war world and Roosevelt, coming from the isolationist tradition, imposed his multilateralist vision and anticolonialist in the Atlantic Charter, the UN Charter or the multilateralist mechanism of the Security Council with veto rights granted to the winners of the war, including the communist USSR. Roosevelt only places himself in the continuity of the cooperation efforts between the United States and the Tsarist Russia of Nicholas II at the end of the 19th century, where the model of American development through industry and large infrastructures was the great reference. of Russia. Unfortunately, we measure the disastrous path traveled since then.

On the other hand, thanks to the all-out operational cooperation of the state apparatuses between the United Kingdom and the United States to conduct the war, Churchill was more successful in placing supporters of an Anglo-American Empire in the new key American institutions, created at the end or just after the war (Council of Foreign Relations and Atlantic Council for foreign policy, CIA for the secret services). Similarly, these agents of influence infiltrate the new multilateral organizations of the United Nations system to divert them from their initial vocation of service to States and peace in the world and make them relays responsible for executing the hidden agenda of the Empire (GATT, Unesco, Unicef, WHO, World Bank, IMF, FAO, etc.). Finally,

Project for a New American Century

After Roosevelt's death in April 1945, Churchill found in Truman a supporter of interventionism and hegemony which would soon result in the establishment of NATO and Kennan's policy of containment designating the Soviet Union as America's mortal adversary. Moreover, in his Fulton speech in the United States in 1946, also famous for his passage on the iron curtain that fell on Europe, he pronounced a hymn to the foundation of a union bringing together the United Kingdom, the peoples of the English-speaking Commonwealth and the United States in a "fraternal association of material and moral forces for co-operation in all fields in order to open the broad roads of the future for the age to come"; the transition from the British Empire to the Anglo-American Empire could not be better described.

And, since Roosevelt's death more than 75 years ago, almost all American presidents have pursued an imperialist and warmongering policy on a global scale, first in the name of the fight against communism and the Cold War against the Soviet Union, then in the name of the fight against terrorism, then for simple and pure hegemony with the Project for a New American Century (that is to say, to ensure that the United States dominates the planet in the 21st century, as they dominated in the 20th), and now to prevent the alliance between Russia and China. By taking over the leadership of the Empire, the United States abandoned its isolationism to fully adopt the paradigms of MacKinder.

Only the mandates of Kennedy and Trump were short parentheses to this unbridled interventionism: Kennedy, wanting to end the Vietnam War and initiate detente with the Soviet Union, was assassinated after three years in power. Trump, the first American president in more than a century not to have started a war and a supporter both of a more reduced deployment of the United States in the world and of respect for the spheres of influence of the big States (in all case for Russia, but much less for China), is dispossessed of a second mandate by an institutional coup, led by a coalition of imperialist forces.

Balfour Declaration: Jews Join Empire's 3rd Pillar

The third turning point is taken with the integration of the Talmudic (4), Messianist and Zionist Jewish fraction as the third pillar of the Empire. This integration took place in several stages: first there was a first warming between the British Crown and the Jewish trading elites under Elizabeth I when Spanish Jewish merchants warned the Crown of England of the preparations for the Invincible armada Spanish by their rapid mail system in 1587; this warming results in relations of interest with the Crown, but the banishment of the Jews of England decreed by Edward 1st in 1290 remains in force.

The first major turning point took place in 1656 when Oliver Cromwell offered Jewish merchants and bankers from Amsterdam the possibility of settling in London and granted them extraterritoriality status for the City of London in order to transform it into a center commercial and financial even more prosperous than Amsterdam, a status that the City still retains to this day. Olivier Cromwell's motivations are of course political and economic but also religious because the Puritans, of which he was a part, considered it important that the Jews convert to the Christian religion before the return of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, on earth, to occur after the apocalypse in the Old Testament. However, one strongly feared the Apocalypse at the approach of 1666 (5).

From their pact with Olivier Cromwell, the Jewish merchant and banking elites settled in England approached the British oligarchy, and even more so the Crown of England, whose colonial expeditions they financed by the India Company belonging to the Crown. , as well as the wars led by England in Europe, operations from which they derive colossal gains (6). But the definitive integration into the heart of the Empire of the Jewish, Talmudic and Messianist fraction took place with the Balfour Declaration of 1917 (7).

