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words are nails

2004, Napoli; Black Era comes up as synthesis of experimets and discussions among Blob (digits), Dy darshan (vocals), Alfuzz (guitas). Black Era music takes inspiration from the sound of 90 english abstract hiphop, dipping it very different flavor and using very different logical syntax in overall composition.

At the end of 2005 published the first album "the point of no return". The main objective is to distribute music via the web. The friendship is born with the members of Mou_project with which it Black Era combining to create the project one of most popular and well known netlabels in Europe. The album gets a dense and warm feedback circuit in the web which is transformed into a large number of performances throughout the peninsula.

November 2006 Black Era releases the web Ep "the tunnel" followed by "... then ...", the second album on March 29 2007 . Again public and critical match in a positive and constant feedback that lasts months and rewards Black Era with dozens of reviews and performances as supporting great artists as Andy Smith and Ozric Tenctacles.

After 2 years of silence, in February 2009, Black Era releases second web Ep "third eye guerrilla", inaugurating their new policy of publishing, basically web and focused on constant music release. In september, german BEAT magazine publishes an interview to the band, with a remix contest for the track "your own purple".

On october 15 "the mute ep" is published, an instrumental trip spreading his roots into dub sounds, noise and huge beats, and in the meantime they announce the release of "Proud dead end Ep" for January 2010.

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