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Ramallah Underground

Ramallahunderground is a musical collective based in Ramallah, Palestine, attempting to rejuvenate Arabic culture through their music. RU make Arabic electronic music as well as Arabic hip-hop and many other genres that have yet to be given a title- many people describe the music in different ways. RU (as producers and as MC's ) has collaborated with numerous artists across the globe, including countries like Lebanon, UK, Switzerland, Italy, USA, France and many more, including a significant collaboration with Slovo (a band headed by the guitarist from faithless) in their track Nakba, which will be appearing on their forthcoming album. RU has also performed live shows in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Vienna, London, Cairo, Lausanne, Amsterdam and Washington DC. Ramallah Underground was founded by artists Boikutt, Stormtrap, and Aswatt. Their shows are mainly a performance of their hip-hop tracks, as well as a few of their own electronic productions as a warm up. More recently RU has incorporated a visual set in their live performances brought to you by Palestinian visual artist Ruanne. Ru hopes to give a voice to Palestinians and Arabs, bringing an alternative voice from the Arab world. They continue to be a big part of the Arabian Underground Musical/Cultural scene while slowly gaining wide global and local popularity.


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