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Alternativní písničkářka z Jižních Čech

Odeur de Violettes is a singer-songwriter from the Czech Republic, Budweis. The project has gone through changes since it was based in 2008 as the pop band using the piano, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and other instruments. In winter 2009 Laví decides to continue alone, currently appearing only with acoustic guitar. She is influenced by pop, lo-fi aesthetic, grunge, riot grrrl movement, hardcore scene and DIY.

Her album KTHXBYE is home recorded in summer 2010. In autumn 2010 she opens for Khuda. Here, accompanied with other musicians, her songs appeared in louder and heavier form. In spring 2011 she opens for Calvera, Dustin Wong, Comaneci, Nathalie Stern.

Co-worked with Jan Ureš (Grogga), Jozef Mrva, Christián (Gegen Wind).

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