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jazz mind

Before Ed Schrader's Music Beat, the project was just Ed Schrader (der!) putting wiggy sounds to pounding drums. A 10" from four years back documents this era, though a tape on Fan Death was issued in December 2011. In 2009 Devlin Rice (also of Nuclear Power Pants) joined Ed for a one-off show. This mind meld took the left field paranoid pop that Ed was composing and added a powerful low end power chug from the jug of eternal rock and raised the whole project a more visceral live experience. Since then the band has done considerable touring with acts such as Future Islands, Lightning Bolt, Dan Deacon and really whipped up some enthusiasm based on their minimal and real rock vision. This is not rock designed for centerfolds of industry magazines as much as music to burn you.

The band issued a 7" on Load Records and response has been pretty damn positive.

The band recorded "Jazz Mind", with Twig Harper (Nautical Almanac) and mixed it with Chester Gwazda (recorded Dan Deacon and Future Islands). The recording boils down the band's vision of pop-inflected, stripped-down rawk to its most necessary elements. You hold the truth in your hands right now. Some additional guitar duties on the record are added by Randy Randall (No Age). Fellow Baltimore luminaries, Matmos lend their wiggly electronic presence on several tracks as well. Yes, it's a family affair.

The band is now READYYYYYYY to bring the creep to your town.

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