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Jak upaść, to w górę!

I see it like yesterday, marketing magic. VV guys are returning to good old rock, a solid, gaining female elements, they improve the visuals. And let's go to the people. Elegant simplicity test of time. Mozart would be ashamed if he saw how it can do too. Strict sound coming out of Těšín plains, maka drums as the good old steam engine and his bass guitar with us the meaning. Girl's eyes water by guys honestly applaud. They said that stoner rock, but it pisses dog flap from Silesia do not need these folders, dig a completely different league. Feet are out, a man without a mustache is queer, and most importantly: a guitar like you should stick with it to kill a pig. Ingredients that contain LChH the last dot. When you fall down and up. Smacznego!

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