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Oat Flour Banana Bread

Slice and serve up this Oat Flour Banana Bread as a delicious breakfast or dessert. This banana oat bread is easy to throw together and makes your home smell incredible! If you want some vegan banana bread, this recipe here is great! It only takes a few simple steps to whip up. Plus, this banana...

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Vegan Banana Pudding

With a few ingredients you can serve up this creamy and delicious Vegan Banana Pudding. Full of sweet banana flavor, this pudding is sure to be a hit. Add a dollop of creamy vegan whipped topping and enjoy! Whip up your pudding in 15 minutes, then pop it in the fridge to chill and set...

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The Best Vegan Pies

I love pie! There's just something about the combination of sweet semi-liquid filling and flaky crust that just make my heart sing. This list of 20+ best vegan pie recipes includes fruit pies, chocolate-peanut butter pies, and everything in between! You're sure to find a pie to satisfy your sweet tooth here.

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25+ Vegan Tailgate Food

It's that time of year again—time for tailgate parties! But you don't have to miss out because you're vegan. Put together an entire vegan feast with this list of 25+ vegan tailgate food ideas. From dips to desserts, you'll find everything you need!

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The Best Vegan Dips

It can be tricky to find a completely vegan dip out there. But how else are you going to serve all of your tasty chips, crackers, and crunchy veggies?! Not to worry, this list of the 25 best vegan dips has your back. There are plenty of dip varieties to choose from here, from guacs...

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25+ Packable Vegan Lunch Ideas

Lunchtime one of the busiest times since it's right in the middle of the day! Having a packable lunch option is great for eating a nutritious meal on the go. This list of 25+ packable vegan lunch ideas will give you plenty of options to keep your lunches simple, quick, and nutritious!

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Vegan Mango Ice Cream

You only need 3 ingredients to make this creamy and delicious real-fruit Vegan Mango Ice Cream! This vegan ice cream is made using coconut milk and organic sugar. A delicious dessert, this mango ice cream is perfect to whip up and enjoy after a long day.  If you are a fan of mangos, consider making...

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Best Portobello Mushroom Recipes

Portobello mushrooms are such a versatile food. They are technically an edible fungus, but they make a great vegan and vegetarian meat substitute! From portobello "steaks" to tacos to burger patties, this list of the best portobello mushroom recipes will show you plenty of unique ways to eat this tasty vegetable.

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35 Vegan Cookie Recipes

Cookies may be one of the most well-known desserts of all time. They are versatile, portable, and come in every flavor imaginable! This list of 35 vegan cookie recipes has every kind of cookie you could want. From black-bean chocolate to fluffy pumpkin to granola, these vegan cookies will amaze all of your friends and...

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11 Vegan Pasta Salads

When you think of pasta salad, do you think of a refreshing Greek salad? Maybe a creamy and comforting macaroni salad? Or a spicy Southwestern salad? No matter what your preference, this list of 11 vegan pasta salads has something for you!

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