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Abuse, former name of electronica and trip-hop band from Slovakia. Abuse is now know as The Autumnist.

A hypnotic blend of up-to-date electronica with genre crossing as its manifest. In its wide-spectral electro/acoustic mix The Autumnist combines ambient with soundwalls of breakbeat and hip-hop beats, dub dephts with high frequencies of glitches, hi-tech courses with lo-fi pop, bizzare movie-like atmospheres with extraterrestrial folklore.

Band was formerly known as Abuse from the EPs 4th Floor Thinking (2001, Kurare Records) and Sleepfields (2002, Deadred Records) as well from remixes for Mimetic, Ecstasy of St. Theresa, Veneer, Khoiba, Nierika, Foolk and many others. His highly acclaimed first album The Great Outdoors was released in 2004 again on Deadred Records. Under the name Abuse they successfully performed in United Kingdom, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary even played several shows in USA including one at well known SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. They locally supported bands Laika, The Cinematic Orchestra, DJ Matt Black of Coldcut, Pest…

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