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Ewa Gigon

Ewa Gigon "...Sings with a voice that goes from a terrifying air raid siren to the seductive sirens of Greek mythology, mixing flamboyant theatrics with bizarre instrumentation and classical technique."(D. Murphy) "...It just seems as though when she's on stage there's life in the house and something you've not seen before will happen."(S. Mc'Nammara) " ...It sometimes sounds like a scream of a wounded bird that broke it's wing and keeps flying towards it's own death. And Ewa can be terrifying, because she dares to touch the strongests tones and emotions with a smile on her face:(A Nowakowska) Polish singer, composer and multiinstrumentalist, classicaly trained in Wroclaw R. Bukowski School of music in Saxophone class as well as vocal and piano.

Wroclaw had been a temporary home for such diverse artists like Jerzy Grotowski with his revolutionary "Laboratory Theatre" and Rafal Wojaczek -"The one who's never been", but who's strong, moving poetry and "window diving"legend still haunts. Ewa's performences are the art synthesis like in ancient one actor tragedy, adapted to contemporary times. Her favourite tool is a loop station-little record on the go machine. t allows to built up the unique harmony sometimes cacophony of sounds.

Her main instrument is voice but she enjoys putting in the mix basically anything that makes a sound. It could be smashed glass,vibrator buzzing,rustle of the paper. So don't be surprised if you see grater, meat hammer, balloons or snorkel on her table. It all has it's purpose in creating a complete musical picture.And this picture has a wide range of colours. Its like being invited for a journey on the crazy rollercoaster of human emotions.

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