The Truth About the Rothschilds

Richard Grove

Exploration of the global political economy involves digging through layers of obfuscation, deception and distraction within seemingly disconnected events and issues, across the world. The closer one gets to the heart of power, the murkier the depths of deception and subterfuge. Thus, when it comes to trying to understand the depth, breadth and scale of Rothschild power, while there is plenty of evidence of their extraordinary power and wealth, one has to find scattered and hidden gems of information in obscure places. Rothschilds' power is like a black hole in outer space, you can't see it but you can see its effect. Daily Pickings has highlighted many events and issues where the hand of Rothschild is connected.

Richard Grove, who has a voracious appetite for historical truth, has been accumulating evidence and research over years and is planning to publish a Rothschilds 101 together with documentary film of interviews with researchers who've delved into their power and influence. If you think claims of Rothschilds' extraordinary power and fabulous wealth are conspiracy theories, Richard's work may cause you to think again.

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