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27 Dec 2021 | 7:09 pm

European Commission puts big business before health and environment

What Lies Beneath New GMOs

Agbiotech corporations are gaining control over our food through lobby power and patent cartels – Commission is enabling the takeover

25 Dec 2021 | 12:15 pm

Cell line tests on pesticides not ready to replace animal testing

Lab rat and animal testing

In vitro tests on three GMO-associated pesticides show alarming toxicity of 2,4-D but miss toxic effects of glyphosate that show up in other types of study

21 Dec 2021 | 8:16 pm

RIP Arpad Pusztai

Arpad Pusztai

A meticulous scientist who woke up the world to the dangers of GM foods

21 Dec 2021 | 1:14 pm

Facts are facts, opinions not so much

Life as we made it book

Pete Shanks reviews Life As We Made It, by Beth Shapiro

15 Dec 2021 | 9:47 pm

Monsanto will plead guilty to illegal use of pesticide in Hawaii and will pay additional $12m

Company also agrees to plead guilty to felony offences related to banned pesticide alleged in $10 million deferred prosecution agreement filed in 2019

14 Dec 2021 | 8:57 pm

Investigative journalist Paul Thacker wins prestigious award for “expertly researched” articles

Paul Thacker British Journalism Award

Thacker is known for fearlessly exposing corporate front groups, dodgy experts, veiled vested interests and bad journalism. Report: Jonathan Matthews

14 Dec 2021 | 11:33 am

Round Table on Responsible Soy has failed to stop deforestation – WWF Netherlands

Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest Burning

GMWatch and other NGOs warned back in 2009 that the industry-dominated forum was no better than a greenwashing exercise. Report: Claire Robinson

11 Dec 2021 | 9:20 am

USDA is facing a legal challenge over its new GMO labelling standards

Advocates for clear labelling of genetically modified ingredients say the agency's required language is confusing to consumers

9 Dec 2021 | 5:09 pm

Agribusiness groups lobbying to water down the EU’s sustainable farming targets

Agrochemical and pesticide giants like Bayer and BASF are pushing for weaker action on harmful chemicals and climate goals

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