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Becoming Immortal
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Becoming Immortal

directed: Tomas Kaan NL 2018, 45m

Are Silicon Valley elites hoping to marry A.I. and transhumanism with life extension tech?

Silicon Valley is obsessed with extending human life, either on this planet, or in cyber space.

This film is about how life extension is drifting toward reality thanks to the latest technological innovations. But will it be available to the general public, or only for millionaire and billionaire elites? Who would want to become immortal, and why? Even if that means preserving your severed head in a cryogenic tank? Are Silicon Valley elites hoping to marry A.I. and transhumanism to life extension cybernetics – to make them into living gods among us? If aging is considered as a disease, then the cure is immortality. This is not a Black Mirror episode, this is what’s happening now.

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