Declaration Balfour, Theodore Herzl and the return of the Jews to Palestine

By endorsing the establishment of a Jewish home in the land of Palestine then under Ottoman control, in the midst of the First World War, the British Empire ensured the definitive and active support of the European Jewish elites in the world war which was raging, while they had remained until then cautiously equidistant between England, Germany and, to a lesser extent, the Ottoman Empire, according to their long tradition.

Immediately after this Balfour Declaration, European and American Jewish elites approached the British government and British agents of influence in the United States. Thus, from January 2018, following the Zimmerman telegram (5), they put all their economic, media, cinematographic and political influence in the balance to convince American public opinion, President Wilson and the American Congress to declare war. to Germany. This is particularly the case of the emblematic Brandeis, very close to President Wilson, the first Jew appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States in 1916, and future ardent defender of the Zionist movement.

Beyond the political sphere, the Balfour Declaration, a decisive step in the realization of Theodore Herzl's dream of a return of the Jews to Palestine (8), reactivates eschatological Jewish messianism for the misfortune of Humanity, including that of the Jews themselves, and also marks the victory of the Talmudic branch of the Jewish religion over the more traditionalist components, which remained more attached to the Old Testament.

Influence of the Talmudic, Messianist and Zionist Jewish component on the Empire

The second, decisive surge in the influence of the Talmudic, Messianist and Zionist Jewish component within the Empire took place after the Second World War, when Jews played an important role in the secret services, particularly the British, or on the military field (as during the Torch landing operation in North Africa) then, even more, after the hasty creation of the State of Israel by the Empire in 1948 in compensation for the Holocaust.

By contributing its vision, its interests, and its past as oppressed communities for two millennia on Christian land (9), the Talmudic, Messianist and Zionist Jewish component, which quickly became part of all the machinery of the Empire (defence administrations , diplomacy, senior civil service, think tank, international organizations, banks) will influence the Empire in three ways.

First of all, the Anglo-American Empire is used as a lever to assert the domination of God's chosen people over all the peoples of the planet and to submit them to his law (in the name of divine scriptures). The first targets are the Catholics, the Orthodox and the Muslims who appear as natural and common enemies of this Zionist and Protestant alliance, which is made all the more easily when there is great convergence between the two on the theological.

Israel's security: at what cost?

It is then the obsession with Israel's security that justifies all wars, destruction and diversion of the interests of other nations to its benefit, in particular the objective interest of the United States (10). This obsession with Israel's security has become so central that it must henceforth be shared and displayed equally by all non-Jews who wish to accede to important responsibilities within the Empire, by declaring themselves "Zionists" and by showing "white paw".

It is finally the contribution of an eschatological and apocalyptic vision of the march of the world. Since the divine prophecy of the return of the Jews to the land of Palestine announced by the Scriptures seems to have materialized with the re-creation of the State of Israel, this Talmudic Jewish branch is convinced that the rest of the message of the Holy Scriptures will realize, which results in two extremely dangerous beliefs.

First, many members of the Messianic, Talmudic and Zionist Jewish elite, despite their 20th century secular veneer for some of them, deeply believe that the apocalypse of the world as we know it is at hand.

They also believe that this apocalypse will be immediately followed by the coming of the messiah who will save humanity on earth and establish definitively the domination of the Jewish people and the Jewish religion, elected by God, over the rest of the peoples who will have survived the apocalypse and on other religions, reduced to a noachist boil (that is to say, bastardized and recognizing the preeminence of the Jewish religion, as Wahhabism already does for Islam or the Roman Catholic religion after the Vatican reforms II).

Secondly, the messianic, talmudic and zionist branch includes dangerous fractions which are deeply convinced that God has given them the mission to hasten the apocalypse.

The dangerous influence of these groups is best illustrated by the terrifying and growing grip of the descendants of East European Frankist Jews (11) since the 1960s within the United States State Department which is become their preserve, just like the myriad of institutions and think tanks specializing in foreign policy.

