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Moffarammes was born nine years ago. Well, actually we had no idea back then, but that's when we got to know each other and soon we were the best of friends. Still are. And I guess that's what it all boils down to in the end. If you ask a psychic to look nine years forward in time things will most definitely look pretty much the same.

For a couple of years we spent lots of time together on the roads and in different rehersal rooms and studios as members of Affordable Hybrid. Most people think we broke up a few years ago, but that thing is a project for life and hibernation never lasts forever. But restless souls can't handle free time and Moffarammes fit perfectly into the hole.

We began to make lots of songs and in January 2011 we recorded The Eye Of Horus with old friend Joel Eriksson. Not dead serious, but it seems people liked it. We got to do some touring and we loved it as usual. The renault van was more spacy than ever and life was good. Still is. People were impressed by the big sound created by only two people, so much that we could almost book a new tour before the first one ended. As everybody else Moffarammes love to have things to look forward to.

Less than a year after the recording of the first album we had a bunch of new songs in our hands. Late 2011 we spent a weekend at DeafHouse Studios with Anders Odelius and the nine tracks who came out of that is what we chose to call Cairo. Enjoy.

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