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Our hardcore story still goes on!!!

Our first music experiments in early 90´s, f.e. our main projects in those days called ŽaVKG or OH DEE STIFF, were pure noisecore and industrial...

Than we found a band called XŰCHT in 1992 and we played something between folkpunk and trashmetal...

In 1994 we found a band called SOCIAL DEFORMITY. It was 3 member´s band at its beginning - FIDO played distorted bass, VIKI played drums and ROMAN growled. SKULDA joined the band in the Spring 1996 as a bassist, so FIDO exchanged a bass for a guitar, and DAN joined the band in the Spring 1997 as the second guitarist. We played grindcore and we released a lot of split and compilation tapes. I think that MCD Daltonism (released in the Summer 1997) was the best stuff from SD. After this record we unfortunately broke up, because we all have different attitudes to next evolution of our music. ROMAN and DAN wanted to make only that pure grindnoise and we 3 others wanted to experiment with other genres and instruments...

So, we 3 others found a new band called SHEEVA YOGA in the Autumn 1997 and we still wanted to make grindcore music but now with a lot of freedom and invention. We had 2 females who sang in our band´s beginning, but it wasn´t good idea, because we were so kind to their needs and we made our music softer for them. It was really crazy period of our history, we had 4 different vocals and our music was chaotic pell-mell somewhere between folk, punk, jazz, metal, grind, industrial, everything... and we changed each genre in a few seconds without repetition - simply unlistenable chaos!!! So, when the last songstress BARA left us for au-pair in England in 1999, we forgot all the old songs and our basic 3-members line-up made whole new stuff which is more harder and more apprehensible now, we hope...

We released a promotion tape Promo 2000 in the Summer 2000 and we sent it to some labels. The label HYENYZM RECORDS from Czech Republic replied us and then this label released our first 7“EP split with Czech fastcore band NOT in 2001, and 7“EP split with German scarecore band STERBEHILFE in 2002. This label still cooperate with our band up to these days. And many other labels and people still help us to release our records too. If you want to know more about our next records, look at DISCO section...

Our hardcore story still goes on!!!

VIKI - drums, growls

FIDO - guitars, screams, samples

SKULDA - bass, yells

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