Thus, there were first the Secretaries of State Kissinger and Brezinski, false "realists" and already followers of genocidal destruction as in the Indochinese peninsula for Kissinger in the 1970s or in Afghanistan for Brezinski in the 1980s. also known for having decided on the elimination of many heads of state in Latin America, in particular the emblematic Allende, but also in the Middle East where King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Algerian President Boumediène and the Shah of Iran pay with their lives for the audacity of having led OPEC to decide on an oil embargo against the West and the United States in 1973 following the support given to Israel during the Yom Kippur War (12).

Then there was Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton's Secretary of State, who further distances the United States from its isolationist roots and buries the "realistic" showcase, referring to the United States as the "indispensable nation". or affirmed without flinching that the destruction of Saddam Hussein's Iraq and the embargo suffered by this country justified the death of 500,000 Iraqi children.

The Updated Oded Yinon Plan

Then, it was the first reign of the neo-conservatives, initiated by the creation of the "Project for the New American Century" in 1997 with their figureheads Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Bill Kristol. These highlight the false Trotskyist ideological roots of their founder, Leo Strauss, the better to forget the most important, their Talmudic and Frankist Jewish heritage (9). With the PNA and in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, which gave them the perfect opportunity to push their plans to both the State Department and the Pentagon, they dragged America into a rampage of destruction and violence, resuming the 1982 Israeli Oded Yinon plan of extreme fragmentation of Middle Eastern countries for the benefit of Israel and making the road map of United States policy in the Greater Middle East, in the name of democracy and human rights. Thus, the Israeli maps of 1982 will, with minor adjustments, become the official maps of the Council of Chiefs of Staff in 2001 (13). Rapidly, destruction followed in the region, particularly in Afghanistan in December 2001, then in Iraq in 2003 in a new war of aggression.

Here again, the neo-conservatives, via one of their cronies, Paul Brenan, orchestrate the destruction of the Iraqi state and army and organize attacks between Shiites and Sunnis to plunge the country into chaos and civil war and organize the execution by hanging of Saddam Hussein on the day of Eid Al-Adha (feast of the sacrifice) which bears the mark of Talmudic sacrificial vindictiveness against the Babylonian "neo-satrap". Twenty years later, Iraq has not yet completely emerged from it with, de facto, the three zones of Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish influence, according to the ethnic-religious lines of the country identified by the Oded Yinon plan.

These neo-conservatives remained influential during Obama's presidency, marked by the double destruction of Libya (dissolution of the army and the entire administration, the barbaric assassination of Gaddafi, and the partition of the country in two, between Tripolitania and Cyrenaica, repeating the Iraqi scenario) then Syria, Israel's security obsession thanks to the "Arab Springs", and the interminable "surges" (endless military escalations) in Iraq and Afghanistan to maintain endless wars. This is also the period when Victoria Nuland (14) distinguished herself by leading the "Maidan Revolution" in Ukraine in 2014, the color revolution at the origin of the current war between Ukraine and Russia.

Finally, after the Trump parenthesis, the neo-conservatives return to the top of the State Department under current President Joe Biden, with Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State and, again, with Victoria Nuland as Deputy State Secretary for Political Affairs.

In addition to the highly publicized presence of the neoconservatives/frankists in the United States, we must not forget their more discreet counterparts in the United Kingdom, but also in France, with the "French neocon sect" within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which has control of French policy, particularly in the Middle East (15). This influence group, which does not appear in the official organization chart, was set up following the undermining of the Zionist Jewish Foreign Ministers of Eastern Europe, Bernard Kouchner (put at the head of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the very Zionist and Americanophile Nicolas Sarkozy (16)), then Laurent Fabius (appointed by François Hollande). The successful mission of this "sect" consisted of scrupulously aligning French foreign policy with imperial directives,


1- Let us note, in defense of Cecil Rhodes and Arthur Milner, that these racialist theories were very common in Western Europe at the end of the 19th century, where they served to "morally" justify imperial domination over colonized peoples as a kind of "natural right", in the order of things.

2- Edward Gough Whitlam, Australian Prime Minister, was ousted from his post by the Governor General of Australia appointed by the Crown in 1975 in an unconstitutional manner because his sovereignist position, hostile to the war in Vietnam and to British and French nuclear tests in the Pacific, disturbed.

