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Our world died yesterday

A band of two brothers and a friend. They formed in summer of 2007 and, by the end of the same year, released a quickly recorded and produced EP named “Silent Bird” on their own label Cheap Tunes Records. Time passed, the band played a decent amount of shows throughout the countries of former Yugoslavia, Europe and UK, and in 2009 they unleashed their creative potential and recorded their debut album “Alain, I'm Sorry”. Gatefold covers of the LP were glued together by ourselves and huge help of friends and grand parents.

Their first European tour takes place in the spring of 2010, with doom techno duo Hexenbrutal. Later that year, new LP is recorded live during one weekend in FVN, underground place somewhere in Ljubljana. Two short tours are played in the next month: ex-Yugoslavia and England (with Shield Your Eyes)

The new LP is released in the spring of 2011. It's called "Our World Died Yesterday" and released by Radio Student and Moonlee.

Lyrics are written by the three of us. They're mostly about women and sleeping with them. We're not a political band.


Blaž_guitar hum, screams.

Luka_epileptic drumming, cymbal crush.

Peter_bass guitar, chair.

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