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Summer of Glory

Juffage is Jeff T. Smith, a solo sound artist and multi-instrumentalist from Leeds UK, via Chicago, Illinois.

A recording enthusiast at heart, Jeff has spent time in some of Chicago's finest studios including Engine Studios (w/ Brian Deck), and Electrical Audio (w/ Steve Albini). His compelling live performances bring these multi-layered recordings to the stage, utilizing drums, basses, cassettes, guitars, synths, seamless live-looping, and super-colossal multitastking to construct complex, yet surprising catchy pop songs.

Juffage has established a reputation for his sonically powerful and physically captivating live shows through extensive touring in the U.S., U.K., and Europe. In 2008, he toured for the majority of a year. In 2009, he toured the U.S. for six-weeks before moving to Leeds, England, to obtain a masters degree in Music Technology and Computer Music. Once he re-accumulated enough bits of music gear, he resumed playing live and was soon greeted with an overwhelmingly positive response from within the Leeds music community.

In June 2011, his album 'Semicircle' was released on Function Records to widespread critical acclaim from the NME, Loud and Quiet, Drowned in Sound, Bearded, etc. Following the release, he played 90plus shows in the UK and Europe alongside artists such as Dosh, Balmorhea, Birthmark, Three Trapped Tigers, and Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors).

A recording engineer by day, Jeff has worked with bands/artists such as Runners, Bearfoot Beware, and Heart Ships. He has also exhibited multichannel sonic art works for the University of Leeds, and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (utilising ambisonics, live looping, portable cassette players, and Max/MSP).

Juffage performances have been compared to Lightning Bolt's rhythmic ferocity, Radiohead's lush pop sensibility, King Tubby's manipulative production, and Andrew Bird's ability to make a good loop. The result has been described as a “hyperactive and technically accomplished display”, “magical”, and “wildly exuberant yet deceptively delicate”.

In November 2012, Jeff will embark on another tour of Europe, with a handful of select UK dates commencing in late October. Stay tuned…

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