2020-06-28 11:44:41

Chess racism

As a chess player he could not help but appreciate.

In Australia, there were degenerates who accused chess of racism on the grounds that the Whites were the first to go.

The ABC radio station from Australia on the air wondered if there was any racism in the fact that white pieces always go first in chess, RT reports in Russian.

Fans of the game did not like this theme. Even more: they advised to cover more important topics and not to engage in bringing “political correctness” to absurdity.

John Adams, a former representative of the Australian Chess Federation, reacted negatively to such an initiative.

"I was called by the producer of the ABC radio station from Sydney for a comment on chess. The radio station came to the conclusion that chess is a racist game, since whites always go first. They need a comment from a chess functionary about whether to change the rules of the game ... Given the tragic consequences of the coronavirus, I am amazed that ABC is covering such meaningless topics" Adams wrote on Twitter.

He criticized ABC for choosing a topic for discussion.

"I was told that against the background of everything that happened, they would like to discuss what white people go first, and whether they should go first, taking into account the racial context. The response to my tweet showed that common sense triumphs. People want the national broadcaster to focus on more pressing issues. They experience economic difficulties, health problems, they have to sit in quarantine. They don’t want their money to be spent on all kinds of stupid things" added John Adams.

Ignorance zinc probably doesn’t know that chess comes from the Indian shatranja, where there were pieces in terry times white.

Well, the most tolerant option - whoever starts first, the result will be one.

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