3- The "Zimmerman" telegram of January 1917 is named after the German Foreign Minister, Zimmerman, who sent a telegram to the German ambassador in Mexico asking him to get in touch with the Mexican government to propose an alliance setbacks against the United States in the event of the United States entering the war against Germany. It is intercepted and decrypted by the British who transmit it to the Americans and orchestrate a formidable press campaign by their agents of influence. This campaign ended up winning President Wilson's decision to go to war, ratified by Congress in April 1917, despite still isolationist public opinion.

4- The Talmud, contrary to the Torah, is elaborated by the rabbis, several centuries after the appearance of Christianity. It is marked by the violent rejection of Jesus Christ and his teaching (since the spread of Christianity means the risk of the disappearance of Judaism) and a doctrinal corpus extremely hostile to non-Jews developed in a context of persecution or marginalization of Jews. .

5- We still find this religious doctrine among the American Christian evangelists, heirs of the British Puritans.

6- The European wars are a source of enrichment for these families or Jewish merchant and financial networks which in fact often finance the two protagonists of the European conflicts; this is particularly the case of the very famous Rothschild family, historical bankers of European aristocrats.

7- The Balfour Declaration was drafted by Arthur Milner himself after long discussions within his group, and simply endorsed Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, a prominent member of the group and known for his anti-Semitic leanings!

8- Theodor Herzl, the "secular" Jewish "prophet", who was looking for a land to protect European Jews from the rise of anti-Semitism at the end of the 19th century, chose, despite its "secularism", the land of Palestine (in already saying, despite his endearing personality, that the Arabs had to be expelled).

9- By extending this victim psyche to its passage through Muslim lands, Israeli propaganda also makes it possible to justify the ruthless persecution of the Palestinians.

10- The United States finds itself drawn into endless wars in the Middle East despite the official affirmation by its presidents of other priorities such as the famous "pivot to the Pacific" which has not been able to materialize since Obama, in 2008.

11- Frankism is a "heretical" Jewish movement which developed during the 18th and 19th centuries, under the aegis of Jacob Frank, who claimed the title of Jewish messiah (1726-91) and demanded that his followers reject religious norms and to transgress all moral rules. Born in the Sabbatai movement (from the name of Sabbataï Tsévi, another self-proclaimed messiah advocating Evil and all transgressions), Frankism has remained particularly famous for its rituals of murder and orgies. Even after his formal disappearance, he continued to inspire many groups in Eastern Europe until the beginning of the 20th century, some having lost their link with Judaism but just as perverse (one of the last "figures" of this immoral tradition is Rasputin who was part of the khlysts,

12- King Faisal is stabbed by a nephew who lived for a long time in the United States, while President Boumediene and the Shah of Iran die of the same extremely rare disease, Waldenström disease (affecting five people out of one million), the Shah of Iran having been previously ousted by Ayatollah Khomeini, with the support of Westerners.

13- These maps were published in 2005 by Colonel Ralph Peters and have long remained the reference for the general staff of the American army in the Greater Middle East.

14- Victoria Nuland was then Deputy Secretary of State in charge of European Affairs and Eurasia (we no longer hide the mackinderian heritage), and moreover remains the wife in the city of one of the leaders of the neoconservatives, Robert Kagan.

15- "The hidden face of the Quai d'Orsay: investigation into a drifting ministry" by Vincent Jauvert or "Investigation: the  neocon sect is squatting the Quai d'Orsay" from the newspaper Marianne .

16- The main role of the Americanophile Zionist Nicolas Sarkozy during his presidential mandate consisted in permanently attaching France to the Empire by abdicating three pillars of sovereignty (that is to say the capacity to take autonomous decisions): adoption of the already mentioned imperial and Zionist foreign policy, put under military tutelage by France's return to NATO's integrated command (by closing the "parenthesis" of Gaullist military sovereignty) and put under legal and institutional tutelage of France to the European Union, by imposing the draft European Constitution, however rejected by referendum, on the French people through an illegitimate parliamentary vote of the Treaty of Lisbon,almost identical to the draft Constitution (another creation of the Empire to vassalize the States of Western Europe, after the Allied victory of the Second World War and instrument of vassalization of the countries of Eastern Europe after the fall of the dissolution of the Soviet bloc).

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