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There are two artists/performers with the name Quantum Suicide: an American trip-hop project; and a Bulgarian DJ Project.

Quantum Suicide is a collaboration between trip-hop producer Strange Republik and hip-hop artist Stanza formed in 2008. Supernova, the first single, was released on 20 March 2009 followed by an EP, Momentum, released on 13 August 2009.

Quantum Suicide was born in early 2009 somewhere in Bulgaria. Quantum Suicide was first introduced to the psychedelic music (mainly goa and early psy & prog stuff) as early as 2001 and his mind was blown away by the wonderful and diverse sonic experiences he had. A few years later he had his first contact with the darker side of psychedelia, but it was not until 2006 when his real psychedelic initiation happened and since then an ever-growing desire for new & unusual sounds & stories took place right next to the already present love for harmony & beauty. Eventually he decided that the time has come for him to spread the infection to other people as well…

Currently in love with the music coming from labels such as Osom music, Parvati rec., Tantrumm rec., Sanaton rec., Yggdrasil Reco., Phreex networx, Insomnia rec., Moon Koradji rec. and many many more… but also deeply influenced in the past by the magnificent goa sonorities, the dark tech-trance realms, the elegant progressive atmospheres, the undeniable power of proper full-on music & the freaky suomi trips - basicly every music that left him amazed & speechless:)

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