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Kalle jsou:

Veronika Buriánková & David Zeman

Songs with the Acoustic Band je malý odskok od naší klasické tvorby jen ve dvou před vydáním třetího řadového alba. Elektrickou kytaru s hromadou efektů jsme vyměnili za akustickou kytaru, harmonium, basu, violloncello, housle nebo klavír. Album vyjde v březnu na vinylu a CD pod hlavičkou Day After Records s katalogovým číslem DAY64

Kalle are:

Veronika Buriánková & David Zeman

Second album Saffron Hills is something like a gift we gave ourselves for 10 years anniversary of our common music making (not only). Album was recorded at home on 8-track-tape machine as we believe that it makes music of Kalle more real and natural sounding.

Album consists of 9 tracks where the most of music is created by electric guitar with bunch of fx pedals, but we also added instruments like analog drum machine, shitty casiotone keyboard or acoustic guitar.

Songs with the Acoustic Band is kind of side project to our regular creation as a duo before releasing our third studio album. We replaced electric guitar with a bunch of effects by acoustic guitar, harmonium, bass, violoncello, violin or piano. Album will be released on vinyl and CD as DAY64 on Day After Records in March 2020

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