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free the P

The Philistines started thumping beats in their mothers' wombs. They came out rapping, and have been delivering hip-hop for the masses ever since.

The group formed when emcees B-Dub and Ragtop (Palestinian-American brothers who came up in East Tennessee) decided to stop messing around and put out an album. The result, the 17-track Self Defined, is an eclectic blend of beats and tight, conscious lyrics—inspired and informed by the harsh realities facing today's hip-hop community. Along for the ride are beatmestier B.Swisha and the Filipino Filistino, Flip (aka Cookie Jar).

Since 2001 the Philistines have been serving up real hip-hop for real hip-hop heads. Staying true to self and the game, representing our home (PALESTINE what) and our homes away from home (TENNESSEE big ups L.A. all day D.C. fo' sheezy). Members have performed around the world from Vancouver to Beirut, produced the first arab-american hip-hop joint to secure a nationwide distro deal (FREE THE P what Slingshot Hip-Hop's in SUNDANCE b*tches!), and generally caused a ruckus everywhere we've been. And we can't can't stop. Won't won't stop...

Since the album dropped in October, 2003, the P has performed in shows and benefits from Guatemala to Jersey. The relocation of the group to L.A. and the addition of the infamous DJ Afterwords has sparked a slew of fresh tracks that continue the legacy begun in Self Defined. Strangely, when asked to comment on the album, Afterwords' only response is…


RAGTOP (band leader & mic specialist)

COOKIE JAR (beats & words

DJ COLE MINOR (beats & cuts)

B-DUB (emcee extraordinaire)

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