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Held Us Silent For A Moment

Umor is a loud and heavy atmospheric band with stoner and doom influences, based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Deconstructing audible landscapes through several European tours since 2008 - the band was officially formed in 2007, but the members have been playing in the same lineup way before that period.

A four-piece, single guitar driven, usually described as a sonic

assault of low frequencies with a Floydian twist, Umor shared the stage with bands such as U.S. Christmas, Cough, Saviours, Orange Goblin, Karma To Burn, Counterblast, Entrance...

Their current label is a self founded DIY collective called Sonic Doom Records, which published their Split CD with Cojones (2008) and a Self Titled EP (2009).

First full length album - Pralayaah - was mastered by James Plotkin of Khanate, and released on May 6th 2011, accompanied with a 17 day European tour.

Umor is: DIY, dowtuned, male crying plus slow crust.

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